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25 Şub 2024




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I know my opinion doesn't matter, but as someone who has known you guys for years and recently filmed a video with you... I am so proud of you. You truly all have handled this with such professionalism, respect, and dignity. From your honesty, to the heartfelt nature you've shared this with... you are amazing. Well done in the face of this horrible situation.
love you molly!!! thank you for saying what needed to be said!!! love your inspiring sweet content, keep going!!!
@breezy-duz-it Yıl önce
Omg hi Molly! Couldn’t agree with you more, in the face of all of this I’m even more proud to be a fan of them and I’m excited for the future ❤
@tonijackson8162 Yıl önce
love u ❤
Molly! No getting down on yourself! Your opinion SO matters!
@sydneyv.7798 Yıl önce
You’re the best Molly!
@rockymaxwell Yıl önce
Silver lining; The Try guys going from 4 to 3 makes more sense thematically. A Tryad, a Tryangle, a Tryfecta. A new era indeed.
@lizxu322 Yıl önce
Literally, Trypod too
@TheHugeDilEmma Yıl önce
The tri guys
@rqnbix4872 Yıl önce
@@TheHugeDilEmma yes!!
@marcd2743 Yıl önce
I think you mean a threesome.
@natoliven245 Yıl önce
fair BUT kwesi needs to be in the permanent cast like. rightnow
their transparency caught me so off gaurd because TRvidrs *never* do that. huge respect to the tryguys team.
Didn’t they try to hide this whole thing. But only AFTER it blew up, they went out with it?
@worrydarling Yıl önce
@@TheBiggestMoronYouKnow I believe what they meant about that month they didn't disclose anything is because this involved a sexual relationship between a boss/owner and an employee, it became a more complicated legal issue than a let's be honest with our audience issue. It opens the entire company (not just Ned) open to sexual harassment lawsuits. They also have contracts with other companies that could void them if they think their company could be involved in said harassment lawsuits. One wrong move and they could have lost everything.
@sammather8295 Yıl önce
That’s just how they are, they’re wonderful wholesome people who will stick to what they believe in. That’s why we all watch them right?
@feefeesmomma Yıl önce
@@grreeeeee this isn’t a scandal. It’s one guy who decided to cheat.
@@TheBiggestMoronYouKnow They directly address this in this episode. When there is an internal investigation, you CAN'T talk about it while the investigation is still happening. There are legal ramifications and it could interfere with the investigation. So they addressed it immediately within the company. But couldn't talk about it publicly until everything was settled and actions had been taken.
@catma9695 5 aylar önce
crazy how it’s been a WHOLE YEAR since the scandal that broke the internet
@PosaPunto 4 aylar önce
And Ariel still didn't divorce Ned. I don't know how she had the patience to deal with him for a whole year.
@syra1541 4 aylar önce
it was actually such a shock to the system
@tirkdiamond 4 aylar önce
​@@PosaPuntoI think they're sticking together and they're trying to make it work
@quantummidget 4 aylar önce
​@@PosaPunto Wes. They have a kid together and many people would try to work it out instead of have their child grow up in a broken home
@PosaPunto 4 aylar önce
@@quantummidget A marriage with parents with a broken relationship where the mother is unhappy IS a broken home. Anyone who have respect for themselves would have a divorce and wouldn't be a bad example for their children. You cheat, you have consequences. That's what the children should have seen but now they are going to be like their father when they grow up because they are going to see first hand that women always forgives men no matter what they do for their children. Now they are going to think they can do anything because they will not going to have any consequences. That kind of family is the worst.
@CatGreenfield Yıl önce
"I think the stages of grief... I think they're a circle." - Keith. This is awful. Such a betrayal of trust. So much love to Ariel and the babies, to the Try Team, and to the remaining Guys.
@mariee.5912 Yıl önce
He's joking but it's a circle.
@blushandberries624 9 aylar önce
It is often talked about as a circle in psychology
@danny2481 3 aylar önce
As a psychologist, Keith is correct. Grief is not linear, limited by time, and not truly 5 stages. That was more of a loose guideline by Kübler-Ross. It is definitely a spectrum and has infinite variations with infinite emotional/physical/spiritual phases.
@deanmcmurph9234 3 aylar önce
@@danny2481makes a lot of sense. My mom died 3 years ago and some days are fine and some are still like it just happened yesterday.
@CallHerCassie Yıl önce
Let Ariel know we LOVE HER
@ProjectOverman Yıl önce
How about the Alex’s fiance?
@yieshyeah Yıl önce
@@ProjectOverman fr i haven't seen much about the poor dude
@ProjectOverman Yıl önce
@@yieshyeah Yes, it is pretty sad how one sided the viewer’s sympathy has been. I think Ned is a POS but I also think Alex is as well. Unfortunately, accountability has also been one sided on this issue.
@amberly221 Yıl önce
We do feel horrible for Alex’s fiancé! We feel like we know Ariel whereas we don’t really know the fiancé. I honestly don’t even know his name. We watched Ariel build her house, have a baby, have a miscarriage, have a second child, help create a podcast. We’ve gotten to see into her world over the years. We have sympathy for both parties but we feel as if we are closer to one party.
@mariee.5912 Yıl önce
@@amberly221 yes
FOR THOSE ASKING ABOUT EUGENE: Eugene chose to step away from the podcast a long time ago. He is busy with personal projects and doesnt enjoy the open talk format because hes a more private person. His absence is not abnormal or a sign that hes leaving Try Guys. Just want to reassure people who don't usually follow the podcast and didn't know. This is normal.
most definitely. just how he is
@jewel8337 Yıl önce
omg thank u for this! i was so scared cause i thought eugene's gonna leave.
@@jewel8337 I know it seems worrying for people who dont normally watch the podcast, but its all good :)
Thank you for that!
@tofuteh2348 Yıl önce
Whats sad is that i had hope that he would come back to being a regular once he wae done with his projects, and he did say he liked being on the podcast but turns out he doesnt, or changed his mind. Ive always loved the episodes when eugene is on, especially keith + eugene episodes
I like that theyre leaving the door open for Ariel.
it reminds me so much the male characters in old movies... where they'd rally around those in need and protect them when they were at their most vulnerable.
@syra1541 4 aylar önce
​@@kstormgeistgem461try guys are all about that positive masculinity
@rebeccakeld1338 4 aylar önce
adult friendship loss is trauma like no other. would love to hear y'all explore it more-there's not tons out there
@SuperAmaku Yıl önce
So true!! I understand the topic is still fresh and they might not want to go into details, but I would love to hear more about friendship loss having experienced it myself
I second that. It’s so painful, and there is so little sad about it.
@Blue-mi1yh Yıl önce
That’s bullshit
@yossarian00 Yıl önce
That's not what trauma is.
@domeatown Yıl önce
Straight up. At this point they are almost like siblings. There was a time they'd spend like 24 hours a day sleeping and eating together. This is a family breakup, and yeah. It is genuinely traumatizing. The things they are describing is my descent when my dad died. It must be very traumatic. Because whether or not I know what they are feeling, I certainly know the signs.
@owenandrew7951 Yıl önce
This is such a healthy conversation between men about their mental health and as a man who struggles sharing with other men, I really appreciate it
@mm-b8012 Yıl önce
I feel like they have always been such a wonderful example of men being able to open up to each other and be emotionally vulnerable. That’s one of the reasons I loved watching them. The way they’ve handled this situation has just solidified that for me.
@crizx.x97 Yıl önce
I'm so happy to hear that you feel safe enough to share this with all of us. Thank you truly. You are not alone.
@indigoginzo9843 Yıl önce
@esobelisk3110 Yıl önce
@@indigoginzo9843 that’s nice
@caseywhite3150 Yıl önce
These are not men lol these are soy boys
@Maymer Yıl önce
"it was a workplace violation and that's that" this is just like a beautiful summary of how great zach is in this video. His usual video personality is kind of goofy and it was so nice to see the absolute practical Boss Style come out, really well done
@dumpsterbread Yıl önce
the fact that they are scared of lawsuits in this situation means things with ned must have ended pretty poorly and I'm so sorry for them for having to deal with that, but they are being so strong throughout this. This wouldn't be easy for anyone.
@livdil98 Yıl önce
Eugene's comment in the "what happened" video about them refusing to "sweep things under the rug" gave me the impression that Ned pushed for them to keep him on and ignore the affair
@kateparker5072 Yıl önce
i think the reason why lawsuits are a big factor in this situation is because ned was having a relationship (sexual?) with an employee of his and he was an employer. in corporate world that is a BIG no no because the employee can file for sexual harassment and it can get messy really fast. also they have to protect their employee that was involved. i feel so bad for them, this is a huge head/heart ache for them all.
@marloeberle2121 Yıl önce
My theory is that because Ned was a founding member of their company, they had to review his contract/agreement. There may have been some kind of buy out and in that they couldn't discuss certain things? I'm not sure how contract/cooperate law really works, but if he was part owner - they probably couldn't just fire him.
Ned was a nobody so fame just got into his head and wanted to try everything as if he was single
@@anonimochenta4439 he deserves to lose everything
@KirlyGirl98 Yıl önce
This is the definition of men holding other men accountable and I am so proud of them for it.
@theatticaddict Yıl önce
Why y’all always gotta make it a gendered thing
@libras_groove Yıl önce
@@theatticaddict because so many men never have consequences or repercussions for their mistakes and actions. just look at hollywood as an example edit: for the people replying saying hollywood isnt the real world- while thats true, again its an example. ive been sexually assaulted by a man and this man has gone on to marry and live his life as if nothing happened, no accountability or repercussions whatsoever. this shit happens in the real world
@mana-sx4xl Yıl önce
@@theatticaddict bc some men tend to cover up for their buddies and downplay it
@jspur22 Yıl önce
@@libras_groove Hollywood isn't real life lmfao. These dudes have know about it for over a year. Ned an Alex got caught by her boyfriend December of 2021. You can verify all of this.
@theatticaddict Yıl önce
@@libras_groove Agreed but that applies to women too
If this is how much the guys suffered through this, just imagine what Ariel must be going through.
@ahhhhhhh1407 Yıl önce
Not just Ariel, but their children to, that's a hard thing to explain to your kids. :(
@jagkreeks9201 Yıl önce
And Will!! A lot of people fail to mention Alex's ex fiancé and that's sad. She ruined a 10 year long relationship. I wish Ariel, Will, the kids and the try guys the best.
@munmun07 Yıl önce
@@ahhhhhhh1407 yes poor kids. they are so little and so much is going on. when they grow up it will be hard for them. imagine your father having affair and whole internet talking about it
@jwidelski3698 Yıl önce
I really hope Ariel sticks around. The Try Moms trying things has really helped me personally in the issues I have developed since becoming a mom as well. She and the other try moms gave me some more happiness and confidence in myself.
@keianao6369 Yıl önce
Technically the other ones are try wives, as they don't have children, only Ariel does. But I completely agree, they should definitely keep the podcast. Especially now more than ever when I think Ariel needs the most support and to surround herself with positive, caring people like Becky and Maggie!
@jwidelski3698 Yıl önce
@@keianao6369 no, I wasn't talking about Becky and Maggie. I was talking about the newer segments they were doing called the try moms specifically made for women with children. Thanks.
@EliSeventhRose Yıl önce
Rachel has been producing them and I love seeing her on the other side of the camera I hope Ariel keeps featuring but more Rachel too! And maybe Kwesi’s wife!
@munmun07 Yıl önce
@@keianao6369 they did motherhood things and were called try moms. i think you don't watch many videos maybe and came here commenting and made a fool of yourself
@entamology581 Yıl önce
@@munmun07 fam do you need to talk? why so riled up
@lizoliver6193 Yıl önce
I feel like Ned really stunted the brand. Already, in just a few months their content has been SO much better and so different. I love it! 😁
@calsrestarea 11 aylar önce
I totally agree. It just feels more positive and light??
@sharpaycutie2 8 aylar önce
I don’t know you personally and not trying to, but I feel like a lot of people love bringing up the whole I never like that person anyway talk whenever something controversial comes out about them and all of a sudden people all of a sudden are in lightened by these newfound suspicions but ours ago before this controversial even happened people were over here saying I love this person. He’s cool they’re great nerds, my favorite blah blah blah I just think it’s really interesting when all of a sudden somebody has something bad come out about them whether it’s true or not, all of a sudden people want to ride the heat train, and all of a sudden people have all this on bridal heat for this person that could not be found it anywhere prior to the controversial action.
@calsrestarea 8 aylar önce
@@sharpaycutie2 Honestly my dislike for him comes gradually. I got in to the try guys around 2016/2017 ish then they went to make their own company. I used to think “Ah, maybe Ned’s just like this” but time after time I find him annoying and a few times I got so jumpy because of what he said and how he reacted
@megan-wl1ym 7 aylar önce
@@sharpaycutie2i think it's interesting bc when this first came out i was extremely in denial but it definitely added up later that i didn't like him as much as i thought LMAO but i get what you're saying
@06contentment24 Aylar önce
Yeah I'm able to watch them again
@weluvb5 Yıl önce
I was never attached to Ned like I am with Keith, Eugene, and Zach; they all had different layers to their personality and Ned was just one-dimensional. I give my respect on how this was handled; as should every business. Also shame on SNL for that poor skit.
@ginao6810 8 aylar önce
The SNL skit was the most “OK Boomer” thing I’ve ever seen. So out of touch, so smug, old men protecting men from the repercussions of their shitty actions.
@girlgreenivy 3 aylar önce
It's so sad to see this happen. But speaking purely through the lens of the well-being of the company, it could have been worse. They could have lost Eugene, Keith or Zack. This is the least detrimental iteration of how this could have happened.
@athaya2992 2 aylar önce
@@girlgreenivy lowkey thats what i feel as well. couldnt imagine try guys without keith... :(
@alisterling499 3 aylar önce
Listening to this again a year later, I have to say this channel has only gotten better. I hope the trajectory continues, and that you guys have so much success moving forward!!!
@abigailsnail7 Aylar önce
Only thing I really miss is Ariel 😢 Hope she's doing well! She's so lovely, I hope maybe she gets her time to shine again or maybe she's done with the internet forever, in which case, I respect that too. Just sending her my best wishes
Imagine the downfall of your marriage being sponsored by DoorDash®️
@saraghhh Yıl önce
@NSAB120 Yıl önce
I’m dead. This is hilarious
@samanthicks Yıl önce
@KAOSO3 Yıl önce
Welcome to the future 😂😂😂
@nehaduggal5639 11 aylar önce
This issue didn't effect my favourite video from the Try Guys. Keith eating $500 of cheese is hands down my ultimate content. Waiting for a cheese re-visited
@GwenivereH04 5 aylar önce
thank God someone else feels deeply connected to Keith's cheese video 😭💛 I thought I was alone!
@Kali_Kali_003 5 aylar önce
I absolutely love that video and how feral Kelsey got with that jar cheese😂😂
@sadeenqardan4755 2 aylar önce
oh my god i thought i was the only one, i've seen that video over 20 times
@emilyantonia197 Yıl önce
I love how Zach can be the goofy airhead and the organised boss, at the same time!
Right? He's an amazing entertainer and a hugely responsible boss. He knows exactly where the line is.
@andebrown3800 Aylar önce
Same, that's why I love his personality. :)
It’s surreal because of the context, but I actually find myself coming back to this podcast episode a lot in timed I need comfort. Their willingness to talk candidly about their emotions and be as transparent as they were able to be about the situation is so nice to see. They dealt with this better than I’ve seen anyone in any comparable situation do so and I think that speaks to their compassion. Also, Keith talking about his anxiety going to public crowded places and Zach sort of nodding to affirm him was Very sweet ❤
@brynbailey7132 Yıl önce
I am currently watching this for like the 5th time because I agree its super comforting and they express their feelings and the behind the scenes stuff so well
@alaytheaherr Yıl önce
i'm here for that exact reason!!! it's not the rehashing of drama i'm interested in...for some reason, the way they talked about their emotions, anxiety, and grief is so comforting...
@tateak Yıl önce
agree! i’m watching it for the 3rd time. just something about how like this episode is ABOUT something too instead of just kinda random chatting for an hour
@beel.2209 Yıl önce
i thought i was the only one!!! i call it "comfort angst" because obviously i don't like the context but exactly like you said, the vulnerability and honesty is really refreshing and weirdly soothing
@glitterunicorn9043 10 aylar önce
I normally can’t sit thought videos longer then like 10 minutes, but i have watched this so many times i love how open they are
@AnnaJonass Yıl önce
I will not lie to you, I stopped watching the Try Guys because Ned was so creepy and was really irritating to me. He was the only one I didn't like so I stopped watching for a while, but thank God the boys are a solidified 3 person group and literal Tri-Guys. Yall got this, it's gonna be a fun new adventure!
to you too?!? i just thought it was my dark, bitchy side kicking in! i actually Just resubbed back on.
@arihong5370 Yıl önce
I thought it was just me!! I found him so indescribably creepy and weird; so I just stopped watching altogether.
@pixie9499 Yıl önce
i actually watched them since their very beginning & neds constant appearances around the time i stopped watching played a huge role, roughly 2020. i would watch the videos he wasn’t in and then i kinda just stopped all together. all of this drama brought me back & i’m so glad it did. i’ve had 2+ years of content to catch up on!💀😂
@nghosh91 Yıl önce
I'm glad I saw this comment. I found him insufferable and stopped watching them because I couldn't stand Ned and I thought I was being petty.
I felt this too. The energy was weird and bad from him. I didn’t enjoy his segments. I watched what featured the others more so over videos of all four and found myself trying to skip over neds parts
@angelicvega7040 Yıl önce
Ned not old destroyed his career, his family, and his reputation, but he also indirectly broke Zach’s dishwasher
@betatest5789 Yıl önce
@kelseyirene7620 Yıl önce
That was also my takeaway from the whole episode!!!
@mintjuuz Yıl önce
even the dishwasher was going through it
@anniemal8030 Yıl önce
And gave him ants and Keith horse flies
Zach, send the dishwasher repair bill and the pest control bill (ya got ants) over to Ned.
@CJGatsby 4 aylar önce
coming back to say that this did NOT ruin the tryguys for me. still love you guys. still love your content and admire you. thank you for being you!
@starspangledhiker 3 aylar önce
I became a fan through this. I like everyone other than Ned. Even watching back, he's fucking annoying. Him leaving was the best thing for the 3 talented ones.
@kwiggy5091 Yıl önce
I'd just like us to all collectively acknowledge that Miles has basically just instructed us to go touch grass
this is so insane but the cut to Keith in 26:19 putting on chapstick really sent me to the moon
@grannyfoshanny Yıl önce
Omg I WHEEZED at that, was so unexpected
@Ms.Anonymous Yıl önce
Honestly this whole thing that has happened has only made me realize how mature Keith, Zach and Eugene are. How professionally they handled the situation. How much thought they put into their decisions. After watching them be goofy and crazy for years I can really feel the growth of their characters as well So much respect for you guys Hope to see new awesome content from you guys
As someone who is chronically Ill, Ive been worried about Zach. This is most assuredly not only emotionally but physically taxing. All three of you need to make sure to stay hydrated, take your meds and just TRY and relax. I love you guys.
@KoriEmerson Yıl önce
As a fellow spoony .. pot..... Sooooooooo much pot.
@KellyHallock111 Yıl önce
Yep 😢 it worried me when he said he’s not been exercising. It’s so easy to not take care of our health when other things come up.
@cammrose Yıl önce
I feel like Zach, Keith and Eugene have set a new standard for how male managers respond to this kind of situation. I've seen so many sweep it under the rug, stand with their male colleague and force out the victim. The Try Guys have dealt this swiftly and with clarity
Agreed, wholeheartedly, however, I think Alexandria is in no way a victim in this situation
@cakes4494 Yıl önce
@@pavlinafricova2038 yeah the only thing i will say in her favor is that the power Dynamic did mean even if she wanted it badly it still isn't truly consent. There is always a power imbalance removing the consent. But for it to go on so long, i don't really thing this was something she didn't want.
@painkiller6630 Yıl önce
Just release a new hit song Tell me what you think 🔥🌪️🔥
How is the mistress a victim 😭😭😭 y'all are disrespectful to actual victims of abuse
@JudyCZ Yıl önce
@@SilverstreamPJ28 Because she was a subordinate. The power imbalance matters and there's no way for us outsiders to be able to judge if there really wasn't any pressure from Ned being Alexandria's boss.
@desireeknotts3855 9 aylar önce
months later, the only thing that still sucks about this change is i miss ariel lol yall have grown to even more INCREDIBLE heights the tryceratops' are so proud of yall
@rebekahneighbors 11 aylar önce
An immediate family member committed a crime that landed them 25 to life last year and it's been incredibly traumatic personally. It may seem weird to say, but a LOT of what y'all had to say has been very relatable. Thank you for being so honest and sharing how you've felt about everything. It's been genuinely therapeutic.
I’m so so sorry. That sounds awful omg :( ❤️‍🩹 keep strong, I know you will
@devino.6332 Yıl önce
"I think the stages of grief are a circle" absolutely and I feel like being super known on the internet restarts that grief cycle because everyone's talking about it and people might cross that line and ask and even interrogate you guys about it. I think this was the healthiest and best way to go about it, we're all super proud of you guys and want what's best for you going forward.
Zack is so well spoken. I’m so proud of all three of them for approaching this situation so maturely. Props!
Please don't stop doing Without a Recipe. Fill the fourth slot with a guest cook or a staff member and make it fun. Keith needs to get a season to bring back Daddy's Favorite
@calyago3312 Yıl önce
please don’t cancel it 😢
@QueYoshiyuki Yıl önce
Give me Kwasi. I want to see that man panic cook with my WHOLE heart.
@seannanana84 Yıl önce
I would love to see a guest each time it would be so fun!
@kayteeftw Yıl önce
Miles!! Add Miles to the roster!
@gwensawicki9653 Yıl önce
@baroozles 9 aylar önce
I’m dying to know what they said to Ned on a personal level and how they’re dealing with losing a friend.
@rebzyrebz308 9 aylar önce
Being a fly on the wall in that very first meeting would have been wild
@ginao6810 8 aylar önce
I’d love to know who told them. How did they find out? I’m assuming it wasn’t from reddit
@dlmbs 8 aylar önce
​@@ginao6810 pretty sure it wasn't considering they literally said they knew it first before everyone else did. I guess they knew through the partners since fans DMed Ariel and the girl's ex-fiancee
@carlotta4th 4 aylar önce
No offense but that's not of your business. These guys are public figures but they're also people who have some allotment of peivacy.
@rebzyrebz308 4 aylar önce
I don’t think any of us have an expectation to know, but we’ve likely all been through a breakup of some sort whether it’s friendship, romantic, work etc. and it would just be interesting to have been there- I wouldn’t want a looking back talk about it, as you say that’s their private moment to come to terms with it, but it doesn’t change that it would be interesting to have seen their reactions because they’re all such different personalities but they were also such close friends
@FaZerbaby 10 aylar önce
Y'all I can't believe that I forgot Ned exists, I've been watching all these new videos after he got kicked out and I accidentally clicked on an old one. What a shock it was when a real blast from the past started speaking 🤣🤣
@lays5277 10 aylar önce
Like a laffy taffy in Nostalgic Douche flavor
@iamfabulous57g Yıl önce
“We were the Bill Nye of this generation” what Keith said was SO TRUE!
i didnt even think of it that way but hes right
I got to see Keith in Rosemont, IL with Lewberger just a few days after they found out. Keith - I thought you were phenomenal just as is, but to know that you were also dealing with the turmoil of this issue - only a truly talented and professional can handle this with such grace. Much love to you and Zach, Eugene and the rest of your staff.
Keith talking about trees made me realize..... He should totally release a guided meditation. Even just the tiny snippet was so calm and soothing.
@na3rial Yıl önce
The fact that Zach was worried about Ned suing them if they did this "wrong" reveals to me something new about Ned that I'm not happy with
@owenjames877 Yıl önce
exactly what i was thinking. what kind of friend sues another friend, even under these circumstances? wack.
They've been friends with Ned for literally over a decade and everything-
Right? That would be some audacity.
@anais4627 Yıl önce
Don't take this the wrong way, Ned actions are horrible. But as a lawyer he has the right to not be dragged to filth by a company he was a co-founder, so if they did a "dramagedon" he could sue. But still... Ned values are in the wrong place so maybe he just will sue them as a vengeance who knows
@sarahbethh Yıl önce
idk i don't buy this. i'm not trying to defend the guy at all and i'm not saying he's not a shitty person but like this is a big messy situation professionally/legally and even if he did go with grace the company still needs to be careful
@julissadc9227 Yıl önce
I’m not a pretty naive person. I know that not everything on the internet is what it seems. But damn this really did catch me off guard. Out of all the things that are fake online, watching the Try Guys for years really made it seem as if though Ned had the utmost love and respect not only for Ariel, but for his best friends and their company that they’ve spent years building. It’s horrible and really popped out of nowhere, and I think it just reinforced the fact of how fake the internet could be for me and many fans. Hope Ariel is ok and that’s she’s good with her kids :((
@KellyHallock111 Yıl önce
Not just the internet but life. He wasn’t just an internet face to them and yet they weren’t prepared for all this. It’s why more and more I like dogs. They don’t fake who they are and just give love. Pups before people! 😉
@nyct0phile 4 aylar önce
whats so odd for me is ned used to be my "favorite" try guy because he appeared so openly monogomous, soft, and sweet, and now i really really struggle to see any video where hes in it (which is almost all of the old ones). im autistic but for me specifically (not generalizing all autistic people) i dont read social cues well and i tend to be overly trusting, idealize/see the best in people, and continuallymiss red flags (which in retrospect feel so apparent now, but i never saw them in the moment). its just hard because so many videos now are ruined for me, and the try guys were truly a safe space where i could watch lighthearted and safe/trigger-free videos. now i dont have as much of that. i am so happy with the way the channel has transformed though. it feels a lot less artificial/more authentic.
@maddym9370 5 aylar önce
I won’t lie, it took me a year to finally watch/listen to this. I was so broken hearted with the whole situation. I’m even more broken hearted for you guys. I love this little team and I hope you guys are doing well, 11 months after the scandal.
@ohfishelcactus5991 4 aylar önce
Dang, looks like I’m not the only one.
@HollyTrinnity Yıl önce
This gives such a good example of healthy masculinity because they’re being human, they’re being vulnerable. Thank you guys for being the TRvidrs we all love and deserve
@scentist_error 9 aylar önce
Bruh, the only comment you got is a f*cking bot. Allow me to change that and say that you're absolutely right, and I hope that many young teens will take these men as an example. The Try Guys deserve happiness, and Ned deserves the karma for hurting Ariel and putting his best friends' careers at risk.
It sounds like a divorce. The grief is real and needs to be worked through. I am so sorry for the loss you all have suffered, including Ned.
well, it actually kind of is on a business level, if not on a personal level. as they've said a couple of times, it's a break-up. and all that goes with that kind of mess as well.
@Maddy-nf4gr 4 aylar önce
Has almost been a year since this came out and y'alls probs won't see this but I just wanted to say that I'm here almost a year later watching this as a comfort video because I love how candid Keith, Zach and Miles are in this podcast. Y'alls really did handle this awesomely (from my no experience viewer standpoint heh). I'm happy that you guys have remained a source of comfort videos for me when my mental health is being a bit trash, don't worry it has gotten less trash over the years (tho have to shoutout a couple years back when my mental health was trash and y'alls droning on was getting me through my *hot girl mental health journey* days, I kid you not, I used to listen to y'alls while I weeded the backyard because I needed all the inputs to not panic). Thanks for the videos and podcasts, they've really come in handy over the years ❤
@laikyn533 Yıl önce
“Almost like a trauma” As a therapist, I’d say this absolutely WAS a trauma. Someone that you trusted and love did something horrible that not only risked your livelihood, but it severely harmed you and people you love. It also led to you having to take on a huge burden of responsibility to clean up the mess. It absolutely is a trauma and you shouldn’t ever feel like you need to downplay it. It’s okay to feel traumatized by everything.
@seannanana84 Yıl önce
Yea I was like bros this is trauma!! It's ok to process it as such!
@im sacred ..potatoes?
@AstarionWifey Yıl önce
@@seannanana84 that’s why I’m wondering Why didn’t they validate their own pain 😢
i'm surprised others are saying that they're overreacting, as if what they went through because of someone's selfish behavior was just normal. i made a video explaining this from an HR professional perspective / as this is beyond just being a scandal
@weebabyshakeus Yıl önce
It’s not. Please stop.
@julesjoyx Yıl önce
Sounds like the first month was kind of like watching a train coming at you in slow motion. Can’t imagine how much anxiety that caused y’all.
@lavane26 Yıl önce
I loved that at the end, they were like "we can't use Ned's closing thing anymore. HAVE A GOOD ASS WEEK!"
Super happy I decided to watch this. You guys are handling this very difficult situation exceptionally. Loads of respect for you guys.
same. i normally ignore videos like this or their apology video from other channels. too much is too much, ya know? but as i've said, i saw the sh!t storm and felt like i had to come back. i know i don't mean anything in the grand scheme of things but i figured they could use all the support they could get regardless of anything else. i used to be a fan of theirs way back on buzzflea'd and when they broke off on their own. i just sort of lost interest for a while n wandered off. hopefully, even an old fart like me can add positive karma in aid to the cause.
@kathryndeck3873 3 aylar önce
Coming back to watch this after Kieth did sell out his off broadway show 😢 proud of the growth from these guys 28:12
@XanTheNerd 10 aylar önce
Dude Olivia Rodrigos sour album got me through my last breakup Keith is so real for that. So sorry you guys ever had to go through this, you deserved so much better from your friend.
@snifferrr 10 aylar önce
i love working through things with it. it's so good for recovering from something
@ashleyjohnson1990 9 aylar önce
first time i heard the album i was like "damn this IS my high school breakup"
@glow2500 7 aylar önce
Me too man. Except it was a best friend breakup. Weirdly helped
@XanTheNerd 7 aylar önce
@@glow2500 music can be so helpful, have you heard her new song? I’m not sure if she’s released the new album yet or not but it’s so good!!!
@extra4542 Yıl önce
I truly don’t think this makes the Try Guys look bad. It only makes NED look bad. The rest of you have handled this with grace. And your first statement video was the best response to a scandal I’ve ever seen on TRvid. It felt genuine and sincere
@amberg4539 Yıl önce
Totally agree
@derp195 Yıl önce
Yeah, I think that must be a product of all of the internet drama hitting them really hard. Definitely doesn’t make them look bad at all.
@ZaynMalik-sq2li Yıl önce
All the hard work with lawyers for an entire month has definitely payed off 👏🏼
@julv5767 Yıl önce
It’s important for them to handle it well - because they were a team and need to solidify that they’re brand doesn’t stand for Ned’s behaviour
@sarah.supernova Yıl önce
100%. They’ve handled it so well on all fronts. This will definitely be used as a case review in future PR classes.
@legok6037 Yıl önce
I really appreciate how candid, mature and genuine they're being about all this
I just want to give Keith, Zach, and Eugene a big hug. Not just after all the drama, but just because they make me happy!
@autumnbeto2650 Yıl önce
I like the way that you guys mentioned that you were a part of our childhood. I’m in my 20’s now and it was definitely a shock to see a group that made my childhood self happy, now struggle with something so great. But you guys have handled it so well and I think all your fans will agree you will come out on top
@TheDuelLogs31 Yıl önce
I feel like everyone's next big question/plea is: PLEASE TELL US ARIEL IS COMING BACK TO YOU CAN SIT WITH US?!?! What a queen.
@bethany8734 Yıl önce
I really appreciate them acknowledging that fans are sad too. I haven’t watched the try guys in a while but I used to enjoy their videos and honestly Ned was my favorite to watch. I thought he was a great example of a loving husband and this news is so damn sad to me. It’s definitely a loss. It’s a loss of trust, it’s a loss of innocence… It may not affect a lot of us personally but it is one more person in our culture that failed at being faithful. It’s just a reminder that all people are fallible and not only that but 100% of us have flaws so we should be very careful about seeing celebrities as role models and symbols. Still, very sad for all involved. I pray everyone can heal and find ways to move on and have healthy futures.
Let’s be clear, the try guys didn’t lose our trust, Ned did. We still love and support you guys.
Alex also lost our trust. But yes, the three try guys are not at fault.
@rosehill9537 Yıl önce
This! We still trust the try guys the employees and Ariel. Sending love to them all. I won't add Alex as we dont know the whole story there. There was the boss employee factor so I'm careful on Her part in this atm.
@cherrymilk5590 Yıl önce
@@rosehill9537 she absolutely was at fault. They worked at BF together when they were co-workers, and she is a full grown ass woman. They have been friends for years. There is a degree of a power imbalance there now, but she is far from innocent. Plus, she had a fiance who has to deal with this whole thing.
@rosehill9537 Yıl önce
@@cherrymilk5590 i dont disagree. She has her responsibility for her actions. Im just being careful till all the facts are known.
@cherrymilk5590 Yıl önce
@@rosehill9537 totally makes sense, I agree. I'm definitely more mad at ned since we know he's the worst but I don't wanna speculate
@thesunsflower Yıl önce
I'm sorry but I really respect Keith's comment about how some people mess up and determining the consequences for the mistake can be rough. It's so easy to shame and pass judgement on someone, but as Keith said, we ALL fuck up! And to be honest, just because this incident was public shouldn't change the fact that our private fuck ups are just as bad, if not worse. It's terrible, don't get me wrong, but I will be the first to admit, I'm definitely not a Saint either...I'm just fortunate to not have my shit on blast.
@lizxu322 Yıl önce
I like how the term trypod now perfectly refers to the 3 remaining members
i always did think it was a little _off_ before. yes, i know what it meant but part of my brain kept getting hung up on that tri means three, not four. four's a quad.
@ggimoreno 2 aylar önce
I often come back to this episode, usually when I'm going through a stressfull situation.. idk, makes me feel comfy?
@taylorc.1212 Yıl önce
I really liked and hope everyone does this.. when Keith said imagine the time you made the biggest mistake of your life and imagine everyone knowing and taking about it and reminding you how awful you are, and how hard it would be. I did imagine that. and it truly is such an awful feeling. I really respect how although poor decisions were made, they were human decisions and they understand that and just want it over.
@BlamoStramo 9 aylar önce
they were specifically not talking about ned
@zaneplatt3533 2 aylar önce
​@BlamoStramo They should be. He didn't kill or rape someone. He had a consensual but very ill-advised and morally wrong relationship. People need to stop acting like he was a serial killer. Most of the people in the comments section have done worse (particularly the most judgemental).
@kerynmellett591 Yıl önce
I don't think for a second that everything was fake. Ned fucked up majorly, yes. But I think the relationships he had with Ariel and the guys are reeling because they were real. It makes me wonder what MAJOR issues Ned had to put himself and everyone else through this. Regardless, I won't ever stop watching the try guys. You really are the comfort channel, and maybe even more so because no ones life or experience is easy. Mine certainly hasn't been. Kudos to how much grace you've had through this season.. Much love to you all ❤
@oOoMiSSBiRDoOo Yıl önce
The amount of adults claiming to "not understand" why he was fired is alarming. Read your Employee Handbooks people!
@emmanights7599 Yıl önce
Fr my partner thought it was insane he was fired till he read that it was with his employee he was like 😮 I see 😂
@annettey4799 Yıl önce
They didn't know it was an employee and founder of the company whose brand was being a loving husband and father.
@MotoCurvesCurls Yıl önce
Exactly!!!! Most companies it is listed several times to sink in!!! It literally is a big deal and really frowned upon. The military will dishonorably discharge you over this same issue.
@oOoMiSSBiRDoOo Yıl önce
@@annettey4799 I guess I should have specified that I meant the adults in the comments.
@vee6802 Yıl önce
Where they at? Let's talk about these alarms.
@ba88tj Yıl önce
Watching this is so satisfying, so real and unfiltered especially coming out of the formality of the statement video. Great closure to the scandal, four-guy era and heck.. everything else going badly for anyone last month. Thank you!!!
@AJG854 5 aylar önce
I’ve watched the TryGuys since the Buzzfeed days… it’s been a year since this drama. I’m so proud of the guys. 💙💜💚
@Rhiawiz Yıl önce
impressed with the thoughtfulness, maturity, emotional intelligence and well...bigness of these guys.
@cbrown6508 Yıl önce
I feel for you, Miles. A few years ago I experienced a sudden loss in weight due to stress from a fallout in my group of friends. I hope you and the rest of the Try team are doing better now. 🙏
@user-fs2bs2ey5j Yıl önce
You guys literally couldn't have handled this better. Kudos.
@abbysc417 Yıl önce
I know so many people have said this, but if anything the official response to Ned’s scandal has STRENGTHENED my perception of the Try Guys brand. I am even more proud to be a fan because of the professionalism, candor, and empathy expressed by the Try team.
Yes, I just commented the same thing. If theyre worried about their brand they should know that this is one time when a scandal actually strengthens the brand. People have started watching try guys again and really appreciate the guys' handling of the situation
@rachelpdmusic Yıl önce
@noeinroad7294 Yıl önce
Couldn't agree with you more. It's a difficult situation but they're dealing with it head on while still being respectful of the people involved.
@Juliette055 Yıl önce
could not agree more, could not agree more. Couldn't have said it better myself
@katieporter5582 Yıl önce
could not have said it better myself
Y’all handled this situation so well and I’m really glad it hasn’t totally devastated everything you guys worked so hard to build.
@elliea9207 Yıl önce
Something I feel sorry for the boys about: watching Neds name in their phone dropping down, being texted less and less. Like in a friendship break up when you talked to that person every single day about your deepest, darkest secrets and now you don’t hear from them and they go from #1 in your messages all the way down, below the messages from spam companies etc. ugh :(
@RusticRonnie Yıl önce
Delete your text history with them, then you don’t have to see it
@ashleyjohnson1990 9 aylar önce
i've thought about that recently with zach's wedding. i'm sure ned and ariel were both supposed to be in the wedding. it's sad to lose someone you care so much about, even when it's the right thing to do.
@hope_is_music277 10 aylar önce
I really come back to this episode not because of the drama but them talking about their challenges helps in healing in some way. So thank you and we love you, you know that already. Plus, i really hope Ariel and the kids are fine and are living their best lives.
@Musicnotes399 Yıl önce
Zach writing a tv show?!?! That sounds awesome I hope one day it happens
@2222bearbear 2 aylar önce
also in case yall still look at these comments, for what it’s worth, i had to leave a job from a situation i observed happening and…it was not handled at all. and it broke my heart and was icky and scary and im glad we live in a world where people are realizing how important it is to do the right thing and sweeping stuff under the rug and intimidating people isn’t okay. making a safe good workplace is always worth it. every stupid hr rule has a reason for it and is there to keep people safe…
@lovesickcynic 4 aylar önce
Miles’ “No, Never.” At the end of this pod lives in my head rent free. Amazing delivery, from the heart 😅
@annabelle8205 Yıl önce
as a pr student, this scandal would be an incredible case study judging by how calmly and professionally everything was handled.
@I.YanaCeee Yıl önce
Honestly! Yes!
@annaskov5723 Yıl önce
Yeah. I'm not normally a Try Guys watcher. I've probably watched 4 of their videos ever, but I've been watching a little bit because they handled this so well, from both a PR and an ethical standpoint, and I think that should be rewarded
don't t hink that the guys would even think of 'this case' to be the one to use as case study..
@W.Rain. Yıl önce
Unfortunately in real life even from a pr perspective rare are the cases where being definitive is a possibility. (I've worked both full time and part time in pr for the past 10 years, mostly public organizations, some none profits and a startup or two in crisis)
@roshill2010 Yıl önce
Yeah definately go from all Sides. Ned for being a Hypocrite, Alex Herring for opening her legs even after knowing everything about Ned and his marriage, Ned's wife for not satisfying him maybe?... And their overall we love each other sabang selling BS to everyone. Both Ned and His wife Scammed millions. The reality is most men just wanna spread their lovin and can never be satisfied with one woman. Selling this BS not only harms the people getting into marriage but, only makes them see one side. I believe in Polygamy myself. But, the dude just had to honest and let the people know he wants a main and a couple of sides. Honesty. Horrible people all of em covered in a web of lies. Hope these pointers get you started in that case study of yours. Just be careful not to add the Polygamy part. It's not main stream enough and can get you cancelled. Free speech is slowly dying.
@punkymonkeymeag Yıl önce
"you can remember the good times" okay but Keith is now my therapist 🥺💗💔💗
@realpaigelayle Yıl önce
does it make anyone else sad that Zach said he hasn’t had time to even emotionally grieve yet cause they’ve all been so scared of the public eye and being socially correct so they wouldn’t lose fans and their livelihoods😩 it makes me so sad that they had to focus on not being cancelled instead of being shocked and sad and dealing with those emotions. social media and accountability today bothers me.
@saskiajawatts 6 aylar önce
"We're going to give ourselves permission to make content that is unfamiliar" - all hail the plog
@louykins Yıl önce
We also care because we care about Ariel and the kids and the shit they now have to deal with for basically forever
@vaaance710 Yıl önce
People who assume that they didn't immediately fire Ned because they only fired him after the backlash -- like they said, to fire someone at the top, they have to consult lawyers, HR, they probably have to consolidate and organize the evidence, interview employees, etc to avoid a potential lawsuit from Ned that could cost them millions. I think they could have briefly addressed that in the main channel since there's a minority of people who don't get it.
@carlotta4th 4 aylar önce
They said they launched an internal investigation, didn't they? Good enough.
Love that Zach made a tiny reference to ex buzzfeed employees using this situation as an opportunity to make it about themselves, there were so nasty and for what
True. It was totally unnecessary and just throwing gas into the fire. It was inconsiderate to Ariel and the little boys.
@poetryflow8413 Yıl önce
Eh everyone using the situation for attention, even the tri-guys. That social media for you.
@dahjiat.8562 Yıl önce
​@@poetryflow8413 its not ONLY about them, but it is kinda about them
@@poetryflow8413 true but this is something that directly relates to the try guys and their company so its very very fair (and wanted by the public) to hear their point of view - others (like the ex buzzfeed employees) who are not directly relevant to the situation but speaking on it personally does feel more exploitative yk
@tinacheers98 Yıl önce
@RatKing_Kenny 3 aylar önce
I’m not sure if any of the guys will see this since im a little late, but I seriously have been watching you guys since day 1. Since you guys were on buzzfeed. For a while a took a break off TRvid and wasn’t really watching the creators that I watched everyday. It was random one day i found out about this through twitter and i just couldn’t believe it. Especially since Ned was so good at convincing everyone about how deep his love was for his wife, mentioning her every video they uploaded. Just today I decided to take a look at their account again and I realize its been 5 years now since this channel has been made! Crazy! All i have to say, is the content is so different now, but it somehow feels more real. It feels less surface level and I love just how authentic Keith, Zachary and Eugene really are with their videos. I was expecting to return to the same old same old where they try out something together, but now they have all these little mini series going on…and they’re flourishing! It’s super super good to see. This whole Ned situation did not taint my view on you guys what so ever. If anything it made you guys stronger. You showed your fans that you care, and I realize that your content is now more aimed towards older audiences (For example Zach’s weekly weed strain series thing) I was super geeked to find this out and I most definitely will start watching the try guys again. Because im a stoner too ;)
@grumpsyb9191 2 aylar önce
@8:10 Keith describing grief and not even realizing 😢
@AliciaDeToffoli Yıl önce
In so many ways, your response to this is modeling for us how to practice active accountability while holding space for deep grief. I’m learning so much and appreciate you all so deeply. The Try Guys Try Managing a Public Scandal. You’re the Bill Nye of feelings and you have all my love and support ❤
The respect I have for the 3 of you and your team is just out of this world. You’ve been so real, so professional and transparent. I don’t know any group of people in social media that I watch that I have more utmost respect for. Love you guys.
@SEANALPURVIS 5 aylar önce
So i came here after i saw the announcement. Like six months after. I'm impressed that there was a purposeful separating of emotion and practical. That's one of the healthiest things i observed throughout this no doubt difficult morass. Good job. And now that you are changing and weathering i bet there are a ton of valuable lessons learned. Respect.
@Elisefo Yıl önce
Keith listening to Olivia Rodrigo to cope with this is truly so on brand yet weirdly absurd
@wonderlucky1912 Yıl önce
I remember Zach had mentioned before he liked Olivia Rodrigo’s music that he dedicated a whole without a recipe concept based on her Sour album. So I guess Zach introduce Olivia Rodrigo to Keith..🥹
@wonderlucky1912 Yıl önce
7:55 Zach mentioning Olivia Rodrigo’s Traitor song “You betrayed me…”🥺
@user-bn8tk4md6b Yıl önce
If anyone remembers Olivia used to follow just Ned on IG so chances are he was her fave member 😭
@wonderlucky1912 Yıl önce
@@user-bn8tk4md6b oh no! 😮 I wonder if Olivia knows and unfollowed him. Edit: I was not aware that Olivia doesn’t follow anyone on Instagram.
@@wonderlucky1912 she doesn’t follow anyone anymore
@ChocolateQuill 2 aylar önce
Okay. I can finally, FINALLY, after an entire year, watch this. Y'all handled this so friggin well given the circumstances.
@Olivia-kp3ob Yıl önce
I started watching this for more clarity on the situation but now I think I'm regular on the podcast I really enjoy their conversation
@09scarecrow Yıl önce
Same. And seeing Miles for more than a split second, it turns out he's a delight
@stacyhutton5187 5 aylar önce
I'm glad you are having a healthy discussion about it. That in itself is helpful. You are being a healthy reminder of how to talk about a situation like this.
@Justignorekas 8 aylar önce
I used to watch you guys all the time during a dark period of my life. Ned or no Ned the work you guys do is really important, laughter is so healing. Keep up the good fight!
@zoeroux4222 10 aylar önce
I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who stopped watching for a while because of Ned. I'm really happy you guys are moving forward and keeping the door extended for Ariel
@emilymoore2162 Yıl önce
I was in the middle of a class when the news broke and a girl stopped class and told everyone out loud and it was genuinely like absolute chaos in this upper level college seminar. You guys have made quite the impact on my generation.
@dysmissme7343 Yıl önce
I really respect how they take that impact seriously 💜
@graceelliot3959 Yıl önce
@Itsgoldengirloz Yıl önce
Fr the talk of the day at my job today haha
@SweetiePieVibes Yıl önce
That's pathetic.
@jordynsaxe8191 Yıl önce
Same thing happened with me and my friends except we are all teachers now and found out during planning
The way you guys handled this has been incredibly professional and respectful, and that has spoken leaps and bounds for who you are as people. I liked your stuff before but now I have a lot of respect for you.
@AliciaDeToffoli Yıl önce
This is legit trauma that you all have been though. I hope you’re proud of how you handled it and are able to take a break from all this soon 💔
That’s fucking hilarious. It’s not their trauma to have PTSD OVER 😂
Having a massive unexpected shift in your daily life on both a personal and a work front can be incredibly upsetting. As they discussed here, one of them lost a massive amount of weight from the stress of what they've been through. Don't downplay that and laugh at it just because they're not the ones that you view should be affected by a situation.
@afckingegg7585 9 aylar önce
​@@angeldreamzzz9692 it's well known by psychologists and people with common sense and empathy that you can get PTSD and trauma from bad things happening to people around you.
@Greenie225 27 gün önce
As A Sufferer Of Real Trauma You’re Being Very Insulting.
Zach just spitting facts through out the video 😭
Being one of those you impacted at a young age for the better, who stepped away from you guys because I just became an adult, life got busy, so on and so forth, I’m so sorry you found out that you had such a big impact on people in that way. Regardless of all of the content, I’m glad that you approached it the way you did, I’m glad you explained PR, I’m glad you handled it the way you did. I really hope you guys are able to heal from here on out!!!
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