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Olympic volleyball professional athlete for Team USA Erik Shoji reacts to the anime HAIKYU!! Watch HAIKYU!! TO THE TOP on Crunchyroll! got.cr/Watch-HaikyuExtras

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16 Ara 2020




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Kelly Unterborn
Kelly Unterborn Yıl önce
Petition for Erik Shoji to yell "Rolling Thunder" during a receive in the Olympics. Regardless, I'll be surely watching.
SavageJPG 14 saatler önce
Lukepukelol123 5 gün önce
- cursedbunny !
- cursedbunny ! 8 gün önce
Hooman 11 gün önce
Jelly Hange Zoe
Jelly Hange Zoe 13 gün önce
MB 11 aylar önce
Tsukki's block was not only a gamechanger but a very emotional moment, not just for me but probably for the whole fandom.
Rin Okumura
Rin Okumura Aylar önce
Yes completely it even changed Tsukki
Maanav D
Maanav D 2 aylar önce
I was smiling and crying bro. When he screamed "LETS GOO", I'm here going "MY BOY LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOO'"
Tedd 3 aylar önce
@A crow to cry though 😭😭
Daniel Lee
Daniel Lee 3 aylar önce
it rly isnt but alr
nahtjona Yıl önce
Thanks Coach Donny for inspiring a new generation of Volleyball players to react to Haikyuu episodes!
clatyra 5 aylar önce
its literally erik shoji in the title lmfao
rita 10 aylar önce
Simulize Studios
Simulize Studios 11 aylar önce
its more like a new generation of haikyuu watchers get into volleyball
Chan is FOive
Chan is FOive 11 aylar önce
João Marcos Teixeira de Oliveira
I think who started the trend was otakudesune. She hit the jackpot on the algorithym with "volleyball player react to haikyu"
Paul Epp
Paul Epp Yıl önce
The play where Hinata jumped off the wall was legal because his contact with the ball was completed before he made contact with the wall.
Mr Menet
Mr Menet 4 aylar önce
I was able to change it from 2.9k to 3k ..... UNLIMITED POWAAAAA
kenrouv 4 aylar önce
Yeah, I wanted to say that until I saw this comment LOL!
Aige 6 aylar önce
Silvi 6 aylar önce
funfact: in the german dub, the phrase "he's like Spiderman!" is even more fitting because its the same voice actor as Tom Holland's Spiderman
MC (Lei Kakichi)
MC (Lei Kakichi) 6 aylar önce
@Caydee Jo Are you underestimating me?
Barney Stinson
Barney Stinson Yıl önce
They were laughing at rolling thunder because he calls it that and yells it when doing it
elove japan
elove japan Aylar önce
I don’t get it either, I think it’s cool!
Jessica L
Jessica L 5 aylar önce
Yeah its super chuunibyou to have a special attack name so they’re laughing at him for being like a kid on a playground with a stick, shouting about a super fire sword swing lmaooo
Little men
Little men 9 aylar önce
I like his “Rolling Thunder”
YumaLien101 10 aylar önce
@Barney Stinson oh that’s understandable 😂✨
rita 10 aylar önce
ksksksk yaa
Just Some Guy with a Mustache
So...your recommendations have been filled with volleyball athletes watching Haikyuu lately, too, huh?
vize scope is back
vize scope is back 7 gün önce
No I was just searching up a volleyball player to do my project on
Johanna Plöckl
Johanna Plöckl 2 aylar önce
clownMonomaniac 3 aylar önce
I actually searched it up
• Ocean Foam •
• Ocean Foam • 3 aylar önce
yup.. but im not complaining
Revon 3 aylar önce
Justin Yıl önce
It's a shame that volleyball isn't loved more by the us. It's more entertaining than baseball and hockey.
Cailinowl 2 aylar önce
Ushiromiya Battler
Ushiromiya Battler 2 aylar önce
@Hottdogger baseball is so boring though. You swing a bat and run
guccitae 2 aylar önce
@Hottdogger every sport is more interesting than baseball that shit sucks
IcepickedWalrus 2 aylar önce
Facts, played throughout hs, not my whole hs career bc of an injury. But it was the most intense time I've had in any team sport I've played. Football was okay (played for 6 years) but nothing compares to volleyball.
Greed 4 aylar önce
@Hottdogger oh come on you cant tell me baseball is filled with more action and adrenaline than volleyball
Wyse Ebbah
Wyse Ebbah Yıl önce
OK, this mans is actually a complete beast. I mean his highlights that they clips to are absolutely insane. You just earned yourself an 18 yr old male volleyball simp!
Kelo G
Kelo G 4 aylar önce
I knew he played on the national team, but was surprised to learn that he is considered among the best in the world. And then I was really surprised to learn Dave Shoji is his dad, so growing up in that house must have been awesome
Chaotix Yıl önce
Erik Shoji has his own volleybal channel too, if you want to see more.
Caiman Araújo
Caiman Araújo Yıl önce
He is on the top 3 best liberos of the world!
Ujwalpreet Singh
Ujwalpreet Singh Yıl önce
You liars! Where is Hinata’s epic face receive.
Xiujuan Yang
Xiujuan Yang Aylar önce
where is your question mark?
Shoyo Hinata
Shoyo Hinata 3 aylar önce
HEY! It’s not epic it hurt ;-;
Rosanna Johansson Andersson
@kenrouv Ahaa okay! Thanks😂
kenrouv 4 aylar önce
@Rosanna Johansson Andersson The thumbnail is Hinata getting hit in the face with the ball right? That's what they mean.
Rosanna Johansson Andersson
Which one?😂
Baby Eri
Baby Eri 11 aylar önce
1:55 imagine watching a real volleyball game and just hearing some one start yelling "rolling thunder"
I_say_let_it_die 2 aylar önce
tbh I would be one- when I get better
b 3 aylar önce
i would bust out laughing
Jinx-Chan [ジンクス

Cookie-Queen 7 aylar önce
@btarimy hell yes
btarimy 8 aylar önce
I would start running where I heard that and deadass say. *OH MY GOD ITS NISHINOYA!!*
Matt2332 Yıl önce
The jump serve that looks like he's hitting from the side is actually a vertical hit. The camera angle changes to look down the arm at an angle as he hits it. This makes it look like its being hit horizontally. Camera angles in anime can be difficult to ascertain sometimes.
prathika 10 aylar önce
it definitely looks like it’s being hit horizontally, you can see his arm after he hits the serve, and it’s facing in front of him. i really don’t think he’s hitting it vertically
aizpruart 11 aylar önce
Nope. Pause it at 2:23 his arm is horizontal to his body.
nacify Yıl önce
yeah this ^ his arm is straight up and his body is tilted but the camera shot and the fact it’s an anime exaggerates that all to add to the power of the serve. but i get why people would think it’s sideways
themocaw Yıl önce
I was gonna say: the anime cheats the camera angle and physicality to put Oikawa's face in the shot.
Tyler VanDeWal
Tyler VanDeWal 10 aylar önce
Haikyuu always impressed me with the amount of in depth detail and fine tuned technique they use. Sometimes they don't even explain it, it's just there in the show and I look it up and it's real. Even the jargon. I watched a real lawyer react to ace attorney and it was... A very different outcome haha
Steinarr 3 aylar önce
From what I understand, the mangaka played volleyball himself in high school.
orti1283 Yıl önce
They aren't laughing at the rolling receive, they're laughing at how nishinoya yells and all as if it was his unique special technique
Shoha S
Shoha S Yıl önce
Now that’s a REACTION video! Super Informative and entertaining) I liked the format of this video! Keep up the good work!
pleezahful Yıl önce
@Luis Espejel yes he also includes demo clips to give you the real life POV
Luis Espejel
Luis Espejel Yıl önce
You should watch coach Donny. He also reacts but explains and analyse the show. If I remember well, his channel is Elevate Yourself
Leon Santiago
Leon Santiago Yıl önce
Volleyball player reacts to haikyuu. Volleyball Coach reacts to haikyuu. Volleyball olympic athlete reacts to haikyuu.
Herman Snazzledorf
Herman Snazzledorf 9 gün önce
I'm waiting on the final addition to the series, FIVB international level volleyball referee reacts to haikyuu.
Caiman Araújo
Caiman Araújo Yıl önce
Thats so cool to see!
Fuming Meng
Fuming Meng Yıl önce
NOOOOOOOOOOOO Erik’s only on the second season you guys spoiled Tsukki’s epic block for him!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOO
Little men
Little men 9 aylar önce
rita 10 aylar önce
Paige Gonzales
Paige Gonzales 11 aylar önce
I think most of the reason why Oikawa's serve had his arm very sideways was for the sake of the camera angle wanting to show as much of Oikawa as possible (face and body) while also showing a powerful serve. Just more of an animation decision over Oikawa actually being a sideways server.
YabukiShingo4 11 aylar önce
I love how he smiles as soon as they called Libero the "Guardian God". He felt so SO proud.
Zen Gold
Zen Gold Yıl önce
I love how actual volleyball players with experience are using Haikyuu as an inspiration for their work. Like, anime for life??
Lazy_boi 6 aylar önce
When my boy came in with that float serve and made 5 point omg😭 I was so proud of him!!!!
kokichi's hair dye
kokichi's hair dye 10 aylar önce
he's my favorite character and I almost cried when he did that😭🥺
Tweva Yıl önce
It makes the show so much more enjoyable after watching professional athletes of the sport be impressed over how accurate the techniques are in the show
Audrey Moria
Audrey Moria Yıl önce
At the rolling thunder part. They aren't laughing because of the move. But because of the name the libero gave the move 😅 I don't know if that explains it. But I find it funny
Nadia Washington
Nadia Washington 10 aylar önce
Like 100
Luan Parreira
Luan Parreira Yıl önce
2:24 its even more impressive when you realize that the ball touched he ground BEFORE he touched the ground from jumping
Pancho Monterrey
Pancho Monterrey 6 aylar önce
i didnt even notice omgg!
Beatriz Carvalho
Beatriz Carvalho 11 aylar önce
I would love them showing him the scene where noya-san sets the ball so someone else can spike.
The Indoor Kites
The Indoor Kites Yıl önce
Some people are comparing coach donny reacting to haikyuu to erik shoji reacting to haikyuu... yall, i freaked out when i saw erik and micah christenson mention haikyuu last year and now erik is reacting to it... dont forget this guy is one of the top3 liberos in the world, highly accomplished olympic libero of Team USA, a total beast (and micah is the best setter in the world and a god, so when I saw him with a pic of kageyama i lost it). It's lovely that more professionals are reacting to haikyuu but the scale is completely different.. when you see the people you admired on tv,legendary figures, the best of the best, love haikyuu, thats a whole different feeling. (Japanese national team's monster players sitting down to talk about haikyuu was the cherry on top as well)
Checker 101
Checker 101 Yıl önce
I like the thought getting professionals letting them see animes about their profession and getting them addicted to it
Kumari Ross
Kumari Ross Yıl önce
I'm so sad that noya's double save wasn't shown 😭 still better than nothing
i snag over yew
i snag over yew 7 aylar önce
I love how entertaining/accurate this anime is. Usually anime’s have people doing the impossible lol.
Astroboiii Yıl önce
KageSeiryuu Yıl önce
6:22 in the show the libero is one of the top liberos among his peers and pulled off some miraculous saves the team captain introduced/teased him to the first years as their volleyball team's Guardian Deity because of the saves he can pull off and due to his energy/charisma putting his teammates at ease and raising morale
Exotic Cats
Exotic Cats Yıl önce
Libero seems like a cool role and “ROLLING THUNDDAA” will always be on my mind when I think of the role now
leo Yıl önce
In the case of the 'shoulder out to the side' one, a possible explanation, apart from some 'rule of cool', could be him shifting his head and torso more towards the left and downwards, so that his arm looks like it's more to the side, but it's actually his torso that is bent away from it, but the camera is focused on the ball so we get that bit of an optical illusion
sophiadaniella 5 aylar önce
He was just emotionally supporting Yams at one point and I love it ❤️
Amanda Yıl önce
PixelSage Yıl önce
My only comment would be that he made contact with the ball before touching the wall and it in no way aided him in the receive., but rather than crash into it and risk injury he did what he did.
Caiman Araújo
Caiman Araújo Yıl önce
Yeah, thats why it was not a fault. Just like touching the net outside the antenna, you can do that, uless it propels you to the ball.
R A I N Yıl önce
The best part of this video was his reaction to Oikawa's jump serve because it's so accurate🤣🤣
ian long
ian long Yıl önce
The "shoulder serve" scene was just a creative angle to include the ball and his face in the same shot. Also, it might have been to emphasize that he was putting more strength into it then usual, which is why it went out
ramazan saral
ramazan saral Yıl önce
I think you can use the wall after you contact the ball, but not use it to propel yourself towards it. Here Hinata saves the ball first, then uses the wall to protect himself.
TheBabyFishMan 11 aylar önce
his reaction to oikawas serve is amazing
dave 9 aylar önce
erik shoji is so delightful to listen to! so informative and he has a great energy
Morribb Tyler Lehrer
Glad to see this. I hope it’s a sign that company’s are starting to tap reactors and compensating them for giving us all more incentive to rewatch series. Haikyu was amazing the first time through and to be able to watch again with a reactor that has never seen it before is like watching a brand new show. Makes me sad I can’t just stay on Crunchyroll to find that option
Flynnit Yıl önce
I'm sooo much looking forward to starting to play volleyball once it's allowed again! That was an entertaining reaction video and interesting too.
hydranel Yıl önce
I used to love playing volleyball but the older I got, the more people on my teams cared about winning and the less they cared about having fun... its disappointing because its so stressful when I go to receive and they yell at me if I miss it.
CAIMAN COSTA 9 aylar önce
@Fiona Metzo Thats wrong. Most teams are holesome, friendly teams, and treat you like a brother.
Mati 9 aylar önce
yeah the girls in my school are really rude, even though i was a beginner they would yell at me and i would feel really insecure and pressured so thats why i stopped playing
CAIMAN COSTA 10 aylar önce
@hydranel noooo! sorry to hear that, Its sad to hear when someone stop playing ;-; wish you well then
hydranel 10 aylar önce
@CAIMAN COSTA i cant join a different team, its a school team. And I plan on graduating early so I was probably going to quit athletics anyways.
CAIMAN COSTA 10 aylar önce
cant you change the team? Thats a toxic team you got there! Just ask them to be more polite to you, and if they do diferent, kick their buts and go play somewhere else!
Spaxe Child
Spaxe Child 3 aylar önce
I died laughing when he said “look at the concentration in his eyes” (referring to Kagemema), HE ALWAYS LOOKS LIKE THAT-
Ranger x gaming
Ranger x gaming 7 aylar önce
I play libero in a local club and I’m a huge fan of yours I love watching your games even though I’m from Scotland. Please keep up the great work. 😁
nagihiro Yıl önce
Every athlete is reacting to haikyuu nowadays lol
Denise F
Denise F Yıl önce
And I'm here for it.
OliverLeft 9 aylar önce
"these jump serves are averaging about 70mph" me: *instantly thinks about yuji nishida*
°•MOTH-er fucker•°
Hearing professional volleyball players on haikyuu really makes me feel more interested in volleyball, because almost everything is correct and perfect and everyone agrees with it, makes me hype and wanna play a match with my friends. I hope in my school i can play volleyball, would be really fun to try it.
why tho
why tho Yıl önce
1:23 the reason they’re laughing is because it’s just a regular rolling receive, but he still gave it a cheesy name
M a y i l a
M a y i l a 2 aylar önce
Yam's first proper jump float and Tsukki's perfect block, had me in tears
cass 9 aylar önce
i want this dude as my friend and i don't even know why, it's just something about the aura around him or something and i love it lmao
Ali _abd
Ali _abd Yıl önce
i love how humble you are on top of watching it you want to learn from it that's sick man haikyuu is my favorite anime and i appreciate your reaction
Suubi VII
Suubi VII Yıl önce
we really need him to grade Hinata libero skills in s4 lol
Ole Zha
Ole Zha Yıl önce
5:48 Well I think there was a little misunderstanding: Hinata actually didn't propel himself to save the ball, instead he saved the ball first jumping as much as he can, and as a result he had to "spider man" the wall to prevent crushing into the wall and hurt himself. If you look scene closely I think you will get that. (Hope that doesn't sound offensive or that I'm blaming ^^ Just pointing that out)
Electra Red
Electra Red 11 aylar önce
When he called tsukishima '#11' I was wheezing lmao And also I had forgotten that kageyama's serve was that good at nationals, I thought he had improved it in the final chapters of the manga ://
°Lewis..cloud° 11 aylar önce
I found this on my recommended and this actually helped me because I'm kind of a new volleyball player but i have been practicing so this helps a lot thank you!
Denise F
Denise F Yıl önce
Real volleyball players reacting to Haikyuu has been giving me so much serotonin lately. Especially since season 4 just wrapped up. T_T
pomai moikeha
pomai moikeha Yıl önce
Haikyu is so awsome! The realism reminds me of Whistle. But my favorite is Teni-Puri lol
Cussundria Kneal
Cussundria Kneal Yıl önce
You are so pure!!! Thank you for doing this video!! I've always wondered how accurate Haikyuu actually was in competitive Volleyball.
ewokgrl Yıl önce
I started watching Haikyuu because it brought back memories of watching my sister when she played.
Anastasija Lukanovska
I love how much you explain, like as a volleyball player who started out just last September it helps a lot
Luaala21 10 aylar önce
I love Volleyball! I also play (or played, bc of the damn C-word) myself and this animie's passion is so contagious! Also, it's so interesting to hear a professional talk about it! Great video!☺
KmmReaper712 Yıl önce
I would love a Professional Male/Female Volleyball League. Always loved watching it played!
Sipi Yıl önce
the other bob
the other bob Yıl önce
He laughed at the name lol not the roll itself xD
Tolani 9 aylar önce
Watching an actual volleyball player react to Haikyu was so cool
Emma Hollen
Emma Hollen 6 aylar önce
I have been in love with volleyball for 4 years and have been practicing to be a middle blocker and I was told by people like my mother I wouldn’t be able to play but then I start playing in school and my setter who says “you’d be a great middle” just to get under my skin is one of the few people who believed in me
Jogaku 10 aylar önce
He should’ve reacted to their quick attack and full 5 attack too!! But still an awesome video 😁
MannieFresh225 8 aylar önce
Haikyuu is definitely gonna make me watch volleyball during the olympics! I'm gonna see it in a whole new way now
Rhiannn :3
Rhiannn :3 Yıl önce
I think something all these volleyball players reacting to haikyuu should know is how large an impact haikyuu has had on volleyball in Japan. It was a sport that was not very popular in Japan, but after the release of the manga, volleyball started to slowly become popular again, before exploding in popularity once more after the anime adaptation. You have to hand to the author for helping its audience see the excitement and beauty of volleyball come to life, especially for people like me who aren't great at sport.
sgap pi
sgap pi 8 aylar önce
Hes over here acting like these moves are out of his reach but then you watch clips of his plays and you realize he is prob more of a guardian god than any character in haikyuu. Just watched an 8min vid of his plays and hes insane to watch
I wanna see someone react to the technique when they bounce the ball off the blockers, air for their fingers to get through or push it over their hands
noxas 17
noxas 17 Yıl önce
I have a 7 foot net I love this anime I learned a lot from this. I'm 5,10 can get over the net pretty easy. Penultimate in to an good arm swing I get so high now I never thought I could jump but I'm getting half decent at it now. I practice both right and left handed spikes I'm more right handed but you leave a gap my lefty will exploit it.
Scarecrow 11 aylar önce
Holy cow! That clip at 1:00 was even more epic than Nishnoya's! Thanks for sharing!
Jennifer Petrie
Jennifer Petrie Yıl önce
It's funny, I happened to see a clip of your spike score the other day, It stuck in my head because I really loved your reaction (and it was a killer move), but I hadn't seen your name or anything. So imagine my surprise when I watch this video (as I watch every Haikyuu reaction I see, it's my favorite series), and it's you!
Em Zet
Em Zet Gün önce
They were laughting about the name of move that he was screaming 😂😁 and I tried the tric with ball that You set up the ball to stop in the specific spot in the air and than it fall and it worked! I was soooooo supries 😂😁
Rin Okumura
Rin Okumura Aylar önce
I've found out I really love being a blocker I found this out when we were practicing against the varsity girls and I blocked a spike it made me really happy and it made me fall in love with the game even more
Dragons Spirt
Dragons Spirt 9 aylar önce
Regarding Oikawa's serve he didnt hit it with his arm out to the side from my viewing of it he used his upper body to swing his arm down similar to an axe
Tan Nguyen
Tan Nguyen 3 aylar önce
This guy speaks so soft and humbly for his title of the best libero in the World of Volleyball.
Marta Folcrá
Marta Folcrá 9 aylar önce
he’s so nice and pure omg
Elizabeth Simon
Elizabeth Simon 9 aylar önce
I wish I could play volleyball still on a full team. I sued to be a middle, there's nothing like it. I just watched Haikyuu and it makes me miss vball so much more I wish I could play 😭
CosmicTako Yıl önce
as someone who use to play volleyball, i was always told that your foot has to be in contact with the floor in order for it to count as a legal move. Is that true or is it different for higher level matches?
Brendon Bell
Brendon Bell 10 aylar önce
So I am a 5'7" male and am interested in playing volleyball. I'm a lineman at my high school for the football team so i do have some meat on me and good leg and arm strength. Yet, I can't jump very high exactly (I don't know my vertical but it is pretty pathetic. )If I were to join a team, would I be okay going for a position like setter or opposite? I don't know how to spike but I do know how to block and have done it once or twice in a recreational game with friends, since one of my friends knows how to spike. I like the position libero, but I want to be able to block and/or set balls. Since I'm short and have a low vert jump should I play libero anyway or is it worth doing jump-type training and getting to a point where I can play the positions such as Setter or opposite.
Natalie Nelson Lebano
Natalie Nelson Lebano 22 gün önce
Thank you for reacting! Haikyuu is literally my comfort show
rin rin
rin rin 10 aylar önce
he looks so proud when they start discussing the libero position pleasee🥺
Chase Kraemer
Chase Kraemer Yıl önce
Please have him react to a whole game next
Alice 1166
Alice 1166 Yıl önce
Well I was never really interested in Volleyball or Sport Anime but then I watched this and ... i don't think I can live without Volleyball anymore :D
Jacob Ebertowski
Jacob Ebertowski 5 aylar önce
Awesome video, makes me want to play volleyball. you are a cool dude
esfjjk fifhgi
esfjjk fifhgi 5 aylar önce
oh trust me i find haikyuu very entertaining. i’ve rewatched it 5 times LOL
Bleeding Hearts
Bleeding Hearts 11 aylar önce
Cunnik K
Cunnik K 9 aylar önce
2:02 You gotta do the rolling thunder ⛈it’s a must 😂
Matthew Dolan
Matthew Dolan 11 aylar önce
Always wished I had played volleyball when I was younger, seems fun
Year of the rat
Year of the rat 10 aylar önce
I don’t even play volleyball but I’ve learned a lot from haikyuu
Silky Johnson
Silky Johnson 7 aylar önce
Ye I played high level soccer and was the setter for my team. Saved us a lot of points with quick foot reaction just to get the ball popped up
Matt Robinson
Matt Robinson 8 aylar önce
i would watch like 5 more episodes of this guy reviewing high caliber haikyuu matches
Daniel Avalos
Daniel Avalos Yıl önce
I just binge watched this anime. No regrets. Fucking cried my ass off outta joy, I miss playing so much. And seeing others play. I remember when my sister played in high school, I’d get off work to make it to the game’s. Seeing others hard work and the rewards for it just make you feel something for the sport.
nishinxyasonigiri 10 aylar önce
I'm just as tall as Hinata and I'm often annoyed about it, but I still decided to play volleyball, because I was always able to jump high despite my size and can now jump just as high as Hinata through years of exercise. That's why I'm proud of my hobby, because it doesn't matter how big you are, you can achieve anything if you only believe in it and never give up! In my case, I have never regretted this decision ❤️❤️ Everyone who feels the same way, do your thing until you have achieved what you always wanted, do not listen to the others, because they will never get it better, be damned Do not pull down from such people again, believe me, if you fall, get up again and carry on, do it your way, look forward and not backward, learn from your mistakes ... and if it goes wrong ... Well and then next time you don't do it wrong again Believe in yourself, you can do everything, no matter whether the others see it that way or not You decide about your life and not the others .. I have done everything I did wanted to achieve so you can do it and if it only works in 3 years .. Believe in yourself and don't give up and remember: You can fight just as well!
kkcat Yıl önce
Ohhh is this an old react Erik? :o feel like I saw this before. Though not all of these. And for the wall jump I interpreted it as Hinata getting the ball FIRST then jumped off the wall. So he didn't use it to propel himself to get the ball more just a way to keep himself from smashing into the wall. Would that still be illegal?
Jeffrey Ramos
Jeffrey Ramos 10 aylar önce
Didn’t realize the high quality in technique from this anime. But this is a great anime. Been enjoying this a lot so much I’m watching Volleyball vids lol
Frazzled Fraz
Frazzled Fraz 10 aylar önce
Hahaha this is cool. Seriously still my favourite anime yet... think I’ve watch it through 5-6 times 😶
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