Official Podcast Ep. 6 “The Princess and the Queen” | House of the Dragon (HBO)

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24 Eyl 2022




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Sam F.S.
Thank you for having Miguel Sapochnik on! He's the best 😊
Ernest Aguilar
This is a really fun podcast. "A great exchange..." Yep, that's you two when you disagree. Well, maybe not disagree, but have different viewpoints. But open and respectful and funny. Well done. And I was wondering if that was the same window that Tommen jumped out of. Good catch.
This episode is PACKED, while it's not bad in any sense, I can see how viewers getting lost and confused if they haven't read Fire and Blood. The minor characters, namely Laenor, Harwin and Laena could have been fleshed out a little bit more, their screen time was just enough to get me interested in their entanglement with main characters (Daemon and Rhaenyra) but not a second more. Even the main characters feel somewhat inconsistent and abrupt due to the time jump.
Thanks. Another episode that was 🔥🔥🔥
Jack Sparrow
If Daemon doesn't want the Throne why did he smirk looking through the secret room listening to the Small Council, when Viserys said he has no desire for it and Otto said the Gods have yet to make a man who lacks the patience for absolute power. Additionally, why did he orchestrate the date on the town in such a way as to try to force Viserys's hand that he could marry Rhaenerya?
Rhaenys and Corelys Have a very healthy relationship with each other , the last episode when they were talking about their son being in danger. That was really intimate for a couple to talk like that and he expressed that he was still very much attracted to her. So shame on you for glossing over them lol 🙄🙄
Vhagar was baelon dragon (viserys father) and caraxes aemon dragon( rhaenys father) those two are brothers and their dragons spent alot of time together fighting enemies so the two dragon have been close for a long time.
Ian Schmitt
Does anyone have any guess who the dragon was that Aemond saw down in the depths of the dragon pit after he got the piggy dragon from Aegon Jace and the smallest one?
I think I’m beginning to turn into a Viserys defender.
i LOVE Miguel's work (can't wait for ep7), but there's no harm in fleshing out small characters a bit more even if they don't serve much purpose for the dance of the dragons. i would've loved to see a bit of background to laena/daemon and harwin/rhaenyra. but anyways.
Jimmy C13
Jack Sparrow
Daemon just keeps being shit on, now he's Daemon the Dragon-Reader and they cut the scene of him hugging his daughters after the "barbecue"
Can someone make an "Everything is Fine" meme with Viserys for me, that'd be great! Thx
tolpa tulpi
❤Terry Silver is ther true
Drehgon den
Jac is his nephew not his cousin. But they grew up together so they come off as cousin.
B D 9
Show remindes me of S1 of GoT,every mayor caracter are gone dead after few episodes,including the King,so in coming seasons we expecting another mayor carcs coming and goes dead after 3,4 episodes,only 4,5 of them would stay 'till Cregan Stark come to King's Landing and execute them all
"The jack window" 😆
Tone Desh
Larys is the most dangerous on this show…and only Alicent knows. This is gonna be a fun ride.
Shannon D
Miguel Sapochnik at
Westeros and Chill
The writer of the script of this episode has openly stated she never watched game of thrones and never read Fire and Blood
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