Parkour - LAVA vs WATER in Minecraft

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Today, we're taking a look at the Lava VS Water parkour course! We'll focus on the water path for now, but still, this course has tons of different challenges for us to overcome. Do you think we'll be able to make it to the end?

We hope you enjoy out videos. Have a great day!

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Total Gaming 2
Total Gaming 2 4 aylar önce
At the ladder when JJ reached third step you can clearly see the button
Jacob C. Mendoza
Jacob C. Mendoza 10 aylar önce
JJ found the ladder first
Narciso Gaitan
Narciso Gaitan 10 aylar önce
Mikey you're kinda getting the hang of it now
cloudy🎀☁ 9 aylar önce
Fran Mcneill
Fran Mcneill 7 aylar önce
14:58 Old Outro
MT Yıl önce
I will never get tired of watching it!! 何度見ても飽きないですね🥰応援してます😍
Helen Switzer
Helen Switzer 5 aylar önce
Agree with first comment!
Tim Hodges
Tim Hodges 6 aylar önce
Dawn French
Dawn French Yıl önce
€¥£€¥ LOL
Dawn French
Dawn French Yıl önce
Your absolutely right 💗
Dawn French
Dawn French Yıl önce
Choy Chi Hin
Choy Chi Hin 6 aylar önce
Nest video: JJ and Mikey do the lava parkour
RollingCodeGamer Aylar önce
I think so
Linda Hmar
Linda Hmar 5 aylar önce
? TNT stop🙅⛔
Immanuel 8 aylar önce
Yeah right I think that is going to hard. I hope they will be able to get out and do the lava parkour
Chasta Allen-Herr
Chasta Allen-Herr 4 aylar önce
Yeah same hehe😊
Bhisham Persaud
Bhisham Persaud Yıl önce
The Lava course is really hard and the water course is really easy for me
Bhisham Persaud
Bhisham Persaud 11 aylar önce
@Mariam Osman Yeah?
Mariam Osman
Mariam Osman 11 aylar önce
you played it?
Mr. Right
Mr. Right 7 aylar önce
I love this i watch it on other places and my friend gab is also a big fan of maizen we watch the new vids hours after release and we always wait for the next we really enjoy watch you guys and my name is Jaden
Edna Galeano
Edna Galeano 3 aylar önce
My name is Bryan
Irene Cabotaje
Irene Cabotaje 4 aylar önce
My name is Ciara!☺️☺️
BluesInMySoul 5 aylar önce
Hi blaze hi jaden
Carolina Julie Felicia
My name is Blaze
Daniel John Dimaliwat
Daniel John Dimaliwat 8 aylar önce
at 12:11 jj has speed boost
•°Fluffy the moon wolf•°{quitting for 6 years}
jj and Mikey made a difficult parkour
X_J U R I N_X 11 aylar önce
macku Yıl önce
Phillip Boddy
Phillip Boddy 6 aylar önce
It was funny how Mikey kept on dying on the second one I’ve subscribed all of your videos
Sneaky clan
Sneaky clan 6 aylar önce
Yeah right-
jobz torres
jobz torres Yıl önce
The thing that circles don’t exist in Minecraft and his shadow is…uhh…. Y’know
Irene Cabotaje
Irene Cabotaje 4 aylar önce
SUS there da imposter!!!!!! MINECRAFT "BLOCKS" MINECRAFT "NO CIRCLE'S" ALLOWED!!!!😡😡😡😠😠
godly lion
godly lion Yıl önce
Quite sus
Codymations 6 aylar önce
Mikey says DDDDD Over And Over Again In Different Pitches 😂
Helen Switzer
Helen Switzer 5 aylar önce
Den Xander Explorer
Den Xander Explorer 5 aylar önce
Claudio Lipcic
Claudio Lipcic 5 aylar önce
That cracked me out 😂
Archil Mar
Archil Mar 8 aylar önce
I've heard of it, it is gonna be really hard to beat right?
Neon_XD 8 aylar önce
For the wood maze, at 11:45 but then i had a good isea, i used f5, see using f5 gave me a whole new perspective and i say something i wasn't able to see.....
bobohoowxc 4 aylar önce
So when did mikey get good at parkour?
Irene Cabotaje
Irene Cabotaje 4 aylar önce
Ali Talha
Ali Talha Yıl önce
7:45 is so funny when mikey says dadadadada
philippinecountryball 6 aylar önce
Ching Manson
Ching Manson 10 aylar önce
rapbadie maizen mikey
Rifa'7gamingYT🖤🤍 10 aylar önce
Right hahaha🤣🤣
Christopher Unciano
Christopher Unciano 10 aylar önce
The Backstreet Vloggers
I mean you said it!
Oceanography Spotlight YT
Try JJ do the lava version and mikey do the water version. We can have a race!
Camille Francis
Camille Francis 8 aylar önce
Random Boy
Random Boy Yıl önce
Maizen, Mikey is a LIKE A EUNCH because he was DISUNATED. (Joke only)
Michael Wohlwend
Michael Wohlwend 2 aylar önce
What is the name of this mod? Why do you not post this in the comments?
Stephen Keller
Stephen Keller 2 aylar önce
Its not a mod
FNF Mods + Other Games
FNF Mods + Other Games 11 aylar önce
7:41 is the best when Mike raps
The Backstreet Vloggers
You said it!
Niknok TV
Niknok TV 8 aylar önce
Maizen what version of Minecraft is this? It's old because I saw the texture of water and the boat still doesn't have the shovels (I forgot what was that called in real life)
Jenny Pita
Jenny Pita 4 aylar önce
Niknok TV
Niknok TV 8 aylar önce
@Zayla's Channel Ah yes thanks
Clarissa Sauceda
Clarissa Sauceda 9 aylar önce
On that ladder thing you should have just broke a ladder and then collect them and then make a new ladder to just one that leaves to the top and then you could do the block slime thingy
Khate princess Acejo
Khate princess Acejo 6 aylar önce
Maybe it's not allowed 😶
Team HRVKZH217 - The Official YT Channel
The fluids have Ender Pearls in it that guide you back to the start! How about: Fire vs Ice?
Mr. Dill
Mr. Dill 14 gün önce
Actually it’s not that there is ender pearls in it. It is command blocks
elie khalil
elie khalil 11 aylar önce
nice rapping Mikey I like it 😂😂🤣🤣
Tony Ross
Tony Ross 8 aylar önce
Augustus Martin
Augustus Martin 7 aylar önce
1:29 the way he laughs and says oh no at the same time
marco cesare merola
marco cesare merola 5 aylar önce
Hi ja and maic if ae select ret
marco cesare merola
marco cesare merola 5 aylar önce
Hi ?
marco cesare merola
marco cesare merola 5 aylar önce
Hi ?
Lovelyn joy Milarpis
Lovelyn joy Milarpis 10 aylar önce
hey maizen you have to parkour and be careful and you can do it! and JJ is using observation mode and to watch Mikey thanks! 😸
ztar si
ztar si 8 aylar önce
I like your videos All of them Show much
Matthew Tang
Matthew Tang 9 aylar önce
3561 Johnny
3561 Johnny 8 aylar önce
8:58 there’s a button on the corner beside the walls, look!
juan angel Rivera
juan angel Rivera 2 gün önce
I don't see them
Shaontyceant 7 aylar önce
Lubna Rahman
Lubna Rahman Yıl önce
Why can't you compete in both of them in the English version of this channel
~iris~ Yıl önce
Preetam Gondur
Preetam Gondur Yıl önce
Fnorddog Yıl önce
You entertain me with everything you say! Can you make a behind the seans?
America Yıl önce
Pablo Zana
Pablo Zana Yıl önce
Popith Mission
Popith Mission Yıl önce
Raj edits
Raj edits Yıl önce
Minecraftkid21 Yıl önce
JJ, I have three words for you. You. Are. AMAZING!
Prekeme Ovia
Prekeme Ovia 6 aylar önce
What do you mean amazing don't you mean amaizen
STAGE DESIGNS 3 aylar önce
12:12 a-MAZE-ing get it? no they cleared a a maze and jj said amazeing u get it no? no ok let me stop
Lanoplera 2 aylar önce
@Monar Dastala AYO
Edna Galeano
Edna Galeano 3 aylar önce
@Monar Dastala lol
Monar Dastala
Monar Dastala 3 aylar önce
@Edna Galeano JJ hahahaha😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Chris Yiu
Chris Yiu 3 aylar önce
I get it
Edna Galeano
Edna Galeano 3 aylar önce
I did
Inshirah Wajahat
Inshirah Wajahat Yıl önce
Oka im not having but when Mike reached the first check Point of water he turned it to creative then when reached survival
Eshal Hussain
Eshal Hussain 6 aylar önce
I just laughed when jj said oh no no no no no
Jason Mcclellan
Jason Mcclellan 10 saatler önce
Where's it at?
Baen In Ohio
Baen In Ohio 10 aylar önce
The lava parkour will may be hard
Mon dela cruz
Mon dela cruz Yıl önce
Water vs lava parkour is to hard for JJ and mikey!
v p
v p 6 aylar önce
I laugh so hard when Mikey says dadadadad
It’sQuayBay AllDay
It’sQuayBay AllDay 6 aylar önce
Lyrric Garcia
Lyrric Garcia 6 aylar önce
Mikey just goes da da da da da da da
Marco Cancellieri
Marco Cancellieri 10 aylar önce
Parkour is all in your head Mikey 😂
Brett Sergent
Brett Sergent 6 aylar önce
@Israel Torres don’t make fun of Mikey
Sabra James
Sabra James 6 aylar önce
Dr Davey Coaching
Dr Davey Coaching 21 saatler önce
7:41 Du Du Du Ain’t I smart
ADELFA BIGUERRAS 11 aylar önce
mikey is so funny with lava 😂😂😂
sandeep m
sandeep m 10 aylar önce
Sa Npn n
Alice Sandoval
Alice Sandoval 3 aylar önce
Wow. JJ is a pro at parkor
emma 3 aylar önce
It's true
S'kaia's  Vlog
S'kaia's Vlog 11 aylar önce
The game mode to fly is create mode and that was funny when mikey said do do do do do so many times😂😂
Maruf Patel
Maruf Patel Gün önce
Haha So fun wee
Lil Robb Allen
Lil Robb Allen 6 aylar önce
I couldn't stop replaying the part where mikey kept saying dededede
Third Pelé
Third Pelé 2 aylar önce
Me too
lena,temp and kc
lena,temp and kc 5 aylar önce
same too
Hard Life
Hard Life 6 aylar önce
Ruth Rivas
Ruth Rivas 8 aylar önce
7:40 I laughed so hard
Sandra Chin
Sandra Chin 5 aylar önce
Me too bro😂😂😂😂😂😂
Gray Guys
Gray Guys 8 aylar önce
Amy Johnson
Amy Johnson Yıl önce
How do you get to the obstacle course in Minecraft because I have never seen it before
flowriirxses Yıl önce
You build it and get the mod
Tazhneen Michaella Orbigoso
Amazing 🤩
singo1977 10 aylar önce
Just once I stayed to the left in a maze but I kept going in circles.😂 Love all your videos! 😘
Tobby B
Tobby B 25 gün önce
Ooi Elynn
Ooi Elynn 8 aylar önce
Me to but also channel
shun Wa Chan Shun Wa
shun Wa Chan Shun Wa 8 aylar önce
me to
Israel Torres
Israel Torres 8 aylar önce
Crystal VN
Crystal VN 8 aylar önce
I like this video
Anime Uzumaki
Anime Uzumaki 4 aylar önce
jj was looking right at the stone button 9:06
Reese Tappan
Reese Tappan 2 aylar önce
Ganga Sindhuja
Ganga Sindhuja 9 aylar önce
Emran Salik
Emran Salik 2 aylar önce
Hi JJ And Mikey
Mohammed Abullaes
Mohammed Abullaes 7 aylar önce
1 m
ThinkFast 8 aylar önce
Why is there an end crystal in the thumbnail?
Sherin's Creative World😊💃
fair point
Jahrel Caliz
Jahrel Caliz 9 aylar önce
The Park Corner is harder than it looks
jeanette 8 aylar önce
JJ is a pro at parkour 🤓
XxscarlettxX 8 aylar önce
Gaurav Telang
Gaurav Telang 10 aylar önce
And at end he is bold and funniest 🤣
Cupcake_AlicornYT 7 aylar önce
@Abegail Permison stop hating 😠
Ctiger 88
Ctiger 88 9 aylar önce
@Abegail Permison Talk in English 😡😡😡
Abegail Permison
Abegail Permison 9 aylar önce
Bat na ginawa na yung video ni jayjay and mikee 😠😠😠😠😠😠
matteo's channel pack:)
Mikey was like dudududduddudu when jj was going to the gold door
Zoe Cassandra Cruz
Zoe Cassandra Cruz 9 aylar önce
I laughed when I think Mikey said: DO DO DO DO DO DO DO DO
Nika Tamamyan
Nika Tamamyan 7 aylar önce
Mikey: da da da da da da da gud lac da da da da da da en i smart. JJ: tada
Jack_games Yıl önce
Don’t they know about the sprint mechanic
Jkaz 2 aylar önce
I love when Mikey does the lava next except for JJ
Cath Twice
Cath Twice 9 aylar önce
JJ and mikey are good of parkouring and they are so cool and great and amazing 😍😍😍😍😍
Mohammed Anas
Mohammed Anas 22 gün önce
If you go to the lava part is totally hard JJ.
Mia 7 aylar önce
The da da da da da good luck da da da killed me
Oluwatobiloba Olugbile
Your right
Nuru mbengue
Nuru mbengue 10 aylar önce
It was most funny when jj kept falling down
Eddie's Toys Play
Eddie's Toys Play 7 aylar önce
When do you do the lava course?
Kassy Yvelle Nunez
Parkour is a little bit difficult
Chen Jin
Chen Jin 11 aylar önce
Ning Ning Channel
You take fall damage when you fall 4 blocks
Ranzeenne Reign Agapito
I was laughing so hard my soul goes up to heaven when mikey says d-d-d 5x
TAN KIM NEO Moe Aylar önce
Same XD
Jozeff Kheean Cristobal
Yeah Mikey's d d d sounds like an ak 47 shooting
🌸Ami_🌸 2 aylar önce
Lauren Dyson
Lauren Dyson 3 aylar önce
Yeah that happens to me to🤣
Beyblade rulz!
Beyblade rulz! 8 aylar önce
btw we all love the part at 7:40
Weston Russell
Weston Russell 3 aylar önce
Dededededededededededededededededededededede good luck dededededededededededededededede ain't I smart?
Chaos Naz
Chaos Naz 9 aylar önce
that was cool when JJ and Mikey did music trend
Marcella Martinez
Marcella Martinez 5 aylar önce
That is what I ment
Mangesh Wagle
Mangesh Wagle 5 aylar önce
" Life is a good start course." - Vivaan. M. Wagle
Admin User
Admin User 9 aylar önce
Wondering who’s choosing lava.
Cloud gaming
Cloud gaming 6 aylar önce
@Pro_Casey lol
Pro_Casey 6 aylar önce
cloud gammming when you said preston i was like OMG
Cloud gaming
Cloud gaming 6 aylar önce
Rida labib
Rida labib Yıl önce
Can we just Chill out and enjoy how mikey's saying tudududu
CRAZY CARMEN’S 11 aylar önce
Ellan Digdaya
Ellan Digdaya Yıl önce
King sonic
King sonic 8 aylar önce
At least this is Mikey practice on pakour
Dardar L
Dardar L 11 saatler önce
D d d d d d good luck d d d d d d d am I smart?
Notdarcyroblox 9 aylar önce
It was so funny when Maisie and Tr kept losing hearts
Mac Osero
Mac Osero 24 gün önce
​@Precious JJ and Mikey not Maizen and Mikey
Precious 8 aylar önce
You mean maizen and mikey
Maruf Patel
Maruf Patel 23 saatler önce
Hi hi hi wallcome Mika rou hi hi hi Mika rou i'm Mika rou I'm Mika rou I'm Mika rou
Mason Sirius
Mason Sirius 9 aylar önce
2:00 JJ In Observation mode
Howle Family
Howle Family 6 aylar önce
don't say your terable, Mikey you have to go with the flow.
Crystal Joy Ganiban
Crystal Joy Ganiban 10 aylar önce
I laugh so hard when jj said run run run run run hahahahaha
Zoe Cassandra Cruz
Zoe Cassandra Cruz 9 aylar önce
Genalyn Paglinawan
Genalyn Paglinawan 8 aylar önce
I laughed at the part when mikey said dididididd
Dan Xiong
Dan Xiong 7 aylar önce
my to laughed to
Alison Grice-Glover
Mikey, jj had 2 hearts when he dropped!!!
Quang Trịnh Bá
Precious's Lifestyle
Precious's Lifestyle 3 aylar önce
since when did u give up jj
gamer group
gamer group 2 aylar önce
Yeah he is a pro
Saleem Sajid
Saleem Sajid 11 aylar önce
I was imagining mikey vs rock in rap battles
♡ 𝚑 𝚒 𝚖 𝚊 𝚛 𝚒 ♡
And it did - Mikey 😌
Lilac_perior 9 aylar önce
Haskel Gesim
Haskel Gesim Yıl önce
Maizen is insane at parkour❤️❤️❤️👍👍😳😳😳💪💪🤔🤔
The R3D Kirby
The R3D Kirby Yıl önce
Parkour is all in your mind -Mikey Also Mikey:later fails parkour
juan angel Rivera
juan angel Rivera 2 gün önce
I don't see a time limit
justine benedict castillo
Mikey Said Du DU du DU DU DU And Maizen Just Slow Mo Everytime And I Laughed so Hard that I Almost choke 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Chen Jin
Chen Jin 11 aylar önce
Tanuj Bhurung
Tanuj Bhurung Yıl önce
Aldjain Manalo
Aldjain Manalo Yıl önce
Really bro
lokesh sunar
lokesh sunar Gün önce
This is hard I think 🤔
Sheleah Kaiden kyron
If you make a maze and go on the left side in a maze you will be good at maze
Sibaji Nayak
Sibaji Nayak 9 aylar önce
Mikey just said dodododododd and JJ voices just gone a bit deeper after that l start laughing because of the voice 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆
Nina Yang
Nina Yang 5 aylar önce
superbanana 9 aylar önce
Angelica Ramkarran
Can you please make a lot of suviving monster videos with mickey😀😊
All Adeniyi
All Adeniyi 2 aylar önce
Mikey and jj should play bedwars if you don’t know what bedwars is
AydinReacts Aydin Aydin & friends
Its on Roblox
Tan Jing Jia
Tan Jing Jia Yıl önce
Furry Cute Flower Loli Japan
But I haven’t hear it
Ebby Kom
Ebby Kom 7 aylar önce
The part when mikey said didididididid repeatly i like it
Jacob Cando
Jacob Cando 7 aylar önce
I love maizen
essam abd
essam abd Yıl önce
Tip/if you press on a bed you will spawn at it /it will be used for parkour
EDNA CAMINADE 10 aylar önce
mikey is so funny it makes a funnuy song😂😂
Sassytassie1 8 aylar önce
Janki patel
Janki patel 6 aylar önce
I couldn’t stop laughing when mikey said dededede
Unoh Florentino
Unoh Florentino 6 aylar önce
Me too
penguincraft 7 aylar önce
I think you should make a lava parkour.
Deeqa Maxamed
Deeqa Maxamed 4 aylar önce
Hazel Groyon
Hazel Groyon 6 aylar önce
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