OMG Sri Lankan Seafood at MINISTRY OF CRAB! | Food Tour in Colombo, Sri Lanka!

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Nelum Kole Restaurant - To begin the day we started off at Nelum Kole Restaurant, a Sri Lankan food restaurant serving a massive buffet of different Sri Lankan food dishes. Overall, the food was good, but not the best Sri Lankan food I had. Flavors tasted too similar to each other. It is a good place to taste variety though.
Dilmah Tea Lounge - After lunch we headed to a Dilmah Tea Lounge and drank a few teas all of which were very good.
Ministry of Crab - Rated as one of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants, Ministry of Crab is one of the most iconic restaurant serving seafood and especially Sri Lankan crabs in Colombo. It’s a high end restaurant, with prices that go with it, but I do have to admit that it was extremely tasty. The river shrimp, the black pepper crab was delicious. Price - about 30,000 LKR ($165.53) per OMG crab - I think it’s overpriced - but it is good.
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20 Mar 2019

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Mark Wiens
Mark Wiens 3 aylar önce
Hope you’re having a great day! You can watch this Sri Lankan food series here: trvid.com/video/video-4v9G2ArswUs.html Next I will publish some Japan videos, then come back to publish Sri Lankan street food. One more thing, have some extremely exciting trips coming very soon to share with you - follow on Instagram for current updates: instagram.com/migrationology/ Thank you very much for your incredible support!
N Jay
N Jay 2 gün önce
Thank you for this review on Sri lanka. Please visit us again.
D C 20 gün önce
I HOPE u die
Dennis De Guzman
Dennis De Guzman 2 aylar önce
sir can i borrow ah money?
pravir yadav
pravir yadav 3 aylar önce
make a trip to delhi & i would love to enjoy a meal with you. Or else Bangkok it is
Dini Kal
Dini Kal 3 aylar önce
😍😍😍😍 ♡♡♡♡ this but yet u didnt try kottu so just a liiiitle bit mad
Malu Krause
Malu Krause 23 saatler önce
Micah is a bit grown now
Bosilu Liyana - Waduge
By the way you could eat the inside of the king coconut
Anime world
Anime world 4 gün önce
The bill would more than 1500$
Anime world
Anime world 4 gün önce
Sangakara jauwardane both cricket had good business mind
Deepak Singh
Deepak Singh 5 gün önce
Who noticed sangakara and mahela
Michael Toscano
Michael Toscano 5 gün önce
Hey you're not breathing when you're eating that's cheating.
Michael Toscano
Michael Toscano 5 gün önce
Did he say a shot of wheatgrass you can get that for free if you go outside and boil it
Lucster168 6 gün önce
no way I am paying for that 169 dollar per crab, i don't care how good it is, it is still a crab
Saad Hossain
Saad Hossain 7 gün önce
please come to our beautiful country for Biriyany and Lot of traditional fish curry.
Madiki khiangte
Madiki khiangte 8 gün önce
Lil' Micah already travels more than i did in my whole life..haha.. but Mark, to be honest, it is so nice to see you and your family enjoying the food. Thank you for taking us with you..
pilippange gunarathne
pilippange gunarathne 11 gün önce
Best crab dishes in asia
george mifsud
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pls stop eating whet you hand is ske hop you see et
Shiju GDFC
Shiju GDFC 12 gün önce
Awsome food collection
Dream 2 Ceylone
Dream 2 Ceylone 14 gün önce
More deicious sea foods beautiful video mark thank u
Paola s.
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gdybyś bł kiedyś w Polsce to serdecznie zapraszam do mnie do kuchni na pewno Ci posmakuje jesteś gorąco zaproszony do Polski :)))))))))))))))))))
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Sultana P
Sultana P 14 gün önce
Those giant shrimps n lobsters n variety of crabs....OMG seafood lovers dream! Then all the mouthwatering sauces n curries....dream come true.
alluneedis Love
alluneedis Love 18 gün önce
Axel Durman
Axel Durman 18 gün önce
Mark Wiens has an amazing gift to keep you engaged, locked and tuned into episode after episode....love these shows.....
Harjinder kaur Gill
Harjinder kaur Gill 18 gün önce
i like 🦀
kamlesh bairi
kamlesh bairi 19 gün önce
Was in srilanka for 1yr. It was my best year of my life. Food amazing. People very polite & cooperative. I miss srilanka
pansilu D
pansilu D 19 gün önce
Owner of this restaurant . Mr Kumar sangakkar & Mr Mahela Jayawardane
danu sandaruwan
danu sandaruwan 21 gün önce
Wow amazing
Kelley Abitbol
Kelley Abitbol 22 gün önce
How much were those crabs?
White And Proud
White And Proud 22 gün önce
Why would I go to a third world country and pay $165 for a crab curry?
send bobs and vagana
send bobs and vagana 17 gün önce
White and proud your name say everything.racist gay 🤐
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asun kho 24 gün önce
Oohhh yeaaaa ooohhh woowwww .... 👎👎👎👎👎
Rainbowloveyh 2
Rainbowloveyh 2 24 gün önce
omg ministry of Crab, thats Mahela Jayawardene- Kumar Sangakkara's restaurant uhu, does mark knows this legends? @ 9:58
JJR Roy 24 gün önce
trvid.com/video/video-dUAp-T71GiU.html Watch & Like the Video if you like it! And subscribe the TRvid channel if you are interested in food!
Patricia Tuvalu
Patricia Tuvalu 25 gün önce
I could eat that crab 🦀.. another Awesome 👏 Video!!
Carlos Tsung
Carlos Tsung 25 gün önce
Yummy 😋 mark. Love most of your videos...
Adarsh B L
Adarsh B L 25 gün önce
Come Kerala, India to taste some hot recipes of the land of spices.
Aditya Deshmukh
Aditya Deshmukh 26 gün önce
10:34 that's not a helmet. That a prawn head Dumbfuck 😂😂
buwaneka S
buwaneka S 26 gün önce
I saw sangakkara and mahela!
All In One Zone
All In One Zone 29 gün önce
We are sri lankans.. thnks for coming our cour country
Krishanthan love this song
Are u still in Sri Lanka?
Rajan Dulam
Rajan Dulam Aylar önce
Shubhesh Tiwari
Shubhesh Tiwari Aylar önce
Which software you use for video editing?
Jerome Fernando
Jerome Fernando Aylar önce
160 usd that is too dear Im pretty sure if you walk in to a local fish market you could get plenty of seafood for half of that price and its fresh too anyways I think it covers the wages of the staff and the rental of the building etc.. but its good for a change since it is one of the best restaurants in Asia.
Aenoy pisay
Aenoy pisay Aylar önce
I love seafoods
UNlEasHeD YnAzdi
UNlEasHeD YnAzdi Aylar önce
totally gonna eat before watching this ....love sri lanka from Philippines
chathura madusanka
chathura madusanka Aylar önce
Ohh man you take lunch "Nelum kole resturant" is located my home town✌️ it's food so delicious 😋 thanks visit to my home town👍
Larry Culiver
Larry Culiver Aylar önce
Dang is fast as you gobble that down how could you even know what you were tasting holy crap slow down
Twittering Machine
Twittering Machine Aylar önce
His digestive system is a literal furnace ! 🔥
Akki Akki.
Akki Akki. Aylar önce
Harindra Tennakoon
Harindra Tennakoon Aylar önce
Welcome to Sri Lanka
Dale Philip
Dale Philip Aylar önce
"a nice little light lunch there" - Mark Wiens (after eating his own body weight in Sri Lankan food).
Nalinda Bandara
Nalinda Bandara 6 gün önce
Hi Dale! you can write such fantastic comments though it's hard to understand when speaking the Scottish accent.
Kanishka Rajawansha
Kanishka Rajawansha 14 gün önce
@Dale Philip That's one of my favourites 😃
Dale Philip
Dale Philip 15 gün önce
@Kanishka Rajawansha I was full after one plate of cheese kottu 😂
Kanishka Rajawansha
Kanishka Rajawansha 15 gün önce
Hope you did the same when you were here :D
John. Jabber
John. Jabber Aylar önce
He called that a lite lunch. This guy is out of this world.
MY tube lovers
MY tube lovers Aylar önce
welcome to srilanka, iam a srilankan dr bro, how is your life, iam from kandy, see you next time
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