Passport - Part 2 

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Pika has boing boing.
Caller Agent voice: / @pikamee
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10 Haz 2023




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天野ピカミィ. Pikamee
Thank you for having me dayo!
Aqua Lucas
Aqua Lucas 2 aylar önce
Hi Pikamee
JPifferton 2 aylar önce
I can't believe the legendary Pikamee made an appearance! I love your clips!
Avi 2 aylar önce
Thank to you too dayo!
Johnny Fabella
Johnny Fabella 2 aylar önce
Hello Pikamee! Have good day!
Cloude 2 aylar önce
How could you lie to him like that?!😉
Iker Pedraza Proskauer
The passport homies seem like nice people and waiting in line with people who also have passport problems seems like such an unexpected yet charming and wholesome way of making friends
lckyminer_22 2 aylar önce
I mean, if they'll all have to wait and suffer in line, at least makes some friends to share the suffering.
Ryan Soltani
Ryan Soltani 2 aylar önce
@lckyminer_22 yep
Stephen Holcomb
Stephen Holcomb 2 aylar önce
David Nguyen
David Nguyen 2 aylar önce
Canadians amirite
Juan Perez
Juan Perez 2 aylar önce
Could never be Americans
amelia h
amelia h 2 aylar önce
Despite all the shit Dom had to go through with the actual people who were supposed to help him get his passport, its heartwarming to hear how many people in the line who were being kind and helping others
Sally Sue
Sally Sue 2 aylar önce
Right? I loved that
Sined Dd Mk
Sined Dd Mk 2 aylar önce
Stereotypical Canadian Behaviour. It's actually real
The Diamond Princess
The Diamond Princess 2 aylar önce
Yesss everyone seemed so kind and sweet 😭❤
Noobnesz 2 aylar önce
Just your everyday Canadians
Fairoa 2 aylar önce
the people caring for one another better than what the government did
JenAnimation 2 aylar önce
Domics I'm glad you're back!!! wooooo!
VUBROS GAMERS 2 aylar önce
No replies?!
Amiel’s Moving Pictures
Sean Adams
Sean Adams 2 aylar önce
Mr !!
Mr !! Aylar önce
Rumours say he still hasn’t received his passport which is why we haven’t got part 3 yet 😢
Aerenh Aylar önce
Lol 😂
Sunny Aylar önce
I cant believe it's already been about a month since pt. 2 :(
Xero 2 aylar önce
Having Domics back is nice and all but between the times we gotta appreciate the work he put in for himself during his hiatus, whatever direction Domics goes in from now on we will support
Come Fast To Get Into My Body
1: WOW passport services suck, glad things worked out so you could do the tour... even if the story isn't done yet. 2: OH MY GOD PIKAMEE!!! I did not expect her to be a voice cameo, glad she was able to partake in this video as well as you being a freaking champ in getting this vid out before her graduation.... man I'm gonna miss her.
LARAUJO 2 aylar önce
Weird pfp but ok
Chidubemmo 2 aylar önce
@LARAUJO Likely a bot
Aziza Aman
Aziza Aman 2 aylar önce
@LARAUJO bot that copied a comment
TSG 2 aylar önce
Having DOMICS back is so refreshing
sam 2 aylar önce
I finished
NotInMyst 2 aylar önce
Zack Fair
Zack Fair 2 aylar önce
Finally he came back I miss the old style domics. Don't give me wrong, domics talking to his friends. Having different perspective interesting it's not the same. Like The Break-Up series I loved it, I enjoyed it he has a talent of storytelling. But when he try podcast type style? With other creators is not the same...
Fluffy The Street Cat
Fluffy The Street Cat 2 aylar önce
It’s crazy how much work you had to put in for a passport. I’m in Ireland and I can literally just apply online and it comes within like 4 days, did it a few weeks ago, was shocked how easy it was!
Paige365 2 aylar önce
I have to go through the same NONSENSE as Domics to get a passport. And the amount of times I waited and waited and waited, plus the amount of swear words, anger and frustration coming out of people's mouths when they wait in the line to either fill out the form, or interview to collect the passport and collect the passport on the same day. But when I finally got mines, I was so happy that I don't have go through the same procedure again, until the next expiry date for my passport 🙄.
mike wang
mike wang 2 aylar önce
You've inspired me to renew my passport a year ahead of time, thanks for the heads up on this brutal process!
CamHeClutch 2 aylar önce
despite such pain, i feel like the community feeling the huge line had. Very wholesome content :)
hawoxy 2 aylar önce
First domics vanishes for 2 years, then he comes back with 2 UPLOADS IN 2 WEEKS!?!?!?!??! This is a miracle
Ica Rue
Ica Rue 2 aylar önce
I have a feeling Pikamee's graduation might have expedited the process.
Riprider500 2 aylar önce
@Ica Rue _Definitely so with part 2_ . Who knows how long part 3 is gonna be.
Ryan Soltani
Ryan Soltani 2 aylar önce
@Ica Rue yeah he said it at the end that he rushed to get this part out
MrIhavezelda 2 aylar önce
I could cry I'm so happy he's back. One little raft in a sea of crazy. God bless Domics
Infamous Swoosh
Infamous Swoosh 2 aylar önce
never change Dom, you’re the whole reason I even started TRvid
Fisayo Omojola
Fisayo Omojola 2 aylar önce
Oh hey swoosh
Mario Kurniawan
Mario Kurniawan 2 aylar önce
Dang only 1 reply?
Merlin's Beard!
Merlin's Beard! 22 gün önce
VoltCometanimates 10 gün önce
Elaine Chan
Elaine Chan 2 aylar önce
From the start of the video, I was praying so hard for you to get your passport on time at the end!! As a fellow Canadian myself, I feel you, my friend!
cezza180 Aylar önce
people kept telling me about the 6 month turnaround. in Australia, we do our renewals at the post office. but still there were like 10 people in line doing their passport apps. I literally helped the guy in front of me get his done and being a witness. thank god i got it done and it was quick and swift
Tiny Warrior
Tiny Warrior 2 aylar önce
I don't care how many parts this is, I just am happy you are back.
Goob Action
Goob Action 2 aylar önce
This is the most hyped I've been for a 2 parter since Domics last did a 2 parter
Jimbro91 2 aylar önce
My favorite series are the hypotheticals
Wafflesn’such 2 aylar önce
Correction, 3 parter.
David 845Gaming
David 845Gaming 2 aylar önce
Bro same
Ryan Soltani
Ryan Soltani 2 aylar önce
It’s even better because it’s a 3 parter
Joram Noel Clet 🎀
Joram Noel Clet 🎀 2 aylar önce
Unparalleled Phone Cases
That intro feels so much cooler to listen to than it was before for some reason. Don gives off good vibes.
pearlstella 2 aylar önce
wowwww this passport series makes me extremely grateful to live in Denmark where it literally took me maybe 2 hours of effort and a few days of waiting to get a new passport a couple years back😅 so happy you got your passport renewed in time at the end!!
Beryl David
Beryl David 2 aylar önce
The very definition of ' the true treasure was the friends we made along the way'
TumblinWeeds 2 aylar önce
Interesting. Also in Canada, I had a trip in roughly a month and a half. Made an appointment online for a few days later, got there, was in line for like a good 20 minutes, the lady asked for proof of travel which I didn’t have, so I gave her the same reasoning Dominic did. So she had me write a note saying that I was totally gonna go to this place on this date. Which uh, I lied on, because I didn’t have concrete travel plans, and I told them I was leaving in 2 weeks because I figured that’d be faster. So they gave me some papers and told me it’ll be here in 2-4 business days. Which it was. I took it and ran. My main complaint was that it was kinda expensive and the people there were really stern. I joined the wrong line once and they were pretty mean about it. But I didn’t know that it could’ve been THIS much worse LMAO 😂😂
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 2 aylar önce
Was not expecting Pikamee for this collab, but reasonable to get it done before her graduation. Sounds like such a nightmare to get the passport done during COVID. I think I did
dea 16 gün önce
i feel like nothing brings people together better than being stuck in the same bad situation
Yohru 2 aylar önce
THERES NO WAY I'm sitting here still reminiscing about the graduation stream, eating banana pudding all up in my feels and I get hit with a PIKAMEE DUB ON A DOMICS VIDEO. I could burst into tears rn
lady booph
lady booph 17 gün önce
I love your Domics videos. I too want to animate like you, I want to become a great animator and give life to a series that has been drawing on paper or digitally for years. You really make me laugh and empathize with you. Thanks for everything you do. I discovered you Thanks to Orion
AnJelloProductions 2 aylar önce
I would be absolutely DEFEATED if I had to wait in a line for 8 HOURS! The people who camped through the night are legends for that amount of comittment😂
Matthew Best
Matthew Best 2 aylar önce
I would honestly contemplate that if I were in his place, bring a flask of coffee, my switch, iPad, book, battery pack, snacks, water
Scarlett Ryuken
Scarlett Ryuken 2 aylar önce
become the japanese people who camp out hrs before comiket just to wait even longer to buy doujins
AJ Ahgase
AJ Ahgase 2 aylar önce
Here when we need to get anything from the government we have to camp out at 2 am in the morning.
Tesco Bakery
Tesco Bakery 2 aylar önce
That's how long I waited in ER for my turn
Rumyel Frostfire
Rumyel Frostfire 2 aylar önce
unfortunately in Romania that is pretty common. A bit less nowadays. But going at the office at 4am just to be 3rd in line and you still had to wait 2h after opening to enter, was tradition for most of my youth.
CombatWafers 2 aylar önce
Pika randomly showing up gave me a heart attack! Absolutely love her!
Thais Gregorio
Thais Gregorio 2 aylar önce
That's why I always keep my passport valid, even if I don't have a trip planned. I am too anxious to go through something like this
Manisha Abbi
Manisha Abbi Aylar önce
Patiently waiting for part 3❤
Real Brooklyn
Real Brooklyn 2 aylar önce
I liked the animation of domics putting a small domics in a can labeled situation. Very clever!
Yume Ato
Yume Ato 2 aylar önce
Pikamee showing up gave me a heart attack
PhiNic 2 aylar önce
We will miss her
Riprider500 2 aylar önce
@PhiNic Mhmm.... All of us.....
agileknightwing 2 aylar önce
caught me off guard. gonna miss kettle kaiju.
Sebastian Arancibia Saldana
The avatar lip-sync is looking much better than last time ! Still getting used to it, but it looks great and hope to see more of it regardless
Tiffany F
Tiffany F 2 aylar önce
Don't let them gaslight you! 1 month is enough time if you have all your documentation (at least in my experience). I got mine mailed within a week. That said, I'm from tinny-tiny Nova Scotia, so big difference in terms of population. Nevertheless, we respect your patience. Also, leave it to Canadians to make a community out of a line of desperate travellers, lol.
Cresc 2 aylar önce
I can feel the frustration through the screen hahaha. I missed how funny and authentic these vids were, can't wait for part 3 :D
Paige365 2 aylar önce
Yeah, I miss how funny and relatable his videos were
heybigsplendour 2 aylar önce
Dom is everything ok? It’s been 8 days and we NEED Part 3 😭
Monica Moon
Monica Moon 2 aylar önce
it’s super anxiety inducing but it’s crazy how they prioritize those who are the least prepared! i went traveling with a friend recently who realized she didn’t know where her passport was. she started to try making appointments everyday starting monday, but there were either none or in other states. she FINALLY got an appointment on friday, and got her passport the SAME DAY. we flew out on sunday. all done in less than a week!
JohntheMaster74 2 aylar önce
Look like we got part 2 quicker than Domics getting a callback 😂
Dannie Exists
Dannie Exists 2 aylar önce
LittlePoppy 2 aylar önce
showbizroxs Aylar önce
Given that part 3 still hasn't been released, we better have lol
TheEscody 2 aylar önce
You're doing such a great job, man 😭👏 Also, must have been so stessful to deal with so much passport trouble. Can't believe you're not even done with this story. Curious to see what else happened in part 3!
Gamer Sisters
Gamer Sisters 2 aylar önce
My sister had her passport expire around the same time as you and we needed to go to the US to see our dad. However, we realized this in JUNE and we needed to leave early JULY. And shit was still as hectic and we live in the Quebec province! I'm guessing the reason why it was so bad is because since Covid stuff were now more lenient, EVERYONE was trying to get their passports at the same time and also on the system's end they were VERY short staffed. Which created this whole half-a-year of hell for anyone trying to get passports.
Sakura K.
Sakura K. 2 aylar önce
Yeah I figured this would be a three parter. Governmental services are complicated for no reason. Also thank you for everything Pikamee! Wishing you well here since your channel will no longer be up 😢
Aaditya Patil
Aaditya Patil 2 aylar önce
Watching this passport story takes me back to 2017 when I had first started watching your content. Thank you Dominic, for still doing these. They are very entertaining.
Gaijin Weeb
Gaijin Weeb 2 aylar önce
having pikamee included on her last stream day hit harder than i thought it would
oana m
oana m 2 aylar önce
I am glad you are posting content again! But, whenever you feel like taking another break, please do so! Your mental health is more important than stressing your brain out to create videos. I understand the struggle, the anxiety, and having high expectations for yourself, but you must take care of yourself and do whatever you think is relevant for you! I also had some rough years (stress, depression) at med school, and because of it, I couldn't draw for many years, because it felt forced to draw something for the community (Tumblr, DA, Twitter) and I lacked the inspiration at that period. But slowly, things started to settle down, and I began drawing again. Family, friends and therapy sessions helped a lot and I moved forward! I hope you seeked the help and support you needed! 🙏
KiDCuPrI 2 aylar önce
Went through the same thing last summer. Got my passport the day before my trip at (likely) the same service center as you! Made a cool friend and it was nice seeing people help each other out. The system is jank as hell but the mob of frustrated people like myself that made the day-long wait bearable!
yumibro 2 aylar önce
I'm happy to hear you made friends in line and people were nice, but Dom, buddy, you didn't deserve all of this. TT My heart goes out to you.
dancingsun2 2 aylar önce
Its nice to hear that a lot of people went out of their way to help everyone in line :')
Aleck Plaza
Aleck Plaza Aylar önce
Not gonna give up on waiting for part 3
You 2 aylar önce
Wow, really heartwarming to see that people in the same circumstances can just be great friends in a matter of hours. Guess that's the only good takeaway from this mess.
walanjo 2 aylar önce
didn't expect for pt.2 to be uploaded this early esp during ur exhausting weeks. and def did not expect pika too. as always ur unfortunate situations are entertaining but hope it gets better on ur end
Stupid Mango
Stupid Mango 2 gün önce
Be safe out there, hope you get a gas mask and lots of love Domics!
Toefurkey 2 aylar önce
A few weeks ago my boyfriend and I went to a walk in flash event for $20 tattoos, an HOUR away from where we live. Got there before opening, and ended up waiting THIRTEEN HOURS for our tattoos. Because after about 4 hours, we said “we’ve been here too long to go home”, but then we kept feeling it harder and harder. Ended up not leaving until long after midnight, almost 1am. We survived off of Taco Bell and stayed warm in the Oregon cold and rain with hot chocolate from a convenience store across the street. We also made some friends in line lol, and I will NEVER do that event again.
HighTop Deluxe
HighTop Deluxe 2 aylar önce
When the world needed him most Domics came back with his dope animations
Nicking 2 aylar önce
DIdn't expect Pika to make a cameo, glad you invited her to do the voiceover!!
Julia Hutchinson
Julia Hutchinson 2 aylar önce
Absolute nightmare scenario. It was not your fault Dom! No office should ever run this inefficiently. But at the same time this rings so true. Especially when you try to call to get info and get told different things each time. Makes me think of my experience with the Department of Motor Vehicles trying to get a license. Gonna be looking out for part 3. Great work as usual and so good to see you again
Eh, should have renewed the passport at a much sooner date, kinda is his fault. BUT, the system is pretty grabage so it takes a portion of that fault too
RepWep 2 aylar önce
Honestly, it would be much better if the vtuber background was plain white instead of red and yellow. I think it looks a bit odd when the plain white background changes into a different one. I think the background looks fine, it is just the switch from plain white to yellow and red makes it kinda weird. Other than that, I completely understand the whole vtuber thing and I am happy to see you upload again.
Dylan Romero
Dylan Romero 2 aylar önce
Having domics back is a gift alone. But it’s even more that pikamee is in the video.
GoMiko 2 aylar önce
It takes about just half the day or even less to renew my passport even as a walk in from where I'm from. I cannot imagine the patience needed to go through what dom went.
KillerTacos 2 aylar önce
I’d love to see you make more multi-part videos like this! So awesome
Gabby E
Gabby E 2 aylar önce
I honestly can't believe we as a society live like this, really felt this and am not excited to renew my passport and go to the DMV again :')
Yubio 2 aylar önce
Its so funny how people start working as a collective when a bunch of them get stuck in a long and frustrating situation.
Power Spirit
Power Spirit 2 aylar önce
Helping others feels rewarding
Ninjaken 2 aylar önce
I always dread having to deal with passport renewals. So many horror stories. Also, the new animated Dom is growing on me.
RareEnigma™ 2 aylar önce
I hope you and your loved ones are doing good Domics, thank you for the videos.
Mr Westcott X
Mr Westcott X 2 aylar önce
Same here.
jakey - MCFC
jakey - MCFC Aylar önce
Dom, this video was classic. One of your best 😂😂😂. Can’t believe that ordeal, and yet it seems relatable 😂 brilliant mate.
Larva Tuba Show
Larva Tuba Show 2 aylar önce
My day has just gotten 10 times better with this new domics video
Sh doge
Sh doge Aylar önce
I'm still waiting for part 3 🙋‍♂️
Aidan Nouss
Aidan Nouss 2 aylar önce
the fact that a small community started to form from this line is hilarious and like fucking dystopian
Hunting Sunder
Hunting Sunder 2 aylar önce
Ah yes. I recall waiting in line for a graphics card for 12 hours. We got there the night before with our lawn chairs, people were playing corn hole, there was a guy doing wheelies on his motorcycle up and down the line, and at some point, a fire broke out at a nearby apartment building, so that was interesting to watch.
Samurai AKIRA
Samurai AKIRA 2 aylar önce
I really emphasize with how frustrating the process is. It’s really a hastle since there’s always misinformation being given, causing us to go from place to place, at least from my experience.
Capp00 2 aylar önce
I so look forward to these! And the anxiety of this saga is intense!!
Rei 2 aylar önce
Ohmygosh. I'm so glad to have you back. I know all about passport issues. I was in a very similar situation when I got my passport the first time. The workers really be out there doing a girl dirty.
SlothBot 2 aylar önce
This is the standard experience in Australia and probably many other countries as well. Came in around 8AM, out by 5PM. They didn't do any ticketing last year in mid-2022, so imagine my "holy shit" moment I had when they cut off the line less than 10 people after me at 4PM. I can only imagine the anger of the other 50 or so people that came around 9AM or later, waiting for 7 hours before they are told "no, you cannot come in".
Sidnoea 2 aylar önce
That sudden Pikamee appearance hit me like a truck. An emotional truck.
NekoMancer 2 aylar önce
Same bro same
MK Rexx
MK Rexx 2 aylar önce
It's those truckers in the line
amirul amani
amirul amani 2 aylar önce
Hopefully you don't get isekai'd
MegaMillk_itsLit 2 aylar önce
Is it a Weeb thing?
Verskil Kid
Verskil Kid 2 aylar önce
@MegaMillk_itsLit kinda, pikamee is a vtuber that's forced to graduate today(End of March) because of some twitter and reddit ppl cyber bullying her to Graduate(Retire) from streaming. We will miss our kettle
JMSX 2 aylar önce
holy shit, I looked to the side for one second and suddenly I hear a familiar voice only for it to be pikamee, my eyes widened and jaw dropped, what a unexpected and cool collab
Gabriella Jurado
Gabriella Jurado 2 aylar önce
great to have you back dom! missed your energy!
Rogue Lemon
Rogue Lemon 2 aylar önce
the LINES for this kind of stuff is INSANE. When you mentioned arriving in line for a walk in at the opening time I knew you were in for pain. When I was trying to get my drivers license, I would wait two hours before it opened to make sure I'd be far enough in line to make the cut off. The weather's always a beast too. Not quite sure why but whenever you go and mess with your documents the weather's always got to be the worst. It was freezing when I got there, too
technicstat 2 aylar önce
Much love fellow Dom. loving how you are returning to the old storytelling. Please stick to it if you still feel like it, we all love it.
dnquang's channel
dnquang's channel 2 aylar önce
Holy crap pikas cameo freaking shocked and stunned me for a good 6 seconds
PurpleFire18 2 aylar önce
You are forever a legend in my book for having Pikamee in your video. I'll miss her dearly, but I'll treasure this nice surprise.
Daniel Esquivel
Daniel Esquivel 2 aylar önce
dang I am really sorry this happened to you. It's so sad to see that the system works so badly, here in europe every time I've renewed my passport you just have to get an online appointment, go that day with your documents, and you get it done the same day and they give it to you immediatly, I don't know why it has to be that hard there
Matthew Mayston
Matthew Mayston 2 aylar önce
And now pikamee will say in our heart forever, never truely gone, never forgotten. We will always remember the adorable kettle girl who was taken from us.
Emily Shepherd
Emily Shepherd 2 aylar önce
It’s so nice to have Domics back!🎉🥳
Trevy Thousand
Trevy Thousand 2 aylar önce
Though the new 3d art kinda weird/creepy for me, it's glad to have you back!
Elle Riley
Elle Riley 2 aylar önce
I renewed my canadian passport last month and im just so sorry you and i had such polar experiences 🥺🥺🥺🥺 same situation regarding mine not being 'expired' but having travel within the 6 mo window (thankfully not flying within the same upcoming month tho!!). I'm in Calgary, looked up the agencies online, and one specific location had suuuuch glowing reviews compared to the other ones, so we absolutely went to that one even though it wasn't as close as others. my sister and i hit starbucks before we roll in around 1pm (walk-ins, no appt), get to sit inside (a fairly busy, maybe 2/3 - 3/4 full room) and i play BOTW for 20 min, then spend 20 watching the screens showing peoples' numbers (wouldve continued botw if i hadn't thought we were able to be called up but alas, nbd) before it's our turn. the process at the booth was easy, and we we're out of there in under 90 mins, bathroom break included. this is truly the way it should be for everybody and i wish it was. im so sorry lmao 🥺😔😔😔
Bright Essan
Bright Essan 2 aylar önce
AtMix 2 aylar önce
it hasn’t been that long
Bright Essan
Bright Essan 2 aylar önce
@AtMix *earlier than expected * do you not know how to read?
AtMix 2 aylar önce
@Bright Essan I do not know how to read
Your Horsey Epona
Your Horsey Epona 2 aylar önce
Poor Dom, this is yet another example of the system failing. My condolences 🙏 .
Muhammad Adriansyah
Muhammad Adriansyah 2 aylar önce
Can't believe how much I've missed domic's sketch. Thanks for uploading again. 😭
CamKoudo 2 aylar önce
The cameo of Pikamee fills me with joy as I'm watching this after her graduation :D May her legacy as a caller agent live on forever dayo xD
Calvin Tingzon
Calvin Tingzon 2 aylar önce
I was expecting another wacky Domics adventure, but I didn't expect to cry in the first 14 seconds of the video
ViKii Sku
ViKii Sku 2 aylar önce
Love that you went through the same shit at the same time in the same area 🤣 took a different route, didn’t even try for an appointment- maybe I was trying after the appointments were no longer a thing, just lined up the night before with a tent 😂 that’s because they basically told us they wouldn’t renew the passport unless it was a business day prior to travel and an “emergency” at a single location that actually also printed the passports. Took two try’s, after the first try realizing there were like 200 people ahead of me at 9 am I went to the first few people in line that actually got a ticket and asked when they got there. You wasted a lot of time going multiple times dude, you just had to camp lol be more desperate then the rest 🤷‍♀️ also had a part three to my passport adventures, got covid and couldn’t go anyways the day of 🙃
Lala121480 5 gün önce
Hey. Hope everything is ok. Can’t wait for part 3.
LeeL DucK
LeeL DucK 2 aylar önce
Sucks you had so many issues but dam do you know how to take something bad and make it hilarious. Glad you're back man!
Ayomide Adesipo
Ayomide Adesipo 2 aylar önce
The solidarity between strangers is why we love Canada 🙌🏿
SkyWriter 2 aylar önce
Dom, I love your videos, but this new avatar is hitting me right in the uncanny valley. I feel weird just making eye contact.
Mai R.
Mai R. 2 aylar önce
I had a similar issue that I had to renew my passport before going out of the country for the first time. Thankfully I didn’t have any issues when renewing my passport, and like you requested to have mine expedited. Since I still had SOME time before my flight, I was assured that I would get my new passport on time before my flight. Thankfully it arrived a week before I had to leave!
Nancy Yvette
Nancy Yvette 2 aylar önce
I'm loving these so much, can't wait for part 3
Boop 2 aylar önce
Dang, two videos in the span of a few days? Thanks Dom for working so hard!
MidnightLupin 2 aylar önce
I actually paid less for my passport than the site had said, but unfortunately, you have to have every document imaginable. This was a problem because of the fact that my parents lost my birth certificate in the process of a very nasty divorce. So I had to wait a whole week after getting a copy to get it expedited. Still waiting for them to send it
Espario Gonzales
Espario Gonzales 2 aylar önce
Yeah all of this is making me thank the wisdom my parent's instilled in me ever, always arrive 2 hours before the opening time when it comes to important documents, really saved me multiple times now twice with my passport renewal and when I had to get my visa to go to poland 🤣
sky 2 aylar önce
it may sound naive but it is interesting to know that the process for renewing passports can be such a nuisance even in a country like canada. here in the philippines, processing any matter that involves government offices such as applying for/renewing a driver's license, applying for government scholarship/assistance/aid, tax matters for personal or business purposes, registering to vote, and also passport renewals. i relate so much with the thing Dom mentioned about government offices being located at a mall, queuing as early as you can, only to see a long line ahead of you. fortunately we dont deal with cold weather here tho so camping outside is bearable atleast. all that hassle to line up, getting a number ticket to secure that you'll be served for the day, then the exact process itself would only take less than an hour. i experienced the same thing when i had to register as a voter. i thought this was only common in global south countries at least. to go through such a hassle is a common thing here in PH, it can be sometimes so dehumanizing lmao