people in public love doing these things i guess

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why do you do these things
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in this video i hate all of us

Gus Johnson plays all sorts of characters, from Mitchell Robbins to JK Rowling to some guy in God's Country to Imbiamba Jombes to filming videos with his mom to pillow guy to the my pool guy to small town reviews to how they use shotguns in movies to the tough kid growing up to your friend who has a knife to spotify ad guy to the how they use shotgun to the gus johnson shotgun to if i was frozone... I don't know why I am writing this in third person. I am Gus. I wrote this. My brother is Sven Johnson, that guy's alright. Guys, if you put all this dumb stuff in the description, it helps your videos. isn't that wild?

Thanks for watching and sharing! Don't stab people. I'll see you later.




7 Ağu 2022




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non brewed condiment
I watched this video 20 minutes after sitting next to someone on the train who decided it would be really cool to spend the ride watching videos on their phone with no headphones and their volume all the way up.
Aggressive SewerPipe
@Asta Reshter same bro i tried watching funny TRvid clips in the bathroom stalls put people kept washing their hands and talking
ShadyRonin 4 gün önce
I have always wondered what happens when someone like that sits next to someone else like that. Do they just both listen to the noise at the same time? Do they care?
CrazyKingDavid Aylar önce
@Jake Straus and they are allowed to say no.
Tigran Tumanyan
Tigran Tumanyan Aylar önce
Tell them man
Hay Aylar önce
@Jake Straus dude it’s 2022 everyone is afraid of being branded homophobic misogamist, or racist. The era of politely asking people to stop something is far over.
Crabsticks Aylar önce
You forgot group of 5 to 6 people walking while spread horizontally across the entire footpath in order to not let anyone pass as well as setting the most inconvenient walking pace in the history of mankind
Dylan Monstrum
Dylan Monstrum 53 dakika önce
Walk past them you betas
The Mad Carver
The Mad Carver 7 gün önce
So. Damn. True.
keyrow 23 gün önce
if someone is walking too slow for me (i walk very fast) i will just push past them, and ignore them as they yell at me
SoundingTheSkies 28 gün önce
Youre describing black girls I went to high school with
onlyAerik Aylar önce
and they stop in doorways.
TheRealTeal Aylar önce
“I’m done with this now” The NPC energy is off the charts
orijimi 9 gün önce
@mastod0n1 My comment was in the spirit of the video.
mastod0n1 9 gün önce
@orijimi whenever I quote something, whether from the same video or a reference to something else, I will go and make sure that my quote is completely accurate, which is a pain in the ass to do on the YT mobile app and I don't know why I bother. So I understand if someone doesn't get it right. Relax a little, your life will immediately improve.
jacker willy
jacker willy 26 gün önce
@orijimi lmao when I read his comment I thought it was worded correctly. You need to chill my friend, but that was very fun to read.
THOTH Aylar önce
Oblivion vibes
orijimi Aylar önce
"Having just watched a TRvid video that wasn't even 2 minutes long I'm going to make a comment that contains what I believe to be a quote from the video, but actually fails to be accurate in remarkably numerous ways despite the line I am quoting being some of the most simple English there is. Going back through to see what was actually said? Why would anyone do that?"
Agame Ann
Agame Ann Aylar önce
As a young person, I spent all of my life looking up to adults (literally but mainly figuratively) and seeing them as smarter and more confident than me. As I slowly crawl into adult life, I am realizing how fucking stupid like 70% of adults (especially parents) can be in when out in public. Not only that, but the entitlement of some adults (again, especially parents) is baffling to me. I am often mindblown at the degree to which they lack the logical-thinking part of the brain. (FYI, I work in retail, if that explains anything)
amber619pop 3 gün önce
Well sadly the adults of the modern era are nothing like the adults from when I was a child. Most adult act like children these days so there is no difference between kids and adults anymore. I would say at least 98% of American adults are having a midlife crisis that is never going to go away.
Girth_Hirtzberger 22 gün önce
It explains everything.
The Last Dankbender
The Last Dankbender 23 gün önce
I feel you so much. One of the hardest things for me to deal with as a kid and teenager was realising that most adults have absolutely no idea what they are doing, but arrogantly insist that they always know better. You cannot force a child to respect you if they are literally smarter than you.
Mr. Kachow
Mr. Kachow Aylar önce
I believe it is my civil right as an American to be incredibly obnoxious at any opportunity because most people will not tell me I'm an asshole.
Sound Hound
Sound Hound 2 gün önce
When someone does politely question your actions make sure to raise your voice and publicly escalate the situation to uncomfortable levels to everyone around you. Thanks!
amber619pop 3 gün önce
You wouldn't want to do it around me, because I would do my best to out-obnoxious you and I would win. Fight 🔥 with 🔥 as the saying goes!
The good devil
The good devil 29 gün önce
I would call you one
sata gaming
sata gaming Aylar önce
@bug5654 US: Sounds like you're causing a disturbance. Right to jail.
Matt Bosley
Matt Bosley Aylar önce
@Bazooka Llama Productions Actually, it is in some countries.
The Music Decomposer
I see that the bus is very crowded in the front. No, I will _not_ move to the back of the bus to make more room.
If someone walks in front of your car in a parking lot for at least 15 seconds, you’re legally allowed to hit them
amber619pop 3 gün önce
@Jerry Kosloski haha, that guy is definitely not a jaywalker. He is giving off extreme cyclist energy. And cyclists are all jealous and mad at car owners. Cyclists are the real jerks of the road.
Circute 12 gün önce
@GEN 2 MEDIA INC. That's fine, I was responding to the comments, not the video.
GEN 2 MEDIA INC. 12 gün önce
@Circute you can share the road with cars without being in front of them (unless you are crossing, which is fine, the video is mostly talking about people who walk parallell to cars instead of in designated walking space
vampirefoxhl Aylar önce
@Circute For sure, and I 100% agree with having better infrastructure and alternatives for travel. That and (wishful thinking perhaps) maybe mental health be an important issue taught by default in schools. Might could help with road rage and being mindful of others in the long run.
Circute Aylar önce
@vampirefoxhl I agree, we shouldn't build our world such that it's dependent on something so volatile and dangerous. There are far, far too many people driving who shouldn't be but they often have no choice. We need to completely revamp public transportation so people who shouldn't be driving, aren't. We need to build things closer together so private transportation is unnecessary or even inconvenient. There should be some traffic but I'd like to see shuttles, trolleys, buses and trains as opposed to hundreds of thousands of individual use petrol guzzling, greenhouse gas emitting tanks. I agree that it's better to stay out of the way and not chance things but the same goes for the driver. The difference being whose in more danger when they take that chance.
Sensu Dubs
Sensu Dubs Aylar önce
The Sven turn around caught me off guard and has some threatening aura to it. Thats a powerful stare Sven.
Ben Cooke-No Backup Dream
Where’s the next episode!!!
Sensu Dubs
Sensu Dubs Aylar önce
@Scoops "I can't make you laugh unless I come closer"
Scoops Aylar önce
You dare approach me?
ThatNerdChris Aylar önce
Speaking facts though
1caik1 Aylar önce
why the fuck are you verified
Rhodri Aylar önce
Thank you for this clever and valuable contribution to the comment section!
TheRenegadeNade Aylar önce
Joe Bleasdale
Joe Bleasdale Aylar önce
“Ooh, I’m approaching the ticket barrier. I’ve had literally minutes between the train and now to get my card out ready to tap yet I’m now going to rummage in every single pocket I have for 20 minutes, holding up the entirety of London who’d really love to get home right now.”
amber619pop 3 gün önce
One of the most annoying things about public transit that I don't miss
Rhodie Aylar önce
Every single time I get to Costco. "Oh, they're checking for membership cards at the door, better come to a dead halt, stand next to my cart, and spend a minute rummaging through my things for my card. Gee, sure is a bummer that it's illegal for me to do this in my car before coming over here."
costanzafaust Aylar önce
I saw some guy throw his empty donut box out the door of his car in the parking lot, I gave him the shame on you finger motion and HE ACTUALLY GOT OUT, PICKED IT UP, AND WALKED IT TO THE GARBAGE CAN. I still can't believe he didn't get mad and offended instead.
big ol'
big ol' Gün önce
surprised he didn't just drive away laughing at the dork standing around brushing his fingers at strangers in the parking lot
Arya Stark
Arya Stark 11 gün önce
Welp here it comes my hope for humanity
The Paradise Paradox
The Paradise Paradox 27 gün önce
you witnessed the moment a man changed from an NPC to a hero
Adam Jenkins
Adam Jenkins Aylar önce
@ZeeKs exactly. It's like shushing. Except with the fingers on the lips. It's very damaging
Adam Jenkins
Adam Jenkins Aylar önce
I can't believe it either. I figured he would've gone full aggro on you
Nicholas Lombardi
Nicholas Lombardi Aylar önce
It’s actually insane how many customers call the restaurant to place an order and when I answer they scream to whoever they’re with asking them what they want instead of just deciding that before making the phone call.
Dustin Aylar önce
@TheQuark6789 As someone who always tries to go to a restaurant I haven't been before and get a type of dish I've never had, that one didn't resonate with me. 🤷‍♂
Feeder Diaries
Feeder Diaries Aylar önce
@Anonymous I get it, ur why customer service is out the window and people think being short with people is cool
Feeder Diaries
Feeder Diaries Aylar önce
@Anonymous I get it, ur one of the people who would give grandma attitude cuz she wants to know the special then decide even tho she lives alone and hasn't talked to anybody in three days
Feeder Diaries
Feeder Diaries Aylar önce
@Anonymous no, I try to know, but sometimes things come up, I take food seriously. I've worked many service jobs also and never made people feel like I didn't have time for them, or at least that was my goal.
seaofgreens Aylar önce
That feeling when you see a prime parking space, only to find that when you start pulling in, you see a shopping cart sitting there like an unflushed turd.
dumsquirrel Aylar önce
@Josh Cline I get where you are coming from, and I personally do get out and move it myself, but when it happens enough, you eventually get exasperated and frustrated about having to deal with other people's lack of regard. Then, I don't blame someone for losing motivation and just bumping it with their car, as long as it isnt damaging someone else's property, because then you are just passing down the problem and aren't any better at that point. Sure, it isn't hard for you to fix yourself, but it shouldn't be your problem. Really, it enables these people because they know someone else will take care of it.
Court Jester
Court Jester Aylar önce
I just look at that as the nice space holder someone left so I could get that sweet spot.
Josh Cline
Josh Cline Aylar önce
@Just Vibing You can also either use that cart...or put it away since you are probably going to be passing a cart return on the way in..or needing a cart of your own or just because it is easy as fuck and the cool thing to do...
Josh Cline
Josh Cline Aylar önce
@Just Vibing Why do that when you can be lazy like the people you cry about being lazy?
Just Vibing
Just Vibing Aylar önce
@Shadow Soulless just get out, move the cart aside, and get back in.
rsmi_tiny Aylar önce
As a concierge at a 5 star hotel, I definitely identify with the "letting your screaming kids loose in the lobby and expect someone else to take care of them"
Giraffe FlavoredCondoms
@Mason T .. Did you not read the rest of this comment thread? That's the whole thing. Dude you need to take a reading class or something
Mason T
Mason T Aylar önce
@Giraffe FlavoredCondoms Who tf is having a stranger take care of their kids? It's a public setting with other people. I'm starting to think you're projecting your urges to harm children on all of society - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - buddy
Mason T
Mason T Aylar önce
@Giraffe FlavoredCondoms Or you could engage with what I said because I'm unsure you understood. I'm criticizing the strange logic leap the comment makes - from kids misbehave and sometimes parents don't pay attention enough (logic leap time) to people with kids who misbehave in a small fraction of time I see them "who think that everyone in the world owes them something" and are "not raised right". Like wtf? Drawing on and hating fellow human beings existing much? Chillax
Giraffe FlavoredCondoms
@Mason T I think there is some nuance you're missing here buddy
Giraffe FlavoredCondoms
@Stephen Padlock I mean, a TV has never kidnapped, beaten or molested a kid (I don't think..) unlike a stranger might do. Bit of a difference between something to keep a child entertained at home for a few hours, and letting a stranger deal with your wild screaming kids for you 🤷‍♂️
Indy113 Aylar önce
You forgot about mothers stopping in the middle of a store aisle to have a 10 minute conversation, where they are parked parallel to eachother so no one can get past
jettae schroff
jettae schroff 12 gün önce
@12D3 well that one's kinda reasonable, don't wanna crash into anybody
12D3 Aylar önce
They also forgot people who ride their bicycles or e-scooters on the sidewalk and yell at people to move out of their way.
Ryan Carder
Ryan Carder Aylar önce
"My partner and I are going shopping together. We'll be sure to stand shoulder to shoulder, browsing the shelves at a slow pace so nobody can get around us." Edit: "Oh, and I'll be sure to give them a dirty look when as my politely to get by."
Caiden Aylar önce
@Rhodie Man, why do you gotta do me like that?🥲Not my fault my parent put me on dependency-forming myopia-causing drugs as a kid. I mean I can wear glasses or contacts, but they don't mix well.
Rhodie Aylar önce
I'm shopping for myself. I'd better stand as close as humanly possible to the shelf I'm searching, so nobody else can possibly see what's on it. Don't worry, it'll only take me approximately 10 minutes to find the exact spices I need.
Caiden Aylar önce
The people that look at a package of bread for 5 minutes are painful...It's bread! Also, when the old people go half a mile an hour.
SandySez Aylar önce
Shop in Florida ... just once, shop in Florida, lol. The partners are either 98yrs old or obese .. or both. Then you get to 'meet' them again in the parking lot for more bottleneck games.
Austin Escamilla
Austin Escamilla Aylar önce
So much sarcasm in this video and I’m all here for it haha
ニコ Aylar önce
Dave Aylar önce
This is observational comedy, more satirical than sarcastic.
not okay in Manny ways
@djSpinege same
djSpinege Aylar önce
can't tell if sarcastic
Max Siegieda
Max Siegieda Aylar önce
I have just finished going up an escalator, now why did I do that... I shall stand here and ponder.
Court Jester
Court Jester Aylar önce
You only missed two scenarios. People having conversations at the bottom of escalators and people parking their shopping carts in the middle of the isle while deciding what to pick from the shelf.
Cyranek Aylar önce
I espcially love it when the people that are in the way are extremely large and hard to get around
amber619pop 3 gün önce
What, basically almost all people in America? 😆 trying to do grocery shopping at peak hours with a shopping cart is almost impossible just because of that reason.
Justin Long
Justin Long Aylar önce
I live in west virginia. That''s pretty much every time I go to walmart.
Lucorn Aylar önce
Fax. Thank you Cyranek.
Luke Forslund
Luke Forslund Aylar önce
Holy crap, the "someone trying to use an expired coupon at CVS" situation literally happened to me yesterday hahaha!
Ryan Holmes
Ryan Holmes 26 gün önce
I used to work at CVS. I just eventually started taking expired coupons to avoid assholes. I don't lose any money from it.
Jubach Aylar önce
i bet it happens multiple times daily LOL
Josh Aylar önce
@MaskedImposter always seems to be for things you wouldn't have to buy again until well after the expiration date too
MaskedImposter Aylar önce
It's partially CVS corporates fault. Every time you buy something they give you 50 coupons with various expiration dates. Still no reason to yell at a retail employee though.
SmoofDizzle (gm)
SmoofDizzle (gm) Aylar önce
First five seconds in and I've already felt so much validation in getting pissed off at people who do that. People blocking doorways or traffic is such a huge pet peeve of mine and I'm sure a lot of people.
amber619pop 3 gün önce
It's almost the equivalent of people who speed down the road, and then sit at the traffic light long after it has turned green.
Echo Echo
Echo Echo Aylar önce
"We are a group of 3 or more people walking on a very narrow sidewalk. We better walk very slowly shoulder to shoulder so that we occupy the entire width of the sidewalk! Wouldn't want anyone walking past us now, would we?"
QUINSEY Aylar önce
for me its people who despite seeing you walking towards them or in a way that will cross their path and cannot fathom how to possibly work together to not make me need to take a dramatic turn to avoid them. happens to me multiple times daily at work. even if im rolling a big trash roller they will see me and do anything to be in front of me. and some families will hear my loud rolling bin behind them and they will all collectively walk at a pace almost comically slow like flopping one foot over at a time in slow motion while looking around clueless that im right there trying to get by and do my job.
L. King
L. King Aylar önce
@pakuma3 oh nooo you have to avoid walking into people on the sidewalk life must be so hard
Court Jester
Court Jester Aylar önce
I've moved over to give idiots space to pass. As we approach they readjust into my path again. At that point I literally stare straight at their face and head strait for them. They give me a pissed of face as we pass but I don't budge. To not notice they're on a collision course before the adjustment MAY be inattention. To adjust their path AT ME after the adjustment means they're playing a game.
Simon Ghoul
Simon Ghoul Aylar önce
Honestly, I just keep saying excuse me, and I don't stop moving and just pock them with the trash can, palette, carrier, or whatever I am moving. It usually works If they don't listen at least they'll feel it. You'll just really have to hope I feel like poking
Just Vibing
Just Vibing Aylar önce
@pakuma3 no, just walk straight through. If you’re a foot or more taller than them and they don’t see you as a obstacle to get around, they deserve to fall.
Major Pwner
Major Pwner Aylar önce
*runs customers over "Oh sorry I couldn't see you through this large object I'm pushing" - works every time.
Heisenberg Aylar önce
As a person who has never left my house I can confirm this is very relatable when I'm in public
Flying Mutant Goldfish
u right
GameBoyTC Aylar önce
ur icon kinda looks like incognito guy with a beard
zacqonos Aylar önce
jesser we ned to cook
Goordijn Aylar önce
Here in the Netherlands: "Let me stop out of nowhere in the middle on a busy bicycle lane where people cycle around 12 miles an hour, to discuss which way we should go, then when people shout to us for our abrupt stop, look very bewildered and shocked whilst still standing in the middle of the bicycle lane with dozens of people having to dodge us"
12D3 Aylar önce
In Canada people ignore the bicycle lane and ride on the sidewalk instead, forcing pedestrians onto the bicycle lane. It's messed up all around, apparently.
Just-Fun-Stuff Aylar önce
Was three times in the netherlands but Never had the Courage to ride a bike, because i know it is one of your national treasures and i dont wanted to interrupt it. But i always loved to watch the bycicle Flow :)
stefaniesewsshizz Aylar önce
Bless your darn faces for making this! It should be a PSA in every public arena possible, like flight instructions
stefaniesewsshizz Aylar önce
@Twig 46 TOO TRUE!
Twig 46
Twig 46 Aylar önce
thing is, it would apply to everyone else, not the people who need it.
sploog Aylar önce
My step-dad, especially at crowded theme parks, likes to stop right in the middle of the walkway to talk to the group. I hate it so much.
Court Jester
Court Jester Aylar önce
​@L Fii ​ It's a crime against humanity
helchin93 Aylar önce
then after blatantly pointing it out. "its ok, they can go around" and that is my dad, the man who has an anger stroke when someone is not going 10mph over the speed limit when in the right most lane. People just feel entitled to courtesy when not practicing it themselves. Its baffling and insanely common.
Dandalorian Aylar önce
@LukeThePotatoKing ok then
LukeThePotatoKing Aylar önce
@Dandalorian I'm 18
Dandalorian Aylar önce
Nothing wrong with that at all 🙃
Michael Anthony
Michael Anthony Aylar önce
You forgot to add the people who do all of these things and get angry when you point it out.
wicked Aylar önce
how did you guys depict these kind of people so spot on
Dan Will Review
Dan Will Review Aylar önce
Because they're ubiquitous
bobsmith93 Aylar önce
@Mocha Minecraft Thanks Zack, very cool
Mocha Minecraft
Mocha Minecraft Aylar önce
My name is also Zack and I’m in a duck cult
Radio Star
Radio Star Aylar önce
I better watch all these Instagram clips really loudly on my phone in this public place and be really rude if someone mentions it
Halo Legend
Halo Legend Aylar önce
Gosh, being a mother and taking care of your own kid sure is hard, I better give my smartphone to my kid and let him watch unmoderated TikTok on full volume while I do completely f-ing nothing or talk to the other mom in the opposite direction to my kid, so I can fully ignore him (especially when he's trying to get my attention by progressively yelling louder; I just can't hear that shiet).
As a CVS cashier, that expired coupon bit hit way too close to home
Coastaku Aylar önce
As a Coaster Enthusiast, my least favourite thing is people standing IN FRONT of the Ride entrance! From a distance, it looks like the line is so long, it's spilling out of the Queue area and onto the midway, but no, it's a family of 5 deciding whether or not to ride Millennium Force or not! Also! I hate slow walkers and mindless walkers who will walk towards you or walk across paths with no intentions of moving out of the way
Giraffe FlavoredCondoms
@Andrew Frost RIP DT. The only coaster there I ever went on lol. I.. don't like roller coasters. But fond memories I supposed. It was my Gramma's favorite.
Giraffe FlavoredCondoms
Man, I remember when I was at Cedar Point as a teen, my sister and I were sitting on a curb getting a snack waiting for our parents one whichever ride. Some crack head looking lady walked up to us and started talking about something, I don't remember, and stood *so fucking close to me* that when I tried to stand up I fell back onto my butt to avoiding literally headbutting/chestbumping her upon standing. Had to do this awkward rolling maneuver on the ground to stand. She was fully oblivious to this. Also we were visibly young teens as the time, everything about that encounter was unpleasant. Some people.
Nominal Anomalie
Nominal Anomalie Aylar önce
Same goes for mindless/slow drivers.
Andrew Frost
Andrew Frost Aylar önce
Hell yes! Cedar Point! My first roller coaster ever was the Corkscrew, and we'd spend hours riding the train around the park when we were younger. I loved Disaster Transport, too.
Gid_ Aylar önce
I will drive this grocery cart down the exact center of the aisle until the exact moment that someone else can't get by.
Platypus Patrol
Platypus Patrol Aylar önce
Well, I’m watching a new Gus Johnson video. Guess I better play it on loop for the next 2 hours at max volume so my whole family can hear it
Gary Stinten
Gary Stinten Aylar önce
Then proceeds to show them the funny bits and narrates whilst laughing your guts out so no one can hear your option of how funny it is for the 15th time
teej Aylar önce
I'm watching this at full volume on a packed train while also taking up the seat across from me with my legs.
Mocha Minecraft
Mocha Minecraft Aylar önce
Personally, I enjoy walking very slow on the sidewalk infront of people!
Mocha Minecraft
Mocha Minecraft Aylar önce
@Court Jester I also spend my time going to crowded theaters and calling my family members on speakerphone
Court Jester
Court Jester Aylar önce
Vitamin E
Vitamin E Aylar önce
I then love to strategically position myself, preventing anyone faster than me to pass
blackened872 Aylar önce
Do you drive in the left lane on the highway doing the speed limit too? Satan!
Summer Skull
Summer Skull Aylar önce
“This is my favorite song, I should listen to it without headphones on this crowded bus”
Pancreaticdefect Aylar önce
Cant believe he didnt include "Just ran into someone I know at the store so we're going to have a conversation while blocking the entire aisle with our carts."
Pepe Silvia
Pepe Silvia Aylar önce
Sometimes I feel like a productive member of society who does things that better the lives of other people simply because it is my duty as a civilian. And then I see a title like this one and immediately put all my morals into question edit: I'm glad it turns out I don't do any of these things
Shawn V
Shawn V Aylar önce
Maybe for part two you can include that fun way people drive under the speed limit on their casual drive during rush hour. Or when they have a long conversation while standing in front of the time clock at work. And don't forget the ones that leave their trash sitting in the parking lot they just left instead of using the trash can 15 feet away. Sometimes I pray for nuclear winter
Truffle Snout
Truffle Snout Aylar önce
The other day I encountered the very rare diagonal walker. She crossed my path in a way that was diagonal from everyone’s perspective including herself. Like imagine walking strait but then just veering to the right at a 45 degree angle while still looking forward so that you can’t see about half the people who your crossing paths with. I would normally be annoyed but I was more so just fascinated by encountering such a rare and interesting “person in public”.
Shawn Christensen
Shawn Christensen Aylar önce
Folks where I live do this all the time. It is especially prevalent in parking lots, where folks seem to love walking at a diagonal right in front of drivers waiting for them to cross. Imagine someone crossing as slow as possible right in front of your car on the way to the store's entrance, then dial that up to 11. They deliberately walk diagonally so that you spend as much time as possible idling in your car waiting for them to fucking move.
Keith McCarthy
Keith McCarthy Aylar önce
I just had a flight a few days ago where the guy sitting next to me was eating cold stinky garlic wings the whole flight and sucking the sauce off his fingers before touching the screen on the back of the seat in front of him. The dude across the aisle took his shoes off and the combo of smells from both sides made me want to vomit. The crying baby behind me was the least of my worries. Oh and there was a maskless guy a couple rows back hacking his lungs up the whole time as well.
dgwuthetqhsthny4q Aylar önce
I've never been on a flight but stuff like this makes me want to never go on a flight
Keith McCarthy
Keith McCarthy Aylar önce
@Red Siegfried From NJ to Washington too. 6 and a half hours. 3 hour delay on the tarmac because EWR always overbooks flights.
Red Siegfried
Red Siegfried Aylar önce
Plus, you were on a flight.
Mike Jones
Mike Jones Aylar önce
That sounds horrendous
Daniel Sime
Daniel Sime Aylar önce
Last week there was a movie event at the park. They brought a big projector and an inflatable white screen. There was a lot of people there so some ended up behind a walkway. I found it astonishing how many people would walk through and forget what they're doing half way and just stand there blocking the view of 100 people.
Eos Aylar önce
I feel called out for the "ordering in a line part." For the record I was reading the menu but everything looks delicious and I can't take the pressure of choosing
Khalilah D.
Khalilah D. Aylar önce
The person walking in the middle of the street and not knowing what they want to order in front of the line is what is wrong in the world 😭
Honey Blobby
Honey Blobby Aylar önce
ha ha the epic trio at it again. its amazing you and your bro work so well together and yet separately also amazing. well done lads
40088922 Aylar önce
amazing how no one in the comments seemingly do any of these. everybody is sensible and in the right after a call-out, I guess
lowercase j
lowercase j Aylar önce
i had to watch this twice because i couldn't take anything in after the very first scenario in this video. i couldn't stop thinking about how weird it is that i'm watching this on the same day that i chuckled to myself while being stuck behind a customer standing still in the enterance of the supermarket i work at. i chuckled because it was like today i finally became concious of the fact that this genuinely is a thing people just do and in that moment, i appreciated how funny it truly is. so anyway, thanks for blowing my mind for 5 minutes.
retrobro_1221 Aylar önce
I appreciate the chill music. Otherwise this video would honestly give me a headache and I would not have enjoyed it as much.
Ryan F
Ryan F Aylar önce
The parking lot one was super relatable. I was trying to grab lunch the other day and some 6’4 bodybuilder dude was walking slowly through the middle of the parking lot and held up about 5-6 cars including me
Ytube Ytube
Ytube Ytube Aylar önce
For me, it’s the oblivious shoppers at Walmart who block ENTIRE aisles and refuse to move even when it’s obvious they’re in the way. A couple did this to me yesterday, the husband was a very large man and he was just standing in the direct center of the aisle with his wife, who saw me and made eye contact, but neither of them moved as they continued to talk and block the entire aisle.
Lord Smeggplant, The Aubergine
I like "I see person carrying heavy/large items on the sidewalk, let me walk as close to them as possible so they have to move out of my way" and "wow a free street parking space, I guess it's time to stop here for 3 hours, eat lunch and throw all my trash out the window"
Mriya6 Aylar önce
Ian Kung is so great at stuff like this, please keep collabing with him! Also Sven's sudden turn around face slayed me, great job 🤣
Evil Xero
Evil Xero Aylar önce
LOLS, I put up with just about all of that every day at work, minus the dentist bits
Who Nose
Who Nose Aylar önce
I could watch more of these all day
Joel Farrelly
Joel Farrelly Aylar önce
Even though the logical part of my brain knows this is all just a bit, I am still incredibly furious right now. I think... Yeah, I think I wanna fistfight Gus's brother for that sudden turnaround at the end. He seems like a great guy. It's a real shame he's also a garbage monster who doesn't know HOW TO WALK LIKE A RATIONAL HUMAN BEING!
Andrew Calvillo
Andrew Calvillo Aylar önce
Oh new Gus Johnson video? Im gonna watch this in the middle of my meeting.
Joseph Aylar önce
Don’t forget about the family with 8 kids and they decided today, in this packed restaurant, to let them all order individually in a long 20 person line. The kids are also ages 4-7 and picky asf.
Michael Ihnatko
Michael Ihnatko Aylar önce
And the kids will only eat one quarter of their food and throw the rest out.
Ryan Aylar önce
Have you ever definitely not dropped your phone out of fear when Sven turns around? Yeah me neither
Sam Laney
Sam Laney Aylar önce
I would love for this to be a series
Music Sucks
Music Sucks Aylar önce
God, the people that stand in the doorway make my blood boil like nothing else. The entire earth…and you stand right there
krucialFPS Aylar önce
That first one happened to me yesterday. Was walking out of a grocery store and the guy in front of me stopped, pulled out his phone and stood still in the doorway.
Michael Anderson
Michael Anderson Aylar önce
The Johnson boys are at it again, Gus and Sven are a balm to my troubled soul
Amanda Rios
Amanda Rios Aylar önce
Sven turning around like that activated my fight or flight response.
Nico Lord-Schutze
Nico Lord-Schutze Aylar önce
As someone working in customer service, this is actually pretty accurate ngl
MisterApplePie Aylar önce
As someone who works at a museum with pretty much only open air exhibits (as in not encased in glass) the museum bit is too real and hurts, tho that was too little touching compared to what it actually is
jack gardner
jack gardner Aylar önce
Ive literally encountered every single scenario in this skit.
The Rice King
The Rice King Aylar önce
Please make more videos on this subject. This is such a gem.
DAGold Aylar önce
I love how everyone is just *stating the obvious out loud* in such a monotone thought process that the part of the title, *I guess* , perfectly summarizes these 2 mins!
Casper Decker
Casper Decker Aylar önce
So much love and hate emanating from my being at this moment! 👍
WillBeWonky Aylar önce
You forgot about the person that leaves their card in the reader after it's approved and they just keep standing there waiting for..something as the machine beeps at them in a very loud and obvious manner.
Bentendo64 Aylar önce
I appreciate Ian's character holding a single dollar asking for a sandwich like it would somehow cover the cost.
Diamond Aylar önce
that was awesome! you guys should make a part two!
vampirefoxhl Aylar önce
Omg, the decision making after standing in line is me! It's like the second attention is on me, I forget and then I'm sweating bullets because I Know I'm holding up the line and I feel awful! XD I like that menus exist on phones now and places that have a physical menu in the line. Very helpful.
Quinshore the Butt Wizard & True Smut God
Allow me to offer a follow-up to the "Waiting in line at a restaurant" bit. Spend at least 2 minutes saying absolutely nothing and ignoring the cashier asking you if you're ready before blurting out your order with no prompt. Change your mind constantly and ask obvious questions like "does the cheeseburger have cheese on it" multiple times. Complain that your large order is expensive and yell at the cashier that you didn't order any of the upgrades that you asked for. Pay for your $9.01 order with a $100 bill and get unreasonably angry when the cashier gives you $91 instead of $90 and 99 cents in change.
Lance Coffman
Lance Coffman Aylar önce
An expansion on airplane and restaurant NPCs would be much loved. My personal favorite is the is the incredibly large family gathering that shows up expecting a table on the spot no reservation or call ahead, only to leave a 10% tip because service was slow. The best is when you have that one aunt who tells the waiter how sorry they are and how good they’re gonna take care of them for causing so much trouble
Yakie Graper
Yakie Graper Aylar önce
I love how polite their tones are, in addition to the chosen words. It almost seems like they’re being polite.
Maria Hotgirl
Maria Hotgirl Aylar önce
I watched this video 20 minutes after sitting next to someone on the train who decided it would be really cool to spend the ride watching videos on their phone with no headphones and their volume all the way up.
Dislike Button
Dislike Button Aylar önce
Please make more of these, they help my soul heal.
Ryan Kelly
Ryan Kelly Aylar önce
Glad to see you're back Gus! Thank you for that. All of that was dead on.
Tables Aylar önce
0:40 Great news! says with a straight face. Haha, Idk why Sven's line got me about holding up a line.
Darrick Mohr
Darrick Mohr Aylar önce
I watched this video full volume on a train so everyone could enjoy the humor with me!!!
Will Aylar önce
You should do a part 2 with more examples. The one I have in mind is when a group of people are walking side-by-side on a narrow walkway so as to block people from passing them
Stiles CD
Stiles CD Aylar önce
Well there's my bucket list in one video.
Wolf. 28 gün önce
When you're walking behind an elderly guy and speed up to overtake him, but then he also speeds up.
Da Boys
Da Boys Aylar önce
Your videos are amazing keep it up
Liam White
Liam White Aylar önce
You forgot that one person who will walk through a store with the music on their phone turned all the way up because clearly if they think it's good then so should we.
PlootyLuvsTurtle Aylar önce
it really bothers me seeing people film on rides (especially big roller coasters) with just their phones in their hands because it’s so dangerous and could harm or even kill someone if they dropped it and it hit someone if the ride is intense enough
Tim Shoots Cars
Tim Shoots Cars Aylar önce
Thanks bud I watched this at max volume without headphones at the DMV, we all had a good laugh
Texas Stranger
Texas Stranger Aylar önce
HA! YOU HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD with one of my biggest peeves in parking lots, and crossing the street! Dragging their asses like nobody else has any right to be on the road.
Luke Senko
Luke Senko Aylar önce
Waited about 30 minutes in line for ice cream yesterday and the guy in front of me did the same thing, just stood there with no idea what he wanted after waiting the whole time. Luckily the attendant let me pass him and his family in the line.
Gibriel Ramjan
Gibriel Ramjan Aylar önce
As a person I can confirm this is true
John Jenkins
John Jenkins Aylar önce
I enjoyed this even though made my blood pressure go up. I'm sure there's a "driving" version of this in the offing.
Aaron Ferguson
Aaron Ferguson Aylar önce
Yeah but without all the NPCs the world would be much less immersive
James Aylar önce
fuck i work in the service industry and it angers me to no end how accurate this is
S Aylar önce
This one video topic could be its own channel and I’d subscribe immediately.
Jubach Aylar önce
i'm a mere 10 seconds in and i've already clicked the thumbs up button because of how relatable this is.
Caleb Aylar önce
Gus needs to join SNL
Shezza's Videos
Shezza's Videos Aylar önce
I've been saying for ages that the top comedians on TRvid are better then SNL
Coolboy99 Aylar önce
The most important one. "I could have brought headphones with me, but instead took with me my speakers, so everyone can listen to music with me."
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