Patriots vs. Bills Super Wild Card Weekend Highlights | NFL 2021

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14 Oca 2022




Yük bağlantısı.....


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This game looked effortless for the Bills
Lonely Sandwich
This wasn’t a playoff game…. This was a MASSACRE
Evan Chan
Allen's protection was insane. He had all day to throw the ball! Hats off to the O-line.
Armin Oleg
After watching my Raiders disappoint yet again I loved watching the Bills destroy the Pats. That was near perfect. I’m old enough to remember the Bills going 0-4 in SB in the 90’s. Bills deserve a championship and this team should bring it home.
Skippy the Alien
i can't even begin to imagine how satisfying this must have been for every diehard Bills fan lmfaoo
Jim Derwin
That INT by Hyde was possibly the greatest INT ever!
Bills just became the first team in NFL playoff history, to go a full game without attempting a field goal, punting or turning the ball over
Allen admitted he was trying to throw the ball away on the first touchdown. Which makes it all the more impressive. Dude throws touchdowns when he doesn't even mean to. What a beast.
This game looked effortless for the Bills. Its like they were just walking into their destiny to win. I've never seen Josh Allan play but my goodness this teams chemistry is Amazing.
Raymond Sphaler
I was at the game last night. Row 7 seat 25 behind the endzone, most fun I have ever had. Was freezing my tail off, but it was wild. Josh Allen is unreal. The entire team was playing lights out. Go Bills!!
East Coast Underbelly
me watching the game: 😦😩🤩😱🥳
Cj Hirsch
Micah's pick is one of the most ridiculous interceptions I've ever seen. how close it was to the receiver and how cleanly he grabbed it. Shoulda been a pro bowler
The Official Green Kane
Josh's passes were perfectly thrown
Jeff Daily
What a beating. As a teenager in the 90's had to watch the Bills come so close 3x. Spokane and Northern Idaho is rooting for you boys.
JP Man
The Bills have suddenly found a really good running game...Everyone knows the team who gets their running game going in Jan-Feb when the weather turns ugly, usually ends up in a SB.
unkameat Good bar
I’m a seahawks fan, I’m rootin for the bills, it was pure pleasure to see the bills stomp New England.
hailey marvin
That was the best defense I’ve ever seen for Buffalo! You can tell how hard they were playing I’m proud we won!
Chris Gorski
No punts. No ints. No 4th downs. No field goals. 7 consecutive touchdowns. Incredible game.
Maybe I‘m the only Bills fan in Germany. But this was my night with all Patriots fans in one room. 😂😜 It was just great. Go Bills!!!
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