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Hello I'm back! This is gonna be a long story. I've kinda been working on this on and off the past couple of months. I designed and rigged my model last year but wasn't really sure what to do with it so I'm giving it a try in the animations. Sorry about the janky quality.
Call agent voice: / aeroviro
INSTAGRAM: omnomdomz




24 Mar 2023




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Retrigot 2 aylar önce
domics always comes back at the most unexpected times
Sharlesman 2 aylar önce
When would be an expected time ?
Big_O 2 aylar önce
more like Dominic Afton
Necromaira 2 aylar önce
Necromaira 2 aylar önce
​@Big_O "I always come back"
skeet 2 aylar önce
hi brook
Kedo 2 aylar önce
Nothing better than the channels I watched in my teens suddenly coming back. Feels like a reunion.
Jyotika 2 aylar önce
Yea fr 😭👌
sonam dickyi
sonam dickyi 2 aylar önce
Same 😂😂
willfrmdakitchen 2 aylar önce
Me but im a teen now so like early teens😂😂
Ralu R
Ralu R Aylar önce
Who else is back? 😲
Kwame Asiamah
Kwame Asiamah Aylar önce
@Ralu R erold
Allilicious Animations
The 3d model kinda freaks me out, I loved how expressive and animated the 2d version was. But anyway, glad to have you back!
Prødigy 2 aylar önce
BONUS! 2 aylar önce
Ye this 3d model is trash
Eggifer389 2 aylar önce
Abdur-Rahman Saeed
Abdur-Rahman Saeed 2 aylar önce
@Eggifer389 🤓
jeff5241 2 aylar önce
I also think it’s trash and not expressive
Harum Taha
Harum Taha 2 aylar önce
weird that I used to watch Domics when i was a pre-teen, who was just kinda watching him be in adulthood misery. But now, im a fully functional adult and i understand his misery. How time flies.
YouTube play too much
YouTube play too much 2 aylar önce
Yeah man adulthood is traumatic af! I hate it here.
C-minus 7
C-minus 7 Aylar önce
Nah fr!!!
Hudycat Aylar önce
Same! Started watching it as a teen stressing about exams, and now I’m a mom stressing over 2 kids under age 3 😐
alb 2 aylar önce
It’s so good to have you back!!! The face-tracked animation gives me the heebie jeebies tho
Popcornchicken42 2 aylar önce
Probably saves a ton of animation time. Animating himself probably takes a lot of effort.
BONUS! 2 aylar önce
​@Popcornchicken42 it does but this sucks
Popcornchicken42 2 aylar önce
@BONUS! yeah it seems lazy, I do agree.
BONUS! 2 aylar önce
@Popcornchicken42 I don't even care about that, its just some trash v-tuber-type garbage and it's just bad
Popcornchicken42 2 aylar önce
@BONUS! Right
Olanimates 2 aylar önce
Boy! I feel ya. I'm Nigerian and to get or renew a passport here requires a damn near blood sacrifice. The system is so screwed and you have to jump through so many hoops and pay so many bribes it's ridiculous
Anni Aylar önce
Bribes?! Excuse me!!
Weird Weco
Weird Weco 2 aylar önce
"I'm kidding, I'm the loser" The pain was felt. Glad to have you back Dom. Another W video as always. Hope you're feeling much better and well rested.
Tsukabu's Artsy Things
Domics has emerged from his hibernation and evolved into a butterfly before our eyes to once again provide us with content.
big moose
big moose Aylar önce
Started watching as a pre-teen now I'm in my late teens. Always will be my favorite animation channel, no matter how infrequent.
LanceTheKing Aylar önce
The model you made feels seriously cursed to look at but if you're happy it's fine, nice to see you back
Come Fast To Get Into My Body
Glad to have you back Domics, we missed u no matter the Vtuber aesthetic
I agree
awesome pants
awesome pants Aylar önce
Bot report
Someguy Aylar önce
What is that profile😂😂😂😂
Rachel Chun
Rachel Chun Aylar önce
yall stop liking this bot's comment
Fangikun Aylar önce
Dude that moment with the lady asking for proof of travel when making sure the passport is in order BEFORE booking the trip is so relatable... Paperwork is ridiculous like that.The temptation to lie when you're an honest citizen trying to do things right is also so damn on point, it hurts.
JustWindy 2 aylar önce
This is literally something that has been impacting me for three years. My passport expired during COVID and I saw no reason to apply for an adult passport until I established a long-distance relationship with a partner in Chicago. Applying for passport renewals or getting a new one is such a LENGTHY process it really hurts :')
Darren Wang
Darren Wang 2 aylar önce
Photoshop a fake ticket and say you're traveling in 3 weeks time. They will put you to the front of the line! I got my Canadian passport in 2 and a half weeks!
KillerTacos 2 aylar önce
@Darren Wang something tells me this is a bad idea...
Zappo 2 aylar önce
@Darren Wang How to get banned from entering a country: 101
Green 2 aylar önce
​@Darren Wang that's stupid, buy a 20 $ bus ticket to Vermont and go apply instead, 0 stress and they will do it
Green 2 aylar önce
​@KillerTacos indeed , the correct thing is to buy the cheapest bus ticket to the US and go apply for a passport, its legit and it works
Vladimir Enlow
Vladimir Enlow 2 aylar önce
I appreciate this update not merely for the update itself, but simply as a sign of life. I'd been worried about you but realized there was nothing I could do about the situation but hope things improved for you. Thank you for staying, and thank you for coming back.
Vladimir Enlow
Vladimir Enlow Aylar önce
breddiecheekies TLDR, overwork/burnout + failure of business venture + online haters = severe mental health crisis. I'm probably making it sound a lot less worse that it actually was.
Amber Farrell
Amber Farrell Aylar önce
If you want a sign of life every now and then I'm pretty sure he posts rock climbing stuff on Instagram
hannah geiling
hannah geiling 2 aylar önce
i love the new animation it’s so impressive and rly shows off how far you have come as an artist
BONUS! 2 aylar önce
It's literally just tracking its no effort at all other than making the model
Fifth Camel
Fifth Camel Aylar önce
@BONUS! bc making and rigging the model is SOOOO easy
cici 2 aylar önce
domics and travel paperwork are sworn enemies at this point 😭
pearlstella Aylar önce
wowwww this passport series makes me extremely grateful to live in Denmark where it literally took me maybe 2 hours of effort and a few days of waiting to get a new passport a couple years back😅 so happy you got your passport renewed in time at the end!!
Lurru Aylar önce
I forgot how funny this guy was. This is so good 😂
Let's Get Smarter
Let's Get Smarter 2 aylar önce
Love to have you back! Your content is always incredible! That new motion tracked animation is an abomination though 😂
Hannah Boe Banna
Hannah Boe Banna 2 aylar önce
it looks good! but the sync is off and distracts me
IKR ... First Jaden and now Domics, I do not like this trend ...
ZD home
ZD home 2 aylar önce
It's so bad. I hate the entire trend.
PrincessKenny 2 aylar önce
I do not like it
squak 2 aylar önce
Well jeez guys i mean i thought it was cute
John Chan
John Chan Aylar önce
Hey Dom, I haven't really been keeping up with your content and saw the brb video just yesterday. Just wanted to share some thoughts with you. You can never please EVERYONE. You do you man, your personal happiness should be your first priority. Since you are posting again, hope you enjoyed your break and are in a better head space now! Forever one of your followers.
DZombieDragon 2 aylar önce
Ooooof, I feel the pain of passport renewal, I live in South Africa. ANY sort of document application is a pain. Like what you described, you have to go to a specific place, wait in a queue, and hope the people working that day are in a good mood. It doesn’t even matter if you have an appointment, or if you arrive at dawn and are first in line, there’s no guarantee that you will get anything done. We don’t only have to deal with incompetent people, but there’s another phenomenon that makes the skin of every South African crawl… “We’re so sorry, but our system is down.” This happens almost every week, and it never gets fixed quickly enough. It’s actually longer to get the process STARTED than it is for the actual passport or whatever other document to be ready. PS, I actually quite like the new animated style for your avatar, it’d pretty cool!
Kristen Swanepoel
Kristen Swanepoel Aylar önce
I'm South African and this is so true 😭
Nerdy feet travels!
Dom still has his humour because I JUST LAUGHED MY A$$ OFF AT 10 IN THE MORNING 💀💀💀
BamBo Animation
BamBo Animation 2 aylar önce
As another Canadian needing a new passport I felt everything in this video in my soul
Alyssa Deligero
Alyssa Deligero Aylar önce
This is nostalgic, I remember watching domics when i was 14 years old and now I'm 18 going 19.
Yes 2 aylar önce
Hearing that opening again after so long is comforting, glad you're back Dom!
sorry_not_sorry 2 aylar önce
I'll never forget what you did to David
D4RK_54M 2 aylar önce
Its very nostalgic for me at this point
Hannah Boe Banna
Hannah Boe Banna Aylar önce
Sorry people are mean. I’m not a huge fan of the animation, but I love that you’re exploring and trying new things! And I’m always here for your entertaining stories ♥️
Being Kaira
Being Kaira 2 aylar önce
I remember falling asleep while binge-watching/listening to these videos right before the hiatus. So glad you are back brings back sweet memories^^
Blueb4ry Z
Blueb4ry Z Aylar önce
So real. Domics should straight up do audiobooks or something. I love his vocal delivery and tone. It's soooo chill.
heleneea Aylar önce
As a social worker, this is exactly how the government works and Doms did literally everything wrong 😂😂
ayrazz 2 aylar önce
I forgot how much these storytimes gave me a serotonin boost
LARAUJO Aylar önce
I can just *feel* the annoyance Dom felt about this oozing out after being bottled up for almost a year
RufusPrime001 2 aylar önce
This is a pleasant surprise. Great to see you back. I'm hyped for videos to come
meme man
meme man 2 aylar önce
Anonymous Donkey
Anonymous Donkey 2 aylar önce
Don't Read My Profile Picture yep don’t worry. We won’t
Ultraviolet Aylar önce
This is genuinely wild to me as I just renewed both my NZ and British passports and did the entire process online 😱
DCM Doodles
DCM Doodles Aylar önce
Hey dom your animations are amazing and I really hope to be a storytime animator, your videos really help me when I am down and sad.
LARVA en Español
LARVA en Español 2 aylar önce
When the world needed him most, he returned
Camila Armas
Camila Armas Aylar önce
Watching this video gave me so much anxiety as someone who likes to have things planned out and ready way ahead of time 😅
Sam Chiu
Sam Chiu 2 aylar önce
I found Domics after he decided to leave, proceeded to binge watch his videos for several weeks, and then learned of his temporary departure. I hope the algorithm will continue to bring blessings upon him, so that more can be brought to his great works.
Alexlestat 2 aylar önce
No offense, but he's one of the original big story time animators and has 7 mil subscribers
Sam Chiu
Sam Chiu 2 aylar önce
@Alexlestat I understand that. I am expressing is a general sentiment of wishing goodwill. I do not intend to be patronizing in any way; if you feel as though I have done so, please forgive me.
FutureMint 2 aylar önce
Same 💀
Anoniw 2 aylar önce
@Alexlestat tf
The Quiet Guy
The Quiet Guy 2 aylar önce
Bruh it's the same happened to me, I literally was binging other animation channels like tj toons then I found domics, and literally the same thing happened.
Sejal B
Sejal B 2 aylar önce
You’re so good at making these daily things seem so interesting!
Louis Weisz
Louis Weisz Aylar önce
I’m happy with the 3D model if it means it’s easier for you to post more :)
shebo 2 aylar önce
I never watched Domics much but I just randomly thought about him and deciding to check his channel. What a coincidence to have just uploaded again today.
George Biffen
George Biffen Aylar önce
This literally just happened to me, went through a massive load of problems just to get my passport 1 day in time for my trip thank god
Exotic_Manticore 2 aylar önce
When we least expected him, he returned as glorious as ever
Jellisa Buchanan
Jellisa Buchanan 2 aylar önce
Goshh!! Welcome back Domics 🎉 I always thought my country had the most miserable passport process. Happy to know we're not alone 😂😂😅
natyx24 2 aylar önce
No joke, this is EXACTLY whats happening with my girlfriend and I. We’re going on a Disneyland trip on the 24th, and her passport expires September. SO that means we also just missed the 30 day window and now we are looking at specifically doing express pickup. THANK YOU DOMICS!! 😊
Connor Savugot
Connor Savugot 2 aylar önce
I actually discovered Domz after he stopped posting. It's exciting to see that you're back!!!
lindwürmchen 2 aylar önce
This just made my day! Felt a bit of nostalgia here tbh. I'm just happy and hope you're doing good and had fun making this. ❤
KG 2 aylar önce
It surprised me how complicated it has been made to renew a passport. In Australia, you need basic documentation that proves who you are, take it to an office that makes sure the documents are legit - which literally took 10 minutes (including waiting to be seen) and then you hand in your forms + new photos (which can be done there if needed) in to the post office and they send if off. Took about 2 weeks to get my new passport without paying for a faster processing :)
Betula 2 aylar önce
Cass 2 aylar önce
Thank you for telling us chumps some people have standards 😂 I guess now we know better
Fabiënne ツ
Fabiënne ツ 2 aylar önce
Same where I live! It's ridiculous it takes so long in Canada.
Faith Ang
Faith Ang Aylar önce
and in singapore it took me 4 days :”)
Tenhearts 2 aylar önce
Gotta hand it to you, Domics. I would’ve shed some adult tears if I went through this process 😂😂😂
Ilike trains
Ilike trains 2 aylar önce
You know its gonna be a good day when Domics uploads!!! I love the new design but the lips definitly need the sync to be better, though I hope you figure it out soon!!
lyrah Aylar önce
i'm so excited to see Domics back!
Stephen Scribbles
Stephen Scribbles Aylar önce
Man I remember watching Dom when I was like twelve and now I'm eighteen working on getting my passport done for the first time. Hell I might make my own video on it since it looks like it'll be a pain in the ass
Dick Chocolate
Dick Chocolate Aylar önce
Dude I was like 12 since the last time I saw Domics! I had no clue he was still making videos this is so cool!!
Mordi 2 aylar önce
Glad you're still around. I too, have been having passport renewal stress. This shit is so damn complicated and strung out. You'd think paying a bit more to have it expedited would would take some stress off your back, but they don't even give you a date or anything to "track" the progress or let you know the passport is passporting correctly.
Adriana Avila
Adriana Avila 2 aylar önce
lol passporting... I'm sorry to hear about this struggle. It's stupid. But this video made for some really great laughs
Hannibal 2 aylar önce
If you're in the US you can go online to track it. But yeah the process is pretty BS, for example you need to fill out an application form but on the application it says certain things/pieces of information aren't required but they actually are required (there are actually a handful of errors on the application form that I guess they're aware of but just nobody decided to fix?) and you/I will not find this out unless you make an appointment and the person you speak to is kind enough to let you know that if you don't add this information that it said isn't required then your application will get denied. That and there's a ton of unnecessary back and forth traveling. Getting your passport renewed actually feels like some kind of tedious quest where you have to run all over and speak to a bunch of different random people as completion conditions
Varsha 2 aylar önce
Thank you for making a new video Mr.Punjabob!! I missed em so much🤧 Eager for part 2.
skylwer 2 aylar önce
I had to get a passport 2 weeks before traveling out of country here in the US and it was a hellish situation. Watching this gave me flashbacks. Also WELCOME BACK!
pj Aylar önce
i like the vtuber model. i think alot of people dont like vtubers or 3D animation in general, but its alot better than any vtuber model ive seen so far! its not just a generic anime look it still has a domics stylization.
Guillermo Herrera
Guillermo Herrera 2 aylar önce
True legends never die.
Erin Fulford
Erin Fulford Aylar önce
Never been more happy to come back after a busy week And see dom 😭
Snek 2 aylar önce
5:23: Speech 100 "That's so great" "Isn't that great how that's just... what it is? Which it is *great*"
Scribble 2 aylar önce
Hot take: the Vtuber takes away from his video’s I know it takes so much more effort and time but his videos had so much more personality with the full animations, I would rather have one video every month or two than have one every couple of weeks with the Vtuber edit
Bookish Princess
Bookish Princess 2 aylar önce
I saw Passport and immediately grabbed popcorn to watch the madness. Always happy to see a new vid ; can't wait for the next one!
Freddie Firth
Freddie Firth 10 gün önce
Sick video, fun and funny like old domics but feels like a step forward into new vibes.
Anxinite Aylar önce
Fitz, domics, and eroldstory all comeback on the same day. ALL THREE OF MY DADS ARE BACK
Yxung Yogi
Yxung Yogi 2 aylar önce
HE’S BACK LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. Glad to see you back
Diana Salas
Diana Salas 2 aylar önce
I’m glad you’re back, Dom. Looking fresh and new, decent and amazing! Been watching you since 2018!
Callum Footitt
Callum Footitt 2 aylar önce
I mean he looks new... Fresh?
Zapehs Tiper
Zapehs Tiper 2 aylar önce
i been watching since 2017 do better
Fifth Camel
Fifth Camel Aylar önce
@Zapehs Tiper been watching sense 1983, you casual
Zapehs Tiper
Zapehs Tiper Aylar önce
@Fifth Camel ok boomer
Arty 24 gün önce
despite what some other people think, I would much rather have more videos more frequently rather than having better quality videos but occasional uploads. even though I would prefer the 2d version, it's a price I'm willing to pay. thanks domics :)
thisiswhywearehot 2 aylar önce
the beginning of this story just reminded me so much of last time I had to go to a doctor. I had very bad back and neck pain and went to a place that had walk ins. It opened at 20h so I was there at that time, but they didn't have any tickets left so I was sent home. Next day I went again and had to wait 30 mins outside standing in the freezing cold in pain in order to get a ticket, then I had to wait over 1 hour for 5 min with a doctor that looked at my back and prescribed some meds. And if you're wondering, no I didnt go to the hospital because wait times for non-emergency cases can go to 8 hours and sometimes you don't even get a chair to wait on. All this to say that public services are just so poorly made, not because it's unfixable, but because no one wants to fix something that bring in no money ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Jasmine Li
Jasmine Li 2 aylar önce
Great to have you back and hope you’re feeling well ♥️ glad you took the time for yourself Dom!
Paola Michelle
Paola Michelle 2 aylar önce
Wow I love that your back! I was missing your content. I've noticed Improvements in your animation! Keep at it.
Liansa 2 aylar önce
Hey Domics, glad to see you uploading and cool model! Fellow Canadian here, I had a very similar experience with my passport but I planned two months in advance and somehow my passport got shipped out and stuck in a different province, had a mental breakdown and cried at the service desk when they told me it did not arrive (sorry gov service person, not your fault, just me freakin out). In the end, I got it 2 days before my trip that was already rebooked twice for another crazy work reason. +F to your passport woes too
Big Q
Big Q 2 aylar önce
We're glad to have you back Domics!!
Ssj2kabutowari1 2 aylar önce
Im not
Adrian Iparraguirre
Adrian Iparraguirre 2 aylar önce
​@Ssj2kabutowari1 ok
Foybles 2 aylar önce
@Ssj2kabutowari1 bruh no one asked you
blockywow 2 aylar önce
Me when “Im not” is subbed and has full notifs 🥨
Checkmate07 2 aylar önce
​@Ssj2kabutowari1 Why?
Regina Phalange
Regina Phalange Aylar önce
A wonderful early bday gift 😊 glad to see another video but I’m glad you prioritized your rest
Chris Homenuk
Chris Homenuk 2 aylar önce
The passport process in Canada is ridiculous nowadays. I also understand that they're greatly understaffed, but it's no different here in Vancouver. I'm even worrying about it myself😅 When it comes timed for me to renew mine
Favour 2 aylar önce
Opening TRvid to see a Domics video but with a different animation after complaining about having nothing to watch felt like those weird tv shows where someone nonchalantly wishes for something and then it comes true but with a twist.
kaigun G
kaigun G 2 aylar önce
Great to see you back. I know friends who work at Service Canada, so I will be sure to share this little saga of yours with them!
Isis Jennie
Isis Jennie 2 aylar önce
That’s sooo annoying but glad to see you’re back at making some vids Dom ❤
J Lynn
J Lynn 2 aylar önce
Welcome back Dom :) Passport stories are always interesting because communication is almost never existent between workers.
Chontelle Smith
Chontelle Smith 2 aylar önce
Why is this a problem in every country
That random Firebat
That random Firebat 2 aylar önce
@Chontelle Smith idk man.
WiWillemijn 2 aylar önce
​@Chontelle Smith in the NL I got it in 7 days and it was really easy
Chontelle Smith
Chontelle Smith 2 aylar önce
@WiWillemijn that sounds like a dream
LadyTarasque 2 aylar önce
Happy to see a new vid from you ^^ glad I didn't unsubscribe. Looking forward to part 2. Honestly, I'd rather 2d with no animation than the 3d 😅 My mom always told me to keep on top of the passport game because I'll never know when I'll need it o-o
Dancognito Aylar önce
I like how you can make the process of animation faster, by making the animation more stylized and simple and also adding your vtuber model within it!
Alvin Ellis
Alvin Ellis Aylar önce
Brandoncreates 2 aylar önce
Is It just me or does the 3D model look creepy. Other then that I’m so glad he’s back. It has been boring without this guy last year.
Gregory Petty ᜊᜌ᜔ᜊᜌᜒᜈ᜔
Hi kuya Domics! It seems renewing your passport in Canada is a very time consuming process. Here in the United States, we can renew our passports at various places, but mostly at the local post office. But in the post offices in the big cities here in the states, there is a long wait to get a passport or renew one. Some places also make you schedule an appointment in advance as well.
Chiara Filippi
Chiara Filippi 5 gün önce
the way i smiled when i saw this video, whatching one of my favourite channels coming back is magical
LifeisGolden 2 aylar önce
Ahhh its so good to see you back! You're a huge inspiration to my animation and channel so im glad to see new work from you!
Cinnamon 2 aylar önce
This hit a bit TOO close to home. This exact situation happened to me just before my trip to Argentina for my sister's new baby. My new passport came the morning of the flight and they did the expiration wrong 😭 but I still got to go 😎✊
Mammon 2 aylar önce
As someone who waited in those service canada lines around the same time, it was a special kind of nightmare
Diana Chavez
Diana Chavez 2 aylar önce
Glad to have you back!! Not a huge fan of the new style but you do you!!
Kat S.
Kat S. 2 aylar önce
Yeah it looks like a Snapchat filter lol
animeartist888 2 aylar önce
Also not a fan of the VTuber approach, but if that makes videos easier and/or more comfortable to make, so be it.
BONUS! 2 aylar önce
@animeartist888 he has a whole team
ARKAutomotive 2 aylar önce
So happy to see Dom still doing work, I will always come back for these shenanigans bro, and the avatar is fresh
Sully Cinema
Sully Cinema 28 gün önce
It’s crazy I’ve been on earth 21 years and I’ve never ever ever related this hard to something. Line after line I’m just like 😤I get you brother
MimiKon36 Aylar önce
Thank you for personifying the stupidity that comes with call centers and the like. Anything with official documentation is ridiculous. I'm so sorry, I've been there before... And it's frustrating to not just wanna give up and crawl into a ball. I'm hoping this works out for you!
i dont know what im doing
So glad to see you back man we missed you
Dream Online
Dream Online 2 aylar önce
When we needed him most, he returned. We missed you
usa 16 gün önce
I dont like online. But if i have no choicd i can do it in that form.
Super Song
Super Song 2 aylar önce
Amazing to see domics back! Hope everything is getting back on track and can’t wait for more content!
Ash Singh
Ash Singh 2 aylar önce
Any content for you is top tier content!! I got so excited when I saw your video pop up on my feed. Your videos remind me of good times back in 2016-17 for me. All the uni stress has made me feel awful but watching your video right before a big competition and my lab mid terms made me feel better.
Protoplosion Aylar önce
I don't know if it because I'm Canadian but THIS IS SO RELATABLE. It's frustrating that there's no line inside cuz I also was waiting cold stiff outside when getting my g1. The first time I had to wait so long that the place closed as I was outside freezing to death.
188-881 Joyfull
188-881 Joyfull 2 aylar önce
Luckily, as someone who studied Tourism & Travel at college I'm aware of the 6 month passport rule.
☆talia ☆
☆talia ☆ 2 aylar önce
This man comes whenever i need him
yumibro 2 aylar önce
I'm an American and it took me over half of a year and three separate applications for my passport renewal. They kept the fees from the first time and charged me again when I went in person, making the whole thing set me back around $450 between mailing, expedite fees, and service fees. I missed my best friend's wedding reception in Pakistan. Side note: I've been subbed to Domics since the channel had like three videos. I'm happy I've gotten to see the channel grow to where it is today. Thank you for all of the joy you've brought me through the years and congrats on your successes - you've deserved them. :)
Amnesty Vibes
Amnesty Vibes Aylar önce
I actually love the new model, it's so adorable! 😭
Super Animation
Super Animation 2 aylar önce
Hope you're feeling much better and well rested.domics always comes back at the most unexpected times
Eleanor Bruton
Eleanor Bruton 2 aylar önce
I don't care what you do, I just missed your storytelling dude.
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