Old, Injured QBs Take Over a Haunted House | Gridiron Heights 2020 Halloween Special

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It’s a haunted house full of old, injured QBs. Watch a new two-minute Gridiron Heights Halloween special.

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26 Eki 2020




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Nathan Simmons
Nathan Simmons Yıl önce
Dak: "Don't worry, the cowboys will take me back" Foles: "Yeah, but do you even want to go back?" Dak: "Wow, I never thought of it like that." Hurts to hear, especially when it is the truth :'(
Nathan Simmons
Nathan Simmons Aylar önce
@Casual Cow tbh pretty happy to be so wrong
Casual Cow
Casual Cow Aylar önce
Tyler Ray
Tyler Ray 3 aylar önce
@kabob21 Whoa bro u seem like the hater here. I watch the games. He constantly throws behind guys and at their feet or over their head. Yeah hes having a great season. He can throw the long ball and he has a solid oline and run game. Most qbs are gonna be successful with all that plus one of the best wr corps in the league. Believe me cooper and lamb catch passes more wrs would drop. And I literally said he hits one 1 or 2 out of 10 times so no shit he hits one from time to time but actually start paying attention to those and youll see he sucks at them. Also watch his ball placement and youll see its not great. Hes a good qb but is a qb better than the parts around him? Not at all. Hes no Brady, Maholmes, Wilson or Rogers. Hes that next tier of guy and thats fine. We can win a superbowl with that now that we have a halfway decent defense. Without one it was never going to happen.
kabob21 3 aylar önce
@Tyler Ray He literally just threw one of those over the shoulder TD passes against Carolina you weirdo.
kabob21 3 aylar önce
@Tyler Ray Tyler, you seem to only watch games w hater glasses on. He’s currently 3rd in TD passes w the 2nd highest completion % and yds/attempt. How is that achievable w poor touch?
Rydawg 26
Rydawg 26 Yıl önce
Chase Claypool is the one gridiron heights character I didn’t know I needed
PR 10 aylar önce
@EndermanOuch i agree with u he is not the best wr. He is a pretty good wr that can get flags grab almost anything and has really good route running with an addition of a tall height. He can be a star in the future ball security is a problem tho.
EndermanOuch Yıl önce
@Boygump hes not the best wr of all time bro he hasnt even been in the nfl for a year 😂😂😂 what do i have to take back?
Boygump Yıl önce
@EndermanOuch might wanna take that back now
Alex Hernandez
Alex Hernandez Yıl önce
@EndermanOuch Im a steelers fan and i know hes not the best. However, he is having a phenomenal rookie season and he has potential to be very special
@The Hawaiian Hawk 33 Sorry Aboot Yaur poor American health care there Ryan
Kyle White
Kyle White Yıl önce
I love how Peyton says "I created Adam Gase" in both a ghostly voice and the Nationwide jingle at the same time!
Lax3C Yıl önce
@TehKaiser I’m talking about for this show
TehKaiser Yıl önce
@Lax3C He never stopped doing the ads. Actually, one should question how much of those premiums collected go into Manning's pockets.....
Lax3C Yıl önce
I love how that’s become part of his character
Jason Brown
Jason Brown Yıl önce
Damn I didnt even notice the jingle lol
Ryan Fitzke
Ryan Fitzke Yıl önce
“Yo, it wasn't me. The Broncos don’t play lights out.” - Drew, who didn’t know to Lock the door
Yeet Yeeter
Yeet Yeeter Yıl önce
Ouch. -From another Broncos fan
Lax3C Yıl önce
Drew Lock the door
Shravan Sundar
Shravan Sundar Yıl önce
@Bass_fishing_fuels That's what I say everyday
BdawgRise Yıl önce
As a Broncos fan, ouchhhhhhh
Ryan Fitzke
Ryan Fitzke Yıl önce
@Alexander Flicker Yes
Eli Fangiullo
Eli Fangiullo Yıl önce
Who else was disappointed that there wasn't anything in this episode about Daniel Jones tripping and falling
Derrick Ford
Derrick Ford 8 aylar önce
Yall didnt see the Ghost of Carson Palmer at the beginning?
Something useless
@Jason Allen at the end of it, yeah
TehKaiser Yıl önce
@Money Mike Productions Eli's SB wins is the real book of Eli.
MR2guy427 Yıl önce
it'll probably be in next week, it took em a while to comment on dak lol
Money Mike Productions
Bucs play the Giants this week so it was perfect timing to have Daniel run and trip over nothing, then look up to see a ghost of Eli Manning asking DJ if he wants advice on how to beat Brady.
TommyDaMarshMan - Brawl Stars
Ghost Peyton Manning: I CREATED ADAM GASE... Rip New York Football fans.
Avi Bear
Avi Bear 4 aylar önce
:( I’m a Jets fan
Angelthebagel777 7 aylar önce
You can't call Tua bad yet. Yea he didn't play great but hes a rookie. If he doesn't do well next year however, it will be a different story.
Carnage Yıl önce
@Big Bicep Bill Because in 2011 he missed the entire season due to a neck injury and then returned with the Broncos and had a pretty damn good season, which is why they say the QBs that live there were, "left for dead".
TJ Chamberlain
TJ Chamberlain Yıl önce
Now he’s gone
Family Neunuebel
Family Neunuebel Yıl önce
Elijah Patterson
Elijah Patterson Yıl önce
"Drew, lock the door!" "What about the door?" Clever. But how come Claypool doesn't have a rookie little kid voice? I guess it's just the QBs.
Big Soulja
Big Soulja Yıl önce
@Kibamcplayer He had a high pitch New York accent
Kibamcplayer Yıl önce
@Nicholas THE OTHER Josh Allen
Kibamcplayer Yıl önce
@Panther Wesley but he now has a normal voice
Kibamcplayer Yıl önce
Nick bosa had a rookie baby voice
Nicholas Yıl önce
@Gary The Driver Wait, I thought Josh Allen had a kid voice in the episode with Eli babysitting them?
Rayaan 2K
Rayaan 2K Yıl önce
Chargers motto: Things are bad now but the future looks ok
E A Yıl önce
As a lifelong Charger fan, this is true
Card Man
Card Man Yıl önce
F You Spanos!
Lucas Mauk
Lucas Mauk Yıl önce
“I Created Adam Gase”- Peyton Manning’s ghost 2020
Noah _that_bills_fan
@Joe Kaput he was the offensive coordinator on the 2013 Broncos with the best offense ever but Manning carried Gase to the record
Joe Kaput
Joe Kaput Yıl önce
Now, did he create Adam Gase just to get rid of him? Or because he actually likes him?
Saving Souls Ministries
I CRe-Ated Ad-Um Gaseeeee
Pranav Sannaasi
Pranav Sannaasi Yıl önce
Kyle White
Kyle White Yıl önce
He also said it to the tune of "Nationwide is on your side"
Bill C.
Bill C. Yıl önce
I think it's time to call the Ghost Quarterback Busters. I'm ain't afraid of no Tannehill. Members of the QB Busters crew could be Aaron Donald, Myles Garrett, Brandon Graham, and Za'Darius Smith.
Matthew Hadley
Matthew Hadley Yıl önce
@Clay Warson wrong
Caleb Roe
Caleb Roe Yıl önce
@Clay Warson mack is also better than smith
Bastard Gengar
Bastard Gengar Yıl önce
As long as Myles Garret holds a helmet as a weapon 😂
Boltup 1904
Boltup 1904 Yıl önce
Joey "the bear" Bosa
cheapchainz Yıl önce
@Scruff D0g and the Bosas
hof. hunger
hof. hunger Yıl önce
“When am I gonna get the respect I deser-“ Thank you Gridiron Heights makers.
Ozmosis Yıl önce
@SwiftExecution Not about hating your organizations. Just holding the team accountable. These r the same ppl that were nowhere to b found when they lost to a saints with a bunch of injuries. U want to be considered a conteder then consistently beat good/ elite teams as well. Lot of people have no standards when it comes to this team. Ownership probably sees fans losing their mind over beating the falcons and will post a hype video just to suck u back in. Still stuck with a fraud gm and coach. Plus we all know ownership sucks but that won't change so ppl need to stop whining about that. They make too much profit off of fans with no standards.
SwiftExecution Yıl önce
@Ozmosis Stafford Apologists* its a very important distinction as a majority of us around detroit hate our org and don't apologize for our team. Bad Ownership and coaching are a staple here
Teddy Roosevelt’s reanimated corpse
@Alec Romero thank you
hof. hunger
hof. hunger Yıl önce
@Alec Romero thank you
M K Yıl önce
When Detroit actually gets a team around you Matthew. I’m so sorry
STH Yıl önce
"Woah we're still undefeated, how weird is that?" As a Steeler fan... very, Minkah. Very.
Ghosttoast Yıl önce
@STH not anymore
anonymous white circle
@rainman88 he saved the game against the ravens and it may have taken him a while to kick back into things but he’s been looking pretty good the past few game
STH Yıl önce
@ARR0WMANC3R you were saying...
ARR0WMANC3R Yıl önce
Just wait till Sunday
trfsintheta Yıl önce
Flubbed hard on the AJ Brown catch and run for a TD ... I love Minkah, but it’s the front seven getting it done this year for sure; corners have been playing tight for the most part as well, leading to easy PBUs. Ravens game is gonna be a huge test regarding their ability to adjust mid-game - let’s hope Butler and Tomlin have something cooking for Lamar like last year.
KouGatJam Yıl önce
“Im not like you guys, the Cowboys are gonna take me back!” “Yeah but do you want to go back?” “Woah I never thought about it like that” 😂
Eric Yıl önce
@Puck Quake Yeah I bet it's not going to make sense and he's going to be called an idiot
CH73 Yıl önce
That part killed me. I love Dak and I’m a cowboys fan but damn we don’t deserve him.
Low Tier Trash
Low Tier Trash Yıl önce
That joke can sadily be interpreted in another way. Please don't cancel me if you know what I mean.
Torrey T
Torrey T Yıl önce
The cowboys are going to sign dak
Nicholas Damiani
Nicholas Damiani Yıl önce
Foles: "Yeah but do you WANT to go back?" Dak: "Oh yeah, never thought about that..."
Rodney Sowels
Rodney Sowels 5 aylar önce
@TehKaiser Redskin or whatever y’all called now fans should definitely not want DaK signed he been dominating your team since he been in the league
Jerry Mejias
Jerry Mejias Yıl önce
@ADKenkel the problem is that Dak wants too much money
TehKaiser Yıl önce
@ADKenkel No, Prescott did himself in because they went 8-8 and lost quite a few meaningful games in which the O didn't show. As a Redskins(so-called football team) fan, I was wanting Jerry to "take care" of Dak like he stupidly did to everyone else before to handcuff the Cowboys with an higher-level but not elite QB.
Steveatron3000 Yıl önce
Oh hey, it's Nick
Alex K
Alex K Yıl önce
I get frustrated every time I see this guy in a comment section or in my recommended
Garrett Simpson
Garrett Simpson Yıl önce
I like how all the rookies have the baby voices, but Chase Claypool is just a Canadian accent
Jean Pierre
Jean Pierre Yıl önce
It's typically only the rookie qbs who have baby voices
Lax3C Yıl önce
I don’t know that I like the way he looks in this tho
Albert9202 Yıl önce
0:35 lol Todd Gurley on the leaves😂
Coins are cool
Coins are cool 8 aylar önce
It genuinely hurts being a Todd Gurley fan :/
i was looking for this
Mark Anderson
Mark Anderson Yıl önce
Houston Sanderfield
Lol and look who is racking the leaves?
julian gomez
julian gomez Yıl önce
It just looks like he's dead
Rohan Kunchala
Rohan Kunchala Yıl önce
They need to make a ten minute episode about the terror of Adam Gase, his origin story, and how the leauge is trying to stop him
Orion Foresee
Orion Foresee Yıl önce
"I'm sorry in advance. Turns out, I'm good now." - Ryan Tannehill
Ian Campbell
Ian Campbell 11 aylar önce
It’s because he was with a team that did not waste talent
Kable Prime117
Kable Prime117 Yıl önce
Bro i love tannehills and Minkahs detriment of adam gase 😂
David Orduno
David Orduno Yıl önce
@J Wex 97 now my Jets are dealing with it lmao
Skyler Ward
Skyler Ward Yıl önce
@Kable Prime117 I think they're better than KC. Mahomes is great don't get me wrong, but once Andy Reid goes and that contract kicks in, I don't see them being able to pay for his weapons or o-line
Kable Prime117
Kable Prime117 Yıl önce
Im just glad minkahs in Pittsburgh. Im glad we have gotten lucky enough to have the schedule we have. I wont say they're the best team in the NFL until they've showed something no one absolutely expects. Whatever that may be
J Wex 97
J Wex 97 Yıl önce
As a Dolphins fan that 2018 clip gave me chills being reminded of dark times during that season.... Started the year 3-0 then finished 4-9 after that, and should’ve been 3-10 if it wasn’t for “The Miami Miracle” Ah great times under Adam Gase! 🙃
Skyler Ward
Skyler Ward Yıl önce
I am a Dolphins fan and I approve this message
Martin M
Martin M Yıl önce
I'm still waiting on all the Zac Taylor merch that you guys promised us last year during the Mandalorian episode
Elite_Codedogg05 3 aylar önce
The zack Taylor video game is gonna take longer than GTA VI at this point
Raishaun Tanner
Raishaun Tanner Yıl önce
@ClutterLR return of the Zac yall
Lax3C Yıl önce
Another classic Zach Taylor situation
ClutterLR Yıl önce
Zac attack, yall
Raishaun Tanner
Raishaun Tanner Yıl önce
I’m totally copping a plushie
Nathaniel Robinson
"Teamy wants you to subscribe" "But Teamy also wants---a hug" "Just because we be team monster, doesn't mean we be monster monster" "Rah, must eat to survive!"
Dr Phot
Dr Phot Yıl önce
Yeah man you hate to see it
Nitro Mixer
Nitro Mixer Yıl önce
Matthew Stafford: So you see...(sees them leaving) God dammit! When am I gonna get the respect I- lmao poor stafford. at least the lions are 3-3
MaddenGamer 1256
MaddenGamer 1256 Yıl önce
@Ozmosis I know but qbs like Him are still good but there’s just a lot less of them that are good in the league but they can still succeed but they do need a good team around them to win
Ozmosis Yıl önce
@MaddenGamer 1256 I don't hate him. Ppl get super emotional when someone criticizes him. That's what kind of frustrates me. Plus the game is moving away from qbs like stafford. Unless u have a very good roster u need a mahomes or wilson and mayb a couple others to win superbowls.
Charlie Barnett
Charlie Barnett Yıl önce
@Bully Maguire . Looks like you’re prediction was right. 3-4.
D Owen
D Owen Yıl önce
Calvin johnson in the casket had me fucking dead after gurley in the leaves lol
Maac Petzol
Maac Petzol Yıl önce
@MaddenGamer 1256 facts im a broncos fan but I love watching the lions play because Stafford is super underrated. If he had better coaching than that mouth breather Patricia and a healthy team, they would be a force to be reckoned with.
Johnny Eckel
Johnny Eckel Yıl önce
"Drew Lock the door!" "What about the door?" ROFL
streetstricker Yıl önce
Todd Gurley lying in the leaves. I’m dead😂. My boy Stafford with another miraculous comeback!
jimjohn Yıl önce
Every time a gridiron heights video gets posted I get way to happy
mike carter
mike carter Yıl önce
Todd Gurley lying on the ground dead had me right away. Atlanta always finds new ways to lose. Too funny 😅
Carter Pewterschmidt
I highly recommend watching Hill House on Netflix, especially with Halloween around the corner. This is a great homage, as they do every episode.
Dale Dan-Irabor
Dale Dan-Irabor Yıl önce
It’s amazing how the NFL storylines actually line up well with the show (both shows actually) lol
Encorkiller Yıl önce
i can genuinely say this my favorite thing EVER. like this is the content i live for. lol. this is amazing
Nathan Searcey
Nathan Searcey Yıl önce
Next episode: Trevor Lawrence is the Bachelor being pursued by the Jets, Cowboys, Patriots, etc.
Snowcat89 Yıl önce
As a lifelong Titans fan, thanks for this video. Glad to see Tannehill getting more recognition, even if we did lose to the Steelers. Awesome video!
EvaIowaNavyFan Yıl önce
This might be the best episode of this entire show ever. Well done B/R
IronyAmI Yıl önce
The worst injury is Atlanta’s pride Actually that’s more like a fatality
julian gomez
julian gomez Yıl önce
@TehKaiser and every team is the main villain so they can't win
TehKaiser Yıl önce
Atlanta is the team version of Vegeta..... The Super Bowl loss is the equivalent of Vegeta taking too long and thus allowing Golden Freiza to blow the planet up. Then there needs to be a rewind and Goku kills Freiza on time.
Nathan Stallfus
Nathan Stallfus Yıl önce
Naw we tanking for Trevor
julian gomez
julian gomez Yıl önce
Thaddius James
Thaddius James Yıl önce
I didn't know you watched Gridiron Heights, Irony.
Tom Chorlton
Tom Chorlton Yıl önce
I can't express how happy I am to see this up here.
Andrew Palmer
Andrew Palmer Yıl önce
Love the Halloween specials
Lucas R
Lucas R Yıl önce
Players in the video (W/o obvious ones to save me time): 0:04 - Mark Ingram and Marcus Peters (Carson Palmer Ghost) 0:19 - Justin Tucker crying 0:32 - Justin Herbert, Drew Lock, Minkah Fitz, Josh Jacobs, and Chase Claypool 0:35 - Matt stafford and todd gurley 1:11 - Andrew Luck 1:16 - RGIII 1:21 - Teddy Bridgewater and Forgettable #1 pick (Sam Bradford) 1:30 - Tony Romo and Cam Newton 1:36 - Dak and Big Dick Nick 1:52 - Adam Gase
Lucas R
Lucas R Yıl önce
@Andrew Arnold that’s chad Pennington
Andrew Arnold
Andrew Arnold Yıl önce
Also peek the extra hands on Herberts beer
Andrew Arnold
Andrew Arnold Yıl önce
At 0:33 there’s another ghost in the window behind Lock...Darnold? Hard to see the number.
Lucas R
Lucas R Yıl önce
@fishete they said his name so I left it out same with lamar and peyton manning
fishete Yıl önce
You forgot Tyrod taylor
I'm Just Here So I Won't Get Fined
That minkah and tannehill ending has me in tears 😭
Muhammad Barokah
Muhammad Barokah Yıl önce
The only regret in Peyton’s life : He introduces us to offensive “master” of Adam Gase
SHMOUSEY86 Yıl önce
As a Steelers fan I’m glad to see Chase and Minkah make their way to the Heights
Overpowered Yıl önce
I watched this on the website, this video was really funny! Keep it up!!
Nate The Great
Nate The Great Yıl önce
Now we were talking this was a good one. Great job!😁
Hadrian Rock
Hadrian Rock Yıl önce
I love how they made a Justin Herbert character already 😂
Dylan Low
Dylan Low Yıl önce
As a Canadian who loves watching Claypool play, as bronco fan who idolized Peyton Manning growing up and likes Drew lock now, as an Oregon duck fan who’s favourite all time college qb is Justin Herbert, I feel attacked in so many ways
Modern Day Wyatt Earp
“God damnit! When am I going to get the respect I de...” Poor Matt Stafford! Players don’t listen to him, and the creators cut him off.
BE C Yıl önce
"It's a trap game." Now that's scary.
Martin911 Yıl önce
as a packer fan, Matt Stafford really truly is under rated. Watch his highlights, his come backs, his ability to throw a touchdown while being injured.
dunny44able Yıl önce
Gurley lying on the leaves is hilarious 🤣
Pat Gallagher
Pat Gallagher Yıl önce
Y’all notice Andrew luck in the corner with a plate of cookie?
phanthomboy Yıl önce
Miss the guy):
Lax3C Yıl önce
That’s okay
Chicken Nuggies
Chicken Nuggies Yıl önce
@ThumbsUp Thanks😂
ThumbsUp Yıl önce
Chicken Nuggies
Chicken Nuggies Yıl önce
Time stamp
I demand more Teamie the Team-Monster in Gridiron Heights!
Jacob Martin
Jacob Martin Yıl önce
“When am I gonna get the respect I deser-“ Thank you Gridiron Heights makers.
David Brooks
David Brooks Yıl önce
This one’s goin’ to have Ravens fans all in their feelings, for sure! 🤭😆😂🤣😆
King Jet
King Jet Yıl önce
I’ve been waiting for this special
Brooks Davis
Brooks Davis Yıl önce
We’ve all been
King beast 3421
King beast 3421 Yıl önce
Me too
Slug Weasel
Slug Weasel Yıl önce
I always love the Halloween speacails
Ayeisha Moses
Ayeisha Moses Yıl önce
Justin Herbert with the baby voice cause he's a rook🤣
Azael Discua
Azael Discua Yıl önce
Let’s goooo! Drew Lock finally in a gridiron heights video🤣
Maria Teresa Brito Perez
If this series ever ends I will be 💔 Ps: why do only rookie qb have the baby voices? 🤔 2 ps: I can't wait to hear trevor , fields and Lance rookie voices
ashkechum101 Yıl önce
All the hidden QB ghosts in this is amazing
B1ackout1 Yıl önce
The drew lock the door part had me dead 💀
@ 0:37 Todd Gurley in the leaf pile 🤣
Hey_Its_Kev 11 aylar önce
“When am I gonna get the respect I deserve” don’t worry Matt LA will give the respect.....hopefully.....
As a lions fan I love that stafford got screen time in the first place
CaidenTube Yıl önce
best episode in series history in my opinion this season is awesome
Jason Masters
Jason Masters Yıl önce
My man tannehill getting his respect.....happy to see him Succeeding. From Miami with love
ThatMarinerFan Yıl önce
I love the part when Andrew luck is just standing still as a ghost with cookies
Ryan Jameson
Ryan Jameson Yıl önce
1:11 after watching this 10 times, I finally noticed Andrew Luck in the corner of the room lol
Ryan Branigan
Ryan Branigan Yıl önce
Gurley in his fail fall pose in the background @ 0:39 killed me
Spencer Hagen
Spencer Hagen Yıl önce
While he might not have been great with us(Vikings), I hope Teddy gets himself a ring someday
Eyo Kefela1
Eyo Kefela1 Yıl önce
Andrew Luck was there for a split second with a plate of cookies when Drew lock couldn't lock the door 🤣 Also Tony Romo was infront of josh jacobs during the mirror part
Penny Omega
Penny Omega Yıl önce
I’m so proud😭 Josh Jacobs made it on an episode
Rob Yıl önce
Shout out to Claypool. He has now officially made it big time eh!?!
Jerry Chacko
Jerry Chacko Yıl önce
Todd Gurley in a pile of leaves got me rolling LMAOOO
Emma Bonn
Emma Bonn Yıl önce
Good to see Josh Jacobs getting some spotlight
Jonathan Chiriboga
Lamar: "Oh, Mahomes retired to play baseball? I'm just getting focused on winning my 20th ring." Marcus Peters: "LAMAR! We have to go! We are being eliminated by RYAN TANNEHILL-" Edit: Also by Derrick Henry 😁
Joshua Nomura
Joshua Nomura Yıl önce
I thought Chase Claypool would have the same rookie voice that Justin Herbert has.
Emmanuel Enitan
Emmanuel Enitan Yıl önce
@artfire28 nick bosa had the voice las5 year it goes for some rookies
artfire28 Yıl önce
@KlassicLoL It didn't sound a toddler enough. Sounded like a pre-pubescent jock.
KlassicLoL Yıl önce
I don’t think it’s just a rookie qb thing cause Nick Bosa had a high voice
artfire28 Yıl önce
Only rookie QBs
Justin Pettit
Justin Pettit Yıl önce
I think it's just a rookie QB thing. Not rookies in general.
theoverlord Yıl önce
0:04 Carson Palmer 0:17 The Gus Bus refers to Gus Edwards 0:24 Tannehill house, Justice Hill House, Tayson Hill House, Joey Slye Manor 0:33 Justin Herbert Carrying PPR referring to PPR scoring in fantasy, and Chad Pennington in window 0:35 Todd Gurley trying to stop himself from scoring 0:42 Calvin Johnson retiring and a note from the Lions saying he owes them money, and Peyton Mannings neck is messed up as a reference to his neck injury history, and his historic offense created Adam Gases career 0:50 Matthew Stafford is very underrated 0:52 Maurkice Pouncey on a lamp in the top right and 4 qbs that kept getting hurt 0:59 dont move these chains because the steelers d is so good i think 1:10 Forrest Lamp on a lamp and claypool joking about american healthcare due to him being canadian 1:10 AGAIN andrew luck in corner with cookies on a tray 1:16 RG3 in the background 1:18 Injured Reserve, PUP snacks because of the Physically unable to perform list, ben dinucci because of andy daltons injury, and Box to put foles in because of him constantly getting hurt 1:20 Sam bradford 1:24 tyrod taylor getting whatever he wants so he doesnt sue the Chargers 1:27 chucky john gruden baby in corner, Giovani bernard yougi board, Damien williams in a box, and a falcons tape that says dont watch, with the ring. Locked chest says madden covers dont open. 1:28 TONY ROMO 1:31 cam only beat the raiders and dolphins 1:50 gase reading a newspaper that says hue jackson job security safe after tie, He was fired a few weeks later Any more easter eggs tell me
Adam Mac
Adam Mac Yıl önce
Are you sure @ 1:27 that isn't Le'veon Bell? He took over #26 when he joined the Chiefs. Romo also has a crystal ball in his hand because he predicts plays before they happen lol
Wayne Mingin
Wayne Mingin Yıl önce
Falcons tape: It says "The Ring" on the top and the side strip says, "Falcons Must Not Watch" Also, the locked chest in this shot has a note that says "Madden covers, do not open"
Bully Danny
Bully Danny Yıl önce
John Gruden’s nick name is chucky that’s why he’s small like the killer doll (Halloween reference)
J S Yıl önce
You da real mvp
PT Talks
PT Talks Yıl önce
@theoneand only Has to be Pennington
englenn806 Yıl önce
Carson Palmer Chad Pennington Tony Romo Andrew Luck Sam Bradford Peyton Manning Ryan Tannehill RG3 Teddy Bridgewater Tyrod Taylor Cam Newton Nick Foles Dak Prescott were all on this episode
TheOmiester Yıl önce
I loved the Gueley in the background when he accidentally scored the TD lol
JNY42 Yıl önce
Anyone notice Todd Gurley behind Stafford. Well done Bleacher Report u made me laugh my ass off (Though I do wanna see Daniel Jones tripping)
Hunter Livie
Hunter Livie Yıl önce
I really hope we see some more Drew Lock! 😂😂 "Drew, Lock the door!" "What about the door?"
SWaT_Director Yıl önce
It was awesome to voice baby justin herbert! Hopefully I get to voice him some more!!
freddy and foxy
freddy and foxy Yıl önce
I love Gridiron Heights so much
The Industry
The Industry Yıl önce
That minkah and tannehill moment lowkey hurt 😂
Ms Sandy
Ms Sandy Yıl önce
My two favorite quarterbacks, Lamar and Teddy!
Jordan Hendricks
Jordan Hendricks Yıl önce
They need to have chase claypool in more episodes
Real Tawk
Real Tawk Yıl önce
1:27 that Jon Gruden Chucky doll got me there for a sec lmao
Baron of Z-Land
Baron of Z-Land Yıl önce
"For some reason, you're the only one here I can beat."
John Sterritt
John Sterritt Yıl önce
As a sad pats fan.... yup
ItsLooigi Yıl önce
Undefeated nice to meet you! Go Steelers!
Noah Hill
Noah Hill Yıl önce
Gurley laying down is amazing
Lee Gonzales
Lee Gonzales Yıl önce
As a dolphins fan the ending was hilarious
Kyle Patrick Hall
Oh snap an over 2 min video we're in for a treat
Hip to the whole scene
The haunting on Tanahill house, the Tanahill horror, I could continue.
Tim Yetishefsky
Tim Yetishefsky Yıl önce
Every episode is comedy gold. so many hidden gems
jdubb45 Yıl önce
These artists are ON POINT with these character designs!
chanel henderson
chanel henderson Yıl önce
Yes!!! Stafford facts!!! Sick of the disrespect too boo!!! #9 is MY QB!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤
chanel henderson
chanel henderson Yıl önce
@QUIENSOY first youre obviously not a Lions fan so keep my team name out your mouth. Yes our franchise has sucked but right now we are far from sucking. You act like we the Jets
Well lions suck bad, but your qb, Jesus, I do not know how He can handle it, AND HE WINS, Stafford is very talented
chanel henderson
chanel henderson Yıl önce
@Lax3C lions didn't waste anything. Matt could've requested a trade by now it's been 11 years. Lions had issues way before Stafford got three he loves Detroit
Lax3C Yıl önce
#1 overall and the lions wasted his career
chanel henderson
chanel henderson Yıl önce
@Justin Pettit god bless you sir 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
Sharple Yıl önce
this can't be too spooky... Peyton: I created Adam Gase AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
zFlash_24 Yıl önce
As a Cowboys fan, that Dak and Foles exchange gave me anxiety
Vucko Yıl önce
As a Canadian Claypool is now my favourite character on this show.
Cl1nical-Depression yt
Steelers: we’re still undefeated Also Steelers: Looses to the browns in the wildcard
Will Smoove
Will Smoove Yıl önce
Lmao @ Todd Gurley laying down in the leaves that was a tough loss
Jeremy Cox
Jeremy Cox Yıl önce
These videos keep getting better and better
The Champions: Season 4, Episode 2
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