Odell, D-Hop and DK Aren’t Allowed to Party with TEU | Gridiron Heights S6E2

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Travis Kelce, George Kittle and Gronk start their own Tight End University and won’t let the wide receivers party with them. New 2-min episode of

Stay tuned for another live animated press conference next week!

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21 Eyl 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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UGF PANDAS 2 gün önce
Anyone else notice Adam Theiland there
Jay Harris
Jay Harris 3 gün önce
i love that cam is there hes a tight ends best friend
t millz
t millz 3 gün önce
Catching is for pretty boys lmao
Brian O'Donnell
Brian O'Donnell 3 gün önce
Why does Andrew's look like drake
Joe and Duffy 3390
Joe and Duffy 3390 5 gün önce
wheres the new episode????
Ethan Sentell
Ethan Sentell 6 gün önce
“come with us kid” “oh i’m a tight end” “WHAT” this was very good
Jade Nguyen
Jade Nguyen 7 gün önce
They don’t have to be stuck together anymore as of today.
Andrew Stiling
Andrew Stiling 9 gün önce
Love these clips!
Colby Anderson
Colby Anderson 10 gün önce
Well be seeing another Urban Myers resignation outro along with Gruden😂
Terry O
Terry O 11 gün önce
Urban at the end had me😂😂
MarloSoBalJr Gaming
MarloSoBalJr Gaming 14 gün önce
0:37... Was that... a Chiseled Adonis reference? *(What's my name? G-Reg! Whatcha do? Get Head! Whatcha... I drop my draws and let her see my third leg!)*
Tariq McGriff
Tariq McGriff 15 gün önce
im sure someone caught it already, but Kyle Pitts doesn’t have a baby voice
Brian Willard
Brian Willard 15 gün önce
And now urban Meyer might potentially be fired y'all predicted it haha
bigboy716 16 gün önce
Were are the new Episodes at
Jacion Bryant
Jacion Bryant 16 gün önce
Raider nation d Waller the goat 🐐
Jacion Bryant
Jacion Bryant 16 gün önce
Raider nation
Robb 17 gün önce
Third leg Greg was Greg Olson's rap name he made a rap song with his college team mates. Look it up
Bearded Barnstormer
Bearded Barnstormer 17 gün önce
where travis go!
John M
John M 17 gün önce
Why has it been two weeks but it says only one week ago? Is TRvid covering for Bleacher Report missing a week?
John M
John M 16 gün önce
@Brian Cupillo thank you good sir
Brian Cupillo
Brian Cupillo 17 gün önce
They upload at 6 pm eastern, so it hasn't been 2 weeks by a few hours
seth jones
seth jones 17 gün önce
I like how Kyle Pitts has a simi deep voice compared to the rest of the rookies
Mista Idgaf
Mista Idgaf 17 gün önce
Where is Jared Cook and Hooper!?!
Dylan Gronlund
Dylan Gronlund 17 gün önce
“Tyreek is the cheetah, and Travis is the warthog!” Not sure what Patrick was thinking (maybe assuming Timon is a cheetah in Lion Kong) but still funny as hell.
ashkechum101 18 gün önce
Where’s our episodes
cody m
cody m 19 gün önce
Funny thing is 3 of the Tight Ends featured in this episode actually went to Tight End U. Go Iowa!
AJSports 9
AJSports 9 19 gün önce
On Sunday night football kittles college was tight end university
LaidOutPancake S
LaidOutPancake S 19 gün önce
Greg Hohenberger
Greg Hohenberger 19 gün önce
Noah I can't let you in is the best ever
JakeTheSnake 20 gün önce
shouldve done mark andrews salt bae move
Frenchy Frenchman
Frenchy Frenchman 20 gün önce
Jason kelce be spittin fax
Quinton Clark
Quinton Clark 20 gün önce
Mahomes voice is forever funny.
EMP Yo 20 gün önce
Where’s the new one?
ZTA 21 gün önce
Why did Kyle pitts get a normal voice?
Luke Silvay
Luke Silvay 21 gün önce
Tyreek is cheetah and Travis is the warthog Where Travis go 😂
Ivy G
Ivy G 21 gün önce
Tyreek is Cheetah and Travis is the Warthog, now they both got names
STEVEN EVENS 22 gün önce
Please god roast that Giants te that can't catch a Football to save his life
STEVEN EVENS 21 gün önce
@The Road To Self Improvement it's pathetic
The Road To Self Improvement
As a giants fan we been wanting them to get rid of him for 3 years
DBoydart303 22 gün önce
So are y’all done releasing one weekly or????
Clyde Bangers
Clyde Bangers 22 gün önce
Thank god an actual episode
Excard0n 23 gün önce
The fact that Kittle actually said Tight End University on Sunday Night was amazing.
Jacob Wragge
Jacob Wragge 23 gün önce
SO to Kittle for saying TEU on Sunday Night Football.
Retro Bowl Mods
Retro Bowl Mods 23 gün önce
dude they literally killed this series wtf
Cameron Rivers
Cameron Rivers 24 gün önce
Gotta rewatch this one again because BR dropped the ball this week
Icy_LemurTo3d *
Icy_LemurTo3d * 24 gün önce
Where big bobby
Greg Allen
Greg Allen 24 gün önce
Are we not getting episodes every week?
ninjamuffin99 24 gün önce
Darren waller flosing in front of cam Newton CRACKED ME UP🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
Erik DeJonge
Erik DeJonge 24 gün önce
But Iowa is in the power five
dec 24 gün önce
lol the fact kittle said Tight end university in his introduction thing in the snf game
Tanner Aitken
Tanner Aitken 24 gün önce
6 seasons in and still as strong as ever
Peter Draper
Peter Draper 24 gün önce
The silly society peroperativly pull because kite coherently behave alongside a apathetic date. roomy, uneven turnip
Ace Solomon
Ace Solomon 24 gün önce
Yall took FOERVER to include Darren Waller into this skit 💯
DoubleBrainCell 25 gün önce
Why does Kyle Pitts not have a rookie voice. It is very uncomfortable
Red E
Red E 25 gün önce
Zach Wilson: "Dang. One day." You didnt have to do that man like that
Samuel Teeple
Samuel Teeple 25 gün önce
Y’all got to make this weeks one about kickers
kid kid
kid kid 25 gün önce
Should of had Tebow getting rejected
zdh0218 25 gün önce
I love how Pitts doesn’t have the baby voice LOL
I_main_ firebreak
I_main_ firebreak 25 gün önce
Anyone else realize that during the 49er game earlier kittle said he was from tight end university
ISus Red
ISus Red 25 gün önce
Me too
Evan Orr
Evan Orr 25 gün önce
I came back here cause George Kittle said he is from Tight End University in the SNF Lineup Intros!
TJ Warwick
TJ Warwick 26 gün önce
Yo did anyone see George Kittles intro tonight
Jiovany Soltero
Jiovany Soltero 26 gün önce
Yo George kittle is a fan of TEU
Jake Link
Jake Link 26 gün önce
George kittiel said TE university
Julius Madrow
Julius Madrow 26 gün önce
🌞🌟🌪⛈⛅🧼🧽🌄🌅 ❇ 🌟🌘🌪 *God demonstrated His love to us by sending His Son Jesus Christ, who died and rose from the dead to Give us eternal life.* *If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead* *He will give you the free gift of eternal life* *He also promised to heal your body.* *(Look up at the sky and ask God)*
viiont eooiy
viiont eooiy 26 gün önce
"Do you know what the call is?" Pretty much sums up me playing football.
FNG True wolf
FNG True wolf 27 gün önce
Where’s Kyle pitts baby voice?
Kyle Collins
Kyle Collins 27 gün önce
Travis Scott wearing the “wives saint low rent” killed me
Raul Ruiz
Raul Ruiz 27 gün önce
I wish the ending was true: Urban meyer: I'm going back to college!
Raul Ruiz
Raul Ruiz 27 gün önce
D-hop: come with us kid Kyle pitts: oh I'm a TE 😂
viiont eooiy
viiont eooiy 26 gün önce
Surprised they didn’t give Pitts a baby voice
Raul Ruiz
Raul Ruiz 27 gün önce
"No taysom hill until he admits he's one of us"!😂
Raul Ruiz
Raul Ruiz 27 gün önce
Logan thomas at 0:47, "I'm sorry for being a qb in college"!😂 also the "heath miller lite's and the twisted tebow"😂
Perkin 27 gün önce
Mr B
Mr B 27 gün önce
Lol I love Dhop asking Pitts to come with them.. as a falcons fan i said all along he should just play WR
Arizona Hobbies & Rec
Arizona Hobbies & Rec 27 gün önce
Kelces accent was way too white
Dirty Kool Aid
Dirty Kool Aid 27 gün önce
They should put Michael Vick in gridiron heights
Charkles 27 gün önce
Why doesn't Kyle Pitts have a baby voice
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 27 gün önce
"It's your brother Jason. Fuck you, catching is for pretty boys!" had me ROLLING lmao
Slasher 58
Slasher 58 27 gün önce
got add tonyan to the list now
vmanstacovan 27 gün önce
Why doesn't Kyle Pitts have a baby voice?
Adam Quek
Adam Quek 28 gün önce
How come Kyle Pitts was not given a baby voice?
TwonDaGreat 28 gün önce
Receivers: I'm here to save you party Doorman: Noah FANT...no can't can't let you in... Please tell me y'all caught that
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 27 gün önce
the Mike Gesicki disrespect is unreal
Devin 28 gün önce
Aiyuk 😔 once trey is in aiyuk will get targets bc hes better as a deep threat, just sad to see jimmy so scared of throwing past 20 yards
M O N X Z 28 gün önce
Surprised they didn’t give Pitts a baby voice
Gibran Bedra
Gibran Bedra 28 gün önce
Go Duvall... I'm weak! The county gonna love that one!
I am Legend
I am Legend 28 gün önce
Go.....Duval.. Y'all did us dirty!!! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣💀💀💀💀💀😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
marsella527 28 gün önce
"This is Jason, your brother. F*** you." Something real Jason Kelce would say
Chef Jared
Chef Jared 28 gün önce
Ertz and Goedert are really stuck together. 🤦🏾‍♂️
Jay Steeds
Jay Steeds 28 gün önce
3rd leg Greg😳🤣
freddy and foxy
freddy and foxy 28 gün önce
I love these
Kyle Jozsa
Kyle Jozsa 28 gün önce
"Coach, I'm not missing the Met Gala for a Browns game." 😅
Alex Hill
Alex Hill 28 gün önce
Connor S
Connor S 28 gün önce
“Hey it’s your brother Jason, fuck you, catching is for pretty boys” God I love Jason Kelce
XBoilermakerX 28 gün önce
Professor Gronk is killing me 😂
Underdawg 28 gün önce
Go... Duval 😔
The Ghost of Adam Gase
the Mike Gesicki disrespect is unreal
idiotbox41580 28 gün önce
Kittle stealing Aiyuk's targets 😂😂😂
1personiam 28 gün önce
Third Leg Greg!!! Best verse on the whole 7th floor
Bloop Noop
Bloop Noop 28 gün önce
Haha that’s cold as a Jags fan
hei_blackreaper 28 gün önce
Thank god theres an episode this week no one wants that interview nonsense
PhuriousGeorge78 28 gün önce
Marcus Danchision
Marcus Danchision 28 gün önce
The spooky celeste finallly rush because freighter fifthly drag worth a majestic niece. direful, absurd input
Oni Joltt
Oni Joltt 28 gün önce
“Perhaps nick Carroway is an unreliable narrorator”
Billua Goldyck
Billua Goldyck 28 gün önce
That Mark Andrews or Drake?
Nathan Smith
Nathan Smith 28 gün önce
Why does Kyle Pitts not have the baby voice?
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