Oddballs │ FULL EPISODE │ Raising Toasty

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6 Eki 2022




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Congrats! Also I want a toasty plush
i love that sometimes they just draw max in a really creepy style out of nowhere
It’s still crazy to think your probably like one of the first TRvid animators to have their own Netflix show 😂
I love how at
I watched the entire series... I wonder why not every TRvidr has their own animated show.
I’ve watched all of the episodes on Netflix so far and your making great progress! 🤩
Whoever animated Max must have had the time of their lives.
I’m so proud of him
hey i love your series I've watched it over and over again on Netflix when do you think season 2 will be coming i really LOVE your show so i hope soon!
I like how James gets slowly more aggressive during the episodes
This show is actually amazing i love it so much
It's odd that we finally get to see Odds1out being fully animated instead of the tweening, especially how his mouth moved.
I like how James incorporated his traditional story time rants into the show.
U should make more episodes I love this show ❤
Low key I love this it was so fun
Man I cant beloeve just 6 years ago, this guy was talking about his part time job, with subpar animations, and now he has a netflix show
I hope the intro has a plot of its own, where Max finally becomes a letter. That'd be amazing 🥹
Max is shockingly well adjusted for an experiment that was never shown any affection by his creators.
I watched the entire first season in one day as soon as it came out, and I can confidently say this show is quality. My favorite episode was easily blood excuse. The story, buildup, and reappearance of Smooth Jason (changed to Wrinkly Jason) made it very entertaining and well executed.
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