Officials Identify Suspects Involved in Home Depot 'Flash Mob' Robbery

CBS Los Angeles
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The LA County Sheriff's Department identified four suspects involved in what's being called a "flash mob" robbery at a Lakewood Home Depot. The suspects are all male and range in age from 19 to 22-years-old.



27 Kas 2021




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Based Inward
Based Inward Aylar önce
Barnes and Noble stores, completely safe.
Jimmy Buckets
Jimmy Buckets 28 gün önce
Too funny nan I’m choking laughing
James Feliciano
James Feliciano Aylar önce
@LR Kay gonna see if you catch that YIU 😂
James Feliciano
James Feliciano Aylar önce
James Feliciano
James Feliciano Aylar önce
Dor Zaan
Dor Zaan Aylar önce
Perfect Weather
Perfect Weather Aylar önce
I remember the good old days when flash mobs would sing on trains or dance in a mall to entertain and uplift people.
Dutch Berry
Dutch Berry Aylar önce
Armed security needed and shoot them
SurviveUnplugged Aylar önce
In my opinion, they should probably "rap" christmas carols. At least there'd be some benefit for the public.
Lihi HonGan
Lihi HonGan Aylar önce
They,re all equally annoying…
chunter3882 Hunter
chunter3882 Hunter Aylar önce
@07Negative it was in the fucking 90's
Mansikkacake Aylar önce
@Dodie Odie yeah I remember there was a Beat it flash mob at Hollywood and Highland. that was great. Art saves humanity especially these kids need that.
Gerardo Mendoza
Gerardo Mendoza Aylar önce
Every time they say "teens" or "youth", u already know the type of ppl they are talking about
don leavell
don leavell 26 gün önce
@Flashyfinancier Five at the Capitol. Over 8000 in the Dim cities.
twczzkm Aylar önce
@Steven Bowles Exactly!
twczzkm Aylar önce
@Ivonne Do you also have a victim mentality too?
Ben S
Ben S Aylar önce
@Ivonne you think they aren't racist? If the guy was dressed like them and looked like the group, he probably wouldn't have been robbed. They probably roasted him too. If it was mostly Hispanics doing this we'd be getting told to go back to our countries, and "this is why they moved to America".
Ivonne Aylar önce
@Rodney Holcombe So you're racist and a mysoginist? Got it.
Anthony Ciccariello
The problem with the state is there are no consequences for their actions. There are so many rules but nobody's willing to punish anyone.
Michael Tamares
Michael Tamares Aylar önce
@Nate Brown butt hurt living on plantations robbers
Wiseguy Aylar önce
More stand your ground laws. No more PC crap
Johnny Arm
Johnny Arm Aylar önce
Cuz that's justice huh? Punishing people? Why not ask why people are getting so desperate that this is becoming a normal thing? You got issues dude
Tee Loeur
Tee Loeur Aylar önce
Its Gruesome and ccx Gascon. Criminals love them. They keep voting dems.
Eddie Trejos
Eddie Trejos Aylar önce
@Samuel Kaye how's the cali gas prices going for ya??? 😂 😂
Uncle Terry
Uncle Terry Aylar önce
What difference does it make to catch them if your prosecutor is going to view them as the victims of social justice inequities and let them off?
g guevara
g guevara Aylar önce
anonymous Aylar önce
the car that ran over the parade also didnt have the drivers pic posted because he was a .......amish man w dreads
paul sawczyc
paul sawczyc Aylar önce
Maybe it's a lie - and they didn't catch anybody. Their way of trying to stop crime.
Just a Karen discovered the internet
​@Aztec_Ray thats Enough from You!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mark Skonecki
Mark Skonecki Aylar önce
@La Salle yeah maybe for Hershey special dark!!!!! But if it's whitey it's instant!!!
b. stuck
b. stuck Aylar önce
Probably "miners"... Which would explain the need for the stolen tools.
GooberStomper Aylar önce
Arrest DON"T mean crap, "We the People" want to see CONVICTIONS - - the problem is NOT the Police but rather "The Liberal Prosecutor's & Judges"
George Maximus
George Maximus Aylar önce
@Deric Benji This looks awfully similar to the smash and grab. Except they they didn’t need to smash, just get in and run out with the items. It’s obvious they need the hammers for their next operation and smash into another warehouse or jewelers store to make the flash even faster. The media is good at making up names for the type of thief, but what’s the use if not catching and prosecuting the criminals.
Bubu2525 H
Bubu2525 H Aylar önce
the SAME way Draft Dodging Traitor Trump was convicted of Treason along with the January 6th Domestic Terrorists getting a slap on the wrist instead of the lynching post or firing squad like what ALL Traitors deserve
Enjoy ESK8
Enjoy ESK8 Aylar önce
@TruBlu how does your comment have anything to do with what I wrote? Then you call me a fool. 😆
Enjoy ESK8
Enjoy ESK8 Aylar önce
@TruBlu yeah you’re so woke right!?
silkyslim2111 Aylar önce
Everyone wants justice. The difference is that “conservatives“ want to run amok, play the race card and only want jail and punishment for others and not yourselves. Nope- they get the same kinda time you would get - and that’s really your problem.
don bon
don bon Aylar önce
"We're literally celebrating black friday everyday" LeRob James
Super Dicas
Super Dicas Aylar önce
@Society Disorder which color do you think the looters are? Reality is racist it seems
Dutch Berry
Dutch Berry Aylar önce
Society Disorder
Society Disorder Aylar önce
Another racist.
Just a Karen discovered the internet
thats Enough from You!!!!!!!!!!!! racist
Kadir Farad
Kadir Farad Aylar önce
Keef Dichards
Keef Dichards Aylar önce
The Usual Suspects.
Brandon DeSantis
Brandon DeSantis Aylar önce
Cut that out
zardox78 Aylar önce
"Flash Mob Robbery." What a gentle euphemism. We used to have organized crime, now we have organized petty crime.
Dean Taylor
Dean Taylor Aylar önce
@Kang_Kunta they are criminals. Stop making stupid excuses.
George Wolf III
George Wolf III Aylar önce
They cannot be coddled, or the problem will only get worse.
Harris Mazher
Harris Mazher Aylar önce
They would probably get called out for being racist if they labeled it as an "organized crime"
Thailand Aylar önce
More like "gettoh social media orginized robberies"
neckarsulme Aylar önce
@Kang_Kunta so 19 is now considered a "kid"? lol then again, this is the softest generation yet, so maybe they are considered children until they reach their 30th birthday?
Arcadia Aylar önce
“They’re robbing, looting and killing everyday” - LeBlack James
J P Aylar önce
Lebron is there main defender
Dee Boy
Dee Boy Aylar önce
U look like Marilyn manson
Kevin Aylar önce
Fantastic work LA County Sheriffs!
Kevin Aylar önce
@Black Beans Matter Did your feelings get hurt?
Black Beans Matter
Black Beans Matter Aylar önce
Learn who's voting and passing these policies before you make yourself anymore ignorant.
jay huang
jay huang Aylar önce
Catch and release by DA. This game is been going on for years.
Aaron Galindo
Aaron Galindo Aylar önce
Funny how they don't show there picture because of how woke the news has become
Jose Rosa
Jose Rosa Aylar önce
Yup, the media already went silent on the 6 killed in Waukesha Wisconsin.
R D Aylar önce
Riiiight.... Like the people of LA are bending over backwards to protect these assholes. If they weren't thrilled to see these chuckledicks arrested they wouldn't have aired this story at all.
Bruce Angel
Bruce Angel Aylar önce
These are not simply shoplifters. New laws and lengthy sentences might be the only things that will save the United States, democracy and capitalism from anarchy and lawlessness. These crimes are extremely detrimental to conducting a civil society.
Jimmy Buckets
Jimmy Buckets 28 gün önce
@Verbal Kint you know that’s not true…they’re raised by weak, dependent single mothers who need ALL the men.
vxy357 Aylar önce
@Bruce Angel Oh Please forgive me for calling a spade a spade. And also forgive me for using an ABBREVIATION that got your feelings triggered. And since you're talking about what's at stake, shouldn't you be able to identify what exactly the threat is and how to deal with it? And since I'm only talking about the "gentlemen" who are robbing and intimidating people, why do you even care how they are being referred to as? Seems to me that's the best way to describe these thugs and you're worried about the wrong thing. If you can't handle how someone refers to criminals and thugs, then may i suggest you stay out of the You-Tube comment section. So I make NO APOLOGIES in how I refer to these thugs and i stand by my comment. And other than standing on your high perch above the fray, what EXACTLY are you doing to save this great country and democracy? Seems to me that you are more focused on little things that offend you than the whole big picture.
TV Viewer
TV Viewer Aylar önce
Legalize psychedelics.
TJ Koch
TJ Koch Aylar önce
@Bruce Angel The government has been taxing people into poverty for generations. If we stop the government from taxing people into poverty, only then will this be resolved.
Bruce Angel
Bruce Angel Aylar önce
@TJ Koch, the people doing the thieving have been living in poverty for generations and most will be living in poverty long after this is resolved. The people to which you speak might be justifiably aggrieved but they aren’t taking up sledgehammers just yet to steal high end luxury goods. We’re talking about two totally separate and distinct classes of people.
Lewis Doherty
Lewis Doherty Aylar önce
I knew a civil engineer who was working on a project in Brazil and there were constant thefts. So he took some of the blasting explosives, put them in the package. When the package disappeared, the problem disappeared.
Lewis Doherty
Lewis Doherty Aylar önce
That is quite true, but most of these people wouldn't call the authorities. Since the intruder doesn't tell anyone he is going to rob a particular place, he merely disappears. @D William
D William
D William Aylar önce
@ndoro bei You obviously haven’t traveled much. With all our problems we aren’t in a position where the UN is airlifting food or Warlords are controlling distribution or our citizens are washing, drinking and pissing in the same river. I’ve been around the entire world and I’ve seen real poverty.
Lewis Doherty
Lewis Doherty Aylar önce
@Lenin It was in a vehicle in Brazil. They would have to have broken into the vehicle. It would also be illegal, but the police there just shoot people who repeatedly cause problems and dump them in canals.
Xochitl Gonzalez
Xochitl Gonzalez Aylar önce
sounds like you should move there since you like that type of idea
Lenin Aylar önce
Really smart. And a person picks up the package with the intent to pay for it and bam.
Tommy713 Aylar önce
They are good kids and they would never hurt anyone. That's what their moms said. 😀😀
dakogitlog Aylar önce
Their parents should be proud of them...
Hien Bui
Hien Bui Aylar önce
Who do you think drove them there
B Aylar önce
Son go steal me some expensive tools so we can resell them ..okay which ones. Then we can buy some name brand clothing and seem that we rich wearing expensive clothing but yet they have to steal so why they lying about their wealth status. Regular shoppers walk out so comfortably because they can't mess with blm people have their back. Can we all do the same then and get things for free and walk out like nothing?
Serious Aylar önce
When their parents get sober they will be proud Sorry, when their mothers get sober...
L NC Aylar önce
You mean their Moms
Brandon S8
Brandon S8 Aylar önce
Parents are the ring leader yes they are proud
Adrian Fu
Adrian Fu Aylar önce
*Why is it always one race group? We need some diversity here - Other races gotta stop being good citizens and start representing in this movement!*
Ethan Castro
Ethan Castro Aylar önce
Because Black Lives Matter! Lmao BLM is a joke! All lives matter!
Richard Teresi
Richard Teresi Aylar önce
Strange how they give the information of the offenders if it's a Home Depot robbery, but they don't give the information of the offenders if it's a small business robbery or if they beat or Rob or kill other people
Craven Lestat
Craven Lestat Aylar önce
Home Depot CEO is a *** same as the ones telling their fellow **** who own these news networks to hide identity. These same **** who hate the htewi race and also started CRT same **** who started c0mmunl$m
Deborah Sunflower
Deborah Sunflower Aylar önce
They were caught in Beverly Hills? After stealing crowbars and hammers? They were going for more and more expensive stuff!
Deborah Sunflower
Deborah Sunflower Aylar önce
@Just a Karen discovered the internet I thought they were stealing HD supplies to do more smash and grabs in Beverly Hills.
Just a Karen discovered the internet
stealing workboots and toolbelts
magmat0585 Aylar önce
or they're a bunch of bored trust fund types who've never been held accountable in their lives
milehightony Aylar önce
Lock them all up!!!
Dee's channel is best
Then there let out immediately with a gentle tap on the sac
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia Aylar önce
@Not Sure Neither one of them.
lp2565 Aylar önce
@LR Kay FJB & LR Kay
Not Sure
Not Sure Aylar önce
@LR Kay if you were bringing a pocket full of your hard earned cash, who would you rather have a beer with, these upstanding citizens, or the horn hat guy?
Mission Control
Mission Control Aylar önce
naaaa.........they will get a pass and in 30 min be out on the streets again.
My3dviews Aylar önce
Ah, the future for these fine young adults looks bright.
Mark Berryhill
Mark Berryhill Aylar önce
@My3dviews in the world to come, the one they're about to create, you won't need a job resume. It's gonna be prison rules, dog eat dog, survival of the fittest, jungle rules. You won't be needing all that paperwork, and those proper work skills you've developed over the years are gonna do you good when you're camping out in the woods. New America is going to be a different world.
My3dviews Aylar önce
@Brendan Sherry Right. An education and a job go a long way to not living a life of crime. I would have never thought for one second of breaking into a store to steal something. I just buy what I want. A criminal record doesn't look good on a resume.
Brendan Sherry
Brendan Sherry Aylar önce
They threw away their entire future for a cordless drill or two. A lifetime of good jobs denied them and reasonable priced housing denied them when the background checks come back. I wish someone would tell these young people about the long term consequences, not just the few months they spend in jail.
Major Cbass
Major Cbass Aylar önce
AOC be like: "They're just people stealing a loaf of bread to feed their family"
The Nipple Shaman
The Nipple Shaman Aylar önce
@JD Gordo Hey you aren't allowed to have a civil argument in a political comment section you need to point and blame the political party you don't like
JD Gordo
JD Gordo Aylar önce
the problem is that this can be true, People who are desperate steal small stuff, but large scale burlgary and robbery is different. The line is far too blurred by police on who to charge properly. If local police are involved in drug and sex trade, they will only arrest those who they deem to obstruct their enterprises
Jason Lopez
Jason Lopez Aylar önce
The family will sale the bread 🍞 for funeral ⚱️ coming up.
LC Aylar önce
@The Real X Clan 🤡
Walter White
Walter White Aylar önce
@The Real X Clan white man Trump still on your mind?
K Aylar önce
RICO should apply. Everyone who is part of this should be charged wether they were there or not.
J Zip
J Zip Aylar önce
While they have them at Home Depot why not saw their hands off. That'll teach them and the rest.
Ralph L
Ralph L Aylar önce
Now you talking plug in the saws.
wizeguy88 Aylar önce
Arrested and charged with a MISDEMEANOR... ill bet my check they beat felony charges
Peter Fernandez JR
Peter Fernandez JR Aylar önce
A small fine and they'll be out to do it again in a day or 2
T Rod
T Rod Aylar önce
DA Gascon will give them a slight tap on the wrist.
Lewis Doherty
Lewis Doherty Aylar önce
Supposedly they were threatening people with the sledge hammers they stole. If I were a prosecutor, I would charge with armed robbery and see where the felony goes.
Hi Hello
Hi Hello Aylar önce
Only 4? Better scare them until they tell on their friends. I thought there was about 10 of them??
Deja Vu
Deja Vu Aylar önce
Make the 4 pay for all of them unless they spill the beans to get the others to pay their fair share of the crimes…
iLiekLemonade Aylar önce
people from the hood never snitch each other out
J Lam
J Lam Aylar önce
I bet they ain’t robbing book stores.
Laura Book
Laura Book Aylar önce
don bon
don bon Aylar önce
only if its coloring books and comes with crayons
I F Aylar önce
When do the law abiding people get to resist? This is madness. Arm yourself.
time control
time control Aylar önce
don't let those criminals out
Geoff Aylar önce
Under the present administration , this is acceptable and these people won’t be charged . However a patriotic old person shouting at them to stop , could be imprisoned for years without trial.
Big Picture Thinking
“They wuz good kids headed to build homes for habitat for humanity.” Their families, probably.
Sweetie Squad 4Lyfe
Ahem. It is 'fam-ba-lee,' bigot.
CarELwinSLOW Aylar önce
Turnin "they" lives around
Johnny Cage
Johnny Cage Aylar önce
the suspects told authorities that "home depot is one of the best places to jog" update: the police now say they have no leads
John MacLean
John MacLean Aylar önce
@Dilgash Hamed well said bro, no worries
Dilgash Hamed
Dilgash Hamed Aylar önce
@John MacLean Sorry about that I thought you were the OP, you both have purple profile pics with the letter J and both names start with John. And your pretty down bad if you think I'm a minority based off my name. I'm 17 and make mistakes it's called human error I think. Every human does it not based on your skin color, just like when people commit crimes it's not based on your skin color or ethnicity.
John MacLean
John MacLean Aylar önce
@Dilgash Hamed I was helping you understand the context of the OP's comment. I wasn't making any political statements.. You're down bad if you're a minority and are that slow!
Dilgash Hamed
Dilgash Hamed Aylar önce
@Based F lol that one was actually funny
Based F
Based F Aylar önce
@Dilgash Hamed dude named armed robbery was out for a jog in work boots
Mutumbo finger smells
Robbery not just a flash mob, robbery!
chris Primo
chris Primo Aylar önce
And you know what's funny $1,000 says that they won't do more than a week's jail time if any at all
Venture B.
Venture B. Aylar önce
Texas school shooter, Timothy George Simpkins, was released after only 24 hours. Democrat activist DAs and judges promote crime.
Robert G
Robert G Aylar önce
If its under 1000 dollars worth of stuff, it's only a citation.
Thats the most work they have ever done with tools.
ENVY X Aylar önce
Lebron: We are being hunted. Now we go Black Friday shopping for Free.
Logan G
Logan G Aylar önce
Great job officers
Venture B.
Venture B. Aylar önce
Democrat DA is expected to release those arrested with an apology from the city soon.
Visor Overwatch
Visor Overwatch Aylar önce
Life in Prison!
Crazy Dave
Crazy Dave Aylar önce
That is LA they will get a check and let go within an hour.
Suspects identified.... a bunch of brothers robbing a store.
Blitzburgh let's go
What a world we live in. When you have no consequence for your actions.. YOU ARE JUDGED IN LIFE ON YOUR ACTION. NOTHING ELSE.
Pragedis Arreguin
Pragedis Arreguin Aylar önce
good job cops, know they ain't coming out the system needs to put an example on this guy a few Christmas will b ok 👌.
Pragedis Arreguin
Pragedis Arreguin Aylar önce
@Black Beans Matter oh my fault they your brothers, tell them stop stealing go to school bro.b l matter.
Michael Reap
Michael Reap Aylar önce
Which guy? That white guy running away?
Flocka Del Rey
Flocka Del Rey Aylar önce
Yeah what the fuck was that LMAO
Black Beans Matter
Black Beans Matter Aylar önce
Go take an elementary English class. That was painful
Paul Den
Paul Den Aylar önce
Not too bright of them to be riding together in a vehicle in Beverly Hills.
Robert Nicholas
Robert Nicholas Aylar önce
Apparently racial profiling is still okay in very rich & powerful areas.
Roger Smith
Roger Smith Aylar önce
Straight to prison. Let Big Bubba get a hold of these wannabe thugs and teach them a lesson.
Devil's Advocate
Devil's Advocate Aylar önce
Time Magazine will have a special issue this year with a hoodie wearing thief as their poster boy. Not sure if he will be holding a hammer, a crow bar or a gun...
Sam C
Sam C Aylar önce
Man of the year
Wow Naman
Wow Naman Aylar önce
The disappointment look of the parents when they see that their kids is one of the flash mob robbery. The person organizing this flash mob robbery need to be in jail like the rest of those participating on a robbery.
fnordly Aylar önce
'Flash rob' may not be the best description, some of these robberies look like well organized raids with assigned roles like lookout and getaway driver. It also appears from media reports that there is a centralized method of fencing the stolen stuff. This new style of reparations may be spreading across the country soon, as only a small number of participants can be identified and arrested.
Bykeryduh Aylar önce
The employee was smart. He ran back in like F this. I would have done the same
jtown1bb Aylar önce
What a stupid attempt at blocking them in by that home depot guy. "Let me pretend to move some wood, surely they will wait patiently behind me."🤦🏻‍♂️
El Toro Loco
El Toro Loco Aylar önce
it looked like a contractor trying to get drywall out and was surprised someone rubbed against him.....
vxy357 Aylar önce
I'll give him credit for even trying. Most people just sit there, prettified in fear and shock.
Tony Thomas
Tony Thomas Aylar önce
that would make them all guilty of armed robbery and a host of other felonies.
Tony Thomas
Tony Thomas Aylar önce
ye by the way he ran Ill bet someone pointed a gun at him.
Mercedes Benz E63-S AMG
Give them life in prison with no parole.
hmongster84 Aylar önce
We're all in this together, once we know that we are..
T L Aylar önce
Keep throwing the thugs in jail, and get them off the streets. Judges take notice of their repeat offences, and keep them in jail longer, with exponentially higher bonds.
Jamestucker650 Tucker
Single mothers stand Up 🧍‍♀️😌
Byron Chen
Byron Chen Aylar önce
Now let's grill them for answers on how they organized and orchestrated this raid.
Jerry Rosales
Jerry Rosales Aylar önce
Gascon will have them released within an hour
Quad Copter
Quad Copter Aylar önce
No photos. No names. We can easily guess a profile
Masi Media
Masi Media Aylar önce
I miss last year when these people were overnight activist and marching protesting,
yasio bolo
yasio bolo Aylar önce
When do the law abiding people get to resist? This is madness. Arm yourself.
Noah Aylar önce
You can find the rest of them at the unemployment office Monday. Probably in the afternoon.
Mutumbo finger smells
Bet you won't find them near anything employment! The inequality of your thinking sir!
zudemaster Aylar önce
For some reason i highly doubt those suspects really care. Its not their first encounter with the law and will not be their last. They will be in and out of the system. Back at the smash and grab game before you are done with your Christmas shopping.
Kev Mar
Kev Mar Aylar önce
Any tweets from LeBron, or CNN or TYT?
B S Aylar önce
Four suspects? I count at least six… they’re right there on camera…
PLURVISION TV 18+ Aylar önce
They were the true victims They just needed a hug
oldnew newold
oldnew newold Aylar önce
If they don’t find way too stop this shit it will keep on happening. And someone is gonna get hurt too.😔
don bon
don bon Aylar önce
"We're literally have a home invasion everyday" LeHome Depot James
Baba Yaga
Baba Yaga Aylar önce
“Black Friday” really did have a new meaning to it 2021.
BBR2 Aylar önce
At the store I work at we very recently had thieves who also robbed the burrito lady outside in the parking lot of her entire cooler filled with food. She got pissed and called the sheriff. One of the thieves decided to move the getaway truck but he moved it closer to the store. As the thieves were in the store the sheriff arrived and blocked the truck. They happened to notice a loaded gun inside the truck. When the thieves exited the store they were arrested by the sheriff’s deputies. It turned out the license plate didn’t match the truck (ie, it was stolen) and there were already outstanding warrants for these two idiots. Now they have felony gun charges to go with their order of birdbrains. Moral of the story, Never mess with the burrito lady.
samuel rodriguez
samuel rodriguez Aylar önce
we now need to seek revenge scam them all over show their faces sue them also in civil court for harming the public how we do this Spain crime is way down because you can sue people for crime in civil law deters others wan a bes
Stassi Bonassi
Stassi Bonassi Aylar önce
How they get cought but never see their face??
Tim G
Tim G Aylar önce
RICO charges need to be filed. or chop their hands off. its simple/
sj408blacknteal Aylar önce
All this construction workers at Home Depot getting punked by this lazy teens .. smh 🤦🏻‍♂️.. what is this world coming tool
FML Aylar önce
This is why we can't have nice things
Christopher Napier
Christopher Napier Aylar önce
Wow! Good job throw them under the jail or they will just do it again!
ron l
ron l Aylar önce
These youngsters just needed tools for their "homes for humanity" projects.
Paul Findude
Paul Findude Aylar önce
Hang working boots at the entrance and those rats will run away. That’s their Kryptonite
Diana Aylar önce
Mr. Original one nice guy
Did anybody take any WORK boots, WORK hat, WORK glasses, Go Get A JOB
Blakelikesfood Aylar önce
Send the bill to LeBron & BLM.
Preston Geyer
Preston Geyer Aylar önce
That's good they definitely need to be off the streets and stop doing damadge to stores hopphaly jail time will teach him
Fh hf
Fh hf Aylar önce
Great job. Now I hope the judge does his job.
Little Lion
Little Lion Aylar önce
Put them all away for a long time.
Mozilla Aylar önce
Only 4? Looked like way more than that were involved.
07Negative Aylar önce
These gosh damn Norwegians strike again?!? Please oh please! Can we just have more diversity.
Indy Dog
Indy Dog Aylar önce
'usual suspects', 10-4.
Cj Johnson
Cj Johnson Aylar önce
Do what y’all do best, act like it never happened, better yet get over it.
M Calderone
M Calderone Aylar önce
Harsh laws needed, this will continue x2 if left unchecked.
neckarsulme Aylar önce
lol, gotta love the media trying to put a good spin on this by calling it a flash mob
Maria Siburt
Maria Siburt Aylar önce
wow so much crime going on in USA ! what is going on!?
Brian Nolan
Brian Nolan Aylar önce
Lock them up for a very long time. Set an example for those other thieves.
widget2299 Aylar önce
You know I doubt they’re gonna use those tool for a job in construction
don bon
don bon Aylar önce
"We're literally cleaning display toilets at home depot everyday" LeScrub brown stains James
Exploring with Bellanoche
Mandatory 10 year prison sentence is what they should get!!
Jesse Bach
Jesse Bach Aylar önce
Stealing sledgehammer and crowbar so they can rob other businesses. How emboldened they've become these teens.....
John Doe
John Doe Aylar önce
The difference between a great cultured people and a poor one...When the government fails to protect people's property, it is the obligation of the people to protect it. In great neiborhoods with good people they have done this through the riots and looting from summer 20 and it stopped because good people have stopped it.
S Mode
S Mode Aylar önce
Looked like a lot more than 4, and the more the news covers this every night and the more people post about it on Twitter the more people are going to say "Hey, good idea!"
Captain Saveaho
Captain Saveaho Aylar önce
Home Depot work boots were untouched by the "teens."
Love Dove
Love Dove Aylar önce
Slap them with racketeering charges, that is automatically 10 year +.
Haveair Aylar önce
Tools to "protest" with?
ㄒɇȼħ Sɇɍ۷ٱƈﻉ
agreed, as if they knew how to earn with them 😁
Smokey Treats
Smokey Treats Aylar önce
When a pandemic overshadows a plague.
Jud Ann Milehigh
Jud Ann Milehigh Aylar önce
Good job in identifying
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Citizens Hold Apple Theft Suspects
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