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🤦‍♂️ it's a good thing they're streamers...
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Sav.W0 Aylar önce
Michael almost immediately breaking character was inevitable
Tabletandroids 4 gün önce
Whos michael
Adam Aylar önce
Michael saying some strong words 🤜🤛👍
Kenzo Niwa
Kenzo Niwa Aylar önce
absolute legend
Grey Grim
Grey Grim Aylar önce
15:23 nah tiffany a baddie wtf, her @ please and thank you
Det Blå Lyn
Det Blå Lyn Aylar önce
No Michael only Chet
Just an inkling
Just an inkling Aylar önce
Poki is how customer service people try to act, Lily is what we all feel
@Klemsin well if you take it that way sure, but this is literally anyone in retail or customer service, can't exactly be NOT how she acts, otherwise you can get fired, gotta stay friendly and useful, or else you risk the big ollll firing. that or they might do what some places are starting to do when they don't want to fire you, and just slowly cut your hours to the point of nothing in hopes you just quit. because thats great :)
Klemsin 15 gün önce
I like that you indirectly called Poki fake 😂
Moji 20 gün önce
lma fr
Itzdaniellfury._ [Dream Stans]
Poki is like good manager when customer come to order
Dezzzybug Aylar önce
too real LOL
Just Another YouTube Doofus
The shift between Poki calmly greeting the customers to the chaos of the kitchen, 10/10
lhu09 21 gün önce
Except that u see that long line of people just waiting for their drinks😂
Dayanariverraa Aylar önce
The chaos being 4 feet away 🤣
Maxim Lavrenko
Maxim Lavrenko Aylar önce
@Grey Grimtouch grass
AntonOnTop Aylar önce
@Grey Grim fr tho
Grey Grim
Grey Grim Aylar önce
15:23 nah tiffany a baddie wtf, her @ please and thank you
DyscoT Aylar önce
As a Starbucks employee seeing Michael use the blender with no cap gave me war flash backs
Monga 27 gün önce
Who's Michael? I only know chet
Christian Correa
Christian Correa Aylar önce
reminds me of the frappuccino that ended up in the ceiling at my store lmao
Angelina Baker
Angelina Baker Aylar önce
@DyscoT I am so sorry, fam 😭😭
DyscoT Aylar önce
@Angelina Baker fair but it was like 14 degrees out lmao it doesn't help that it was 10 minutes before we closed lmaooo
Angelina Baker
Angelina Baker Aylar önce
@DyscoTBROOO I would have simply sat outside for the day
Segehagaf Aylar önce
We all know if toast were here he would memorize all the recipes instantly😂
Feli 3 gün önce
Truue i remember that horror Game, toast is truly employee of the month
Nerdy By Nature
Nerdy By Nature Aylar önce
@Sure, Indubitably! so why didn't they fail so hard then?
Jeremie Evans
Jeremie Evans Aylar önce
Lolll true 🤣 or heed troll so hard 🤣
Sure, Indubitably!
Sure, Indubitably! Aylar önce
"Tryharding everything to perfection" is the Asian motto after all
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith Aylar önce
as a barista, they accurately went through all the emotions we go through on a daily basis lmaoo specifically the confusion when that guy ordered water and boba - i often get people who order water with whipped cream on top and that reaction from Lily was spot on lmao
Matthew C
Matthew C Aylar önce
if im not mistaken people get water with whipped cream for dogs alot of the time
Meili Yinhua
Meili Yinhua Aylar önce
as a service worker, the amount of times we go "what the fuck is this?" to our coworkers and then turn around and give the order with a smile is huge
Wen Pham
Wen Pham Aylar önce
As an ex boba employee... it's too relatable watching lily have a mental break down.
aþer Aylar önce
I don't work at a Boba shop yet I have one mental breakdown every 2 weeks
Grey Grim
Grey Grim Aylar önce
15:23 nah tiffany a baddie wtf, her @ please and thank you
Waskow Creations Art
23:00 welp good thing they stream 😂
Familywifiuser Aylar önce
Todd Davidson
Todd Davidson Aylar önce
If your Reading this I sow Prayer seeds of Mighty Rivers of Blessings, Favor, Prosperity, Success, Grace, Protection, Love, Joy, Happiness, Peace, Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding and Good Health to You and your Kids Kids Forevermore 222
Anton Aylar önce
John looks like a father teaching his kids how to run a milk tea business
AC 12 gün önce
@Grey Grim Anyone knows her name please?
Grey Grim
Grey Grim Aylar önce
15:23 nah tiffany a baddie wtf, her @ please and thank you
ash Aylar önce
especially height wise, that scene where he explains (20:10)that all the people will come was so hilarious
Sure, Indubitably!
Sure, Indubitably! Aylar önce
They should learn from Ayato ngl
andymion Aylar önce
13:27 I don't know if Brodin did this on purpose but interviewing Lily right next to the caramel she needed so badly earlier. Perfection.
Aurora Animates
Aurora Animates 12 gün önce
@Derek Wilhelm everyone in the UK calls it caramel I think in America you guys have multiple ways of saying it throughout the states I would assume
🔺Gryphon's Heed🔺
​@Eli This..
Eli Aylar önce
Knowing him, he did it on purpose
Derek Wilhelm
Derek Wilhelm Aylar önce
@Mako M240 Very interesting! and I'm sure it can vary in other English speaking areas as well. Thank you!
Mike Chin
Mike Chin Aylar önce
That's the refill, I assume they put it in a squirt bottle of some sort usually
Pavel Medbery
Pavel Medbery Aylar önce
I love how quickly this devolved from a funny skit, to full blown panic and sheer determination to not mess up the orders and get through 200 boba teas in a reasonable amount of time.
Jerbear Lee
Jerbear Lee Aylar önce
I would watch the full 8 hour shift of them working because I feel like towards the end they were actually taking it seriously and just in a groove or a living nightmare 😂
Gabrielle Chanel
Gabrielle Chanel Aylar önce
@Dhairiya Sundar they uploaded the BTS + bloopers on Patreon
Rae T
Rae T Aylar önce
@Dhairiya Sundar I think they do some on patreon
Dhairiya Sundar
Dhairiya Sundar Aylar önce
I wish they had a separate channel for bloopers and extended versions.
Capitan Ones
Capitan Ones Aylar önce
Oddly a proper staff John- the level headed manager keeping the staff flowing Chet-the guy that no one knows how long he’s been there or how he got hired Yavone-the one who got hired to support her twitch career and is still there 10 years later 💚💚 Lily-the new hire Poki-the costumer service professional
Capitan Ones
Capitan Ones Aylar önce
@schnitzel went 14 days w/o knowing autocorrect got me 💀
schnitzel Aylar önce
(just so you know it's spelt yvonne not yavone 💀)
Sure, Indubitably!
Sure, Indubitably! Aylar önce
@wurmturm fair enough
wurmturm Aylar önce
@Sure, Indubitably! well, it's like he said, he's there for morale
Jonathan Gonzalez
Jonathan Gonzalez Aylar önce
Lily does feel new, even though it's also everyone else's first day as well 😂
MeepDaWeep Aylar önce
imagine going to a boba shop and just seeing every otv member there working
Makeu upset
Makeu upset Aylar önce
I’d skip it and find more deserving people to give my money to.
SlushBunni1997 Aylar önce
@MarkoIronfist I’m only better with faces than names so imagine forgetting like Poki’s name or something lmao “hey you look so familiar” 😆
LadyGandalf Aylar önce
I would whisper "what the fuck is wrong with you.." to the water Boba guy without hesitation 🤣
Jared Casanova
Jared Casanova Aylar önce
@Hitfire same
Disbear Aylar önce
The beauty of the moment at 18:51 when the paper towel didn't go into the trash can correctly was breathtaking
Electric paisy
Electric paisy 26 gün önce
give this man an oscar
Jboogy Aylar önce
@Asriel GoddardIndeed
Asriel Goddard
Asriel Goddard Aylar önce
The performance of this unlucky lover is phenomenal.
Binna Robiness
Binna Robiness Aylar önce
FattyPatty27 Aylar önce
I honestly thought there was going to be a lunch shift where Toast, Scarra, Jodi and Syd would be swapping and add another layer of chaos
Gryzz Aylar önce
Love how everyone agrees that Michael breaking character no more than 10 seconds into the skit was bound to happen
Mr Fantastic yellow
16:34 Yvonne and Michael sharing one brain cell 😂
Sure, Indubitably!
Sure, Indubitably! Aylar önce
Joshua Henely Thornhill
Between John who's stays in character the all time and Michael who almost breaks character IMMEDIATELY i can't decide which is funnier. Stellar performances from both
rowni Aylar önce
Imagine ordering a drink and you see michael and yvonne getting sturdy at the back 😂 also lily having a mental breakdown 😂
Sure, Indubitably!
Sure, Indubitably! Aylar önce
"Michael and Yvonne getting sturdy at the back" out of context, that sounds bad 🤣
nu ir
nu ir Aylar önce
that gonna by funny
They be getting sturdy af 💀
BitmapJPEG Aylar önce
1st order: Thai Tea Michael: "WE DIDNT GO OVER THAI TEA!!!!!" The team: *immediate collapse* *fire everywhere* *doomsday*
Cliff Walker
Cliff Walker Aylar önce
I've worked in food service my whole life, and seeing Lily almost immediately have a mental breakdown was the most relatable shit I've seen in a fat minute lol. Keep up the great work y'all
Undeadmatrix Aylar önce
Poki just having a blast at the register with everyone else crashing in the background makes me feel like I’m back at work lmao what is this
Κριθάρης Aylar önce
17:49 That "No, he doesn't." had me rolling
Alexander Shackles
Alexander Shackles Aylar önce
12:28 Poki: "Is this a good amount of boba for your water? Want a little more? A little less?" Customer: "I could use a little bit more." Poki: "Bet!"
Loke Rexas
Loke Rexas Aylar önce
Chet looks like the fun collegue you just joke around with and nothing gets done
Suspense1376 Aylar önce
@XEthaan fellow Chets unite
Tofu Aylar önce
I’m a chet at my Starbucks location but I get stuff done while brightening the mood. And the customers also love me
Clamhands420 Aylar önce
Chet was only his name the first day, then his name became Kyle, but his friends call him bean-boy, and 3 weeks after starting, even though he's always in a good mood, Kyle Chet (bean-boy) Burns will walk out in the middle of the shift after declaring "I forgot my hat!" and apologize profusely to the hostess on the way out the front door even though it's her first day and she's never seen him before.
Green assassin
Green assassin Aylar önce
That’s me
The Trusty Sidekick
Yup, and he's the work colleague you wanna have to save you from boredom.
L Aylar önce
The instant fear and panic from the first customer’s order was so funny 😂 😂
Jillian Aylar önce
Lol even though you forgot my order and messed it up, it still tasted good :) Thanks for the free boba
Nicknamenumber2 24 gün önce
Jillian I applaud your patience and good spirit, I hope the world treats you in kind
Baljeet Williams
Baljeet Williams Aylar önce
Jillian I love you
Nobody Studios
Nobody Studios Aylar önce
This feels like a mockumentary pilot where they had everything ready but forgot to train the staff so stumbled their way through it
Rebillious Aylar önce
“They don’t even know I’m give them the wrong toppings” Lily got me dead 😂
Just Dave
Just Dave Aylar önce
I love the music choices you made for each introduction. Also, Poki is the perfect choice for working the register. I can't believe she was so calmly able to handle the psychopaths that were ordering those drinks. Seriously, water with boba? A drink made from literally just toppings? Where did these people come from?
Enrique Torres
Enrique Torres Aylar önce
Wonder how the customers felt when they saw the process of their drinks being made 😭
LadyGandalf Aylar önce
That's part of the entertainment 😁
Soulinka Aylar önce
oh they should have made like a message box :D so people there could leave message about their drinks lol
Ser Vantes
Ser Vantes Aylar önce
@Scarboneknight "I acknowledge that the above activity may pose some risk of personal injury, death or dismemberment and that I undertake and assume this risk for myself and my child."
Angel Arias
Angel Arias Aylar önce
@Duvain The Odd they were all extras otv did a google form a while ago for it
HalfLucan Aylar önce
0% chance they paid anything
Kichona Cho
Kichona Cho Aylar önce
talking about a crazy order with your coworkers when the customer is 5 feet away is the epitome of retail lol also the girl waiting for her drink was so sweet! Love her style ❤
Yogesh Nag
Yogesh Nag Aylar önce
I also love her style... She kinda looked similar to a dressed up version of Lily...
Mykel Liang ren jun (Scss)
Round of applause to the people who gave an applause to Mich-I mean Chet breaking the cup
x Riizo
x Riizo Aylar önce
Chet is such a cool guy, I hope they're able to get him in for future OTV shoots. But he seems to busy, it might be hard getting time with him. Everyone losing their shit in the back and Poki is like " what's the problem this is easy " while having nothing really hard to do. xD This was peak OTV and I love it!
Electric Mayonnaise
It would actually be interesting to watch all of them actually do something like this live on stream lmao
Electric Mayonnaise
Electric Mayonnaise 16 gün önce
@1Crusty I could see that being an issue but if it was like a random pop up i could see it working out
1Crusty 16 gün önce
It wouldd but definitely not something public just incase someone gets rogue and cause a scene
Electric Mayonnaise
also she charged him 50 cents for a thai tea boba
AceAlbatros Aylar önce
19:50 shout out to Jilian for being such a good sport!
Oueia Aylar önce
John’s experience really shows. He’s so level-headed. This was fun!
Captain Taffy
Captain Taffy Aylar önce
John worked drive through bro even more stressful, he's been through the trenches
Tonkotsu Ramen
Tonkotsu Ramen Aylar önce
@Arven Brought back memories from the podcast
Biencuit Aylar önce
bro thinks streamers dont know how to be human
Arven Aylar önce
I mean... he worked at starbucks or something and he treated it like a game quest...
Notwi_music Aylar önce
Lily having a whole meltdown at the first costumer was completely expected if we’re being honest
Astralrosez Aylar önce
As a bux barista this video speaks to me on many levels and its insane. Watching Lily lose her mind over the weird drinks is like looking in a MIRROR
Dominik Aylar önce
Michael building the most complex and convoluted machines out there and struggling to use the mixer, is so on brand for him.
Kachel Stacktus
Kachel Stacktus Aylar önce
20:47 The guy sleeping in line might be the most underrated joke of the video xD
ThatOneGuy Aylar önce
The fact that they were all fans and nobody just asked for Michael to just go for it is insane
Eric Lin
Eric Lin Aylar önce
As someone who works in a boba shop, I would like to say that OTV may be the most intimidating workers ever.
Meili Yinhua
Meili Yinhua Aylar önce
​@Angel Ngọc Anh trainees and panicking coworkers are the hardest part of any rush, not only do they stand in the way, but you also have to dedicate work to easing them into the groove. I once had a manager be like "it's like you have 2 and a half people" on a shift with 2 trainers and a trainee, and I looked at her like "I think we both know this is not how this works, you're lucky if the trainee doesn't count as a negative person" with all love to both, I will often have them sit to the side during rushes to either watch or recoup because odds are I'm working faster without them
BlueTealTurquoise Aylar önce
Jesus I thought I saw my name- it’s the same except it’s Erin not Eric 😭
Angel Ngọc Anh
Angel Ngọc Anh Aylar önce
My friend who works in a boba shop in California said this is her version of a nightmare blunt rotation of coworkers 😭 She said she hates panicking coworkers because it’s always rush hour and they stand in the way
ZJ D Aylar önce
Can this be a series please? Working at different stores lol
Ary Lim
Ary Lim Aylar önce
I'm hoping for a part 2 for Jodi, Scarra, Sydney, Toast (and perhaps a special guest Ludwig/ Myth/ Peter. :)
hannibiel Aylar önce
i wish this was a lot longer so i can watch them suffer more lol 😭
kelly wu
kelly wu Aylar önce
As a boba shop owner watching them struggle was giving me anxiety lmao 🤣
strangewatermelon Aylar önce
They did a pretty good job for having almost no training!! They made it through the day and they never completely gave up. Honestly, I am proud.
Veridia Aylar önce
Boba in water guy is the embodiment of chaotic neutral
Binna Robiness
Binna Robiness Aylar önce
I've think about it and you know what it might not be too bad. With sparkling water? Hmm gotta try that sometimes...
@Duvain The Odd Bro, it shouldn't be making you constipated.
Daniel Garcia
Daniel Garcia Aylar önce
It's actually pretty good ngl
Istoria Blanket
Istoria Blanket Aylar önce
That gave me so much pain
Pumpkin Warrior
Pumpkin Warrior Aylar önce
@Duvain The Odd constipated?
Stefan Aylar önce
The energy from John in this video is on point def the MVP!
Armstizzy Aylar önce
Working as a bobarista in college for 3 years and then watching this gave me some pretty vivid flashbacks of rush hour, props to OTV for handling that many customers with no experience!
Michael Biscotti
Michael Biscotti Aylar önce
Now I want some. Although seen Michael eat the boba straight out of the scooper was kind of shutting off my sanitation worker instincts. Lol
Drew Stephens
Drew Stephens Aylar önce
As crafty as Michael is you'd think he'd build something to make the drinks 👀
Sarah Morrison
Sarah Morrison Aylar önce
Lily had me DYING 😂😂😂
rkives Aylar önce
As someone who worked as a barista in these shops for a year and a half, it's not that easy to be familiar with almost a hundred types of drinks. Really fun to see OTV do this.
Diego Rivera
Diego Rivera Aylar önce
I like how the rush was so draining that it got Michael out of character. RIP Chet (10:00am - 12:00pm)
Alan Silva
Alan Silva Aylar önce
watching this makes me want to put a boba shop, not for earning money and doing my own business, but to always make myself a drink while i work
Hannah Vargas
Hannah Vargas Aylar önce
michael popping that boba cup in front of everyone killed me 🤣
DctrGizmo Aylar önce
Lily breaking down was the most realistic thing ever 🤣
Jan Geromo
Jan Geromo Aylar önce
Yvonne just chuckling while starring at the camera is just a mood when like the company is just falling apart and you as an employee don't give AF.
JadeRaven Aylar önce
Poki: Being a little *too* friendly with Lily --Michael-- Chet: "I see this as an absolute win"
yours 17 gün önce
-I’m happy-
Lea Kim
Lea Kim Aylar önce
Tangah Koncek
Tangah Koncek Aylar önce
-guys you can stop now- Keep it going
jc apalin
jc apalin Aylar önce
nation Aylar önce
I work at a boba shop and this is beyond funny I love this video so much
Carmen Aglietti
Carmen Aglietti Aylar önce
As someone who works in food service this video makes me so unbelievably happy I finally have a video to fully relate to
Am i the only one that was waiting for toast to stop by with some Ridiculous order request 🤣🤣
Jakub Havel
Jakub Havel Aylar önce
I love how at 9:28 the customer is trying to hold it in and not laugh xDD
Brandon Martinez
Brandon Martinez Aylar önce
I'm so glad these people are so nice, and are amazing streamers, because I dont know how well they would do in a normal job.
Parker DeLaCruz
Parker DeLaCruz Aylar önce
Seeing Lily go through every food service worker’s typical training arc is hilarious
I_have_YD Aylar önce
And the fact that her parents own a sushi restaurant in NJ makes it a little funnier lol
Selena Kwok
Selena Kwok 21 gün önce
I worked in a boba shop for like one day and just looking at their mental turmoil and chaos...I felt that
Freeze Art
Freeze Art Aylar önce
It's funny how accurate these depictions are of restaurant staff lol
Fox The Mess
Fox The Mess 20 gün önce
As someone who worked in a boba shop thats so real LMAO Like you get the hang of it after a little bit but sometimes winging it really is how its gotta go at first. I also feel funny about knowing more about what drinks are what than the OfflineTV crew😭
TheHeroBrain Aylar önce
Michael's dancing in between was actually helping the team to get a grip again!
CanePlays Aylar önce
Damn Tiffany! Even had Poki do a double take
bannian 1
bannian 1 27 gün önce
nah same i was like waitt the fitt
CrimsonEclipse18 Aylar önce
Brodin is honestly such a godsent, the videos have all been super great and creative ever since he became their creative director.
Hell Boy
Hell Boy Aylar önce
@bus he has alot of good individual accomplishments for sure
bus Aylar önce
Legit though brodin is the MVP
Guart Mode
Guart Mode Aylar önce
Brodin goated
prue Aylar önce
For realllll he changed the game.
Drew Stephens
Drew Stephens Aylar önce
Your first customer is just watching as you struggle to make his Thai Tea 👀 "I'm not gonna get a Thai Tea am I?" 💀
l Aylar önce
As someone who worked in a Boba shop before, I appreciate that they really did this, the recipe ratios was something I never fully mastered
♥FailureAtLife♥ 18 gün önce
i'd love this to be a series but i also feel like that'd shorten their life spans considerably 💀
YourBackyardTree Aylar önce
Genuinely one of the greatest video concepts I've ever seen. Super awesome to see you guys continually evolving!
alex george
alex george Aylar önce
Petition for Scarra to start every offline tv video from here on out
scopex Aylar önce
this video is just 60% of lily panicking, 20% poki's great service, 19% happy John and Yvonne and 1% michael getting sturdy
Chonklord-_ 2556
Chonklord-_ 2556 Aylar önce
@smartfkr the same could be said to you...and me.
smartfkr Aylar önce
Nobody asked❤
Artemis 1
Artemis 1 Aylar önce
You mean Chet?
Gabriel Smith
Gabriel Smith Aylar önce
Not enough sturdy imo
Tree Of Rage
Tree Of Rage 13 gün önce
I would watch this TV show weekly something so funny about the whole staff being in training. Noone to say, no not like that
Mixinder Aylar önce
i don't know why but seeing them struggle with making boba makes me laugh so much
Sophie Lucas
Sophie Lucas Aylar önce
would be nice having friends and playing and doing stuff like this
Elizabeth Monroe
Elizabeth Monroe Aylar önce
I used to be a barista (not boba, coffee) and the fact the “recovering addict” is the “fastest drink maker” is so accurate it’s painful
Call Me FausT
Call Me FausT Aylar önce
Bro im so happy about these "customers" lmfao they were so game and were just an absolute fun to watch lol
giziyo Aylar önce
Love that everyone is in panic mode and Poki is just chill on the register
Crucifix Aylar önce
She gets the easiest part of the job go figure
Front Aylar önce
@Dhairiya Sundar cringe
Dhairiya Sundar
Dhairiya Sundar Aylar önce
Queen Poki always be chilling!
Jonathan Davidson
Jonathan Davidson 16 gün önce
as a fellow fast food worker, this is hilarious to watch
StevenAlanBaase Aylar önce
Well this was the perfect thing to watch before heading to work at wendy's. thanks :)
Tony martian
Tony martian Aylar önce
this is so awesome. now this crew can confidently say they've worked a normie job for a day.
Hunter Johnson
Hunter Johnson Aylar önce
Michael is in Clark Kent mode and I love it. Guy is the sleeper goat of TRvid and I respect him so much!
Brick In Mouth Syndrome
While it's funny to see these guys fail at a regular job, my heart also bleeds for them. Been there far too often in restaurants and coffee shops. It's kind of adorable.
Kayychung Aylar önce
I wanna see OTV work at a Mcdonald's during their lunch rush and see the chaos that comes out of it
Holocoasterr Aylar önce
@Step-Moonton oh damn thats cool
Step-Moonton Aylar önce
@Holocoasterr I technically am, since I spent a few months in Ukraine.
Step-Moonton Aylar önce
@Lulls Baby both literally and figuratively. :3
Holocoasterr Aylar önce
@Step-Moonton bro is a war veteran 💀
Lulls Baby
Lulls Baby Aylar önce
@Step-Moonton You've obv. been through the trenches and are a hardcore vet. Much respect my fellow trencher haha
Luthfi Aylar önce
lily's breaking down and getting overwhelmed reminds me of my first time working the cashregister XD. it was for a resteraunt and i had to write down all the individual orders manually then communicate it to the kitchen. it was one hell of an experience. especially during rush hours.
Trash01 Aylar önce
OfflineTV is killing it with the contents. I dont really watch streamers but gosh yall made it so interesting
simon Aylar önce
Please do more of this stuff 😂 I love office humour ❤️👏
John Frendel Omang
John Frendel Omang Aylar önce
I don't mind waiting 3 hours if it's OTV preparing my boba.
Joseph Galvan
Joseph Galvan 12 gün önce
As someone who has been in this situation multiple times, it takes a while for us to get the morning groove in 😂😂
MinHaiYun Aylar önce
As someone who worked in at a bubble tea place for 3 years, I approve of this video. I love the chaos when the orders start.
mari Aylar önce
This was such a fun video to watch😂😂❤❤ It was also a nice thing to do for the fans, just hope they survive the boba😂jk
Mrnike3000 Aylar önce
You guys are hilarious and I think y'all had too much fun with the intros but y'all killed it
zuki Aylar önce
John is so calm if I was in this situation I'd be Lilly sobbing on the floor 😆
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Most Expensive Fails!
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Sende böyle misin ? 😂
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İleri giden korkunç şakalar
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