Part 2 - "The Crossover Session" - Jay Costura reading on Alexis Gabe (with subtitles) 

Filipino Dad Cooks
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Jay Costura is like the Tyler Henry of the Philippines. He's a very popular psychic with 1.5 million subscribers on TRvid. He has never met my wife and they never discussed the case before the reading. He knows nothing about Alexis. We've been trying to get an appointment with him since February but there were thousands who are on his wait list. My wife just got lucky when she found out Jay was filming at a relative's house and asked if he could see Rowena. Everything he said was spot on.

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14 Kas 2022




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savanna dodge
savanna dodge 6 aylar önce
If Alexis and her sister did not have a very close connection and talk very deeply about sensitive subjects then that might be a reason why Alexis was more distant this reading.
Amor Chika
Amor Chika 6 aylar önce
She's her mom.
Nessie Mendoza
Nessie Mendoza 6 aylar önce
Missy 6 aylar önce
moi mah
moi mah 16 gün önce
Alexis does'nt want show her mom what really happen coz it is painfull and brutal😢
Clara Seyer
Clara Seyer 5 aylar önce
Miss jay isa po aq s tga subaybay s beat reading mo gusto kopo snang mg pareading...plsss sana po mapansin
Harry White
Harry White 2 aylar önce
Gd morning po Ate Jay n to Ur Hon...Team D Abangers/Hon ...Nostranatics Worldwide "
Butterfly Kisses
Butterfly Kisses 6 aylar önce
ma'am hinaan po ang music background 🥰🥰🥰
zeth marcuz
zeth marcuz 6 aylar önce
Nakakakilabot yung sounds effect
Jo-ann Dalen
Jo-ann Dalen 6 aylar önce
Malakas Po yong background music,d ko Po marinig
Kim 6 aylar önce
nasa langit na yan si alexis
Janiella Janiella
Janiella Janiella 6 aylar önce
Nakita na ang katawan niya, binalita sa TV
patrick boy negro
patrick boy negro 6 aylar önce
Binalita pero not complete body..
Madi Diamond Hands
Madi Diamond Hands 6 aylar önce
Okay well, the twist was definitely innacurate. Suicide is not how he died, we have all seen when he was shot. Either way, the 1st video was pretty accurate. I wouldn't believe everything 100% though... he could have acted on his own. NGL, I'm still mad at the police for killing him. They had shields and were so many of them.. he had a small knife that wouldn't have gotten fat. Knowing he held the information on where she was...They could have shot at his legs to immobilize him instead. Such a failure on their behalf. And... speaking from experience, if she's that far.. she most likely already crossed over. When spirits don't cross over, they are earth bound and easier to reach.
Filipino Dad Cooks
Filipino Dad Cooks 6 aylar önce
Suicide by cop is what he did. He was a coward and couldn't kill himself.