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12 Jul 2019

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Oliver Tree
Oliver Tree Aylar önce
That was the easiest vape off I ever won!
AkaAdrian 2 gün önce
@Carlito X ...
Cole Perrou
Cole Perrou 4 gün önce
Oliver tree u should turn that vape into a skooter
Rachel Colameco
Rachel Colameco 5 gün önce
Jacob Mullins
Jacob Mullins 5 gün önce
the crown juul
esme dunder
esme dunder 9 gün önce
oli stop caring about the views. you're being SEEN. keep on keepin' on. i adore your shit
What a nice guy Oliver is :) Those presents were awesome! The clothing with olivers head on it haha :D
i have anxiety anyways heres a cucumber duck
are we not going to talk about the back of olivers head at 1:51
Stuussy. J
Stuussy. J 3 gün önce
The only guest ive ever actually hated on h3
vrxlf 3 gün önce
guys! i think he has wig on his head! his head is too wirnkly
Brooke Scott
Brooke Scott 3 gün önce
Ethan: wh- Oliver: I don't want to get into my personal life...
Llamarino 4 gün önce
but like...... michelangelo paint the sistine chapel
Brody Paschall
Brody Paschall 4 gün önce
that T-34 at 40:08 is pretty cool.
Team2Litty 4 gün önce
Who else thinks Ethan and Hila are King and Queen of you tube?
Team2Litty 4 gün önce
The first vid from Ethan and Hila i ever watched was them vaping with those huge vape and was like 20 min long sense then i have had the privilege to binge watch every minute of content and the last video was this one so i came full circle..
spasm oligarch
spasm oligarch 4 gün önce
Sociopathic vibes from this Oliver Tree guy.
Lamilton Taeshawn
Lamilton Taeshawn 5 gün önce
This dude is unique as fuck and his music is actually incredible
Shifttube 5 gün önce
yo the h3h3 studeo is hunted dude vape got pushed over by a ghost
Anomalocaria 5 gün önce
this dude is an absolute douche lol. his music is dope tho.
Evan Giovonti
Evan Giovonti 5 gün önce
William Osman needs to make Oliver a hat.
thicc human being
thicc human being 7 gün önce
1:15:32 is that a frickjerry shirt
Tommy McCall
Tommy McCall 7 gün önce
How can someone dislike this
James LeGacy
James LeGacy 7 gün önce
The Godfather should be Idubbbz
gatordontplay417 7 gün önce
@Oliver Tree thanks for all the awesome music.
Intron Intron
Intron Intron 8 gün önce
Not knowing who he was, I clicked on this video because I thought he was Ethan as another character... so even though I'm shocked, It's still hard to believe it's not Ethan
Joseph Wilson
Joseph Wilson 8 gün önce
47:10 what kinda tit milk is leaking out of his ear I DO NOT UNDERSTAND...
Conor Bullerman
Conor Bullerman 8 gün önce
They actually start talking about his life at 22:58
Pituzer 8 gün önce
I like this guy’s music, but honestly I thought he was a bit unbearable during this podcast and I’m surprised not more people are talking about it. I know a lot of his “disrespect” comments were jokes, but honestly he seemed a bit disrespectful himself (like too full of himself, playing the boss)
soyishboy 9 gün önce
post malone should be theodore's godfather tho :'(
Abstracted 9 gün önce
his neck is extremely wrinkly i’d just like to say that
Carlo Nicolis di robilant
Sugar water sure hahaha
Carlo Nicolis di robilant
Did the vaping intern really say sorry sir to ethan?
SPAZOID21 11 gün önce
william osmen beanie rip
Hayden Coulson
Hayden Coulson 11 gün önce
Oliver is the type of dude to break your shit and get mad at you for it
Glummy Bear
Glummy Bear 11 gün önce
Jen Mac
Jen Mac 11 gün önce
I’m starting to think that Oliver tree isn’t a character..... it’s a kid with A LOT of brain damage
K D 13 gün önce
I don't know who this guy is but he is wicked tied in to pop culture in like a super smart 4th wall breaking way.
ratttrash 13 gün önce
Patrick Coronado
Patrick Coronado 13 gün önce
Does any one see the comments as a community ?\/?,'-,;:#
Loretta 253
Loretta 253 13 gün önce
I dont know if he is joking or not about this being his last tour cause he is gonna be in my city next week and Im flat broke
No Filter A Nintendo Podcast
The back of his neck freaks me out. But man this guy is talented
No Filter A Nintendo Podcast
@Mouldy Banana unfortunate but makes tons of sense
Mouldy Banana
Mouldy Banana 13 gün önce
It's a bald cap.
XūEūNūTūOūX 14 gün önce
lol so what's his real hair?
Allison -
Allison - 13 gün önce
Another bowl cut
XūEūNūTūOūX 14 gün önce
damn oliver tree had a gf, WHO SHE?
XūEūNūTūOūX 14 gün önce
oliver tree needs 1b views on a music video. LETS MAKE IT HAPPEN BOYS
XūEūNūTūOūX 14 gün önce
the vape shit was disappointing , not gonna lie
jimmy Rivers
jimmy Rivers 15 gün önce
Those clouds are WEAK
dipset22554 15 gün önce
So is he wearing a cap? Or does he have a wrinkly burnt ass head?
J.C. Taylor
J.C. Taylor 15 gün önce
I love this chaos
obesekid69 15 gün önce
idk why i just despise oliver, hes just trying way too hard to be quirky
Dynamic Gamer
Dynamic Gamer 15 gün önce
8:53 kinda looks like a bald cap
Eduardo H
Eduardo H 15 gün önce
Oliver tree looks like Gru and Vector from despicable me
Drugedoutsmurph 15 gün önce
I wanna see a Cole Bennet directed video video lyrical lemonade 🍋
Drugedoutsmurph 15 gün önce
Demonetized? Kuz that’s BullShit Or just claimed by umg 😂😂
Jojo Joester
Jojo Joester 15 gün önce
Video gets demonetized because they play the song of the person in the video... lmao.
Joshua Jones
Joshua Jones 16 gün önce
i love how not one single person notice he haves foreskin in the back of his head to neck
Matthew Duncan
Matthew Duncan 8 gün önce
People notice, they’re just smart enough to also notice it’s a bald cap
Holtzapple Dalton
Holtzapple Dalton 16 gün önce
What kind of hair does Oliver have underneath that wig, that's the real question
Deborah Goddard
Deborah Goddard 14 gün önce
Another bowl cut, of course
Holtzapple Dalton
Holtzapple Dalton 16 gün önce
I have a feeling Oliver is a really good guy in real life
CJS Graphics
CJS Graphics 16 gün önce
51:22 Ethan: "Dude you really are breaking our shit, that was a gift from somebody that means a lot to me" 56:32 Ethan: "Yeah, it's already broken, I'm gonna throw it out after you leave anyway" Damn.
Josh Jimenez
Josh Jimenez 16 gün önce
The back of Oliver tree’s head looks like a plastic bag
Cauliy 16 gün önce
I want that photo that's so bad ass
Dennis Peppard
Dennis Peppard 16 gün önce
1:09 what’s with the back of his head?
Tuna Can
Tuna Can 13 gün önce
_________________ 16 gün önce
What is that Jewish foreskin on the back of Oliver trees head
Tuna Can
Tuna Can 13 gün önce
Gavin W
Gavin W 17 gün önce
1:13:05 proves that they are related
a no body
a no body 17 gün önce
Imagine what he would look like without a bowl cut
Carmen Sandiego
Carmen Sandiego 17 gün önce
I felt so uncomfortable watching this
WBS 18 gün önce
He seems slightly adhd
TYBO 18 gün önce
Are we not gonna talk about how Oliver said Leonardo Da Vinci painted the Sistine Chapel when it was Michelangelo lol
jarred triesler
jarred triesler 18 gün önce
TRvid! Get your head out of your butts and take off the age restriction on the Vape God Oliver Tree.
10500042 18 gün önce
This is what happens when you get two vape gods in the same room. Vapes busting errywhere
David Esfandiary
David Esfandiary 18 gün önce
52:59 To be *frank* Hehehe
Lam 19 gün önce
Ma Mai
Ma Mai 19 gün önce
jay miller
jay miller 19 gün önce
This is pathetic..
Oli C.
Oli C. 14 gün önce
jay miller good talk
jay miller
jay miller 15 gün önce
@Oli C. ya
Oli C.
Oli C. 15 gün önce
jay miller why
Jon Mance
Jon Mance 20 gün önce
I know im late to this but, this video made me look up Oliver Tree. I thought Oliver was a meme and a joke but after watching this i checked him out and love the music. Oliver you have a new fan keep it up man.
L L 20 gün önce
All the people who don't know oliver tree and his intensely confusing sarcasm are shaking rn
OhighO Skater
OhighO Skater 20 gün önce
I love it. I had to come watch this episode again
hmm ok
hmm ok 20 gün önce
Lil Dicky x Oliver Tree
maN_Boog 20 gün önce
Lmao, “Whats The Name Of Your Sister??”
maN_Boog 20 gün önce
Oliver Before The Nose Job
Karlene Sumner
Karlene Sumner 20 gün önce
River Cafe, breakfast burrito. YA GONNA LOVE IT
o k
o k 21 gün önce
Am I the only one who teally enjoys Oliver's voice, idk it's like the perfect cartoon network voice if y'all know what I mean
Arhum Miah
Arhum Miah Gün önce
@HI GAMES I was at 26:50 when I read that and he said that wtf
HI GAMES 14 gün önce
o k straight up!!!!
Joe Perez
Joe Perez 21 gün önce
Heard you say TRvid is fucking you and shared your song rq!!
Love Bumps
Love Bumps 21 gün önce
I found Oliver Tree yesterday and I'm in love. His music is amazing
DannyTK0 21 gün önce
you know Ethan has a lot to say when he says the last few words with his last BREA-TH!
Hi_ ImLost
Hi_ ImLost 21 gün önce
😆 when you see the wrinkles from Oliver trees bald cap
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