Paris Texas - PANIC!!! (Official Video) 

Paris Texas
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"PANIC!!!" by Paris Texas
Stream: orcd.co/panic
Instagram: paristexas
Twitter: paristexasusa​
Written by: Paris Texas
Directors - Bradley J. Calder + Neema Sadeghi
Producer - Brent Assayag
Production Company - ANNO
Director of Photography - Neema Sadeghi
Production Manager - Sydny Furuichi
1st AD - Dylan McGale
2nd AD - Deedee Deschanel
1st AC - Jake Coury
2nd AC - Ethan Smith
Gaffer - Dimitri Christoforidis
BBE - Cole Egilsson
Key Grip - Kevin Paniagua
BBG - Carl Stewart
FX Makeup Artist - Shaina Paulson
FX Makeup Asst - Kao Miyamoto Nunez
Stunt Coordinator - Karl Junquist
Stunt Person - Simba
Stunt Person - Ben Morris
Stunt Person - Baron Rotza
Stunt Person - Tia Lane
Casting Director - Copelan Cash
Casting Company - Esprit Casting
AD PA - Jamil Powell
Truck PA - Alejandro Fumero
PA - Aye'lesha Gibson
PA - Ethan Frank
Editor - Bradley J. Calder
Colorist - Dylan Hageman
Titles - Eddie Mandell
Sound Design: Bradley J. Calder
Picture Car: Andy Paz
Management: Good Buddy
Special Thanks: Noel Miller
Special thanks to our extras -
Mukama Madoshi
Adreece McClain
Lazarus Hayes
Lance Garcia
Caleb Tates
Akkaraj Ak
Jeremy Garrison
Peter Pulido
Jaiden Jefferson
Charlie Castaneda
Colby Smith
Chris Knightz
Mario Ponce
Adriano Jade
Jas Navarro
Ocean Akira
Andrew Kessee
Stephan Johnson
Austin White
Kojo Oduro
Sean Bird
Spencer Potter
George Blankenbaker
Sushiboy Mexico
Ian Ostrowski
Jacob Ball
KJ Phanissay
Dylan Clark
Jordon Bryant
Culver O’Rourke
Andrew Baker
AJ Oddie
Jayson Cuevas
Keegan Hurley
Official Lyrics:
yeah, aye woah
like please don't touch my
(no not yet)
like bad bitch touch my
(no no no)
i can see why your
(okay go ahead)
[Verse 1]
I see why you are stressed mhm
because you're no contest mhm
fuck 12 i can't confess mhm drop racks
i'll clean my mess mhm excuse me
while i flex mhm, bad bitch that's to my left
mhm your bitch bad wit bad breath
for bags, i do conquest find bag then i collect
know niggas that love techs, like geeks
know every spec, both cheeks i grab oh yes
it's like i'm grandma yes, PT rep that till' death get back i need ten steps
don't care who got up next
[Verse 2]
pt bitch can’t miss
ain’t heard no shit like this
pull out my shit she lick
i got the bread to trick
i see yo ex down bad
i think he need a sis
so i went and fuck that nigga momma
i came in this bitch with no genre
i’m on my way to the tippity top
i’m so OP niggas think i’m an opp
b-o-b m-o-b g-a-n-g
niggas love me why the fuck would i stop
i might get bored and just get into stocks
shawty just gave me slippery slop
i love black girls that listen to rock
fuck you thinking tryna put me in box
[Verse 3]
this ain't for containing, you stupid lil hoe
ain't no point, in saving when niggas up the score
i'm so good at sangin', the way i carry notes
they frame what i'm saying treat that like paintings
this not a handout we not relaying
competition all we do is dust it im the type
to hold her face, and fuck it ima hold her hair up if she suck it
[Verse 4]
leave her pussy looking like a musket
i’m really him what the fuck is assumption
i was getting 5-star shit for my luncheon
keep on giving me lip imma bust it
i don’t really walk anywhere imma float in
i’m a real night mayor bitch put your vote
niggas gonna flinch in the bitch so i punch in
i’m a keep on doing this shit til it soak in
#Panic #ParisTexas



29 Mar 2023




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I can’t wait for the new project, I’m practically foaming out the mouth at this point
Watching this with the biggest grin on my face! and the Peggy cameo too!!!
I swear, this guys are the future. Absolute fire
bro their music video production is literally the best I've ever seen
Nah when Peggy came out I lost my shit I thought I was going insane lmao what an insane track by the boys
the instrumental is out of this world, so hyped for the album
This new album gonna sound amazing on vinyl
@gamer_cgdag4613 14 gün önce
A friend just put me on today THIS GROUP IS NOW APART OF MY FAVORITES AFTER 10 SONGS 🙏🏾🔥
God this track was already solid but that outro was something special. The guitars at the end spoke to me haha
so damn excited for this album to drop. been waiting on this rollout for a while now, can't wait to see you guys deliver even more on it
Heavy, lunatic, weird, but grungeish and chill at the end. This will be a classic. Been following you for years now. Keep on rising brothers
Ojalá algún día vengan algún festival de México 🇲🇽 el público se volvería loco con su show en vivo.
It’s so refreshing seeing a rock/hip hop duo that uses the elements from each genre perfectly and wraps it up with beautiful cinematography that showcases their aesthetics and personas. Been looking forward to this I’ve been listening to red hand akimbo for years now!
I swear these guys deserve everything
can’t stop replaying this video, that outro is outstanding fr
I think what I love about this video so much is that it is a letter to black people who are so scared to be in these type of spaces saying that these are our spaces too not just a white majority like a lot of black people would think (rock, certain type of rappers and such main place being a mosh pit)
Hoy es la banda favorita de muchos por su originalidad! qué buenos temas!!!!
Mano, esses caras são outro nível.
@lilslickn9 Gün önce
Outro song is next level some more personal songs like that would be sick made me appreciate the downside of all the success you guys have got