Our F350 Cummins is Broken + Project Update

Westen Champlin
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So our f350 cummins is giving us some problems but she will be like BRAND NEW in NO time.

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19 Eki 2019




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Westen Champlin
Westen Champlin 2 yıl önce
In case you missed it..We got an amazing deal on 12v Dodge last week go check it out if you havent already. It's one of my Favorite videos we have done. trvid.com/video/video-bbx0SGQDwDQ.html
American Patriot
American Patriot Yıl önce
I have a 76 f100 4wd. Do you think it would be possible i could make it into a fummins the way you did here?
Devon Henry
Devon Henry Yıl önce
Westen Champlin I have more faith in your painting skills don’t wrap
Jonathan Ralston
Jonathan Ralston Yıl önce
Man I hope someday I could get the opportunity to meet you guys someday yaw are awesome and doing all the stuff I find as a awesome hobby to partake in and I'd love to join yaw someday
Apollo1van Yıl önce
You got me a 379 and my color too plus you purchase it on my Birthday Nov 3rd LOL
FamFiveLife Yıl önce
@westernchamplin I have a 7.3 with brand new OE injectors.... i dont want to replace them... how can I make it smoke without AM injectors?
John Charles
John Charles Aylar önce
Lose the cat! Get a Dog !
Markiss Boi
Markiss Boi 2 aylar önce
😺cat shows up in workshop views just increased + :)
Tim Talley
Tim Talley 2 aylar önce
I hope you atleast put some water out for kitty! Some food too, it's cheap.
pat winget
pat winget 3 aylar önce
I want to see the K30. Give us a junkyard tour.
Emmanuel Dipom
Emmanuel Dipom 3 aylar önce
You are like the king of old school diesels engine's
HaloMasterN13 4 aylar önce
Me and my girlfriend just broke up so i am watching this to lightin up my day
Charice Charlton
Charice Charlton 7 aylar önce
Not gonna lie... at 8:25 the guy holding the cat totally looks like hes choking that poor kitty, but then i saw the cat again and realized he was okay 🥰 I think skunk is a perfect name 😊😊😊
Edgar Taylor
Edgar Taylor 8 aylar önce
Do you have to run emissions or because it’s a 98 engine it’s exempt?
Steven Sitler
Steven Sitler 10 aylar önce
Should name the cat fummins. Haha
Bobby Hicks
Bobby Hicks 10 aylar önce
Suggestion if you haven't done it already need to get a Cummings emblem to put along the side of Ford
Ben Peter
Ben Peter 10 aylar önce
If you don't keep the cat im unsubbing
Ben Peter
Ben Peter 10 aylar önce
Yoooooo thats a badass shop cat
Joseph Graham
Joseph Graham 11 aylar önce
Hey what are you doing with the 08-09 Chevy or gmc white Extended cab truck
Mike Taylor
Mike Taylor 11 aylar önce
I love watching these videos, I may as well cancel cable. Lol love the cum stang
Lemmy Kutcher
Lemmy Kutcher Yıl önce
Shop cat, lol
Patrick Wilson
Patrick Wilson Yıl önce
Love Skunk!!!!!(cat)!!!!!🐈❤
Chris Rocha
Chris Rocha Yıl önce
Id love to see more of that K30
Since your cat looks like a skunk just call him Mr Scats
Moses D Cedeno
Moses D Cedeno Yıl önce
Love the ongoing build - lots of fun
Tony M. Toilets and Restrooms CO.
You should get a custom f350 Name plate that says Cummins 5.9 I6
Tony M. Toilets and Restrooms CO.
The engine that ford should have put in the 2010 f350.
Joshua Rousey
Joshua Rousey Yıl önce
Just stopping by to say I love the positive energy man. Makes watching the videos a fun time. Also, I'm learning a ton watching you wrench lol
Y T Ben Avraham
Y T Ben Avraham Yıl önce
That baby is nice. I love the sound of the engine. Got to get me a 350 with Cummins
b1tter Yıl önce
Cummins swap the cat
Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson Yıl önce
It’s good to have a battery powered saw saw but you need a corded one as well that way you wouldn’t have to wait for it to charge
CW Harper
CW Harper Yıl önce
Name the cat Cummins
CW Harper
CW Harper Yıl önce
Name the cat Cummins
Paul H
Paul H Yıl önce
Dom expertly cataloged his mullet. Lol 😂
aaron young
aaron young Yıl önce
Everytime I hear "Cummins" and "Stang" all I think is "cumstang"
Tesla Aku
Tesla Aku Yıl önce
It’s nice and warm in Hawaii! Lol but yes pretty pricey over here. Aloha from Hawaii. 🤙🏾 love watching your content. 🤙🏾💖
doug mrak
doug mrak Yıl önce
I am thinking all good as i am just soon putting in a 6.7 in a 2010 F450 4X4 auto.
Jimmy Moore
Jimmy Moore Yıl önce
Being the fummins back
Josh Dubois
Josh Dubois Yıl önce
When it started up it sounded like my 1986 Ford F-350 6.9 diesel
Broo_sh Yıl önce
if that cats its not yours its next houses cat or even far away
Deja Foronda
Deja Foronda Yıl önce
Me watching from hawaii:👁👄👁
John Osterhoudt
John Osterhoudt Yıl önce
name the cat : cammins
Kevin Dolson
Kevin Dolson Yıl önce
The cats name should be Smokie
fugly Yıl önce
I'm thinking if you did bloody slide challenge you could get more people to thumbs up at this channels giggedy slide
Rocking Double C
Rocking Double C Yıl önce
What ever happened to the C10 LS swap?? Any update for it? Thanks for the content bud
Rich Corbett
Rich Corbett Yıl önce
Hi it sounds great from here hahah
I just started watching and I alr love his channel hes such a busy guy lol and its make me excited when he works on the big truck and the fummis
Kuanysh Jakuel
Kuanysh Jakuel Yıl önce
Hey Westen you didnt show us how its going from 0 to 60?? And what you doing with broken spidometer? )
cameronseren Yıl önce
I want that K30 lol
Lucas Perttu
Lucas Perttu Yıl önce
U should swamped a 7.3 in it
Gage Parks
Gage Parks Yıl önce
Call your new kitter turbo
John Vandewater
John Vandewater Yıl önce
The Mustang get back to that
Kerry Mitchell
Kerry Mitchell Yıl önce
Bruce Phelps
Bruce Phelps Yıl önce
Name the cat Smokey because of his smoke-like colors and the fact that it came around while you were trying to get more smoke out of Fummins.
Marc Harris
Marc Harris Yıl önce
Name the cat Fiat "the cat"
Dodge diesel Gang
I want to see more of the fummins please Weston I think I my die if I don't see the fummins soon 😂
Rick Marshall
Rick Marshall Yıl önce
Of course its broken again, its a Ford. Fix or repair daily. :)
Chris Abbott
Chris Abbott Yıl önce
Put the raptor engine in the mustang
TexanUSMC8089 Yıl önce
Shop Cat. It ain't cool, but it's cooler than a barn cat.
Ben Butler
Ben Butler Yıl önce
Weston i would sure love to know what you used for throttle linkage on the fummins in putting one together and trying to find the appropriate linkage my engine is a industrial also.
Michael Koon
Michael Koon Yıl önce
Cut it shortin it weld it back
Doc L
Doc L Yıl önce
Name the cat Pepe Le Pew
Jack Lerner
Jack Lerner Yıl önce
Already been commented but Clessie is probably the best name for the catto
Benjamin Fisher
Benjamin Fisher Yıl önce
We need more Fummins updates. I’d like to see a long term review to hear Weston’s feedback if it was worth it or not. Plus, whatever happened to the wrap??
Harold Johnson
Harold Johnson Yıl önce
What happened to the blue Peterbilt? Did you sell it? I hope you have made a profit.
SonofaLeach Yıl önce
Where’s another Fummins video?
MN. STEEL - Andrew K.
Where are your dogs today????? :)
MN. STEEL - Andrew K.
Your shop looks like you could "lift the garage" and put a couple courses of block under the existing building & you will have better door clearance & you would have to get one or two more door panels for your garage doors pending how high you go.
Geordo1960 Yıl önce
I think you picked the best name for the cat already called him skunk
johnny d
johnny d Yıl önce
What do you grow at the farm,, aside from rusty cars and trucks?
muimerp3 Yıl önce
You should make a video on how you learnt what you know about cars
jeremiah Yıl önce
I love your videos you do great work . wear did you learn to do all this work?
WobO Yıl önce
“I wrap Christmas gifts, how different can it be wrapping a truck!?” 🤣😂🤣
julie riddle
julie riddle Yıl önce
Lil" shunk
Tony Reyn
Tony Reyn Yıl önce
What happened to the Pete
Big Dog
Big Dog Yıl önce
Can’t tell u how many time I grabbed wrong size and had to go to the store for a wrench
John Yıl önce
Waylon must feel like twiggy amongst Westen and his pals.
Drew Honnoll
Drew Honnoll Yıl önce
Name him mouse trap.
JUGG_URR_NAUT..Gardening & thangs
JUGG_URR_NAUT..Gardening & thangs
Allen Filkins Jr.
Get yourself a lift boss
Melvin Sims
Melvin Sims Yıl önce
It needs a tailshaft sensor
Nolan Smith
Nolan Smith Yıl önce
I did a 5.9 conversion on my 96 f250 drag turbo drag down pipe 4 inch inlet outlet and strait pipe came close to cab but still fit around the starter no problem
Street truck 785
Street truck 785 Yıl önce
I would be interested in that Chevy bed you have setting on the ground by the blue ford. If it’s not beat up and rusted out.
Nationalcitysycho d
I swear I love watching your videos bro you're the funniest SOB on TRvid and all your videos are basic content but it's your personality that makes your videos come to life everybody else tries to do extra shit like that guy who bought the Gas Monkey truck no comparison he has a fancy shop and your shop Wes is your garage slash giant shed just look at your followers wes you are making it big! look forward to more videos Man specially a junk yard tour ,we need to see it man..lol come on WHOOOOHOOOOOO...LMAO
Thad MacMillan
Thad MacMillan Yıl önce
What's that guy doing to that poor cat?
UnknownEvent Yıl önce
fluffy bunny
Craig Zondervan
Craig Zondervan Yıl önce
Call the cat diesel
waliza001 Yıl önce
Only cat isnt fat.
Mark Adkins
Mark Adkins Yıl önce
Once you get her right you should do a sema build on the fummins
Mike Woley
Mike Woley Yıl önce
How does a 21 yo get the money to do all this> Rich daddy ?
Dn52 N
Dn52 N Yıl önce
meoower or scunker
Dn52 N
Dn52 N Yıl önce
LOL not a nipple hair, a c hair that was
wolfs den
wolfs den Yıl önce
Sparky for the cat
Christopher Reed
Christopher Reed Yıl önce
Ford f250 broke down him truck.
Eddie Lane
Eddie Lane Yıl önce
What sex is the cat ? To name it we need the sex. My female is Baby and my male is Buddy.
Kanaka Maoli
Kanaka Maoli Yıl önce
Hey Westin I am in Hawaii
Crystal Mckee
Crystal Mckee Yıl önce
You should name it panda!
PRSH8YA stuff
PRSH8YA stuff Yıl önce
Swaphelper.com is the only way to go for a solid tach.
William Brazitis
William Brazitis Yıl önce
I'd say just name him SHOP CAT! Keep it simple
bret vincent
bret vincent Yıl önce
Skunk+ cat = SKAT the shop pet
gary webb
gary webb Yıl önce
Can't wait to see more of the fummins
DevaJones DIY
DevaJones DIY Yıl önce
5:34 what have i told you about airing our business on youtube???
Roger Smith
Roger Smith Yıl önce
Westen You should name the cat skunk its fitting with the tail like that Keep up the great work very enjoyable
atommachine Yıl önce
Brian Shaw put a Cummins in his Strimmer last week .
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