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It was literally 120° out 🔥
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29 Tem 2022




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OfflineTV 10 aylar önce
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Infernal Volcano
Infernal Volcano 10 aylar önce
Alex 10 aylar önce
•Sunny• 10 aylar önce
Thank youuu!! (:
Flushed emoji?
Flushed emoji? 10 aylar önce
very cool
MewThePrince 10 aylar önce
Landen Hall
Landen Hall 10 aylar önce
it woulda been really funny to see John and Jodi on a team just struggling and then Michael and Syd on a team getting all the balloons in like 5 mins
The Sleepy Archive
The Sleepy Archive 10 aylar önce
😂Too overpowered
Nakami Yonemura
Nakami Yonemura 10 aylar önce
You fuckin RIGHT
MR Walrusmars
MR Walrusmars 10 aylar önce
Nah Michael and toast
Agoru 10 aylar önce
@MR Walrusmars you mean team 50% butter 50% potato
cringierthancringe 10 aylar önce
@Agoru i just remembered the cooking video HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA
mide_yum 10 aylar önce
Sydney and Michael were SUCH powerhouses here, and just want to especially give props to John and Jodi for going completely out of their element and trying this out!! The way the teams were balanced made this video even more entertaining :D
Coda 10 aylar önce
jodi is actually a champ for this, you can tell how genuinely afraid she is
kim ngo
kim ngo 9 aylar önce
nobody 3 aylar önce
Coda 3 aylar önce
@nobody what
nobody 3 aylar önce
@Coda not a champ
Coda 3 aylar önce
@nobody you're weird 💀💀
Murophy Muhoephy
Murophy Muhoephy 10 aylar önce
The cut to scarra in a 12 minute queue had me DYING 😂😂😂😂😂
Rejirey Fernandez
Rejirey Fernandez 8 aylar önce
Queue simulator
indiecloud100 6 aylar önce
For reals 🤣
nikkaniii 3 aylar önce
mcsy 3 aylar önce
@nikkaniii for the whole context, it starts at 8:18
FrostDeezAKA 10 aylar önce
I cant tell if Michael is quipping to work through his fear or if he genuinely is just having the time of his life. Either way, this dude is a real live spiderman 💀
cXspXr 10 aylar önce
i think it's both. i think he just finds genuine fun from being terrified. he could possibly just like not feeling comfortable and staying on his toes lol
Requiem for a Meme
Requiem for a Meme 10 aylar önce
I think Michael got into rock climbing, which makes this course way way easier. The whole course is basically a really lateral sport climbing route lol.
Thomas 9 aylar önce
@Requiem for a Meme Yeah, he had a certain level of confidence (stepping out onto the bridges) that you just can't fake without being _significantly_ more comfortable with heights than your average gamer.
AppleSaurus 9 aylar önce
Honestly, he’s one dead loved one away from becoming either a vigilante or a super villain. He’s got the abnormal strength, the flexibility, the brain, and whatever gadgets he needs at his disposal.
Angelina Baker
Angelina Baker 4 aylar önce
@AppleSaurusYoooo, you’re onto something 👁
TimeBucks 10 aylar önce
Syd is so brave and supportive
Mazubamanji 9 aylar önce
Wow 😲😲😳😳
Chathumi Kaveesha
Chathumi Kaveesha 9 aylar önce
yoonohs 10 aylar önce
I'm convinced Michael has literally no fears at this point
Grimnir 10 aylar önce
except when poki and lily are in the same room together
Desabell 08
Desabell 08 10 aylar önce
The only thing he's afraid of is Lily getting hurt or Poki and Lily being alone together
lahe coq
lahe coq 10 aylar önce
Aaron Yang
Aaron Yang 10 aylar önce
Raw tomatoes
mranderson 10 aylar önce
bad robot ideas
Emma Dictator
Emma Dictator 10 aylar önce
Syd immediately yelling John’s “full name” when he didn’t catch the tiny balloon was so funny. It fell so fast and he almost had it but the velocity and the wind was just greater.
William Blake
William Blake 10 aylar önce
Nice honkers, impressed this isn’t a bot account.
Avaneesh Shetye
Avaneesh Shetye 10 aylar önce
@William Blake except it is
xXDESTINYMBXx 1st commandment
@William Blake it's just a copy bot
jessica wold
jessica wold 10 aylar önce
@William Blake this man said "nice honkers" bro what the fuck😭😭😭
Sofia Ortiz
Sofia Ortiz 10 aylar önce
@William Blake poor guy was hopeful
Codiak23 6 aylar önce
My toxic trait is thinking I'd be Michael here. Knowing damn well I'd do way worse than Jodi
Wesley Patterson
Wesley Patterson 5 aylar önce
LMAO I feel attacked
Brando Gaona
Brando Gaona 4 aylar önce
Same here. 😂😂
Power Spirit
Power Spirit 3 aylar önce
I could maybe do it if I force myself to get enough tunnel vision, maybe?
Caspro 04
Caspro 04 5 gün önce
bruh if you have a little stamina and athletic ability you can literally smoke all of them XD, only one who was actually decent was michael
energywen 10 aylar önce
sydney and jodi's dynamics are amazing!! syd is that encouraging best friend, and jodi is the one that's always gonna trust her bff.
nemo 10 aylar önce
syd has such a comforting presence. she’s always so sweet and level headed!
CharlieCab 10 aylar önce
I love the love Syd is getting in these comments. Her and Michael really pulled through for this one haha
elixerthegreat 10 aylar önce
Michael telling himself "im based" over and over again while he's on the verge of falling is hilarious
Mr indie fan
Mr indie fan 10 aylar önce
He punched a punching bag while calling it a liberal in a lilypichu video, so i do believe him when he says he based lol
jacob smith
jacob smith 10 aylar önce
it's actually a climbing term. and I'm guessing it's from him and lily going indoor climbing a lot.
Kurbo 10 aylar önce
Something tells me they wouldn't get past course 1
Litenbadboll 10 aylar önce
i mean....... you literally can't fall
Case 2_0
Case 2_0 10 aylar önce
@Litenbadboll there’s always a chance
Bolwinkel 10 aylar önce
I don't think anyone realizes just how much strength is required to even try that last course Michael did. That's seriously impressive, and I don't think anyone else from OTV would've been able to do it.
Caspro 04
Caspro 04 5 gün önce
honestly it's pretty easy, I did those kinda parcours with my friends when I was like 14yo with ease...
Nathan Yu
Nathan Yu 10 aylar önce
Man Michael is a legend like he’s straight up carrying the team I swear his back will hurt afterwards like I’m not joking Michael is literally doing the most especially on the last one which was all him
AloisaTrancy 10 aylar önce
Michael is not only the smartest OTV member but also the most athletic? A true god on earth.
zim bim
zim bim 6 aylar önce
apparently he works out whenever he feels like shit
Jak Jak
Jak Jak 9 aylar önce
I really enjoy Syd shes been such a cool addition to OTV, her energy is perfect... also Michael absolutely BOSSED that last trail
june. 4 aylar önce
syd is such a sweet friend, comforting jodi while she's freaking out (understandably so) love them!!
The Only Wayne
The Only Wayne 10 aylar önce
Michael is in his element. He don’t fear the course, the course fears him.
Master Lex
Master Lex 10 aylar önce
michael no fear
Dio 10 aylar önce
Course shit it self when it heard Michael was going to run it
Emoneydev 10 aylar önce
BraynerG 10 aylar önce
haven’t seen one challenge michael had struggled yet
Omar Vallejo
Omar Vallejo 10 aylar önce
Michael became elden lord because of this course
Ruud 10 aylar önce
Syd is growing on me, seems like Michael does not have to do every outdoors activity alone anymore.
pri 10 aylar önce
Micheal is a fucking beast! Seeing him do all those courses made me want to hit the gym and get buffed
Ava Barnes
Ava Barnes 10 aylar önce
we need a “jodi freaking out” compilation like NOW. in other word props to jodi for actually following through with this video. she did great and she has my full permission to beat brodin up anytime.😀
MR_NOAH 9 aylar önce
Syd is slowly becoming my favorite OTV member. She's an ACE!
Car0leRyan 10 aylar önce
Yes, make the OTV members who weren't in the video complete the course!! All while Syd, Jodi, John, and Michael lounge below sipping cold drinks and offering "helpful" commentary.
Carlos A.
Carlos A. 10 aylar önce
I would definitely love to see a sequel to this with the rest of the members that didn't show up, and whoever loses has to participate in the slime game that poki somehow has never participated in yet
Batmans Rectum
Batmans Rectum 10 aylar önce
Joy Her
Joy Her 10 aylar önce
Goblin 10 aylar önce
Noah Navarro
Noah Navarro 10 aylar önce
Mike Petty
Mike Petty 10 aylar önce
Okay I love Syd for being so patient and kind in the beginning. Well done. You're a good friend and a good person.
Kurbo 10 aylar önce
Michael once again proving himself to be the most alpha and monke member of OTV
Tequila Sunrise
Tequila Sunrise 24 gün önce
Sydney being so supportive is wholesome af👌
Noahscape 10 aylar önce
Micheal’s just a force of nature, only one who’s able to do this with ease
Hxrdeep Editz
Hxrdeep Editz 4 aylar önce
The other offline members should do this - lily doing this would be so funny
C_Hench 10 aylar önce
Welcome back to another episode of Michael having fun, and everyone else being completely out of their element.
Dali Soula
Dali Soula 10 aylar önce
honestly ? sydney was chilling as well xD
The Sleepy Archive
The Sleepy Archive 10 aylar önce
Sydney was pretty much the same too tho
Shahrukh Khan
Shahrukh Khan 10 aylar önce
have you not seen syd?? she was doing GREAT.
jacob smith
jacob smith 10 aylar önce
they both have a slight fear of heights, but Michael carried like crazy
Erin 9 aylar önce
The way Sydney was comforting Jodi was so sweet. She is so lucky to have a friend like her.
mondzster dark
mondzster dark 3 aylar önce
other members should do more of this kind of content and give michael and syd a break haha.
Daniel O'Connell
Daniel O'Connell 10 aylar önce
Love how Michael puts more work into otv channel than his own
Shah Putera
Shah Putera 10 aylar önce
ryboits75 10 aylar önce
Michael doesn't have to create anything, he just has to be there. Its much less mental effort
Brennanan 10 aylar önce
.... showing up?
Just Some Animator
Just Some Animator 10 aylar önce
We all think we would go through it like Michael but deep down we know we would all be cowering in fear
GDolphinz 6 aylar önce
iv’e done these before and the trick to not be scared of them is to actually fall off once you’ve fallen off once, you’ll learn to trust your anchor point and move more confidently
moon taeil
moon taeil 6 aylar önce
Honestly I’ve done one of these before and it was very fun. The height is very intimidating though so I don’t blame the others lol
ovo j
ovo j 2 aylar önce
ive done these on like 4 or 5 vacations but i dont remember being as fast as michael i was probably closer to syd
DragonBlade 10 aylar önce
Michael and Sydney are champions, going through these challenges like it's nothing 👍👍
~Natalie~ 10 aylar önce
Ropes courses like this make me excited lol kudos to Michael, John, Jodi, and Sydney for trying it out! There’s a similar extreme adventure course in Flagstaff, Arizona I begged my parents to take us and some cousins to do, and even though I was too tired to finish the entire course I was proud of myself and made some great memories :)
Yaxoi 10 aylar önce
Aren't these harnesses meant to have two separate clips so that you always have one affixed while switching the other over? This actually seems a little dangerous
Bassem B.
Bassem B. 10 aylar önce
Syd has big sister energy, she's so supportive and sweet
Quan Pham
Quan Pham 10 aylar önce
Props to Jodi for completing the courses even though she has a fear of heights, and for the crew for completing this in 120° weather
Jeikoub 10 aylar önce
usually once you're on the course itself, it becomes a physical challenge with all the balancing and the mental strain goes away because you'd be too wrapped up in the challenge to think about the heights, you know? i have a debilitating fear of heights, i can't even stand by ledges because i get sick but i tried one of these once and i gotta say it was an absolute blast!
realikul_2 10 aylar önce
hence michael calling her a champion regardless of what she thinks
PedroPau 10 aylar önce
@Jeikoub yea the physical effort can distract you from your fear. Kinda like how jogging and cycling distracts me from depression just because I'm too tired.
Estafreak 10 aylar önce
Lol not
Little Mai
Little Mai 10 aylar önce
@Jeikoub Not for me, have done it twice with fear of heights both times I didn't got distracted from it. But also I kind of like the rush of survival instincts kicking in. Also I realized those climbing courses look almost the same in every country.
Syntax 10 aylar önce
Reaffirming Michael's unique position as *the* OTV member capable of long term survival in a zombie apocalypse.
Savahna 10 aylar önce
Syd is so patient and wholesome ❤️ we all need a friend like her
Martin Elsässer
Martin Elsässer 10 aylar önce
Like to pay respect to Jodi. Even though she was really scared she did amazing.
Cow 10 aylar önce
michael is unbelievable!! Is there anything he CAN'T do??
HKN 10 aylar önce
Being sane
CuzImShort 10 aylar önce
Syd was soooo sweet and patient with Jodi. What a good friend. Her and Michael were beasts in the courses tho. Plz, let’s see the other OTV members try this.
Shooting Star || Mei 江美旭
It would be great to see, but I think the other members (like Jodi) has a fear of heights, so it probably won't happen on this type of course anyway
Kim Alyssa Romero
Kim Alyssa Romero 10 aylar önce
So you just want to see them suffering?
Bryan 10 aylar önce
@Kim Alyssa Romero That's the whole point of half their videos is to put them in uncomfortable positions for our entertainment. I think if there are video ideas like these that half the members will refuse to do, then they shouldn't surprise plan big shit like this without finding out first. This video was fairly boring without Michael and Syd carrying the commentary throughout. As a bigger guy myself I can understand Scarra not wanting to do that shit on camera, but Lily/Poki etc not doing it simply because of heights is a bit meh. Poki already gets away without not doing anything half the time as it is.
Minty 10 aylar önce
@Bryan just to make this point, sure youre a bigger guy, but you gotta understand that carrying your own weight with your arms is fucking harddddd even if youre lighter, you need to be fit (and syd and jodi are probably easily the two fittest girls on the team) theres a reason this video was *only* michael for the last half, these ladies still had to quit early asf, as being small doesnt mean they are "capable" but i do agree i'd love to see everyone come and suffer then drop out on the first round, it would be entertaining no matter how short
FendergodGaming 10 aylar önce
Can't picture some of them doing it tbh
Undead Edgy
Undead Edgy 10 aylar önce
The real prize was the little bit of satisfaction they got from taking Brodin's shoes and his mild discomfort
Scott 10 aylar önce
As an asian person i love michael just doing a course, reminds me when i was in a jungle being chased by the IRS.
Dumbass Artist
Dumbass Artist 10 aylar önce
Yes I would like to see the other otv members do this exact course and try to get as many points as y'all did
Kei太taro郎™ 10 aylar önce
Michael is the living definition of "There will always be that one asian kid better than you"
Shy Fly
Shy Fly 10 aylar önce
Im 80% sure Hes Hawaiian dnishwjwbwi
Stinky fishy
Stinky fishy 10 aylar önce
@Shy Fly he’s half Filipino
K Y L E 10 aylar önce
@Stinky fishy is he not fully Filipino?
ismasmi 10 aylar önce
@K Y L E no he is not gully
DctrGizmo 10 aylar önce
Michael truly is OP! I would so love to see the other members do this course too!
paige hart
paige hart 3 aylar önce
you guys go so outta your way for content and we appreciate it!
mufflemuffinpuffin 10 aylar önce
100% in support of seeing the rest of otv try this :~)
Mr_Cyberbob 10 aylar önce
I'm with Michael on this one! Let the others do the course too!
jk's 10 aylar önce
Michael was a fuckin' beast for tanking that last course
juna 10 aylar önce
Michael is straight up a ninja warrior at this point
Deemo 10 aylar önce
dont go to my home page.. Oh no. Cringe
Fauna Waifu
Fauna Waifu 10 aylar önce
dont go to my home page.. This shit stopped being funny 5 years ago
Bud The Cyborg
Bud The Cyborg 10 aylar önce
I'm surprised he didn't just fly to the top using his Ki energy, but he's probably saving the "I Can Shoot Lightning Balls Out Of My Hands" reveal for his own channel.
moof💤 10 aylar önce
@Bud The Cyborg 💀
MorganFreeBoy64 10 aylar önce
I would love to see a sequel to this where the other members come to this same course!
Chillary 10 aylar önce
love watching michael put the rookies through the paces
PopeOneGuy 6 aylar önce
Micheal once again proving that he’s going to survive the apocalypse
Steve 10 aylar önce
Let's please see the other OTV members do this, that would be sooo funny!
Arlowe Lee
Arlowe Lee 25 gün önce
Apparently, Jodi started breaking down and crying at one point during the shoot. What a trooper
Eric Hansen
Eric Hansen 10 aylar önce
Very much props to all the team, even the camera crew and people who set up the course! Those were tough moves! I was absolutely *terrified* of heights my whole life. Like to the point getting on a ladder to swap out lightbulbs was a stretch! During the pandemic I took a job literally making prototype Mars Rockets because I needed a job. It took *three solid months* to suppress my terror of heights. And the thing is, that was almost all the time going from bouncy metal thing into the air onto other bouncy metal thing in the air. This course was wobbly fuckin' ropes and boards the whole way! As 'funny' as it would be to put the other OTV members up there, they'd just freeze up and fall into their harness and it probably wouldn't make for very good video.
Snazzy Shark
Snazzy Shark 10 aylar önce
As a zip line guide in East TN, I didn't realize there were actually people who were terrified of heights or being suspended in air. Jodi is a trooper for following through with this challenge.
Bongus Wungus
Bongus Wungus 6 aylar önce
michael is clinically insane
Phuc Lee Nguyen
Phuc Lee Nguyen 9 aylar önce
Every outdoor challenge, Michael always hurt his nuts lmao
Stephen Baase II
Stephen Baase II 10 aylar önce
I am so lucky to have seen this place in time. The mere team effort put into these videos is so rememberable i hope i never forget it.
TheLionGamming 10 aylar önce
Its hard to recognize, but it appreciate the camera crew for having to do the course with them to get the video
daniel mcardle
daniel mcardle 10 aylar önce
Micheals back must hurt from all the carrying he did
Benneun 10 aylar önce
That's why he was so tired. He fucking bodied the ropes course.
BBC Inc.
BBC Inc. 10 aylar önce
He does do bouldering lol
Bram Adams
Bram Adams 10 aylar önce
It always comes down to Micheal 😭
Zetto Zettomer
Zetto Zettomer 10 aylar önce
That boxing training ain't fucking around.
ferferfoom 10 aylar önce
I would most definitely love to see the other members try to do this challenge XD
Jack🦊 26 gün önce
Michael carried, the pep talking he was giving himself the whole way through, mad respect. Honestly mad string dude
William Bushman
William Bushman 10 aylar önce
This looks honestly fun. I love rope courses.
Strider Hiryu
Strider Hiryu 10 aylar önce
Totally would believe that Michael can survive any post apocalyptic setting the world could give :D
TSC_Phoenix aka Captain Hellas
I love how chill Micheal is, it’s probably because his inventions are more likely to kill him
Jaeger 10 aylar önce
The reward should have been a punishment for all the members who chickened out
Kuruna Kodomo
Kuruna Kodomo 10 aylar önce
And VIP tickets to see them squirm popcorn and all!
Hertz _
Hertz _ 10 aylar önce
Make the ones who chickened out go into the mcammey manor 😈
PikaWoof 10 aylar önce
The ones who chickened out didn't get Brodin's shoes, I think that's punishment enough
Curiyy bowl
Curiyy bowl 10 aylar önce
@Hertz _ ummm how about nooo.... i dont want them become clinicaly insane
fudgelollollol 10 aylar önce
@Curiyy bowl agreed
Cassie Jenecke
Cassie Jenecke 6 aylar önce
I wanna hug and protect Jodi with my life 🥺 she looks so scared the entire time but it was awesome to see her out of her comfort zone!
thetruth86n 10 aylar önce
Proof that otv really just needs Michael 🤣
Social Media Manager & Strategist
Sydney and Michael are like the most physically fit in all these games haha
Drewed 10 aylar önce
The whole team did so great, thank you for taking risks and putting your challenge on youtube for us, and especially WWE professional wrestling superstar stud Michael.
High Prodigy
High Prodigy 4 aylar önce
These were intense challenges, I think people are underestimating it xD
star 10 aylar önce
Syd is so patient with Jodi, its so sweet. Being terrified and having someone whos reassuring and patient is the best thing ever. Jodi did great too!! Being afraid and still trying is something to be proud of!
becky stresow
becky stresow 10 aylar önce
exactly!!! I was about to comment those exact things 😹😋
Y Y 10 aylar önce
no wonder they are best friends
KillerGemini 8 aylar önce
These seems like so much fun!! I love these types of courses!!
mEEp nope
mEEp nope 6 aylar önce
Syds face at 9:33 and "Oh how the turn tables!" got me good, syds a natural born comedian 🤣
Dark Zhiro
Dark Zhiro 10 aylar önce
Once again, another IRL video where Michael just dominates.
Samantha Cao
Samantha Cao 10 aylar önce
I love how encouraging and reassuring Sydney was throughout the whole video
Magic Tv
Magic Tv 10 aylar önce
Scarra had 3 seconds of screen time and was still the funniest part of this video
HunterFenryr 10 aylar önce
Massive kudos to John, Jodi, Sydney and Michael for doing this challenge in the heat like they did. It looks like it would be a lot of fun but I also know that my acrophobia would have me sounding like Jodi within 10 minutes.
Giulia 10 aylar önce
Yean that course looks super hard and I don’t have the strength to complete me don’t get me wrong, but I’d totally try it if it wasn’t for THE HEAT
Amos Chew
Amos Chew 10 aylar önce
I wouldve actually fainted
thi thi
thi thi 10 aylar önce
BabyRoo!! 10 aylar önce
Jodi and syd are incredible. Love you jodi🥰❤
promedic 10 aylar önce
This is so hilarious to watch. Jody is almost entering the realm of shadow people.
Karel P.
Karel P. 10 aylar önce
I’d love to do this, last time I did this, I set the national record for the course… Pre-video, I’m hoping Michael is going to speedrun the course.
jarjab2games 10 aylar önce
I gotta say the jump cut to scarry was hilarious. The editors are amazing.
SeRuM 10 aylar önce
michael being chaotic + jody scared for her life is gold
graymon32 10 aylar önce
ya i agree with Michael the others should def go and do the same course!!!! no excuses!!!
Nebulister 10 aylar önce
120 degrees.... yea nah.
Mr Random Meme
Mr Random Meme 10 aylar önce
@Nebulister i cant fucking move with those temperatures
John Smith
John Smith 10 aylar önce
@Nebulister ikr I can't survive anything 70 and above
Nebulister 10 aylar önce
@John Smith ok you must live somewhere cold because it's 77 degrees in my house lol
Layla Editz
Layla Editz 10 aylar önce
@Nebulister ?????? Sorry are you talking Fahrenheit here because 120 degree Celsius 😨
2Links 10 aylar önce
I'm not gonna lie this looks way better than some of the other stuff they've done, I'd take this in a heartbeat over anything gross
Really? 10 aylar önce
Syd is/was such a great friend to Jodi throughout this. As someone with a fear of heights I totally understand Jodi and having a friend like Syd REALLLY helps
Ania 9 aylar önce
I love how MIchael is chilling and vibing the whole course while Jodi and John are shitting themselves
ukie 10 aylar önce
I wish OTV would do sidemen like videos with all the members involved with longer duration.
Owl Warrior
Owl Warrior 9 aylar önce
Another great video! Thanks for the fun! And yes the other members should totally be forced to come back and do the same.
Mysticat 10 aylar önce
Sam A
Sam A 10 aylar önce
Nah that’s way too hot. Prolly 100ish.
Sushi Roll
Sushi Roll 10 aylar önce
@Sam A considering this place is in the inland empire, 120 degrees doesn't sound off
DrNick5hapez 9 aylar önce
yoooooo you here
Axellor 9 aylar önce
I'm dying just laying in my bed and it's 85 degrees
Palash Verma
Palash Verma 8 aylar önce
Lamentations 10 aylar önce
THIS WAS THE BEST OTV VIDEO YET!!! pleaaaassseee we need more otv obstacle courses!!!
Sleepy Blank
Sleepy Blank 9 aylar önce
I've done something like this and it was fun but also pretty scary especially on the higher levels I would defiantly want to try again though
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