Ohio State Football Hardest Hits Compilation

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A compilation of the biggest hits in OSU history, plays are in order from most recent to oldest.

Shoutout to channels like Colton Denning and SteelBuck 6 for making it a lot easier to find highlights of the older games




23 Nis 2021




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Ethan Perry
Ethan Perry Yıl önce
I still remember how terrible that targeting call was on Denzel Ward vs Maryland
Conner Fyffe
Conner Fyffe Yıl önce
@Jaxon Detty i know that changed the whole game
BuckeyeVR Yıl önce
@Mark Adkins same, everyone was booing for about 10 minutes afterwards
Mark Adkins
Mark Adkins Yıl önce
I was at that game
Big Boy
Big Boy Yıl önce
Yes that call was more bullshit than bullshit
Adam H.
Adam H. Yıl önce
That hit from Josh Proctor on Jack Coan was legendary. I can’t believe that dude thought he was gonna make the end zone on that. Run out of bounds man, that’s what you get for trying to score a TD in garbage time when it doesn’t matter.
jay bee
jay bee 3 aylar önce
that was one of my favorite moments of the last five or six years in football. dude didn't throw it away and give his team another play, AND chose to take on a massive hit. truly fabulous representation of wisconsin quarterbacking
Himes Josh
Himes Josh Yıl önce
Man do I miss Keith Jackson. " Katzenmoyer almost killed him!" The best announcer ever.
Chris Sams
Chris Sams 2 aylar önce
Keith Jackson was my makes remember my childhood 😭
lloyd kline
lloyd kline 6 aylar önce
Keith jackson ❤️ him the greatest college football boardcaster ever
Richard Dexter
Richard Dexter Yıl önce
I'll take Gus Johnson anytime.
Nathan Hileman
Nathan Hileman Yıl önce
When Brutus covers his eyes, you KNOW it's a hard hit! That Denzel Ward hit against Maryland is just wicked! Hits like that are why I play right couch cushion and watch on TV lol
MSM95J Yıl önce
Man Ryan Shazier was insanely good. Had injuries not plague him he would be one of the best in the NFL I believe
Tony Ginnetti
Tony Ginnetti Yıl önce
That hit by Zack Dumas at the 10:00 mark had ME in pain! That has to be one of the all time most ferocious hits ever in college football!
Horses & HP
Horses & HP Aylar önce
yes it looks like that was painful!!
Duzzit Matter
Duzzit Matter 2 aylar önce
Watched that game live back in the day. That hit has stuck with me as one of the best I’ve ever seen in football.
Lew-e Yıl önce
wonderful compilation. Had 3 of my favorite. The big Kat vs mizzou, Here Comes Dumas!, and the hit on the badger qb to end the game. Ive watched all 3 of those quite a few times on their own :)
Jim Frankovich
Jim Frankovich Yıl önce
God blessed me with having grown up a Buckeye. Oh I might live in Texas but I follow my Buckeyes every SINGLE game. Bucks for life.
Nikhil Patel
Nikhil Patel 3 aylar önce
@Tony Hogan I O babyyyyy
lloyd kline
lloyd kline 6 aylar önce
❤️ ohio state fight song
Tony Hogan
Tony Hogan 8 aylar önce
Derrick Erman
Derrick Erman Yıl önce
These are all so good but my favorite calls have to be “You got barbecue back there?” and the “...nailed him at the 20 and planted him like a cheap flower!” Both of which I want to blow up pictures of and put in my house
C Wilson
C Wilson 6 aylar önce
Hurt. My. Feelings.
Cameron Evans
Cameron Evans 7 aylar önce
@Evan's Easy Japanese that’s the best announcer in the nfl for you lmfao no meaning just for fun and makes it funny
Evan's Easy Japanese
What in the flaming hell does "You got barbecue back there and didn't invite me?!" even mean? I love it, but wtf?
Clay Warner
Clay Warner Yıl önce
i was at that game
Jackyc1234 Clark
Jackyc1234 Clark Yıl önce
Almost killed him .
Jim Frankovich
Jim Frankovich Yıl önce
I was just thinking about how many great players that have played for The Ohio State University. Dam ,that's alot. I remember as a kid my friends and I would make our dream team together using only Buckeyes. Every single position on the field was covered with the best players. So who would make up your own dream team consisting of only Buckeyes? Hint, it's harder than you think. There's so many. LOL
Alessandra Pirelli
The Dumas hit was legendary. But the Big Kat was my favorite ... imagine if he had the nastiness of a Tatum or Lambert? At 6-3 260 lbs he was lightning quick! Too bad his injury ended his NFL career so quickly.
Antonio Sciara
Antonio Sciara 9 aylar önce
He was pretty nasty though. He was aggressive
Down Them Tracks
Down Them Tracks Yıl önce
"Josh Proctor says I got my business socks on!" 🤣🤣🤣
Mick Laid
Mick Laid Yıl önce
That shit took me out 😭
No Spam
No Spam Yıl önce
Haha, some good stuff in here. Proctor nailing Wisky's QB to end the game is classic. Doss was a monster. Dumas should probably have been charged. ;) But that Katzenmoyer hit changed the complexion of the game. It was an away game for us, and Jones was a Heisman trophy candidate until that hit.
Jared Yıl önce
Zeke really laid out Raheem Mostert lol
Kevin Yıl önce
Oh my gosh that Zack Dumas hit!
switcheroo 7 aylar önce
That's dudes insides had to be scrambled
Dust Devil Rage
Dust Devil Rage Yıl önce
He would have been tossed for targeting.
Jon White
Jon White Yıl önce
@CB Highlights of all time.
CB Highlights
CB Highlights Yıl önce
without a doubt one of the biggest hits ever
Richard Dexter
Richard Dexter Yıl önce
And yet, you missed Miyan Williams' run against Clemson. But if we're lucky, we'll see some more of that this season. Loved the Jack Tatum hit, too!
AJ Reynolds
AJ Reynolds Yıl önce
Gus Johnson is a national treasure
Eddie Suttle
Eddie Suttle Yıl önce
No hit will ever be as hard as that one dude who sent that Auburn player in to another dimension lmafo.
Thomas Caserta
Thomas Caserta Yıl önce
That hit Katz had in that Mizzou game was big. That qb was running all over us and that hit stopped all that lol
jd131m Yıl önce
Don't get me wrong, I love Ryan Shazier. He's one of my all time favorite Buckeyes buy that hit is exactly the kind of tackle that got him paralyzed. ☹️
Daron Leslie
Daron Leslie 2 aylar önce
@The Senate he struggles to walk...
The Senate
The Senate Yıl önce
Is he paralyzed now? Hell no he's thriving. But he cares about his health just like Luke keuchly.
Donald Shaffer
Donald Shaffer Yıl önce
Great to walk down memory lane, hits by Doss, Hawk, Katzenmoyer, those were the guys I grew up watching.
marc dicenzo
marc dicenzo Yıl önce
3:55 Ryan Shazier hit him so hard he hit got knocked down twice.
Tom Ace
Tom Ace Yıl önce
The Zack Dumas hit changed my life.
Mark Rheins
Mark Rheins Yıl önce
In today’s game, Dumas would’ve been arrested after that hit!!! 👀
Mack Avelli
Mack Avelli Yıl önce
“Katzenmoyer almost killed him “.
Green Eggs
Green Eggs Yıl önce
I liked the Michigan ones the best 😉
Dan Withum
Dan Withum Yıl önce
Proctor sends to the doctor!
Evan's Easy Japanese
Proctor and Gamble.
Old Ben
Old Ben 10 aylar önce
We needed Josh Proctor so bad this year
John Taylor
John Taylor Yıl önce
I love me some Buckeyes defense from downunder
Antonio Sciara
Antonio Sciara 9 aylar önce
The Dumas hit....hahahaha. And his reaction afterward. When football was football. He's easily tossed for targeting today
Shamon Armstead
Shamon Armstead 8 aylar önce
I loved watching Andy the Big Kat...man that dude was trying to kill u every damn down! My man Mike Doss was hitting like that since we played Pee Wee League! He was a dope tailback actually. Man every game u look up and he's burning dudes down the field. I would look away from our game just for a moment if we were playing the next field over, cause their crowd was always so wild whenever he got loose! Andy , Doss, Denzel Ward, Cardale, bro I'm telling u it's nothing like growing up playing football in Ohio!
chalkywhite231 Yıl önce
great job but you missed a couple. 2000 mike doss hit @illinois that gave the illini qb a concussion. also tito paul ‘92 or ‘93 had a hit on punt coverage on a derek mason return in east lansing michigan state.
Brian Madison
Brian Madison Yıl önce
Shazier was so good.
Jim Frankovich
Jim Frankovich Yıl önce
The Dumas hit was so freaking awesome. My favorite,,,I think, there's so many though. LOL
Ronald Wong
Ronald Wong Yıl önce
Perhaps add Will Allen hit in McGahee. Blew him up, legal hit, textbook, devastated the Canes
Virginia Capital Coasters
Proctor needs to teach the rest of the Ohio State defensive backfield how to tackle.
Norman Jouett
Norman Jouett 6 aylar önce
That Cardell Jones tackle was awesome.
Baller King
Baller King Yıl önce
RIP to Raheem mosert who got hit stick zeek
August James Tobin Warrick
I constantly come back to this video because I love seeing these big hits! I also just saw a post saying “Ohio State has no class”. I looked at the page and saw it was a Shitigan fan, obviously. Obviously, as Ohio State fans we all think Shitigan has no class. So, I immediately came to this video to watch every Shitigan player get leveled by our Buckeyes. Made me smile. GO BUCKS!!!!
Jackyc1234 Clark
Jackyc1234 Clark 5 aylar önce
How hungry you think Proctor is gonna be this season ? Absolutely cannot wait to see him play . A few guys left out of the video , like Donte Whitner .
nick 8 aylar önce
3:39 shazier has been tackling with the top of his head since college. He's lucky that he can even walk.
Nicole Morgan
Nicole Morgan Aylar önce
I love the Ohio state 😍
Kpg_ Spazz
Kpg_ Spazz Yıl önce
Denzel will always have the hardest hit to me
Yo i love being reminded how good we are
blueblackred11 Yıl önce
I remember being in person for a couple big Tito Paul hits. maybe for the pt 2 🙏
Slam Adams
Slam Adams Yıl önce
I wish there was film of Tatum cracking Leroy Keyes.
jimmy5634 Yıl önce
Any of these hard hits on the Missed-again Woefulverines are an instant replay for me. Yummmy!
Port Port Yeehaw
Port Port Yeehaw Yıl önce
If i were against katzenmoyer and saw him charging at me i would be scared for my life
Big Boy
Big Boy Yıl önce
I would run the other way
LardGreystoke Yıl önce
I worked with a guy who played against him in high school. He said "Katzenmoyer broke me."
King Keltic
King Keltic 6 aylar önce
I think Dumas's hit is one of the biggest hits I've ever seen.
Meatball Sub
Meatball Sub Yıl önce
5:05 that was a hard hit, that was just reflecting the guy, and he did it out of bounds
Bradley D
Bradley D Yıl önce
Not sure how you don't include Joey Bosa hitting the RB into the QB in overtime against Penn State in 2014.
Bradley D
Bradley D Yıl önce
@Vee 10 I think you need to watch it again. trvid.com/video/video-z9EcgQ_Xjpk.html It was the RB (#22), not an O-lineman.
Vee 10
Vee 10 Yıl önce
@Bradley D No RB. Bosa pushed the O-lineman into the QB who fell to his knee (in 2OT).
Al Quinn
Al Quinn Yıl önce
@Scott Bradley yeah the only violence was the “blocker” getting blown up. Correct, the Qb took a knee albeit forced into that position. Game over!!
Scott Bradley
Scott Bradley Yıl önce
@Al Quinn “big hit” suggests violence. It was a big play but I’ve seen fish placed on a grill harder than when the QB’s knee hit the turf.
Al Quinn
Al Quinn Yıl önce
I guess unless the tackled isn’t bleeding from his ears it doesn’t count. The Bosa tackle to end overtime at penn state! Are you kidding me! One of the greatest plays if not hits of all time
John Richmond
John Richmond 2 aylar önce
Wish there were some Jack Tatum clips. He was a beast.
Kaden Smith
Kaden Smith Yıl önce
Damn I forgot cam Hayward played for Ohio
Seelan E
Seelan E Yıl önce
Katzenmoyer type LB needed
Christopher Lewis
3:37 "Planted him like a cheap flower!"
Can you not?
Can you not? Yıl önce
Zack Dumas' hit was vicious.
Jon White
Jon White Yıl önce
The Hit on the Bama guy was a FUMBLE by the way wasn't reviewed and shoulda been . So was one on Clempson scoop n score. It was reviewed and still got it WRONG. Put the P in Clemp intentionally too.
American Savage211
@Kameron Roper more like jail time from that and a possibly getting sued
Kameron Roper
Kameron Roper Yıl önce
@American Savage211 you're getting a whole suspension for something like that today lmao
Matt Ryan
Matt Ryan Yıl önce
This is my favorite OSU Hit of all time!!!!
American Savage211
That would be an automatic disqualification today
Malter Dwight
Malter Dwight Aylar önce
So sad how things turned out for Shazier. He was gonna be a great one.
Scott Bradley
Scott Bradley Yıl önce
Cardale “the decapitator” Jones.
Isaiah Israel
Isaiah Israel Yıl önce
3:58 I think the QB glitched after the hit.
Kameron Roper
Kameron Roper 9 aylar önce
Josh Proctor is insane lmao
Todd Garrett
Todd Garrett Yıl önce
I love Josh Proctor man
Riff Yıl önce
In Todays Football. Hit Number 1: Head to Head-41 Ejected 2: 41 Ejected
Jackyc1234 Clark
Jackyc1234 Clark Yıl önce
Antoine Winfield gets 1 ? C'mon now .
THE Block-O
THE Block-O Yıl önce
Proctor reminders me of Mike Doss
Dee Spasojevic
Dee Spasojevic Yıl önce
So nice to see all these young men getting baptized!
jay bee
jay bee 3 aylar önce
katzenmoyer was like the mike tyson of college football
Glen 3 aylar önce
I can't wait to see a healthy Josh Proctor play this year. BOOM!
Horses & HP
Horses & HP Aylar önce
My favorite was Elliott's kick off return slam!
Kyle NutTree
Kyle NutTree 9 aylar önce
Mike Doss was vicious
R M Yıl önce
2:03 Cardale Jones laying a guy out. Monheim coming over like he's going to do something on what was a clean hit. GTFOH Monheim.
Joseph Mann
Joseph Mann 10 aylar önce
Did you know the guy he hit was his old high school teammate they played together at Glenville High School in Cleveland Ohio
Himes Josh
Himes Josh Yıl önce
Shazier sent the Cal QB to outer space
dj Yıl önce
2:01 in another world cardell jones is a d linemen
Lil Pudge
Lil Pudge Yıl önce
That Zeke hit as a freshman was STUPID.
Human Yıl önce
And the targeting call when we lost to Clemson in like 2019
Tony Hogan
Tony Hogan 8 aylar önce
Some of those plays are personal fouls today. I like protecting all these young men . But talk about Johnny on the spot defensive plays . TonyBuck23
Andrew bowers LAG
Andrew bowers LAG 8 aylar önce
Gus is so good at commentating OSU games
FootballForever 3 gün önce
9:40 he almost killed em
Jackyc1234 Clark
Jackyc1234 Clark 16 gün önce
Donte Whitner needs to be included .
Molon Labe
Molon Labe Yıl önce
Proctor...the hit doctor!
Deb Oliver
Deb Oliver 9 aylar önce
Coan had to be in a coma for several days!! Wow!! Great hit!!
Uncle Rico
Uncle Rico Yıl önce
3:26 slow the playback speed. Even his own cheerleader is laughing at him
Luke A
Luke A Yıl önce
I'd love to go to a Buckeye game this year but Tickets are going to be like $300-500 a piece for tickets because they'll be 100% most likely
JH 4 gün önce
My favorite I saw live from the Alamo Bowl. Even Lee Corse got excited! trvid.com/u-clipUgkxS_Hd7VDhJib9b3ejRvStlxJ2cEjRUXzI
S.E. PRODz Aylar önce
Notice how there’s a lot of Michigan players getting slammed. best rival ever
ZenX 2 aylar önce
I got hit hard last night bro😢
Michael Inglish
Michael Inglish Yıl önce
Tito Paul’s hit against Michigan State punt returner. Prob greatest I’ve seen. Look it up and check it out!!!
Shark in the woods
Jackyc1234 Clark
Jackyc1234 Clark 5 aylar önce
Cardale is 12 Gauge on offense and defense !!!
Deviron Jefferson
How to stop Ohio state big hits: run out of bounds
GrantG 6 aylar önce
Aj hawk was a menace!!!
Rhoetus Ochten
Rhoetus Ochten Yıl önce
You had me at the thumbnail
John Barton
John Barton Yıl önce
Everyone of those guy's had the same question. What hit me that's easy F train hit you.
Travis Sloan
Travis Sloan 5 aylar önce
Funny how the announcer said to move zeke to defense…
Mike Smith
Mike Smith Yıl önce
Come on, man. only one fuzzy black and white shot of Jack Tatum? The hardest hitter of all time deserves more respect than that. How about some color footage of Tate delivering a blow...
LardGreystoke Yıl önce
There's footage of OJ Simpson getting hit in the 1969 Rose Bowl. Curt Gowdy, who got every call wrong, said it was Tatum but it was Tim Anderson. Tatum-style form though.
MattBuckeyeGuy Yıl önce
Sorry about the quality on that one, his hit in the first quarter of the 68' Michigan game is one of my favorite hits ever but I wasn't able to find it in color unfortunately. I would of liked to have included more but there isn't much footage of his college days on the internet. If I find more I'll definitely put it in another video.
Jonny W
Jonny W 7 aylar önce
The Josh Proctor show 🥊
dj Yıl önce
god i wish proctor wasn’t injured
Burnell Brown
Burnell Brown Yıl önce
I love my Bukkeyes
Cameron Evans
Cameron Evans 7 aylar önce
Man oh man sucks that proctor got hurt against Oregon with stroud woulda been a good year for more of his hits bruh they were freakin nutty.
August James Tobin Warrick
Gus Johnson 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
Ro L. Peace
Ro L. Peace 3 aylar önce
Missed the Werner on Robinson tackle. OSU vs Nebraska
Otis Greer
Otis Greer Yıl önce
Don’t know why the Michigan tight end was upset. The Ohio St kid was just playing hard nose football. Something they wouldn’t know about in Ann Arbor these days.
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