Overwatch 2 Animated Short | “Kiriko” 

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The protector of Kanezaka strikes again. Discover the two sides of Kiriko, the loving daughter and the deadly protector.
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6 Eki 2022




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@ITalk69 Yıl önce
God I always love these animated shorts. They need to make an Overwatch movie.
@sebatheepik Yıl önce
Daily overwatch 2 item shop when?
@Fear9ix Yıl önce
i absolutely agree
@rosary_omen Yıl önce
A series would be better than a movie, more time for more story
@genesisosuna Yıl önce
it's the guy from fortnite who complains all the time about virtual cosmetics in a virtual shop! what are you doing on an overwatch video?
@Invix_ Yıl önce
@Justin-ko1ht 6 aylar önce
The fact that her mom is the greatest swordsmaster in overwatch universe... The lore is crazy...
@dragosanders4234 5 aylar önce
And trained her,genji and hanzo
@TheDudeLebowskis 4 aylar önce
but couldn’t help her daughter out?
@toussaintmaxwell8071 4 aylar önce
Not as crazy as a mad doctor who stole the souls from his teammates and literally tricked the devil.
@strangerdanger2147 4 aylar önce
@@toussaintmaxwell8071or someone who ate a stupid wizard’s pills that makes him reincarnatively immortal, or is the literal gift of god.
@etherine 3 aylar önce
@nategreat0040 10 aylar önce
I love that the Kitsune is never physically manifested throughout this whole animation, but you know it's there. Just like her mom thought that it was "an imaginary animal spirit", It's more of a "seeing isn't always believing" sorta stance and I love it. Blizzard still giving their A game when it comes to animations
@Reir0o 8 aylar önce
I think they Just cut costs and time so kiriko wouldnt get overshadowed. Its Basic script guideline.
@danny2595 6 aylar önce
yea still not sure how her mom didn’t believe in it considering how easy it would be for kiriko to show her, plus her grandma apparently had the same powers
@yorgborg7899 5 aylar önce
I still wish something fox themed had happened when she said “Under My Protection.” Perhaps her eyes could have flickered to fox pupils for a moment, or maybe the fox could have appeared behind her for a moment. Idk, just something.
@ember3579 5 aylar önce
It doesn't need to manifest. She's already there. Her name's Kiriko.
@megangolder8892 Aylar önce
For real she is the fox
@joshp3446 10 aylar önce
When Kiriko activated her ult, the sheer speed at which the child chose violence can not be matched
@soda__mochi 8 aylar önce
as a mercy main, it gives you a feeling of power fr
@NyanchsPage 7 aylar önce
She spoke to the Hashimoto in the language they would understand. VIOLENCE.
@AlexRose-qd3or 7 aylar önce
The mute kid was so driven for violence that she miraculously gained use of her voice, if only to give voice to her fury
@HUMANCOURIER 7 aylar önce
@@AlexRose-qd3or i think she was deaf, not mute
@LazloSoot 6 aylar önce
Game's dead. Move on.
@charliewigton1038 11 aylar önce
The emotional richness of these animations is unreal. Incredible storytelling and animating.
@s4v4gedragone43 11 aylar önce
@drbalzan2604 11 aylar önce
Feels more like a pixar movie
@@drbalzan2604 omg this ❤️
@xtucs 11 aylar önce
If she is like a sister to me then I'm from Alabama -Genji
@@xtucs if that were the case, the same would go for hanzo
@Iri504 8 aylar önce
If only Kiriko had this much emotion in her in-game dialogs
@GOAT-ux9ev 7 aylar önce
"wait till you see me in my bike"
@freddym99 7 aylar önce
london huh? i've seen fancier
@jamespham6088 6 aylar önce
man why is Kiriko so nice to her mom, deaf children, and the elderly but acts so different to mercenaries and terrorists
@MinMinns 5 aylar önce
@@jamespham6088 That's what I'm saying- how dear she be nice to murders. /j
@jassom1270 5 aylar önce
@@GOAT-ux9evthat’s actually a saying from the martial arts community. “Being in my bike” means staying out of your opponents optimal striking range while staying within your own
@edhozell Yıl önce
Mann, they should make movies already
@991yugioh Yıl önce
There is already, from..."non official blizzard animators".
@manntntlovesyou Yıl önce
i agree
How about an actual TV series?
@finger3627 Yıl önce
Mann? Tf2 reference (very real)
@Mooawee Yıl önce
Maen overwatch juga bang ?
@Aspharro Yıl önce
When Blizzard Team up with Netflix to bring us some high quality movie or mini series? I love all OW animations ❤
@aquaafton 11 aylar önce
@alexrangel490 11 aylar önce
No.. not netflix. Anyone but them
@jumpjimcrow6959 11 aylar önce
@Rini2g 11 aylar önce
Not netflix cmooon
@magali-9909 11 aylar önce
@@Rini2g have you not seen arcane?
@MisterReapZz 11 aylar önce
these overwatch shorts never cease to make me tear up
@_phong.huynh_ 10 aylar önce
Me too 😭
@Metroid22540 10 aylar önce
I always cry when Kiriko holds up the fox plushie, "It's okay, we made the baddies go away."
@shanecar84 8 aylar önce
I'm not crying, you're crying hahah :P Yeah seriously
@durk5331 7 aylar önce
I cried so hard...
@godzillagamer7512 7 aylar önce
Idk why eaither. never during any film I have ever watched EXCEPT for Dragons, this Kiriko one, and Bastion's
@LeCaNiVideos 11 aylar önce
I love this cinematic. In the beginning of the fight scene, Kiriko fights like a ninja. You can see many similarities in her movement to Genji. Of course because they have the same teacher. But when the old man is shot something changes, as Kiriko engages the Kitsune Rush, it's clear that she also changes fight methods, with more spins and wall jumps. Very animal-like motions. I think it's the Fox Spirit itself taking over her body and mind. And it's the Fox spirit that states that "Kanezaka is under my protection", not Kiriko. Also, when her friends rise, it's clear they are not themselves either. In the game, when Kiriko engages Kitsune Rush she exclaims "Let the Kitsune[*] guide you" but what's really happening is not guidance, but possession. So cool. [*] Thanks to @devoncarrier360 for the correction!
@charliefarmer4365 8 aylar önce
Or perhaps they're merely channelling it?
@twoshu8940 4 aylar önce
Baseless logical leap
@LeCaNiVideos 4 aylar önce
@@twoshu8940 fair xD but I can live with that
@strawberryslushy 4 aylar önce
That would be such a cool explanation for that!!
@fizzyelfyt4153 4 aylar önce
Idk i think it kinda takes away from her character if that's the case
@axolopi 8 aylar önce
“Kanezaka is under my protection” I’ve watched this like 7 times and I still get chills
@PhNXNNJ 3 aylar önce
@pineappleplaguedoc 8 aylar önce
i wish the personality they gave kiriko in this short translated over into the game. she's so sweet in the short, yet the most annoying character in the actual game. the soundtrack in this short is so emotional tho, its incredible.
That’s dva and mei kiriko is not annoying.
@uyais 7 aylar önce
she has that youthful-slacker-in-a-serious-grown-workplace personality which fits her since she’d obviously put on an entirely different manner for her mom, an elder and a child that idolizes her
@godzillagamer7512 7 aylar önce
@@ToastyTheGamingToaster she sounds so annoying and just douchy in english
@freddym99 7 aylar önce
@@ToastyTheGamingToaster wait till yOu sEe heR oN hEr bIkE
@hedwig7s 6 aylar önce
I mean at the beginning her annoying personality is present it's only later on where it switches
@will530 Yıl önce
Don't let all the face kicking and axe wielding children distract you from the fact that Kiriko was about to down 36 donuts for dinner.
@infinityheart_tm9270 8 aylar önce
This also wasn’t the first time she downed that many and yet she’s still fit.
@akpsyche1299 8 aylar önce
She wasn't joking about the fox spirit balancing her blood sugar.
@shanecar84 8 aylar önce
@fuvet 7 aylar önce
@@shanecar84 xDeez nuts
@emilio1516 7 aylar önce
@@fuvet dislike
@zookeykneetv 6 aylar önce
Man I’ll never get tired of their shorts. I’ll rewatch them all multiple times and will know exactly what happens but it still always bring a tear to my eye how beautiful everything is 😭. Wish they’d make a feature film already
@JustDestiny260 6 aylar önce
Maybe they will if they figure out how to attach a battle pass to it.
@ddrizzyds1216 5 aylar önce
chills at the climax of every single short
@stevemcknelly5036 9 aylar önce
If you enjoy Kiriko's VA, she also does the Japanese AND English voice of Carol in "Tomo-Chan is a Girl!"
@kookiecam4735 7 aylar önce
wait wtf shes the same va???
@stevemcknelly5036 7 aylar önce
@@kookiecam4735 Yup! Amazing, right?
@cxlumbine 6 aylar önce
NO WAY SHE DOES thats crazy
@evanmoyer1562 5 aylar önce
She did! How did I not know that.
@KombatFreak 4 aylar önce
@Azyne Aylar önce
idc how bad OW2 gets, the cinematics will forever have a place in my heart
@mrcynicallyred2007 7 aylar önce
These Overwatch shorts are incredible. Pixar used to be this good - which in itself, is upsetting to admit. The roller coaster of emotions in most of these amazing animated stories is staggering.
@BloodyBay Aylar önce
6:23 As much fun as this entire short is, that moment where the little girl goes into Barbarian Rage has to be _absolutely everyone's_ favorite moment, right? 😆
@Nox74511 Aylar önce
Oh for sure
I also love how even though she's deaf she has that instinctual battle cry too. Guess the Kitsune spirit might have something to do with that.
@ninjareaper4828 Yıl önce
Whoever makes the animated shorts for Overwatch clearly takes great pride in their work.
@vapingfury4460 Yıl önce
yeah he's pretty good at making these
@cucabeludo6612 Yıl önce
As they should
In the italian channel someone posted the thai animation
@starlette7820 Yıl önce
@@vapingfury4460 It would be more than one person working on these, so THEY are great at making these :)
@vapingfury4460 Yıl önce
@@starlette7820 no the dude
@foxwoosh 11 aylar önce
This is amazing and made me cry. Especially at the end, when her mom cries from happiness because her daughter just agreed to move in for some time. And I'm living in another country, away from my mom right now..
@issajoke220 10 aylar önce
@andrearizzo3159 6 aylar önce
And u are a fox too
@hedgewizardly 10 aylar önce
How do we get this insane level of quality and thought and power and personality here, and then lines like "you should see me on my bike" delievered as though they didn't tell the voice actress they were recording 😭
@sgt.squeegee1720 7 aylar önce
Her giggle at the beginning with Mr. Yoshida is just... Ugh, pure bubbly happiness. It's so CUTE!
I watch this short film everyday, I love hearing her voice and personality. 😊
@PurpleJive 11 aylar önce
Her personality type (MBTI) is deemed ENFP. Perhaps you’ll see other characters you enjoy with similar types. ☺️
@angeloblue6838 11 aylar önce
if you like personality ... watch old TF2 trailers, this is just funny trailer for teens girls and OW tryhards
@m3tr0id86 11 aylar önce
@@PurpleJive I found out I am an INFJ (which is both a blessing and a curse) and Kiriko's personally is awesome. Aside her having powers, she looks like she's fun to be around. When she gifted the little girl that Fox plushe to see her face light up reminded me of a girl that took in a puppy to his new forever home I cared for a while.
@johnwicked1132 11 aylar önce
@@angeloblue6838 Snoipings a goo' job m8
@croc2112 11 aylar önce
@@angeloblue6838 lmao oh I wonder why would teen girls watch something with girls and not boys? Why is tf2 better when it's made for teen boys tf2 tryhards
@Cxnstraintx 6 aylar önce
No one will ever realise how much I love these overwatch animated shorts, I will forever find comfort in anything to do with overwatch wether it's lore, animated shorts or playing the game. Also when kiriko used her ult I got chills all over, the one thing I love about these shorts is that they always give me chills
@h_haz 2 aylar önce
Literally same 😭
@MemerMan Yıl önce
For the love of god please make a netflix series for overwatch!
@@Waaagh40KRed on God!!!
@hamakakun Yıl önce
you should watch arcane : bridging the rift. making a show is a whole different thing compared to clips. unless baby kotick is generous enough to fund a passion project, it will never happen.
@ozthebard2652 Yıl önce
Leave netflix out of that for god's sake
@barrywise7185 Yıl önce
Wait... you're THE Memer Man
@Breadth283 Yıl önce
@@barrywise7185 he THE memer man
@HeckmanFT7 6 aylar önce
How come these cinematics are way more compelling and better than the game itself
Because bad management and cancellations don't ruin what's already released
@fluffydragon3333 3 aylar önce
9:09 this part always gets me... All I want is for my family to be proud of me... so I sympathize so much with this
@unkennyvalley287 3 aylar önce
I may not be your family, but I'm sure you are doing good out there. Proud of you!
@rainingfire8076 9 aylar önce
Okay, Kiriko is a badass but.. her mother.. her sensei taught her.. Imagine how badass she would be
Considering doomfist's line about her, she's almost certainly a badass
@Scrilp 4 aylar önce
@@unsuspiciousdweller8967 Doomfist says something about her mother? I don't think I've ever noticed. What does he say, if you remember?
@Yuukithegdguy 3 aylar önce
@@Scrilp doom fist talks to genii about who trained him it was Kirko’s mother not hanzo
@sleepless_fox3995 3 aylar önce
@@Scrilp I'm kindda late, but Doomfist has an interaction in which he asks Genji who taught him the way of the blade and he answers with something among the lines of "the best swordsman in the world did" (thanks to Kiriko's lore we now know that it was her mother) to which Doomfist answers in a rather angry tone with "(grunts) Her..." There's also another interaction where if you are killed by kiriko as Doomfist, he will say "Truly her mother's daughter" implying that he has already clashed at least once with Kiriko's mother or at least encountered her and the outcome clearly wasn't of Doomfist's liking
@Adamsmasher93 2 aylar önce
@sleepless_fox3995 which leaves me thinking that either the leader if the hashimoto or a top member is a top member of talon as well. Just my theory.
@babygoatOW 9 aylar önce
No matter how many times I watch this and no matter how much I tell myself to not cry, the ending ALWAYS gets me! It never fails!!! So beautiful 🥺
@h_haz 2 aylar önce
I remember when this first came out and I watched it for the first time and it was sensational, now almost a year has passed and watching my baby kiriko still hits the same, time really does fly ❤️
@masterisle5662 Yıl önce
That child got power and chose the utmost violence. I love it
She became the guy from the shining
"What game do you want to play, little girl?" DOOM.
@JustPeachies Yıl önce
Sneak peak of the next hero I hope 😂
@jameswalker6326 Yıl önce
@@nobleradical2158 wonderful choice my dear
@purplepenguin43 Yıl önce
Reinhardt player in the making: gets boosted, charges in, throws Axe.
@harrisonfelice8160 11 aylar önce
I love how the duality of the fox spirit and ninja come out in this short, in her personality and in her hero design in game. Super loving and caring for others but also sassy and fearless. Does 3x headshot damage but also empowers her team with kitsune rush and suzu. 10/10 one of the best heroes they've released from top to bottom.
@regigigas6526 3 aylar önce
My main ever since she released
@codmanout9861 10 aylar önce
More please. Honestly, I enjoy these cinematics far more than the actual game. I want to see one with Kiriko, Genji, and Hanzo invading the Hashimoto. And Kiriko's Mom, too. Akari could absolutely grow up to be a ninja too. Her mastery of JSL would make the ninjutsu hand signs a piece of cake for her. Plus she is already athletic, and has great aim (well, assuming she didn't mean to aim lower). I'm also hoping for an everyman hero in OW someday. The idea being, the boy in the hoodie from the first cinematic, the little girl from the Soldier 76 one, the police officer from the OW2 trailer, something like that. We have seen people connected to and associated with the heroes and main characters becoming heroes, or villains, themselves, but so far I don't think there has been an ordinary person, inspired by the actions of those that came before to also rise up and become something more than just a bystander. I suppose Baptiste is close, but even he was a part of Talon.
@snjert8406 9 aylar önce
@sniper_mike8739 5 aylar önce
The soldier 76 one is Pharah
@codmanout9861 5 aylar önce
@@sniper_mike8739 um, no it isn't. The girl in the Soldier 76 video is a Spanish girl named Alejandra, Pharah is Egyptian. Also, the S76 video was set during the time of the game. Pharah would have already been an adult by then.
@sniper_mike8739 5 aylar önce
Yep just realised my bad
@codmanout9861 5 aylar önce
@@sniper_mike8739 my response came off snarkier then I meant to. Sorry
@gammimi6440 4 aylar önce
The quality of this animation is so insane. They are very detailed and put a lot of effort into this work.
@Rinovia28 6 aylar önce
The whole scene is so effective with such an impressive pure intention. It almost brought me into tear even I.
@iKrazyyi 8 aylar önce
We need an OW mini series! The lore is so good
@LarvaTubaShow Yıl önce
The one team in Overwatch who's never slacked is the animated short team they are so class its insane.
@yvcca Yıl önce
@SquaulDuNeant Yıl önce
Yes still the animation is freaking bottlenecked. That disgusting to watch.
@@SquaulDuNeant what?
@TheQuantumNexus Yıl önce
@@SquaulDuNeant you gotta be on something, the animation team works so hard and the results show that.
@monstaar7887 Yıl önce
@@SquaulDuNeant you can do better?
@GenRenegade 9 aylar önce
Literally better than any Disney/Pixar animation, you can't change my mind. I love EVERYTHING about their shorts. I'd pay anything to have an animated series or movie from them.
@Setuaro 2 aylar önce
Nearly one year later and I still rewatch this on occasion, Kiriko is one of the coolest heroes in the game for sure.
@wulcanus 3 aylar önce
It's out nearly year and I'm getting nostalgic vibe.. also tear appeared.. Whatever it is happening in world, these animations from Blizzard and also cinematics are masterpieces that stuck in your heart, for me I have to say I love them
@jeridkasper69 11 aylar önce
Man these guys know how to make me pumped, cry like a baby, then laugh, then cry again. And all in a cinematic for a new character in a video game. Fricken awesome.
@Void-fj7nh 7 aylar önce
Bro these overwatch animated cinematic videos are so good the characters,music, vibe is all on point 10/10
@TheJooomers Yıl önce
Amazing as always…
@tommareomo2593 Yıl önce
@daffalaudza1945 Yıl önce
Wih ada bang hans
@blind2762 11 aylar önce
I loved the part where Kiriko said "Let the kitsune guide you" as it led the enemy team back to spawn. Truly an overwatch experience
@ocome_ 9 aylar önce
@moyashi_san 2 aylar önce
地名も名前もちゃんと日本語だったり母親のうっかり出た日本語も手話も素晴らしく、映像もストーリーも美しい。 素敵なキャラクターとストーリーをありがとうございます!ブリザード!!
@west6335 Yıl önce
Does anyone that knows JSL have an idea of what Kiriko's namesign is a mix of? I know they tend to be personalized, and all I can guess is it's a play on a Japanese letter/syllable for "K"/"Ki" and a fox! I'd love to know more.
@magnum_cx8805 11 aylar önce
I was wondering too!
@that.demon_Hiro 11 aylar önce
ok so to answer your question, her name is written like 霧(kiri)子(ko) kiri means mist or fog and ko means child, so her name would roughly translate to child of fog/mist
@reb4408 10 aylar önce
sometimes 子 means child, but in this case 子 is just a common KANJI character appeared in female’s name and it does not have any specific meanings.(e.g. 優子yuko, 久美子kumiko, 桃子momoko) As a side note, ”Kiriko” is expressed in KATAKANA (キリコ) in the game.
@that.demon_Hiro 10 aylar önce
@@reb4408 In game it is expressed in katakana but in her short it does use the kanji form, and I mean no disrespect by this but in all those names you listed 子 still retaims it's meaning of child, unlike in english names Japanese names will have some meaning, when you see 子 in a name it will usually mean child of previous kanji
@reb4408 10 aylar önce
@@that.demon_Hiro From my personal point of view as a japanese, 子 was often used as a name in 30-60 years ago. Originally, when it comes to person's name, 子 implied “from begin(一) to end(了)“ rather than "child" and felt like noble and elegant. However, 子 is not used much as a name these days. As it became more common name, fewer people felt it had special meaning. Now, it feels like traditional, feminine and old-fashioned in additions to the above meanings. Her beautiful default clothes is just how I could imagined it by her name!
@superwill871 Aylar önce
I would love an animated series of this
@themangomanjuice 6 aylar önce
I enjoy revisiting this from time to time, it has a wholesome sentiment.
@Rin-qj7zt 9 aylar önce
Team lead: "well, the scene is great so far. It really shows the sweet side of her, but how are we gonna showcase kiriko's Ultimate ability?" animator: *snerk* "what if it made the sweet, little girl a crazed, axe wielding gremline?" Team lead: ".... yes"
@tomdamian5603 9 aylar önce
Overwatch 2 obviously still has its share of problems, but the core gameplay is still great, and their story and cinematics are easily the best thing about it
@TheGoodSurgeon1 Aylar önce
The amount of goosebumps I get from these shorts, I can’t describe it
@lenamiaou7528 3 aylar önce
I was a bit mad about the fact that the game slowly stopped being my thing, but I keep watching these animations because they are really good, I hope to see a show or a movie series at some point, I still love very much the lore and the characters, especially Kiriko and Tracer!
@kaijenson7949 Yıl önce
I love how pretty much every hero can explain their abilities as something with advanced science fiction technology, and then the Japanese heroes are just straight up magic.
harry potter time
@Djindas Yıl önce
No, its ancient japanese Folklore. *ZENYATTA* is straight Up magic
@pivotchampion Yıl önce
It's the power of god and anime
@phamtung6097 Yıl önce
@@Djindas Zen is at least a robot, when shimada brothers can shoot dragons out of their tatoo :^D
@nonnegaard Yıl önce
ong blizzard are actually racists fr
@ryuokento Aylar önce
no matter how many times, I have watched this it always makes me cry, thank you for this amazing animation
@adelheid-ri1tx 11 aylar önce
The amount of detail in the animation makes it so that you must carefully watch countless times see it all, and even then! The cinematic animation team for this is absolutely stellar!
@gavinreardon97 3 aylar önce
While the devs might not seem to care about the game, these animators are doing gods work with these incredible animations, such amazing quality, movie like.
@DanielGreen0 9 aylar önce
Blizz cinematics are always fantastic. Top notch team.
@rydoge1014 3 aylar önce
Say what you will about the game they never miss with the animated shorts, not ever, this stuff got me to tears man. ❤
@bertchintus4103 Yıl önce
I love the way her ult was interpreted in this short, making the old man and young girl crazed speedy killers lmao, excellent stuff
@Advocate005 Yıl önce
So Old man is DPS and young girl Tank. Got it.
@rolando90s Yıl önce
Kirko ult mixed with solider 76, genji, Roadhog ult is perfect mixed just like 🐔 and waffle 🧇 and 🥜 & jelly. Kirko is great thaan moria.
@phaolo6 Yıl önce
Ah I didn't know it was her ult. That part felt a bit strange because she risked endangering her buddies or making them murderers lol.
@ArukiTsukaru 10 aylar önce
@@phaolo6 Fr, like imagine if the little girl actually yeeted that axe into the guy's face... Decades of therapy lol
@codmanout9861 10 aylar önce
I think the idea is that her ult is comes from the Fox Spirit empowering ordinary people to be able to defend themselves. At least in this instance.
@Georgie_sucks 3 aylar önce
This is why I love kiriko sm, i love the details in this short and Overwatch and EVERYTHIIIING, it was so wholesome to watch. Can’t believe kirikos mom taught genji and Hanzo
I'm a college game design major. Being in animation for like 2 years I gotta say, that's some impressive keyframing right there! Be proud of that, it takes a lot of skill!
These almost never fail to impress, but...this one hits different
@dabtastic8300 19 gün önce
My favorite short they've done.
@invisiblejaguar1 9 aylar önce
Why haven't they made a show or movie? You can tell they want to. This wasn't even 10 minuets and it hit all the right targets, it even made me cry! 😭😆
@SoniasWay Yıl önce
I wish these shorts had credit, The animators and everyone else involved really deserve the credit!
@GONZA10X Yıl önce
lol 🎆you won spam for a valid point! 🎆
@sansidotti Yıl önce
@@ramonandrajo6348 How is this woke? There's literally nothing wrong with it, having a deaf character =/= pushing inclusivity like the woke movement does.
@leonm4273 Yıl önce
@@ramonandrajo6348 someone cant tell wholesome from cringe.
@digirogue6820 4 aylar önce
9 month later and I teared up again. This ow shorts are crazy good
@grantjamison7554 4 aylar önce
this made me cry. what a beautiful animated short
I don’t think I’ll ever stop rewatching it everyday, I just love her I guess.
@aephos1881 9 aylar önce
@@aephos1881 yeah I know…
@mikuhorizon 8 aylar önce
I always loved OW1 and then since OW2 came out i lost faith in developers but still Animation Team never disappoint us
@asyds 7 aylar önce
no matter what you pay those animators its not enough, this is amazing
Gotta be honest, after everything that happened in the past year, I didn't think the Overwatch Team still had this in them. Well done.
@arbiter8246 Yıl önce
Are you a bot?
Same, This was actually a really good Short.
@Rio-zh2wb Yıl önce
The Overwatch team really wasn't involved in the drama at Blizzard
overwatch art team has never let us down, dont lump them together with the other bad things
@jessepaea7683 Yıl önce
how am I still crying
@VHTesla 10 aylar önce
0:07/6:56 Those piano notes... 0:13 Subtle lesson. 'r' inside the word is rolled. 0:50 That Kiriko learnt sign language makes a *positive* difference. 5:15 The heartbeats... 5:30 That _palpable_ grief... 5:45 _"Rise from your grave."_ -- Zeus, "Altered Beast" 5:48 _"That...was...a mistake."_ -- Robot, "Lost in Space" (1998) 5:52 The punctuations with the gate and slamming that guy into the ceiling... 6:11 _"Kanezaka is behind her, you are in front of her. If you value your lives, be somewhere else."_ -- Delenn, "Babylon 5" 6:21 _"Power up!"_ -- Zeus, "Altered Beast" 6:27 _"Running would be a good idea."_-- Philippe Roache, "Godzilla"
@shiningamaterasu2579 9 aylar önce
can connected the smallest of straws for unintended references
@Jone_V 8 aylar önce
@texmexlink 9 aylar önce
Such a cute short. So much potential for an over watch movie
@Cpt_Crayola 11 aylar önce
The animation team is actually insane
@stephennuciolo4368 10 aylar önce
"A legendary fox, never forgets her home & her path. She will always stay immortal & forever strong" To: Kiriko. Love: Stephen Nuciolo.
I love big black indonesian men
@twoshu8940 4 aylar önce
Tf u doing
@feurox4146 9 aylar önce
Blizzard please bring overwatch series soon 🥺 i will binge watch thousand of episodes if ever there is
@Shattered3582 11 aylar önce
i would love to make animated films like this. i have been learning blender for almost two years now, and i have just enrolled in a character animation course.
@sethmartin769 21 saatler önce
I love kiriko so much everything about her this cinematic is so adorable emotional and epic! ❤🦊
If they can make animated cinematic shorts like this then making an animated overwatch movie should be no problem
I did not expect a Studio Guibli level animation but I am SO. HERE FOR IT.
@JoakimFigge Yıl önce
Probably one of the only things you can't fault Blizzard for, they got an amazing art team.
I agree But Blizzard still is a terrible company
@@jtlovescodelyoko exactly.
@yagizcakti9099 Yıl önce
@@jtlovescodelyoko as long as their products are good , i couldnt care less tbh
@jacka3280 Yıl önce
Holly f!!! This is not just an animation. This an art that belong in the museum ! From animation, background music, storyline all the way to voice acting is nothing less than perfect.
@notsweetdandy 7 aylar önce
I can really see Overwatch's animation team take a couple years off gaming just to make a movie. I wouldn't mind putting updates on hold just for this to become a thing. Hopefully soon we'll get it. Maybe as a last hurrah if Overwatch is finally complete in the future.
@ultimanolastname3143 3 aylar önce
The best part of all this, is the fact that in this world, it’s not just adults that are fighting back, it’s kids too, especially when fueled by the spirit of the fox.
@TheBlackDragon129 9 aylar önce
Why? Just….why? This is so good . They could’ve made animated series or a movie
@DSxGoldSilver 8 aylar önce
Yeah or at least a story mode in the game with amazing story and cutscenes like these. blizzard please
@kaiallen4908 12 gün önce
The part when she gave her the fox plush was just sweet ❤
@zyx8647 Yıl önce
Overwatch animated shorts always get me emotional. Plus the little girl's battle cry with the axe, I give it an 11/10.
@sora4440 Yıl önce
That little girl almost caught a charge LMAO!!!!
@JoonasD6 Yıl önce
Thor: Love and Thunder moment there.
@That0neGuySaid Yıl önce
That's what DPS are gonna do in your ranked matches tho
@EmberwindTale Yıl önce
Forget the little girl. Did you hear the guy she threw the axe at?
kinda reminds me of the pyro from tf2
@crypticrs 4 aylar önce
I wish the Devs for OW2 had this much pride in their work
@Nienna_Asyare 3 aylar önce
Every. Single. Time I watch this I start crying I absolutely thought that after almost a year & knowing everything that happens I might not this time, but nope, the tears always come lol I think I'm in the double digits of times viewed now or so, it's just so heckin good
@Ghost_spider87 3 gün önce
This short is so aggressively wholesome i love it
as artes são lindas, mesmo que o jogo seja falido
@swingdotTV 8 aylar önce
Straight up started crying. Not even gonna lie. Incredible.
@davidbrown7363 Yıl önce
Overwatch animated shorts never disappoint. Loving this
@Salty4239 Yıl önce
and they do research
@user-lo1cb4lp8k Yıl önce
game does?
@gamesboy123able Yıl önce
Its cool and cringe at the same time
@@user-lo1cb4lp8k yeah, a lot
@twutguy9286 2 aylar önce
I like to think that from about 5:50 as her power wells up her voice is heard throughout the building starting as an easily understandable whisper and as an echo in a short area around it directly through the mind rather than sound like her anger makes her lose just enough grip on her power for it to be heard and get louder as more power is exerted the final line at 6:10 echoing loudly throughout a several blocks as she reaches her peak
Kudos to the animators and voice actors that are still carrying this game on their overworked backs. Seriously, someone needs to figure out a way to buy the rights from Blizzard and just make this series into a webcomic or animation series. It'd be SO GOOD.
@S_Z. 9 aylar önce
5:22 - 5:29 - incredibly high-quality work.. просто слов нет❤
@nickyoung4491 11 aylar önce
I'm in love with this. this was made so well
@geog9101 11 aylar önce
Not interested in playing the new game, but I am such a fan of the Animated Shorts.
@LonelySandwich Yıl önce
if they can make us emotional with a 10 minute short, imagine what they could do with an arcane length series
@DefineDeft Yıl önce
Honestly I think comparing to arcane isn't really fair. This is quite better.
@PaulGirdlestone Yıl önce
Thing is as a short it works but it is no guarantee that a series or full movie would work out. You could more or less just put all the character shorts together and called them a series if you wanted to go that route.
@mhmyuhh Yıl önce
@@DefineDeft arcane is pretty goated too, this just has smoother animation
@Cund Yıl önce
You have to be joking
@@DefineDeft not even close to as good as Arcane but, you can have your opinion, as terrible as it is.
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