Ochocinco Talks Antonio Brown | The Pivot Podcast with Channing Crowder, Fred Taylor & Ryan Clark 

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In a special edition of The Pivot Podcast, Chad Johnson joins Ryan, Fred and Channing to talk everything AB and provide a player, friend and teammate perspective to the situation.
Chad makes it clear that he loves AB while the guys don’t disagree with his playing ability but wonder if this time Antonio Brown has taken it too far and played his last down in the NFL.
Chad, a new father, of baby girl Serenity, enjoys his first moments out of the house chopping it up with the fellas and gives a lot of laughs!
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2 Haz 2023




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Sarina B
Sarina B Yıl önce
I know they made a joke about this to keep it light, but the fact that RC has sickle cell and played in the NFL and is doing all that he is doing is a blessing. Many Men with sickle cell don't make it past 35 and for sure don't have the energy to play football at that high level. Dude is a warrior. Makes me like him even more. Stay blessed RC
pedro gates
pedro gates Yıl önce
Are you sure about that age thing because everyone I know with it is 35 or older … my wife’s uncle has it his doctor always told him that the life expectancy was between 45-50 years
ghost face
ghost face Yıl önce
Holy shit. He was a hard hitting player too, yea this dude is different😲
DDF Yıl önce
He has sickle cell *trait* not the full blown disease. Such as myself haha, but it’s impressive nonetheless!!!
dsteph1067 Yıl önce
@pedro gates Yes I had a cousin that died in her mid twenties from sickle cell and my college roommate died at 30 with sickle cell.
pedro gates
pedro gates Yıl önce
@dsteph1067 yeah it’s no joke my older sister goes thru it she’s scared to have another kid because she goes thru it when she’s pregnant so I’ve seen first hand what it does
AJ2KJ Yıl önce
People need to realize how realistic and grounded Fred is as a genuine human being. The logic and realistic words that he speaks is so good 👌🏾
Chinemerem Udoh
Chinemerem Udoh Yıl önce
Soooo good!!
Juan DuFree
Juan DuFree Yıl önce
Ocho had me for a second when he started his story 🤣🤣🤣 “it doesn’t matter what your race is or what you look like…did you play sports?” 💀💀💀 I’m deceased
Rosalie Reyes
Rosalie Reyes Yıl önce
all about the ankles.
mg19cal 10 aylar önce
@Rosalie Reyes Aries Spears also said the foot-to-ankle meat ratio is important 👍
isLand Kine
isLand Kine Yıl önce
Great seeing Ocho with Fred and Channing again 💯 the chemistry is still there 🤙🏽
Tia Brannon
Tia Brannon 9 aylar önce
Ocho has a mind of his own. That what I love about the life in him Ocho and Floyd Mayweather looks like brothers.
Alsberg D
Alsberg D Yıl önce
Fred asking Ocho “What’s your swaddle game like” is killing me 😂😂😂
Screaming 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Real ones know!!!
D Atkins
D Atkins Yıl önce
Fred asks the most funniest questions. 🤣
Chad Stark
Chad Stark 7 aylar önce
Aries Girl
Aries Girl Yıl önce
I laughed so much on this episode! This is also giving me a chance to get to know Ryan and I like his leadership on the show and his dry sense of humor is too funny. Guys, let's see if we can get Shannon Sharpe on the show!
Theo O
Theo O Yıl önce
when you arpund white people long enough, you develop the dry humor
Tha Meckaniks
Tha Meckaniks Yıl önce
I was thinking the same thing about Shannon Sharpe. If he was on here that episode would be a classic.
Later Rain Prophetess 🕊🥀
Don't need wide nose Shannon Sharpe on here...he is too loud and doesn't mix with thus crowd...just my opinion.
Aries Girl
Aries Girl Yıl önce
@Later Rain Prophetess 🕊🥀 what does his ethnic aesthetics have to do with anything? Some of you are just clowns. You should have kept your opinion to yourself, troll.
Later Rain Prophetess 🕊🥀
@Aries Girl So your opinion of my comment, warranted your 'CLOWN' response to me 'kettle'? Signed: Black
Jamie Thomas
Jamie Thomas Yıl önce
It’s the fact that Chad is dead serious when he talks that makes what he says even more funny 😂😂😂😂😂
'I've got it down to a science' immediately I thought Ocho vs. Science lol
Genese Knox
Genese Knox Yıl önce
He is serious
Jamie Thomas
Jamie Thomas Yıl önce
@Genese Knox like he’s not joking or even trying to be funny at all 😂
Malachi Hargrove
Malachi Hargrove Yıl önce
Cant tell if he playing or not 😂
Wicho1k Yıl önce
It’s the Dade County mentality 😂
Ray's Squad
Ray's Squad Yıl önce
I freaking love chad he will forever be one of my favorites people in the world. He's real, always been himself and have a personality were it's always fun and i respect what he's done for the Cincinnati bengals
Sam Volrie Jr ForAlina
“Who said it gotta be easy” Fred sent chills with that one
shanna flowers
shanna flowers 7 aylar önce
Powerful comment. My sister is a public schoolteacher, and I told her to watch that exchange. Appreciate him defending public education and educational self-determination.
Positive Change
Positive Change Yıl önce
RC is a good moderator and keeps it real and lends to the realness of the conversation ...salute RC
Roc Steady75
Roc Steady75 Yıl önce
Yes Fred!!!! Much respect!! SIDS definitely still is prevalent! I believe Ocho knew! The answer is on her BACK! #safesleep
Outside the Qube
Outside the Qube Yıl önce
Ryan Clark is so dope, he's the bond for this show. They all are awesome and I appreciate them all. Amazing show, there's a reason ESPN has this young brother
Zanele Khewu
Zanele Khewu 8 aylar önce
marsha white
marsha white Yıl önce
I love both podcasts. The viewers are the winners. We get to watch listen and learn about the culture and a broad range of other topics from both platforms. There’s room for both! Love you guys☺️
kobie camp
kobie camp 10 aylar önce
I've only seen, and know about one of their platforms.
Donald Banks
Donald Banks Yıl önce
Finally!!!!! with IAA going the NASCAR route there were so many NFL stories that B Marsh didn't address, seeing this episode of "The Pivot" pop up on my feed was a godsend....thank you guys for addressing the Antonio Brown situation, I've been wondering for so long what you guy thought about this...So happy to have you guys back!!!!!!!!!!
Urban2Funny Yıl önce
Yess 🐐
AtlSupremeG74 Yıl önce
Yea they can keep that Nascar shit
Mizzy Fit_
Mizzy Fit_ Yıl önce
Yeah Brandon really lost me w/ all that bs
Jo Boy3OH2
Jo Boy3OH2 Yıl önce
Yea Lawd
Digital LHM
Digital LHM Yıl önce
I didn't mind the NASCAR stuff occasionally, because it was a window into a world that I really didn't know too much about. It just needed to be spread out throughout the year instead of 10 straight shows worth.
DANTANA 773 Yıl önce
Chad be so serious when he speaks his peace/ perspective, Great show and episode everybody is insightful and informational
Rodney Brown
Rodney Brown Yıl önce
I respect Clark for being a man and admitting his faults, maturation speaks volumes!
Christa D
Christa D Yıl önce
The dynamic I never knew I needed ! As a girl who grew up with nothing but guys, this show reminds me of so many reasons why I fell in love with football 😭
Chinemerem Udoh
Chinemerem Udoh Yıl önce
Mas Stee
Mas Stee Yıl önce
HANDS DOWN THE BEST SHOW EVER!!!! This show crosses over to every genre. It’s a breath of fresh air! I was literally at the edge of my seat in a full on debate with these guys! Awesome!!!! Make Chad a regular!
Donovan Woods
Donovan Woods Yıl önce
As soon as Chan laughed at the possibility of his child going to an HBCU, I died 🤣
John Blake
John Blake Yıl önce
Im enjoying the fact Fred is talking more and he’s still dropping gems
SafeInHim Yıl önce
Same! From his disposition to his tone of voice, Fred is extremely easy to digest.
Joe S
Joe S Yıl önce
What happened to bmarsh?
LMP Yıl önce
@Joe S he folded bro so they had to move on
NCHILL06 Yıl önce
I like the fact Fred jokes a lot more now. Lol. When he roasted Channing at the end....priceless 🤣🤣🤣
Kevin Hookfin
Kevin Hookfin Yıl önce
I am glade he is being more vocal on IAA he was the supporting cast
Alex Oakes
Alex Oakes Yıl önce
Love it sooo much! It is what I always wanted IAA to do more of. It’s a honest take on current nfl events from the greats and an interesting insights on current events. Thank you!! Keep OCHO on the show!!
ExodiaTheGod Yıl önce
Man I enjoyed this dialogue between these brothers. It was serious, thought provoking and funny.. Love this interaction
Ruby Lyas
Ruby Lyas Yıl önce
It’s always Ocho for me. I just love him.
Darlene Holliday
Darlene Holliday Yıl önce
As a longtime Steeler fan, I love Chad on The Pivot, although he used to drive me crazy in his playing days...I hope he continues to do both shows.
Jason Armenta
Jason Armenta Yıl önce
This is my new fav podcast! Ya'll speak about that real shit in life. Each one of these guys drops amazing wisdom. Much much respect to you men. I grew up without a father and am a 40 year old man. That said anytime i can hear wise men speak i always tune it. I take what ya'll say and if it applies to me i process it. Love self-aware people.
METACOM Yıl önce
Love the comment! I’m echoing the same thing
Jason Armenta
Jason Armenta Yıl önce
@METACOM You a good men Nikon
R Waller
R Waller Yıl önce
I felt that… facts. Continued blessings 🙏🏾💞
Jason Armenta
Jason Armenta Yıl önce
@R Waller You good people
100SC Yıl önce
2 episodes in and I’m LOVING THIS! This is what we wanted man! This is taking me back to the first pandemic/lockdown times. This is what b marsh lost, the original core of the show was not only the people but the layers of conversation. Not trying to fit the big money network picture! Pivot is honestly what the people wanted
Jon Jones
Jon Jones Yıl önce
Big facts I still wish B all the best I wish they could a made it work but after I seen him lose it that episode when he had them pajamas on I knew it wouldn last long.... He needs to be the focal point and it showed that day.
DreeZTV Yıl önce
@Jon Jones I didn't see that one. Which show was that bruh?
Jon Jones
Jon Jones Yıl önce
@DreeZTV it was the episode about bball players and if their contracts are guaranteed.
Shhhhhh!!!!! Yıl önce
@Jon Jones pajamas 🤣🤣
Delano Cooley
Delano Cooley Yıl önce
I couldn’t have said it better.
Dwight West
Dwight West Yıl önce
Man, I look forward to hearing and seeing what you guys are gonna do next. By far, the best podcast I've watched. The content is dope as well as the synergy. Chad is off the chain... Let's Go !!!
Dwight West
Dwight West Yıl önce
Channing !! Love ya dog !!
Keon Hall
Keon Hall 10 aylar önce
Freddy hit the nail on the head. The private school point of " its more of a peace of mind for the parent " its also a sense of entitlement too. " my kid goes to private school ", equals to " i want you to think im in a higher class ", or " were better than you ". It's almost like a secret society.
KhaoS Yıl önce
Love the show, I'll still check in on IAA from time to time, but this show follows the old format that made IAA successful. RC is a great middle man, getting to listen more to Fred talk his knowledge is a bonus, and Channings unique insight on every topic with his sense of humour is hilarious. "He's got a heart and a pooty hole" lmaooo. Love the insight from all these guys, wishing you all the success
Jay Merlan
Jay Merlan 4 aylar önce
I absolutely love this panel. I watch more and more and i love the dynamic RC, Channing & Freddy bring it’s a perfect combination and style that balances the panel out perfectly. Great job fellas sending love from Riverside California ! Go Bolts ⚡️
L M Yıl önce
As much as I appreciated you guys on the field, it’s more than doubled after listening to your podcast. I couldn’t come from more a different world but it’s amazes me how much we have in common. Hopefully there will be a day we can all celebrate how much we are all alike and not focus on 1 percent that makes us different.
KW Yıl önce
RC is the perfect fit for this podcast. He knows when to ask the right questions and when to redirect the conversation. Good stuff, fellas! 🙏🏿
Yudah El
Yudah El Yıl önce
That’s a lie.
Terrelldingo Yıl önce
He is he he has the media training b marsh got sooo it make sense
bigmixx Yıl önce
He fits because Fred doesn't talk a lot and Channing is better playing off the host but I think RC talks too much as a host. He can give his points but he tends to cut the other guys off too much when they talk.
Lorenzo Young Jr.
@bigmixx lol literally like Brandon does lol. But it was funniest when b marsh would ask who is the better receiver to guest when EVERYBODY knows OCHO was better 🤣
Martin L
Martin L Yıl önce
RC is a professional broadcaster. He determines the direction of the conversation and the tone. Plus his entertaining to watch 😃
Sharon MyVibes
Sharon MyVibes Yıl önce
Had B Marsh let these guys continue this ave under IAA while he ventured out to do other things, he could’ve been the Barbara Walter’s of this and keep the bag rolling in. #BusinessMan. I wish Ocho could be on this more episodes to come. The Dynamic of the 4 is undeniable. 👏🏽
SweetPeaDBBMeMe Yıl önce
I AM IN LOV!!!! This episode was awesome. The power of The Pivot Podcast is truly evident (the real-time change in Antonio Brown's countenance by the end of the episode). My son and I have spoken about Antonio and what happened. As a mother, my heart sank initially because it looked like a meltdown. My son said, "Mom, they are trying to cripple him and ruin his future longevity as a player." My football love affair began as a little girl watching with my stepfather in the '60s, so I know the game. Thanks for all you are doing gentlemen, to provide a safe space where African American football players can conversate without any hidden agendas.
Georgia Gonzales
Georgia Gonzales Yıl önce
Yes... Everybody loves AB...once a fan.. always a fan. Your right. No one can question his talent. There is a reason for everything. We walk in our own shoes. Who knows it.. feels it.. Straight up talk. Thank you guys 💯❤️
Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown 10 aylar önce
I freaking love this podcast. These bruhs created a talk show that is totally authentic. Much respect RC, Chandler, and Freaky Freddie.
hyflyer08 Yıl önce
I was wondering where you guys went after a few episodes of IAA last week. Good to see you guys continue the mission.
Taj Smalls
Taj Smalls Yıl önce
RC admitting he was wrong is what a lot of people won’t do . Especially not a platform like this ! respect ✊🏾
RJ Black Tarzan
RJ Black Tarzan Yıl önce
Made me love this show cause on 1st take I was like I thought u said that's your mans.Now I understand he does his job that pays him very well he believes in structure.Love Chad Johnson he keep it 💯 when he said AB can call him we been rocking 20plus years.
Jazper Yıl önce
they better stop with that nonsense about AB the hardest working WR in the league what about prime dion Nd the great jerry rice look at his work ethic !!! stop with that BS now Nd they played in the era where u can hit hard !! anywhere
Ryan Coleman
Ryan Coleman Yıl önce
@Jazper dion was never a WR. Try CB
Jazper Yıl önce
@Ryan Coleman haha your right CB Nd punt returner !!!
Nick L
Nick L 10 aylar önce
Chad putting the cb list up in his locker was classic lmfao ☠️🤣😂
Devante Mingo
Devante Mingo Yıl önce
The real is back! Sad you guys parted ways but both shows are necessary now. IAA can tackle the wide range of topics, Pivot can talk about a more focused one topic at a time lockeroom talk. Love it. Hope we can get B.Marsh on here every now & then too.
Cigarbull 04
Cigarbull 04 Yıl önce
Shout out to the Pivot bros!! Great seeing Freddy T, Channing tha Dawg, and R.C. keeping the chemistry alive. Ocho gotta make appearances! Kept it a buck speaking on AB....Luv the shooting str8t from the hip approach from RC and Ocho!! Aight, time to get a Raven as a guest. Ray-Ray, Sizzle, Ed Reed, or Tony Siragusa!! #BlackMenUnited
Ferventfoureyes Yıl önce
This is an amazing podcast. Although the foundation is football, they touch on SO MANY IMPORTANT THINGS THAT YOUNG BLACK MEN NEED TO HEAR. This is straight up OG barber shop talk with CONSTANT jewles/life lessons being taught. FT,RC AND CC have amazing chemistry and they all bring something different but very necessary to the table. Bussin with The Boys is absolutely amazing as well for different reasons...but this is a HUUUUUGE W for the young black community! We need more positive, yet bloodraw talks like this. I cant get enough of this show!
Talea S
Talea S Yıl önce
You can thrive in any environment with the right support. I love Fred even more every episode!!
Destiny Latrice
Destiny Latrice Yıl önce
Can I just say Ocho’s intro just tells me this episode will be good 😂💛
Kenya From Cali
Kenya From Cali Yıl önce
Ashley Harris
Ashley Harris Yıl önce
Yes! I was waiting for someone to mention that
womanofdestiny Yıl önce
I hit the like button before even watching bc of him. I just knew this was great.
Jeremy J.G. Green
Bro I wanna be apart of yall podcast crew I don't care if it's behind the scenes or not just gotta be apart. Ryan you are my guy I'm a huge steelers fan but mostly bc you gave me hope to Make it to the NFL with sc disease as well. Love yall boys keep making these podcast
beikool Yıl önce
This was great guys, I was having a bad day and I saw this. Thank you all so much. Keep it up
Chillin Dillon
Chillin Dillon Yıl önce
Man, I love and respect these cats for opening up their hearts and experiences.
Sjolonda Davis
Sjolonda Davis Yıl önce
Ochocinco literally has me lost for words,but I did laugh my ass off
Nukem Nash
Nukem Nash Yıl önce
There's nothing more refreshing than hearing a man admit his wrongdoings. It's literally music to the ears. Us as men receiving soooo much scrutiny on being the ones who never admit when we're wrong and I honestly disagree. I hear us men more often then women admit our mistakes and wrongdoings and I love it. Keep it up gentlemen. Congrats on the new kid Ocho 💪
Sara Owens
Sara Owens Yıl önce
So glad you guys put this together. I was losing interest in IAA and B Marsh. This is a great group. And, undeniably, Ocho makes any show better.
Jaymes Gathers
Jaymes Gathers Yıl önce
MICHAEL Yıl önce
Brandon Marsh is still phenomenal, Both groups will grow in their specific lanes and be Great
jeff yeah
jeff yeah Yıl önce
@MICHAEL nah, he ain't it...he'll pop off if u disagree with him..dude a hothead
MICHAEL Yıl önce
@jeff yeah That's yo reason not to fuck with him, I think that Energy is needed in a lot of these conversations Every conversation ain't gotta beat around the Bush with men Men need to operate Like Men sometimes. That Fire don't bother me
Chad is hilarious! The way he words and describes his thoughts. He's dead as serious Hahahaha Let me Defend my guy chad. He wasn't the distraction. The distraction was caused in their own minds.
Sports Inside Angle
I was skeptical at first but I'm with yall now and this feels more organic and relaxed
Miarosc Fala
Miarosc Fala 9 aylar önce
These dudes really have mastered the balance of drama, insight, comedy, support and culture for max entertainment in podcasts. The immersion and sophistication of this set-up makes me now laugh at the breakfast clubs and vlads and I've never seen an NFL game in my life.
G Stoner
G Stoner Yıl önce
second episode I've watched. Came here for RC(LSU) but really impressed with Fred in his thought process. Need more of this.
Mark Montgomery
Mark Montgomery Yıl önce
THIS WAS GREAT LOVED EVERY MOMENT!!! Absolute legends you guys are! R.C you did fantastic with the topic changes an just the raw gems you guys drop man YALL are changing lives!!! EASY! Love it! #LEGENDS BUT AGAIN imma WR so I gotta always say #OCHO4PRESIDENT LOL FREAKY CHANNING LOVE YALL FOOLS DUDES ARE TO EPIC!!
Trish C.
Trish C. Yıl önce
Ryan is a great moderator and ask great questions. Fred seems to be more open in this setting & can say his piece uninterrupted. Channing is the comedic relief & speaks unfiltered. Overall, a perfect balance plus having Ocho on is cool too!
Goodough Pie
Goodough Pie Yıl önce
Denise Johnson
Denise Johnson Yıl önce
On the education argument, I'm definitely Team Fred and Ocho. If it is not within a child to want to learn, they will not learn no matter what educational system they are into. I will always feel blessed to have been educated at an historically black high school during the 1970s due to the intangible benefit of black pride along with the general education I had. That environment gave me the incentive to learn as much as I could from teachers that also taught my moms. I have benefited from that experience the rest of my life!
Sonya Tucker
Sonya Tucker Yıl önce
Love this show! Channing always makes me cringe, but he cracks me up! This show is my first experience with RC and I think he’s great. Of course I think Chad and Fred are also great. As a woman watching this and IAA, I hope more men get on board and start watching or listening. I’ve been learning a lot about current and former NFL players during this offseason. Keep up the great work, guys!
B.PeaceandLove Yıl önce
Well said.
Graddy King
Graddy King Yıl önce
Still find my ways back to this episode. Y'all deserve all the flowers 👏🏿👏🏿
S _soreserved
S _soreserved Yıl önce
This is what the fans really came for! A great group of guys having unfiltered conversations about the game and life. We dont need, Nascar, LA, Miami spin offs. Seasonal episodes in those markets with the team players in those cities in the off seasons.
lillinsey100 Yıl önce
these guys are great! so funny and entertaining to watch. wish them all nothing but success.
NEW SZN Yıl önce
Fred is the heart of the show. He gone center everything and bring wisdom. Humble giant
Keigh Keigh
Keigh Keigh Yıl önce
Yes, when he starts to speak, they quiet down and listen.
Patrice Houlemard
Love me some Fred…
NEW SZN Yıl önce
@Keigh Keigh Yes. It's like when he say the simple things, you feel it bc he is an OG.
SequorKi Yıl önce
This is what we really want! Thank you pivot for keeping the layout and concept we feel in love with.
Mister Smith
Mister Smith Yıl önce
Channing needs his own show!! That dude is hilarious!
V Kelley
V Kelley 9 aylar önce
Love the energy and scope of the discussion- a sequel please...
Civilize Chhun
Civilize Chhun Yıl önce
37:45 , this is exactly why I love this show and IIA. They literally Pivot. Always great to hear perspective from Athletes about other matters and subjects besides sports
GreenAmbition97 Yıl önce
I waited so long for this!! Couldn’t wait til they brought Chad to the show
Radio8400 Yıl önce
Man, I smiled from ear to ear the entire episode. I’m happy for them!
36OZ 8 aylar önce
I'm not a big fan of rc but man he brings this show together perfectly. Having rc brings a dynamic that was needed . Plus I don't think rc Will talk over the hosts. This is gold
Preston Scales
Preston Scales Yıl önce
CHAD: “Everybody still love AB” Ryan: (immediately) “that’s not true” 😂😂😂
Biblical Education
He been an AB hater
Preston Scales
Preston Scales Yıl önce
Antonio Brown has EARNED everything he’s gotten. Good and Bad.
Biblical Education
@Preston Scales I never said he didn’t. I said Ryan Clark is an Antonio Brown hater.
Preston Scales
Preston Scales Yıl önce
@Biblical Education I never said Ryan Clark “wasn’t” a hater 🤷🏾‍♂️
Biblical Education
@Preston Scales 😂
JaTaRo Crypto
JaTaRo Crypto Yıl önce
Yall are on a roll! Keep up the good content fellas! Much love
Demarkus Tate
Demarkus Tate Yıl önce
Love this... these boys are gold... glad Chad pulled up... they are going to change the game...
ketchyshubby 9 aylar önce
Great episode as always but the beginning with Ocho talking about making and looking after babies was hilarious.
Tyana S
Tyana S Yıl önce
I absolutely LOVE this dynamic! RC does an amazing job directing the conversation and adding additional value. Channing, Fred, and Chad give me exactly what I need every time! Now, I just need them to bring Chad on FULL TIME!!!!
Angela M64
Angela M64 Yıl önce
Yes, ma'am!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Kenneth Earls
Kenneth Earls 10 aylar önce
You guys are winning winning winning!!! Love The Pivot 💪🏾
Charlie Rich
Charlie Rich Yıl önce
Dang good show, fellas! I never thought I would see this side of Fred. Like many of his thoughts on parenting and fatherhood. Big fan of RC even though you never came to my team. You were made for TV, dude. Geaux Tigers!
ELI Yıl önce
This the best podcast no doubt. I love chad 😂 I relate to everything bro said 😂
Mustafa Thompson
Mustafa Thompson Yıl önce
They are in their element! So good that i felt like I was in the room with them laughing my @ss off! Keep it up!
Ngu Morcho
Ngu Morcho Yıl önce
Amazing show fellas. Great discussion. Truly very rich content and not full of fluff. Love the parenting discussions. We need to see more black men discussing their parenting skills and commitments to their children to help dispel another unfortunate stereotype about us.
devin sims
devin sims Yıl önce
I can't lie I'm upset that everyone ain't back together on IAA but missed these fellas. My respect has grown for RC it's refreshing seeing him in this setting and I'm even more of a fan now.
mike richards
mike richards Yıl önce
rc is good on espn
devin sims
devin sims Yıl önce
@mike richards oh no doubt but this feels like he's kickin it with the homies
Mr Jay
Mr Jay Yıl önce
@devin sims yep, but that’s the difference between being an employee or a co-owner
Shon B
Shon B Yıl önce
Totally agree!
devin sims
devin sims Yıl önce
My last critique though since we all family... Where the food at? lol I need to see chef Nancy lol
TV 11 aylar önce
Haha I love they had the discussion about Carson not winning a playoff game, Chad believing at this point they could be competitive, fast forward to them making a Super Bowl run. Awesome.
John C. Bland II
John C. Bland II Yıl önce
Y’all onto something, fellas. Keep rockin’. I would’ve loved to see AB on the show to go back and forth. Oh and the ending is hilarious!!!!
Gabriel Manzanares
Gabriel Manzanares 8 aylar önce
This one of the best episodes. Shout out y’all and Chad !
OmegaSinister Yıl önce
Damn RC is a smart dude. Always dropping some knowledge. Highly insightful and articulate
JRod 5 aylar önce
All y’all missing is Ocho… Y’all don’t need no more guest, just the 4 of y’all. S/O to the Pivot OGs ✊🏿💯
awll rite
awll rite Yıl önce
love Chad for coming on the show and showing love. He didnt have to. But its good to have the crew that made IAA fun to watch back together again. Even if its only fo this episode.
Marzel Simmons
Marzel Simmons Yıl önce
Channing and Fred left? This their podcast?
Jay Davis
Jay Davis Yıl önce
@Marzel Simmons yep, they didn’t like the direction IAA was going in.
kingdan 216
kingdan 216 Yıl önce
@Jay Davis i wouldn't be surprised if we start seeing chad more and more
Keyon Jackson
Keyon Jackson Yıl önce
@kingdan 216 I wouldn’t either but I think Chad would be neutral between the two cause that just seems his personality
Angela Johns
Angela Johns 8 aylar önce
Great Job 👍 Conversation just on point , lots of fun!
I enjoy them so much. Lmao Mrs. Doubtfire 😂😂🤣🤣Good one. On a serious note, this conversation is great. It's so real. They all make really good points.
E Piz
E Piz Yıl önce
Why can’t AB have ptsd, past trauma, and CTE? The World saw the Burfect hit. I think he’s himself mixed with some entitlement, and years of brain damage. I think it’s a combination of things.. Regardless, amazing talent-I wish he and his children well. 🙏🏽 I love this podcast! So happy to sit in on these.
Paul Leach
Paul Leach Yıl önce
Hell Yes! Love this podcast guys! They stopped the Rookie Symposium? I have a similar perception of private school as Ocho and Agree with Ryan Pittsburgh is like a private school the fact that their is no revolving door for The Head Coach speaks volumes! Ocho and Palmer were a blast to watch and i think Burrow and Chase are going to leave a mark as well , now mental health and AB ? I have no clue yet i still "think" he needs to reach out himself to someone he can trust like Ocho. Then to end it with The Obama leg crossing conversation LMFAO!!!! I must end with #RNFL Since 73
Gary Reid
Gary Reid Yıl önce
Y’all crazy..Keep it coming and I love the Vibe. Pivot all day!
Kemuel Browne
Kemuel Browne Yıl önce
Fred Taylor has a lot of knowledge. Glad he is apart of this show
Gerald Smith
Gerald Smith Yıl önce
Fred is the realist and the more realistic. RC is a great addition to the podcast. Level head and open mind. Channing is a great thinker just doesn't come out right sometimes.
Auspicious J
Auspicious J Yıl önce
As a woman I love watching men have in depth conversations. I'm a fan of Chad not because of football but because he reminds me of my Dad who had eight with my mom. He acts so much like him. Love this Podcast. ❤
Darrick Malloy
Darrick Malloy Yıl önce
I stumbled onto this channel. Since me experiencing the net I really feel comfortable hear. RESPECT!!! For me its more about learning than entertainment and I really get both.
Liz Reid
Liz Reid Yıl önce
Pivot is going to be a hit!!!! The OG’s are gonna take these topics to a whole new level and I’m here for it!!!!💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾…” It’s like the bald head lunchroom lady she had to wear a bonnet too!!!” DEAD
Nukem Nash
Nukem Nash Yıl önce
Chad said something incredibly important.. He said "They take the money from us first when we don't abide by their rules"... I think he was trying to get to that the reason why AB got mad was because he does love the game.. Taking his playing time, or his catches away is what really hurts him the most NOT THE MONEY. AB was being punished by not getting thrown to whether everyone seen it or not.. But that's why it became so personal, they could take 20 million dollars from him and he would still have 20 million more.. But you start taking his minutes from him or his catches he can't get those back..
Primo Yıl önce
Ryan Clark is such a great addition to this show. The way he directs the conversation is amazing. I particularly loved the private school vs public school discussion. Since I've done both of them, I think my response would be inbetween those of Fred and Channing. Even though I had much better structures at my disposal in private schools, my parents made sure that I'd to work hard and do my part. Keep it up folks 🙂
jeff yeah
jeff yeah Yıl önce
Private school..it offers the best, but up to the student.
Jennie Yıl önce
Love this show. Very insightful and great to watch!
AllGellieBean Everything
Cruel Intentions was my movie!! I agree with Ocho. I loved this whole conversation ❤️
Surfboard Yıl önce
Watch Ocho face expression being called the best out of Cincinnati to when Chase was brought up 😂😂
Ouch.. 🙈
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