One Year Ago I Built an Ecosystem, This Happened 

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Vampire Crabs, Mourning Geckos, and so much more! Over the past 12 months, this paludarium has found balance and evolved into a tightly-knit ecosystem. If you have any questions, please let me know!
Here are links to a few of things I use in the tank:
Misting System: amzn.to/3UhElTJ
Light One: amzn.to/3tBzbak
Light Two: amzn.to/3ukilMg
As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Basically, if you buy something through any of these links, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. It helps support the channel!
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29 Kas 2023




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@motorbikeray Yıl önce
20 years later: "...the wolves were taking over my tank ecosystem so I had to introduce a new top-level predator, the tiger."
@hellyF3 Yıl önce
Just add humans, problem solved 😂 all life destroyed in a day
@motorbikeray Yıl önce
@@hellyF3 Humans... true. 🤣
@hangfire5944 Yıl önce
@@motorbikeray to solve that...
@simple_playz Yıl önce
@@hangfire5944 add covid
70 years later, a new species suddenly appears and starts to make little terrariums of their own
@Secret_Channel69 6 aylar önce
@blamgit 6 aylar önce
Stolen idea but switched up idea well next time get original or people like me might.. No... WILL say stolen
@cadenfox7224 6 aylar önce
@@blamgit nobody cares bro 🤨
​@@blamgit Did you actually consider the possibility of two people having the same idea before calling plagiarism? It's not a revolutionary concept
@guywitcurlyhair 6 aylar önce
I’ve rewatched this video countless times now, nature truly is amazing. Thank you for doing this for all of us strangers!
@JackiCole12 6 aylar önce
I rewatched this video a bunch of times too, I can’t get enough of it!
@Am-tf8yp 6 aylar önce
I’m prolly on my 20th time 😂
@Secret_Channel69 6 aylar önce
@dada_natureview 4 aylar önce
me to lol
@vanilla_badger 6 aylar önce
This eerily makes me think of how easily Earth could be a terrarium like this and has always been one from the start in some aliens room
@tehhappehhaps 6 aylar önce
It's a new take on the simulation theory
@Kolbjornelenano 6 aylar önce
Extradimensional TRvidr: "3.7 Billons years ago I put some microorganisms on a tank, and while I was sad when the meteorite hit it 65 millions years ago now I cant believe what those small guys that appeared just a few millennia ago are doing"
@vitorguerreiro3902 6 aylar önce
Remember physics?
@okapi7559 6 aylar önce
If so, then the alien responsible for it needs to get their shit together and do something about this one species that wrecking havoc in the terrarium!
@lukashikite8258 5 aylar önce
​@@vitorguerreiro3902 n😅😅nnnjn😅😅j😅nnj😅n😅n😅nnnnnnnnbn😅n😅nnn😅nnnjjnnn😅n😅nnnnnn😅n😅n😅n😅n😅i😅n
@kahiauandkeeaola808 6 aylar önce
150yrs later, the eco system was still thriving so I had to add another Apex predator. The top of the top. The one sitting at the top of the food chain. The predator that changed history forever. A human being.
@stat8715 6 aylar önce
And then the humans started to clone themselves xD
he just jumped into the tank and started destroying sht.
@AKU-fn6sx 2 aylar önce
@jameshenderson2659 7 aylar önce
Dude this is awesome.... I think I'm going to try to build one for my kids and let them see how nature and an ecosystem works
@LEG4CYGD_GNT 6 aylar önce
That can be very expensive and dangerous, don't
@@kamruzzamantauhid7445 when he says for his kids I don't think that's how he meant it
@vanshshah23 4 aylar önce
@@LEG4CYGD_GNT how is it dangerous?
@rayyanahmed8637 3 aylar önce
@@vanshshah23probably in case the kids mess with it, either killing the animals or letting them lose meaning you got a bunch of bugs and animals on the loose now
@multifister47 Yıl önce
25 years later: as you see, the ecosystem has grown substantially. The redwood trees are coming along nicely. The beavers have built dams between two villages, and the humans have developed their own official currency. Wow,
Him: hahahah... official currency... capitalism... No one: Also him: *TIME TO ADD ALIENS*
@Shadowlord6628 Yıl önce
@a8anasios666 Yıl önce
@Th3Watch3r Yıl önce
@@daigomasculinidade 😂
@melon_water Yıl önce
What kind of water should i use for a paludarium? Tap water? Or something else?
@Allyourbase1990 8 aylar önce
That’s actually really cool to have it your room . It looks insanely professional compared to something I designed lol. That’s so cool you can put shrimp , and other animals like that .
@periltheinferno8260 7 aylar önce
I agree
@ozanozenir2503 7 aylar önce
Does he actually feed the animals in there or do they actually stay alive by consuming whatever inside the ecosystem.
@undeadsentenal8093 7 aylar önce
​@@ozanozenir2503 I imagine he has to introduce some protein here and there, but other than that it should be a secure ecosystem
@ozanozenir2503 7 aylar önce
@@undeadsentenal8093 do you mean like dead bugs or something like that? Which is fair because it happens in the nature too.
@theonlineanimal6009 5 aylar önce
@@ozanozenir2503 ussaly the goal with these is to not feed them. The ecosystem is their food if done right
@pranaykothari803 9 aylar önce
It really inspired me! I built an open ecosystem and it's really tiny, I am keeping in some springtails, mites, snails and critters for now and planted some moss and plants. It's been days and weeks since I made it and I will keep it in my classroom, once it comes together completely established.
@AG-dq2ku 7 aylar önce
@metal_closet 7 aylar önce
​@@AG-dq2ku h
@metal_closet 7 aylar önce
why did i reply h
@kylecampbell8780 5 aylar önce
I’m thinking about doing one. What’s the maintenance like?
@caraj5681 6 aylar önce
I've watched this so many times, and it's really amazing how beautiful nature really is. I hope humans can work together to protect it. Thanks for sharing and working on this, really helped me understand what the world really is like.
@jocogi8 4 aylar önce
This is the first video of yours that I've seen and I'm absolutely blown away by this creation which far exceeds anything else I've seen on youtube. I also love that you present your own amazing work even though you have a speech impediment! My whole family is disabled (invisible ones) so it's great to see other people who can be at the top of their game and so confident in their work, even with challenges!
@allamaraine8066 5 aylar önce
This is absolutely fascinating. Thank you for putting in all of the time and effort, and for sharing!
@zackmarbery9240 11 aylar önce
30 years later, “I was definitely getting concerned when the mini humans I introduced discovered nuclear fission, and began to question if there was life outside of the terrarium.”
@Jay-sl9jo 11 aylar önce
"They have begun to worship me as the Almighty Man Outside the Glass."
@AdonisBob 11 aylar önce
@@Jay-sl9josome of them are starting to defy me… I think they’re called “atheists”???
@chrisbealonis4655 11 aylar önce
@lucki.enthusiast 11 aylar önce
@CF-qm1gp 11 aylar önce
mini kim jung un.... Rocket miniman
@hylianspectre359 9 aylar önce
These videos are fascinating. They are a physical example of how an ecosystem works in real time. It is easy to get spatially lost in the details when thinking of larger ecosystems, such as an entire forest basin, for example. However, experiments like these really bring to light what just a few key ingredients (abiotic and biotic material, and energy) can lead to in just a few months to a year.
@PlantKidShorts 8 aylar önce
It’s quite inspiring that you can perfectly mimic an ecosystem , obviously not mimic , but make a functioning one , LOVE IT
@kenschrom1636 24 gün önce
I love everything about this tank and want to build something similar! I would love to know how you made the storm system! And is there a way to not have populations grow out of control? I don't want to have 10 tanks of all the baby crabs, lizards and shrimp haha Also, what are some of the other colorful plants you used? They were so cool!
@murgyj6198 9 aylar önce
I'm really enjoying the time lapse videos. It would be really cool to do a project where you explain how to build, and do a time lapse of its all over a long period like these videos. I love eco system builds and really wish I had the knowledge of how to build one
@user-lw5wk3gv4m 5 aylar önce
I will second that without hesitation
@M0nk3.mo5 3 aylar önce
I would love to see like a full hour long video, going day by day on how each enclosure, of any nature, live and grow
I’ve worked in the aquarium industry for over 30 years and this tank is one of the best!
@TheDrPlants Yıl önce
Thank you, I appreciate it!
Dayum he got complimented by a expert
@GuiltyJelloTV Yıl önce
coolest tank I've seen
@HypnosisBear Yıl önce
I could've never imagined such a tank! Definitely wonderful! 🤗
@@lauradavis929 Proof?
@shefilipina 6 aylar önce
This is still my favorite tank. Not only the animals, i also love the plants. I hope you can make an update video.
@Super_Sundae 2 aylar önce
The fact that it is not on something like natural geographic is insane
@lillianlg 6 aylar önce
Wow, this really shows how ecosystems work and how animals use adaptations to survive!
@El_Vincento 6 aylar önce
This is amazing! So impressive the amount of effort you put into this, what an incredible project! 👏
@perfectfutures 4 aylar önce
I’m mind-blown and especially love the rainstorms. Seeing how the species relate to each other is fascinating.
@skywalkerranch 6 aylar önce
Fantastic work man. Just incredible. Those crabs are amazing. This is the best video i have ever seen on TRvid.
@senciddimisin 6 aylar önce
I don't even have the slightest interest in these types of things, but the content you have shared was amazing and I watched it from the beginning till the end. great work
@viktorbihar5384 25 gün önce
I am inspired. Once I am stable on my own, I will create my own ecosystem as well. Would love to hear tiny creatures that are usually out of sight, live, and thrive.
@FullFinnoy 9 aylar önce
Wow, it's amazing to see how this paludarium has transformed into a self-sustaining ecosystem over the past year! The vampire crabs and mourning geckos are so interesting to watch, and it's clear that you've put a lot of effort and care into creating such a harmonious environment. It's great to see people taking an interest in building and maintaining ecosystems like this. Keep up the great work, and thank you for sharing your knowledge and passion with us!
Beautiful civilization my friend! Kudos!
This is such a good way to learn about ecosystems, predator-prey relationships and balance in these systems. This is the content I want to see.
There are several channels that provide similar content. One I particularly like is called life in jars.
@education9723 Yıl önce
People need to know more about microorganisms ecology and their benefits
@guymontag9577 Yıl önce
Fortunately, the digital cameras for recording these kinds of ecosystems are getting better and better every day and the prices have come down to the point that even the most limited budgets can afford a few. Plus, resources like TRvid can help expose your work to interested viewers around the world.
@TWHowl Yıl önce
It may be harsh, but I’d like to see new species introduced, predators and prey, to see how the environment evolves.
@dead_calmog6781 Yıl önce
Right this was very interesting
This is the DOPEST thing I’ve ever seen in my whole entire life!!!!!!!!! I would totally pay this man thousands to come set one of these up in my house!!! ❤
@ZetesGANG 8 aylar önce
I love watching your projects! It's so neat to see someone take such good care of the ecosystems they create.
@simonfea2 6 aylar önce
This is so cool!!! The more rangy the plants became, the more natural it looked. Just beautiful!
@codycomer4623 7 aylar önce
This looks like an incredible project and I’ve always wanted to try something like it. Any ideas or resources for people to get started?
@snowflakegaming986 4 aylar önce
I love this setup, do you think you could put frogs in this setup instead of geckos? and if so which species would you get?
Not only the efforts he had put in building that thing ...we must also appreciate the camera works ...it felt like a full fledged documentary on NatGeo Great work man!
@TheDrPlants Yıl önce
Thank you! It takes so long!
@brandondaniel47 Yıl önce
@oO0Xenos0Oo Yıl önce
Actually, many shot of nature documentaries are shot in tanks like this one 😄 Especially when it comes to very small animals like insects, they are usually not filmed somewhere in a real rainforest.
@@TheDrPlants You could start a business with that kind of ecosystem knowledge.
@sage3182 Yıl önce
@@brandondaniel47 a
@slc1161 8 aylar önce
Oh my gosh! Absolutely the most fascinating thing I’ve ever seen! I had no clue this could be built. Beautiful!
@ColinEcoy 2 aylar önce
Amazing simulation of this really good ecosystem. Interesting facts and Great Work!
@lukluke2461 6 aylar önce
how did he sustain the water so clean for months???? this is a real question and this is gonna be a huge tip for my tank!
@InfantAngler 5 aylar önce
The shrimps, snails and plants filter the water
@aero1000 9 aylar önce
I find these ecosystems beautiful and intriguing. I'd like to built one myself but I have limited time for maintenance. Can somebody expand on the required maintenance for these ecosystems?
@zen.youtube 5 aylar önce
This is quite interesting because I just learned about ecology and how the populations are balanced😮
Creating non-static equilibrium as in nature is a very hard task. You have shown great skill, knowledge and observational ability in mixing and multiplying these species together successfully. Congratulations!
@Ipissinjarstf2 Yıl önce
Yeah my terrarium has snails and basically nothing else
@@Ipissinjarstf2 add different organisms then lol
@gary7846 Yıl önce
Did he reach equilibrium? At the end there's too many gecko and basically little shrimp i think
@@gary7846 those geckos species were a terrible choice
The Aliens would be proud G
@tinahickey8273 7 aylar önce
2 years later: so I expanded the ecosystem to me and my neighbour's backyards and started remaking it from scratch, all the animals were happy about moving to a bigger tank. But a problem emerged. The geckos were overpopulating very quickly and the mini humans (who have grown into the size of an adult man) couldn't do anything about it, so I genetically modified and created new apex predators that'll chomp to the top of the food chain. The dinosaurs from the jurrasic park and world franchise.
Storms.! Wow. Ok I’m impressed! I was afraid for a while…..glad your ecosystem balanced. I am intrigued to see where this is going and subscribing.
@Secret_Channel69 6 aylar önce
It’s the first video I watch on this channel and all I can say, congrats for your work ❤
@A_P3R50N 5 aylar önce
Would putting a red-eyed tree frog in this ecosystem instead of the other predators be a good idea? It would be really cool if you made a video of how to make a functional ecosystem.
Let us appreciate the fact he’s put in over a years work, however much money and a tonne of research, yet for us it’s a quick 8min video. Thanks for the video and best of luck with future endeavours.
@lova368 Yıl önce
Research and materials really takes lots of money,i mean he spent a lot,he deserve it.
@IceCrossFire Yıl önce
That's why I let the ads play. I just mute the sound of the ads to save my battery and use the opportunity to get water. And eat a crab, my mom says. She is correct.
@SuperFartyman Yıl önce
He's made millions from just this video alone.
@N0gua Yıl önce
The rainstorm and flashes of lightning, it is fantastic
@@SuperFartyman millions on this one video? I learned that about 1m views pays around $5-7k.. Yeah. Learning how much they get from views is my favorite hobby now.
@thetanisiblings5931 9 aylar önce
Idea: Different tanks, different ecosystems, forest, underground, aquatic, etc later maybe after a week or so? Connect them to a larger tank than all of them and let them interact
@feralbluee 9 aylar önce
Wow! this is incredible and beautiful. i don’t have the wherewithal to try this, but watching yours is so cool! your narration, videogrphy, and editing are superb!! did you learn all this stuff on your own or were you a bio person? :)
@sniperawm6955 3 aylar önce
Kudos to you fella!.....Its just art❤
@lindseymargo1892 8 aylar önce
I showed my 5 yr old this video and now he is OBSESSED with making an ecosystem. I know what you do is on a larger scale, and it's BEAUTIFUL, but if you cN I would love to see maybe a mini ecosystem he could try to do himself ( with my help) from this g you can find outside and our very I expensive materials and small, SMALL animals.
@cameronbeck7012 7 aylar önce
I want an extended version of this sooooo bad
@JohnPaulBuce Yıl önce
this guy's channel is growing faster than his homemade ecosystem
@hakurowolfy5832 Yıl önce
100 years later, citizens of his homemade ecosystem will be forced to susbscribe his channel.
@noon9218 Yıl önce
@KenLinx Yıl önce
Is it? It’s still less than a million.
@Downs-Indroam Yıl önce
@@KenLinx Had 450 subs when he started the ecosystem
@olegnurmagomedov750 8 aylar önce
I dream of creating a massive ecosystem like this.
@mousebirkett6074 8 aylar önce
Your brain was so preoccupied on whether or not it could, that it forgot to stop and think about if it should. I'm glad you did. Amazing video ❤️❤️❤️
@eliseoertel2225 8 aylar önce
Love the video! super cool terrarium, keep up the good work. Love to see fellow terriumologists!!🎉❤😊
@Aziz_Piran 9 aylar önce
Very interesting experience. I wish I could have something like that. The rain is especially interesting. Where do you get all these species? Keep up the good work.
@DTCAllOver 4 aylar önce
This was so dope too see. I want to build my own
@anggaihza3074 Yıl önce
This is not the kind of content I expect to see on TRvid but they clearly need more creator like you my friend. What a video
Yes youtube needs more creators like him! It is so inspiring and creative.
@Starwars Experte yes, less idiots arguing about stupid stuff, and people to farm views. More people who are creative, innovative, and interesting. Like thus guy
@thekylehighclub Yıl önce
Took the words right out of my mouth
@nellsun2521 Yıl önce
Literally every type of video is on TRvid though! :)
@TomCruz54321 Yıl önce
Sadly, annoying TRvid personalities that do dumb stuff are the ones that get 30 million views per video. I'm glad this one got 7 million views, but there are others out there who barely break a million. I'm really sad for those talented creators.
@Navy_Berry 9 aylar önce
These videos are so cool, watching life bloom in a small terrarium, introducing predators and prey. Taking pets to the next level.
@rinze8940 7 aylar önce
Amazing. I did not believe this could happen. I really love your videos. Youre doing a great job
@liammagee7979 9 aylar önce
I was wondering whether to make this paludarium or the desert one Which one do you think is easier to make ( price and attention to it ) also if you could, can you tell me hi hi animals would go well together in a tank this big or smaller
@toabetterself 7 aylar önce
I just discovered your channel yesterday and I am fascinated. It is amazing and I need to show my kids. Thank you and pleeeease keep sharing 🥰
@The_Horizon Yıl önce
i could watch a 30 minute documentary about this, dude u gotta keep going this is S tier content
@TheDrPlants Yıl önce
Thank you!
S tier content.
@Moxais Yıl önce
@excaliblur Yıl önce
I could watch a whole hour! Also I love your vids too
@User-swj- Yıl önce
@@TheDrPlants My good sir, where did you get your crabs and geckos. Im highly interested in maybe getting an ecosystem like yours.
@GoodCharacterBoy 6 aylar önce
It would have been better if he did this on a larger area or a new full area ecosystem. 😂 Just imagine him doing it that way! Super
@achillespro225 5 aylar önce
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@DinoCool44 3 aylar önce
I really want to make my own ecosystem just like this thank you for inspiring me
@th0rns4.1 4 aylar önce
This is really cool! This inspired me to make a paludarium as a project!
@miirami5761 Yıl önce
As a Geo Ecology student with great interest for film and animation I’d love a project where you would film a nature documentary about small live in an ecosystem only to zoom out in the end to show the audience, that what they thought was an entire rain forest is actually the tank in this guys living room. Imagine the amazement over the video perspective, scientific study, ecological experiment and human craftsmanship!
@junglebunny6092 Yıl önce
Basically any Nat Geo or Discovery Channel documentary 👍🏽
@lucasrhys0363 Yıl önce
@@junglebunny6092 always suspected they we’re in a huge tank
@IanMcc1000 Yıl önce
Even Attenborough's team use that technique sometimes
@miirami5761 Yıl önce
@@lucasrhys0363 Oh, I didn’t know! That’s so cool!
@@lucasrhys0363 We are, they call it Earth.
@IsiberGen2 9 aylar önce
1 minute felt like 20 in this video! If this was rateable, I would give it 5 stars!!
@joegallagher8672 8 aylar önce
do you think at a certain point you'd be able to seal it off entirely and it would sustain itself? and even stop the misting system and let it condense on it's own?
@Bossebjj 6 aylar önce
I wonder what you do to keep the water fresh? When I had fish in an aquarium as a kid it was alot of work to change the water all the time.
@HatersLoveM3 3 aylar önce
I wish there were more videos like this
@garyhamilton2979 8 aylar önce
Only finding this video now. Amazing stuff. How would something like this sell for, considering how impressive it becomes?
@BruceWayne-ne1ez 11 aylar önce
"50 years later the ecosystem has Grown exponentially. As you can see, lizard sentient beings emerged and started creating Facebook. Truly wonderful"
@annelove3460 11 aylar önce
Andrew garfield
@shrimp5239 10 aylar önce
@@annelove3460 they gon put him in the cage to go to the vet after he got caught eating romanian lasagna.
@exostudios8563 10 aylar önce
He even put BBQ sauce on a shelf
@bz2017 10 aylar önce
@Ashley-kv8ku 10 aylar önce
I’d like to see what they would make besides facebook
@blkpanther2k5 7 aylar önce
Would love to see a tutorial on a beginner "budget" paludarium.
@bossmanmaquila 28 gün önce
i love your videos, they taught me so much!
@spectre2296 8 aylar önce
Splendid job mate!
@dustycarl7036 2 aylar önce
Please make more videos and even add sequels to the ecosystem videos
@jordysnoeks9814 8 aylar önce
The holes in the background for the plants, how do you prevent the water from staying in there so the roots don't rot with the water sprinklers active?
@Kevsadone Yıl önce
In a YT filled with reaction videos, false sensationalism and just plain junk, it is so awesome to see this type of high quality content. Congrats on a cool channel!
Can't forget the nonsense of TRvid shorts
@annphoenix4565 Yıl önce
Exactly my thoughts, this is the most entertaining, educative channel❤️
666th like thank you goodbye.
@balefire384 Yıl önce
woo hoo :)
@aredboxnation Yıl önce
This channel is the best ive seen in a while
Very interesting you’ve taught me so much about an ecosystem of life, thank you for sharing. 💚🐙💚🦎💚🐌💚🦀💚🐞💚🐜💚
@losgehts6812 25 gün önce
Your videos are outstanding! Would it be worth considering adding fish or is it not possible here?
@DireWolfOuija 6 aylar önce
You have an amazing skill for this project so beautiful well put together with truest care I really hope you do something amazing for these echo projects for example crabs or whatever they call them that are sold on beaches and you can buy shells that are painted on well little do people know it’s so dangerous for them to have paint shells no one cares about them they think a sponge of water is ok beaches stores just don’t care I hope one day it’s shut down to do that
@robhereford706 7 aylar önce
This is such a tease. I NEED to do this. I NEED more tutorials.!!!
@johnmarstonplays69 4 aylar önce
Protect this man at all costs
@NickSibz Yıl önce
I was already impressed but the rain segment...god damn. So impressed with people who can create and manage these awesome creations. Incredible setup and ecosystem you've built here man.
The thunder though... 🔥
@Lamiishere Yıl önce
Cringe af,
@NickSibz Yıl önce
@@Lamiishere mad?
@@Lamiishere No dad? 🥺
@nawsih848 Yıl önce
@@Lamiishere lami more like lame
@abfmkarin 9 aylar önce
Awesome, you doing a fantastic job.Your own little paradise right next to your bed.I have created a ecosystem in two of my tanks. Its balanced I don't need to introduce anything new.Takes a while but worth it.
@pasteurnathan5351 3 aylar önce
Hello, is there any way to balance the ecosystem? For example, replace the geckos with another predator or add another predator?
@charliecurtis8852 6 aylar önce
Yo! how easily can you hold your geckos? Could they be as tame as leopard geckos if you work with them enough?
@sproutdoesstuff 9 aylar önce
To everyone wondering what that palm tree plant is called, its name is Biophytum sensitivum, or commonly known as the "little tree plant"
@ar4122 4 aylar önce
I love the rainstorm. What a beautiful tank!
@marshasantiago4532 4 aylar önce
I know
@cknorris3644 Yıl önce
I had an aquarium with enough plants and aquatic life that I eventually didn't need to put food in anymore. It was self sustaining and the water was crystal clear. Was like a master level setup. Crazy what nature can do if you just add the right ingredients and leave it alone. I had to move out of state an unfortunately gave it to a guy who didn't realize what he had. I think about that aquarium all the time. 😭
@kirbythepinkguy Yıl önce
What did he do with it?
@cknorris3644 Yıl önce
@@kirbythepinkguy he ruined it. Took all the plants out and redecorated it with plastic stuff. Basically killed the eco system.
@lemonade2879 Yıl önce
@@cknorris3644 cannot even begin to imagine the thought process inside that guy's head... his tank basically being set up for him perfectly yet he takes everything out and replaces it for what reason😭😭
@paquixyz4000 Yıl önce
@@cknorris3644 I’m going to cry now.
@JoEYHiiGHRoLLER 9 aylar önce
This is really inspiring me to build a tank with my son and my girls son,
@halfrave 9 aylar önce
So beautiful and rejuvinating! Nature is just great! You did a great job!
@feda_roz 8 aylar önce
WOW!! You're an awesomely amazing hobbyist! Is this high maintenance? P.S sorry, I'm a new subscriber. 🙂
@HI-kz7gy 8 aylar önce
I just love this video, I watch it time and time again and it never gets boring. Keep up the great content!
@MeiziVu 5 aylar önce
Please please please make more videos on how to 1) remake this more clearly for people to make one of their own with maybe some substitutions if they don’t have the same things you have 2) how to upkeep and where do you find the food to feed the animals? Very interested in the subject. Thank you.
@nz_aroha Yıl önce
This is so incredible, I would be so scared to try look after something like this though, I would be so worried about over-population 😅
@thesun6211 Yıl önce
Not really a problem with proper species selection, especially with the Geosesarma as an Apex Predator. It's more of an issue with overstocked systems that deplete the microfauna population and require feeding, especially with species like Mandarins in a Marine Aquarium that're obligate copepod predators. As long as the system's housed in an Enclosure of sufficient size and volume...
@Supersteve2102 Yıl önce
@@floogalflambyn6805 Dont be jealous, its an acquired skill. With enough work, you can have that knowledge too.
@LeagueofBread Yıl önce
the crabs won't be an issue. I have mine for 6+ months now and they are rarely to be seen because if enough substrate provided, they'll dig underground and you pretty much never see them. And they also are cannibalistic. Just don't get mourning geckos and you're good to go!
@msshinondo9059 8 aylar önce
Absolutely captivating. How do you simulate rain?
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