Octopus vs Underwater Maze 

Mark Rober
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I, for one, welcome our Octopus overlords. Ask for the CrunchLabs Build Box for Christmas and then let’s build some cool stuff together. Get the Holiday special two FREE boxes at crunchlabs.com/octopus
I started a company called CrunchLabs, where we build a toy together, and then I teach you all the juicy physics for how it works. So if you want to learn to think like an engineer and have a really fun time doing it, check out the current promotion where you get 2 FREE boxes at crunchlabs.com/octopus
Thanks to these folks for providing some of the music in the video:
Ponder - / @Pondermusic
Laura Shigihara - @supershigi
Andrew Applepie - / andrewapplepie
Blue Wednesday - / bluewednesday
Special thanks to www.thunderlaserusa.com prototyping and building this maze would not have been possible without their very cool tools.
NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Promotion starts on 1/1/2023 & ends on 12/31/23, subject to monthly entry deadlines. Open to legal residents of the 50 U.S. & D.C., 18+. 1 prize per month: each month is its own separate promotion. For the first 2-3 months, winner may be notified via phone call instead of winning game piece. If a monthly prize is unclaimed/forfeited, it will be awarded via 2nd chance drawing. See Official Rules at crunchlabs.com/sweepstakes for full details on eligibility requirements, how to enter, free method of entry, prize claim procedure, prize description and limitations. Void where prohibited.

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23 Kas 2023




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@MarkRober 3 aylar önce
I, for one, welcome our Octopus overlords. Ask for the CrunchLabs Build Box for Christmas and then let’s build some cool stuff together. Get the Holiday special two FREE boxes at crunchlabs.com
@carmin.e 3 aylar önce
@-v2i0 3 aylar önce
Hi maerk
@boahmali311 3 aylar önce
@thestripedgoat7178 3 aylar önce
@liammurphy380 3 aylar önce
@Seed 3 aylar önce
2 Mark uploads in a week.. It's a christmas miracle!
@Tillythekitty 3 aylar önce
@K1LL3R428 3 aylar önce
@DAVISTHEDUDE_ 3 aylar önce
So this is my shoutout?
@chromedoesstuff 3 aylar önce
Must be the closest uploads in a LONG while!
@redmask1252 Aylar önce
How does Mark make an octopus’s anime arc so entertaining and emotional, I will never know
@Monkey_Chattering Aylar önce
one of the greatest characters I've seen in anime. 🤷‍♀️
@Aethelia Aylar önce
It's not anime though, octopuses are in real life.
@redmask1252 Aylar önce
@HUBz-_- Aylar önce
@MrDLBIsPog Aylar önce
zubin prfolie
@grace-kk8rh Aylar önce
Sashimi is AMAZINGLY intelligent. It’s such a joy watching what you come up with as the obstacles. Your narrative speed as well as how you explain what’s happening and why. It’s a great way to review our past science classes. Happy New Year and have a prosperous year.
@maeganlozano7058 Aylar önce
Didn't think I would be crying over an octopus but here we are. I hope he lives a long, happy and healthy life back in the ocean
@melinamartins4419 Aylar önce
​@@maeganlozano7058 yeah I can relate that😭
@luanstars1328 Aylar önce
E incrível como ele pensa em cada enigma para o polvo resolver😅
@Howlingburd19 17 gün önce
Cephalopods are known for being super intelligent, and she’s no exception :)
@studiouskid1528 14 gün önce
@@Howlingburd19 Unfortunately they can only think in bursts due to lacking a CNS, not to mention their short lifespan.
@mlembrant 21 gün önce
this octopus will meet another octopus in the ocean and will go like "dude, you wouldn't believe the s*** i've been thru.."
@BigNorseWolf 3 gün önce
Just like people abducted by aliens.
Don’t be surprised when Sashimi gets confused by the lack of puzzle mazes leading to shrimp vaults.
@HilaryPea 12 gün önce
No puzzles in the wild? Sounds like boredom to me :D
@lennoxtvthingy7408 5 gün önce
Yeah. Bored to DEATH
@TentacTopus 16 gün önce
「ぼくのペットのタコ、名前は刺身」 とかいきなり聴こえたら面白過ぎてダメ
@hawavideouploader 6 gün önce
Lol. It's like naming your pet cow as beef jerky or naming your pet pig as bacon. 面白いやね
@finnmccool4943 5 gün önce
@scorafent 4 gün önce
@Shoto_Todoroki177 4 gün önce
@@finnmccool4943I’m pretty sure because sushimi means something like sushi in Japanese, so it’s funny to just randomly hear that, to them ^^
@vincentsaysno1510 3 gün önce
@@hawavideouploaderyes! I have heard of a pig named Chris P. Bacon!🤣
@liquidalloy Aylar önce
Not just the color changing that's amazing, the texture seems to change also. Most amazing species
@fmlAllthetime 9 gün önce
It does. He mentions that.
@BooksGalore99 Aylar önce
I was so engrossed in this! I learned so much and became emotional at the end. I can not wait to learn more about them. Thank you so much for this fascinating plethora of information regarding this distinct creature.
@evaja33 Aylar önce
I cried at the end 😢. It always hits me hard at how short of a lifespan they have.
@rangercynth Aylar önce
If they had a longer lifespan they'd definitely be running the world
@shawnfender7237 Aylar önce
You should watch "My Octopus Teacher", a 2020 documentary film. I bet you'll love it.
@SD-gh1wu 28 gün önce
Amazed by the intelligence of this creature. Can't believe he designed, created and filmed an entire octopus maze just for an excuse to take off his shirt and show his workout gains at the end.
@mikeydubbs8565 18 gün önce
Hahaha my thought process “Octupuses are so amazing and intelligent and cute and… oh, dude definitely benches 265”
@kyannsdogadventures1980 7 saatler önce
Hey, kudos to Mark Rober for the lack of body fat and muscle tone! He's Brilliant, and such a great person, and has such a big heart that he would put Sashimi back in the Ocean! How amazing!
She so cute. her inteligence , her curiousosity , she is an AMAZING octo i've ever seen
I love how she smackes your hand away from the shrimp
@ironmantis778 10 gün önce
@thehumblesniper Gün önce
Yeah, she was like "Hey! Hands off!" 😆
@3hobbitsinacoat 3 aylar önce
It’s crazy to think that mark was kept as a pet by an octopus for a couple months
@Slugg0 3 aylar önce
@octopusfanclub 3 aylar önce
@nategoodwin3329 3 aylar önce
Underrated comment. 😆
@FourMusketeers-co7lw 3 aylar önce
OH I did not get that at first that’s so funny also if you got a cat you don’t have a cat the cat has you!!!
@kbreacao 3 aylar önce
@user-rg9pt5tp1f Aylar önce
@user-kh7oi1xw1w 11 gün önce
@FakedPvp 9 gün önce
I speak a little Japanese I don't read sadly but would love to learn and meet some people keep me going strong on my way to learning Japanese
@bennycaustic5102 Aylar önce
I mean... Does the Octopus REALLY want to go home? It's smart, yes. But it's still an animal that like people, would prefer to stay in a safe comfortable environment with all you can eat food.
@user-un2pf4ht9l 8 gün önce
Yeah i think it's like dogs. You cant just let it go like that
I think the general idea is that the octopus wasn't bred/raised in captivity. It be like taking a wild wolf and trying to keep it in the house. It's a wild animal, and deserves to be wild.
@camogamer1026 3 gün önce
It wasn't bred in captivity, but most likely born and raised in captivity
@BisexualPlagueDoctor 3 saatler önce
@@camogamer1026it literally shows you where they were caught
@yuna.non1 15 gün önce
@hapticghost4419 9 gün önce
Octopus are so smart that taking them out of a comfy safe home is kinda like kicking a human out of a comfy safe home
@kusdka 5 gün önce
@itsmelorraine2954 29 gün önce
I love how much effort you put in the videos. It´s not just entertaining you can learn so much from this. Especially the graphics to the information, it´s a lot easier to understand the complexity of biology. Love this video! :)
@bt8208 2 aylar önce
It’s incredible how intuitively intelligent they are in such a short lifespan
@maggiee639 2 aylar önce
It’s incredibly interesting that so much brainpower is in a “prey animal.” I know they are predators too but they live their lives assuming something is gonna eat an arm.
@Jezee213 2 aylar önce
Thats so true, in 365ish days they learn all these amazing things.
​@@maggiee639Brainpower is a lot more useful for creature in the middle of the food web. Knowing when something is food or if it's death is very important, and requires a lot of intelligence to intuit.
@rocketman5004 2 aylar önce
Be glad they only live that short. if they had 50 years or more, they would have overtaken the planet already
@bt8208 2 aylar önce
@@rocketman5004 🧐
@bluwasabi7635 Aylar önce
Very cool idea! You could ask a local aquarium if you wanted to do this again, but with a giant octopus or something. You'd be providing enrichment too.
@evaja33 Aylar önce
That sounds like a really awesome thing to do 🙂
@legolars5122 Aylar önce
How about we learn a lesson from this and decide to not have souch beautiful and smart creatures in captivity?
@Hrhdhkekiiiioep Aylar önce
​@legolars5122 in captivity where they're safe from predators and get everything they need without having to hunt 🙄
@legolars5122 Aylar önce
@@Hrhdhkekiiiioep In captivity where they cannot fulfill their part of the economic system, where if not mentally simulated every second it will get literally depressions. Where it cannot go after its urge to reproduce. Ever wondered why there are no octopuses bred in captivity? It is not possible to breed them.
@eeeeee8762 Aylar önce
@@Hrhdhkekiiiioep Now apply this argument to isolating a human in the same way
@yli5531 Aylar önce
This octopus is incredible. We shouldn't put such smart species on our plates.
@iamlorddems3859 Aylar önce
We shall not allow them to get smart enough to overthrow us /j
@lil._.marbear5555 22 gün önce
it’s yummy
@I_Give_No_Fux_ 21 gün önce
I hate to tell ya, but a lot of the species that go on our standard plates, are much more intelligent than previously thought. You may as well become a vegetarian with this logic. It's healthier to realize that everything in nature, including this octopus, must consume other living matter to sustain itself. Not even herbivores are innocent, considering plants are a living thing too, and herbivores would strip their habitats of plant life, without predators to keep them in check. Eating only what your body needs to maintain its functions is the more realistic road, imo. Can't undo being an omnivore in one generation, just leads to essential nutrient deficits.
@muslimcel4581 12 gün önce
So do whales
@yli5531 5 gün önce
@@I_Give_No_Fux_ I consider it fair if human fed it and ate it. But no wild caught food.
@user-tq5fm2wn3t 9 gün önce
@twelve_yo 19 gün önce
@user-ny3dr7qy6m 22 gün önce
Мужик, в океане есть хищник, а в твоем аквариуме -нет, да и, тем более, на природе есть люди, которые могут выловить её и сделать кольца кальмара в панировке. Так что, если любишь её, выпускать осьминога в открытые воды - не лучшее решение, ведь Сашими съедят в любой момент, ведь она не приспособлена к опасностям мира, ведь в жизни нужно действовать моментально. А без ежедневного опыта это непросто...
@Kami892 2 aylar önce
it’s crazy that a sack of fluid and matter is able to squeeze through a finger sized hole while also being smart enough to problem solve and remember people. what an incredible animal
@davehoward22 2 aylar önce
Basically what a human would be without the bone
@davisperron4260 2 aylar önce
It’s almost more impressive than a human tbh. The uniqueness is incredible
@hyjjjkyikk3158 2 aylar önce
@@davisperron4260 we are probably lucky that they don’t live that long if not we may get invaded
@jonathanodude6660 2 aylar önce
they have way more abilities due to having 8 fully mobile limbs rather than 4. their size and resulting weakness as well as their short lifespan is what holds them back.@@davehoward22
@AustinGDesigns 2 aylar önce
@@hyjjjkyikk3158 Evolution is still at work so it's still possible.
@Phildo8 Aylar önce
Hearing that they will automatically single out one person and squirt water on them every chance they get just makes me want one even more! I wouldn’t even care if it wasn’t me it picked to squirt water on. Just being there seeing it and the fact that my pet octopus singled out a friend or family member of mine and will squirt them every time it sees them is enough for me 😂
@JanWnogu Aylar önce
12:00 Imagine losing an arm and not being able to find it, because it has just camouflaged itself 🤣🤣🤣 On the flipside, your arm would just regrow after some time.
@HilaryPea 12 gün önce
I hadn't thought of it that way, thanks for that! I have enough trouble finding my keys! If my head weren't bolted to my neck, I would have lost it, too!
@rebinred495 29 gün önce
I knew they were intelligent these little cuties but learning all the things they can do I can’t imagine what alien life holds for use, it’s almost like they themselves aren’t from this planet. Fascinating!
@magnusworks Aylar önce
This was probably one of the best videos I’ve see on TRvid. Informative, evenly paced, engaging. Thank you! Bravo!
@type3__ 3 aylar önce
Mark is really putting every species to the test.
@edacroblox 3 aylar önce
Including humans lol 😂
@Regular5365 3 aylar önce
@@edacroblox wha...
@user-uz7ip4lb5y 3 aylar önce
Bro imagine human test
@spaghettijuice. 3 aylar önce
xdddddd (16 likes)
@-KatesDragons- 3 aylar önce
I bet he’s gonna do aliens soon
@ancairinadumitru3306 20 gün önce
I'm curious, if you put her through the same maze again, if she could remember the first time and do it much faster!
@matthewspiteri482 Aylar önce
Incredible work Mark! Most interesting channel on youtube!
@charlesleflamand 17 gün önce
Octopuses are great marine creatures to observe or even interact with. I was very lucky to have had a chance to spend about 20 minutes once with a blue-ringed octopus in the wild. That was one of the most magical encounters with wildlife of my entire life so far. They are truly amazing and mesmerizing creatures. extremely intelligent and curious too. Happy to see you released the animal in the end :)
Aren't they deadly? How did you interact?
@@FireTheNuclearMissiles If you do not actively provoke or scare them, they're relatively harmless.
@@gorgeousfreeman1318 Ahh, I see I see
I want to see if an Octopus and Cuttlefish could be convinced to work together from separate tanks.
@williambarnes5023 15 gün önce
Cuttlefish are very social, and will eagerly cooperate with each other, and perhaps even with an octopus. But octopuses are not social, and it would not even attempt to work with the cuttlefish.
@Cheese-Slime-Sheriff 10 gün önce
Splatoon says no 😔
That's sad. They seem to get that humans are something different. It would be amazing to see new bahaviors imerge.
@yuu_deru_yakan 20 gün önce
@MooMooCow95 2 aylar önce
While it's sad the octopus has such a short life span, I read in a book it's theorized the octopus experiences time differently than us due to the sheer amount of information they're processing basically all the time. I'd like to think in those really brief moments where they swim up and touch humans, it's like they're having days long conversations just from simple touch and taste and smell. And idk. Thinking about this just makes me reflect on how we can stretch out our perception of time just by noticing and appreciating all the things around us similar to the octopus.
@krististewart2510 2 aylar önce
This was a beautiful comment. Thank you. ❤
@robjsmiles 2 aylar önce
That's a nice perspective
@FatboiReborn 2 aylar önce
And then imagine that mukbang Asian woman eating them alive
@jama211 2 aylar önce
@@FatboiReborn You don't have to bring that energy here. Please don't.
@syednemathmiya5480 2 aylar önce
​@@FatboiReborngo to gym bro😊
@Watashi3.0 Aylar önce
タコを利用して終わるんじゃなくて、 タコのこれからのことも考えて色々なことをチャレンジさせたのは、すごいと思います😃❤
@dans7238 Aylar önce
Love the video...and the toys for families!! We need more of this for kids and less screens. Thank you!!
@naruhodone0124 3 gün önce
This is one of the most interesting TRvid videos I've ever seen. Thank you for translating this video into Japanese. From a viewer in Japan.
@flamedenise19 Aylar önce
This is a beautiful find, thank you so much!
@WalkingStick8 Gün önce
13:42 this is so cool! I hadn’t really thought about how they actually change colour before. It’s so amazing how different life forms survive and are made up of!
@DiazKnutz 2 aylar önce
If their lifespan wasn't so short, I swear they could take over
@blacknwhitesalright 2 aylar önce
Can *and should* take over
@RocRizzo 2 aylar önce
Judging from the decreasing attention span of humans, I believe that they will take over, if they can survive the global destruction that humans have made.
@hordinaryplayers 2 aylar önce
Had a discussion with my professor about this! We firmly believe that the things that really set octopi aside from being far more advanced than they could be is their shortened lifespan. If they could live longer and possessed intergenerational knowledge like our ancestors did then they'd be well on their way to turning into a species capable of stuff like language, culture, etc!
@niccopipo777 2 aylar önce
I wonder if medicinals could extend octopuses' lifespan as they do with humans'
Suddenly War Of The Worlds takes on a darker side. Not Mars, but from the Seas!
@pvtbuddie 19 gün önce
There was one obstacle I never saw you put to her: Eating live food!
@gray6093 Gün önce
@user-gy9ef5so6e 9 gün önce
@ren_game25 9 gün önce
マジでそれなすぎる……😂😂 タコなのか刺身なのかなんだ笑笑
@user-ud9vb7ug9w 8 gün önce
@scottmeadeai 10 gün önce
Octopuses solving mazes is the kind of quality content I didn’t know my life was missing until now.
@ady1435 9 saatler önce
11:01 love how he teaches us whilst being entertained with a great video love these vids
@blueberrygames6158 3 aylar önce
(50 years later) Scientists: How could these octopuses be able to get through all our complex traps? Mark: No idea :|
@Ueno69420 3 aylar önce
octopi not octopusses
@harrymash1531 3 aylar önce
@@Ueno69420 they are both correct also octopodes i think
@Jeff13R 3 aylar önce
Cus octopus is smarter than the scientists? 😂
@xiphos5740 3 aylar önce
@@Ueno69420 it comes from Ancient Greek so octopodes or octopuses are correct, the Latin octopi is incorrect
@birdbrain833 3 aylar önce
@@xiphos5740 Technically, it is New Latin from Greek, and New Latin pluralizes like Latin, so all of the above are correct
@bencole8332 Aylar önce
Mark I don’t know how you do it but the ability for your video to keep playing when I close TRvid is the craving we have all be after for years! Hopefully my other favourite TRvidrs can follow in your footsteps
@Phildo8 Aylar önce
7:13 😮 now that I think about it maybe I shouldn’t build an octopus tank. I likely wouldn’t get anything accomplished for the first week I had one, all bc I’d be mesmerized by giving it all sorts of fun tests like the lid on a jar, water squirting, taking constant videos, & especially the changing colors. I loved watching Sashimi’s bright blue/purple ring on her side constantly change colors & disappear altogether
@DementedMusicEnt 7 gün önce
Did anyone else think at first that it was a Blue Ringed Octopus? It did have a blue ring on it. If that is the case, most venomous Octopi in the world. I probably would have kept her so she wouldn't be prey to something else.
@TKVods 15 gün önce
HAHAHA who names a pet octopus Sashimi?!?! I'm rollin!!!
@SaturnineSkies 2 aylar önce
Hey Mark, if you want to complete the “Land, Sea, and Air” Trifecta, you should do Ravens/Crows next. I’m sure you know, but they’re also incredibly intelligent.
@michaele1201 2 aylar önce
Agreed, I posted similar before reading this. I was thinking our friend the Pig as well
@floofyfoxy6258 2 aylar önce
@krischi_mk 2 aylar önce
@jungkwon5179 2 aylar önce
haha yeah but maybe trained hawks would be cool
@bread0237 2 aylar önce
ducks the greatest animal
@alconst5379 Aylar önce
Beautiful! and fully respecting this incredible creature!
@user-fh7cd7pc9d Aylar önce
that golden vault -> ocean wave transition was real smooth
@dutchyduts2513 10 gün önce
Heyy so unrelated question, at 3:27, whats that computer beeping sound effect called that you used in the background? I swear I heard it before when I was younger!
@dirkk792 Aylar önce
You are lucky! This was a mototi octopus and they are very deadly… look it up Mark! You are lucky to be alive now!
It's not, it's a bimaculoides (two spot) octopus.
@maryannnash5684 26 gün önce
I am just amazed by Mark's intelligence. And I'm inspired by Sashimi's brilliant mind. Most of all, I'm thrilled Mark made sure she was intelligent enough to return home & live a normal, natural life again. Thank you so much for freeing this beauty!
@coralfish12g 2 aylar önce
Crazy video!! 🐠 I've kept an octopus as well and it's a life changing experience!!! 🐙 Well done 👏
@EEEEEEEE 2 aylar önce
E‎ ‎
@anzeigefehler6495 2 aylar önce
@SteadyGames33 2 aylar önce
omg love your vids george!!
@nikolajvergison177 2 aylar önce
How do you start with getting one Ive been looking to buy a octopus
@FlorrRandomPotato 2 aylar önce
don't you mean the octopus kept you?
@d3vilman69 Aylar önce
If humans have the equivalent intelligence of an octopus perhaps we would be colonizing star systems already. Also I think Sashimi probably wouldn't mind your company till its death. I dread to imagine it being the "shrimp" for other predators.
@Openreality Aylar önce
Having an octopus for a pet would be like the best thing Eva.
@Coach_Gloy 21 gün önce
Octo is Greek for 8.. Greek root is octopuses 🐙 if it were Latin it would be octopi. But both plural version are understandable in modern English. (But octopuses is more accurate)
@wierdopinion Aylar önce
i learned so much from this, now nobody will say "u do nothing on that laptop!!" great mark, absolutely great!
@kareto Gün önce
I got my first Crunch Labs box thing yesterday and I love it! I can’t wait for the next one
@Mr.Pancake-7092 2 aylar önce
Octopuses are absolutely insane. I swear if they lived longer they could probably get better at math than me.
@franktothemax 2 aylar önce
@zteir 2 aylar önce
@RaptorFromWeegee 2 aylar önce
So could my gerbil......Awhhhhho! Buuuuuurn!
@noobatredstone3001 2 aylar önce
@@zteirOctopuses is the more correct plural form than octopi
@MrPremium183 2 aylar önce
@amandaguidry4242 Aylar önce
What a great video! We got the Crunch Lab monthly box for our 8yo daughter and she LOVES it! Thank you for making science fun for her!❤❤❤
@KevinCablez Aylar önce
He just helped create one of the smartest octopi, and if she breeds then we can expect some Super Krakens in the future lol
@Moon_72 Aylar önce
Unfortunately, octopods start life from just scratch. The mother is so weak she usually just dies after that, and the offspring will just eat the corpse, and the daddy gets post nut clarity and just sorta floats around till something eats him.
@determined_AF 17 gün önce
За одно такое видео я узнала больше, чем за две пары в школе. Спасибо, было очень интересно :)
@Heressomeasmr 8 saatler önce
Her family is like “where you been??” She’s like “oh just training, I can outsmart the hairless monkeys”
@PIArchive-santri 14 saatler önce
this is my first time i watch this youtube channel and wow so amazing video, it was very full of learning
I really think Mark should make Sashimi the mascot for Crunch Labs, even if she's been released, I think she represents everything that Crunch wants to represent, clever thinking, playfulness, a bit of sass, and ingenuity! An octopus is the perfect creature for something like this, and she's adorable and deserves to be remembered fondly for years to come!
@danalexander7131 3 aylar önce
NPC comments
@bunnio5451 3 aylar önce
I hope we get a Crunch Labs merch of her like there is of Phat Gus
@TheCatWitch63 3 aylar önce
Totally agree. She should be raised to Phat Gus’ level at least
@user-hg9ij8qj9b 3 aylar önce
what about Phat Gus?
@MrLimitedSanity 3 aylar önce
That and multiple independent brains working and adapting together to achieve amazing results
@miawallace2306 Aylar önce
How cool would it be to figure out a “hamster ball” type of contraption for the curious octopuses? If she could load up in a saltwater filled ball, would figure out how to navigate and investigate the ground and multiple rooms.
@BobT36 21 gün önce
Should have watched more Octolab TV lol. (on here). They are VERY crafty creatures. They set up a similar maze and the Octopus just went 3d and went AROUND it by going infront of the panels lolol (just like in this). Also anywhere their beak can fit, so can they. They've not uploaded for a while, but have loads of videos on octopus behaviour.
@aiyannaharris7905 23 saatler önce
Sashimi is so bright. She got thought this so fast and though everthing thought. This was very fun to watch and learn about
Hey, great video! I really enjoyed it. Mind dropping the link to the phylogenetic tree you showed in the video? Thanks!
@Nolek15 Gün önce
This octopus is smarter than me 😂
@GrandPrixDecals 2 aylar önce
As an animator once tasked with animating an octopus, I could tell their arms had independent intelligence. It’s the most difficult thing to animate bar none. Almost impossible to do it all 100% correct without cheats.
@carsonhunt4642 2 aylar önce
What’s the proof they have intelligence in the arms tho? Like what is the specific biological difference in their arms?? we have gray matter in our spines that also process and integrate (make decisions) without needing to go to our main brain. To me it just seems like standard sensory information from the peripheral nervous system being processed the same way we do our automatic responses.
@brooklyn8745 2 aylar önce
are you a doctor?@@carsonhunt4642
@Maialeen 2 aylar önce
@carsonhunt4642 So you're asking an animator about this? Like that's the profession that's gonna give you all of the info about this and make it correct.
@Pihsrosnec 2 aylar önce
​@@carsonhunt4642well for one it you chop it off it keeps doing things, there's even been cases of octopus arms continuing to hunt after being separated from the body, draging food into a mouth that isn't there
@chrispaulalias4468 2 aylar önce
Ok so a bit of background i am a 3D Modeler/Animator i was once given a project to sculpt and animate the character now the keypoint that the client needed was Realism so i had to make it lifelike 15 Hours........for 15 Hours i tried mimicking a creature that has no bones and basically works like a Sentient Alien Blob Of Goo . within those hours one of they key things i learnt is that octopus like the Cartoons or as an Animated character is much better and less time consuming than trying to understand an alien morphology and @carsonhunt4642 The proof is the literal fact that after getting an arm cut, the severed arm still manages to blend in and stay alive for almost an hour, this is not muscle spasms , its almost like an individual consciousness in short the severed tentacle is now sentient tho it cant feed itself (or anything in that matter) it will bide its time doing what a single copiousness with limited time would do Survive i dont think any other creatures in our planet other than squids and octopus have such an ability (i may be wrong , we know more about space than we do our own oceans 🤷‍♂)
@marcbenoite6481 Aylar önce
Absolutely loved the video and all.. but how is nobody talking about mark’s physique! Don’t think you can just subtly flex and us not notice it, great work mark!
@brianwilliams8540 Aylar önce
I have been watching your channel for YEARS ..and l am ALWAYS AMAZED. Thanks for ALL YOU DO!
@rtothemutha 24 gün önce
Octopuses are living, moving, evolved BRAINS
@uniquelybe Aylar önce
amazingly creative, informative, octopus friendly approach and cool practical way to engage hahaha
@cowl6867 2 aylar önce
Honestly, her ability to think outside the box is commendable. Why take the chosen path when there's always another option
@greenaum 2 aylar önce
She's literally in a box.
@jes928 2 aylar önce
@greenaum And you obviously can't think outside the box.
@karande75 2 aylar önce
it was a joke @@jes928
@drios9000 2 aylar önce
and you missed the joke I think XD@@jes928
@irbrn15 2 aylar önce
​@@jes928you definitely can't think outside the box
@wanna4981 Aylar önce
I love the tests, but I am not sure if it really proves that she is ready for the wild. Does she know her predators, and how to hunt? I am no expert I would be very thankful if someone clears it up for me😅
@fanatkachayaerlgrey 25 gün önce
Ничего себе. Правильно ли я понял, что Марк снимет видео на 15 языков просто потому, что захотелось, без каких-либо проблем?
@cynthiabeardslee2142 21 gün önce
This was one of THE BEST videos I have ever watched! I love these amazing creatures even more now! What a great video! You’re doing amazing things on your channel!
@StormyHotwolf88 17 gün önce
Jeez, I was hoping to one day see an obstacle course for an octopus, but Sashimi ate that whole thing for breakfast!
@adrianblade5145 Aylar önce
The very first place she entered in the tank was Squidward's house 😂
@Black_Flag_Studios 3 aylar önce
For anyone wondering, the kind of octopus mark had was a California two-spot octopus
@magicpants145 3 aylar önce
imagine if it was a Blue Ringed
@NippyNep 3 aylar önce
ImAgInE If@@magicpants145
@humanezc 3 aylar önce
I thought that it was a. Blue ringed octopus
@adityagoyal3491 3 aylar önce
​@@magicpants145why, what is so special about them, are they toxic?
@lawnmowerman64 3 aylar önce
​@@adityagoyal3491 They have tetrodotoxin in their venom, so yeah.
@user-iv8mx6nu8j Aylar önce
Однако, отпустив осьминога в то место, откуда он был выловлен, есть шанс, что его снова поймают. И в следующий раз ему может очень не повезти оказаться на тарелке, зато с красивой подачей :)
Es uno de los mejores videos educativos que he visto, y he visto muchos!! Soy docente de Ciencias y te agradezco mucho por este material, es perfecto para mí actividad de cierre...el dato final es la cereza del pastel 🤗 Sashimi te amara por siempre, estoy segura ❤
@zaveyarr 21 saatler önce
loved the video matt!
@joy-ew9pm 2 gün önce
@user-xg8tr8el8d 6 gün önce
Некоторых вещей я не знал. Но учитывая уровень интеллекта я бы хотел увидеть другое. Было бы интересно посмотреть как осьминона пытаются научить "разговаривать", жестами или сменой цвета или путем манипуляции предметами. Подобно тому как учат горилл языку жестов. Сможет ли осьминог понимать понятия: прошлое, будущее, настоящее и говорить с их применением. Сколько знаков и сигналов она смодет запомнить, и тд. Наверно не все осьминоги живут так мало.
@peri3818 3 aylar önce
This was so interesting! I was sad when you said their lifespan was less than two years. You deserve all the subscribers you have . As a senior citizen I found this fascinating. Can’t wait to see what animal you introduce us to next. This also helps people to have respect for other creatures in this world.
@SvetielkoVTme 3 aylar önce
My octopus teacher is a great movie if you want to see an octopus live in the wild
@peri3818 3 aylar önce
@@SvetielkoVTme , thank you. I remember hearing about that movie and now I will watch it.
@noahhager1187 3 aylar önce
depends on the species but yeah. Even the bigger ones only live 8-12 years
@ishannage248 3 aylar önce
i cried hard asf at the ending ngl@@peri3818
@KefazX 3 aylar önce
I love octopuses, and their short lifespan is heartbreaking. If their lifespans were longer, and they didn't live in solitude, they would probably have conquered the world.
@nsoision 22 gün önce
Another fun and educational video. Great job Mark. I never knew that Mark has been working out! Very impressive.
@kaylasprettynails2848 9 saatler önce
I love this!! Octopus are so freaking amazing!!! They are definitely brilliant beings 🐙🦑
@martindeweert1236 10 gün önce
I swear if the octopus turns out to be an alien, at this point I'm not suprised
@kek3873 14 gün önce
문어도 문어지만 모든 어머니의 자식본능은 똑같다 어머니의 힘이 👏👏👍 어머니하나님 깨달음을 또 이런 귀한 깨달음 주심에 감사드립니다🙏🥰 문어야 자유롭게 잘 살아~지구를 아프게하는 인간이 나쁘다ㅜㅜ
They are also color blind so it's brilliant that they camouflage themselves in seconds to blend in with their surroundings. I absolutely love these intelligent, playful,&fascinating creatures❤(Cephalopods) Thank you for this great video!
@cheyennecampbell8935 22 saatler önce
I feel it would be wrong to simplify call them color blind as they can sense other colors differently. To be blind is to be unaware or unable to perceive or discern, but how can you mimic something that you are completely unaware of? (Just some food for the mind.)
@grandmarquee 2 aylar önce
I love the way she sat there and thought a bit before completely nailing it and then her psyching herself up, amazing little thing.
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