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Disney Descendants
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Mal's fairy tale life might come to an end....
Watch Descendants 3 on Friday, August 2, 2019 on Disney Channel! (U.S.)
Mal (Dove Cameron), Evie (Sofia Carson), Carlos (Cameron Boyce) and Jay (BooBoo Stewart) return to the Isle of the Lost to recruit a new batch of villainous offspring to join them at Auradon Prep. When a barrier breach jeopardizes the safety of Auradon during their departure off the Isle, Mal resolves to permanently close the barrier, fearing that nemeses Uma (China Anne McClain) and Hades (Cheyenne Jackson) will wreak vengeance on the kingdom. Despite her decision, an unfathomable dark force threatens the people of Auradon, and it's up to Mal and the VKs to save everyone in their most epic battle yet.
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17 Jun 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Disney Descendants
Disney Descendants 5 aylar önce
Ben: proposes to Mal 💍 * The internet breaks *
flora salaswet
flora salaswet 5 gün önce
Disney Descendants hhtusufcjeughhve
Adrienne Stephanie
Adrienne Stephanie 18 gün önce
Shelby Ballard
Shelby Ballard 27 gün önce
This actually made me cringe, good job Disney not a lot of things can do that.
Ossi Krikorian
Ossi Krikorian Aylar önce
@Disney 101 .
Ossi Krikorian
Ossi Krikorian Aylar önce
IornFox YT
IornFox YT 6 gün önce
I cant wait
IornFox YT
IornFox YT 6 gün önce
I really hope descendants 3 comes to disney plus
Cyra Nicole
Cyra Nicole 14 gün önce
thank you so much for making descendants 3 i really love the movie and i am so proud queen of mean was invented without queen of mean i would not find anything to sing in school well i really feel bad for carlo's had his loss rip we will always love you
Leta Istrefaj
Leta Istrefaj 15 gün önce
Movie is not
Undercover Rapper
Undercover Rapper 15 gün önce
Wann kommt es in Deutschland?
Anne Kirstine Toft
Anne Kirstine Toft 20 gün önce
PLZ com a descendants 4
aicha Ozz
aicha Ozz 23 gün önce
Umah and Célia were my fav 😍😍😂
FoxGirlPlayz ;-;
FoxGirlPlayz ;-; 24 gün önce
"Sleeping spell has been casted over Auradon!" *Shows Dizzy and the twins going to sleep for the night*
Bruno Al
Bruno Al 24 gün önce
I'll have to be honest, I wanted a darker and more complex story for this movie. I already have a version all thought out for that version, is anyone curious.
- * Cookie LuvBTS * -
- * Cookie LuvBTS * - 27 gün önce
I came here for Cameron.I forgot he’s in Heaven...💔😭
Flynn 061
Flynn 061 29 gün önce
I wish they had better cji in these movies
Anna Kudryashova
Anna Kudryashova Aylar önce
I like this
Angelina nagel
Angelina nagel Aylar önce
Cameron was one of my fav!!!!!! :"'''''''(♥
Emma Firth
Emma Firth Aylar önce
This was so misleading! Hades wasn’t the bad guy AT ALL
Pastღl Aylar önce
How can I watch it for free?
Megan Presland
Megan Presland Aylar önce
I think the real villain on this is Audreys grandmother
Andreas i
Andreas i Aylar önce
Plz Decedantes 4 :(
arianatorbaby Aylar önce
I was too happy until the ending came with a picture of Cameron and a memorial text
Sunnydayz Aylar önce
claudiosflower I know right it was so sad 😭😭
jikook bts
jikook bts Aylar önce
this trailer is about hades being the bad guy when he is so sweet n this story is about audrey 😂
Sadia Nizam
Sadia Nizam Aylar önce
It's a good trailer
Rede dos Signos
Rede dos Signos Aylar önce
Wow, waiting for this special moment
Shiva Pillado
Shiva Pillado Aylar önce
Omg big fan ! Its baack
HarmonE Records
HarmonE Records Aylar önce
Props to the crew for having the guts not to reveal the actual villain. Even if they tricked us into thinking that Celia was going to be a villain.
Jazzlyn Garza
Jazzlyn Garza Aylar önce
In the 1st descendants and the 2nd thay say that the wand is the most powerful but in the 3rd movie its the ember what???
HoneyComb Princess
HoneyComb Princess Aylar önce
I loved this movie!
Viji Shaji
Viji Shaji Aylar önce
I... I cant overcome the fact that Cameron is no longer in this world anymore but I know he’s In a better place now❤️😥 God... I’m emotional 1 like= 1 prayer I’ll pray for u cameron today and always and u r my fav actor xoxo 😘 Cameron Boyce 1999- 2019 😪😥😓😰😭😭😭😢
shivi uniyal
shivi uniyal Aylar önce
In Memory Of Cameron Boyce R.I.P We looove you!
Alarcon Victor Jr.
Alarcon Victor Jr. Aylar önce
We Miss you Cameron Boyce😭😭⚰️⚰️ you are in People's heart we always be in your heart♥️♥️❤️❤️
Your Mom
Your Mom Aylar önce
I love jadah Marie ( celia)❤ and Kenny Ortega u all did Great❤❤❤
Cooper Emerson
Cooper Emerson 2 aylar önce
Disney decendants without Cameron we can’t make a fourth movie unless we replaced him but Cameron is forever in our hearts ❤️
The Margolis Family Chanel
Did you ever realize that mal and uma are cousins cause hades is brother of possiden and his daughter is Ursula and her daughter is uma
Aisigha Keke
Aisigha Keke 2 aylar önce
I love descendants 3 coolest movie ever! 😍😍
SempreTon 2 aylar önce
Through the Trailers, Disney made us think that: Hades had bewitched Audrey, being the villain of the story along with Uma maybe and that the movie would have more action.
Albert Mag
Albert Mag 2 aylar önce
This is like a morphed out power rangers flick
Dreaming bannna pancake 1221 jenkins
RIP Cameron Boyce 😭😭😭😭💔 me heart broken
Dreaming bannna pancake 1221 jenkins
I got the movie from target thx for the trailer and Audrey stole the crown and the specter
Sciby bisso
Sciby bisso 2 aylar önce
I've watched the movie I didn't like it I loved it
german chats
german chats 2 aylar önce
Deutsche hier?
Sandra Pechinotty
Sandra Pechinotty 2 aylar önce
Aicha Giulia ibrahim
Aicha Giulia ibrahim 2 aylar önce
IO Amo Descendants
Kaitlyn Arnold
Kaitlyn Arnold 2 aylar önce
It's been almost two months since Cameron left us. But he is not gone. He will be there forever in our hearts. Love you so much cam, fly high angel😇
Αλεξάνδρα Μπρούμα
Ποτε ερχεται στην ελλαδα;
mariami margishvili
mariami margishvili 2 aylar önce
I love these actors so mach
Chung Tran
Chung Tran 2 aylar önce
It's been 2 exact months after the movie has been released..
Nomhle Ndlovu
Nomhle Ndlovu 2 aylar önce
Throughout the whole video: evil laughter...
Party at my funeral
Party at my funeral 2 aylar önce
Spoiler alert: Cameron dies 😂
Dylon 2 aylar önce
Who is here after the movie?
Rct_gemo 2 aylar önce
I miss camron he was my dream seeing him 😰😭 when i go to heaven i can see him
Avlen Adjodha
Avlen Adjodha 2 aylar önce
Millie Smith
Millie Smith 2 aylar önce
Yay 👻👊🏼👍🏼👍🏼🐶
Sierra Bentley
Sierra Bentley 2 aylar önce
Dear mow I want to go to the isle
Alice Kaneyia
Alice Kaneyia 2 aylar önce
I Love This Movie So So Mush Because Of The Fashion!
antea vukoja
antea vukoja 2 aylar önce
*Nothing can break malefesends spell* later like everything can
Green Lemonade but Holly Jollyer
Woooooah this was soooo cool! Can't wait to see the movie cause it hasn't come out in my country yet
Cristina Zaccarini
Cristina Zaccarini 2 aylar önce
in europa uscira ad ottobre
Sheena Tomy
Sheena Tomy 2 aylar önce
jusfhzerufsdjf i CANT FIND THE MOVIEEE
Jaqueliine Stevens
Jaqueliine Stevens 2 aylar önce
Cameron Missyou
Cameron Missyou 2 aylar önce
Descendants could be like High school musical too . I mean after 10 years one more movie to see what are they doing... But they just cant..😢 Rest in peace angel💕 Hope you are chillin well in heaven ❤️
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