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7 Ağu 2022




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Simone Gouveia
I’m so happy for you guys. This house is beautiful. They started at the bottom and look where they are now. They will do anything to make their kids happy. It’s perfect. God bless y’all ❤️🙌🏻
Alyssa Tapia
The attic should be like a loft/ teen area for the kids when they grow up and have friends over. ☺️
I can’t wait to see them fully decorate the house and the fact that the twins rooms have a bathroom together is crazy it was made for them..
Fam Reactions
I love how the house is very spacious and elegant, but still very homely and convenient. There’s not really anything unnecessary in the house like you see a lot of TRvidrs have, everything has a use and it’s a family home that feels like a family home. Well done and congratulations 🥳🥳
Madelyn Schlauch
Your new home is absolutely beautiful! I can’t wait to see how you guys decorate it and make it home. The attic would be a perfect place to make into a chill, quiet, private area. The kids could do homework up there in the future, read, watch tv, etc. A place to get away when needed. It could also be turned into an epic sleepover/hangout space for the kids and friends.
The attic could be like a theatre room for family nights ❤️
Stella Oliveira
Oh my gosh I cannot wait to see how freaking well decorated this house will be during Christmas
Madeline Morocho
Im so happy for you guys and the whole fam! The whole house is literally a dream fantasy house <3 I watched you guys since from the start and watching you guys grow and develop over time and just live life has prove to me that anything is possible if you really think abt it ❤️ God bless you guys ❤️
Alexsa Nicole
Alexsa Nicole 28 gün önce
I’m so so so happy for you guys, such a long way you guys have come not only financially but in every aspect of your life. Praying for many blessings and protection for you guys <33
Y’all deserve it. Been here since P was a baby, really happy to see all your hard work & dedication is showing! God bless your new home 🤍
That Volunteer Mom
So happy for you guys to start a new chapter in this gorgeous home and share it with all of us.. you guys definitely deserve every part of this new journey!! Can’t wait to see it all put together!! You and Luis are wonderful hard working parents which is why you have it all!!😘🤗
Stephany G
I love how Luis was so excited about the kitchen than Bramty 😂 IYKYK!
Maria Cortez
The attic could be turned into a home library/homework room 🙂 the benches by the windows can be for independent reading/creative thinking center
It's been such a cute journey watching you guys grow from the beginning stages of your youtube to where you guys are now. So happy for you guys (:
Taylor Fawkes
It’s so cute seeing how excited you guys are, you guys deserve this you are amazing people !!!
Gyselle Marie
The "attic" should be used as seasonal storage with differenct bins or cubbies for christmas, halloween, etc. A big house calls for lots of decorations. And it can also be a miscellaneous storage room, you'll have a safe space to keep the kids things that you don't want to throw away and it can be used to hold things like suitcases etc.
Emely Gomez
I freaking love it I’m so proud of the both of you ❤️ I think the attic could be like a small little movie room/ man cave make it cozy so you guys could have family movie nights or even when Penelope has her sleep overs , and the little nooks could be your seasonal decor storage and you can cover it with curtains
Gloria Sudsbury
When I saw that staircase my first thoughts were the kids. Watching them walking down them as teenagers after getting ready for prom/special occasions. Huge congrats!
kimberly vallee
watching y'all grow and accomplish multiple milestone has been amazing
Mariah Jauregui
so proud of how far y’all done came I remember watching y’all since it was just bramty and her doing morning routines with p and thriftingggg I love y’all so much
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