Pageant Mum Gives Daughter Tapeworms So She Would Lose Weight! | Untold Stories Of The ER

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A drama mama visits the ER with her daughter who is complaining about sever stomach aches. What could be causing these pains and is there more to this story than meets the eyes?
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11 Jun 2019

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ArsteAnko 28 saniye önce
4:24 is that a freaking alien
healing with faith
healing with faith 9 dakika önce
Please can anyone tell me if this is real😟
Kaitlyn Ethridge
Kaitlyn Ethridge 12 dakika önce
This girl was on a story telling channel about how her mom feed her that worm bc she wasn't skinny enough
Jeruel Agdigos
Jeruel Agdigos 14 dakika önce
is it because shes filipino, thats y are r being a jerk
I hate you
I hate you 16 dakika önce
This is fake, right?
박아름 16 dakika önce
Mayhaz 17 dakika önce
Somehow the horrible and cringy acting makes it impossible to stop watching
NathannBoii 20 dakika önce
Bet her name is Karen
Pokemons World
Pokemons World 24 dakika önce
Tyas Prasetyo
Tyas Prasetyo 36 dakika önce
Is this based on true story?
Camille Gaming
Camille Gaming 58 dakika önce
Guys this is a re-anactment of an original drama scene/real scene which actually happened in the hospital or any more place.
WHITE KITTY Saatler önce
I think that's on actually happen
Malia tade and carissa egan 123 tae
Omg now I'm scared of going to the toilet
Crystal Escobar
Crystal Escobar Saatler önce
The acting lmaooooo
Amiah_ leihanna18
Amiah_ leihanna18 2 saatler önce
Stan Lee!!!
Lily Reyes
Lily Reyes 2 saatler önce
Why they don't want to show her vomit😑
jaspher Gamanay
jaspher Gamanay 2 saatler önce
I saw this on share your story video
Caleb Wells
Caleb Wells 2 saatler önce
Middle school plays have better acting than this, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t watch the whole thing anyways.
•Sweet Ñoodle•
•Sweet Ñoodle• 2 saatler önce
She was about to lose something *HER LIFE!!!!!*
Tae Ryeo
Tae Ryeo 2 saatler önce
I came from Share My Story Maybe its only me ??
Qutex 2 saatler önce
Who realized that this was apart of a animation
Sam Daniel
Sam Daniel 2 saatler önce
So scripted shit 😡👎wtf is this 😏
That Niki Life
That Niki Life 2 saatler önce
Holy WORST. ACTING. EVERRRR... Plus, that mother deserves to be shot.
bff Vlog
bff Vlog 3 saatler önce
Thats like in the storyboth
demi lee
demi lee 3 saatler önce
This is definitely fake
demi lee
demi lee 3 saatler önce
Is this a joke
Brooklyn Tonkin
Brooklyn Tonkin 3 saatler önce
If my child was pregnet her cheeks wouldnt be the only thing pink uwu
Misteria Pop
Misteria Pop 3 saatler önce
Wasn’t this story on my story animated? No ok...
Sunith 3 saatler önce
This is definitely a fake story
Vandarren59 Lim
Vandarren59 Lim 3 saatler önce
You liar I want to kill you you sufficator
Vandarren59 Lim
Vandarren59 Lim 3 saatler önce
Excuse me hey bitch shut up
Human Papyrus
Human Papyrus 3 saatler önce
I think this is the mom who put tapeworms in her daughters mom, like in tell my story
esther chiu
esther chiu 3 saatler önce
6:19 the way this lady was talking kinda made me uncomfortable
Kiley Howard
Kiley Howard 3 saatler önce
I saw this in share my story
Isabella Eisenherz
Isabella Eisenherz 3 saatler önce
that is so rude she should be supportive of this and should be arrested
Shahzadee Engels
Shahzadee Engels 3 saatler önce
What a desperate network
Shahzadee Engels
Shahzadee Engels 3 saatler önce
You people actually watch this FAKE shit. Worse than a soap opera.
Ruth Ellis
Ruth Ellis 3 saatler önce
I saw this on animated stories or something like this
Stella and Lyle channel
Stella and Lyle channel 3 saatler önce
omg😣😣😣😣😓😓😓😓😭😭😭😩😩😵😵😵🤮🤮🤮🤢🤧🤧🤧🤧 you need to take care your daughter what an evil mom😈😈
Daryna Tkach
Daryna Tkach 4 saatler önce
This is so cringe🤪😂🤣
Isabee The Orginal Bee
Isabee The Orginal Bee 4 saatler önce
I just watched this same story on My shared stories
Dana Banks
Dana Banks 4 saatler önce
Goes from a country twang to a harsh urban creole dialect. Where did the producers find such talent? Lmao!!
Gachalifecookielover 123
Gachalifecookielover 123 4 saatler önce
The girl was 12 years old and she weight 80 pounds and her mom wanted her to lose more weight so she feed her a terrible tape worm
Gachalifecookielover 123
Gachalifecookielover 123 4 saatler önce
Omg that story is real it’s in a TRvid channel named “storybooth or ACTUALLY HAPPEND” it was also in tv check it out the mom was angry bec she didn’t win prom queen so her mom told her to swallow whatever she put in her mouth and the mom put a tapeworm bec she said “if u don’t do as y say there will be a punishment”she is so mean
nestor272007 4 saatler önce
Who else thinks this is fake
EXOTIC-RI0T 4 saatler önce
Ik it's recreated but wasn't this like on share my story or something?
Diana Castro Pimentel
Diana Castro Pimentel 4 saatler önce
Alice ericksen
Alice ericksen 4 saatler önce
Who thinks this is fake
Xx_Wolfie Studios_xX
Xx_Wolfie Studios_xX 4 saatler önce
I thought it said pregnant.
Go Away
Go Away 4 saatler önce
Diana Castro Pimentel
Diana Castro Pimentel 2 saatler önce
@Go Away np
Go Away
Go Away 4 saatler önce
@Diana Castro Pimentel thx fir correcting me
Diana Castro Pimentel
Diana Castro Pimentel 4 saatler önce
its from share my story
E Miller
E Miller 4 saatler önce
This is how many of the male doctors that the mom is flirting with need to be gay ⬇️
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