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Dungeons & Dragons
Dungeons & Dragons 2 aylar önce
Playtest material coming September 29.
Alex daily
Alex daily Aylar önce
Will the 5th edition core rulebooks be compatible with one dnd? (Or we need new core rulebooks for it?)
Blandy8521 2 aylar önce
Out of curiosity, how come the Artificer wasn't included in this playtest?
Tyler Layne
Tyler Layne 2 aylar önce
Don't change critical hits keep it the same
David Smith
David Smith 2 aylar önce
@Orion of Volga now it is. This thread was going on before they released it. Check the time stamps. It was released at 10am PST.
Orion of Volga
Orion of Volga 2 aylar önce
TimeBucks 2 aylar önce
What a great team
Apoc Nizmith
Apoc Nizmith Aylar önce
Not really. As a veteran player (15+ years playing D&D), a DM that makes a living making maps, one shots and running 4 games a week I can tell you right now that the 5e team has no idea what a nightmare it is to even try and run a balanced game using RAW/RAI rules. Hell they just released a official player race in Spelljammer that can move 600ft a round and if it was made a barbarian it could eat a adult red dragon claw attack at level 1 and take 0 damage. They have no idea what balance even is. Silvery Barbs, Revivify, no penalty for resurrections, the Twilight Domain cleric... The list goes on and on and it feels like they have never had to run and balance their own game ever.
Azimsha Muhammad
Azimsha Muhammad Aylar önce
Ranit Roy
Ranit Roy Aylar önce
Very good
WASIF ALI Aylar önce
Bui Phong
Bui Phong Aylar önce
i like it
DnD Shorts
DnD Shorts 2 aylar önce
Really happy to see how adaptive you are being with these rules, presenting loads of different options for us all to play around with! I'm also seeing some parallels between these "experts" and the tasha's sidekicks in terms of grouping, seems like an elegant system!
Douglas Wagner
Douglas Wagner 2 aylar önce
So long as they don't take this down 4th edition's uber limiting class structure (defender, contoller, striker, leader) with bunches of shared abilities among the class grouping. One of the WORST things about 4e was the fact that you basically had only a group of 4 and beyond that you started stepping on each other pretty quickly...2 strikers in the party? Half of your abilities don't stack so your options got limited REALLY fast.
Tim Smithen
Tim Smithen 2 aylar önce
@Glen Allison Yup. The class groups ended up being pretty meaningless: "A Class Group has no rules in itself, but prerequisites and other rules can refer to these groups." ~Expert Classes UA So - for now - it's mostly just a quick way to tell which class you must be to pick a specific Epic Boon at level 20. I thought there would have been more to it. Maybe there will be, later on.
Glen Allison
Glen Allison 2 aylar önce
@Tim Smithen At the moment they have a symmetry; 4 class groups, 3 classes per group and 4 sub-classes per class to give the 48 sub-classes they mentioned. So far what I keep hearing is that everyone is really wanting to see the warriors, and the experts in this release are fine but not exciting.
Ninja Squirrel
Ninja Squirrel 2 aylar önce
The more I talk with my table about it, the more I like this One D&D thing…it’s obviously not perfect, nothing ever is but, overall I would give WOTC a thumbs up.
Tim Smithen
Tim Smithen 2 aylar önce
@Will MadlWillM They mentioned 4 in this video - Expert, Warrior, Priest, and Mage. I could see there being at least 1 more, considering how classes work mechanically. _(But not too many, since it was mentioned that the "ideal group" would have a classman from every group - and I don't think they expect a standard party be, like, 7 strong.)_ For example, experts get expertise. If all Warriors were to get, say, Heavy Armor proficiency, will Barbarians be Warriors as well? How about Monk? I'm excited to find out how they all fit together.
Bob World Builder
Bob World Builder 2 aylar önce
Ohhhh boyyyyyyyyyyy, can't wait to see this stuff! :D I love their willingness to experiment with multiple versions of rules, and it really seems like they’re listening to feedback. Can’t believe they only got 40k survey responses though! Come on people! We’re doing this together! Edit: yes 40k is a lot of responses on the playtest 1 survey, but there are like >200k views on the hour-long playtest 1 video! Hopefully the interest will continue to build
bich nguyen
bich nguyen Aylar önce
ly cu
ly cu Aylar önce
Maelakyte 2 aylar önce
Bob!! Love ya man
PinBox 3000
PinBox 3000 2 aylar önce
HEY D&D! Look at Bob's take on piercing, slashing, and bludgeoning damage. Its good rules stuff!
Shrapnel_Sponge 2 aylar önce
Yeah I tried but I needed dnd beyond and I don’t want it so couldn’t complete it.
luketfer 2 aylar önce
One thing I REALLY hope they do this time over the original DnDNext playtest is that they don't exclusively just test levels 1-10 and instead we see some tier 3 and tier 4 testing.
thoa kim
thoa kim 2 aylar önce
RC Schmidt
RC Schmidt 2 aylar önce
I hope the keep the wizard spell schools. Regarding the Tier 3 and 4, I agree. Our last few one shots and short shots started at 10, 10, 12, and 8.
Nick Campbell
Nick Campbell 2 aylar önce
To be fair, I feel like the fact that they classified all the spells for all levels is a good start.
Liam White
Liam White 2 aylar önce
It's coming out in batches. First playtest was literally level 0-1 stuff, and this time they are giving us up to 20th level in 3 classes, and spell lists up to 9th.
Jacksie Nglican
Jacksie Nglican 2 aylar önce
I hope that they can make the artificer a player’s handbook class, to make things easier. That’s what I’m going to ask for in the play-test. Thank you wotc for trying new things.
Bradley Hurley
Bradley Hurley 2 aylar önce
@Glen Allison I don't see them adding more classes though as more options is usually not better as its really hard to make more options that are around the same power level as everything use and make it feel different. But yeah, I get you have to stop somewhere, but I think leaving one glass out just seems like an oversight.
Glen Allison
Glen Allison 2 aylar önce
@Bradley Hurley Sure more options are always good, but they had to draw the line somewhere and they seem to have picked this even spread. Seems fair enough, but it will be many years before we find out how they intend to introduce more classes. It would be possible to keep symmetry by adding 1-2 new classes to every group, with 4 sub-classes each. Something like 8 new classes with 24 subs, would be a decent collection for a single release.
Bradley Hurley
Bradley Hurley 2 aylar önce
@Glen Allison while it does keep the players handbook symmetrical, the expert class still has 5 classes. So game wise it isn't symmetrical. So I think it should just join the phb and not worry about symmetry.
Glen Allison
Glen Allison 2 aylar önce
At the moment they have a symmetry; 4 class groups, 3 classes per group and 4 sub-classes per class to give the 48 sub-classes they mentioned. Due to that I don't think we will see artificer initially. I agree it would suck to have 1 class in its own book, but hopefully they bundle a dozen classes, sub-classes, races and options to make such an expansion appealing. We are of course thinking way down the road here.
Роман 2 aylar önce
@Zionswasd have you any other arguments against an artificer, except of "they can be only and only mad scientists, who make flying suits with guns (which is false)"
ed morris
ed morris 2 aylar önce
Wait, is nobody going to mention that he called the Bard and Ranger **PREPARED** spellcasting classes???!?! In the 2014 PHB they're both spells-known casters. Changing them to prepared casters is HUGE! For the record, I'm in favor of the change, but I'm shocked it hasn't been mentioned yet (that I've seen).
JelenedraKTulsa Aylar önce
@Joshua Kronengold level plus prof mod is too low. Maybe they should just let casters that don't max the stat to get stuffed. It makes sense that they wouldn't be able to prepare as many spells.
Joshua Kronengold
Joshua Kronengold Aylar önce
@JelenedraKTulsa Agreed that level plus mod is better, though there's something to be said for helping casters who don't keep their ability maxed; they're hurt enough by the mechanics. level plus proficiency bonus would be great. That said, I think they're trying to avoid people loading up on high level spells since the new rules allow unlimited spell retrains. But why? It doesn't hurt wizards or clerics at all, so the only thing you want to avoid is too many cantrios.
JelenedraKTulsa Aylar önce
@Joshua Kronengold It is a step away from level plus your spellcasting ability modifier. One I feel like benefits only casters that don't keep their spellcasting ability score maxed out and punishes everyone else. I also don't like being forced to hang onto awful 2nd level spells when 4th and 5th are amazing but niche so having say... Banish and Freedom of Movement prepper when you only have one spell slot is better than having a spare 2nd level for Animal Messenger
Joshua Kronengold
Joshua Kronengold Aylar önce
@JelenedraKTulsa Tha ks, nobody was talking sbout that change and I hadn't noticed it, Prepare exactly as many spells as you have slots, eh? I don't hate the root concept--it would give casters a lot moee prepared spells overall (though multiclassing? I guess the current restriction? I wouodn't miss them if they eere gone, tho). Don't need two top-level spells, bit should be able to downgrade prepared spells, prepping more lower level spells if you don't want the higher ones,
JelenedraKTulsa Aylar önce
I think you are confusing what I am saying with you have to choose exactly how many cure wounds you're packing. That's what the older editions had. The new rules say you can't have more spells prepared for a level than the slots you have for them. So you can't prep a fireball and haste when you finally unlock 3rd level spells.
Telltale 2 aylar önce
I love that they're moving some of the 20th level features to 18! It means we'll get more time to play with some of the coolest features in the game. Plus, more accessible ritual casting sounds like a blast
Tri Tam Tran
Tri Tam Tran Aylar önce
Cloudian~ 2 aylar önce
what you mean to say is every one multiclassing at 18 to 2 points in fighter for action surge. lol
KitZune 2 aylar önce
@Wolfric Thorsson Honestly one of the big reasons for the changes is that the 20th level abilities in 5e are not all that great. They're good benefits, for sure, but they're not amazing. So level 20 having an epic boon now makes it have more OOMPH as a level 20 ability. It would be very unusual if you're requesting that the 20th level features get moved down to level 12 or something just so the average campaign can use them. It all comes down to the feel of the campaign. Over level 14 players start being able to take on very epic content. And not all DMs want to tell stories about that level of play. But I don't feel that's what they're aiming to change. As I say, the change is because the current level 20 abilities are pretty weak, and lack-luster. And I've always thought that is because they know that once you read level 20 your campaign is likely about to end, so they didn't want you getting anything that makes you drool to play longer. The Epic Boon is a pretty huge upgrade from what currently is there. And it implied that epic levels might be making a return. (That is levels above 20.)
Carson Rush
Carson Rush 2 aylar önce
I hope they give the wizard and the Tome warlocks something else to be there special thing, if everyone is getting good ritual casting now. Steps all over their toes.
ChickenSoupMusic 2 aylar önce
@Wolfric Thorsson request a session zero always and request going to 20. Give the DM a pass saying you don’t care if balance is off but that you’d like to explore epic themes and storylines
Nerdahedron 2 aylar önce
I'm excited for the feat option, but not excited at all for the universalization of the class features. I worry this is going to echo how you've been using spells everywhere in place of abilities, which I don't care for. For me, classes needed ways to be diverse, not homogenized. Fingers crossed, but the teaser here seems to indicate more of the same. Class Groupings also don't sound particularly logical as an in-universe pre-requisite for a magic item at the moment. Looking forward to tomorrow, and the survey to follow it. Was glad to hear that the feedback will be discussed and revised packets are planned based on those. I was hoping it would go that way. It worked well for Next (here we are today), so I'm glad that will be the way forward too! Thanks for the video!
Cameron Kirby
Cameron Kirby 2 aylar önce
Personally I love it! From the sounds of it the core classes will still be very unique, it's just the feats that will be different, which I actually think will add to the uniqueness of classes. Atm a lot of Ranger builds aren't all that different to ranged Fighters, they both tend to take SS, XBE and EA. But if there are cool Expert feats that works well with ranged weapons then you'll end up building your Ranger very differently to your Fighter. Same with Bards in comparison to Warlocks or Sorcerers.
Harakiriwolf 2 aylar önce
Please make the Artificer part of the Playtest and the new Player's Handbook. He gets left out so often, despite being a class with LOTS of potential. Otherwise, I like what I hear and I look forward to see the playtest tomorrow. But either way: I hoped you wouldn't make ability score improvements and feats directly competitive with each other again, only being able to chose one or the other. It often limits the amount of feats a character will realisticly take, because +2 to your main stat is often just superior to many of the more flavourful and interesting feats.
Sven Aylar önce
I think they´re solving a lot of this issue by adding a +1 stat increase to every level 4 and up feat, which reduces the opportunity cost of taking them effectively by half....sure you need to wait for the next Feat threshold to get to the +2, but at least now you have 2 feats & a +2 increase, instead of just 2 feats. Now we only need to figure out a way to make uneven ability scores useful in some way.
ALP 2 aylar önce
@Stale Bread hakuna yo tatas Fighter Man
ioasis yumich
ioasis yumich 2 aylar önce
@Stale Bread Yawn go hit some more stuff rage-boi
Stale Bread
Stale Bread 2 aylar önce
I'm assuming your favorite class is the Artificer, eh? Okay, Art-Tiff-Ficer.. Or should I say nerd? Go tinker me a sharper axe.
David R
David R 2 aylar önce
Remember folks, this is a playtest. So if there’s a rule that you don’t care for, remember it’s not finalized. Voice your opinions, discuss your feelings, take the survey. Let’s be civil. They wants to hear from us.
Glen Allison
Glen Allison 2 aylar önce
@Douglas Wagner If I'm understanding you right, you are basing your paranoia off zero statements, zero activities they have done and directly against what they have said their plans are. So sure, they could commit commercial suicide, but they've made no indication that they have any intention to do so. My "playable anywhere" statement includes Roll20, FG and other VTTs, based on their statements that they have no intent to stop people playing however they want. Those VTTs already pay royalties for all products sold, so WOTC have a nice flow of cash for all of that material. Its not stopping piracy or any such, so it makes zero sense to shoot themselves in the foot by fighting against the established VTTs. If you are worried about the influence of Hasbro, just remember they bought WOTC back in 1999, so in the two decades they have owned it, they have left it to run unchanged and owned it well before 5e was released. There is no sign that hands off approach is going to change.
Douglas Wagner
Douglas Wagner 2 aylar önce
@Glen Allison LOL that's a pretty nieve way of looking at things. Whoever competes with WOTC in the VTT space is going to run into problems. Foundry already has plugins for reading character data via the DNDBeyond API. Want to make a bet about how long that's going to last after WOTC's VTT comes out? Do you not see what's happened in the world's media when conglomerates take over? As to the rest of D&D being playable anywhere? I guess that depends on your definition of that statement. Do you want digital content because there's no way you'll be getting it from DriveThruRPG or a non-WOTC source. I guess if your definition of "playable anywhere" is that you can go to WOTC and buy your books, use D&D beyond to store your characters and ... then take all of that information with you to your friend's house so they too can buy books from WOTC and store their characters on D&D Beyond too... Doesn't leave a lot of space for Foundry or MapTool or Roll 20 or Fantasy Grounds but hey...you can carry the book with you wherever you want to go (so long as you purchase it from a single location) so all's good right?
Max Kogan
Max Kogan 2 aylar önce
I'm all for it except the epic Boons given at level 20. Imo those are big moments awarded to players after they reach level 20. Mostly giving them the option to choose is what nailed it in the coffin for me. It ironically removes variability for me. It this passes, the amount of spellcasters (more specifically wizards and Sorcers) that will stack the tough feat and Boon of Fortitude (which I believe is just another Tough feat that can stack on the og one) will turn into a meme. You give that to a Barbarian with magic items and they might be able to solo a Tarrasque while they're raging.
Artie Gatsby
Artie Gatsby 2 aylar önce
And good thing, too. Almost everything I've seen come out of this playtest material is GARBAGE.
KaiserSoze679 2 aylar önce
Not to mention, let's be fair: every "rule" in D&D is still negotiable at your table. Even when it's finalized, your group can simply choose not use a rule if they don't like it. That's the beauty of this game, there are really "suggestions" more than "rules."
Peter Young
Peter Young 2 aylar önce
Looks like keywording is back! Definitely will make things less clunky when writing homebrew. Much better inter-book compatibility as well.
Joshua DeFriese
Joshua DeFriese 2 aylar önce
The very first thing that crossed my mind when class groups was mentioned was the new party building. I think that’s a tremendous idea for helping people learn the archetypes and suggested playstyles of each class. Looking forward to seeing the doc tomorrow!!
Glen Allison
Glen Allison 2 aylar önce
From the brief mention it sounds like the test of the crit changes got some flame. Seemed to be the one area that a lot of people didn't like. I think they could have been clear from the start that there were 3 different versions, and just give all 3 so we can do side by side comparisons. Then at least the feedback is with the whole picture in mind. With the snapshot we get its sometimes hard to see the whole system as a connected thing, so we don't always understand how one change effects other areas.
Dustin Mccollum
Dustin Mccollum 2 aylar önce
48 new sub classes and 45 of them are going to be cleric domains.
krim7 2 aylar önce
Its the same number we had before with 7 new subclasses.
Wanderingsage7 2 aylar önce
(surprised it's skewed towards the cleric considering how much they love Wizards)
Tom Flynn
Tom Flynn 2 aylar önce
@David Winstead Woah woah woah, every other class needs at least one subclass. That's why we should expect a mere 30 Cleric Domains.
David Winstead
David Winstead 2 aylar önce
Only 40 cleric domains. Need room for the 8 wizard schools.
peter Rasmussen
peter Rasmussen 2 aylar önce
I still think we need small one-shots and things that are designed to be played with the new rules. How crits feels will depend on what a modern monster stat block looks like. Still feels like there is too many unknows to really playtest proper.
Meme Santa
Meme Santa 2 aylar önce
I really like the class groups. As someone playing an artificer right now, I feel like a lot of things leave them out just for simplicity. Also, Tasha's Cauldron of Everything had the Sidekick class for NPCs with three subclasses: Expert, Warrior, and Spellcaster. And he mentioned the Expert and Warrior class groups - but also a Mage and Priest group so it could just be a coincidence but I like the idea that they were somewhat inspired by that. Also, please bring the Sidekick rules back, they're such a great addition to the game and I've never ran a campaign without them since they came out. Edit: I haven't played any editions before 5e, so I didn't know that those older editions is probably where the group names originate from, not the Sidekick rules.
DracoSuave 2 aylar önce
@Zen-RPG No, not like Roles. More like the superclasses from 2e, which inspired roles. Also roles is something that's been a meme in the game the entire time. That's where the games people accuse 4e of cribbing got it from.
Tony Maurice
Tony Maurice 2 aylar önce
"She was 12 and I was 30"- Senile Joe
Samuel Bouchard
Samuel Bouchard 2 aylar önce
@SlipshodAverage Fun fact, in the french translation of AD&D 2E, warrior and fighter were interinverted, making them respectively "combatants" and "guerriers".
Stewart L
Stewart L 2 aylar önce
@Deiwos they said that artificers are in the expert class group.
This Troll is for you
This Troll is for you 2 aylar önce
@TheCrimsonElite666 more than likely it will be placed in the warrior class. They probably won't clarify since it isn't an "official" DnD class though sadly.
iDuno 2 aylar önce
God I wish it was standard practice for companies with an international audience to say what time zone they mean when they give a date... because here in Australia THIS VIDEO was released on the 29th, so going off of my time zone the content should already be out.
Axle Hulk
Axle Hulk 2 aylar önce
I don't mind the idea of having "class groups", but rather than the Expert Group I feel a better name for them being the Specialist.
Christopher Harris
Christopher Harris 2 aylar önce
Agreed. I said the same. Folks seem to think this implies that they are something like "Prestige" classes.
Lord~Nexus 2 aylar önce
Yeah I got a little excited that we were talking about 'prestige' classes. Ahh well.
Axle Hulk
Axle Hulk 2 aylar önce
@The Pokeman 52 this is an interesting pick I forgot about.
The Pokeman 52
The Pokeman 52 2 aylar önce
pretty sure the reason they use the "Expert" terminology is because of the already existing Expert, Warrior, and Spellcaster sidekicks, with Spellcaster being split to Mage and Priest. so they're just using pre-established classifications from the existing game
Steven Scheibal
Steven Scheibal 2 aylar önce
I don't know if Specialist is any better than Expert. Bards kind of do everything, which is sort of the opposite of a specialist. These classes can be experts in multiple things, but they aren't necessarily specializing in one specific area.
Eduardo Flores
Eduardo Flores 2 aylar önce
Even if the artificer is not going to appear in this playtest I would love to see it in the future in the 2024 pbh
clock. 2 aylar önce
@TheD&DExaggerator In the most recent playtest material, they have stated in the Feedback section that ahead in the One D&D Playtest there will be "Revised versions of every class from the 2014 Player's Handbook" so I'd assume Arti is going to be left out again.
Glen Allison
Glen Allison 2 aylar önce
At the moment they have a symmetry; 4 class groups, 3 classes per group and 4 sub-classes per class to give the 48 sub-classes they mentioned. Due to that I don't think we will see artificer initially.
Tri Tam Tran
Tri Tam Tran 2 aylar önce
hawk3123 2 aylar önce
@TheD&DExaggerator it technically still is available as One DnD is intended to be able to use old expansion books with it
TheD&DExaggerator 2 aylar önce
It has been mentioned in the Arcane spell list classes in the Augest playtest material, so if it ain't in there I would be greatly confused
Zipperon Disney
Zipperon Disney 2 aylar önce
Jeremy has the patience of a saint. It's not easy putting up with a lot of passionate nerds with wildly different ideas, but he handles it with admirable grace ❤️
Foghammer 2 aylar önce
I don't know why people like him, and what I've seen of his responses in Sage Advice seem snarky, far from "the patience of a saint." I also find that I disagree with more of what he says than any other designer. He seems like the kind of DM that makes off the cuff rulings that ruin your mutliclass build a few levels in and doesn't let you retrain or swap characters.
David and Dragons
David and Dragons 2 aylar önce
I hope that the survey is actually gathering information that's useful for them you use. Raw data isn't useful on its own without proper context and organization
Thane's Games
Thane's Games 2 aylar önce
I'm sure a big paycheck puts it all into perspective.
MaindexOmega 2 aylar önce
you're saying it like a passionate nerd with a wildly different idea is a bad thing
SlinkyTWF 2 aylar önce
He still needs a rules editor.
Michael Bootes
Michael Bootes 2 aylar önce
Inspiration from Nat 1’s is interesting. I was thinking of using that in one of my games but whenever people used their rage dice to overcome a problem it would add one to their personal save DC’s against my planned big bosses attacks. The more they gave into their rage the more attuned they’d be to his influence and vulnerable to his effects sort of deal.
Michael Krakauer
Michael Krakauer 2 aylar önce
Actually starts talking about the classes around 10:00
Dude of Bro
Dude of Bro 2 aylar önce
Doing lathanders work my man.
Ian anator
Ian anator 2 aylar önce
Thank you
Phara 2 aylar önce
Please include Artificer in the phb
Wanderingsage7 2 aylar önce
Please give Artificers more options to play with. Nothing from Spelljammer, wth.
Mr. Bones
Mr. Bones 2 aylar önce
I feel like inspiration as a mechanic isn't really something that should be focused on by the development team it just feels somewhat unneeded as it just adds another layer of book keeping for a singular reroll. Another rule that feels unnecessary to enforce upon future module building is the no DM crit rule. Across my grouping circles this was the one that was which rejected immediately as i feel only adventurer's league or certain rules as written groups will use. The systems that need reworks far more are: The CR combat and XP system Martial vs spellcaster division of power past level 5 Mechanics for ship/airship and spelljammer combat. Crafting tables and modifications to equipment.
Foghammer 2 aylar önce
To build on your last point: Bounded accuracy was a boon, but I wonder if there is a way to adjust it slightly to trade back for things like weapon threat ranges and expanded crit multipliers. Those things went a long way to differentiating weapons, and I miss them. It also sucks not having a decent magic item price guide, which would have helped with crafting. The price ranges based on rarity are so vast and muddy that countless homebrew and 3PP documents have tried to plug the gap, and none have managed to stick quite well enough. For mundane items, this can easily be houseruled at the table, as most things a player would want to make are presented with concrete numbers, but it shouldn't have to be. This seems like laziness on WotC's part.
grip 2 aylar önce
I think its great that the Ranger is in the Expert group. The Ranger was a bit lackluster in 5e and needed something to strengthen its identity.
Loki Darkbeard
Loki Darkbeard 2 aylar önce
@John Evans I agree with that, but if you have a combat oriented ranger an extra die of damage is pretty nice. Personally I would completely redesign the ranger and make it able to use 'survival practices' which would be similar to how rituals work, but would be more like what survivalists do today where they can make weapons and tools out of things just laying around in the wilderness, and be able to know what creatures and beasts are in an area, have ambush style combat where they could make traps and attack from stealth like a rogue (but something to differentiate them from the rogue would be that instead of sneak attack damage they get negative status effects like slow or prone or grappled). I would give them 3/4 caster spells like a druid for one sub-class and a pet for another sub-class. The pet class would be that they can tame wild beasts they encounter with the difficulty based on the difference between the rangers level and the beasts CR. Maybe have a completely combat oriented 3rd sub-class, but that's just me.
John Evans
John Evans 2 aylar önce
@Loki Darkbeard Actually. I am simply not a fan of Hunter's Mark or any trait that winds up turning a Class into a one trick pony. (Like Eldritch Blast, which none of my Warlocks have never used) That and the Ranger gets precious few slots. I tend to save the 1st level ones for Goodberry. When used out of combat, it's THE best healing spell a Ranger has since they nerfed Healing Spirit. It's a guaranteed 10 points of healing with no roll necessary, which makes it superior to Cure Wounds unless you have a Wisdom if 16 or higher in addition to negating the need to use rations. Add this to Cure Wounds for emergency Healing and it works very well.
Loki Darkbeard
Loki Darkbeard 2 aylar önce
@John Evans I agree with what you said for the most part. You probably didn't use hunters mark because it was concentration and took a precious spell slot. In 4e it was a class feature not a spell. In my mind to make the ranger viable you would need to combine the 5e PHB subclasses into the base class.
John Evans
John Evans 2 aylar önce
@Loki Darkbeard You and I obviously see the class differently. For one thing, in all of 5e, I have used Hunter's Mark MAYBE a half dozen times. In MY mind, while there are the 'usual' power gamer optimization builds, a class is only truly strong if it holds up to ANY build, especially NON optimized builds. If it doesn't perform well and hold it's own when played by folks who want to focus on concepts rather than pure combat peak performance, then it's NOT a strong class. Conceptually, the Ranger is a fighting wilderness scout of sorts with spellcasting as a secondary trait. This new Class completely removes the connection to nature of the Class. In doing this, they completely remove any reason for the Class's existence, save for the connection to Aragorn in Lord of the Rings and Drizzt DoUrden. Without serious changes, this is nothing more than a minor skill monkey that fights in light armor with some extra movement possibilities'. I am seriously hoping that they somehow remember that this is supposed to be a Ranger again sometime before doing to it what they have done in this UA.
MrApocryphon 2 aylar önce
@Fury of the Smol ok ma dude. I don't feel like this going anywhere. I was just trying to explain that with collaboration between players and DMs any class is viable and fun. You don't have to limit yourself to the mechanics of a class to define your roleplay. And you can flavor abilities without changing the mechanics to increase enjoyability (therapist, rage, etc) You can reply to this but I will not read it. Have fun in your games.
Dream Bridge
Dream Bridge 2 aylar önce
Fantastic idea for the group classification, I love the connection it gives the classes. Also pre-made spel lists are brilliant 👏
MrFernoid 2 aylar önce
Shout out to all the guys working on One D&D, you're doing a great job. Thank you for providing this material and for being so receptive to community feedback. The new stuff sounds awesome, keep it coming!
House DM
House DM 2 aylar önce
It sounds like you all are very serious about listening and implementing the feedback from the community. Really happy to hear this and I am very stoked to see the next UA tomorrow! Cheers!
Chad Culotta
Chad Culotta 2 aylar önce
Class capstones dropping to 18th; 20th now gets an epic feat is cool AF
John Doe
John Doe 2 aylar önce
Yea, now we can try those out in all the 5e published adventures that go into Tier 4. Oh wait...
PinBox 3000
PinBox 3000 2 aylar önce
Expert job! And thank the gods they are giving inspiration for crit FAILS. Great move. I'm really hoping they make the organization of this material better than the original PHB, which is kinda all over the place. I think these expert classes should become movement-in-battle strategists, like giving Thorn Whip to Rangers - just makes sense.
Element Zero
Element Zero 2 aylar önce
I would prefer the Artificer be in the PHB, but I suspect that's not even on the table. I look forward to seeing this UA tomorrow.
loreermejo 2 aylar önce
The spell suggestion lists are a GREAT idea! I have many (experienced) players that never gathered the courage to try and make a full spellcaster because those spell lists were too intimidating!
Nik b
Nik b 2 aylar önce
@Dean McCourt how have these goobers not heard of a class guide
Dean McCourt
Dean McCourt 2 aylar önce
People acting like the internet doesn't exist to do this job already. You'll be paying for pages of a book that are already on rpgbot
Benjamight 2 aylar önce
Bronson Kim
Bronson Kim 2 aylar önce
The suggested list of prepared spell is a really nice quality of life change. As someone whose been DMing for a lot of new players recently i think those lists will help out a lot. I also see myself using them as a DM when having to improvise a high level NPC caster on the spot
Windw00d 2 aylar önce
I am glad you guys are doing this so openly. Its really smart and makes me feel like I'm designing the game too.
Roosevelt Cooper
Roosevelt Cooper 2 aylar önce
I love the approach you are taking with how you are releasing the play test and how you are going to use future videos to talk about what the surveys said. This is great!
Nick Campbell
Nick Campbell 2 aylar önce
Honestly, Can't wait! Ranger was one of my favorite classes in 5e (yes we exist). Bard, Ranger, and Rouge are the classes I would most associate with Skills, though I guess that might be why you call them Experts.
Sarah Jo
Sarah Jo 2 aylar önce
I like the idea of inspiration on a Natural 1. I've been playing with a similar idea to that, but usually just after they describe how their character spectacularly fails in an entertaining way. 😄
I love that they're moving some of the 20th level features to 18! It means we'll get more time to play with some of the coolest features in the game. Plus, more accessible ritual casting sounds like a blast
Michael Hubbard
Michael Hubbard 2 aylar önce
I really appreciate that you're doing iterative feedback to get the best possible version of the game. Great work!
yrthwyrm 2 aylar önce
I'm so jazzed to hear about inspiration on a nat1. I was hoping they would consider that, and I think it would be really motivating for players to keep trying even after they fail the first time.
Dynestis 2 aylar önce
I can see your players are pampered babies who lack spines.
дndré 2 aylar önce
@James Paget And rogues past level 11 who can't roll below 10 on a ability check.
James Paget
James Paget 2 aylar önce
Gonna upset the Halflings though
Dirty 20
Dirty 20 2 aylar önce
Makes Nat 1s not feel so bad
Derik Crossman
Derik Crossman 2 aylar önce
I would love the rule for Inspiration to remain rolling a 20, but instead of gaining inspiration yourself, an ally is inspired by your clutch roll. Typically inspiration comes from others, rather than us inspiring ourselves. That would also keep the person rolling a 20 from just continually rolling more 20s because of having advantage. Now a 20 would inpire an ally, who could roll a 20 and inspire another ally. TEAMWORK!
Glen Allison
Glen Allison 2 aylar önce
Seems like the easiest fix to the risk of snowballing is to say you don't gain inspiration on a roll using inspiration. Then Nat20 gets to be a celebrated result with extra bonus, and your chance of regaining it remains the same as before.
Portsyde 2 aylar önce
@Justin Clark I think the idea is interesting but I just don't think it makes the most contextual sense. People are naturally inspired by great successes and not from critical failures; turning that on its feels like a consolation prize for failing, which, imo, defeats the purpose of the nat 1 in the first place. I'm much more partial to giving another player inspiration or limiting the amount of times one can gain inspiration in this way.
jayvir6 2 aylar önce
That's a great idea. Nat 20 gives to someone else, but Nat 1 gives it to yourself
Justin Clark
Justin Clark 2 aylar önce
See I really like the rolling on 1s idea. (I wrote that in my response to the first UA) because rolling a 20 then makes it easier to get another one which can snowball encounters really hard. On a 1, it leads to a “failing forward” kind of attitude and reminds me of a hero getting beat down and getting back up with an advantage in their pocket. It’s a nice glimmer of hope if an encounter isn’t going their way
LowLife AM
LowLife AM 2 aylar önce
I like this a lot
David Scrams
David Scrams 2 aylar önce
So is Jeremy saying that this version of the ranger prepares spells rather than having a set of known spells? That's huge for flexibility and the use of niche spells.
Wanderingsage7 2 aylar önce
Which is most of the ranger spell list
David Dalrymple
David Dalrymple 2 aylar önce
I really like the classes being released in groups like this, so it allows their differences to shine. I'm really glad to see that some degree of asymmetry will remain between the classes.
Theophrastus Bombastus
Really liking the Ranger getting things like Expertise. I've never really been _compelled_ to play a Ranger in 5e (in fact, I don't believe I ever have) but I think the Ranger will be my first class I try in the "next gen" edition
Dynestis 2 aylar önce
@Foghammer then you aint playing them right mate
Foghammer 2 aylar önce
As someone who used to play a lot of Rangers in 3.5e/Pathfinder, I have never touched them in 5e. :( They are very sad and boring, IMO.
Carne 2 aylar önce
I wished for the nat 1 = give inspiration, for so long. I think that it's the best way to give inspiration without breaking the game. If you have played MotW you know that there is nothing better than failing a roll but still getting something out of it (gaining experience).
BucklingSwashes 2 aylar önce
Every time I hear them mention the Artificer, I get really happy. I just started playing DnD more regularly a couple of years ago, and decided to go with an Artificer because I wanted something that would allow me to get creative with machine designs while also allowing for lots of mechanical depth. That the Artificer is not only returning but will be making its way into the game early on is great news.
Sylvain Cousineau
Sylvain Cousineau 2 aylar önce
Sound like 4e classes roles are sort of back , interesting . So far can't wait to read next UA .
Billy Rigby
Billy Rigby 2 aylar önce
So excited to see the ranger rework. We can all agree this has been a long time coming!
David Thomas
David Thomas 2 aylar önce
Definitely like the class grouping idea. Hopefully I don't have to wait to long for artificers to come back (experts as well, probably). Also leaves the door open for a psionics group with their own mechanics in future perhaps?
Razachiel 2 aylar önce
I really love the way you guys have decided to approach this step up to the new version of game rules. I forgot to thank you for this opportunity in my survey, so I do so now. Thank you, and I cannot wait for more material to playtest. Keep up the good work and I wish you luck.
Theophrastus Bombastus
I would like to see a CON based magic user. Like a Blood Mage, for example, maybe sacrificing some health to cast certain spells
Glae Aylar önce
Other ability scores being important (Con and Int specifically) was such a great thing about 4th, lot of good ideas there that I'm kind of sad they moved so far away from because 3.5th edition players hated them.
Pico Aylar önce
Super late reply, but Sorcerer should fulfill that roll of CON caster. Them using CHA never really made sense form a lore standpoint and it would make sense that the innately magical person would have to have a decently high CON in order to deliver the more taxing spells.
Foghammer 2 aylar önce
I have always wanted to see a magic system that anyone could use, but with a price, and blood magic seems perfect for it. It's not only a material cost, but the cost of tainting yourself with something dark like that, even if it's only the perception of other people, is compelling. In my homebrew setting, you can spend and roll Hit Dice in a bid to get (for simplicity and lack of a more flowery term) Blood Magic Points, and then you can use those points to cast spells. They are costly (even a cantrip costs one BMP), but there are rules for sacrificing BMPs to other casters, allowing for blood magic cults. There are other limitations, but that's the gist of it. I don't expect any edition of D&D to ever contain something like that. Wizards and clerics must reign supreme for all time, so access to magic will always be class-locked, and wizards and clerics will have the best of it.
Wintry D&D ❄️
Wintry D&D ❄️ 2 aylar önce
Love the mindset of testing out things that are weird and different! It's the right time to get a little crazy and out of the box :D
Magic 7
Magic 7 2 aylar önce
I think these bigger groups of classes is such a cool idea
Scott Armstrong
Scott Armstrong 2 aylar önce
Love the idea of inspiration on a nat1. Going to add that to all my games.
Scott Armstrong
Scott Armstrong 2 aylar önce
@James Paget Makes sense to me an is an easy fix for the only thing that folks seem to have a problem with for the rule. But you do you.
James Paget
James Paget 2 aylar önce
@Scott Armstrong you reroll the Nat1, so you wouldn't get the inspiration from it, unless you roll another Nat1. Wouldn't make sense to get anything from a roll that doesn't stick.
Scott Armstrong
Scott Armstrong 2 aylar önce
@James Paget seems they'd like it even more. Inspiration and rerolling a 1 seems like an even better reason to run halfling.
James Paget
James Paget 2 aylar önce
Hope none of your players are Halflings :p
glockoshoppo 2 aylar önce
Love the idea of class groups! Awesome!
Cpt Kirk
Cpt Kirk 3 gün önce
Unfortunately, I missed the deadline for this review... Absolutely hated the new Barkskin... on hit mitigation is much better than Temp HP from a stance on concentration, unless they are redefining how temp hp work (JC said the intent was that you are still considered to have taken damage). Glad Bards don't get healing as part of their base list now. Really hoping that they fix and/or further define Invisibility. It is a no brainer that if a creature can see you through the invisibility that they should not have disadvantage to hit you... it is not really a condition in that respect but more of an effect that is negated by other effects. Really don't like that there are no adjustments on race an ogre is now just as strong as a halfling on average... Background feats are pretty magic heavy too... I like that they made backgrounds more important but missed an opportunity to define cultures more (Elf noble isn't the same as a Human Noble and Halflings may not even have Nobles just as an example... some backgrounds are pretty universal though, like criminal) Hoping schools of magic are better adhered to as well... looking at you Goodberry.
Caru14 2 aylar önce
What a great team to test and experiment and walk back stuff the community doesn’t like. Love this content. Bring on more classes👀
Andrew Williams
Andrew Williams 2 aylar önce
My daughter took her first steps to me as I was listening to this. I've got good feelings about the new books. 😌
HyoriKatsu 2 aylar önce
This is so cool! I’m so thrilled the community is able to be involved in the process like this.
Tome of Summoning
Tome of Summoning 2 aylar önce
More! MORE! MORE! These are great things to experiment with to improve the game. I'm all about streamlining game play and making the system a little snappier, so I wonder what they're thinking of when it comes to improving that. In any case, trying new things is always good! Can't wait to play around with these new options!
RyRy 2 aylar önce
This is definitely interesting, I am hoping for some new classes as well eventually (missing 4E classes perhaps?). Ranger was the most hated class in 5e for some reason, so I like that they are showing it off first. It was always my go to class so I'm excited to see the changes. I don't like rolling a 1 giving inspiration as that's just weird, but that might be just me. Giving props for trying something new though.
Mike Teasley
Mike Teasley 2 aylar önce
@RyRy I think Isel hit the nail on the head with fail forward, but to slightly expand on this: I think the general idea is that you learn more from failure than a glaring success (as a nat 20 would be in my mind), and come back determined, with fresh perspective and motivation in the form of inspiration so that maybe you avoid failing the same way again so soon. I might be reading unto it waaaaay too much, but that's what came to mind for me when they mentioned it. In a meta sense, it also takes some of the joy-suck out of rolling a 1 - yes, you failed miserably this time but you have hope for next time with a bit of cushion from inspiration. All that said, in our campaigns only attack rolls work with auto-hit/auto-miss. We leave saves, checks, etc. to succeed or fail based on the modified result. There are certainly other equally logical ways of looking at it, so hopefully they try them all.
Darl Hiatt
Darl Hiatt 2 aylar önce
I so hope they bring back some 4e classes. The class group division they're trying is reminiscent of 4e as well. I want to play a Warlord!
Paul Gibbon
Paul Gibbon 2 aylar önce
@Isel reads It has the same issue as getting it on a 20, though--it creates tension where players want to be rolling inconsequential dice as much as they possibly can.
Isel reads
Isel reads 2 aylar önce
I think the idea behind this idea is them trying to "fail forward" as it were. You messed up royally, but you steel yourself to try again.
Ryan Stahl
Ryan Stahl 2 aylar önce
Love this process! Excited to see what come next.
Charles Khan Mask Bastard
Now this feels like a playtest!
Cody Martin
Cody Martin 2 aylar önce
This definitely sounds pretty interesting. I was excited to see something about the Artificer, sad to see that doesn't look to be the case, outside of a small reference.
Philip O'Neill
Philip O'Neill 2 aylar önce
Great to see they seem to be listening to the feedback. I'm trying to encourage everyone to send it in - there are a lot of people I know who are bitching about this rule or that, but not filling in the feedback survey, which takes all of about ten minutes.
Content? 2 aylar önce
I've been bouncing Unearthed Arcana content at the most experienced DM I know. He's still apprehensive about some of the changes being floated in this series but even he's excited about what's happening with feats, epic boons etc.
Lord Shadow Z
Lord Shadow Z 2 aylar önce
Once again, I am excited and optimistic about the direction these playtests are going for 5.5e. Class groups, 18th level capstones and epic boons, suggested lists, giving the Ranger expertise, not using the new crit rules, all sounds great. I look forward to diving into the document in full tomorrow.
Justin Lindlof
Justin Lindlof 2 aylar önce
Okay, I was a bit worried when the last one released, but I really love the direction they're taking this. Excited to see the next wave!
Therin a'Ghaleon
Therin a'Ghaleon 2 aylar önce
Looking forward to this one. I'll be certain to apply the rules I can during my next playtest run. It'll also be interesting to see how this can modify/influence class and subclass design moving forward.
Grey Deathangel
Grey Deathangel 2 aylar önce
I'd really love to playtest this materials a lot more, secondary question that I'd have is that are we going to only see the first 12 classes? I have a strong love for the Artificer, and am hoping that it won't be missing, especially since it was suppose to be a "Expert" class group? Would hate to see them go the way of the dodo bird.
Jacob Sargent
Jacob Sargent 2 aylar önce
I'm really excited about these class groups. I'm hoping it will help close the gaps that existed between some classes in the original PHB (looking at ranger). I also hope they'll give monk subclasses a good number of these redesigns; I think they are currently most in need of that. The epic boon at 20th level has so much potential; I'm absolutely down to give every class a rebalanced 18th level feature and then let the player choose something truly awesome at level 20 as a reward for sticking with that class.
Double Crit Fail
Double Crit Fail 2 aylar önce
Looking forward to testing the new material. Keep up the great work!
Rampe 2 aylar önce
My playgroup has been loving the "you get inspiration when you roll a 1 on a d20", so it's awesome to hear it's in the next UA! The class group design sounds very interesting, looking forward to learning more. I really hope Ranger is now a prepared spellcaster! Removing the Ritual limitation sounds like a good improvement.
Connor Hetherington-Lipari
At first, I was excited to see that feats seemed to be separate from Ability Score Increases but this PDF refers to "Ability Score Increase Feat", so it looks like it's going to be exactly the same, you have to choose between being mechanically better and being more interesting, at least class features scale off of Proficiency rather than Ability Scores.
Andrew Naber
Andrew Naber 2 aylar önce
LOVE the change to the ritual casting it makes so much more sense
andakin117 2 aylar önce
I would like to say thank you to the team over at wizards and everyone working on D&D for taking the time to listen to community feedback and putting forward the best features of the game for players. I doubt anyone mentioned will read this but if you do just know thateverything you are doing is making the game that much more enjoyable for everyone.
Mythmaker 2 aylar önce
Class groups is such an outstanding idea. Seems so simple, but makes a huge difference, especially for homebrewers like myself who may want to add new classes!
Lucketmi 2 aylar önce
Amazing news about the d20 test! This is rly good to know, WOTC is listening AND the nat 1 give inspiration is a rly good idea that i saw other ppl and content creators coming up with it. Rn treantmonk is the one that comes up to mind.
Grayves 2 aylar önce
I like the class groups. I'm curious if a subclass could be in a different group. I assume warlock and sorcer are in the mage group. But would a celestial warlock and divine soul sorcerer be counted as priest to get the priest features?
Fenthras 2 aylar önce
This looks like it’s taking the best elements from 4E and 5E and moving forward. I’m awed by this, and I’m psyched about them doing some 180 turns with the rules.
AkodoRokku 2 aylar önce
Really disappointed to hear ASIs and feats are still tied together. You shouldn't have to pick between cool interesting options (feats) and boring but necessary competence (ASIs). It's like choosing between ice cream and broccoli.
Drunemeton 2 aylar önce
I hope they have more “half feats” where you get an ASI bump + cool feature.
Kevin Baldwin
Kevin Baldwin 2 aylar önce
As someone who just turned 40 and has almost always chosen ice cream over broccoli, trust me - you should be choosing broccoli more often
JudgeMagisterSnow 2 aylar önce
I truly do appreciate how you're providing the Legos for us and paying attention to how we use them. It's a nice, comprehensive collaboration on the creation of this new edition of D&D. Allowing the fandom to have a say without letting us run too uninhibited shows that you care, not just for the game, but for us as well.
TheGreatSquark 2 aylar önce
Universal ritual casting is a very good addition. Glad to see it
Josh Lewis
Josh Lewis 2 aylar önce
Worth pointing out that I don't remember them saying in the video, but it is listed in the Description: "Spell Lists. Three Spell lists-the Arcane, Divine, and Primal lists-are featured here. The Ranger uses the Primal list, and the **Bard potentially uses all three, thanks to the Magical Secrets feature.**" I know that some people were worried how the Spell Lists change was going to affect the Bard. Looks like not at all.
Glen Allison
Glen Allison 2 aylar önce
So the bard gets a selection of arcane and a couple of picks from other lists. Enough to give variety but still keeps them unique from the other mage types. Feels like a good middle ground.
Carson Rush
Carson Rush 2 aylar önce
It seems to me that letting the bard choose from all three spell lists just makes the bard more broken than ever. They're going to be insufferable.
piano devotion
piano devotion 2 aylar önce
@Quirk 2e is really distinct from 3.5
Quirk 2 aylar önce
@LinDarkKnight Well, 🤮 Pathfinder 🤮 is really just 3.5 and --D&D 6e-- D&D One is supposed to work for all D&D editions so it's understandable it would be --identical-- similar but legally distinct.
LinDarkKnight 2 aylar önce
Well i mean if they slap occult in there then they will be using the same thing as pathfinder 2e.
A Noob's Good Game
A Noob's Good Game 2 aylar önce
Yo sugested prepared spells is so damn good, I would be able to actually recomend spell casters to new players.
kwith 2 aylar önce
I like the class groups. Kind of reminds me of the splat-books from 3/3.5e like Tome and Blood, Song and Silence, Defenders of the Faith, Masters of the Wild, etc. While not the same thing, that's what I'm reminded of.
Table-Top Tinkerer
Table-Top Tinkerer 2 aylar önce
I cannot wait to go over this material and review what it menas for the direction of the game moving forward. Strong start with that first round of rules alterations. Expecting big things from this next document.
SilentComedy97 2 aylar önce
I am so excited to see this. I really hope that they show the Ranger some love. it is hands down my favorite class, but 5e was not kind to it, and made the mechanics really counter intuitive to the fantasy of being the quintessential ranger. Tasha's tried to alleviate this pain, but it was more of a band-aid on a broken limb. I am trying to not get my hopes up, but I really really do hope that WoTC evolves the ranger to be something that is mechanically more sound and allows it to measure up in comparison to other classes, and more aptly define its specific place and role, rather than letting it fall to the wayside, promoting one thing, but delivering another. Beyond this, I must say i am excited to see the monk get reworked as well, because even tho monk is one of those classes that any D&D reddit thread will likely have a story of a soul crushed DM who lost their precious boss to stunning strike, the monk seriously needs love too. Unlike the ranger, the monk does clearly stand out as unique among the other classes, but it does not benefit any real defined roll that another class cant do better. And finally I will end this lengthy comment with (what is realistically a personal gripe, but could be healthier for the game to see changed) is to make classes like the fighter and barbarian have options within the class that allow them to participate in other areas of play and challenges, without having to sacrifice their efficency in combat. The prime example being things like the battlemaster figher. Why not make the battlemaster offer benefits that are more focused around good leadership and being the ultimate tactician, and rather allow all fighters (or even every martial class (like in Advanced 5e) have access to maneuvers, that they can use to better navigate the combat and contribute in ways that feel incredible and unique to that individual character. Allowing all warlocks who take Pact of the Blade to use their Charisma for that weapon attack and damage would also be another example of this. Far too many times, I hear about people who want to experience the RP of other Warlock subclasses, with a traditional GISH playstyle, but they fear to do so, or feel deterred from doing so, because the Hexblade holds such a strong capitalization on being "the" GISH warlock, when the entire purpose of the Pact of the Blade feature was written with the clear intention of giving players the opportunity to be a Fiend, Fey, or Goo lock and be a GISH. Why cant Cthulu or Asmodeus give you a powerful weapon that draws on the very same source of power (Your casting Stat) to wield effectively and directly, without causing players to have to pic and choose between the vision they hold vs what is the "optimal" way to achieve their vision. Anyway, I hope this is well received, and I do sincerely hope that WoTC actually takes the time to read this comment. This is all feedback I would love to provide in the survey, but when I tried to take it and provide my One D&D feedback, the website said that the survey was closed, even tho JC said it was open til next week.
Kedo 2 aylar önce
I hope that they can make the artificer a player’s handbook class, to make things easier. That’s what I’m going to ask for in the play-test. Thank you wotc for trying new things.
Claymore 2 aylar önce
Love the expertise update, makes sense for rangers and artificers
JanSolo 2 aylar önce
I'm 5 minutes into the video and WOW. One of the suggestions I gave was exactly to reward Inspiration on natural 1s. Having experience with another system (Kids on Brooms), giving minor compensation on failures is a nice way to prevent negative spirals. Besides, anyone rolling a lot of natural 1s will be the one that benefits the most from rerolls. I will make sure to try out this feature when I am able to run another DnD session with my friends again. I really appreciate that me and the many others (I assume) that gave the suggestion for this can was already being considered! For this UA specifically, I hope Ranger gets to lean into both the Skill Monkey and Caster parts. I heavily enjoyed Ranger's Martial capabilities already but the casting and utility have always felt lacking to me. 2014 PHB had mediocre 1st level features that are too niche (Favored Enemy) or too strong (Natural Explorer) while being extremely restrictive. TCoE fixed Ranger level1, 6, and 10 for me in terms of combat but I still felt that a single Expertise was TOO LITTLE to effectively substitute a Bard or a Rogue. Casting, on the other hand, also felt limited. Compared to the similarly nature-themed caster the Druid, Ranger lacked in Spell Options, is limited to a Spells Known mechanic, and cannot ritually cast spells. I am glad to hear that Ranger can be more of an expert now along with ritual casting being more available, but I hope the more mystical side of the class gets explored along with its expert side!
Andrew 2 aylar önce
@JanSolo yes, I agree. There have always been ways to prevent players for fishing for rolls. That won't stop the people complaining that this will ruin their game. ;)
Andrew 2 aylar önce
@Snazzy Feathers I agree. I also think getting an Inspiration on a 20 is no big deal either, but after the first UA came out quite a few people commented that it'd completely break the game, claiming that their players roll hundreds of times per session and would be completely swimming in Inspiration totally trivializing the game. People will complain that this will somehow ruin the game, either because there will be too many inspirations, or something about how minimizing a 1 by giving a reward makes the game too easy,
JanSolo 2 aylar önce
@Andrew Hey if a Player deliberately does that, the DM can easily punish with consequences. Hitting a rock until you get a nat 1? Oops, sword flies out of your hand (in combat) or sword shatters on such a horrible miss!
Snazzy Feathers
Snazzy Feathers 2 aylar önce
@Andrew Inspiration is effectively just advantage on something though isn't it? Fishing for nat 1's sounds like a masochistic thing to do just for inspiration
Andrew 2 aylar önce
Unfortunately, I fully expect a whole bunch of people to complain that players will start fishing for 1s just like they said people would fish for 20s.
WinterWolf CR7
WinterWolf CR7 2 aylar önce
I really hope two-weapon fighting is finally worth doing. Without feeling like you are being punished more to put out less damage than a two-hander.
Zero the Hero
Zero the Hero 2 aylar önce
I like where One D&D is headed overall. I like this idea of class groups per party roles, but I wonder some classes are too versatile to fit. I can totally buy putting all Barbarians and Rogues in one box because those don't vary wildly per subclass, but what about Cleric or Warlock?
Scott Halfhill
Scott Halfhill 2 aylar önce
Loved the steady stream of UA this year. Even better now with One D&D
Candi Female
Candi Female 2 aylar önce
Really seems like they are listening to us. As some of the things he initially talked about was talked about in some communities. Really brings hope for OneD&D
cART WORKS 2 aylar önce
Rule suggestion: this is a rule that I already have implemented with my players. When you prepare spells, the in universe explanation of what you’re doing is you are memorizing the spell for the day. It doesn’t make much sense to me that a mage would just forget spells over night, especially if they have keen mind. So instead, rather than preparing spells, you are preparing yourself to be able to handle the magic of certain spells. This means you still know spells even if you don’t have them prepared, which allows players to cast unprepared spells if they’re willing to accept the consequences. Consequences are determined by the dm or specified on a chart of some kind.
Douglas Bailey
Douglas Bailey 2 aylar önce
Super awesome...stoked that you are all looking to continuously improve! Looking forward to it all!
Josh Margolis
Josh Margolis 2 aylar önce
Sounds amazing, can’t wait to try them out!
Greg Gates Jr
Greg Gates Jr 2 aylar önce
As a newer DM, I’m kind of surprised to hear how much inspiration is being considered for adding as an extra game mechanic. I give out inspiration pretty regularly and people at my tables like to use it. (we also play that you can use inspiration as a re-roll when you already know the outcome.) Are they working on this because people aren’t using inspiration enough? I don’t think it works well to add inspiration into dice rolling Mechanics. Inspiration is a rule and action for a player. Inspiration, as I read it, isn’t something that the character gets. Isn’t it for the player? Maybe I’ve been playing it wrong, but it seems like inspiration is one of the few, if only, game mechanics specifically targeting and applying to the players themselves, rather than the PCs. I give inspiration to my players, not their characters. That’s why I would like to see inspiration worked on outside of dice rolling, and outside of character play.
Greg Gates Jr
Greg Gates Jr 2 aylar önce
@Shaun Golowit Glad to hear another perspective on it. I’ve read posts from DMs talking about not using it enough. I like it because I can to get on their good side by giving out inspiration for good game play/role-play, then attack them with all my monsters. #muahahaha
Shaun Golowit
Shaun Golowit 2 aylar önce
I know for a fact I'm not using it enough. Anything that reminds me it exists is a good thing.
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