OVERWATCH 2 ... For Noobs

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8 Eki 2022




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Macro 3 aylar önce
For updates and patch notes on Macro 2, follow my twitter @theMacroShow twitter.com/theMacroShow
moses leon
moses leon 3 aylar önce
what was the song name at the start
Aapeli Rainio
Aapeli Rainio 3 aylar önce
I would give the game a 7.5* because you have to pay money for skins And the free revards dont really fo much for me on the battle pass I think thy should put the lootbox system back so you dont need to waste you money on skins
Turmnllyrc 3 aylar önce
@Watcher same and I don’t have any of my skins
Ban Ban
Ban Ban 3 aylar önce
Road hogs hook NEEDS to be nerfed. It’s ranger is too long and cool down is way too low.
Zenyatta 3 aylar önce
Experience transcendence
Unfunny 3 aylar önce
arguably the worst change from OW1 to OW2 was removing sigma's schizo violin play when picking him in the hero selection
MelonMAn Aylar önce
As someone who is a first timer, what?
Lacienaga Lacey
Lacienaga Lacey Aylar önce
Uggggh yes! That was such a great detail!
Thicc Daddy
Thicc Daddy 2 aylar önce
What about removing 6v6 man
Spring 2 aylar önce
I think you meant obviously
Deobvious 3 aylar önce
Me: a sigma main and never got the reference Overwatch 2: taking away the reference so I never got to experience
Mistyche 3 aylar önce
"No one wants to play healer but will still complain" Literally how I became a support main
LNG CreepyzTV
LNG CreepyzTV 6 gün önce
I was a support main on paladins for 5 years. I damn near refuse to go back lmao
I’m in your walls
I’m in your walls 11 gün önce
I play mercy because... she has nice “personality”
diamond bragg
diamond bragg Aylar önce
@Rigel exactly y I main noira does damage have can heal. Love seeing all these shorts about how you can't do damage with her when I've won multiple games and got best play as her
Allison 2 aylar önce
@Thadiator as a less than 2 week old player that has taken a liking to Moira, any tips or tricks to be a decent teammate? I honestly dont know much about the game, I learn as I go. But I did go into the game wanting to excel in a support role. I'm not a huge gamer, I've played my whole life, but just started playing shooter games within the past like 3 years or so. So I know I wouldn't really be a vital teammate trying to play any other role. If you have any suggestions, it would be super helpful.
Fnaffan_13 2 aylar önce
I just did it because I thought it looked cool compared to the others
pokerpoking 3 aylar önce
I can't believe they locked characters behind a battle pass. Like, the most exciting thing about OW1 was when a new character dropped and you could ACTUALLY TRY IT
Mercy Gün önce
@Ewokpilot 65 that doesn’t mean it’s locked in the battle pass, that means it’s locked behind leveling up
pokerpoking Aylar önce
@Rayzor28 oh sorry didn't know they made it free Whoops
Rayzor28 Aylar önce
Bro it's literally a free game. Cry more. Buy the battle pass and support the company.
Project X
Project X Aylar önce
I'm glad they switched to this model instead of "pay... and they pay more". People can now try the actual game for free and have 100s of hours in it before they decide if they want to spend money in it or not.
D1rtworm 2 aylar önce
@Isaiah Doucette But a good question to ask is, is that temporary? What happens when the next battle pass comes out? If the new character becomes exclusively paid for it creates incredible inbalances in the game for free to play players. These games need free to players to keep the player bass up in an evolving meta if they want the game not to stagnant and stay popular. They ought to lean into mobas like smite and I think leagues design where characters can be bought but also easily achieved or learned how play as or against. Otherewise the meta for a game like this may very quickly become pay to win which would never keep a competitive/growing player base.
Max 3 aylar önce
Honestly, for me the worst thing they removed is loot boxes. They will be missed
paupoji6 4 gün önce
exactly but sadly, overwatch 2 needs a way to gain themselves money. i just wish the prices weren't so, much? 18 dollars for a single legendary is very crazy and majority of the skins are old and were once free in the first game. it's really horrible that they would make old skins 18 bucks, it'd be understandable if it were at least 15 dollars or so. things such as emotes and highlight intros too are WAY overpriced and they keep finding ways to make it so you have to buy extra coins. for a legendary, they force you to buy 2,200 coins, which is ridiculous.
Salamander Hillbilly Weasel
Loot boxes if they can be earned for free and aren’t rigged are arguably better than whatever macro transaction hellspawn this is
slitface✰ 3 aylar önce
Agreed, the feeling of getting a legendary skin was so dope
GH0rochi Aylar önce
If you still play it that is legit giving it a pass
Xerohh 3 aylar önce
It would have felt like an actual sequel if it released with the PVE mode. Im excited for the mode because the OW story is good and its something new and refreshing for OW
A.X.X 3 aylar önce
@SmokeyOwOs Someone doesn’t know what Hero shooter games are
MTGbigdog 3 aylar önce
@PastPositive look up tf2 comics
PastPositive 3 aylar önce
@MTGbigdog I don’t remember tf2 having a story mode lol
Joe Morgenstern
Joe Morgenstern 3 aylar önce
I am so baffled to see people hopeful for OW2.
3asyIan 3 aylar önce
.can you still play the campaign from OW1? .i'd like to try it.
Badreddine Kasmi
Badreddine Kasmi 3 aylar önce
My biggest issue with OW2 is actually the lack of lootboxes. Seeing the game without any skins makes it feel much more bland. It was nice to see everyone expressing themselves through the skins they used.
rylan 18 gün önce
@Project X they got shit for it because gambling meanwhile gta5 here a casino so you can gamble away also me when I play gta go's online punch someone kills someone drivs to casino do a massacre kill a player if there walk in take days notice and spin the wheel then go play horse raceing or cards dice thing ethier way make wthier couple hundred or go back to 30k domt try to drop be low 10k winnings at least il gamble till it kicks me out for winning so much or however that works 💪 my luck is strong now just to keep it digital so I don't gamble my life away I'm joking by the way kinda not really I'd be up in this loke fear loathing lost Vagas but canada edition
rylan 18 gün önce
What no skins like the skins are gone my frosty Reinhart is gone
Project X
Project X Aylar önce
Lmao you guys are complaining that there _aren't_ lootboxes in the game. We've come a looong way around huh?
DefonotMax 2 aylar önce
Exactly. The battle pass is mainly ass with some good things. I mean for pete's sake they added reaper eating a cookie. ( Not bashing him. I main him. I am just saying nobody asked for it)
GamingWheezer222 2 aylar önce
@sTryKer The game cost $30. The $60 is the special edition.
Nugget 09
Nugget 09 3 aylar önce
I’ve been a macro fan for quite a while, and this is the best your content has every been, dude. The perfect combination of information and entertainment. Good job.
Useless 3 aylar önce
@hoiy vinosa queue problem is mostly solved
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa 3 aylar önce
I loved playing this for 1 hour after waiting three days, 54 minutes and 46 seconds.
Outcast LGN
Outcast LGN 3 aylar önce
I actually never played the original one so I just started playing overwatch 2 and so far loving it
JO D. JO 2 aylar önce
@JussWunuhSmial the devs pay does not change depending on my purchase they have a fixed salary thats scarily underpaid so no im not happy i “supported” some millionaires line theyre pockets while replacing dmm
JussWunuhSmial 2 aylar önce
@JO D. JO Or you can be happy that you've supported developers that have given you hundreds of hours of entertainment.
Liam Gingery
Liam Gingery 2 aylar önce
variks the loyal
variks the loyal 3 aylar önce
@JO D. JO when did you buy it
JO D. JO 3 aylar önce
@Dillama • 13 years ago yea so they took away the game i paid 60$ for and replaced it with something i can get for free, ur point i still feel robbed
Anthony Iglesias
Anthony Iglesias Aylar önce
Honestly the best part about Overwatch 2 is that it made overwatch relevant again
OD Aylar önce
Top 3 most played games on Xbox currently
Ninja Katan
Ninja Katan 3 aylar önce
I used to look at Orisa in overwatch 1 and see a walking ult charger but now I’m actually a little bit scared of her
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Twinflame9410 3 aylar önce
I've never played overwatch 1 so when they released overwatch 2 for "FREE!!" I was like "okay let's try it" and I love it 😍!! Definitely one of my favorite games ever!!! Love Bastion and Pharah.
Twinflame9410 3 aylar önce
@yuki me too
yuki 3 aylar önce
...and then they temporarily removed bastion due to a bug with his ultimate being spammable but i still love my robot boi
Eastompoo 3 aylar önce
This is exactly what happened to me lol
john michaels
john michaels Aylar önce
Like your style. Funny and informative. Subed
SoftenDukie 3 aylar önce
I like the game itself, but I do miss the loot box system. It was always fun when you levelled up.
Billy 3 aylar önce
it should probably be mentioned that the fact that it's being promoted as 'new' somewhat is definitely bringing in a lot of new players. I know a ton of people who are discovering ow2 and had never thought of touching ow1
Kaden Williams Scoots
Kaden Williams Scoots 3 aylar önce
Me frfr
Vesde 3 aylar önce
@LozCS so true, underrated comment.
Valk Tyrsdottir
Valk Tyrsdottir 3 aylar önce
I always wanted overwatch but there where other games I’d rather buy
Leo 3 aylar önce
I never played OW1 but I am playing OW2 because it's free.
Frank Nelson
Frank Nelson 3 aylar önce
Yup I'm one of those new players that was never going to touch Ow1 😂
the age of dawn
the age of dawn 3 aylar önce
Playing kiriko is probs the most fun I’ve had she’s good if you can hit headshots on everyone *not roadhog* and her healing paper is really effective and I always get endorsements because I always am around to heal everyone and not just a tank
STALWART ZERO 3 aylar önce
If the other team is playing roadhog, then you already won.
002robot Aylar önce
hey macro do you think you could do deathverse: let it die for noobs
KingZilla 3 aylar önce
Honestly got the game tonight. Haven’t even played OW 1 before, but figured out the basics pretty quick and have had tons of fun so far.
Youssef 27 gün önce
I had never played the first game, and when the “sequel” came out I’ve been having a blast playing with my friends! It’s a super fun game, my only issue with it are the fucking tanks seriously someone should do something about that, they’re so annoying specialty DIVA and Fucking road hog’s practically inmortal for some reason.
Sebliminal Aylar önce
He really went for the jugular huh got damb
long pham
long pham 3 aylar önce
They should’ve added a story mode where we go through the lore and stuff
andreggvil 3 aylar önce
i never played ow before and tried ow2 for the first time yesterday. pretty much agree with all your points in this video, as someone who's only experienced ow2 gameplay for a few hours. very fun but i can also see why people rage at this game so much
Beck M
Beck M Aylar önce
watching this as revision so i can play with my gf
Static plays
Static plays 3 aylar önce
I love how he makes these videos so fun to watch without too much editing it's really cool and it shows me that I can do something similar
Nükleer 3 aylar önce
I'm sick of videos full of mainstream memes or moving captions
Shadowkillr 20k
Shadowkillr 20k 2 aylar önce
As a person who never experienced playing ow1 but used to love valo and apex I can agree the team work and hours you need are incredible
Hannes Lundin
Hannes Lundin 3 aylar önce
Haven’t watched your channel in ages, because I wasn’t very interested in Apex when you started doing that. *BUT* I was always a fan of your content, and I’m so happy to see your channel is still around, doing well and now covering Overwatch 2!
Hannes Lundin
Hannes Lundin 3 aylar önce
Coach cold
Coach cold 2 aylar önce
Honestly that was a great intro, an amazingly smart plug, and metaphor. Great job man
QualifiedGoner 3 aylar önce
Macro: every character has a unique weapon that only they get to use Echo:
SC 3 aylar önce
@Demia Eclipse Echo comrade confirmed
Nu A
Nu A 3 aylar önce
@Tentative clover i mean you still able to earth shatter for 3 time if you copy rein tho
Hush 3 aylar önce
@Tentative clover I agree wholeheartedly, which is why I dumbed it down to a live saver, where I can use it to save my own life and maybe (if I’m lucky and playing well enough) get a potg depending on the character I copy
J 3 aylar önce
@IzzySkinnyChin echos abilities and weapons are pretty much taken from other heroes
Tentative clover
Tentative clover 3 aylar önce
Echo is weak af and even got a unnecessary nerf to her ultimate where she can only get up to 300 HP from copying enemies yes I know it was to make "copying tanks" less of a priority but tbh it just makes her ultimate barely useful
Kodey Crane
Kodey Crane 3 aylar önce
It feels more like an update rather than a sequel
Youhadabadday 3 aylar önce
Correction on 2CP: It's still in the game, it's just not a part of the main map rotation anymore. You can still play 2CP on Custom Games.
master chief you mind telling me what your doing
They literally just used the old overwatch shortcut
kurrupo ppo
kurrupo ppo 3 aylar önce
I was always the healer in the first one because nobody was ever a healer. I became really good with Mercy because of this. I was almost always player of the game
Oliver white
Oliver white 3 aylar önce
So glad to see macro making more overwatch content remind me of his old videos
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 3 aylar önce
So glad to see macro making more overwatch content remind me of his old videos
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Giacomo Uchiha
Giacomo Uchiha 2 aylar önce
I never played Overwatch and now that i tried overwatch 2 i'm in love with the game and it's a lot fun to plat, still the tanks are too overpower
Gaming Geckos
Gaming Geckos 3 aylar önce
5:50 …UNLESS you’ve got an ability like Moira! Yeah, it’s pretty funny how Orisa does this big scary ultimate move, and then you can just simply say “no,” press a single button, and be perfectly safe. And then you get an achievement for it!
Asylum 3 aylar önce
Honestly I love OW2 while it isn’t as hard for me to have fun (I play with friends in a group chat) I feel like it’ll be worse if I play alone
V 2 aylar önce
@mally02 Same man and worst thing is that I HAVE to play alone because…well… I have 0 friends…🌚🫠
mally02 3 aylar önce
@Nora I’m new and this game is difficult it’s terrible
Nora 3 aylar önce
It IS much worse, nobody in your team communicates and it’s so confusing to play when you’re new
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa 3 aylar önce
Me having 400+ hours on this game but still realizing this video applies to me
Big Bobby
Big Bobby 3 aylar önce
I loved playing this for 1 hour after waiting three days, 54 minutes and 46 seconds.
Louis 3 aylar önce
Its goes really fast for me, sometimes 10 seconds and i'm just on Xbox
Nyxol 3 aylar önce
@SmokeyOwOs lmao someones insencure. You've come to the conclusion that I'm "trying to act intellegent" because of what? Proper grammar? My use of basic vocabulary? 💀
SmokeyOwOs 3 aylar önce
@Nyxol bro gtfo tryna act intelligent on a TRvid comment section 💀
XDkanka XD
XDkanka XD 3 aylar önce
Dang u r so unlucky i waited 30 mins and then played 26 hours literally skipped school
Nyxol 3 aylar önce
@SmokeyOwOs The issue i was referring to was the queue issue. Sorry, I should have clarified even more than I already did. I forgot some people don't have basic comprehension skills. Anyways they fixed the queue issue so once again, if youre still having queue issues, it's a you issue. I suggest changing your server to your actual region, restarting your console or completley shutting down the game and start it again.
LLTK.Wullie 3 aylar önce
Im so glad this game came out, I dont have a problem with it being the same as OW1 because I always found the first one fun. I've been so bored for the past couple of months and this game has brought me a lot of fun in the past week or so. And the fact it's free is a plus. I love it
ᴍᴇꜱꜱᴀɢᴇ ᴍᴇ ᴏɴ ᴛele👉gram @Cynicalex1
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_SargentoCoelho _
_SargentoCoelho _ 3 aylar önce
Talking about balancing, as much as i LOVED the kick buff for zen, i cant help but feel like that was an awful choice. I mean, he is mostly played in mid-far combat and the only buff he gets is in melee? Its like buffing widow by making her assault rifle do more damage in closer distances. Its cool, but the sheer fact of using it is a confirmation that you are in the wrong place
YOUNG MASSY 2 aylar önce
Never played Overwatch 1 but I’ve loved playing Overwatch 2 since it dropped.
Jacob Baker
Jacob Baker 18 gün önce
Never played overwatch 1. Loving overwatch 2 as a support. I do have to say my biggest complaint though is playing as support and constantly being yelled at by your team for not healing them when I’m the only one escorting the payload while they’re 20 meters ahead of me trying to spawn kill the enemy.
carbohydrate child
carbohydrate child 3 aylar önce
i am a complete and utter noob but i'm having so much fun trying out all the characters' abilities, listening to their voicelines and learning about their backstories
I Love Chuu
I Love Chuu 3 aylar önce
@Sketchyfade aww
Ray 3 aylar önce
carbohydrate child
carbohydrate child 3 aylar önce
@Aerick Mon i got my pc just after it started losing popularity and i didn't have the money for it anyway but it's always been at the back of my mind bcs my best friend is an og player. i remember watching macro's for noobs videos
carbohydrate child
carbohydrate child 3 aylar önce
@Dalton H i've been playing moira and zenyatta, they're my favourite characters so far ! i got decently good with them and had no trouble other than this one time somebody complained about "useless healers" and started swearing in chat one of the first times i tried a damage hero they made me switch to soldier, who i really enjoy playing, but now i have a habit of checking my damage in the tab menu to make sure it's acceptable 😭
Bobthemilkman 3 aylar önce
Vegility 3 aylar önce
I’m new to overwatch 2 so is it just me or are headshots with Hanzo the best feeling ever
Rêi 3 aylar önce
Started day 1, never played OW1 before so it was new experience for me, after unlocking every single character I realized kiriko was only unlockable through BP, and so I started grinding for the next 5 days, I've finally unlocked her, and it was painfully tiring, I think they should lower the BP requirement or make the characters unlockable at a lower level maybe 20 to 30ish level so that newer players could enjoy and actually learn and have fun instead of sitting there 9 hours a day grinding for a stupid charm nobody asked for
afropkerz Aylar önce
I have never played overwatch but starting to lose interest in apex and wanna try this at some point. How would you sell overwatch to me over apex? 😁
mundae Aylar önce
apex is old a dead overwatch is older and alive again
BC5 Gaming
BC5 Gaming 2 aylar önce
im installing the game and watching. I love ur "for noobs" videos :D
Ata Altan Memis
Ata Altan Memis 3 aylar önce
As an returning player from OW1, Its super fun to play with ftp players whilst also fighting against new players as Lucio, booping them off the map and gettin POTG
LOVE6iC 3 aylar önce
@Crazy Simo nah Lucio is fun Asf to play his movement is cool asf & a tip I would give is use your speed more than healing (unless you’re near a teammate who needs health ofc) because you already heal passively & I think the speed side still heals Lucio just not as fast as the healing side 🤷🏽‍♂️ also lead your shots that goes for a lot of characters who don’t have a “gun” per say!
MISTER SIR 3 aylar önce
@Addazarmy Nothing hits harder than someone shouting "McCree behind" - as you hear the faint talk about what time it is
NeOWotson 0
NeOWotson 0 3 aylar önce
@Crazy Simo Im playing ow for 4,5 yrs, and i can say that for me it’s not that good character as heal.Yeah he can bop out of map enemies, but it rarely.I mean there’s a lot of good healers, but it’s only my opinion, if it’s ur fav enjoy this game and have fun=)
CartiLover911 3 aylar önce
@Crazy Simo I’d say there’s a skill curve to playing Lucio, but there are no bad characters in OW. Everyone is useful. Even Bastion now that they’ve changed him.
Crazy Simo
Crazy Simo 3 aylar önce
Is lucio supposed to be a bad character? Im a brand new player and hes one of my faves
cat in a suit
cat in a suit 3 aylar önce
OW2 could've made a campaign, i think this would be cool since it technically is PvE but story mode, i just think that would be cool
Kiriko🤍 3 aylar önce
I played this for the first time today and I really enjoyed it and it’s a really good follow on to ow1
Grebby 3 aylar önce
for the most part, I feel as though the game came out nicely, and was overall pretty well done. My only major issues would be how long its taking for Blizzard to fix certain glitches, as well as the microtransactions. I understand the micro-transactions a little bit, because how else would they get their money? But the issues with glitches and bugs in the new game is astoundingly annoying. I've had to reinstall my game twice now because my heroes keep getting locked. Overall, I'd say a solid 7/10 for the first couple days it's been released.
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hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa 3 aylar önce
I think it would've been cool for the PVE system of customizing your character build to be part of the PVP.
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa 3 aylar önce
Going from loot boxes to battle passes feels weird for overwatch and knowing how hard loot boxes have been scrutinized in the media I know they’ll probably never come bac
User_01 3 aylar önce
“If you hated overwatch 1 you will probably hate overwatch 2” as he puts the anger feeling from inside out 🤣that was pretty good 👍 😂
User_01 3 aylar önce
Every time they like it I just get 2 be reminded of how funny that was 🤧😆
lucky 3 aylar önce
no its doomfist
DogNut 3 aylar önce
This absolutely screams autistic
User_01 3 aylar önce
@Vito Palmito male Karens still saying “in 2022” 🤡💀🤖
Vito Palmito
Vito Palmito 3 aylar önce
emojis in 2022
Magnelauge 21 gün önce
I still miss the game mode that was on hanamura. Where you had to capture a objective and then a new objective to would appear that u had to cap to ein
Wasian Mutt
Wasian Mutt 3 aylar önce
something im rlly dumbed about is them getting rid of find a group. I used to always join random groups and it was so much fun. now i cant and there's a small part of me that wishes i could just switch to ow1 sometimes but I cant anymore Dx
Kris Mokosinski
Kris Mokosinski 2 aylar önce
It’s so much better now, you get the three new heroes instantly and i believe the tanks have been mildly nerfed
DannyWhiteMusic 3 aylar önce
Me having 400+ hours on this game but still realizing this video applies to me
Bleeding Revolver
Bleeding Revolver 3 aylar önce
@DannyWhiteMusic oh, I’m just glad it’s free now lmao
DannyWhiteMusic 3 aylar önce
@Bleeding Revolver yeah essentially, just upgraded graphics, few new heroes, comp is now 5v5 rather than 6v6, but overwatch 1 got shut down and replaced with this so it’s weird they call it OW2
Bleeding Revolver
Bleeding Revolver 3 aylar önce
@DannyWhiteMusic really? Damn
DannyWhiteMusic 3 aylar önce
@Bleeding Revolver overwatch 2 is still overwatch 1, just updated
Bleeding Revolver
Bleeding Revolver 3 aylar önce
In 6 days ? 💀
Srta. Carlota
Srta. Carlota 3 aylar önce
honestly im so glad so many people are playing. Overwatch is one of my favourite games, super polished, character design top notch.. too bad gameplay was trash near the ending
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Ghoast Bee
Ghoast Bee 3 aylar önce
nice video like always, would like to see a ___ for noobs but more of a review of all the reworked legends combined into one video, maybe even put them on a tierlist idk
Dumbest_fox Aylar önce
“She throws knives and paper 😃” I love this 😃
Nyne Ross
Nyne Ross 3 aylar önce
New players in OV2 need to understand that when playing Damage you need to kill opponent support first not tank not Damage. But I keep seeing them killing Tank as if their health are little 🤣🤣🤣
Bronx is home no matter where I go.
They're not massive changes. But sometimes. You dont have to do a lot to improve something. The changes they made. Resulted in a much faster paced, better flowing game. I'm loving it.
Dillon The Villon
Dillon The Villon 3 aylar önce
@Albert Taylor destiny 2 did it In forsaken and apex did it with new console release. They were just default and didn’t take 3 yrs to fucking make, took one day of downtime that’s IT. Also destiny just released 3 big comprehensive reworks of old classes back to back, Apex releases a new legend EVERY SEASON and seasons last about 3 months. So don’t correct me if u don’t know what ur talking about Also apex and destiny release dozens of new skins and armor sets (respectively) every single season so no I’m not gonna give OW2 credit for slightly redesigning characters. It’s sad that lest vast AAA studios can make better and bigger changes in 3 months then one of the biggest gaming developing studios can do in 3 yrs.
Albert Taylor
Albert Taylor 3 aylar önce
@Dillon The Villon apex and destiny don’t undergo graphics overhauls Fortnite did do one, and they used that opportunity for an “official release” of their game. Which is, a new map, some new mechanics like fishing, and new graphics And again, it’s not just graphics but redesigns on a lot of details. 3 new characters, but including the total bastion, doomfist, and orisa rework that’s 6 characters that didn’t exist last game.
Dillon The Villon
Dillon The Villon 3 aylar önce
@Null it’s crazy that people think just bc they tweaked and reworked sum hero’s and made the graphics better while introducing new modes that that justifies a sequel; fucking Apex or destiny 2 do that sometimes halfway thru there seasons.
Dillon The Villon
Dillon The Villon 3 aylar önce
@Null First off the game is being marketed like a successor of the game, just bc it’s free to play doesn’t mean the game isn’t being marketed, that is literally the stupidest logic I’ve ever heard. 2nd, the “Major” overhaul y’all are talking about is what games like destiny 2, Fortnite, or DBD can do in one season, so no I’m not impressed that it took them 3 yrs to do this, 3rd and finally what I “expected” was a game that would work on launch, have the PVE that we have been promised ever since OW1, a well thought out progression system that is rewarding, and better monetization, THAT is what I expected from a reboot of such an old and beloved game from a multi BILLION dollar gaming company.
Dillon The Villon
Dillon The Villon 3 aylar önce
@Albert Taylor I’ve seen games do everything this game did in one season. Examples: Destiny 2, Dead by daylight, Fortnite etc…
Bully Maguire
Bully Maguire 3 aylar önce
Man, I miss Overwatch 1 so much. It felt way more rewarding and you could actually get all of the hero cosmetics without paying real money. It was fun to grind out events (even though they were repetitive) in hopes of getting that event legendary you wanted. And when you got it, your eyes would just light up with joy and excitement. Overwatch 2 feels bland and not rewarding at all. They need to bring back the old ways, but I know they won't. Free loot boxes aren't coming back and we have to accept that. They found a way to excuse making the game into a cash grab so. I mostly feel bad for the new players. They have absolutely nothing for all of the heroes and will never have any of their cosmetics unless they pay. It's very scummy of them to sell very old cosmetics that were free once upon a time. Especially sprays, voice lines, and victory poses. Who's gonna waste real money on sprays, voice lines, and victory poses? Lmao.
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Palindome 3 aylar önce
I really disappointed that they some how made an even more predatory monetisation system. I honestly much preferred the loot box system just because of how often you would receive them. I have hunch the devs really didn’t want to make a lot of these changes but were kinda forced to
Emanuel Alvarez
Emanuel Alvarez 3 aylar önce
I don’t like macro 2. Whenever macro 1 uploaded it always made my day, I feel like the content has changed a lot.
Lemi 7 gün önce
I’ve been told that I’m an amazing Lucio and only seem to get endorsements when I use Lucio but not when I get play of the game as orisa
gamerjames 3 aylar önce
It's honestly insane how quick I was able to jump back into this after not playing OW for 2 and a half years. A bit miffed that the account merging took forever to get my characters and skins back, but I had no problem picking up Moira again and got both of her achievements the first day I got back.
Dydoy 3 aylar önce
STALWART ZERO 3 aylar önce
Homie just said Moira. You lost me at Moira. No one flexes Moira
רוי גיל
רוי גיל 3 aylar önce
just dont use skins. aint worth it with the new coins system, 1900 for an OK skin when 1000 is enough for premium battle pass
Random 3 aylar önce
what is fun for healer is that now you got 66% chance to play with a tank that got no shield + you got no mobility if you play ana or zen which is really nice because all other hero can kill you faster . very fun game .
Nu A
Nu A 3 aylar önce
@Sueps 2.since rein sigma and zarya being top winrate for a reason and monkey being top tier in youtube tier list it mean sheild is just more important if you play hog queen ball doom enemy dps that have enough brain cell will ignore you and shoot straight to your healer But that not case for anyone with sheild they cant do that so that why hero with sheild/can protect back line have most winrate
Sueps 3 aylar önce
1) It’s your choice to play people, if you’re bad at ana or zen don’t play them 2) you don’t need shields anymore. Natural cover exists, tanks need to duel the enemy tank and hold a position. They can do that without just holding right click at the choke 3) ana has one of the only stuns in the game and zen has a huge way to knockback flankers plus does a huge amount of damage so idk wtf you mean
UNIB 3 aylar önce
Finally something this channel excels at without fail
Anastazy Staziński
Anastazy Staziński 3 aylar önce
I never played Overwatch because i didnt wanted to spend money on the game designed like that and oh boy how i was wrong with that. I am having so much fun with this game right now! Orisa and Queen are op asf , if i am not playing Genji or Fara i am playing them.
Rodrigo Sequeira
Rodrigo Sequeira 3 aylar önce
Tbh I’ve never OW1 and at the time (before OW2 released) i would love to try to play it. So I did some research and i found paladins a game that i personally find amazing. Now with the OW2 coming out i was pretty hyped about it and that i could finally try it out and i did. Compared to paladins i was pretty disappointed. (I’m not saying that OW copied but) The characters are “the same” but the gameplay, for me is way worse. So i think I’ll stick with paladins, sadly a game that i think that doesn’t have the fans and the fame that it should have.
pizza delivery springtrap
Zenyatta's kick is the best change in the game.
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Grandmaster Fudge
Grandmaster Fudge 3 aylar önce
I walked in expecting to hate Overwatch 2, but i had a great time. Figured I'd download it and dick around and ended up playing for like 6 hours straight. Not perfect and hardly a new game, but still a fun game.
Scrypted 3 aylar önce
''Tanks are essentially your best dps on your team'' yet I still somehow outdamage them all with Kiriko
Jason Hayes
Jason Hayes 3 aylar önce
@Chino - WRD
Chino -
Chino - 3 aylar önce
kiriko plz heal me i don’t care you have silver damage your front line is falling apart plz our other support left plz heal me
0 0
0 0 3 aylar önce
I just wanna know who thought that removing second tank was a good idea
Gaming Geckos
Gaming Geckos 3 aylar önce
9:46 Eh, I had always heard mixed opinions about OW1, and I was already playing games like TF2, so I didn’t feel great about spending money on something I might not like. But now that it’s free to play, a gave it a shot, and yeah, it’s pretty good!
Sang woos Ashes
Sang woos Ashes 3 aylar önce
I got into overwatch lore wise before the second one came out and never played it (never got the chance to buy it) but I recently got the second one after my brother begged me to play with him. I’m not a huge shooter game kinda person, but after playing for a little I’ve had a lot of fun playing it. (Even if I’m not the best at playing it lol)
TrickedCoyote13 2 aylar önce
Personally I like overwatch2, its a fun game and the graphics are really nice
Top Man
Top Man 3 aylar önce
I watched your video on Genji and it helped a lot One round I got two double kills, it was pretty recent actually
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Sayeed_Boi Sayeed_Boi
Sayeed_Boi Sayeed_Boi 3 aylar önce
A couple of my friends sweat this game I never bothered to try it back then Literally my first time playing was on overwatch 2 launch and its pretty fun (grew up with COD) so this is very different
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss 3 aylar önce
I actually never played the original one so I just started playing overwatch 2 and so far loving it
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Shadowiz 3 aylar önce
I heard about push I thought it would be dumb but it's actually my favorite mode now idk what it is it just feels good 👍
Berbal 2 aylar önce
Today I played against a tank who just kept pushing and rushing in just killing the dps and that’s how they won. The tank didn’t tank he just killed our only means of killing and we couldn’t do shit
CYCLOIDGAMMA 3 aylar önce
new player, 3hrs in and i agree with all you said, especially the tanks being immortal gods of death and destruction, like im the dps, and they're one hitting me, wtf 🤣
HeyItzMe 07
HeyItzMe 07 3 aylar önce
Lmao i remember watching and rewatching your videos all the time so this was a bit nostalgic 😄
LJRP_YT 2 aylar önce
I have been playing Overwatch for years and years now and the second one is a good game but I miss lootboxes
SlyRacoon 3 aylar önce
Going from loot boxes to battle passes feels weird for overwatch and knowing how hard loot boxes have been scrutinized in the media I know they’ll probably never come back.
Semplicity 3 aylar önce
you forgot to mention that the new hero becomes playable after 2 weeks in Comp. So its only pay to win for quickplay. And then the balance team can push some changes with that. To nerf or buff the new hero
Semplicity 3 aylar önce
@Campbell bro how are skins pay to win bro. Explain please
Campbell 3 aylar önce
its pay to win if you want any skins, bring lootboxes back 😭
BOULD3R YT 2 aylar önce
It’s really good I enjoyed a lot
Yellow_orbs 3 aylar önce
I can’t believe I am saying this I hope overwatch 2 brings back lootboxs for leveling up
Daniel Studart
Daniel Studart 3 aylar önce
I miss the numbers show how much did you contribute to your elim. It was so satisfying seeing 100.
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Cinnah 3 aylar önce
I love that big ol Push robot. Probably has some of my favorite lines in the game. I.E. "Why are you fighting, when you could be pushing!"
Youhadabadday 3 aylar önce
Don't forget the bastard also says Hello back to you if you use the Hello voice command. The game still has those cute finer details that are lacking in current gen games nowadays.
Ubermus Prime
Ubermus Prime 3 aylar önce
Yeah. And it's funny to hear the characters talk to it.
Cancel Noir
Cancel Noir 3 aylar önce
Praise the push gods
Only_1_Brain_Cell 3 aylar önce
I tried overwtach 1 a few years ago, hated it, saw that overwatch 2 came out a week ago, and now think its really good
Sarai the Gigabyte
Sarai the Gigabyte 24 gün önce
I hadn’t played OW in a LONG time and haven’t tried 2 yet. I just played for fun as Genji, Reinhardt, and Zenyata. I might start playing once PvE releases. Anyone know if the credits and golden weapons get transferred? Can one still even earn gold weapons?
nayvie acnh
nayvie acnh 3 aylar önce
I loved opening the lootboxes and now when they're gone it feels pretty unsatifsying to play because all I waited for was to get that one lootbox to maybe be able to open a legendary but nope..
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CloCloKing22 3 aylar önce
Never played a minute of Overwatch 1 and somehow I’m (mote or less) good at the game, sad that the cosmetics are only obtainable through your credit card or the battle pass, had fun discovering the heroes and killing brainded d-vas, widow makers and Cassidies with Genji’s counter lol, good game but not very rewarding in therm of cosmetics and heroes (yes, I’m looking at you Kiriko !)
Memory draws
Memory draws 3 aylar önce
I’ve been able to play overwatch 2 without any problems and….. I’ve actually had a lot of fun, I didn’t play overwatch 1 so I’m kinda new to it all but I’ve been having a real blast playing it the past two days. I like unlocking characters and playing them learning how to on the way, also love the costumisatics (sadly there locked behind a pay wall but that’s not an big deal gameplay rise…just hurts me cause I love character customization) , and I haven’t really had any problems with toxicity or broken gameplay. It’s just been fun and I’m definitely gonna be keep playing
Trxnia 2 aylar önce
I need a new game to play from Rainbow Six Siege 😂
Tyler Sell
Tyler Sell 2 aylar önce
Same here. Just started yesterday and I dig it. Needed a new game to play besides br
Alex Mercer
Alex Mercer 3 aylar önce
same I am new to overwatch as well and having a lot of fun
Nothing Here
Nothing Here 3 aylar önce
The best change is easily the 5v5 for PvP. Time and again has shown that for Moba-like games, which overwatch totally is a MOBA shooter, 5v5 is just the best. Enough teammates to coordinate and make plays with, and not too many for the game to be chaotic and cluttered.
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Bianka 660
Bianka 660 Aylar önce
Me and my friends have never played Overwatch before But now we do.. 🤣 Ow2 is pretty chaotic and I love that.. I main support and I am try-harding to get Kiriko 😭 (Haha maybe not really) I see a lot of pros and cons ofc And I have heard Blizzard doesn't have a very good reputation..? Well let's see if they will make the game better
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