People Making SHAQ look Small 😂 THREE-POINTER

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People Making SHAQ look Small 😂




18 Kas 2021




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THREE - POINTER Aylar önce
How tall SHAQ is! trvid.com/video/video-BSKekFHTL4g.html
Rare 7 saatler önce
@Юра Петруш hhhn
Omareaaa Gün önce
7 foot
thardy407 7 gün önce
Swe4ty1 8 gün önce
Mr MaZa
Mr MaZa 8 gün önce
216 cm
OMG 22 saatler önce
What's scary about shaq is his level of athleticism being 7 ft
W Aylar önce
Shaq looks normal compared to them
The Watermelon Gang
The Watermelon Gang 15 saatler önce
@ɧ thats not a bot
big black snigger
big black snigger 6 gün önce
No sh sherlock
Josh 8 gün önce
Hey scythe
Sammy Curtis
Sammy Curtis 13 gün önce
@MrJ Ghostbell You mean Yao Ming? The person Shaq never could defend against? This picture doesn't do Yao justice. He's like 7'11 even though he was billed at 7'6. He isn't wrestling either, he's retired from basketball and is just appreciating life
Lag_Is_Key 18 gün önce
@ɧ Ah yes a bot someone who commeted something about the video is a bot You are the only here
Divine Entertainment
Never thought this would be possible😭
Lance Hura
Lance Hura 12 gün önce
Man of course it is tallest man was 8 11 and shaq is 7 1
I know it’s a joke relax
Look up the vid of Francis Ngannou picking him up lol
Good Vibez
Good Vibez 25 gün önce
WAIT A MINNN....... bruhhhh how u here btw nice to see u here 🙆‍♀️
Bruhn't Aylar önce
"People making shaq look small" **Proceeds to show him casually towering over 7 foot Big Show**
yes but no
yes but no 7 gün önce
this is it, this is how women see men who are 5'11 vs 6'0
Channing Smith
Channing Smith 8 gün önce
The Observer
The Observer Aylar önce
That isn't "towering". Looks 2 inches max
Tafsi Bhuiyan
Tafsi Bhuiyan Aylar önce
@Thaw Say yea he’s a true 7 footer lol
Nomad Aylar önce
Here's your 1k
Bing Chilling
Bing Chilling Aylar önce
Shaq looks really good proportionally, that why he looks normal while being so tall
Bing Chilling
Bing Chilling 25 gün önce
@Allurks damn daniel... AR AR AR
Allurks 25 gün önce
Why does luffy look like that?
BN Creations
BN Creations Aylar önce
Rambo Nei
Rambo Nei Aylar önce
Okay... i'm traumatized now
Killua 14 gün önce
Marvin Sameron
Marvin Sameron Gün önce
Let’s be real, Shaq makes us all feel like Kevin Hart
D 6 gün önce
These shorts are so entertaining, they always make my day better💕
Manda lion19
Manda lion19 Aylar önce
What's scary about shaq is his level of athleticism being 7 ft
Jared Kemmerling
Jared Kemmerling Gün önce
@sir you cant say that about kobe really. He maxed out his natural potential at every turn of his career. Wasnt the most physically gifted, but definitely used all of the gifts he had. Not gonna comment on personal life stuff, but as far as basketball goes hes as hard working as a player has ever been. Giannis works his ass off too, name a weakness and hes solved it by the time you watch him play again.
Bobby McDaniel
Bobby McDaniel 3 gün önce
Quest Ddkejd
TeAmohaere Peri
TeAmohaere Peri 7 gün önce
@360WOLFIN stop comparing him to fucking kobe not everyone can have the same work ethic
Kronos 11 gün önce
@Hannes Folz 👍
Hannes Folz
Hannes Folz 11 gün önce
@Kronos apparently comprehending things is not one of your strong suits
Lawlessal Aylar önce
These shorts are so entertaining they always make my day better💙
A has exactly 1 subs ꪜ
These shorts never fail to entertain me❤
Sad.__.ashellrn Aylar önce
Big Show and Shaq staring each other down is Legendary
Suhairu 13 gün önce
This type of shorts make my day every time bro, thank you!
GelfovaKanta Clips
GelfovaKanta Clips Aylar önce
These shorts always make my day cooler 😎
Restrictify 4 gün önce
This video is so entertaining, it always makes my day better! 💙
Какие-то pictures
These shorts are so entertaining they always make my day better😀↔️
Itzz Beau
Itzz Beau 14 gün önce
Just want to say thank you for always bringing such amazing content 🐺
Gravy Father
Gravy Father 2 aylar önce
Shaq is the most regular looking excessively tall person ever.
Maxim 23 gün önce
I'd say Yao Ming... Considering how incredibly tall he is
joey bey99
joey bey99 25 gün önce
@Saberth69 yeah he is genetics too his dads 6foot7 and his mums 6foot3
Saberth69 25 gün önce
Last dude also looks kinda normal though.
joey bey99
joey bey99 Aylar önce
​@Milo i guess its just opinions and mine is that shaq looks more regular than olivier richters
Milo Aylar önce
​@joey bey99 Search up their feet and tell me you think the same way. The dutch giant is literally the tallest body builder in the world, but he's also a body builder so his shoe size look very normal despite it's size. Shaq not so much on the other hand.
Sup Aylar önce
These shorts are so entertaining they always make my day better ❤️
Yeet 12 gün önce
*these shorts make my day 100% better* 🥰
Jimmie Lee Patterson
If you never seen Shaq in person, you really don't know how truly big he is
TRIPPY974 official
TRIPPY974 official Aylar önce
Just IMAGINE if Shaq knew how to shoot.
Brett 2 aylar önce
Shaq got the best build of any 7 footer alive
Mysermann 26 gün önce
@weak boy giannis is 6’11 anyway
eros lopez
eros lopez Aylar önce
ultimate saiyan
ultimate saiyan Aylar önce
@Zivko Milicevic 333 likes let me fix that
ManuelBaut104 Aylar önce
@Brett still doesn’t mean he’s the best 7 footer
yung greaseman
yung greaseman Aylar önce
@weak boy isn't gianiss 6'11
Landon Gravel
Landon Gravel Aylar önce
These people don't make Shaq look small, they just make him look less big. 😂
neosapiens Aylar önce
Ever since Devon Larrattt was like "ooh, you ARE strong." I have been a huge believer in his beastiness.
Legend Boy
Legend Boy 10 gün önce
Now imagine these people beside us.... How small would we look
Burritos Dad 😂
Burritos Dad 😂 Aylar önce
These shorts made my day 😂
King Lieutenant Lee
The first one didn’t even make Shaq look taller then him 💀
xKPJx Aylar önce
Imagine if Shaq went to the gym 😀
hecker Aylar önce
Shaq is a living legend right now
Seth Carelse
Seth Carelse 23 gün önce
Why did this make Shag look bigger than ever 🤔😂😂😂
Alex B
Alex B 2 aylar önce
I was expecting a screenshot of Francis picking him up like he was a croissant
Atom Aylar önce
Hurry up with my damn croissant
Alex B
Alex B Aylar önce
@DeepFeelings Network Here you go my friend! trvid.com/video/video-K76etdV24-Q.html
Kyle The Motherfucking Manager
OPJuiceBox Aylar önce
DeepFeelings Network
Can ya giv me link to that? I wanna see
•Maya• 22 gün önce
Imagine being able to say "I'm bigger than Shaq"
Rtepik 99
Rtepik 99 21 gün önce
I remember the moment when Francis Ngannou lifted Shaq up and Shaq looked super small when he was lifted up
Jeff Vue
Jeff Vue Aylar önce
Shaq being 7ft and people be like wow that’s impressive. The worlds tallest man be like: impressive?
SthuMason 12 gün önce
there’s nothing better than looking down to shaq when talking to him that’s just true disrespect 😂
Blue Aylar önce
These shorts are so entertaining they always make my day better🎖
Jordan Freeman369
Jordan Freeman369 20 gün önce
You know how we do it🔥🤞🏿
Chewbacca Solo
Chewbacca Solo Aylar önce
We just aren’t gonna talk about how shaq is taller then the first one
kaio Aylar önce
they don’t make him look small they make him look like a solid 6’2💀
Matsukii Aylar önce
Shaq be hitting hard with those fit 🔥 with style 🤩
MR. Bar Spitter
MR. Bar Spitter 2 aylar önce
I remember Shaquille O'Neal beat the hell out of the Big Show that was hilarious 🤣🤣🤣
Armando Aylar önce
@Landon Gravel Big Show would definitely beat his ass
RUL4 差
RUL4 差 Aylar önce
@Landon Gravel that would've been a bloody mess
Landon Gravel
Landon Gravel Aylar önce
Wonder what would happen if it was not staged.
vishwasagfa Aylar önce
Great khali
Farzon Hussain
Farzon Hussain 2 aylar önce
Fr 😂😂😂
J Aylar önce
i’ve seen shaq in the wild one time and i didn’t know who he was he’s really nice but scary and he could easily kill me
Hailey Rigsby
Hailey Rigsby Aylar önce
Charles Fields
Charles Fields Aylar önce
Crazy. I've never seen Shaq like that.
Mika Aylar önce
what crazy is how athletic he is. and it’s the same with yao ming. being athletic at 7ft and 7ft6 is incredibly hard. tacky fall (7ft5) isn’t as good because he isn’t as athletic as shaq or yao
Paul A
Paul A 2 aylar önce
Shaq = major frickin legend 👏
Pyromaniac Aylar önce
Shaq literally looks like a human but upsized, impressive
Ricken Aye
Ricken Aye 4 gün önce
Shaq himself is a giant, I wonder how giant those will be💀
Shaq looked taller than the first guy😂
Wesley 12 gün önce
If only we could’ve had a picture of him with Andre the giant
Kaje Lime-Travets
Kaje Lime-Travets 2 aylar önce
New Title: *People making Shaq look like a normal person*
Nick Robbins
Nick Robbins Aylar önce
Omos WWE 7'3
Vaishali Sharma
Vaishali Sharma Aylar önce
Exactly what I thought. He doesn't look smaller just normal .
JimT's TubeTV
JimT's TubeTV Aylar önce
That would be crazy to see Shaq dunk on Andre the Giant
Kanea lima
Kanea lima Aylar önce
Imagine Even Being taller then 5'5
Muichiro Mochi
Muichiro Mochi 12 gün önce
Imagine him riding an elephant. That's right, you can't 💀
Dvcky 17 gün önce
If shaq had the work ethic like kobe they’d have 12 rings
alienpixsca Aylar önce
It’s scary cause Shaq compared to the tallest man in the world almost reaches up to his arm
James Coffin
James Coffin Aylar önce
Yao’s the best at making Shaq look normal sized
DustyDirk Aylar önce
Would’ve loved to see kane and shaq. Both are HUGE and were highly athletic in their prime
Jus Jay
Jus Jay Aylar önce
They have a pic together but Shaq dwarfes him
Faded and Fuming
Faded and Fuming Aylar önce
Shaq made big show look small tbh 😂
Heramb Katkar
Heramb Katkar Aylar önce
Now think how we look in front of them😂
Loving Mayberry
Loving Mayberry Aylar önce
NOBODY makes Shaq look small!
Iciee 10 gün önce
What about Verstappen at the US GP podium? 💀💀💀
DARKBOY 19 gün önce
Thandile Tiisetso
Thandile Tiisetso 2 aylar önce
And it looks like Shaq appreciates these guys for making him look small😂
Og nostal
Og nostal Aylar önce
He actually makes big show small lol
Max Arnold
Max Arnold Aylar önce
It's funny how shaq will either tower other people and look huge or look like a little boy if someone is taller than him😂
J A 4 gün önce
I'm 193cm, I don't know how many feet that is, but sometimes it feels nice to see taller dudes, makes me feel normal. Bet Shaq felt the same since he got this experience oh so rarely
Rabbit Hole Resident
Shaq is a freak 7ft and moves like a butterfly and incredible power.
Potato Salad 🥗
Potato Salad 🥗 26 gün önce
When he stood next to yao ming you eventually realize that he is humongous
Angel Garcia
Angel Garcia Aylar önce
We love your big guy Shaq 💯 laker forever 🏀💜💜💜
Eli-elite Aylar önce
What scary is that he’s 7 foot one 😮
Joselin V
Joselin V Gün önce
Robert Wadlow is laughing in heaven at them
Robert Chisenhall
Robert Chisenhall Aylar önce
I still can't picture him being small even next to these Giants
Jay Jackson
Jay Jackson Aylar önce
Shaq looks like he’s 6’3 next to Yao...lol
Br E
Br E 7 gün önce
Shaq lookin small compared to these people is me with my friends
kevin da gamer
kevin da gamer 8 gün önce
Shaq is funny he is like a real height action figure
X3TR3 YO Aylar önce
He clearly maked Big Show look small here 😅
James Lefe
James Lefe 2 aylar önce
Images being a huge giant and standing next to someone that even bigger than just shows how tall/ big humans can really get
pkuiaso Aylar önce
They are Eldians thats why
pkuiaso Aylar önce
Anonymous Aylar önce
@Ciara Foxx thats cool to know
chris munoz
chris munoz Aylar önce
@Ciara Foxx not to mention that if you were massive your bones would get crushed from your muscles and your spine would snap from the weight
Caleb Ferrell
Caleb Ferrell Aylar önce
it’s crazy how big a human begin can actually get, or how strong they can become. it’s so amazing if you think about it, something in their genes unlocked sum that allows them to be capable of growing to that extent. it’s crazy man
notcatfood Aylar önce
Shaq is a legend
Fun Time
Fun Time 18 gün önce
The thing about Shaq is you can't able to tell he is much bigger than normal person, without any comparison.
•skeleton• •lover•
y’all not gon talk about how this man was chugging that water
ImN0tYourK1NG_YT Aylar önce
They got us in the first half
Bruuuuuhhhhh 19 gün önce
They don’t make him look small, they make him look normal
GlobalEdits 26 gün önce
My dad once saw Shaq I was like woah!
Antipathy’s Comics
Antipathy’s Comics 20 gün önce
Well, shaq actually looks like he’s taller than big show.
Robert Gammett
Robert Gammett Aylar önce
How the hell did Big Show make him look small? What even is that lol
Yasir Ahmed
Yasir Ahmed Aylar önce
These are the only times shaq felt like a human
The Pink Reaper
The Pink Reaper 22 gün önce
Surprised the people who are taller than him aren’t that recognised. (Big show is smaller than by a bit)
Liyuh Rvra
Liyuh Rvra Aylar önce
I thought it was impossible💀
BROPRO 29 gün önce
So no one's talking about the last guy being about 7"6
This Guy
This Guy Aylar önce
He looks “normal sized” compared to them and that’s saying a lot lmao
nazsmagic 26 gün önce
in the first clip, those water bottles look so tiny 💀
YourFavMusic Aylar önce
Keep in mind Shaq is 7’1
theo regan boi
theo regan boi Aylar önce
Matter of fact how shaq is bigger than big show lol😂😂😂😂
Michael Scott
Michael Scott Aylar önce
When Shaq stood next to all of them he looked normal height
Leo Manibusan
Leo Manibusan 2 aylar önce
Not small, just made him look NORMAL SIZE😂
Jesee Sosa
Jesee Sosa Aylar önce
They use the big show but he smaller than Shaq 😂
Ja Seg
Ja Seg Aylar önce
O'Neal is a great resource of power. He built different!!!!!!!
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Stupidly Expensive Things SHAQ Owns..
Draymond Green on Jonathan Kuminga
Terminator 😎 😎 😎
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