Oxford Mathematician DESTROYS Atheism (15 Minute Brilliancy!) 

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John Lennox delivers a powerful presentation on the existence of God and the absurdity of Atheism. Best of all, he brings the topic right down to the place where the shadow of the cross falls on an empty tomb. To the mystery of mysteries & the Hope of Glory!
Original media from Oxford Press can be found here: • Professor John Lennox ...



13 Ağu 2023




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@jizzman682 6 aylar önce
I just want you to know that your channel and specifically this video may have just led to me getting saved. I’ve had a lot of personal revelations happen over the past year or two. It’s way too long to type, but I eventually ended up here watching your videos for the past month. This video just rocked me. Haha
@Daily_Dose_Of_Wisdom 6 aylar önce
Glory Be To God!! He loves you so much ❤️
@herbrawling2955 6 aylar önce
Romans 10:9 - "...that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you WILL be saved."
@user-yr9lt7dz8k 6 aylar önce
Godhead The first article of faith of The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints states, “We believe in God, the Eternal Father, and in His Son, Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Ghost.” These three beings make up the Godhead. They preside over this world and all other creations of our Father in Heaven. Latter-day Saints view the members of the Godhead in a manner that corresponds in a number of ways with the views of others in the Christian world, but with significant differences. Latter-day Saints pray to God the Father in the name of Jesus Christ. They acknowledge the Father as the ultimate object of their worship, the Son as Lord and Redeemer, and the Holy Spirit as the messenger and revealer of the Father and the Son. But where Latter-day Saints differ from other Christian religions is in their belief that God and Jesus Christ are glorified, physical beings and that each member of the Godhead is a separate being. The true doctrine of the Godhead was lost in the apostasy that followed the Savior’s mortal ministry and the deaths of His Apostles. This doctrine began to be restored when 14-year-old Joseph Smith received his First Vision (see Joseph Smith-History 1:17). From the Prophet’s account of the First Vision and from his other teachings, we know that the members of the Godhead are three separate beings. The Father and the Son have tangible bodies of flesh and bones, and the Holy Ghost is a personage of spirit (see Doctrine and Covenants 130:22). Although the members of the Godhead are distinct beings with distinct roles, they are one in purpose and doctrine. They are perfectly united in bringing to pass Heavenly Father’s divine plan of salvation.
@sativabros 6 aylar önce
@@user-yr9lt7dz8k You just ruined this reply with your demonic religion.
@kevinboudreau177 6 aylar önce
@raymondcantor7987 6 aylar önce
I'm struggling with life at this moment but what keeps me going is GOD.
@sallysullivan2122 6 aylar önce
Amen, May God continue to give you strength and guidance. 🙏🏼
@horace9341 6 aylar önce
What really helped me bro is accepting that I can only control things that are within my control, and things that are outside my control, are within God’s control. We all struggle with life at some point, what is important to remember God will only allow struggles in our lives so far, and only for a season. Stay strong in The Lord my brother, His redemption draws near.
@topdawg3359 6 aylar önce
" the fear keeps me moving but my heart beats so slow"
@robertwatley5249 6 aylar önce
Which one?
@Samshamounexplains 6 aylar önce
@kevingouldrup9265 2 aylar önce
This is what a University should be! The open and unabashed exchange of ideas! This is how we learn and grow as a Peoples!
@giuseppe5397 Aylar önce
This is religion and not science. Universities deal with science and not with beliefs and superstitions.
@Believer1in3 Aylar önce
@@giuseppe5397 universities were started by the Catholic Church in the West. The first discoveries in science were done by religious scholars and priest. The BigBang theory was developed by a Catholic priest. Harvard was started as a seminary and religious school. Oxford too!
@ShirleyTimple Aylar önce
Your silly superstitious nonsense in no way belongs in the classroom. School is for education, not faith and fables.
@Believer1in3 Aylar önce
@@ShirleyTimple schools in modern times is to indoctrinate children into the liberal atheist mindset. It would be better that they were taught both actual science and Faith. They aren’t incompatible. Science and faith both come from God. Just because you are angry at God and don’t want to come to terms with your sin and be judged for it shouldn’t be the basis for schools.
@giuseppe5397 Aylar önce
@@Believer1in3 If you really like the history of science, you should know that every scientist who dared to deny the dogmas of the church through science was persecuted and tortured by the holy enquiry. I'll give you an example, Galileo with the heliocentrism theory
@a__random__person Aylar önce
I was an atheist, what brought me to now be a christian is being a professional software engineer and AI researcher. I realized that humans have tried to make AI in their own image, just as God created us in his image. That our universe was created, the same as I created universes containing AI. It's the same paradigm, and unless I reveal myself to the AI, they have no idea I am here and that I crafted their universe.
@user-fz4wh9uc3m Aylar önce
I just got goosebumps reading this
@XBC30 Aylar önce
@TobiO766 Aylar önce
Well explained
@mellybelly22 Aylar önce
This is beautifully said❤
You're crazy as a loon!
@ACE53621 20 gün önce
"Agency does not compete with mechanism and law" is the sentence I've been looking for for years. Bless this man and his message.
@whitedragondojo 18 gün önce
Powerful message; and my conclusion is after a long and hard life of studying mechanism and law the inevitable conclusion is that Agency has clear intent...
@Xenophage666 12 gün önce
You mistake 4 Billions years of Evolution for "Agency". I see no divine creation, there is only a web of interactions driving change. Our Universe could be one of infinite Universes, all different from each other, with different governing laws, some having life, some not, none of which has any requirement to have been "created". We can just as easily be an accident, and you have absolutely no proof otherwise. This man and his message have no foundational proof. Actually intelligent critical thinking people can see right through the BS.
@rubencastellani5658 12 gün önce
where did he say that again exactly?
@ACE53621 12 gün önce
@funkeibidapo9791 9 gün önce
@siewtohong7138 9 gün önce
This Mathematician whom I place on equal terms as Scientists and the likes, makes God proud and makes Science proud! He glorifies God in such a delightful way! May God bless him always. Glory to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit!!
@johnfellows689 22 saatler önce
Well yes I have little issue with religious empathy towards others I just have my tools to understand the universe a like better than simple faith. If you had the time and where with all to grasp the maths on the speed of light . This would take you r faith to a new level. The speed of light actually gives those who understand it a measure of gods realm “ a measure of its enormity? A realisation that earthly religions actually reduce god to something less. God bless you!
@siewtohong7138 22 saatler önce
@@johnfellows689 Good gracious, are you indeed who I think you are?!
@johnfellows689 22 saatler önce
It’s not that technical really’ we start with 186,000 miles per second. , that’s 25 times around the earth in 1 seconds. Traveling at that speed for 1 year is referred to as 1 light years,the nearest star to earth other than our sun is 4 light years away. Science can now determine that there are over more than a million light years across this galaxy. No that is all gods realm. We can see from this just how futile earthly religions are.
@johnfellows689 22 saatler önce
The bible was scribed by men steeped in myth and legend, afraid of the unknown! That is not a good place to be when scribing a record of history without distortion. God bless
@siewtohong7138 22 saatler önce
@@johnfellows689 pardon me, I was wondering if indeed are you Dr John Lennox, the person who has replied my comments?
@lizh.413 Dakika önce
Magnificent set of arguments! ✝️🙏🏻
@jensz9360 6 aylar önce
My grandfather was a physicist who didn’t believe in God. He seemingly had a rational scientific explanation for everything. As he got older he shared with me that the more he tried to disprove the existence of God the more evident it became to him that God exists. In his final days he took solace in the fact that through his younger years of trying to disprove or explain away the devine God he actually proved his existence. Once he retired sometimes I would see him sitting for hours upon hours reading and studying the Bible when I would go visit him and my grandmother. He wanted to learn all he could about his creator. He would try to read anything he could get his hands on pertaining to Jesus Christ. His prayers were very important to him. He was always a kind and funny person, but I noticed over the years after he found God he had this spark of life in him and he appreciated the nuances of life more. The man went to his grave baptized and a firm believer in God and his only begotten son. His life's journey had taken him home back to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. All praise be to God the Almighty, through him all things are possible.
@mysticjen379 6 aylar önce
I love this ❤
I really like what you wrote, so much so that I felt obliged to say "thank you" and that it pleases me to know that you obviously have learned from your grandfather.
@zen-rt 6 aylar önce
This is such a beautiful expression of a life lived well.
@vantascuriosity4540 6 aylar önce
This is an amazing testimony!! Your grandfather and your family (including you) was and is very blessed, God is truly great.
@vuisilekaptain1652 6 aylar önce
My his soul rest in peace
@Chrisjfortune2790 Aylar önce
Me and a friend have recently returned back to our faith after a 10 year hiatus. This is amazing to watch ❤
@whatsup1382 22 gün önce
Praying! There will be trials but don’t give up! Read John 16:33
@shadowprovesunshine 17 gün önce
So awesome!
@sandponics 10 gün önce
People always turn to religion when they become poor and their world falls apart.
@jeffsmith5787 8 gün önce
@@sandponics Always? Really?
@codypridg9504 24 gün önce
There was a time when I didn't believe. Now older and wiser, I can't understand why anyone would not believe.
@TheJohnny1x 8 gün önce
My wife and I have spent the last many years listen to among others Chuck Missler. I am not a smart man. Yet Chuck's intelligent approach is easily understood by the average man. Both in complimenting our average ability to see what he is presenting, and blessing us with an above average body of intellectual proof. He's beautiful like that. So even though Mr Lennox presents an incredibly intelligent argument, it's basis is perfectly understood due to Missler studies-101. Well done. Thank you, Daily.
@dfizzle323 14 gün önce
"God has not remained distant from our human suffering but has become part of it" 🙏🏼✝️❤️
@sandponics 10 gün önce
Or is the cause of it.
@cynthiamaury1671 10 gün önce
@@sandponics IF He IS the 'cause' of it; it is ONLY because #1. Our SINS; including our unbelief and rebellion against Him have BROUGHT these things to us; because God says, "A curse WITHOUT CAUSE will NOT alight", or #2. We are going through something that; IF we go through it with a RIGHT and not SNOTTY attitude; we will find...maybe not right away...that there WAS or IS a purpose in it. ATTITUDE will determine MUCH of what we go through. WE can make this EASIER (Not easy; but easier); OR; we can make things unnecessarily MUCH HARDER. The choice is OURS. God is holy; He CANNOT do wrong; we are sinners; and can do very little BUT sin. The balance, or INBALANCE; between us...whose hearts are FILLED with anger; lust; perversion; addictions; murder; etc.. and a just, good; and holy God; who has no sin, couldn't be any clearer. Let's not TRY HARDER to do and BE wrong; but to do and be more right. The FIRST step is NOT rebelling against God. God loves you; He truly does; but if you treat Him as though He's bad or wrong; then THAT WILL BE what you EXPERIENCE. It's not what really is; but it's what you will create for yourself....what WE all create for ourselves.
@jeffsmith5787 9 gün önce
​@@sandponicsAmen. 😃
@zagortenay33 7 gün önce
@@sandponics Agreed. God is irresponsible. He is not a part of any solution.
@user-dq1qg2sx2u Aylar önce
I was an atheist before I hit a car with a motorcycle on September 11, 2002. There was no logical reason I am currently alive today. They called me a miracle. I went into a six week coma as one person and awoke as someone totally different. In the last 22 years I have experienced God in so many different ways. To keep this short, I will tell of the most significant experience. I had been on a long drive, and about 20 miles from home, I had a deep feeling someone else was in the truck I was driving. The feeling cannot be described using the American language as it was far too intense to do so. It was so pure and yet so raw, a love which permeated every cell of my body. I cried as one would expect, and I never wanted this drive to end. If I could bottle this feeling and just give you a small sample, there would be no such thing as an atheist. I am now a speaker on this subject and would love to share my story. If ever you wonder what heaven will feel like, I know. Give God a chance.
@maylingng4107 Aylar önce
That is an old story told a million times. Paul of Tarsus talked about his hallucinations in the same way on the road to Damascus.
@mrdeafa25 Aylar önce
The fact you believe there is an American language is enough to make me doubt your beliefs.
@maylingng4107 Aylar önce
@@mrdeafa25 facts of history are not a "belief".
@mrdeafa25 Aylar önce
there are no facts here pal just beliefs and delusions. there is no god.@@maylingng4107
@jacobmarshall5391 Aylar önce
​@@maylingng4107why be an asshole.? You're speaking to a human, with emotions. He shared his story, not to convince you, or anybody, but to share the happiness and love he felt. I can't think of any good reason to ridicule him, even if you didn't believe him, other than you're a sadistic psychopathic pos. Would you speak to your mother or child that way? It gives him joy, and has no negative affect on you, so why not let him have his moment of happiness? Why must you knock someone down the moment they rise, or seem happier, or better than you? You need to take a good long look in the mirror buddy! You must be very miserable, to get off pulling others back down.
@abigailgarber3296 25 gün önce
This video captured my attention because I found out that John Lennox is Kristyn Getty’s uncle. Kristyn and her husband are phenomenal hymn writers, one of the hymns being “In Christ Alone.” Thank you, Jesus for those who are not ashamed of your gospel ❤
@campdon Aylar önce
Wow! What a message. Powerful. True. Life changing.
@louiscyfer6944 24 gün önce
he is lying the whole time. he is not an idiot, he knows he is lying, but he knows his audience is idiots.
@gou0630 13 gün önce
It was a weak and pathetic
@debbieminks6175 21 gün önce
My pastor was an atheist and went to school to study evolution. One of his professors helped in the study of evolution and was considered one of the fathers of evolution. My pastor said he had so many questions and no one can answer them. He said he realized it took more faith in believing that the earth came from nothing and in evolution than it took to believe in a God that created the world. He became a Christian and my husband became a Christian because of him. I loved hearing his testimony.
@freshcarrot2253 21 gün önce
Your pastor was stupid lol
@user-wz6lt3vf9p Aylar önce
I find this incredible, that a man of science, would embrace Christianity, and find no conflict between the two. This man has some Spiritual Revelation! Bless his heart!
Johannes Kepler once said "Science is thinking God's thoughts after Him." God created the universe and everything in it and created man with the curiosity to study and understand what God has done. Hence, science
@AnonnyMom Gün önce
Thanks so much for drawing attention to this content. Subscription in place. Shared to social media.
@shawnmitcham9824 5 aylar önce
I just love that while this is (inexplicably) a contentious subject, this room of gentlemen allowed him respectfully to say his piece without interruption. The world has overwhelmingly lost this gift.
@Alex324 5 aylar önce
I suppose the contentiousness is derived from people living side by sude evrry day fundementally disagreeing on how the universe came into being. Further disagreements include those of what laws should apply. I, quite honestly, aleays fail to take true believers seriously as the notion that God should have come into being spontaniously is no more likely than that the universe did. Furthermore that His principles have not stood the test of time (gender roles for example) must surely disproves his omnipitence, as he must surely have been aware those millenia ago that the world wood change. But the bible does not account for this. Equally, you might argue this to be a point of contwntion with the church not God, to which i would reply that, if everyone is worshiping god wrong for fault of the church's misinterperetation, then even devoted christians must be doomed for hell. Idk tho.
@user-jj2ng5uj7q 5 aylar önce
Your world.
@Alex324 5 aylar önce
@@user-jj2ng5uj7q que?
@benphilips7235 5 aylar önce
I suspect that the room privately believed in what he was saying! Why the 'c' word - Christianity - has now become unmentionable is one of the most stupidly dangerous and destructive beliefs in the modern world. As if mankind had all the answers and had no need of God. Well just take a look at the world around you and see what happens when you leave mankind in charge!
The others are waiting their turn, you should them all.
@ellobelly 29 gün önce
Raised atheist, turned agnostic through my teens/20's... transitioning (dare i say) to Christian. The world is unravelling in a crazy way and seems so distopian, increasingly so each day and I'm following the breadcrumbs to the truth. In my heart God is GOOD and I believe in the good of the world, and hoping and having faith that it will prevail.
@whatsup1382 22 gün önce
I am praying for you! Keep learning who Jesus was, not just facts but a relationship with Him. Spend time talking to Him and listening and reading Matthew mark luke John and the rest of the gospels. There will be trials in this world. Jesus live d a perfect life and was killed! He rose again so we may have a perfect eternity with Him and know Him. and now Until the day we are reunited with Him in heaven He promises to be with us. Read John 14:26-27 and John 16:33 ❤️
@gou0630 13 gün önce
You were never atheist, just a little kid scared of the dark just like everyone else in here.
@ecMonify 12 gün önce
i doubt you even know what the word atheist means... @@gou0630
@wz5165 12 gün önce
I would encourage you to talk to your local Catholic Church-the church founded by Jesus Christ.
@gou0630 12 gün önce
@@wz5165 lol no he did not it was founded by the Roman emperor
@lanced3256 13 gün önce
Brilliant. Encouraging word for a believer of The Way. Peace be on your house.
@TheSolisspirit 2 gün önce
God bless!
@arkenautgundlach2498 13 gün önce
John Lennox speaks and it sounds like a very heartfelt and pleasant song that moves further than t my ears.
@jcsolomon6470 9 gün önce
You R The God Of Your Reality!You Deserve,with a Positive Outlook and Mindset!Take care!You Got This All LifeLong,now!
I'd rather have unanswered questions than have answers that can't be questioned. I instead ask first what's going to eat than eat and ask nothing.
@kennethkeen1234 6 aylar önce
You started out well. Rephrase your comment so that it makes sense.
@mahatmaniggandhi2898 10 saatler önce
yep, id rather confess i dont know something than to convince myslef i knoe
@Googldoogl 15 gün önce
Brilliant and wonderful! ❤ There is the Unknown, which we call God, which will always be „God“ to us, to us who we don’t know, who we don’t understand where we came from but we dO understand that we don’t understand that. This though will never stand in opposition to the trial to create a human existence worth living, in peace, in harmony and in collaboration - in help of brilliant minds and scientific achievements. For those who might suffer from their own existence. This is what science should be about, but however you use it, it works inside of the structure that wAs created from the unknown, the same mysterious place where we ourselves come from.
@rebal1681 Aylar önce
Thank you for posting this. Love John Lennox!
They want to be told or they wouldn’t be asking.
@skyeblu4391 Gün önce
Beautiful ❤😊
God bless you..Amen ..
@carlvaz 6 aylar önce
As St Thomas Aquinas said: ‘Those who believe in God, no explanation is necessary. Those who do not believe in God, no explanation is possible’!
@ralphhebgen7067 6 aylar önce
See my earlier comment - I was not aware of this quote but it is spot on. My question therefore is ‘why do so many believers, the speaker in this video included, feel the need to convince non-believers that their deity exists?’ The first part of Aquinas’ statement would imply that believers who do that measure the validity of their religion by the standards of non-believers. The fact that non-believers do not believe in a deity simply should not matter to believers. Period. And if you think the second part of the statement is true, recurrent attempts by believers to convince non-believers to abandon their world view is even more confounding…
@jimnagel5611 6 aylar önce
@DrMontague 6 aylar önce
Why is your imaginary god a CNUT!
@afiblossom5590 6 aylar önce
​@@ralphhebgen7067it is not the will of God that anyone should perish but that all men should be reconciled back to Him. That is why Jesus Christ, by the end of His physical sojourn on earth, instructed that believers should go preach the gospel to the entire world. Please see Mark 16:15-16 Shalom!
@jonashassel5404 6 aylar önce
🔥THE GOSPEL OF THE WORD OF ALMIGHTY GOD "the last age in which God saves man from the destruction of this old world" (God incarnate is called Christ, and Christ is the human body clothed by the Spirit of God. He is the incarnation of the Spirit. He has both normal humanity and full divinity. Whether human or it is His divinity, both of them submit to the will of the Father in heaven. The Spirit is the spirit of Christ, which means the divinity. This is what all people must understand. The spirit of the work of the Holy Spirit is to save man, and for the sake of God's own rule. Since God became flesh, He realizes His spirit within His human body, that His human body is sufficient to carry out His work. Whether it is the Spirit of God or whether it is Christ, both are God Himself, and He does the work He should do and fulfills the ministry He should perform.) Almighty God said GOD incarnate is called CHRIST, and CHRIST is the flesh clothed by the SPIRIT of GOD. 🙏 This human body is not like any human being in the flesh. This difference is because CHRIST is NOT made of FLESH and BLOOD; He is the incarnation of the SPIRIT. He has BOTH NORMAL HUMANITY and FULL DIVINITY. 🙏 No man possesses His divinity. His normal humanity sustains all His normal activities in the human body, while His divinity accomplishes the work of God Himself. Whether it is His humanity or His divinity, they both submit to the will of the Father in heaven. The SPIRIT is the SPIRIT of CHRIST, meaning the GOD HEAD. Therefore, His SPIRIT is GOD HIMSELF; this SPIRIT will not INTERFERE with His OWN WORK, and He cannot possibly do anything that would destroy His own work, nor will He utter any words that are contrary to His own will. ☀️ Therefore, God incarnate will absolutely never do any work that interferes with His own governance. This is what all people should understand. The INTENT of the WORK of the HOLY SPIRIT is to SAVE MAN, and for the SAKE of GOD'S OWN RULE. ☀️ Similarly, the work of CHRIST is also to SAVE MAN, and it is for the WILL of GOD. Since GOD HAS BEEN INCARNATED, He REALIZES His SPIRIT within His HUMAN BODY, that His HUMAN BODY is SUFFICIENT to CARRY OUT His WORK. 🙏 Therefore, ALL the WORKS of the SPIRIT of GOD were REPLACED by the WORKS of CHRIST during the INCARNATION, and at the CORE of all the WORKS during the ENTIRE INCARNATION was the WORKS of CHRIST. ☀️ It CANNOT be MIXED with WORK from ANY OTHER ERA. And SINCE GOD BECOMES FLESH, He WORKS in the IDENTITY of His FLESH; since He COMES in the HUMAN BODY, He thus FINISHES in the HUMAN BODY the WORK He has to DO. ☀️ Whether it is the SPIRIT of GOD or CHRIST, both of them are GOD HIMSELF, and He DOES the WORK that He should DO and PERFORMS the MINISTRY that He should PERFORM. 🙏 From "The Spirit of Christ is Obedience to the Will of the Father in Heaven" Fulfillment of "When I looked up, someone handed me a book wrapped in a scroll. I opened it and I read on both sides the prayers, sorrows, and curses." (Ezekiel 2:9-10). ... "His garment was stained with blood. He was called the "Word of God" (Rev. 19:13). The kingdom He brought down and set up in the highest in the sky so that it can occupy His creation in the universe and engrave on it the entirety of His Holy name "THE CHURCH OF ALMIGHTY GOD" 💐 fulfillment of (Mat. 16:18) "And I say as for you, you are Peter, on top of this rock I will build my Church, that even the power of death will not prevail over it.". ... and "The Letter to the Church in Philadelphia" (Rev. 3:7-13). ... And fulfillment of "The New Jerusalem" 💫 "The Spirit enveloped me, and the angel led me to the top of a very high mountain. He showed Me Jerusalem, the Holy City, coming down from heaven from God." (Rev. 3:7-13). ... " For the time has come in the house of God for the beginning of judgment in the house of God." (1 Peter 4:17). ... It is fulfilled that God Himself is our Pastor in (Rev. 7:17) 💐 "For the Lamb in the midst of the throne will be their PASTOR. He will lead them to springs of life-giving water; and God will wipe the tears from their eyes" 📩 Calling and leading the sheep of God to His glorious Throne "THE CHURCH OF ALMIGHTY GOD"💐 to submit again to His authority so that He will continue to teach, guide and protect even in plague, famine and wild animals will not be moved by it and completely win this final battle with the big red dragon! "They say with a loud voice, "Salvation comes from the Lamb, and from our God who sits on the Throne!" (Rev. 7:10). ... and it will be fulfilled that will be established above the sky/TRvid in (Isaiah 2: 2 / 9:6) "On the Last Day, the mountain on which Jehovah's temple stands will stand out above all the mountains. All nations will flock there. " . . . "For a baby boy is born to us. The rule will be given to him; and he shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Almighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace." ✉️💌
@Oworotoru 24 gün önce
He didn't destroy anything. He just explained how he personally was able to keep together science and belief.
@senzaforplay 8 gün önce
And even after all of those words, there is still no proof of the existence of the Christian God.
@dontwanttorent 5 gün önce
Your denial does not equal a rebuttal. I find proof of God’s existence in the freedom of choice he gives us. I further find proof of His existence in the way he makes the abundance of nature available to both believers and nonbelievers.
@Oworotoru 4 gün önce
@@dontwanttorent I'm not trying to rebut anything. I'm just saying, he only explained how he was able to put together science and god, which only works for him. In any case he didn't destroy atheism as the title says.
@alricprendergast8890 24 gün önce
This is so refreshing to see that in the public place of higher learning the case for a personal living God responsible for the creation of this world much less this endless Universe makes more sense than all the arguments against the person of God.
@dennisporebski8852 8 gün önce
Richard Dawkins in that room is as red as a beet. 😂 He is struggling with coming to terms with this.
@therick363 7 gün önce
To come to terms with?
@rishz7857 8 saatler önce
​@@therick363trickster, did you even listen to the video? It tells you what "this" is.
@therick363 8 saatler önce
@@rishz7857 so I ask a clarifying question and instead of answering it you choose to ignore it? Really? Is “this” atheism and was it destroyed?
@alast2860 2 aylar önce
LOVE, John Lennox 💕🙏🏻
@1rsalc 6 gün önce
I found your channel three days ago. You have posted many interesting videos. Thank you!
Glad you like them!
Hi there. He didn’t destroy them. He gave them his perspective of his faith in an intellectual way.
@gustavodelamora3676 4 aylar önce
and it was pretty weak in my opinion too.
@giornogiostar3214 4 aylar önce
​@@gustavodelamora3676 Nah it was pretty great.
Kingdom staff i love this keep saying it!
@penmail64 9 gün önce
A few questions here for Daily Dose. First; the prime assertion here is that something cannot have come out of nothing. That is easy on the surface from our limited understanding. We live within our little finite sphere, so infinity is a difficult concept. Let us say before our something there was in fact a god to generate it all. He/She is also infinite; and until creation was pretty much nothing. Where did this god come from? How did He/She begin? Is this universe the first creation? How likely is it that there are many gods with their toy universes? To decide that there may well be an sentient deity behind creation does not even begin to say the Bible is the one doctrine of all the doctrines written by men. Next - Evolution. It has holes scientists continue to full as more is unearthed. Only fragments so far of the whole have been excavated. The basic law of survival for evolutions of species is undeniable. Those that survived the most successfully dominated, often causing eradication of earlier species. Not always, some species with not-so-great survival habits manage for a surprising long time but are eventually overtaken. It is not 'perfect design', it is a process of trial and error clearly evident. Lets go back further - the great primordial soup. A combination of chemicals, temperature, water, gases and maybe helped by electrical energies began basic life. The explanation has a lot more logic than a man made of mud. Let's go back even further to something this mathematician said... he believes the sheer fact that this planet is so perfect for the creation of life with such perfect elements that his alone is proof of divine hand. Lol. The universe is so massive, statistically is it unlikely that some planets (more than just ours) can sustain life. We also know now that life exists in some of the most unlikely places with minimum of the elements, we once thought essential. This planet has produced the life most suitable for it. Obviously, it would not produce anything unsuitable. As for this crazy perfect design concept... we are so far from perfect! How arrogant to believe that we are. Finally, this guy goes on about the love of Jesus. Jesus is the same god that is basically a mass murderer, killing thousands every time he had a tanty (this is definitely a man made male persona of a god) over not being worshipped enough or in the right way. I am open to there being a god, I am not an atheist, but the mere idea that men on this minute nugget in the universe can package god in something as bizarre (beautiful, skillful, brilliant yest, but also bizzare) is ridiculous. Jesus is like, 'oh I am tired of trying to make people behave by mass slaughter, lets play good-cop, love you all, but if you don't love me in the right way BURN IN HELL for eternity. Nice chap. Even super lovely wonderful people will burn in this gods hell. I say find another god.
Ask your self a question. Who are the moral police of the earth? Do murderers and child molestors caught in the act go unpunished. Yet here we have a world full of people like that wreaking havoc on their fellow man who go unpunished because the law of men has failed us. Let’s not even talk pre meditative. In this world, some people are born and become very evil, even without truama. Even universal morality laws tell you that if someone continues down evil paths with no hope of rehabilitation that prison or even death row are imminent. People are evil by nature and have hatred by nature, even without the influences of other malevolent influences. The absence of love proves that your emotions are hardened. We are not robots, there is a judge and we will all stand before that judge. Man is lost without redemption. God gives a choice. Our eyes cannot see outside of this 3-4 dimensional space. There is a greater battle being forged for us, but lack of humility and hardness of heart, anger and rage keep us from seeing this. People have done many evil things in the name of many gods, but the only God who is the true God is the one who gives free will to chose. Imagine being married to a woman that despises you because you forced her to. I’m sorry, but no matter of sciences or physics can outweigh the NDEs, changes of personalities and lives that the true God does to those who believe in Him. If you meet nasty “Christian’s”, they don’t know God. Take this as you will. I hope the best for you! I am nothing more than a person who met the God I speak of, whom changed my life and heart. Countless miracles that couldn’t happen by chance. He changed me. He showed me what true love is. He is real and His name is Jesus Christ. Yeshua Hamashiach!
@dystervarg5257 6 saatler önce
​​​@@walkingwithmessiah8959About child molestation, well check out the cruches, because catholic priests are not the only ones given their love to kids. And let's not forget the atrocities perpetrated by God fearful people, until this very day. Now let's see in which Christianity you are trying to impose to us, catholicism, protestant, Baptists, etc. You will burn people who don't agree or have your beliefs like in the good old days? Every religion is about control and nothing else, "if you don't believe in our God, you will suffer in the afterlife, but we cannot wait, we will start making your life a living hell".
@chanelkim5272 Gün önce
Wow so good!!
@marneymcgovern4285 8 gün önce
So good to hear🙏💕
@lexyls4777 9 gün önce
Glory be to God 🙌🏻🙌🏻
@catherinedart4777 6 aylar önce
As a disaffected Anglican, I wish Justin Welby, Stephen Cottrell et al could speak with such passion and belief in the good Lord. They are collectively destroying my beloved Church.
@stephenlaing2152 6 aylar önce
As well as the paedophile ones like Peter Ball and others. That Catholic scandal in Boston uncovered by Spotlight was a disgraceful unearthing, and desperately fought by the Catholic Church too!
@davewalt1781 6 aylar önce
I think it's a sign of the end times, that many churches are growing cold. Many churches are getting away from biblical teachings and the truth. They just teach what people want to hear and truth means nothing to them.
@davewalt1781 6 aylar önce
@@FortescueGimlet You should say, "All believers are on the way to heaven." Now that is a good thing.
@user-rm8wc1mv3u 17 gün önce
Great Vid, We are to desire and ask for wisdom from God. Which brings much sorrow. Indeed.
@docholliday1811 Aylar önce
Thank you, a great help and revelation.
@Mrm1985100 Gün önce
Very good
@MadShmupper Aylar önce
This guy is fantastic! 🙂 I'm happy to have run across this.
Me too.
@billscott9005 13 gün önce
Show respect please
@egza2062 2 aylar önce
The fact that we can describe everything just with one language “mathematics” is the proof, that everything is connected to each other. The believing, that the whole universe just appeared makes much less sense than believing in a creator.
@guitarszen 2 aylar önce
As a scientist I can tell that is wrong immediately. Mathematics is a map, not the actual territory. It fails to map everything and this was shown by Godel's Incompleteness Theorem almost 100 years ago.
@user-ph2ql2vg1d 2 aylar önce
and even, in some sort of sense, everything was made of some kind of "maths"... then what of it? @@guitarszen
@guitarszen 2 aylar önce
It wasn't. You have an issue with reality and can't see it does not have to conform to some human-invented system. You probably think there is a god also without real evidence because you can't get out of your indoctrination.@@user-ph2ql2vg1d
@PablaMMoore Aylar önce
The universe was not created "appearing" from nothing. The are many well known atheist that after years of denying the existence of God and searching to prove that there is no God, they came to the conclusion that there is a God or an intelligent designer how some prefer to call the creator of the universe. The idea of God as creator is evident in the order things are created and in the fact that the universe stays in "balance" and in place. If the universe was created according with the chaos of the big bang theory, that chaos it self could not be able to keep the universe stability and it would disappear 9n the same way it was created. Chaos does not create order. God always existed. He has no beginning and no end. The universe was created by Him and has beginning and end. God is eternal. Created things are not. They pass away. God and His word will not pass away. Regardless of those that choose to deny the existence of God or choose not to believe in Him, He still exists. He is Hot and does not depend on us. We depend on Him.
@johnmurray9422 17 gün önce
If you think God has existed forever and does not need a 'beginning' or a 'creator', why can't I think that about the universe?
@Hakeem597 20 gün önce
That brother laid it down at Oxford. Beautiful!
@msouthard1958 19 gün önce
@angelomia6691 Aylar önce
Good speech❤
@jamesw796 2 aylar önce
Good work Wisdom. Great selection
@James-ll3jb 3 gün önce
"It is absurd to complain that it is unthinkable for an unthinkable God to make everything out of nothing, and then to pretend that it is more thinkable that nothing should turn itself into everything." ~ G.K. Chesterson
@s_jesusmathew380 6 aylar önce
This is Awesome ! Hallelujah !❤❤
@krisphiles Aylar önce
So powerful, clear AND personal! This is hope-affirming. Thank you.
@lisawichman4186 Aylar önce
Love this thank you for sharing.
@user-rq2ej3cy8t 14 gün önce
I love you all thank you
@tomblinphotoandfilm 23 gün önce
This is powerful and getting down to the necessity for having a personal knowing of God is the best point. Knowing God changes everything. Also, what is the song at the beginning and end of the video?
@marlenekapp6447 13 gün önce
Amen brother ❤
@shraddashradda 6 aylar önce
I took many journeys with plant medicine and shamans from the Amazon …the message was constant and the same every time ‘we forgot God’ …all pain was connected to this forgetting; I don’t take part in the plant medicine journeys anymore, because the message was so clear and complete.
@dustman96 6 aylar önce
What, the message that nature is the true "god"?
@shraddashradda 6 aylar önce
@@dustman96 no, the G-d that created nature. The Creator of all. Yage doesnt worship nature it worships G-d absolute.
@samxsara Aylar önce
I took plant medicine a lot of Time & I think I saw The unfolding of dehumanized humanity in such a powerful was that your expérience might be The last piece of my puzzle… so much pain and loneliness for human kind Down to The bottom of dante’s inferno…
@johnmurray9422 17 gün önce
Yeah, simple people with only folklore handed down for generations as evidence and guidance. For them, belief in the man in the sky is excusable.
@bincyabraham5229 Aylar önce
A scientist preaching the gospel in the best factual and evidence based way.
@user-nm8hj7ec7v Aylar önce
It is much like a scientist is preaching Buddhism in an evidenced and factual way. Look at the shape and you will find a Buddha is meditating.
@giuseppe5397 Aylar önce
define "evidence"?
@disneylana 28 gün önce
ThankYou. This is the most amazingly beautiful detailed picture of what I believe with all my heart. It be easy to be angry at God but if it weren’t for His presence in my life I would have no hope. My only 2 children have passed away. My youngest daughter was 7 when she passed away from leukemia. My oldest daughter passed away from complications of being a premie in 1967 and needing open heart surgery. My belief has promised that I will be with my Daughters again. Praise to the Lord Jesus Christ my savior.
@horseladyjane4321 Aylar önce
Thank you for sharing.
@Frediam7777 25 gün önce
Hello Lady Jane how are you doing. I believe everything is fine with you by the grace of the Lord. I’m Fred from Minnesota, nice to meet you here🙏🏼😇
@GodsIsrael 18 gün önce
Pure genius!👏👏👏👏
@mariar4431 18 gün önce
Great mind and soul.
@raymondcantor7987 6 aylar önce
Even all of these great minds setting in this room in the video is only a grain of sand on all of earth's beaches.
@sandraward8396 8 gün önce
God is not a theory, he is a person 🙏🏼♥️✝️
@dollyhorton2579 6 gün önce
Thank you for this video. That's all I can really say.
Listen to the best of Josh Garrels.
@mosslandia 6 gün önce
I very much appreciate this thoughtful approach to theism. Christianity has been so damaged by its association with right wing politics, bigotry, self-righteous posturing, closed-mindedness, anti-intellectualism and all the rest that thoughtful, kind people are put off from it. If this is Jesus, they think, I want no part of him. Your channel gives me hope.
@rishz7857 8 saatler önce
Christianity is not "damaged by association with" right-wing politics. What's so unbiblical about right wing message which is, Faith, Family then Freedom. 3 things the left attempts to remove from society. Societal worship of the created whether human or environmental rather than The Creator, is wrong. First commandment.
@hcevrim 9 gün önce
God is real as everything in this world, let Jesus thorough your life. Live with his name and you will get the all answer that you are asking right question for, right from the God. May god be thorough your life.
@lambahouse 6 aylar önce
Wow I’m from Nigeria and I’ve been privileged to travel a little round the world and have interacted with so many people of earth who didn’t believe in God but hearing this from a renowned scientist God is moving and he is still in the business to heal and restore our relationship. If many others would follow this world will be saved. I’m proud of you sir
@cheat123 6 aylar önce
he honestly didnt prove anything
@griffinkirkland9087 6 aylar önce
@@cheat123 certainly he did not. but I don't think science will be able to win over religion as easily as many textbooks scientists think, even though science and religion are really not at odds. science can only disprove CLAIMS of God, angels but God, God cannot be proven or disproven.
@vladeputinovic6128 6 aylar önce
@lawrenceottih 6 aylar önce
@@cheat123 He doesn't need to prove anything. He doesn't owe you that. Believe whatever you want. Nobody cares. When you die, you would know the real truth. Until then, suit yourself.
@willylo4090 6 aylar önce
For those who do not believe in God, you were just added to one of my proof that our ancestors ate that fruit of the tree that gives knowledge of what is good and what is bad, you have the "free will" and for that I thank you! You are another piece of evidence to me that there is God and don't worry we all have a chance of or for salvation. Jesus Christ came to being and resurrect. Which means he will be with us and continue showing us mercy through others means we might always ignore. For those who do believe in God and of the same, please just continue this Civil discussion and respect each other's claim. This is from Willy L. of the land now called the Philippines, and we behold, Child Jesus returns to this Garden where the first man, created out of soil was put to dwell. We all know on the sixth days of Creation that human being was created "male and female" right away, according to text, God or Gods mentioned "... and now we will make human beings; they will be like US and resemble US" (proof to me of all the races we have in this very planet), but our ancestors were created first then a Garden of Eden was made for them. Just sad they were disobedient as we are today.
@tiger7777 Aylar önce
Praise God for this man. Yes! 🙋🤗🤗💞🙏🧎😃😁😇👍
@mhapy 13 gün önce
deeply appreciated
Brilliant ❤
@camjamdown 13 gün önce
He made many great points, some amusing when you thknk of it. We are the pots saying to the potter," I made myself, you do not exist."
@lizziegillings5380 6 aylar önce
Absolutely brilliant brilliant teaching bless you all ❤
@Andre_XX 6 aylar önce
A dumb idiot sounds brilliant to an ever dumber idiot. As Einstein said, everything is relative.
@normankenneth01 6 aylar önce
Hello Lizzie , are you a catholic?
@williamburden7889 2 gün önce
I was totally on board up to the point of the Exclusive focus on Christianity which I thought placed placed an unnecessary limitation on the existence of a logical Creator. I believe in Progressive Revelation which ultimately means that God has continuously spoken and guided Mankind from the very beginning of existence through the major World Religions. Any reasonable study of history reveals the rise and fall of major civilizations in parallel with the ebb and flo of those same World Religions , each of which revealed in one form or another a future coming of the next stage in the process - paralleling a Progessive Revelation in the ever advancing Civilization of Mankind.
@cjohnson2159 17 gün önce
It’s amazing that we still have to defend our belief in Christ Jesus . But thank God we have people such as this gentleman who articulated the reason so well! Bless him 🙏🏾
@sandponics 10 gün önce
The first shaman sitting around a campfire about 70,000 years ago (or possibly longer) probably also had to defend his crazy ideas.
@mahatmaniggandhi2898 10 saatler önce
@broBobH23 Aylar önce
Good video. Think it is better explained by Tim Michin - Thank You God video. Live at the Albert Hall.
@ronlewald9752 12 gün önce
Schmupper below has the same comment as I, only 4 weeks earlier --- we didn't just happen upon this dissertation ..it was ordained that we STUMBLED upon it ... good job
Amen The Way
@Deetroiter 5 aylar önce
One of the things that strikes me most about this video is that THIS is a proper debate. There's no room full of spoiled children yelling out because they took one or two classes on something at the university, there's no slander or foul behavior attacks on the speaker, etc. It's just a room of educated individuals sharing their knowledge and why they believe what they do. AMAZING
@Justajawnie 5 aylar önce
It’s a lecture not debate
@tannhaeuserx464 5 aylar önce
Except that this video only presents one side.
@maylingng4107 5 aylar önce
@@tannhaeuserx464 There were 5 other speakers also, 3 of them contradicting everything Lennox claimed. These other speakers were deceitfully deleted from this video.
@MarisaHoare 5 aylar önce
@@maylingng4107 You genuienly must not have much of a life outside this video on youtube
@harmacist6623 5 aylar önce
@@maylingng4107 Oh really? I couldn't tell because I cannot do the most simplest of task of SEARCHING for the full session! How terrible! Whatever should I do!
@toolman3981 2 aylar önce
God is the only reason I'm still alive. Without that I just wouldn't want to be here personally. Without him I don't see the point.
@Magyar487 Aylar önce
Brilliant, well thought out presentation!
@sigdyxc2658 Aylar önce
Did he became christian because of human revolution around east?
@stevenkabwe4145 17 gün önce
wonderful presentation
The gospel by which we are saved was declared to us “how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures, and that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures” (1 Corinthians 15:3, 4).
@kathykinney9456 Aylar önce
Thank you
@Frediam7777 25 gün önce
Hello Kathy how are you doing. I believe everything is fine with you by the grace of the Lord. I’m Fred from Minnesota, nice to meet you here🙏🏼😇
@spudzie6609 2 aylar önce
Henry ford didn’t engineer the automobile, he engineered the production line
@pauldimech269 2 aylar önce
he learned the production line from George Washington Carver.
@MissMarie1377 Aylar önce
@@pauldimech269 lol 😂
@valkyrie3493 25 gün önce
The point is still the same
@sandponics 10 gün önce
Josiah Wedgewood beat Ford to it by about 250 years.
@preetika1753 2 aylar önce
I have seen down the time how the teachings of the society to shape me and my future, crumbling into pieces. Though taught with best efforts but it lacks the very fundamental truth of the existence and love of the Great God and hence my best interest and meaning of my only life. On the contrary, the Bible, the Word of God stands out powerfully and truthfully and tells me my best interest thrives only and only in my walking and relationship with God (who is a person and not imagination) through revelation through Lord Jesus Christ, our God who is manifested in human form
@Avliv_Satan 7 gün önce
That's an incredible amount of mental gymnastics and semantics to "prove" the existence of a god, at least in a conversational setting.
@dontwanttorent 5 gün önce
I disagree. Like an elegant mathematical proof, this is a well organized and sequential series of statements backed by facts. Perhaps after some reflection and another listen or two the seeming tangles will lay out smooth and straight for you.
@MonikaDrozd-ie3xf 25 gün önce
@carlossantos2147 Aylar önce
As humans, we' re too small to think there's not a God above us. Questions remain without answer till today and without God it will be the same way , for ever.
Right, let's here the other side now. Oh you forgot to include the reply from the other side. Perfect editing lol
@sycopupy 6 aylar önce
"God has not remain distant from our human suffering but has become part of it." Amazingly powerful observation.
@SimonBarsinister 6 aylar önce
Shouldn't God end our suffering instead? Why become part of it so that it continues?
@sycopupy 6 aylar önce
@@SimonBarsinister As long as there is free will and humans will do what they see fit in their own wisdom, there will be suffering.
@zacksmith4509 6 aylar önce
@@SimonBarsinister God is the most useful being to believe in(not just merely useful but also active and intelligent) as when you merit belief through true effort (not some carrot and stick like many atheists and agnostics criticize religions for which I do as well) so for merely suffering 80-90 odd years we get maximum access to God's love, sleep, life, etc. Hence it is called "heaven" thus rendering any capacity of suffering on us to help our fellow man and woman out through God..
@liveuser8527 6 aylar önce
​@@SimonBarsinistersee Bernardo Castrup.. Pretty interesting guy....he isn't a Traditional Christian or Bible Basher.. Hes a computer Scientist and philosopher actually and his views on suffering are actually pretty interesting.. He sees the genesis account as a birth of META cognition in humans over instinct......and we are in the dimension/matrix simulation of good and evil.. And when we have the correct balance of meta cognition with instinct, THEN we will be truly "worthy".. See Jung To Live By channel..in particular their videos on the INDIVIDUATION process and bio-psycho-social model
@steviewondek 6 aylar önce
@@sycopupy Oppressing everyone into an authoritarian fascist ideology won't solve anything in the long term either, fascist regimes always fall apart in the end because they require too much energy to keep the deceit going, the future and the truth always has a liberal bias.
Absolutely exceptional 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
@BobDobalena Aylar önce
This is the message I try to explain to my kids, that the idea of no creator is nonsense. Great video.
@rogerphelps9939 Aylar önce
Who created the creator and why.
@BobDobalena Aylar önce
@@rogerphelps9939 If the creator created the universe, then the creator exists outside the bounds of time & space and your question no longer makes sense.
@nickrobinson7096 Aylar önce
@@BobDobalena you're ignoring their question. The idea of no creator makes no sense. But then by your own logic the idea of no creator for the creator to have come about is nonsense.
@mizuitto2 17 gün önce
@@nickrobinson7096 let’s say hypothetically there was a creator of the creator, let’s even say there are other 4th dimensional beings out there alongside God. If I had to choose to worship one of them I’d worship the one who actually gives a crap about us and has been trying for all of history to make us understand how much he loves us without impeding our free will! Choosing to not worship Him when He clearly states that He’s our ticket to the Good place is insanity. And that’s not even why you should love Him. You should love Him because He IS love, and loves and cares for us more than any of us will ever know until we see Him in person. Not to mention he literally gave us love in the first place. If “not wanting to go to hell” is the reason you first seek after Him, that would be fine! He will show you what loving Him really means as long as you seek Him. But after all that, to answer your question we don’t know what the higher dimension is like and what is there, but we love our Savior because He loves us, we can ask Him all those questions to His face when we see Him.
@SmittySZN 13 gün önce
@@nickrobinson7096no you don’t understand. There has to be a creator to create everything, that is the logic we use HERE. But God? He exists beyond, the same rules WE live by HE doesn’t live by. Meaning he is the beginning, he doesn’t need a creator.
@yodservant 2 aylar önce
Interesting point, Personhood is Fundamental and intrinsic to Our Being. God as Person. What is the current wave in culture?? To de-humanize people and to make their respective lives unimportant.... powerful talk.
AI, Man & God | Prof. John Lennox