Over 1 Hour of Random Restocking, Cleaning, and Organizing TikTok Compilation ~~With Links~~

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Hey there, thanks for watching. I hope you enjoy the video!
Links to some products seen in the video below:

Stackable fridge and pantry organizers (set of 6): amzn.to/3yHp9Uw
Soda can dispenser: amzn.to/3n3GHrR
Fridge organizer bins, assorted, set of 8: amzn.to/3n7wfPR
Fridge organizer bins for fridge or pantry: amzn.to/3h7PUM1
Set of 4 plastic fridge bins: amzn.to/3kWH0Sx
Set of 6 stackable fridge bins with handles: amzn.to/3h21NTy
Refrigerator turntable: amzn.to/3DQ65ah
Soda can and bottle dispenser: amzn.to/3DPrf8D
Stackable fridge organizers with lids: amzn.to/3kU6P5P
Stackable soda can dispenser: amzn.to/3n6U8Ya
Pantry storage containers, set of 24, assorted sizes: amzn.to/3le9Caf
Set of 12 large stackable clear fridge bins: amzn.to/3n541p2
Fridge pullout bins with handle: amzn.to/3DTbA86
Large dry good storage container: amzn.to/3DOQwzK
Airtight pantry storage containers: amzn.to/3h5EhoQ
Airtight tall pasta storage containers, set of 4: amzn.to/3kQgsCg
Foil and plastic wrap organizer: amzn.to/38HEBVY
Fruit basket: amzn.to/3n0KF4u
Airtight pantry containers, 6 pack: amzn.to/38IB2it
Egg holder: amzn.to/2WW127b
Stackable egg storage box with pull out drawers: amzn.to/3BIRpYP
Dry good mason jars with lid, 78 ounce capacity: amzn.to/3DPsepl
Airtight storage jars with metal scoop, 100 ounce capacity: amzn.to/3BZ8QVl
Glass carafes with lids, 1 liter capacity, 4 pack: amzn.to/2YvbS57
Glass carafe with cork stopper, 34 ounce capacity: amzn.to/3zRtl5E
Glass pitcher with lid, 68 ounce capacity: amzn.to/3zP6ffU
Glass pitcher with spigot, 1.6 gallon capacity: amzn.to/3yMCivA
Mason Jar pitcher with spigot, 80 ounce capacity: amzn.to/3BM3wEo
Beverage dispenser with spigot, 1.5 gallon capacity: amzn.to/38JhdaY

FTC Disclaimer
This video is NOT sponsored and links are affiliate links.
All creators are credited.



5 Eyl 2021




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Madelyn Cantrell
Madelyn Cantrell 10 saatler önce
Fr these ppl are ✨perfectionists✨
Madelyn Cantrell
Madelyn Cantrell 10 saatler önce
Idk why but this satisfies me so much more than people who purposefully make satisfying videos
Your cute
Your cute 13 saatler önce
Fun fact: i watched the hole video at 3 am
Rozangela Ribeiro
Antes de mas nada eu amo esse barulhinhos, é tão relaxante 🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴😴😴😴😴😴 da até sono
lila spencer
lila spencer Gün önce
its sad the amount of packaging people make by taking it out of one container and putting into another just to make it look pretty.
Marc Echo
Marc Echo 2 gün önce
i love this one from zambia friend trvid.com/video/video-8k4CBl5ZG9Q.html
Almi• 2 gün önce
2:40 What does that work for?
This is why Jesus left the earth
Levi is proud and satisfied with every single person in this video Especially the one's who clean their home thoroughly
This is why Jesus left the earth
After a frustrating day of military work and killing Titans These are the videos that Keeps Levi sane and relaxed for the week....
Akinna 3 gün önce
I just don’t have enough money or space for that crap 🤣
Daniella Marin
Daniella Marin 3 gün önce
It’s good to have a clean house👍☺️✨
ddevi frenz
ddevi frenz 3 gün önce
I watched this whole video... Now my period cramps are cured😅
Kimberly Gracia
Kimberly Gracia 3 gün önce
34:45 YOU DO NOT GIVE YOUR DOG STEAK WITH SEASONING, seeing how she put away the garlic ment there’s garlic in the steak, this is not good for the dog!
Jenny S
Jenny S 3 gün önce
The only thing most of those fridge or pantry restocking videos do for me is remind me of how many processed and packaged foods Americans eat
Odd Eyes94
Odd Eyes94 4 gün önce
Some of these are like: *"I'm organizing!"* and then they proceeded to grab a handful of stuff and cram it into a random place without separation or easy access, which means it's not exactly organized and if it was, it won't be for long. Most were fine though, and overall it was a relatively relaxing watch.
talin Alshmrani
talin Alshmrani 4 gün önce
KLR Wow😍😍
Goretteful Sins
Goretteful Sins 4 gün önce
Who the hell needs a whole Sephora/ Ulta section of skin care 😳
siimplylayla:) 4 gün önce
Why does she have so many skincare products 😭 i only have face wash, some under-eye pads, and moisturizer 😩✋🏼
siimplylayla:) 4 gün önce
I could see myself organizing my pantry.. but why do they put so many perishable items in their fridge 🤨✋🏼
lovleyxmadison 4 gün önce
7:54 the sign though 😆
🍁SPOOKYLATTE🍁 5 gün önce
honestly these just make me realize how unorganized my life is 😫
Princes Sparkle Farts
Thanks to Tik tok, i now want to reorganize my room. 😂👍
sophia 5 gün önce
idk man i just want to eat those little downy beads
Aish Rameshkanna
Aish Rameshkanna 6 gün önce
since when did butter not fit in a fridge
Aish Rameshkanna
Aish Rameshkanna 6 gün önce
people in these vids: clean clean clean me: sitting in a messy room on my bed cuddled up eating brownies
Layla Mason
Layla Mason 6 gün önce
I just wanna say that god is coming! He will guide you through the though times, and help you learn please spread the gospel!!
samantha hussey
samantha hussey 7 gün önce
The downy laundry balls where can I get those
Mad Madam Tokay
Mad Madam Tokay 7 gün önce
"Just because you're organized doesn't mean you're not a hoarder. Also your diet sucks." -Me, through 90% of this video.😁
αєѕтнєтι¢αℓℓу мαηgσ
Bruh when I move out my home will be so organised and aesthetically pleasing 🧺 but until then 💀🥲
BANDIT 7 gün önce
Ok so that is a lot of food but those containers are like 12$ each at least
Nikolai Sponagoff
Nikolai Sponagoff 7 gün önce
clean freaks *Time to clean my room again*
Pilla Gene
Pilla Gene 8 gün önce
5:03 please do not pour boiling water down your sink, your pipes are plasticcccc ☠️
ItsShania 8 gün önce
It’s the fact I really sat up here and watched this whole thing not realizing the video is over an hour long..
Karen Cho
Karen Cho 8 gün önce
omg this is soo cool i would like one hehe
QUEEN6FTDIVA 8 gün önce
Ok!! Enough is enough!!! Errrrybody cleaning with one hand?? _Catben_ 40:37 done cleaned up her whole damn house with one hand, and even made the bed tooooo!!! Lemme get my black ass up from here and go clean my shit!!! 'XCept for one thing.... now I'm on her TikTok watching her clean and organize even more!!! 😩
QUEEN6FTDIVA 8 gün önce
8:35 but for whyyyyyyyyy?????
Phxebez 8 gün önce
POV: your a virgo✨
Alyona Wellner
Alyona Wellner 8 gün önce
POV: you're watching cleaning videos when you yourself are supposed to be cleaning 🤣🤣
Bree 8 gün önce
Working to buy the organizers. My spirit with ocd for cleaning feels at ease
NatalieClaros 9 gün önce
Cleaning is so much easier and fun with tiktok 😍 HAHAHAHA
Helava Entertainment
Satisfying:true...but y do they need so much products.....but u know how girls roll.....but eh it was satisfying...loved it
Brenda Ayala
Brenda Ayala 9 gün önce
Great organizing tips 👌
itz_skylar _uwu_
itz_skylar _uwu_ 9 gün önce
tried this once. dosent work if u need something on like the bottom of ur makeup box
Cayden The Queerdo
Cayden The Queerdo 9 gün önce
24:48 Thats probably the paint and by putting all of those chemicals they probably made it worse. its not a stain.
CutePotatoes 9 gün önce
same thoughts here xp
Mr. Satyre
Mr. Satyre 9 gün önce
Viccy H
Viccy H 10 gün önce
Why are you people buying so much sugary products!!? Just helping companies produce more sugar junk, it’s killing us....
Karen Shewmake
Karen Shewmake 10 gün önce
Must be different days or other house
Karen Shewmake
Karen Shewmake 10 gün önce
She come help me get cleaning and organizing u r good girl
Merss Daily
Merss Daily 10 gün önce
"the next like brow" "the next like brow" "the next like brow" Semangat gotong royong
Birds of Rhiannon
Birds of Rhiannon 11 gün önce
I can't believe how throwaway our society is. Buy in bulk, people, ffs. And who the hell needs a million facial products?!
Rozangela Ribeiro
Deve ser bloqueiras ou salão de beleza algo parecido 😂
56:58 is anyone else bothered how they don’t push them all the was back?
Jacklyan Cadena▪︎
Jacklyan Cadena▪︎ 12 gün önce
6:21 I got triggered when I saw that label. ( cera v ) if you know, you know
مرام ابو اسماعيل
Sammyyyy 12 gün önce
Can we pls appreciate the fact that they took so much time out of their day to put together like 100+ videos? That’s dedication 🥺
Quenerya and niyanna
Quenerya and niyanna 12 gün önce
123katiah 13 gün önce
i haye this. she doe sny say hey guys p[weloi0/o-p\
Cho-No-Iro14 13 gün önce
Why are they karate chopping the pillows??? What did the pillows do to them???
Meowtaincano 13 gün önce
Veronica De Santiago
Veronica De Santiago 13 gün önce
l want to be organize 🥺🥺
Maah Boiolinha Rs
Maah Boiolinha Rs 13 gün önce
So incredible most of this video ppl dont drink WATER!!!
Camaloo 13 gün önce
I love watching these while I'm laying in bed, sick as a dog ✨
lesbian_wolfie 13 gün önce
Same lol
Amanda Vasquez
Amanda Vasquez 13 gün önce
Right after I watch this, I’m organizing my whole house
Orange Tomato
Orange Tomato 14 gün önce
Pov: you have an unreasonable amount of face products
Margarina 14 gün önce
Can someone please tell me what the thing at 21:14 is? Is it edible?
Estyana Imaniar
Estyana Imaniar 14 gün önce
Shrija Shreyasi
Shrija Shreyasi 15 gün önce
Are they organising things for themselves or just for the sake of filling up the containers 😂
ItsjustDragFool 15 gün önce
Cleaning tiktokers love that powder shit
Suzy After30
Suzy After30 15 gün önce
For stubborn bathroom/kitchen stains on porous surfaces. Letting cleaners sit for 5-10 mins won’t do anything. You gotta mix some concoction & leave OVERNIGHT! Or @ least 4 hours! Just apply before bed. Scrub in AM & repeat if necessary.
Rosalie Robison
Rosalie Robison 16 gün önce
How do these people get all of that time to do that and make a living at the same time😶
Nívia Oliveira
Nívia Oliveira 16 gün önce
8:50 where can I find this girl I want a cup 🥤 💜
i am bean
i am bean 17 gün önce
I understand wanting to be organized, but when you buy a plastic container to put one thing in it… you look stupid honestly. @6:11 for example. What the hell is that doing for you?
yayan seseleket
yayan seseleket 17 gün önce
BEST FOR YOU PORNGIRL.UNO Face: "Beautifull" Lips: "Sensual" Smile: "Sweeter" Body: "Sexier" Кому я действительно нравлюсь. #Жизнь, #как #красивая #мелодия, #только #песни #перепутались #垃圾
Ҝㄖ尺ㄩ 17 gün önce
nobody will know that at this holiday, i'll run away from this shit
Willow Armstrong
Willow Armstrong 17 gün önce
Ahh a pillow.... ✋️👋🎇
kaaiitlin 17 gün önce
this video called me poor and messy for an hour straight
(〃ω〃)Ş ï m p(〃ω〃)
*The snap at **4:34** gave me an ad as soon as she snapped-*
Lina Torres
Lina Torres 18 gün önce
Stop karate chopping your pillows😣
Adonas Dorsey
Adonas Dorsey 18 gün önce
Just wasteful and purposeless.
Ebony Tyus
Ebony Tyus 18 gün önce
this makes me want to clean
R44 KS
R44 KS 18 gün önce
These people make cleaning up actually satisfying like
Peep 18 gün önce
24:20 use toothpaste let sit for 24 hours and scrub i did that and I helped
MonnXCherry 18 gün önce
Me: ~reading the tittle.. Over 1 hour of Random Restocking, Cleaning, and Organizing TikTok comilation. ~~With Links~~ Me: WHAT! WITH LINKS!? YESSSSSSSSSSS
Stéfanie L
Stéfanie L 19 gün önce
Is no one gonna talk about the color thermos ans straws??? My god
Lisa Mahan
Lisa Mahan 19 gün önce
WTF with the nails on the glass??
azis and family
azis and family 19 gün önce
mantap bos ku
Shirel Yosef
Shirel Yosef 19 gün önce
היה כתוב בסדדדדדדד
trump supporter
trump supporter 20 gün önce
If your reading this your perfect and god put you on this earth for a reason god bless you🙏
MAIA.G Make up and Gaming
si 20 gün önce
19:05 The package of the wood toothbrush says: cLeAn ThE wOrLd the girl: **buys things in a plastic package**
Karen 20 gün önce
14:45 im sorry but tULA JSJSKAAKAMS
Polly Pemberton
Polly Pemberton 20 gün önce
2:01 all that perfume? Sweetie no, girl no.
Sara Wolsgaard
Sara Wolsgaard 21 gün önce
i love this soooo much
Agatha Games413
Agatha Games413 21 gün önce
Jessie Rose
Jessie Rose 21 gün önce
Me the entire vid:Monica...stop cleaning....THE BIN!!!!
Melissa Fields
Melissa Fields 22 gün önce
_catben_ choppin' those throw pillows like the put themselves out or order after she just TOLD them
Blog Family Forever
Blog Family Forever 22 gün önce
Okay spill it. How long did this take you to make?
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