Pastor Keion & Shaunie Henderson Sit Down with The MB Mag in Powerful Interview!

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Interview with Pastor Keion and Shaunie Henderson

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14 Haz 2022




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Gloria Mbula Charles
Can we just take a moment to appreciate the interviewer? So good.
Amazing communication! I love the interviewer. She speaks very calmly and with so much intelligence.
Laney Jackson
The interviewer is so eloquent, articulate and poised. I like the Henderson's. They are going to do some great for the world!
deborah jordan
Wow, the most potent moment is he never interrupts her. His listening skills are impactful. He took in her words as if it is wisdom to his soul. "The position of your heart" amazing.
Arletta Bender
This is amazing. Getting married at 64 (both of us) after being single for 20 & 30 years. Great tidbits for us!!!!! Thanks
The Interviewer did a great job with questions and comments. The responses given from Pastor Keion and Lady Shaunie (homegirl) were amazing and hopeful to others. God is still on the throne. This has been such an enlightening interview experience for me. “God create in me a clean heart” daily!! I am in their corner praying nothing but God’s best for their journey as Pastoring together, husband, wife and family…💝🙏🏽🥰
"Everything you will or will not achieve in life will be a result of the position of your heart at the time of the opportunity."
Vee Love
This interview was enlightening, it was received. I learned so much from this interview! Pastor Keion said you were born to look like your parents but you die looking like your decisions! That right there was powerful! Gems and knowledge I love it! Congratulations to them both! God bless this union 🙏🏾☀️
Yes, dating or being single is hard. But, after watching this video, with God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! This was a great interview, thank you MB Magazine! ♥️
With love, Stephanie Denise
I was single for a decade, truly single, celibate. God sent my husband when I became happy being single. My husband is a man of ministry who respected my boundaries and had boundaries of his own. We have become an example to many and have not planned it, but God ordained it.
Armiriam Daniel
The Interviewer’s energy was so calming and peaceful. Great couple, great message!
Holly Gardner
This was a great interview and just to watch him looking at Shaunie when she speaks was breath-taking. I love this ❤
Chrissy Maree
The interviewer is everything. Love the wealth of biblical knowledge. How she ask thought provoking questions. While allowing them to answer; without interrupting. This was a Phenomenal interview!.
L Hamilton
This is probably one of the best recommendations I’ve had from TRvid ever. At 48, and never married, I’m praying and asking God for this Godly union as well. Like Shaunie, I acknowledge my walls but Like Keion, my heart is in everything that I do! May God continue to bless their union!
L M 21 saatler önce
This was very enlightening!! Shaunie looks so at peace and Pastor Keion truly adores her. They look great together!! So happy for you both!
Kimberly Everson
This was the beat interview that I have heard in my life! And I am 55 years old. My heart was perked and overjoyed. Pastor Keion and Lady Shaunie, I appreciate your transparency and your love for each other and God shined through this interview and my thirst was quenched with the living water. Also, MB Magazine, you have a true gem. The interviewer was kind, humble and she had such a sweet spirit. God chose the right person for the job. He always does. He knows what He’s doing! Pastor Keion, Lady Shaunie and the interviewer (I’m so sorry I don’t know your name, but God does) Jeremiah 29:11. God bless you all! Peace
tamica Ward
Loved this interview. The way Shaunie looks at PK when he's speaking and her thoughtful and authentic responses. The way PK is so eloquent and intelligent in his response . The beautiful interviewer and her thought provoking questions and imparting wisdom and speaking life into them both. Refreshing interview
This woman (the interviewer) is a beautiful person. She resonates God and peace. Her questions are uplifting without prying. I really appreciated this interview and I'm happy they found each other. What a beautiful journey!!
The interviewer did an amazing job. She is an excellent example of a woman of God!
Danielle Hill
Danielle Hill 14 gün önce
This interview was amazing and full of wisdom. May God continue to bless and prosper their union. ❤❤🙏🏾
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