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Where did you come from Ali? Paper Lives, March 12th, only on Netflix.
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Paper Lives | Official Trailer | Netflix
In the streets of Istanbul, ailing waste warehouse worker Mehmet takes a small boy under his wing and must soon confront his own traumatic childhood.




1 Mar 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Bayram ali Ergin
Bayram ali Ergin Gün önce
Adam bu işin hakkını veriyor emeğinize sağlık çok güzel bi film olmuş oyunculuğun hakkını veriyor sun izleyin pişman olmaz sınız.
yahya durukan
yahya durukan 2 gün önce
Efsane filmdi ya birde ben dizi sanarak izlemiştim o yüzden daha fazla etki bıraktı devamı olmunca
Cookienizz 2 gün önce
Ben izledim 🤗
Emel GÜNEŞ 2 gün önce
Filmi özetlemek gerekirse yani kabız olursun da zorlarsın zorlarsın bi çimdik çıkarya aynen öyle....
Murat Eker
Murat Eker 4 gün önce
good film everybody need watch this
Alexandru Voinea
Alexandru Voinea 6 gün önce
Lütfen filmin sonunda kim şarkı söylüyor ???
Ertuğrul Gürler
Ertuğrul Gürler 5 gün önce
Selda Bağcan - Ağlama Anne
Semih Taşpınar
Semih Taşpınar 6 gün önce
Çok Güzel Bir Flim İzlemenizi Tavsiye Ederim İlk Başta Flime İyice Tutuluyonuz Sonra Kopamıyorsunuz
Feyza ÜNSAL 6 gün önce
Bu Çağatay hep mi yakışıklı olur ya ruhu güzel dimi ondan böyle
aim buzz
aim buzz 7 gün önce
I was wondering why did my sister loves T-Drama and cried over it.. yeah it was couple years ago when Turkey's Drama hit our TV here in Indonesia, I just watched *Kagittan Hayatlar* today and it blown me, especialy *Çağatay Ulusoy* he is awesome. I like how the story exposed slum part of Istanbul.
Cockroaches r cute
Cockroaches r cute 8 gün önce
Wow- I watched the movie and I cried so much
SkyHero66 9 gün önce
Very good Movie. Awesome actors and brilliant story👍
xox xx
xox xx 9 gün önce
I cryed so much
letsrockza 10 gün önce
ABSOLUTELY BRILLAINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elif Mehmedova
Elif Mehmedova 12 gün önce
Bunun fullü nü nereden bulabilirizz
Rabia Altun
Rabia Altun 13 gün önce
Umarım ful çıkar
yakup alpsoy
yakup alpsoy 14 gün önce
I am Turkish but i am from the netherlands. I have so many Dutch Moroccan Syrian frends and so i sent this film and they have all really liked it. I also found the film itself very beautiful and emotional. Actually, it is told here how a schizophrenia person griefs.👌🏻 Respect 👌🏻🇹🇷🇱🇺🇲🇦
ExitEdit 15 gün önce
BAŞKA DÜNYA 15 gün önce
bok gibi
Ahmet ke
Ahmet ke 15 gün önce
Parasızlıktan kendi filmimizi izleyemiyoruz mk
med daanouni
med daanouni 15 gün önce
Masterpiece 💯
H.J. 16 gün önce
He is great actor. I suggest everyone "Adını Feriha Koydum" tv series
A.Z.M. Ekhlas Uddin
A.Z.M. Ekhlas Uddin 16 gün önce
His acting is so real😍
A.Z.M. Ekhlas Uddin
A.Z.M. Ekhlas Uddin 16 gün önce
Cagatoy Ulusoy😍😍😍😍
nassima design
nassima design 16 gün önce
This is a wonderful and touching film. The boy is adorable. Great storytelling and fantastic acting.
Money Money
Money Money 17 gün önce
Abdullah Ellisekiz
Abdullah Ellisekiz 17 gün önce
Baktigim em güzel Filmdi. Tesekkürler
Emaan Abbasi
Emaan Abbasi 17 gün önce
F Cove
F Cove 18 gün önce
Amazing movie
Araceli Rosales
Araceli Rosales 19 gün önce
I just saw this movie..omg how intense.....
B.N.A. 19 gün önce
Cagatay ulusoy really handsome and such a good actor. I love this movie.😍😍😍🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
Abdullah Tekin
Abdullah Tekin 20 gün önce
Ali çocuk Mehmet Ali büyü abimiz Mehmet firar
Pissou Nina
Pissou Nina 20 gün önce
😢😢😢❤️❤️ This is the most real movie I see... This is life in '20! 😢😢😢... All actors was wow!!! ❤️
H Ashour
H Ashour 20 gün önce
Excellent movie, definitely recommend.
Kipas Susah Mati
Kipas Susah Mati 20 gün önce
Yarkin Tolunay
Yarkin Tolunay 21 gün önce
At the last scene I cried a lot 😭
Sana Anjum
Sana Anjum 21 gün önce
Çağatay ❤️
Luna 21 gün önce
Just amazing 😭
anna mastoor
anna mastoor 22 gün önce
Can i watch it on any other app ??? I don't have netflix?!!!!
ice water
ice water 22 gün önce
Post malone 😢
ghostly cosmos
ghostly cosmos 22 gün önce
“Dying is not a problem. But what about the dreams we have?” - 😞😞
Faredon M
Faredon M 22 gün önce
The best movie sad my favourit 9.4⭐❤
Omar Luta
Omar Luta 23 gün önce
ولا أروع
Yasemin Alver
Yasemin Alver 23 gün önce
Çok çok çok süper bir film emeklerine saglık çok anlamlı
wartext 23 gün önce
This film's setting and colour is so full of life, vibrancy and full of charm. It's just a pleasure to watch the environments in this film.
ISMAIL HAFIZ 23 gün önce
and all he ever asked and wished for is to unite with his mother and live a life.
Luciano Provenzano
Luciano Provenzano 24 gün önce
Beside shitty translation, that is understood easily from the broken phrases, this movie make us see our life differently, make us reflect. Sometime did not choice what they are or are doing but fate choose them and society completely abandonee them.
The Soulbutterfly
The Soulbutterfly 24 gün önce
Such an amazing movie and the lead actor just WOW! I watched a few Turkish movies and I always. liked them... bring more of it Netflix! Love international movies
Icek N
Icek N 24 gün önce
Just finished watching this. No words honestly, such a plot twist. Great movie!
Hüseyin Can Kaya
Hüseyin Can Kaya 25 gün önce
I am proud that such a meaningful film is a Turkish production.
Turks are so good to make movies omg
TD Berkeli
TD Berkeli 25 gün önce
So Post Malone actually an actor ?
Dragon Z
Dragon Z 25 gün önce
I don’t like how he smacked his brother
Fuat Erkin
Fuat Erkin 26 gün önce
Sokak çocuklarina hitaben ama onlar bu flimizi izletemeyecek kadar hayat acımasız ve adil değil
Mumba Ronald
Mumba Ronald 26 gün önce
It can make a good book not movie and Ali was just too smart for the role
NUR ÇİÇEK 26 gün önce
Burda niye herkes yabancı konuşmuş ?
Hay! Aksi
Hay! Aksi 26 gün önce
Hackeristix 27 gün önce
I cried during this..
TheKeyboardPilot 27 gün önce
Im a turkish person living in Austria and I noticed that no other country than turkey produce good series (and very good movies). Of course american series and movies are also good but the turkish ones always make you cry and glue you to the tv.
Salvador Padula
Salvador Padula 27 gün önce
Sto film farebbe piangere un nazista
CryingFreeman 28 gün önce
One of the best story I have seen in a movie. Great film
Giann Justine Ventura
Giann Justine Ventura 28 gün önce
Its concept is the same with Fractured (yall can check it out on nflix). Still a great movie tho
Zaitun Shikaya
Zaitun Shikaya 28 gün önce
Watching this movie made me sympathize with all mentally ill people. The movie did put us in their shoe in the beginning by making us believe Ali existed. I personally believed he was there. Realizing it was all in his head made me cry 😭.. Like is this really what they go through but we don't understand them? Let's all be like Gonzi. He knew the reality but decided to stick with Mehmet till the end. Let's learn to understand the mentally ill. It's not their wish just like it wasn't mehmets..
Sky Blue To Luna
Sky Blue To Luna 29 gün önce
I loved this film, I was an emotional wreck at the end of the film it hit me really hard 😥
braulio Daniel Vázquez
A. R.
A. R. 29 gün önce
Unpredictable movie though I thought it was an imagination but i didnt know its him. Super sad.
Melbin Díaz
Melbin Díaz 29 gün önce
wow muy hermosa...
Arya Magi
Arya Magi 29 gün önce
I wasn’t ready. 😭💙
Muhammad Abid
Muhammad Abid Aylar önce
Worth watching. Makes you cry alot !
poofidy Aylar önce
this was so sad when i saw the movie i cried like 4 times
Sunita Rabbani
Sunita Rabbani Aylar önce
My husband wanted me to watch this movie.. I started watching and wanted to quit, it was too dark for me but so glad I continued. Wow!!! Beautiful movie...❤❤❤❤❤
He died.. sorry for spoi
Maria Sultan
Maria Sultan Aylar önce
Okay don't give a spoiler just tell this does anyone die
AGlan Aylar önce
This guy is Post Malone!!!
m Muzy
m Muzy Aylar önce
End of the movie was emotional gut punch. Phuww.I must also add this Title should be as the Turkish title. Paper Lives! or Paper Dreams!
Meysam Mohseni
Meysam Mohseni Aylar önce
I don't know who the author of this movie is, but I really congratulate person was great, of course, playing the role of (cagatay ulusoy )
Inessa Hyder
Inessa Hyder Aylar önce
It was idea of Cagatay Ulusoy, he is creative producer of the movie
Jo Jo
Jo Jo Aylar önce
Wonderful Movie 11/10 Fantastic, 👍 From Australia
dior jona
dior jona Aylar önce
i just watched it, my heart is broken 💔💔💔😢😢
khadija morchid
khadija morchid Aylar önce
Benjamin Linus
Benjamin Linus Aylar önce
Where can watch Cem Yılmaz karakomik movies ?
Umed Salarzei
Umed Salarzei Aylar önce
Amazing Movie and good actor
Marios n
Marios n Aylar önce
Well done my Turkish neighbors!!! Very good and very emotional film Love from Greece ✌️
Yeşil Mavi Sarı
Yeşil Mavi Sarı 2 gün önce
Hi friend İf you go to kozani say my hello to my Rena
EightyBeat 12 gün önce
Hey Ok
Hey Ok Aylar önce
This movie was amazing could anyone recommend me any more good Turkish films like this.
Hey Ok
Hey Ok 29 gün önce
@Monika Deshwal Yes thank you, I will watch it!🙏
Monika Deshwal
Monika Deshwal 29 gün önce
U should watch ( delibal) another movie of cagatay ulusoy
Georgiana Lupescu
Georgiana Lupescu Aylar önce
Delibal with Cagatay Ulusoy. 😉
Hey Ok
Hey Ok Aylar önce
@Cihan Arik Thank u I really appreciate the recommendation
Cihan Arik
Cihan Arik Aylar önce
This is also a good one: Miracle in cell no. 7
Mila Rzln
Mila Rzln Aylar önce
Can someone tell me what the music on this film was used?
Mila Rzln
Mila Rzln Aylar önce
@Texno Park Tv thanks
Texno Park Tv
Texno Park Tv Aylar önce
@Mila Rzln The Soundttacks 1) itirazim Var - Müslüm Gürses 2) Ağlama Anne - Selda Bagcan 3) Qöplük - Gazapizm 4) Euphoria - Sarah Nile Cameron 5) Djelem Djelem - ti 6) Koca Yasll sisko Dünya - Adamlar 7) Yalan Dünya - Neset Ertas
Mila Rzln
Mila Rzln Aylar önce
@Texno Park Tv all
Texno Park Tv
Texno Park Tv Aylar önce
Which part music ?
Aravind Geetha Anil
He just wanted his mother man,😔
Jimmy C
Jimmy C Aylar önce
Great film...brilliantly acted!
grekomc Aylar önce
ci ho messo un po ad entrare in empatia, ma quando ho capito il senso della storia l'ho ritenuto un gran bel film. Ottimo.
Riyaz Murshad
Riyaz Murshad Aylar önce
Again another turkish movie makes me cry
DunrangHero Aylar önce
Nice one it's real stuff that not have a happy ending
João Victor Teles
João Victor Teles Aylar önce
Make sure you have enough tissues when you watch this movie!
Doğa Karslıoğlu
Doğa Karslıoğlu Aylar önce
I can’t stop crying, you should absolutely watch it most particularly if you’re on period🥺
Onur Kalkan
Onur Kalkan 16 gün önce
@Doğa Karslıoğlu i am turkish yes 100 percent made in sakarya 😅 but i was born and raised in austria so my turkish unfortunatly didnt raised with me there but i am keen on learning.
Doğa Karslıoğlu
Doğa Karslıoğlu 16 gün önce
@Onur Kalkan thanks for your compliment🥺 Actually I want to be an actress in the future. But I think acting just not about beauty. Yeah some producers casting depend on beautiful women and handsome men but I want to be a talented one ✌🏻( bu arada Türksün sanırım ama ne olur ne olmaz İngilizce yazayım dedim 😬 )
Onur Kalkan
Onur Kalkan 16 gün önce
If you are really the girl on your pp you should try some casts for movies
Doğa Karslıoğlu
Doğa Karslıoğlu 29 gün önce
@Monika Deshwal I watched it on cinema when it came out and I couldn’t stop crying either 🥲 I guess the only Çağatay movie that I didn’t cry was “ Anadolu Kartalları “ 😅
Monika Deshwal
Monika Deshwal 29 gün önce
Also try delibal another movie of cagatay ulusoy 😍
Badal Tomar
Badal Tomar Aylar önce
Is I'm the only fan of The Protector here (
Roskill Bound
Roskill Bound Aylar önce
Wow... whoever scripted this movie deserves credit. Heart touching film, a lot in poverty and without parents can relate to the pain. Hope 2021 treats everyone well 💙
Norma Ramirez
Norma Ramirez Aylar önce
Excellent work🌟 Bravo!!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Mária Koszó
Mária Koszó Aylar önce
Onu gören her insana dokunan bir film, duygu ve duygusal sahnelerle doludur. Çağatay Ulusoy bölgedeki en iyi dramatik sunum.
Niaa Narnia
Niaa Narnia Aylar önce
I cried for this ! Very sad
Durga Prasad
Durga Prasad Aylar önce
Love from India
yusafa Yunos
yusafa Yunos Aylar önce
I love this movie.. So sad
BESA Aylar önce
Ti thoj dikush Erjon Velise zdromsit se njerezit qe punojnë per buken e gojes nuk preken me dorë as ne Stamboll dhe as ne New York e jo me ne Tiranë nga nje shites fiqsh sahanlëpirës.
Kostas S.
Kostas S. Aylar önce
Anyone knows that violin/ cello song in the background please? Also the movie was epic.
Beware Of The Sea
Beware Of The Sea Aylar önce
AMAZING!!!!!!! What a great acting!
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