People Fixing Things With RAMEN NOODLES Part 2

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People Fixing Things With Ramen Noodles Part 2! Have you ever tried these diy fixing things with ramen noodles hacks? Leave a Like if you enjoyed and watch PART 1 trvid.com/video/video-AM1pxWrwudE.html
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17 Aug 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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SSSniperWolf 5 aylar önce
its SATURDAY :D make sure to watch part 1 that got 4m+ views!! trvid.com/video/video-AM1pxWrwudE.html
ana poor
ana poor 10 gün önce
SSSniperWolf hi
Wendy Radford
Wendy Radford 19 gün önce
*Looks at somthing or somone big* me: oh look its digital"" Digital: RUDE
slime maker slimy
slime maker slimy Aylar önce
slime maker slimy
slime maker slimy Aylar önce
Your so cook and sweet and you love food like me kenishaglasgow
Aeti Builds
Aeti Builds 6 saatler önce
Put some ramen on that bhudda glitch
Helen Smith
Helen Smith Gün önce
I should fix my life with noodles. I never thought of that before.
Bloomer YT
Bloomer YT Gün önce
When they were fixing the bag they turned it around because the side there fixing had the zipper when it was done it didnt
Madison Johnson
Madison Johnson Gün önce
I was watching this while eating spicy ramen
Abigail Perez
Abigail Perez 2 gün önce
you can fix the bed of your dogs
Anna Unger
Anna Unger 2 gün önce
When I tried fixing stuff with Ramen it didn't work. I tried it with my life.
Erika Alferez Delgado
what makes it interesting, is that im eating ramen noodles at this moment..!
Cassie Malaggay
Cassie Malaggay 2 gün önce
She wondering how ramen fixed a sink Now for me, I’m wondering how they BROKE it-
Haydyn Jamieson
Haydyn Jamieson 2 gün önce
who else heard Marvel and not marble
Tunisha Wideman
Tunisha Wideman 2 gün önce
Who saw the face cam glitch
susan hawke
susan hawke 2 gün önce
Did y'all see the glitch at the end or it the device I'm using
Robin Pfeiffer
Robin Pfeiffer 2 gün önce
that face cam glitch tho
Yeet YT
Yeet YT 3 gün önce
The glitch at the end though .... with that creepy thing..
Moses Banuelos
Moses Banuelos 3 gün önce
I love your videos and I smashed the like button
Ava Mocek
Ava Mocek 3 gün önce
ur face was glitching before the tissue fix
Scott Massey
Scott Massey 4 gün önce
your life dats wat u need to fix
sxft abby
sxft abby 4 gün önce
let’s pray for those buttons on that shirt
Seyler F
Seyler F 4 gün önce
Ok, do they sell ramen at Home Depot yet?!?
clay katty
clay katty 4 gün önce
Um did anyone else's screen glitch when she was reacting to the birdbath?
Choco 5 gün önce
Ramen is the new flextape
Joel Kirk
Joel Kirk 5 gün önce
Baileigh Gxcha !
Baileigh Gxcha ! 5 gün önce
I fell asleep watching you at 2 AM and I woke up at half 6 and you were still playing 😂
dreamyy_vibes 5 gün önce
The roaches and ants comin
Amanda Hinson
Amanda Hinson 6 gün önce
It started to glish
Grace Summer
Grace Summer 6 gün önce
Is it me your video glitched
Appa K Dipi
Appa K Dipi 6 gün önce
Now I know why naruto likes ramen so much
Hailey Hawkins
Hailey Hawkins 7 gün önce
wham bam yes ma'am
Savannah McKinney
Savannah McKinney 7 gün önce
With the Bird bath you glitch so much like if it glitched for you
Bees_knees Cream
Bees_knees Cream 7 gün önce
Plot twist:*all the videos are reversed*
Karen Vega Vega
Karen Vega Vega 7 gün önce
Its the other side of the bag becuase if you see the other star at the bottom of that star to the left you can see that a little bit of it is missing when the sand it and they never fixed that part soooooo ya it is the other side 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨
Crazy Doggy
Crazy Doggy 7 gün önce
You said one of my spelling words flawless is SSSinperWolf that's crazy
Ana's LPS land
Ana's LPS land 7 gün önce
Anybody else see her glitch out at the bird bath part?!
Ashley Beaty
Ashley Beaty 8 gün önce
Umm did any one notice that for the bird bath one she was glitching into the gouda statue lol
Robert Noon
Robert Noon 9 gün önce
Fix anything haha doesn't matter we wanna see!
Zaylee Wyant
Zaylee Wyant 10 gün önce
I'm sorry, but am I the only one that saw the Colossal Titan funko pop
Marina Octo
Marina Octo 10 gün önce
It was round because in cup o noodles they just have have a cylinder of noodles in a cup
dohekr 10 gün önce
You're glitching
The Harpers
The Harpers 11 gün önce
Did anyone else catch the glitch on the face came?!?!?!? Litterally thought my phone was broke
Lauren Davey
Lauren Davey 11 gün önce
toothpaste can: fix a wall but not my saltiness.
GarnetGames 1000
GarnetGames 1000 11 gün önce
I THOUGHT MY PHONE WAS BROKEN but it was the vid😰😰😰
Tersit Asfaw
Tersit Asfaw 11 gün önce
When they tested it, they didn't go eve near the hole
Lemon_Wolfie :3
Lemon_Wolfie :3 11 gün önce
1.16 look the at the zipper and after its not there anymore
Monika Lesauskyte
Monika Lesauskyte 12 gün önce
i literally ate ramen then i watched this video
md vlogs
md vlogs 12 gün önce
It was a gliche on ssniperwolf
late reactions
late reactions 13 gün önce
If your heart is broken its fine just put some ramen noodles on it
late reactions
late reactions 13 gün önce
this is crazy like just why tho
Izzys_Dino_Masks 13 gün önce
Roaches:MY TIME HAS COME!! Me:Delete U *Steps On* Roach:MY RAMen....
Måx -cc/cussing obsession-
sssniperwolf the glitch queen
Deminize Lopez
Deminize Lopez 16 gün önce
When I first saw the glitch I thought i was getting haunted 😅
Jodie Hanson
Jodie Hanson 16 gün önce
Moms be like: STOP PLAYING WITH YOUR RAMEN!!! Kids: but im fixing the bmw with some spicey RAMEN NOODLES !!!! LOL
Josef Kais
Josef Kais 16 gün önce
this is how many times she says .. ramen 👇🏻👇🏻
Agelica Melander
Agelica Melander 17 gün önce
Did everyone else see the glitch in the end ?
hyslevia RBLX
hyslevia RBLX 17 gün önce
How to get ants 101:
Merryweather Cabot
Merryweather Cabot 18 gün önce
I think Kyle is the most creative name you've thought of. :P
Xinyi Wang
Xinyi Wang 18 gün önce
1:48 actually not off brand it’s actual Oreos but the name is translated to Chinese in China.
Soul sisters
Soul sisters 18 gün önce
the warm milk one is a lie
Lily’s life Hacks,vlogs and more
(> 🍕 want pizza
Sara Mohammed
Sara Mohammed 18 gün önce
U wanna fix your depression Ramen
Lulu fire
Lulu fire 18 gün önce
yall see it glitching or is it just me
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