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Oney Plays Outlast for PC. This video of Outlast Gameplay / Walkthrough was recorded in 1080p as a "Let's Play" or LP by OneyPlays for Boney Plays 2021.
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19 Eki 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Screw The Net
Screw The Net 9 gün önce
A 113
SerasAtomsk 20 gün önce
We need a compilation of every fake jump scare they do to each other.
Tame Gizzard
Tame Gizzard 26 gün önce
In criminal court, it’s the state vs the defendant, so every lawyer in the state has to participate
AnomalyINC 27 gün önce
If you breathe in the game you breathe in real life.
NintendoKid99 28 gün önce
I’m gonna scream I’m gonna cream
p 28 gün önce
davd marshall
davd marshall Aylar önce
Not a lawyer sorry mate.
Lostgirlcrafter Aylar önce
11:58 Lyle you-turned so hard 😂 AnY man, woman, and.....other adult
Nathaniel Wyman
Nathaniel Wyman Aylar önce
Zach would unironically be a great thrash metal singer😂
Yusuke Kitagawa
Yusuke Kitagawa Aylar önce
9:10 oh hey, Tomar!
kxesne Aylar önce
that thumbnail is so unnerving, and i love that chris gave zach milky eyes
Mukuro Ikusaba
Mukuro Ikusaba Aylar önce
I need more of Lyle and Zach co-singing ACDC songs
Mirabella Trammell
Mirabella Trammell Aylar önce
I asked a lawyer; yes it would be one defendant for the case.
Nick Spence
Nick Spence Aylar önce
This games full of funny little characters let me tell ya!
M4D L4D Aylar önce
1:43.....just that alone makes this a 5 star video
Octavia Aylar önce
TheAnvilMan Aylar önce
Haha scary
NotRelatedByBlood Aylar önce
Zach’s psychotic ramblings and Outlast was a combination I never knew I wanted I am blessed to have been born within the right point of history to witness this
bangus Aylar önce
zach sounds like seth putnam
Loaf Gaming
Loaf Gaming Aylar önce
Lyle yells "I know a pressure point in your balls!" *proceeds to bolt at you with super human speed and finger jabs your balls with all his might*
Lasagna 420
Lasagna 420 Aylar önce
best game to start boneyplays honestly
D-Erekweth Aylar önce
please tell me what vocalist people are tagging zach in
HAZARDOUS88 Aylar önce
21:23 The most horrible creature to be hiding from
Karl XIV Johan
Karl XIV Johan Aylar önce
Zach does make noises comparable to Chuck Schuldiner from the band Death
Adam Hotubbee
Adam Hotubbee Aylar önce
I thought Zach killed him self because his peanut farm withered. I’m glad he’s okay
Pants Guy
Pants Guy Aylar önce
2:56 "editor can you put a nice chipmunk sound"
Stephen Madalo
Stephen Madalo Aylar önce
oneyplays? oney plays with what? his balls?
Daju Aylar önce
Uhm it's not like one side is limited to one lawyer anyway as rich people and such usually have a team of lawyers although if you're not paying for it privately I'm guessing that they're not assigning you more than what's enough to have a fighting chance. I'm sure that suspected criminals can defend against more than one crime in the same trial because you must've heard when they're listing up a bunch of stuff like armed robbery, assault, endangering public safety, reckless driving, destroying evidence and resisting arrest but yeah they are considered individually so some might stick and some might not, it's often not completely one way or the other. For example if a person are suspected to have murdered 4 people let's say that it results in them being judged guilty of 2 murders, guilty of 1 assisted murder and not guilty in the last murder as they had an accomplice who did most of the murdering of the third victim but were still not free from blame except for when it came to the 4th murder victim that ended up not being related to this particular case after all as it originally seemed like it was. If the 4 affected groups can "team up" with their lawyers though probably depends on a few things like if they're just assigned one because then I'm guessing that it's still just one that works for all of the affected but yeah if they're working for the families privately I'm sure they could form a team together if they agreed on it but yeah it's not like you get 4 times the "lawyering" in court because they're still treated as one unit and are limited to the same amount of dedicated time and rules as one lonely lawyer but yeah of course there's potential advantages if multiple qualified people with the same goal can work out the best plan to achieve the desired outcome together.
Fire Dargos
Fire Dargos Aylar önce
Yes finnaaally 🙃💕
Big Lemons
Big Lemons Aylar önce
They only scratched the surface of this game, hopefully they'll complete it because there's a lot of content
Internet Nobody
Internet Nobody Aylar önce
Lyle if you murder someone it goes to the state not the individual, it would be The state of California vs Lyle Mcdouchebag. if people were suing you for damages they have an option to pursue a class action law suit over an individual case. a class action lawsuit is multiple people suing one person at the same time. although you can sue or press charges as an individual you are less likely to when.
Aaron Aylar önce
Please play the whole game, please play the whole game, please play the whole game....
crazygamer3000 Aylar önce
was that guy at the end Boogie? lol
ExKalibur Aylar önce
So glad Zach made it out of the plushie sweatshop.
Fernalicious Aylar önce
2:04 I'm surprised nobody has compared Zach's voice to Chet Baker
DaRoachDogg Jr
DaRoachDogg Jr Aylar önce
1:50 what’s fucked up is some old screamo bands legit sound like zach bc they didn’t know how to scream properly
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Aylar önce
i love that editor had to look up that chipmunk image
Astro Wolvez
Astro Wolvez Aylar önce
A proper sequel would have been cool:
乁dragon違 Aylar önce
wow what thee actual heck. boney season really crept up on me this year. we eating, bros
Humanure Aylar önce
my toes curled 4 inches deep into the carpet at the mere sight of this upload
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Aylar önce
Ok, but that bald head actually looked exactly like Tomar. That's probably the scariest part of it all.
Jord_2w Aylar önce
Full Zach cover of back in black is demanded by the people. We've waited too long for a "let it go" follow-up
Joey Pisciotta
Joey Pisciotta Aylar önce
Steam Powered Maniac
The moment they started on being able to outrun a wolf man, an ad for the new ghostbusters movie came on and it had Paul Rudd trying to run away from that giant dog creature from the first film, and he quickly turns a corner and it slides past him and hits a shelf or something then when it ended Lyle said they don’t do corners well and it felt very surreal.
youinacoffin Aylar önce
Idk bout layers n shit but im p sure if u kill 4 people it'll be one case with multiple uh Lawyers
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Aylar önce
Ok, but that bald head actually looked exactly like Tomar. That's probably the scariest part of it all.
terry ham
terry ham Aylar önce
boogie got owned by the alpha chad veteran
Genni Glassglow
Genni Glassglow Aylar önce
🎫❇🦚🦉🐦🐧🐥🐜🐤🐤🕊✳🐠☣☣🎃 *Because of love. God sent His Son Jesus Christ to die in our place. Three days later rose him from the dead.* *Now. By Jesus Christ alone. God has granted us the free gift of eternal life.* *If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead* *He will give you the free gift of eternal life* *He also promised to heal your body.* *(Look up at the sky and ask God)*
Thomas Woden
Thomas Woden Aylar önce
I'll buy some merch at some point
Thomas Woden
Thomas Woden Aylar önce
Love what you guys do, I watch your stuff every day. Never gets old.
Billiam _
Billiam _ Aylar önce
I like The Faceless… Does this mean that I haven’t had a face all along? What kind of monster am I?
NNapples Aylar önce
i love that editor had to look up that chipmunk image
I havent been able to pass the doctor level. It's sooooo good but i panic lol
SuperCaleb360 Aylar önce
Nick Rapsomanikis
Nick Rapsomanikis Aylar önce
Guys, Zachs messing with us, he's already in a band, check out Vanna, he's the vocalist, check their 2017 album, All Hell, don't know how people don't know about this yet
kaiawase Aylar önce
@12:24 oh look it’s the angry video game nerd
Capri.exe Aylar önce
Finally Zach is here fuck took him long enough what is he workin on a show or som shit
Pac The Oni
Pac The Oni Aylar önce
So......when's the Zach Metal Album?
PixelLightningMLG Aylar önce
Who was Zachary talking about when he said there’s a metal singer people compare him to, I wanna hear this!
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Aylar önce
Ok, but that bald head actually looked exactly like Tomar. That's probably the scariest part of it all.
Konniptionz Aylar önce
CHRIS, ZACK AND LYLE PLAYING OUTLAST!? I gotta get my celery and orange juice!
Snorchill Aylar önce
This is coming from a REAL Lawyer, I can confirm that punching 4 people in the face can result in a lawsuit
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Aylar önce
Jesus the last time i saw an oneyplays video was when he had 600k subs.
Trantor The Troll
Trantor The Troll Aylar önce
You know, it's REALLY Dark in that place. you should have bought *THE LIGHTBRINGER* in with you, to light it up!
Sqwunko Aylar önce
Michael Knackstedt
Michael Knackstedt Aylar önce
Why did the character slam the door on them like that at 18:15 lol
Lawees Aylar önce
Zach screaming himself into existence for this years Boney Plays.
R.E.Z Aylar önce
Zach acting like he doesn’t have chicken nugget hands.
chimerschang Aylar önce
I saw a clip from modern Simpsons where Marge's voice sounded EXACTLY like Zach's screaming voice. I'm gonna keep making this comment til someone acknowledges it pls.
Burkette Aylar önce
It’s A113
D .Dankey
D .Dankey Aylar önce
Where the fuck is the "With friends" in the intro. It feels uncomplete
TheOnlyGondonka 500
could you guys stop making compilations and maybe put whose in the video in the desc? ya gotta realize some people don't really like some groups (i personally dont like ding dong and julian) so it'd help.
Grinstrous Aylar önce
2:24 zach does AC/DC
Rosemaryy Aylar önce
Please god give us the zach power metal song
doofdriver Aylar önce
Laughs-at-flies is Zach's Native American name.
Matro Aylar önce
That guy with the moustache isnt here, so he isnt all powerful like everyone seems to believe.
boopity bop boi
boopity bop boi Aylar önce
I love you so much more Lyle cause you know who the faceless are
Bad Comedian
Bad Comedian Aylar önce
Jesus the last time i saw an oneyplays video was when he had 600k subs.
J buttons
J buttons Aylar önce
Lmao moar
O. liveil
O. liveil Aylar önce
They hate flies because they’re all traumatized from living with Corey and his fly ecosystem
Ibrahim Aylar önce
The pixar number they're thinking of is A113
imraw17 Aylar önce
I’m pretty sure if you punch four people you can only be charged once. Like it would be one case with all four of your punching victims…….Lyle is fucking stoned or something
S Aylar önce
Please complete this game, I really want to see you guys play Whistleblower as well, one of my favorite horror games because of nostalgia for sure, but you guys can make this one of the funniest series ever
BudokaiMan 1200
BudokaiMan 1200 Aylar önce
I know this is old news but congratulations on Zach for getting his own show!
Dylan Morris
Dylan Morris Aylar önce
Lyle, dude .most likely, if all crimes are committed at once and not like separate events then it will end up being separate charges and separate hearings. There'd probably be more court dates than usual considering the number of charges too. But lawyer wise on the side of the victim's it would just be one layer or legal team representing the families. It would be up to the family members too ig whether or not they want to be represented together to save the money and make it simple. Even if the families or ome family cant afford it then the state presses charges based on whatver evidence. So basically yes to everything kill kinda Not a lawyer but have a little experience, hope this reaches and enlightens you friends
[Deadbeat Affiliates]
"You have to break eggs to make omelette" -Chris O'Neill, 2021
Kill Will
Kill Will Aylar önce
2:03 Zach reveals his Hannah Montanah-esque rockstar alter-ego to be George Clarke from Deafheaven
Magic Spammer
Magic Spammer Aylar önce
It's kinda sad Zack jokingly referred to himself as a hack. Dude is genuinely one if the most hilarious people I've seen on this platform. He's my favorite funny character and I want ZERO self depreciating humor coming from his humorous noggin.
Questionable Ethics
Outcum Fuku
CaptainLetlev Aylar önce
I know there’s like 0 chance but I need at least the first minute of Back in Black as sung by Zach with his tiny creature scream voice
Algernon Aylar önce
The second I saw the thumbnail, I got this random feeling like Chris would dislike this game cause every lets player played it.
horsegranola Aylar önce
About the photo thing: there’s a myth that Native Americans were afraid of having their photos taken for this reason but it has no known basis in historical fact.
Skyraat Aylar önce
I can’t believe they made a game based on Tomars stay at an insane asylum after he kicked Jaxy off the Chrysler building for stealing one of his coveted Tomar Emeralds.
Colonial Puppet
Colonial Puppet Aylar önce
In criminal court usually a mass killing is one trial for multiple charges right? It would be that person vs the state of wherever the crime was committed. Then civil court would be where families could sue for damages
Purple Perfection
Purple Perfection Aylar önce
I love how their thought process is "Oh, it's tomar!" And then "OH GOD TOMAR IS DEAD"
Estie Aylar önce
Now I really want to hear Zach do a power metal song.
Zeus Himself
Zeus Himself Aylar önce
Hell yeah stoked for the oney plays power metal track
Block Stewrat
Block Stewrat Aylar önce
“Outlast contains” in that like baby Peter griffin voice got me so fucking good
KurobutaORK89 Aylar önce
Hokuto no lyle
Richard Rounds
Richard Rounds Aylar önce
I am in my first year of law school but a criminal claim would mean it’s just one lawsuit, a civil claim could be four separate lawsuits but they would probably use joinder to forcibly join the multiple plaintiffs against Lyle.
h Aylar önce
This better be a full play through
Rogelio Vallejo
Rogelio Vallejo Aylar önce
They're are going to love it when they meet Richard Trager soon hahaha!
dalentces Aylar önce
Ever since Luigi Mansion LP this has been one of my favorite funny boi trios, AND it's a BoneyPlays on top of that. It's like a Christmas miracle
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