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6 Şub 2023




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Molly Burke
Molly Burke 4 aylar önce
I know my opinion doesn't matter, but as someone who has known you guys for years and recently filmed a video with you... I am so proud of you. You truly all have handled this with such professionalism, respect, and dignity. From your honesty, to the heartfelt nature you've shared this with... you are amazing. Well done in the face of this horrible situation.
EN-gene 4 aylar önce
@Senja S obviously you know how to type with your eyes closed your hands by now have naturally memorized the keyboard layout
Jade Anglin
Jade Anglin 4 aylar önce
You're one of my favorite people I follow! 💖🐝 I'm glad you had the same impression as me. Also it's really nice to know that you share a sphere of interest with me.
Marie E.
Marie E. 4 aylar önce
You're so kind.
jules oxana
jules oxana 4 aylar önce
Of course your opinion matters molly❤️
Finny C.
Finny C. 4 aylar önce
Girl, I cant even. The fact that you watched their pod. 😭❤️
Rocky Maxwell
Rocky Maxwell 3 aylar önce
Silver lining; The Try guys going from 4 to 3 makes more sense thematically. A Tryad, a Tryangle, a Tryfecta. A new era indeed.
k0tp0t 3 gün önce
Funny enough, I always saw them as the Trifecta with Ned as an extra... Lol
MARKIMOO987 29 gün önce
A triumvirate
Peach Soda
Peach Soda Aylar önce
Triceratops. Tri guys. It works amazingly
Victoria Lee Florence
@OddStephens that’s already their company name. I LOVE the idea of ‘Third Times a Charm’ because it’s the third step of their career, (buzzfeed, going/being independent, firing ned) and there’s three of them.
OddStephens Aylar önce
New channel name: 2nd Try
It’s surreal because of the context, but I actually find myself coming back to this podcast episode a lot in timed I need comfort. Their willingness to talk candidly about their emotions and be as transparent as they were able to be about the situation is so nice to see. They dealt with this better than I’ve seen anyone in any comparable situation do so and I think that speaks to their compassion. Also, Keith talking about his anxiety going to public crowded places and Zach sort of nodding to affirm him was Very sweet ❤
tate ak
tate ak 15 gün önce
agree! i’m watching it for the 3rd time. just something about how like this episode is ABOUT something too instead of just kinda random chatting for an hour
Alaythea Herr
Alaythea Herr Aylar önce
i'm here for that exact reason!!! it's not the rehashing of drama i'm interested in...for some reason, the way they talked about their emotions, anxiety, and grief is so comforting...
Bryn Bailey
Bryn Bailey Aylar önce
I am currently watching this for like the 5th time because I agree its super comforting and they express their feelings and the behind the scenes stuff so well
strawberry melk
strawberry melk 3 aylar önce
their transparency caught me so off gaurd because TRvidrs *never* do that. huge respect to the tryguys team.
kgve 22 gün önce
@Dontblinkoryoullpoop they literally covered that in the video.
My Melody
My Melody Aylar önce
@Dontblinkoryoullpoop when you own a business you cant just throw everything out there like this. you need to consult lawyers, hr, etc. etc. they CANNOT talk about it until they get an okay and basically a list of what to talk about and what not to talk about. they did address this until a while after it came out.
Lewis Young
Lewis Young 2 aylar önce
@Satirics the other half of the workplace relationship? Could be wrong but I don’t hear them mention her
Satirics 2 aylar önce
@Lewis Young who is the 50% that wasn't mentioned
Lewis Young
Lewis Young 2 aylar önce
I mean they didn’t mention 50% of the parties involved so I wouldn’t say they are being completely transparent
Soof 3 aylar önce
As someone who went through sexual harassment in a work place and being dismissed and ignored, the way you guys handled this means so much to me (and many others).
Entity 3 gün önce
this isn't about sexual harassment at work but ok
yossarian 5 gün önce
@a p If the company itself is so scuffed that 1 out of 4 of the founders can allegedly sexually harrass an employee and have the employee have absolutely NO course of action aside from cheating on her fiancee FOR OVER A YEAR, there is something wrong with the ENTIRETY of the Try Guys and they are as equally as shady and morally corrupt. "All women are weak and and can only get taken advantage of and never make morally corrupt decisions right? She MUST have been used! Little baby can't do no wrong." F off. That's what you sound like.
Jr Aylar önce
I’m 90% sure Alex started it in the first place so... (I don’t remember where I saw that but I’m pretty sure it’s the case)
J K Aylar önce
She was not sexually harassed 😂 they were two grown adult who chose to cheat on their partners. Yes, technically he is her boss but she’s a big girl. She knew what she was doing.
Alberto Alcántar
Alberto Alcántar Aylar önce
It wasn't SEXUAL HARASSMENT, because both of them gave PERMISSION for SEXUAL APPROACH, but the both of them have a partner (AND Ned even had a FAMILY)
Jensine 3 aylar önce
Zach’s little “leave our fucking staff alone” made me so happy. The fact that one of their focuses is the safety and respect granted to their staff in the midst of all of this is amazing to me. I loved it, even more than most anything else that was said. I’ve always loved you guys, and I’ll continue to.
Jenni Boo
Jenni Boo 16 gün önce
@mikpxxi4508 the United States is at will. Every state is at will. They can fire her for wearing a red shirt if they want.
Paige246 27 gün önce
@ZoeyBayy it's my opinion, so deal with it 🖕
J K Aylar önce
How about ‘leave married and committed people alone’
Sparda Aylar önce
@ZoeyBayy I'm not going to be kind. Code of Conduct in the workplace has nothing to do with the law. It's unbelievably easy to look up Code of Conduct violations because you get workplace training on it at every new job. If you want to cover for someone do it for someone other than Ned. Being a Ned fan is pathetic.
ZoeyBayy Aylar önce
@Sparda yeah no this isn’t true either lol. So many couch wanna be lawyers here 😂😂
Owen Andrew
Owen Andrew 3 aylar önce
This is such a healthy conversation between men about their mental health and as a man who struggles sharing with other men, I really appreciate it
Dallas Craft
Dallas Craft 2 aylar önce
But not ned he messed up it his fault his mental health doesn't matter
casey white
casey white 3 aylar önce
These are not men lol these are soy boys
Es Obelisk
Es Obelisk 3 aylar önce
@Indigo Ginzo that’s nice
Indigo Ginzo
Indigo Ginzo 3 aylar önce
Cristina Zuniga
Cristina Zuniga 3 aylar önce
I'm so happy to hear that you feel safe enough to share this with all of us. Thank you truly. You are not alone.
Allie Grindey
Allie Grindey 3 aylar önce
zach killed this and was articulate also keith being so vulnerable about his feelings and anxiety around this so amazing!!! They handled this so well
Aleksはゴミです 2 aylar önce
@Brittany Arford feral cat 😂🐱
Brittany Arford
Brittany Arford 3 aylar önce
Keith and Zach are the are GOATS. They are the ones people should want to emulate because they are actually wholesome and good guys. Ned always seemed so fake to me. And Eugene is the feral cat that will protect them at all costs
Jackie Widelski
Jackie Widelski 3 aylar önce
I really hope Ariel sticks around. The Try Moms trying things has really helped me personally in the issues I have developed since becoming a mom as well. She and the other try moms gave me some more happiness and confidence in myself.
k0tp0t 3 gün önce
Never tried the Try Moms but I also hope Ariel sticks around because, to me, she's one of the production team. She's part of the team - not Ned. People like her more too and she wasn't the one who made these careless mistakes.
chitranshi dewda
chitranshi dewda 2 aylar önce
@Keiana O they did motherhood things and were called try moms. i think you don't watch many videos maybe and came here commenting and made a fool of yourself
Destini W
Destini W 3 aylar önce
Rachel has been producing them and I love seeing her on the other side of the camera I hope Ariel keeps featuring but more Rachel too! And maybe Kwesi’s wife!
Jackie Widelski
Jackie Widelski 3 aylar önce
@Keiana O no, I wasn't talking about Becky and Maggie. I was talking about the newer segments they were doing called the try moms specifically made for women with children. Thanks.
Keiana O
Keiana O 3 aylar önce
Technically the other ones are try wives, as they don't have children, only Ariel does. But I completely agree, they should definitely keep the podcast. Especially now more than ever when I think Ariel needs the most support and to surround herself with positive, caring people like Becky and Maggie!
Eileen Conway
Eileen Conway 4 aylar önce
Let’s be clear, the try guys didn’t lose our trust, Ned did. We still love and support you guys.
Rose Hill
Rose Hill 18 gün önce
@Hi there according to the law because she is an employee and ned the boss their is a power dynamic. that calls into question her ability to consent as he hold power over her as the boss. I agree she made a choice as an adult but that legal side needs to be acknowledged
Hi there
Hi there 18 gün önce
@Rose Hill I really don't know why people say that, unless the boss forced her there is no way an ADULT is not responsible while enganing in that. Full on at fault too, because i doubt he blackmailed her or some sht
Tired of it
Tired of it 20 gün önce
Yes! One bad apple doesn’t ruin the bushel. I’m glad that the others held him accountable and showed it’s not ok. Still a fan!
Rose Hill
Rose Hill 2 aylar önce
@zaniäYour aunt was strong in her convictions and I'm glad she won her case. I don't disagree with you. I agree 100% Alex is an adult and she made a choice. Ned made a choice and is an adult. Both should see consequences of the choices they made. That said we need to remember the difference when u add the legal veiw point. It's not adults making choices. It's boss vs employee. The legal system looks at the power dynamics at play. Ned legally he had the power as he could have used his position and her livelihood as a way to force her according to the law. The guys held power as owners and firing her could be seen as payback other employees could sue claiming they missed opportunities due to Ned's favour for Alex due to the affair. Ect
zaniä 2 aylar önce
@Rose Hill um... no! She's basically old enough to KNOW what is right and wrong. Even if he were her boss she shouldn't have donne what she did. Given that my aunt went abroad and her boss liked her romantically, threatened to take her passport and made her work with no pay just because she refused him. AND MY AUNT HAD THE CHOICE AND SHE MADE A CHOICE. Which is to keep her dignity and self-respect for her and her family. She sued her boss, given that happened when she was broke, her friend couldn't testify against their boss (due to the fact that she needed the work) and that case dragged for YEARS. But in the end she won the case (Thanks be to God) SO LONG STORY SHORT-- Alex had the CHOICE to leave that job and find another and Ned had the CHOICE to NOT CHEAT with his employee. Periodt.😤
Hungry Hungry Hippocampus
adult friendship loss is trauma like no other. would love to hear y'all explore it more-there's not tons out there
yossarian 5 gün önce
That's not what trauma is.
Blue1887 21 gün önce
That’s bullshit
Rachelle Noir
Rachelle Noir 2 aylar önce
I second that. It’s so painful, and there is so little sad about it.
cassiopeiae 3 aylar önce
So true!! I understand the topic is still fresh and they might not want to go into details, but I would love to hear more about friendship loss having experienced it myself
paige layle
paige layle 3 aylar önce
does it make anyone else sad that Zach said he hasn’t had time to even emotionally grieve yet cause they’ve all been so scared of the public eye and being socially correct so they wouldn’t lose fans and their livelihoods😩 it makes me so sad that they had to focus on not being cancelled instead of being shocked and sad and dealing with those emotions. social media and accountability today bothers me.
Bagel Burglar
Bagel Burglar 3 aylar önce
the fact that they are scared of lawsuits in this situation means things with ned must have ended pretty poorly and I'm so sorry for them for having to deal with that, but they are being so strong throughout this. This wouldn't be easy for anyone.
Mikasa Ackerman
Mikasa Ackerman 8 gün önce
@Anonim OChenta You have some deep-seated issues about women you need to seriously reflect on my guy
Anna Belle
Anna Belle 10 gün önce
@Anonim OChenta oof, i highly disagree. there was a big power imbalance. Ned is not just a big dumb dumb and Alex is not the evil mistress who bewitched a poor dummy.
kgve 22 gün önce
a boss having a relationship with their employee is a legal problem of its own even if it didnt end bad
Gwendolyn Robinson
Gwendolyn Robinson Aylar önce
@sarahbeth124 this right here. If they completely crap on his entire image besides the baseline facts of why he is no longer there, I could definitely see him suing for defamation, even if just to squeeze some money out of the company. Being short and tight lipped will keep Ned from being able to gain from it.
sarahbeth124 Aylar önce
I suspect they also wanted to leave zero options for him to benefit, especially by suing the company out of existence. If someone is willing to do a morally awful thing, they get no benefit of a doubt about whether or not they’d do it in business too. Plus this has to have burned up all Ned’s public clout, how is he gonna make money? I can see him feeling like a victim and wanting to “retaliate”
Cassie B
Cassie B 3 aylar önce
Let Ariel know we LOVE HER
Chiarella Von Schweetz
@Adrian Hernandez At least her fiancé dodged a bullet.
I z z y
I z z y 2 aylar önce
@Adrian Hernandez I think it’s just cause the audience knows Ariel and has known her for years. He’s probably a good guy but he also isn’t presently very known.
chitranshi dewda
chitranshi dewda 2 aylar önce
@Amberly C I agree with you.ariel and ned are married and have kids which makes ariel's situation much worse than Alex's fiance's. alex's relationship is over. it will take time but the fiance{ex} will eventually move on. but ariel is, unfortunately, staying with him and even if she leaves him he will always be the father of her kids unfortunately which means their path will cross forever. I wish she leaves him because she deserves the best
Marie E.
Marie E. 3 aylar önce
@Amberly C yes
Amberly C
Amberly C 3 aylar önce
We do feel horrible for Alex’s fiancé! We feel like we know Ariel whereas we don’t really know the fiancé. I honestly don’t even know his name. We watched Ariel build her house, have a baby, have a miscarriage, have a second child, help create a podcast. We’ve gotten to see into her world over the years. We have sympathy for both parties but we feel as if we are closer to one party.
naerial 4 aylar önce
The fact that Zach was worried about Ned suing them if they did this "wrong" reveals to me something new about Ned that I'm not happy with
Rachel Montgomery
Rachel Montgomery 8 gün önce
@SuicidelG it’s not about that.. it’s about an illegal/inappropriate relationship with one of his employees, along with the PR nightmare of having this affair publicly.
Sarah Jo
Sarah Jo 2 aylar önce
@SuicidelG a good one 👍🏻
My Melody
My Melody 2 aylar önce
Idk, cheaters will do anything to save face
Nicole Skorupsky
Nicole Skorupsky 3 aylar önce
@K C They probably don’t understand everything that happened on Neds side. It could be a lawyer telling him to do that.
valehrie 3 aylar önce
ned literally caused this bc of his own actions. if he sued them i’d be furious
AppleOfYourEye 2 aylar önce
I do hope to see more of Eugene in this new chapter, he is freaking amazing.
Lily M
Lily M 2 aylar önce
So do i and ofc he is he's Eugene enough said🖤
Jordyn 2 aylar önce
I’ve been watching the Try Guys since I was little. I’m now an adult and I can truly say I absolutely love Keith, Zach, and Eugene. I feel terrible for Ariel as she was betrayed by someone she loved, but also seeing how much this situation affected the guys. I have a whole new level of respect and love for Eugene, Zach, Keith. They handled the situation in such a mature way despite on how and if they wanted to make decisions based off their emotion. I love how they were able to open up and be vulnerable about their emotions especially because men “typically don’t express their emotions”. All my love goes out to the team members that were hurt, and the friendships and the relationships ruined by an UGLY choice made by Alex and Ned
Marlo Eberle
Marlo Eberle 3 aylar önce
I think what got me was how I idolized Ned and Ariel's relationship. It was a punch in the gut because it just reinforced how fake the internet is, and I really thought that was real.
Jaqueline Frias
Jaqueline Frias 2 aylar önce
I would of never thought he was like that but then again It was the internet
Savy Love
Savy Love 3 aylar önce
Smh I'm sure Ariel thought it was real too
Paige246 3 aylar önce
@Neha Lili That's true, when you cheat another person you not only break their trust but you also lie to them, because you say "you love them", "you are the only person they love"or "you are the only woman/man in my life"when in actuality you have a relationship with another partner. Or not just saying it doing the action as well can indicate that you also lied. Well in that case their is no such thing as a "perfect couple, No one is perfect here.
Neha Lili
Neha Lili 3 aylar önce
@Banana banana The banana king he said Cheating means breaking someones trust. You don't cheat on people you love. People can separate romance and sex or be polyamorous but then it would be based on an agreement and it wouldn't be called "cheating".
kt 3 aylar önce
Something I hope comes of this is that people start to interrogate their parasocial relationships with entertainers. Viewers don’t know these people, they only know the edited and lightly scripted version that the entertainer puts out into the world. No matter how close to reality the “character” of any of these people is, it is not who they are in real life and we need to remember that, especially since these guys audience seems to skew a lot younger
Jule Tmann
Jule Tmann 3 aylar önce
Just solidifies my belief, that Ned held them back creatively. He just has a completely different way of creativity, not that that's bad, but the three guys seem to harmonize a lot more without him and I'm really excited what we'll be able to see them do with that freedom as a group.
yuukiruka Aylar önce
i do think that all other try guys except ned willing to try something new creativity and didnt stuck in the same place, u can even see it during the without the recipe episode, the other guys willing to do something new even tho it failed or doesnt taste good, meanwhile ned often make something that already exist and didnt change it that much, its already show, even in the video u can see other guys video is always unique and bring something interesting, while ned often do something basic youtuber will do, like for eugene with his animal and lgbt content, keith with his comedy night and toxic masculinity talk, or zach with his healthy way video, meanwhile most of ned video is a normal try something that ever been done by other youtuber, i cant even fully remember what is his main topic
Via 2 aylar önce
@Nicole Skorupsky the violation is toxic. cheating on your wife is toxic. sleeping with someone who you have power over, especially over their livelihood, is toxic. his toxicity is exactly why he was fired
Nicole Skorupsky
Nicole Skorupsky 3 aylar önce
@Paige246 He got fired because he caused a workplace violation, not because he’s too toxic for the work environment.
rovy jen Bretanya
rovy jen Bretanya 3 aylar önce
@Paige246 that is why I put "I think it got in his head". It's just an assumption. I mean you can be better than your parents but that happens if most adults are emotionally and psychologically mature enough. I assure you that in reality, not all who gone through trauma from their parents heal in their adult life. Again, not everyone made their paths like their parents, but not all are responsible enough to heal themselves from the trauma. When you are young and you saw those things happening, it can get in your head. It happens, it can be a factor added to his problems now that he is an adult.
Paige246 3 aylar önce
@rovy jen Bretanya I mean is true but you can't assume Ned did what he did because of his father's path, to me that doesn't add up because it was Ned that made his choice to have a consensual relationship with Alex. Ned's father even hope for him to be a better father figure for his kids and he let him down. His father did cheat like Ned, he was together with his mother one time another time they separated, then they got back together and vice versa. This has no influence on Ned what so ever, so that can't be ana excuse for him to cheat that cause this situation to make the company look bad.
Angelic Vega
Angelic Vega 4 aylar önce
Ned not old destroyed his career, his family, and his reputation, but he also indirectly broke Zach’s dishwasher
LIV Aylar önce
You made a good point. you just ruined the execution by saying old instead of only 😅
Star 🌟 Akashi
Star 🌟 Akashi Aylar önce
Damn that’s savage not the dishwasher
Ankita Maurya
Ankita Maurya 2 aylar önce
He made a history with the level of screw-up he managed to pull off, lmao
casey kidwell
casey kidwell 3 aylar önce
I’m starting right now and this is amazing with absolutely no context 😂
NotTheSquish 3 aylar önce
@BetaTest my words exactly 😎
Maymer 3 aylar önce
"it was a workplace violation and that's that" this is just like a beautiful summary of how great zach is in this video. His usual video personality is kind of goofy and it was so nice to see the absolute practical Boss Style come out, really well done
k0tp0t 3 gün önce
The character development is fantastic haha.
Star 🌟 Akashi
Star 🌟 Akashi Aylar önce
I’m so upset to here about Ned like this I never would expect him to do this honestly 😢
Angelina Mitchell
Angelina Mitchell Aylar önce
I love the Try Guys and have always viewed them as an escape from all of the drama because that is my life all of the time. Now they have so much drama going on but hopefully soon, they can go back to being drama less. I hope that once this is over, they can come back stronger than ever and maybe make even more without a recipe. I hope this doesn't damage them in any way and I want to continue rooting for them in whatever they do.😄
Taylorensley 3 aylar önce
I like that theyre leaving the door open for Ariel.
kstormgeistgem 3 aylar önce
it reminds me so much the male characters in old movies... where they'd rally around those in need and protect them when they were at their most vulnerable.
Andrea Mendez
Andrea Mendez 4 aylar önce
FOR THOSE ASKING ABOUT EUGENE: Eugene chose to step away from the podcast a long time ago. He is busy with personal projects and doesnt enjoy the open talk format because hes a more private person. His absence is not abnormal or a sign that hes leaving Try Guys. Just want to reassure people who don't usually follow the podcast and didn't know. This is normal.
hom bre
hom bre 2 gün önce
@RunningErins or maybe not everyone watch their podcast video and this maybe their first podcast video of the usual try guys video. chill you don’t know everything in this world, don’t act so smartass karen
k0tp0t 3 gün önce
@Princess Smiley Face Haha, i was thinking exactly just that xD
kjurp jdpihe
kjurp jdpihe 3 aylar önce
I think this more private personality is actually why he was looking so angry in the video about it. I react the same way to emotions. it is mask, a form of control over your emotions, this is not straight up anger. People talking about him planning ned's murder makes me sad cuz it is not what this is...
210Boots 3 aylar önce
@Tofu Teh I think its a mixed bag, he probably enjoys the conversation but doesnt like getting too personal on things hes not ready/doesnt want to be public knowledge.
Jia Pia
Jia Pia 3 aylar önce
Thank you, I was wondering about him. I thought he was too angry/betrayed. His face in their statement was highly emotive and volatile. He went from sad to angry to hostile to…you get it. I get it. It’s funny how they are like “hi, all people who aren’t new…” I’m sure many of us are new, and we had no idea of the Eugene situation.
Kabbaway 3 aylar önce
I'm gonna be honest, Ned was always the one I forgot about. The other three just left much more of an impression on me - Zach seemed really sweet and nerdy (I mean that as a term of endearment), Eugene (the first guy I knew about due to his Coming Out masterpiece) came off as extravagant and dignified, and Keith gave me uncle vibes in that he looks strict but is actually awkward and quirky in his own way. I can't speak for anyone else, I won't be missing him for how little presence he had other than being a "family man"... even more so knowing what he did 😕
kstormgeistgem 3 aylar önce
i didn't "forget" about _him._ i just never liked him. i think the only time i actually felt anything other than "ehw, kinda smarmy" was when they were all doing that thing with the electrodes attached to their... ahem... bodies. looking back now i wonder if they couldn't've amped it up just a Bit more when it was his turn. and no, i'm not just saying that as an after-burn. i'm not a sweetheart by nature. the truth is, out of all of them, the one i relate most to is Eugene. i get the "back off bitch" vibe on a spiritual level. he's always been somebody i would Wish i was on the same level with in class. Zach and Keith are Almost too sweet for me. (Almost but not quite.) they at least come off as genuine. like they've always felt like my little cousins... sweet lil beans that should be protected at all costs. so No, somebody who even Seemed on a Surface Level like... _that person_ ... would not have been somebody i would have any feeling other than "ehw" about. and that was Before any of this happened... like all the way back when the boys were all still on buzzflea'd.
Brittany Arford
Brittany Arford 3 aylar önce
I never really liked Ned, he didn’t seem to fit and always rubbed me the wrong way. LOVED Ariel tho
allison guy
allison guy 3 aylar önce
Gabe E
Gabe E 3 aylar önce
@Fxx S this comment is somehow even worse than the first one. Y’all know they’re human beings, And sometimes read comments right. Like y’all are talking about them like your favorite food or character from an anime 💀
Fxx S
Fxx S 3 aylar önce
Zack was the one I didn't like. Just way too over the top and sometimes annoying. I liked Ned more. So everyone has their favorite. But I agree, my respect for Zack has gone way up
Charlotte's Craft
Charlotte's Craft Aylar önce
I am shock that all of this happened, I thought things had changed because of your new videos also at first I thought it wasn’t true but then I saw the video of you saying you were kicking him out and I was just heart broken that it happened 😢
Anni in Glücksdorf
Anni in Glücksdorf 2 aylar önce
Hey guys... I want to support what Zack said about the narrow nature of the content from the try guys from a viewers point of view. I personaly felt that what I loved about the try guys in the beginning was, that we were part of a new journey you were on and everything about this was thrilling to you and therefore to the viewer. Over time though (being the most visible with Eugene at the beginning but with others as well) it felt like you had actually grown a bit out of it, but still stuck to the old formates because they felt familiar to your audience. That was actually the moment I lost interest. I understand the want to make content you like and that feels like comfort to your fans and I do not say that I would want you to discontinue all of it. But the thrill of your chanel for me was to see you excited about live, about opportunities. But now I feel like you have acchieved stuff that is way outside of the chanel and that is the stuff that makes you realy excited, that challanges you. These are the areas, in which you "try" stuff and that would be the part that would interest me. The part where you grow. Just saying: bringing more content that challanges you creatively today would maybe be very nice and welcome! You might be on to something, guys ;-). This is just one comment out of 20.000 but maybe, if others feel the same, people could write more comments about it so we can help the guy find new momentum in creating their channel...
Katie Crowley
Katie Crowley 3 aylar önce
This gives such a good example of healthy masculinity because they’re being human, they’re being vulnerable. Thank you guys for being the TRvidrs we all love and deserve
Christina Solomon
Christina Solomon 4 aylar önce
Please don't stop doing Without a Recipe. Fill the fourth slot with a guest cook or a staff member and make it fun. Keith needs to get a season to bring back Daddy's Favorite
Magdalena Sacco
Magdalena Sacco 2 aylar önce
Or an Elephant 😝
Chris 3 aylar önce
they should bring in a former buzzfeed member for each new episode. would be fun to see Saf on the show
Bethany Brakebill
Bethany Brakebill 3 aylar önce
💯 I LIVE for Without a Recipe!
TalynCo 3 aylar önce
Kwasei has already done without a recipe episodes, c'mon let him in
dancingihoo 3 aylar önce
Add Chris Reinache to it and make him compete against them stoned 😂
Nishtha Pradhan
Nishtha Pradhan 2 aylar önce
I don't know if this will help. But you guys (and everyone victim to this) need a break from all of this drama. Go on a vacation or something after things settle down a bit. You deserve a break from this tension.
Anna G. De Leon-Oca
Anna G. De Leon-Oca 3 aylar önce
I will not lie to you, I stopped watching the Try Guys because Ned was so creepy and was really irritating to me. He was the only one I didn't like so I stopped watching for a while, but thank God the boys are a solidified 3 person group and literal Tri-Guys. Yall got this, it's gonna be a fun new adventure!
k0tp0t 3 gün önce
Me too! I legit didn't care anymore for Try Guys because of Ned. Always skipping him.
casey kidwell
casey kidwell 20 gün önce
@No Thank You. I think I have to agree with your opinion tbh. He gives “I’ve never been drunk before heehee” teenaged girl type of drunk. Which is FINE, just maybe not for a grown man?
No Thank You.
No Thank You. 20 gün önce
@casey kidwell he is the most annoying type of drinker too. Turns into a complete idiot and the others have to babysit him. Ugh! SO glad he is not apart of the show anymore; although I wish it wasn't because he cheated on his wife -- the mother of his two children.
No Thank You.
No Thank You. 20 gün önce
SAME! He was so condescending, pretentious, fake, and annoying! I couldn't stand his behaviour so I stopped watching. I've been watching the new vids without him, and wow -- I enjoy them again!
C 28 gün önce
I literally got dragged in an old try guys podcast video for writing "kinda glad ned isn't in this one, him and Ariel rub me wrong" no shade to Ariel but you know guilty by association .. also i wish i could find the comment and @ the girl who defended him
Kenya Wiggin
Kenya Wiggin 2 aylar önce
I'd just like us to all collectively acknowledge that Miles has basically just instructed us to go touch grass
MindyMae Malicious
MindyMae Malicious 3 aylar önce
As someone who is chronically Ill, Ive been worried about Zach. This is most assuredly not only emotionally but physically taxing. All three of you need to make sure to stay hydrated, take your meds and just TRY and relax. I love you guys.
Kelly Hallock
Kelly Hallock Aylar önce
Yep 😢 it worried me when he said he’s not been exercising. It’s so easy to not take care of our health when other things come up.
Kori Emerson
Kori Emerson 2 aylar önce
As a fellow spoony .. pot..... Sooooooooo much pot.
KValliant98 4 aylar önce
This is the definition of men holding other men accountable and I am so proud of them for it.
yossarian 5 gün önce
I am not even fans of these guys, but there is something truly refreshing about a company having zero-tolerance for the morally reprehensive things like the infidelity of a higher up in the company. Most companies will sweep things like this or worse under the rug, for the sake of profit. These guys just dropped him like a sack of bricks.
What are you doing with a maserati
@TheAtticAddict when women get sexually assaulted (now this seems to not the case here, but it is the same principle, roughly) the truth is that almost always more people beleive the guy. its lovely that the try guys addressed it in the way they did. would this have been the case if it were a private situation? we have no fucking idea, we only know their on-camera personas, but its still nice to see
charlotte winter
charlotte winter 28 gün önce
But what about the woman? They all still follow Alex on Instagram and have made no statements about holding her accountable for her actions.
Victor Gutierrez
Victor Gutierrez Aylar önce
@leslie sando men hold other men accountable all the time. Especially if they’re close with them, theres just some ppl that r just lost causes and after a while u get tired saying the same thing over n over.
Mackayla Aylar önce
@TheAtticAddict​I’m guessing that you are a man. Am I correct? It’s hard for a woman to miss that men often sympathize other men on these issues and sweep them under the rug
Maddy Aylar önce
watching this back, i think the funniest part is when Mile's BeReal goes off lmao i am weak
Twisty Sunshine
Twisty Sunshine 3 aylar önce
Oh my god... When Keith was talking about the day before they found out, how he was like "things are going so well!" I had a moment like that recently. Hanging out with all my friends and had a moment of pure joy and love for all of them. A week later found out something very similar to what these guys found out about one of my friends. It was devestating, and i don't have my whole livelihood tied up in them. I really get that particular feeling of feeling so good, and then finding out it will be the last time you feel that way
[sorry if old comment]
11:25 timestamp
Judas Champagne
Judas Champagne 2 aylar önce
God, I feel this so hard. In April, me and my friends all went and crashed for a weekend trip together and it was so fun! A couple people on that trip had previously expressed that they didn't really like me that much, so I was excited that it seemed like they finally really liked me and wanted to be proper friends. In July, they sent a formal email to the entire group which boiled down to them not liking me and one of our other mutual friends and therefore would no longer be speaking to any of us. It was absolutely fucking devestating.
A. 2 aylar önce
@Vance Summers I'm sorry this happened to you. It takes a long time to heal from betrayal. About a decade ago, I had a really shitty boyfriend. We broke up but I was still attached and wanted to remain friends. I found out about a month later after our breakup that his best friend and that friend's girlfriend had moved out because he cheated on me with that friend's girlfriend. How did I find out? I got an STD and a mutual friend told me. Sometimes, even when it's shitty, it still wrecks your world when you find out there really were no redeemable qualities.
brewcha 3 aylar önce
it's weird how things can feel The Greatest It's Ever Been one moment and then, the next, it all comes crashing down. it's rough.
Sofia 3 aylar önce
That feeling sucks so baddly. I remember having the week of my life with my ex parter one time, and some days later we had a huge argument that came down to a break up, and a lot of hurtful thing from her side... it was exhausting and, honestly, it still is sometimes. I hope everyone in this threat can recover and feel better soon
Forbiddencolours 3 aylar önce
If this is how much the guys suffered through this, just imagine what Ariel must be going through.
chitranshi dewda
chitranshi dewda 2 aylar önce
@AHHHHHHH! yes poor kids. they are so little and so much is going on. when they grow up it will be hard for them. imagine your father having affair and whole internet talking about it
Jagkreeks 2 aylar önce
And Will!! A lot of people fail to mention Alex's ex fiancé and that's sad. She ruined a 10 year long relationship. I wish Ariel, Will, the kids and the try guys the best.
AHHHHHHH! 3 aylar önce
Not just Ariel, but their children to, that's a hard thing to explain to your kids. :(
Emily Antonia
Emily Antonia 3 aylar önce
I love how Zach can be the goofy airhead and the organised boss, at the same time!
k0tp0t 3 gün önce
Very chaotic haha
Smiley Fruitcake :)
Smiley Fruitcake :) 13 gün önce
Right? He's an amazing entertainer and a hugely responsible boss. He knows exactly where the line is.
Alfred The Great, King Of Wessex
Imagine the downfall of your marriage being sponsored by DoorDash®️
Christian Lynch
Christian Lynch 7 gün önce
Right...my Taco Bell is on the way
Martin Perez
Martin Perez 16 gün önce
Cam 16 gün önce
PatrickBateman 3 aylar önce
And career*
Wayward Mind
Wayward Mind 3 aylar önce
At least it wasn't Better Help. . . .
Ms. Anonymous
Ms. Anonymous 3 aylar önce
Honestly this whole thing that has happened has only made me realize how mature Keith, Zach and Eugene are. How professionally they handled the situation. How much thought they put into their decisions. After watching them be goofy and crazy for years I can really feel the growth of their characters as well So much respect for you guys Hope to see new awesome content from you guys
Auburn Perry
Auburn Perry Aylar önce
I was never attached to Ned like I am with Keith, Eugene, and Zach; they all had different layers to their personality and Ned was just one-dimensional. I give my respect on how this was handled; as should every business. Also shame on SNL for that poor skit.
annalis fernandez
annalis fernandez 3 aylar önce
this is so insane but the cut to Keith in 26:19 putting on chapstick really sent me to the moon
Heather Lauder
Heather Lauder 2 aylar önce
Omg I WHEEZED at that, was so unexpected
Gran 3 aylar önce
C Brown
C Brown 16 gün önce
I feel for you, Miles. A few years ago I experienced a sudden loss in weight due to stress from a fallout in my group of friends. I hope you and the rest of the Try team are doing better now. 🙏
FrenchFryGirl 4 aylar önce
I'm glad they're transparent about Eugene being absent because he doesn't care for doing podcasts. It shows their commitment to as much transparency as possible while also showing they're not torturing themselves to fit into the old mold. Personally I'm very excited to see the new era of Try Guys.
My Melody
My Melody 2 aylar önce
Saying you don't like doing podcasts isnt really transparency 😭
Star Tolentino
Star Tolentino 4 aylar önce
@K J - Aria Yeah, Eugene doesn't like doing them but he always comes through for the company despite his schedule and don't forget that Eugene came on the 2nd ep of Perfect Person to support Miles in his podcast. I really thought that was sweet of him. During his hiatus from the Trypod, he still tried to find time to do some with Miles and one with Rainie. Eugene really does seem to care for his friends and employees and willing to do things he doesn't like ust to show support ie. him sniffing Alfred's scratch boxes and rubbing his butt on a towel for the stray cats. He didn't even question it, he was just down to do it 😅
K J - Aria
K J - Aria 4 aylar önce
@user not found They said because he doesn’t care *for* doing podcasts, not that he doesn’t care in general. In other words, they’re saying Eugene is uncomfortable with doing them (for valid reasons, like the ones you mentioned).
Dianne 4 aylar önce
@user not found not "caring for" something is different from not "caring about" something. It just means you don't have a particular like for something
user not found
user not found 4 aylar önce
not "because he doesn't care" but more like he couldn't do it too often anymore because of how open you have to be and there are just things he didn't want to share
julissa dc
julissa dc 3 aylar önce
I’m not a pretty naive person. I know that not everything on the internet is what it seems. But damn this really did catch me off guard. Out of all the things that are fake online, watching the Try Guys for years really made it seem as if though Ned had the utmost love and respect not only for Ariel, but for his best friends and their company that they’ve spent years building. It’s horrible and really popped out of nowhere, and I think it just reinforced the fact of how fake the internet could be for me and many fans. Hope Ariel is ok and that’s she’s good with her kids :((
Kelly Hallock
Kelly Hallock Aylar önce
Not just the internet but life. He wasn’t just an internet face to them and yet they weren’t prepared for all this. It’s why more and more I like dogs. They don’t fake who they are and just give love. Pups before people! 😉
Jordan 3 aylar önce
It was really interesting to watch people have all these ridiculous hot takes about how Ned shouldn’t have lost his job because this wouldn’t happen in other careers and other businesses. Like… this is a company the 4 of them created and run together, which is built on a foundation of trust and companionship. And Ned just took a jackhammer to that foundation. That’s a huge liability and it could have destroyed so many peoples lives. How do you let someone willing to burn down literally everything you worked for, stay and have a second chance to do it all over again? How do you trust someone who betrayed the one person he’s supposed to protect above everyone else, and his family, and assume he isn’t going to betray you too, when this affair was a betrayal of you too? There’s just no path forward after that. Especially when they have their own personal relationships with Ariel and their kids, you can’t seriously expect these men to turn their backs on people who did nothing wrong, to shield one guy who CLEARLY is not equally invested in what’s best for everyone else. I hope Ariel has all of the support she needs through whatever comes next for their family, especially for their kids.
[sorry if old comment]
It's ridiculous, because people get fired for sleeping with employees under them *all the time!* It's a huge liability. Every company has a policy about it, and many regularly enforce it in order to protect their profits.
Ready4learning23 Aylar önce
Period. I’m sorry to everyone who was hurt by this 💜💜💜 im sorry y’all had to be this mature when you deserved not being so
scarlett Aylar önce
exactly. ned didnt make a mistake, he made a choice, and hes faced the repercussions of that choice and thats a good thing
iamfabulous57g 3 aylar önce
“We were the Bill Nye of this generation” what Keith said was SO TRUE!
kgve 22 gün önce
i didnt even think of it that way but hes right
Danielle Aylar önce
The triguys makes sense 😂 lol
Madelaine Beal
Madelaine Beal 3 aylar önce
Zack is so well spoken. I’m so proud of all three of them for approaching this situation so maturely. Props!
Devin O.
Devin O. 3 aylar önce
"I think the stages of grief are a circle" absolutely and I feel like being super known on the internet restarts that grief cycle because everyone's talking about it and people might cross that line and ask and even interrogate you guys about it. I think this was the healthiest and best way to go about it, we're all super proud of you guys and want what's best for you going forward.
Ellie A
Ellie A 3 aylar önce
Something I feel sorry for the boys about: watching Neds name in their phone dropping down, being texted less and less. Like in a friendship break up when you talked to that person every single day about your deepest, darkest secrets and now you don’t hear from them and they go from #1 in your messages all the way down, below the messages from spam companies etc. ugh :(
Hydin 3 aylar önce
Delete your text history with them, then you don’t have to see it
Liz Oliver
Liz Oliver Aylar önce
I feel like Ned really stunted the brand. Already, in just a few months their content has been SO much better and so different. I love it! 😁
Abby Carlson
Abby Carlson 4 aylar önce
I know so many people have said this, but if anything the official response to Ned’s scandal has STRENGTHENED my perception of the Try Guys brand. I am even more proud to be a fan because of the professionalism, candor, and empathy expressed by the Try team.
billboard NEWS
billboard NEWS 3 aylar önce
*BLACKPINK drops 𝚗ew song "Shut Down" with hip-hop vibes : Liste𝚗*
That Girl
That Girl 3 aylar önce
Bullies will never stop just look at this comment section and other social media people that don’t care they like to take down vulnerable people just like bullies would in highschool they don’t got no mirror to look at simple
Hailey Mock
Hailey Mock 4 aylar önce
bro shush💀💀
shelby Dot
shelby Dot 4 aylar önce
I totally agree.
Anise Bamford
Anise Bamford 4 aylar önce
I have nothing but respect for these three in how they handled this situation. It had to be a contender for the top five worst moments in each of their lives. I wish them only the best as they figure out how to rebuild from this. The try guys have been extremely beneficial to me as I've been coming to terms with my own identity. Their simple willingness to reach outside their comfort zones was really encouraging to me as I was tearing down the rules I had dictated for myself. I especially loved to see Eugene on the show as an openly gay person. I have almost nothing in common with him apart from not being cishet, but when so much of entertainment is made exclusively by cishet people and for cishet people... Idk words. It's nice. I'm really sorry these guys have had to go through this, but I have nothing but praise for the way in which they have. I wish them all the best as they remold their business around this new dynamic.
Keryn Mellett
Keryn Mellett 2 aylar önce
I don't think for a second that everything was fake. Ned fucked up majorly, yes. But I think the relationships he had with Ariel and the guys are reeling because they were real. It makes me wonder what MAJOR issues Ned had to put himself and everyone else through this. Regardless, I won't ever stop watching the try guys. You really are the comfort channel, and maybe even more so because no ones life or experience is easy. Mine certainly hasn't been. Kudos to how much grace you've had through this season.. Much love to you all ❤
Taylor 18 gün önce
I really liked and hope everyone does this.. when Keith said imagine the time you made the biggest mistake of your life and imagine everyone knowing and taking about it and reminding you how awful you are, and how hard it would be. I did imagine that. and it truly is such an awful feeling. I really respect how although poor decisions were made, they were human decisions and they understand that and just want it over.
Rebecca E. Webber
Rebecca E. Webber 3 aylar önce
Give it up to Keith for leading us through some trauma coping advice when he is hurting so much. Love!
Diana Behrens
Diana Behrens 3 aylar önce
It sounds like a divorce. The grief is real and needs to be worked through. I am so sorry for the loss you all have suffered, including Ned.
kstormgeistgem 3 aylar önce
well, it actually kind of is on a business level, if not on a personal level. as they've said a couple of times, it's a break-up. and all that goes with that kind of mess as well.
itsTheTraumaForMe 4 aylar önce
Fuck yeah to Eugene not doing the podcast because he doesn’t want to! Like, that’s my favorite part of this. I love the guys doing things they love and that are good for them, and if the pod doesn’t serve Eugene then so be it. This brought me so much joy for some reason.
total chaos
total chaos 3 aylar önce
@I 05 I think more jobs should strive towards letting people do the things they're good at, or comfortable with doing. Healither and happier work environment. Everyone is good at different things as well, so you could find someone who's a more confident speaker, then someone who works in the background.
kstormgeistgem 3 aylar önce
i like how they're not only staying true to what they believe is best for their brand and fans while not leaving Themselves as individuals out of that equation... staying true to themselves just as much.
Deelly Mu
Deelly Mu 4 aylar önce
I don't think he'd been able to sit there and not go on an angry rant. He's so mad and with good reason. I'm glad he didn't do the pod cause, he'd gone off and that's also not healthy. Glad he's taking care of himself in other ways.
Pain Killer
Pain Killer 4 aylar önce
Just release a new hit song Tell me what you think 🔥🌪️🔥
Rien Duplessis
Rien Duplessis 4 aylar önce
@L H Absolutely, I can only imagine what he would say about this whole thing, but I’m glad too that he is being the bigger person and taking time for himself to grieve and heal on his own terms.
Rinasha Bliss
Rinasha Bliss Aylar önce
Been a Fan of them since the beginning. Through everything, they've always surprised me. So proud of them for being strong and growing.
Cat Greenfield
Cat Greenfield 3 aylar önce
"I think the stages of grief... I think they're a circle." - Keith. This is awful. Such a betrayal of trust. So much love to Ariel and the babies, to the Try Team, and to the remaining Guys.
Marie E.
Marie E. 3 aylar önce
He's joking but it's a circle.
Arielle Zemaitis
Arielle Zemaitis 3 aylar önce
I got to see Keith in Rosemont, IL with Lewberger just a few days after they found out. Keith - I thought you were phenomenal just as is, but to know that you were also dealing with the turmoil of this issue - only a truly talented and professional can handle this with such grace. Much love to you and Zach, Eugene and the rest of your staff.
AlienDragQueen Aylar önce
I understand why Alex wasn’t removed for the issue of it being a uneven dynamic relationship, but I don’t know how I would be able to work with someone who cheated of their fiancé with ny married friend like, that’s just such whiplash
Alicia Renae
Alicia Renae 20 gün önce
She's been gone for months now... They're just not announcing it because she wasn't one of the owners
AlienDragQueen 24 gün önce
@Electra Heart exactly, like I feel like it’s going to be disruptive for both her and the rest of the staff with her staying after this especially with how small and close nit the staff is
Electra Heart
Electra Heart 27 gün önce
She should leave for her own safety because although Ned was evil for doing this she knew he was married then met his wife and kids and had a fiance herself who she ruined this for.
Annabelle 4 aylar önce
as a pr student, this scandal would be an incredible case study judging by how calmly and professionally everything was handled.
Roshill 4 aylar önce
Yeah definately go from all Sides. Ned for being a Hypocrite, Alex Herring for opening her legs even after knowing everything about Ned and his marriage, Ned's wife for not satisfying him maybe?... And their overall we love each other sabang selling BS to everyone. Both Ned and His wife Scammed millions. The reality is most men just wanna spread their lovin and can never be satisfied with one woman. Selling this BS not only harms the people getting into marriage but, only makes them see one side. I believe in Polygamy myself. But, the dude just had to honest and let the people know he wants a main and a couple of sides. Honesty. Horrible people all of em covered in a web of lies. Hope these pointers get you started in that case study of yours. Just be careful not to add the Polygamy part. It's not main stream enough and can get you cancelled. Free speech is slowly dying.
W 4 aylar önce
Unfortunately in real life even from a pr perspective rare are the cases where being definitive is a possibility. (I've worked both full time and part time in pr for the past 10 years, mostly public organizations, some none profits and a startup or two in crisis)
Ingrid Tedjakumala
Ingrid Tedjakumala 4 aylar önce
don't t hink that the guys would even think of 'this case' to be the one to use as case study..
whaaa t
whaaa t 4 aylar önce
Here is the full clip : ned got exposed trvid.com/video/video-mCfYi7634rU.html
Anna Skov
Anna Skov 4 aylar önce
Yeah. I'm not normally a Try Guys watcher. I've probably watched 4 of their videos ever, but I've been watching a little bit because they handled this so well, from both a PR and an ethical standpoint, and I think that should be rewarded
Anna Gardiner
Anna Gardiner 14 gün önce
Y’all handled this situation so well and I’m really glad it hasn’t totally devastated everything you guys worked so hard to build.
Gigibw 3 aylar önce
keith talking about the moths and horse flies actually killed me. i’ve never related to anything so bad.
Bethany 3 aylar önce
I really appreciate them acknowledging that fans are sad too. I haven’t watched the try guys in a while but I used to enjoy their videos and honestly Ned was my favorite to watch. I thought he was a great example of a loving husband and this news is so damn sad to me. It’s definitely a loss. It’s a loss of trust, it’s a loss of innocence… It may not affect a lot of us personally but it is one more person in our culture that failed at being faithful. It’s just a reminder that all people are fallible and not only that but 100% of us have flaws so we should be very careful about seeing celebrities as role models and symbols. Still, very sad for all involved. I pray everyone can heal and find ways to move on and have healthy futures.
Anni in Glücksdorf
Anni in Glücksdorf 2 aylar önce
I wanna applaude Zack for saying that he does not want to have a part in the fame drama gives you! That is such a helathy choice! And also: I feel like they would not have been able to acchieve their success in side projects, that show their very individual talents, if they would go this route. You are doing great without the drama, guys!
Emily Moore
Emily Moore 4 aylar önce
I was in the middle of a class when the news broke and a girl stopped class and told everyone out loud and it was genuinely like absolute chaos in this upper level college seminar. You guys have made quite the impact on my generation.
Sarah 3 aylar önce
Literally, what happened to me at the end of my surgery class, we were all packing up, and my friend called to me from across the room "girl did you see this Try Guys shit?" absolute chaos. Thank god our teacher was done with the lecture for the night.
Kevin 4 aylar önce
@Keepo What? You actually believe her? lol
Pocket Luna
Pocket Luna 4 aylar önce
My high school group chat was buzzing.
Sesha Richter
Sesha Richter 4 aylar önce
@Audrey Bonjour I wish I had someone who cared to talk to. All my friends are older and if you don't know them why is it a big deal?
Sesha Richter
Sesha Richter 4 aylar önce
@x you are
Sara James Julien
Sara James Julien 3 aylar önce
Keith talking about trees made me realize..... He should totally release a guided meditation. Even just the tiny snippet was so calm and soothing.
Christine Smith
Christine Smith 3 aylar önce
Super happy I decided to watch this. You guys are handling this very difficult situation exceptionally. Loads of respect for you guys.
kstormgeistgem 3 aylar önce
same. i normally ignore videos like this or their apology video from other channels. too much is too much, ya know? but as i've said, i saw the sh!t storm and felt like i had to come back. i know i don't mean anything in the grand scheme of things but i figured they could use all the support they could get regardless of anything else. i used to be a fan of theirs way back on buzzflea'd and when they broke off on their own. i just sort of lost interest for a while n wandered off. hopefully, even an old fart like me can add positive karma in aid to the cause.
musicmyfriend007 3 aylar önce
I feel like everyone's next big question/plea is: PLEASE TELL US ARIEL IS COMING BACK TO YOU CAN SIT WITH US?!?! What a queen.
Alison Gunther
Alison Gunther 3 aylar önce
I just want to give Keith, Zach, and Eugene a big hug. Not just after all the drama, but just because they make me happy!
50k challenge with 0 video
Man the complete irony of how careful you had to be in dealing with this situation compared to just how careless Ned was is unreal.
A Little to the Left
A Little to the Left 4 aylar önce
This is a stolen comment by a bot
docyu09 4 aylar önce
@An opinion on YT honestly if Ariel ever decides to leave him she would have the support of A WHOLE LOT of people.
Xy 4 aylar önce
@kayy my guess it was a pr stunt and he was happy that it worked
KaylaNoelle1 4 aylar önce
He was always obnoxious and a lot less emotionally mature than the others. I feel really bad for their loss of a friend and collaborator but, to be honest, I'm excited for the Tri-guys and I'll probably watch their content more without Ned in it.
An opinion on YT
An opinion on YT 4 aylar önce
@kayy He has no remorse because he knows Ariel will stay with him for the kids.
floppytofu🕷️ 3 aylar önce
The Try Guys is one of those channels I come back to every now and again. I remember first finding them on Buzzfeed and it being my go to happy place. Even though Ned betrayed not on the teams trust but their fans as well.. I think everyone can look and see how far you have all come. You guys should be proud of all that you’ve accomplished. Excited to see where you guys go!
Mimi Kenyon
Mimi Kenyon 3 aylar önce
Not just impressed with a group of 'well-knowns" being proactive with the responses rolling out, but impressed with the response of fans...sharing in your surprise, anger and sadness but never letting go of you guys.
Autumn Beto
Autumn Beto 3 aylar önce
I like the way that you guys mentioned that you were a part of our childhood. I’m in my 20’s now and it was definitely a shock to see a group that made my childhood self happy, now struggle with something so great. But you guys have handled it so well and I think all your fans will agree you will come out on top
Smiley Fruitcake :)
Smiley Fruitcake :) 13 gün önce
I really hope Ariel and Will are ok. I also kind of hope they meet and can talk about it, it's good to find someone to relate to and talk to about it. My parents split due to cheating after they've been together for over 14 years so I understand how horrible it feels. You can't even talk about it to too many people because you don't want to create more drama or get in trouble with anyone. If her situation is anything like my family situation she'll find that she can live without him and she can heal and be happy. I wish Ariel and Will the best.
Laura Elena Aguirre
Laura Elena Aguirre 4 aylar önce
I like that they respect that Eugene doesn’t enjoy the podcast and that’s ok! I enjoy just these three plus the guests, when Eugene does stop by it’s because he really wants to be there.
Semira 4 aylar önce
I was wondering where Eugene was
starlight's wait
starlight's wait 4 aylar önce
@kæ3a What they said is basically just that the open format, non-scripted nature of the podcast isn’t for everyone and that Eugene doesn’t really like it because it kind of necessitates sharing personal things that not everyone is okay with. Eugene has talked a little about being a pretty private person so it makes sense that he wouldn’t necessarily want to do podcasts like this all the time. Keith and Zach basically said he has been just popping in every now and then and I think implied that he might again in the future, but were probably addressing now so people didn’t think there was more drama on his end. And Zach said that as they transitioned into their new era, he wanted to be more “candid” about things like that
Ash 4 aylar önce
@kæ3a my guess is it's a more intimate and personal environment and form of content then he is comfortable with putting into the public.
Darren Lapointe
Darren Lapointe 4 aylar önce
Plus he seemed the most aggressively mad about it, I bet the energy he would bring would have changed the entire feel of the episodes
0x13horizon 4 aylar önce
@kæ3a I’m guessing he wouldn’t want to make public statements that people can misconstrue or judge publicly. That would be my guess
Oliv 3 aylar önce
When Keith talked about watching past videos, I have always loved the Without a recipe series, and my friends and I did without a recipe this weekend. I followed Eugenes footsteps from "Berry drunk asian pie" and went with a "Red white and Berry cake".
Romulus The Maine Coon
Yum! Baking is fantastic therapy ❤
Leslie 3 aylar önce
Watching this is so satisfying, so real and unfiltered especially coming out of the formality of the statement video. Great closure to the scandal, four-guy era and heck.. everything else going badly for anyone last month. Thank you!!!
Julia 3 aylar önce
Sounds like the first month was kind of like watching a train coming at you in slow motion. Can’t imagine how much anxiety that caused y’all.
Ashli Opens Stuff
Ashli Opens Stuff 15 gün önce
I’ve been watching since the Buzz Feed days. You “Guys” will always be my “ Guys”. You continue to be an amazing example of fun, relatable and highly professional content creators. I appreciate you for being you. Personally, you’re among my mentors I look to for the content I choose to create. Thank you. ❤👍🏻
camalorose 4 aylar önce
I feel like Zach, Keith and Eugene have set a new standard for how male managers respond to this kind of situation. I've seen so many sweep it under the rug, stand with their male colleague and force out the victim. The Try Guys have dealt this swiftly and with clarity
Gabriela 3 aylar önce
@Maya she doesn't owe Ariel loyalty? She worked alongside this woman, if you're going to defend having no qualms or morals, then just say so.
Gabriela 3 aylar önce
@JudyCZ please, they were in a relationship for MONTHS before being caught. Pressured my ass.
Rikrobat 3 aylar önce
@Luis Luna - With all due respect, Ned calling it a consensual relationship is good for his PR. Where Alex lands on that side of the debate, I don't know, but I would take Ned's version of events with a grain of salt.
Hydin 3 aylar önce
@Sagi will, alex’s ex was also a victim
Hydin 3 aylar önce
She wasn’t a victim, to be clear i mean in this case she was not the victim. Her boyfriend and the wife were victims. Alex was not
Lego K
Lego K 3 aylar önce
I really appreciate how candid, mature and genuine they're being about all this
Lindsay Makowski
Lindsay Makowski 3 aylar önce
We also care because we care about Ariel and the kids and the shit they now have to deal with for basically forever
iamc4mii 3 aylar önce
After listening to this episode, it really made me realize how deep this situation is. Ned's relationship with his wife, kids, friends, and the company are tainted. So much has-- and is going to-- change more than we realize. It didn't really hit me how much content was going to change as well . And it's all because of Ned's actions. He messed up, and now EVERYONE has to pay for it. I just hope everyone involved gets the rest and love they deserve because this sucks all around :( Wish you guys the best
Starrlyn Kindrick
Starrlyn Kindrick Aylar önce
I have been a fan of the try guys for YEARS. Even since buzzfeed I loved them. I was so thrilled when they started their company and I’ve watched every video they’ve put out easily a hundred times . I always enjoyed their personalities (funny enough Ned annoyed me but he was still part of it). I always believed they were decent genuine guys but who knows with the Internet . When this first leaked I was shocked and I was really nervous for the remaining 3 members . The amount of healthy communication, poise, accountability, respect, just boss level handling shit these guys have been putting out I am blown away. I have never been a bigger fan than I am right now because of how you have handled this incident . It was a tragedy for the victims including the family and the other guys, but this has truly shown the world in the worst way just how incredibly genuine and amazing you 3 are . I am a forever fan 💚 and wish more people were like you .
Laikyn 4 aylar önce
“Almost like a trauma” As a therapist, I’d say this absolutely WAS a trauma. Someone that you trusted and love did something horrible that not only risked your livelihood, but it severely harmed you and people you love. It also led to you having to take on a huge burden of responsibility to clean up the mess. It absolutely is a trauma and you shouldn’t ever feel like you need to downplay it. It’s okay to feel traumatized by everything.
My Melody
My Melody 2 aylar önce
@i just want it all to be erased comprehension 0 How are you not embarrassed?????? How have you not deleted the comment
Poe the Queer
Poe the Queer 3 aylar önce
@Emily just bcs someone never died does not mean its not valid and it is ignorant i was bullied for years wich led to multiple mental health issues are you gonna stay just bcs im alive that means its not trauma?
Poe the Queer
Poe the Queer 3 aylar önce
@Emily Trauma is defined as anything that is distressing or a disturbing experience you can say what you want but by definition it IS trauma just bcs there are worse ways trauma happends does not mean what happend is any less valid but any therapist or psychologist will define this as trauma as that is the literal meaning as it was distressing for them
Emily 3 aylar önce
@Poe the Queer it’s not ignorant it’s called reality it’s cheating! Everyone is alive everyone will be fine (eventually) Ned and Alex have got what they deserved both of them are fired and will unlikely work in entertainment again , if the try guys totally crumbled because of it then I’d get it but they aren’t they’re going on , I think trauma is going over the top that’s just my opinion
Poe the Queer
Poe the Queer 3 aylar önce
@weebabyshakeus its not a joke its a fact trauma is defined as " a deeply distressing or disturbing experience" and this was a distressing situation for them not to mention they where also in charge of over a dozens people lively hood if the company failed after this
3 aylar önce
You guys literally couldn't have handled this better. Kudos.
Terra Glade
Terra Glade 2 aylar önce
Thanks for just ...talking about it. When i first saw the news i was worried y'all might gert cancelled over it. The internet is a mean and hungry place, but its also kind. Hard to tell which side will strike harder. Been around since the early buzzfeed days, hoping to be around for many more
aledale 3 aylar önce
This is legit trauma that you all have been though. I hope you’re proud of how you handled it and are able to take a break from all this soon 💔
Charlottesreadsthings 3 aylar önce
Having a massive unexpected shift in your daily life on both a personal and a work front can be incredibly upsetting. As they discussed here, one of them lost a massive amount of weight from the stress of what they've been through. Don't downplay that and laugh at it just because they're not the ones that you view should be affected by a situation.
Angeldreamzzz 3 aylar önce
That’s fucking hilarious. It’s not their trauma to have PTSD OVER 😂
Savannah Lisonbee
Savannah Lisonbee 3 aylar önce
I know they can’t talk about it rn and probably never will, but I’m so curious about how they confronted him after finding out. how did they even begin to do that? did they talk in person? if so I was i had been a fly on the wall in the room. have they tried to have individual conversations with him to express how much this hurt and betrayed their trust to try and get some closure?
Spencer Wilmore
Spencer Wilmore 4 aylar önce
SO bummed that Ariel probably won’t be in any more videos, which is understandable. Just fell in love with her and the moms this past year so this hits hard
Kulsoom Jawaid
Kulsoom Jawaid 4 aylar önce
@Christine Benson yes. I agree. Let's do that, please. Cheaters are inherently bad people. There is literally no situation where that is not true.
Siren Melkherisa
Siren Melkherisa 4 aylar önce
@Charleyeball she’s still a GROWN UP that SHOULD HAVE SAID NO He threatened her? Take your damn resume and run Not be a HOMEWRECKER
Brianna D
Brianna D 4 aylar önce
@Christine Benson it’s almost as if when you break someone’s trust on such a deep level by ignoring the vows and promise you made to be faithful, people don’t trust you to be a good person (because you aren’t).
Charleyeball 4 aylar önce
@Siren Melkherisa she was an employee. Period.
Siren Melkherisa
Siren Melkherisa 4 aylar önce
@Charleyeball Alex wasn’t an naive teen She was a grown 26 year old woman who knew better
Musicnotes 3 aylar önce
Zach writing a tv show?!?! That sounds awesome I hope one day it happens
aledale 3 aylar önce
In so many ways, your response to this is modeling for us how to practice active accountability while holding space for deep grief. I’m learning so much and appreciate you all so deeply. The Try Guys Try Managing a Public Scandal. You’re the Bill Nye of feelings and you have all my love and support ❤
Liz Xu
Liz Xu 3 aylar önce
I like how the term trypod now perfectly refers to the 3 remaining members
kstormgeistgem 3 aylar önce
i always did think it was a little _off_ before. yes, i know what it meant but part of my brain kept getting hung up on that tri means three, not four. four's a quad.
Rhiannon Wisniewski
Rhiannon Wisniewski 3 aylar önce
impressed with the thoughtfulness, maturity, emotional intelligence and well...bigness of these guys.
I'mHere! 4 aylar önce
the fact that the guys tried their best to process this as carefully as ever because they didn't want to be sued by Ned tells me that Ned would actually sue them if he could.
I'mHere! Aylar önce
@Ivy Stuart ivy babe, you dont have to make excuses for people who clearly fucked up by trying to say they're just trying to provide for their family. If he wanted to keep providing for said family, news flash, he just didn't have to cheat.
Delta Loraine
Delta Loraine 4 aylar önce
@asprings719 yeah hopefully not…it’s definitely got to be part of the reason why they haven’t said anything about her.
asprings719 4 aylar önce
Alex would be much more likely to have a case if they handled it poorly. I think that would have been the biggest fear on the lawyers part, but ned too for sure. None of them including Ned have ever named that it was Alex from what I have seen for this very reason. They are cautious because she would definitely have a lawsuit and if she decides to leave and doesnt have something to fall on I wouldn't be suprised if she tries that avenue. Hopefully not.
Katie 4 aylar önce
YEAH like he was already looking like a whole ass trash can but now he's a dumpster fire on legs. Throw the whole man away.
Ev 4 aylar önce
@Ivy Stuart it would make no sense to sue when they have evidence & his literal verbal confirmation that he, the boss, had a relationship w her, the employee…. HIS employee.. he would get no where if he tried to sue. SHE is the one who could sue if fired
Luniticarmor 2 aylar önce
This is my first time watching this podcast and I'm not watching it to be *oOoOoOOO drama,* I'm watching it because grew up with those 4 and I want to know the emotions they feel because you're all people to. You're all humans. I can't bear the thought of having all of this thrown down on you. I want to see the down-to-earth pair of the group be what their nature makes them be. I want to see the ones who I love watching be the ones I love watching, through good and bad. I want to see how much you've matured, like I have as well. I want to see the silly, idiotic idols I had and how much they've grown I hope *every* party had the support they deserve. For the wrong-doer, of course, I want what they deserve as well. For those who did nothing wrong, for those who have been hurt by it, I want them to be able to rely on each other with no fear. I don't want to forget this is a business, and I don't want anybody to either. This is their lives, their passion, their money, etc. *BUT* it has so much red tape. It has so much impact, it has so many scary things that could go wrong. This is a business, and they are people. They are *scared,* they are torn, they are in pain, they a grieving. I can't imagine any of this. Thank you. All of you, for the 8 years that I've had of your comedy and joy, and for hopefully many years in the future that I can show whoever I wish to.
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