Only 1 Tower to BEAT Round 163 in BTD6!

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Only 1 Tower to BEAT Round 163 in BTD6!
Round 163 is known as one of the CRAZIEST Rounds in Bloons TD 6
Is one of the most difficult rounds in BTD6 possible with only 1 Tower!?
The first Bloons TD 6 challenge has us fight against a Super MOAB!
Can we overcome the BTD6 challenges on round 163 and round 40
Leave your CRAZY Bloons TD 6 Challenges in the comments below!

TRvid: bit.ly/2noKtQe​
Discord: discord.gg/g24JFQY
Instagram: instagram.com/dablooon/
Twitter: twitter.com/dablooon

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7 Ağu 2022




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Muzan Kibutsuji
Muzan Kibutsuji Aylar önce
Fun fact: after dabloon made this video the completion rate of the second challenge went from 5% to 50%
Arthur_innit222 Aylar önce
@Chow M Cm he covered the phoenix
Arthur_innit222 Aylar önce
@Chow M Cm oh k soz
Chow M Cm
Chow M Cm Aylar önce
@Arthur_innit222 the round 163 challenge...?
Arthur_innit222 Aylar önce
@Chow M Cm how does absolute zero work and phoenix doesn’t
Chow M Cm
Chow M Cm Aylar önce
Absolute zero and pheonix works
Checkmateツ Aylar önce
if you put the camo detection of geraldo onto geraldo all his sentrys will get the effect also same goes with pickle juice
flareknuckles Aylar önce
mediocre trash gang
i was trying that challenge for awhile todayand i was so confused how the win rate was so good now i know.
Zimpx Aylar önce
sentry expert and champ are really good, you just choose the wrong crosspath (x2x makes it to more dmg to moab and fortified bloons) also the 0-2-5 dartling is better than 2-0-5
Zimpx 3 gün önce
@NVS0K ik, i said the middle path is better
NVS0K 3 gün önce
imagine picking laser shock over perma cta
Gaming Pro2004
Gaming Pro2004 Aylar önce
Love the challenges videos!! Keep it up bro!
Dabloon Aylar önce
thank you!
Nal Aylar önce
Amazing video, and amazing channel. Thank you so much for all the guides and great content, it really helps. Keep it up
Dabloon Aylar önce
thank you! glad you like the channel!
Fuzzy Aylar önce
That “press it yesterday” made me laugh out loud regarding the tsar
lachlyn blacklock
lachlyn blacklock Aylar önce
fun fact: if you putt buffs like pickle juice or anything like that on geraldo, it puts the buffs on all his little towers like the small blade maelstrom or his shooty turrets! keep up the amazing work Dabloon😁
Underscore Aylar önce
@Dabloon The fact that he lets you get away with less defence in the early game because of all his items is what makes him so good for boss events, and he scales into late game very well with genies and super maelstroms
Dabloon Aylar önce
I'm just bad with Geraldo, I don't see all they hype :/
BlackNexus Aylar önce
You do know that if you use the camo potion on geraldo, him as well as all his turrets can see camo
Chris Murphy
Chris Murphy Aylar önce
I think the BEZ should pop lead, but it might be good to restrict it to only when crosspathed with Laser Shock. That might be a good tradeoff vs. the faster firing and camo
Glock on Roids
Glock on Roids Aylar önce
i thought laser shock popped leads until i was playing chimps the other day and it didn’t pop them, and i was so flabbergasted
Dabloon Aylar önce
yeah that could work for sure, just no way am I spending all that cash for a BEZ just to buy an MIB or a million alchs to keep him popping ddt's/leads lol
Joseph Rogers
Joseph Rogers Aylar önce
Yeah cos then it would be a reason to go top path for once
Arshapro 963
Arshapro 963 Aylar önce
here is a tip bigger jets make the MOAB shove better
Erdem Celik
Erdem Celik Aylar önce
Great vid like always
KingJoshua2474 Aylar önce
You can put an attribute to all of geraldo’s minions by putting the attribute on Geraldo
Halt19 Aylar önce
@efectivandreii giving Geraldo camo detection gives all his sub towers (shooty turrets, mainly) camo detection too, same thing goes for things like jungle drums
efectivandreii Aylar önce
can you repeat?
H4mpter Aylar önce
Another way for the 2nd one is spam pop and awe ability
Tom Meddings
Tom Meddings Aylar önce
i did the 163 one with monkey ace ability but just kept selling and replacing
Master333 Aylar önce
How do you find these challenges Thank you Dabloon :)
Dabloon Aylar önce
challenge browser and viewers!
Savage Koi
Savage Koi Aylar önce
me watching Dabloon use 2-0-4 heli with his mouse
Dabloon Aylar önce
that is the way...
ACasualRobloxian Aylar önce
Who expected it to just be round 63 but with reinforced moabs and bfbs?
Jschmitt Aylar önce
I am completely addicted to these videos
Dabloon Aylar önce
glad you like them!
Aiden van Dijk
Aiden van Dijk 23 gün önce
Why can you not sharpening stone the 1-3-0 super monkey? Yes, he can't pop lead, but they have to be sharp type, 1-3-0 can't pop purples so it's element type or whatever. You could however sharpening stone 0-3-x.
Ethereal Shark
Ethereal Shark Aylar önce
I used bloon trap to beat the 163 challenge :)
get good
get good Aylar önce
if you buy a buff from geraldos shop and use it on geraldo it gives it to all the turrets
Lena Sh
Lena Sh Aylar önce
You couldn't put the super monkey cape on the dart monke because it would've counted as a 3rd tower and you were only allowed 2 towers
PRO BTD Aylar önce
14:06 I think the super monkey isn’t allowed which is why it isn’t working
Awesome Domi
Awesome Domi Aylar önce
It’s because the game thinks you’re placing another tower, and only 2 were allowed, so it wouldn’t allow a third
Saucecicle Aylar önce
It was though
Nikolai Sazonov
Nikolai Sazonov Aylar önce
use camo on geraldo it will camo all sentries
awesome man love your vids SO SO MUCH
Ad L
Ad L Aylar önce
Round 163 and the time of the video is 16:34
Bentheman Aylar önce
16:20 My background is black too. I think it’s part of the new update to make things load a little faster or something.
AmogusJoe Aylar önce
If u put camo on Geraldo it affects his crossbow things
daniyar ahmed
daniyar ahmed Aylar önce
glue gunner is more of a support tower that a 1tc tower
Thijn Hogendoorn
Thijn Hogendoorn Aylar önce
lol name a tower that can 1tc
Hallowed Lord
Hallowed Lord Aylar önce
The ninja 502 can beat round 163 itself
PRO BTD Aylar önce
8:47 now we know to press it yesterday lol
TjT82 Aylar önce
You should of used the 3rd row for the auclmist
Joe Mama
Joe Mama Aylar önce
Bruh Glaive Lord was legit my first thought
blue Water gaming românia
0-3-2 ninja same with tier 4 and 5 is very good vs moabs because of the caltrops.
RandomUser2678 Aylar önce
Isn't the answer always the glue gunner?
Ted Mcdoodle
Ted Mcdoodle Aylar önce
Very cool 😎👍
יונתן גורדון
you can't use the cap because you can place only 2 towers and using the cap is like using another tower.
Jack Smith
Jack Smith Aylar önce
sun avatar
sun avatar Aylar önce
i love the way he s just rondomly usin the sunavatar but please dabloons next time crosspath elite sniper with bottom path it s much stronger
zleepy_bear Aylar önce
Number 2 was a advanced challenge
shahmir Aylar önce
Love your videos keep up the good work!
shahmir Aylar önce
@Billy Higham who are you talkin to?
Billy Higham
Billy Higham Aylar önce
shahmir Aylar önce
@Dabloon np :)
Droplists Aylar önce
@Dabloon your a respectful person arent you
Dabloon Aylar önce
thank you!
TheApeWithDa Cape
TheApeWithDa Cape 15 gün önce
I beat this first try with Ray of doom
Super_Zack5 Aylar önce
I did the 163 Challenge before this video I did it with pop and awe
Big Studios
Big Studios Aylar önce
Did he even use turbo charge ability
givethatwolfabanana 🍌
I cannot believe Glaive lord won
Mountain Guillotine
The fact that he said glive lord triggered me so hard that i will cut ghis man out of my life...💀😭💀
frds Aylar önce
You couldn't use the cape on the dart monkey because super monkey was banned ;)
Dabloon Aylar önce
but its not a super monkey, its a dart monkey, = game broken
roblox spaghetti
roblox spaghetti Aylar önce
also you could use summon pheonix 052
Diego27kpro Aylar önce
I finish the first one before he did it and i got the moab eliminator to almost do it and the superglue did.
Diego27kpro Aylar önce
The second one was a daily challenge that i did and i have also done another one that is with the wizard and ground 0
Diego27kpro Aylar önce
I tried everything he did
blue Water gaming românia
That nerf on sniper middle path dosen't make any sense because with not top path and botton path 5-2-0 or 5-0-2 and 2-5-0 and 0-2-5 is very bad moab damage like you nerf 3-2 glue gunner and 4-2 is ussles vs moabs but vs bloons kinda strong and strong is very good.
Sus I Baca
Sus I Baca Aylar önce
14:35 keep it family friendly
Israel Junior Gonzalez
Omenie Singh
Omenie Singh Aylar önce
Nk makes a daily challenge of this: Ethan Raid: were you born in a dumb dumb hole?
Kariyui Aylar önce
Ain’t no way bro said “why can’t I sharpening stone it doesn’t pop lead”
RandomTrash Aylar önce
when he said "you both belong on the bench im benching you" i swear i heard domething elses...
Shige Aylar önce
"hell well even pickle you" - dabloon 2022
Dabloon Aylar önce
winner winner!
Pink Black
Pink Black Aylar önce
Its so funny third challenge said wizard but druid
George Oneal
George Oneal Aylar önce
How is the glue gunner worse than the ice monkey????
Im too good
Im too good Aylar önce
5:29 that guy kinda stole my challange :ZMCBAG
DabLoon is the golden Challenge master Dabloon
Billy Higham
Billy Higham Aylar önce
It's bc u don't have a super monkey so it can't turn into a super monkey
Sweetdude Aylar önce
This challenge was so cool, I remade it for the new update: ZMSFFLB
eric gamba
eric gamba Aylar önce
the secound one was one of my adavanced challenges
eric gamba
eric gamba Aylar önce
extra didnt know u can also do glaize lord
Til Hantzsche
Til Hantzsche Aylar önce
Day 4 I made a small Challenge, if u want to try it out : Two birds killing one stone // Code: ZMSFHKF
Masked Mayhem
Masked Mayhem Aylar önce
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KodaTheCarno Aylar önce
pyro gaming
pyro gaming Aylar önce
ZZY Aylar önce
fun fact 023 moab shove is better
superuniform Aylar önce
My challenge will be in a video soon But not this ZMCRUEC I still will request it
DMD 02
DMD 02 Aylar önce
Bro i used the pop and awe for the 163 challenge
DMD 02
DMD 02 Aylar önce
@Dabloon true, but It worked
Dabloon Aylar önce
no way, bad tower lol
Mayson Zhang
Mayson Zhang Aylar önce
I think that dabloon isn’t very good at bloons, actually, ever since I saw the title of this video, I knew it since glaive lord can beat it so can bloom solver and also why did he say sentry expert is terrible? He didn’t even get deconstruction lol, he is kinda dumb
Ollie Rumsey
Ollie Rumsey Aylar önce
Plz can you stop spoiling the vid with the answer in the front pic
Nixon Aylar önce
5:21 why would you make it 70 likes :
Vadim Vadim
Vadim Vadim Aylar önce
Alles sehr schön. Aber zuerst zusammen die Nummern 10 und 1. Eine empr.ONLINE Brünette und eine anderez Blondine. Es wäre unfair, wenn ich 4 wählen würde
gabe the dog
gabe the dog Aylar önce
glue isnt the worst tower I think mortar is the worst tbh
Mr. Brothy Bear
Mr. Brothy Bear Aylar önce
Glaive Lord is Funny
Free de la hoya
Free de la hoya Aylar önce
Could you try my challenge ZMSGDOH It's hard but i believe you can beat it
Rod Anthony sumanoy
glue gunner supremacy
CashKV2 14 gün önce
The point is that power rangers is a good show
bv18gaming Aylar önce
KrazyPineapple Aylar önce
I think you should get pizza before you record lol
LOS Kaos
LOS Kaos Aylar önce
ru li
ru li Aylar önce
the amount of mispronouciations in this video hurts me physically
Matz Aylar önce
day 9? idk ive been getting lazier and lazier and forgetting time
Clogica Aylar önce
Zk Motivation
Zk Motivation Aylar önce
3 Secrets To Raise Your Vibration: 1. Always put love first and then balance it out with logic 2. Undo what you have been taught. It’s all ego. Ego is only the sailor not the boat! 3. Let go of subconscious patterns, emotions and thoughts that don’t aligned with your goals ~ Much Love from a Growing TRvidr💜
OrcaWueste87 Aylar önce
Did he just say gleiv lord
animation stick
animation stick 29 gün önce
I love glue why you call it the worst >:|
Potatoe972 Aylar önce
I just randomly found this video after doing the challenge myself. I actually almost thought it was impossible for a second, but no Edit: I wrote this comment before watching the video, WTF. I thought glaive lord didn’t work! I just used the… uh… middle path mortar that I can’t remember the name of
Potatoe972 Aylar önce
@TDS Commander yeah
TDS Commander
TDS Commander Aylar önce
pop and awe right
GDshark Aylar önce
I got too 235 with 1 tower
GDshark Aylar önce
@Brody Beck first map on hard
Brody Beck
Brody Beck Aylar önce
Cool story I especially loved the part where you didn't say which monkey, map or difficulty 😂
SoapyTitan Aylar önce
Nolan Perry
Nolan Perry Aylar önce
Day 4 of asking Dabloon to play my challenge ZMSKLMU If your a viewer, then check it out!
starwood786 Aylar önce
I love you
Wither Storm
Wither Storm Aylar önce
Power rangers samurai was a classic
Dabloon Aylar önce
that must have been a few seasons in. mighty morphin is the original and the BEST lol
Elmarose Luvera
Elmarose Luvera Aylar önce
Your over thinking it i beat it first try and look how long it took you
ninja boi
ninja boi Aylar önce
glayeve lord?
Ahfin Aylar önce
Did he really say glue is bad... is he dumb?
Chom Chom
Chom Chom Aylar önce
Moose Jesus
Pyro Looga
Pyro Looga Aylar önce
Disliked for calling glue the worst. Please rethink your life
Roniq Roniq
Roniq Roniq 14 gün önce
2:35 what.
Daniel Skora
Daniel Skora Aylar önce
TEKZHDLF if anyone needs a team. Guaranteed 2nd place this week
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