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Kyle and Bendu react to Part 6 of Obi-Wan Kenobi, streaming on Disney+!

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21 Haz 2022




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Kyle Katarn
Kyle Katarn Aylar önce
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amy sargent
amy sargent Aylar önce
I know I'm 2 weeks late in posting this, but did anyone get Malachor V (From KOTOR 2) vibes from the planet that Kenobi, and Vader fought on in this episode? Or, am I the only one?
Great reaction 💯💯💯💯💪💪
Mr. Geoff
Mr. Geoff Aylar önce
@Kyle Katarn totally agree! I get real sick of the Kathleen Kennedy hate train. She had a huge part in bringing Star Wars back after Lucas was done with it.
Akira Vj
Akira Vj Aylar önce
Now we all know why Vader have that huge gash in his head,what a slash to the head,asoka was on ly helmet,but this one hits the head big time
Carlos Lopez
Carlos Lopez Aylar önce
You know now looking back Han never really knew Obi Wan that well but now watching this show we now know who named Ben Solo 😉
LPG Synix
LPG Synix Aylar önce
I see a symbolism here in the sequence. Obi destroyed the right half of Vader's helmet. Ahsoka in Rebels the left…together they could have put Anakin on the good side. Only Luke was able to take Vader's helmet off completely, and Vader had an injury to the right of his head in Episode 6 that was never explained. It was Obi wan in tonight's episode
LaborRevolution209 Aylar önce
Technically the left side of his head but our right.. Good catch though. 👍
Cut wir3
Cut wir3 Aylar önce
I really get the feeling that Darth Vader needs to kill Obi wan to kill Anakin.
Darth Nihilus
Darth Nihilus Aylar önce
the giant scar on anakins head is already visible in Star Wars Episode 3 when anakin burns. I just checked it.
Red powers
Red powers Aylar önce
You literally took this from a site.
Andrew Gibbons
Andrew Gibbons Aylar önce
I said the same thing
Martin Sleight
Martin Sleight Aylar önce
The delivery on 'You didn't kill Anakin Skywalker.... I did.' Was delivered PERFECTLY. Chilling, sad and I wonder if Anakin was trying to absolve Obi Wan's guilt.
loxandbagels Aylar önce
Because it wasn't Obiwans fault. It was Anakin's. What I absolutely loathed about prequels was that this guys screaming at everyone else like sniveling edgelord becomes Darth Vader? Blaming everyone for his own actions and his own betrayal? This brat? He's a backstabbing weasel. How was this guy supposed to set up someone as calculating, ruthless, and intelligent as Darth Vader? But this scene really helped my biggest gripe with that trilogy. Actualization. He did those things. He wanted power. He wanted to kill. No one else. It's him. He's the loser. And in this scene...a complete and abject loser. It was oddly satisfying to watch.
Comic Crossing
Comic Crossing Aylar önce
I love seeing Vader smile beneath the mask. Makes you wonder at what other points in the series he was smiling. Or scowling. So good.
noah bohl
noah bohl Aylar önce
And the, then my friend is truly dead line. Just perfection
Louis Paula
Louis Paula Aylar önce
“You didn’t kill Anakin Skywalker”= This isn’t your fault “I did.”= It’s mine.
MrPantera123456 Aylar önce
Either absolve Obi-wan of guilt or take the credit for himself as an evil psycho would do. Very interesting though. And amazing.
GodBear Aylar önce
I am convinced that they held off on using the imperial march until that last moment because he wasn't fully Darth Vader until he let go of chasing Obi-Wan
Wild Katarn
Wild Katarn 7 gün önce
I don't know... At this point, Vader has done EVERYTHING he can you distance himself from "Anakin Skywalker" & try to forget he was ANYTHING BUT Vader. He's even begun to think of his past as Anakin as someone else. Whenever he remembered something from the past, he regarded it as "the Jedi's memories." He was pretty much completely Vader until he encountered Kenobi, then Ahsoka. Only LUKE was able to draw Anakin Skywalker back from the depths of "Vader."
GodBear 21 gün önce
@Karl Hood Also a fair point
Karl Hood
Karl Hood 21 gün önce
people forget we dont hear the Imperial March until Empire
Daron Aquino
Daron Aquino Aylar önce
They both had to let go of each other to progress toward their opposite light/dark goals.
MrPantera123456 Aylar önce
I didn’t think of that but I think you nailed it.
Toby Kirkby
Toby Kirkby Aylar önce
Fully explains ANH dialogue... Obi calling him Darth and the declaration that Vader killed Anakin. Completely explains "from a certain point of view"
Kat Del
Kat Del Aylar önce
@Leyna Ripley Yes. I loved that movie and so much is left open. Hopefully it can lead into a tv series ( animated or live action) and we see more Han and Lando and see what Maul is doing
Leyna Ripley
Leyna Ripley Aylar önce
@Kat Del exactly. Or they need to wait for it to actually come out before they criticise it. For example Solo - people were dumping on that long before the movie came out because they couldn't see anyone other than Harrison Ford as Han. And I enjoyed Solo and will be forever bummed that whatever sequel they were clearly eluding to will never happen
Leyna Ripley
Leyna Ripley Aylar önce
@Phil 100%. People were doing the same in the Mandalorian (eg. "Why are they saying Mandalorians can't take off their helmets, we've seen them without them.": explained in season 2). The writers (especially Filoni) are massive Star Wars nerds and will definitely know all the same things that people are questioning and have/will have answers
Kat Del
Kat Del Aylar önce
@Phil Yeah people really have to wait for things to be finished first before they criticize. I feel like so many movie trilogies have died after the first movie because people hated on the first one so much. And along with that sometimes producers or executives will take the wrong piece of criticism and run with it.
Phil Aylar önce
@Leyna Ripley - The clearest example of that were the people complaining after every episode about things breaking canon, only for it to be explained later on in the show. Like Reva knowing about Anakin, or the Grand Inquisitor being dead, or when parts of the last episode's plot were leaked and people thought Luke was going to see a lightsaber. No patience, only rage.
AngeloArkham Aylar önce
That perfect mix of the lighting, Hayden and James's voices and Haydens facial expressions during that chat was perfect.
Juel Herbranson
Juel Herbranson Aylar önce
It's mastercraft.
Over Driver
Over Driver Aylar önce
even Sebastian Shaw's voice was in there a moment.
Blazecap Aylar önce
I won’t lie I had the biggest grin when Obi-wan said “Hello there” he did it! He said the thing!
unlucky me
unlucky me Aylar önce
best end of a season ever
Nikkolodian Aylar önce
Yes! We got the same reaction
GrubbyArmadillo 98
GrubbyArmadillo 98 Aylar önce
@Larniie Playz i meant it was another cool thing to witness
Larniie Playz
Larniie Playz Aylar önce
@mike WIZZ obviously
Larniie Playz
Larniie Playz Aylar önce
@GrubbyArmadillo 98 ?
G.S Aylar önce
Damn Hayden really going down as one of the best Vader portrayals in history.
Luca Symulacje
Luca Symulacje Aylar önce
@G.S Actually the same shit we have right now with Moses. This is so wrong man.. her Reva is fantastic. The level of her acting is very impressive.
G.S Aylar önce
@Luca Symulacje it’s pretty sad considering he was just 19 at that time and straight out of high school he said in one interview. Must feel bad to get media backlash at that age
Luca Symulacje
Luca Symulacje Aylar önce
Not one of. HE IS Vader. The one and only. Hayden was born to play Anakin/Vader. After 20 years I still cannot believe there was so much hate in a prequel times on his acting... I fuckin love prequels since day 1 they launched the movies in theatres.
Saltire Aylar önce
@DS_the_RN That was my hope, that he had matured in his acting in the intervening years, and glad to say it appears he has. I'm delighted he's been given another chance and to show naysayers - like I have been - that he is a capable actor. And yes its always great to see enthusiasm from actors who come into the franchise, like Ewan and Hayden, Sam Witwer, Rosario Dawson etc etc. Even a-listers who are willing to go uncredited to play stormtroopers, like Tom Hardy or Daniel Craig. They are as big fans of this silly franchise, as we are! :D
DS_the_RN Aylar önce
@Saltire - he has definitely matured as an actor. Thank goodness we got this portrayal. I saw him and Ewan at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim in May and both of them seemed truly excited to be in this series. I’m so happy.
Steven M.
Steven M. Aylar önce
I love that Ahsoka & Obi-wan only *broke* parts of the mask through combat, but Luke *removed* it through mercy at Anakin's request
Saltire Aylar önce
Its like poetry, it rhymes. ;)
Luke Timewalker
Luke Timewalker Aylar önce
nicely spotted Steven M
Dad Gamer
Dad Gamer Aylar önce
Youre a true fan
CBreezy Aylar önce
Obiwan broke the left side of Vader mask. Ahsoka broke the right side. Mmmm.
Jonathan Green
Jonathan Green Aylar önce
I love this comment. a thumbs up is not enough.
Tony Crussol
Tony Crussol Aylar önce
Hayden Christensen gave a phenomenal acting performance here. The Obi-Wan/Vader fight scene will stay forever in Star Wars history as one of the best pivotal moment of the franchise. And he is really now the one and only Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader for me. More than ever. Plus this finale was absolutely amazing.
Juel Herbranson
Juel Herbranson Aylar önce
Yes, this is probably now of the top three scenes in all of the Star Wars footage. The fight on Cloud City and then Vader losing to Luke after threatening Leia are the other two. It's that good.
Saltire Aylar önce
@Jesse Owen Villamor And Bob Anderson.
Canela Swift
Canela Swift Aylar önce
Long life to the King Hayden
Joseph Carr
Joseph Carr Aylar önce
His voice was amazing in that part.. I know they used both James and Hayden for it but even when Hayden was talking.. his cadence was brilliant.
Jesse Owen Villamor
And David Prowse
Darkness1984 Aylar önce
That scene between Vader and Obi-Wan was one of the best scenes in all of Star Wars. And the way Vader smirked as he said he was the one who killed Anakin? That was just brutal. Shows how evil Vader truly is. And also; Obi-Wan in ANH: “He betrayed and murdered your father.” Vader in Obi-Wan finale: “I am not your failure, Obi-Wan. You didn’t kill Anakin Skywalker; I did.” Gotta give the writer’s credit, that really was beautifully done. Bravo
Matt Aylar önce
@red666 I thought it was the biggest and harshest trash talk he could give - You fought to kill your friend, you fought to kill me, and failed. I am the one that killed your friend. It's you who's the failure, every time.
jimmy crackedcorn
jimmy crackedcorn Aylar önce
@Over Driver he let DV live because as much as he believes anakin is gone, he still can’t bring himself to do it. That’s why he didn’t finish anakin off in ROTS, he couldn’t do it himself so he let him burn. He didn’t kill him here for the same reason, he just can’t do it. And he didn’t say anything about his kids because, what if it didn’t change anakin? What if it didn’t work? Vader would know and tell palpatine, and everything would be BEYOND fucked. Way too big of a risk, just for a CHANCE for anakin to comeback. And a miniscule one at that.
Over Driver
Over Driver Aylar önce
meh still though this show is mediocre and not well thought out. WHY would Obi Wan just let DV live??? Why didnt Obi tell Anikan about his kids here.... he could have prevented a lot of deaths and misery, they would have killed the emperor together...
Slowbropoke Aylar önce
@jimmy crackedcornCant argue with such logic of yours yea I surrender u r absolutely right the show is called Obi-wan not REVA
Goro Akechí
Goro Akechí Aylar önce
@jimmy crackedcorn this tbh. I remember season 2 of mandalorian, people wanted blood after episode 2 and we got ice spiders instead of immediately getting Boba Fett
TrueKoalaKnight Aylar önce
They were very careful with Luke and I commend them for it. He never sees a lit lightsaber. Even when Reva was in the same room, Luke's head was already passed the top of the ladder.
B.L. Alley
B.L. Alley Aylar önce
There's nothing in EP IV to suggest Like had never seen a lightsaber before. Even if he'd seen Reva wielding hers, that doesn't mean he'd immediately recognize another object as the hilt of a lightsaber, especially one that looks so different.
B.L. Alley
B.L. Alley Aylar önce
@Joseph Carr Nonsense. Blindly hating on Disney doesn't make you cool or relevant.
MadSlantedPowers Aylar önce
@Leon Russell You are just inferring that. Nowhere in the movies does it say that they didn't know each other. Luke even says "I'm here with Ben Kenobi", so she knew that it was the same person, unlike Luke when he first heard the name Obi-Wan.
Marion Hope
Marion Hope Aylar önce
@Joseph Carr I was personally glad that Uncle Owen didn’t kill Reva. Which, wounded, or not, would make ZERO SENSE. But, to think that in the Legends he KILLED MAUL?!! The SAME MAUL that killed Qui Gon Jin & took out Pre Vizsal?!! …GTFOH!!🤭 One more reason I am glad that Disney hit the reset button on the EU.😊
Geeta Dhumane
Geeta Dhumane Aylar önce
Ewan McGregor....Best Acting Performance in all of Star Wars.... PERIOD!!!!!!!!! He was incredible.....When the tears welled up in his eyes...I was shivering head to toe....That scene was what I wanted from this scene
DS_the_RN Aylar önce
@Cintia Morales Zabala I saw Ewan and Hayden at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim just last month and they both seemed genuinely excited to be together and in this series. Man, this was so good.
Kristina Ant
Kristina Ant Aylar önce
Hayden even more great
Mason braden
Mason braden Aylar önce
@Cintia Morales Zabala chills 🥶
MrPantera123456 Aylar önce
I said that exact thing to my friend today. That was Oscar winning acting right there by Ewan
Over Driver
Over Driver Aylar önce
still though, Why didnt Obi tell Anikan about his kids here.... he could have prevented a lot of deaths and misery, they would have killed the emperor together...
MhaiS21 Aylar önce
The moment I heard Anakin's voice blending with Vader's, clutches my heart so much that I can't seem to breathe. Too emotional yet too real.
unlucky me
unlucky me Aylar önce
we've all been there, i only realized vader voice blending with anakin's when he said "I'm not your failure obi wan". But while rewatching it, i then realized it in happened in "Anakin is gone, I'm what remains"
KP Music
KP Music Aylar önce
I don’t think Luke knew reva was an inquisitor, they made a point of showing his back turned when she entered the room and had him unconscious later, probably thought it was a scary tusken lol
Agent Mr. Flame
Agent Mr. Flame Aylar önce
Yeah, his head was already outside and facing away by the time she entered the room. The only thing that I see that could possibly have him suspecting is the noise the lightsaber made and even then he would likely write that off for years and years.
Kimmo Koskinen
Kimmo Koskinen Aylar önce
Not going to lie, I had tears in my eyes. Great series and great finale!
Johann Ezekiel Rondilla
@KaleFGB Well it could be great for some, and not for others.
KaleFGB Aylar önce
"Great series"? bruh, expectations have really fallen off
Airbender Hawk
Airbender Hawk Aylar önce
M A Aylar önce
I was expecting a plea from Obi Wan to return to the light, an apology and finally forgiving himself was an even better path to go on. Very well written for all the characters involved.
Azaghal1988 Aylar önce
I cheered when "hello there" happened, and nearly cried when Qui-Gon appeared.
unlucky me
unlucky me Aylar önce
@Justin Alexander same
unlucky me
unlucky me Aylar önce
I don't think i have ever cried of happiness or if i even can, but i sure did cheer, scream, and applaud a lot when these happened
Qui gons appearance was so satisfying!
Justin Alexander
Justin Alexander Aylar önce
Facts. I cried when anakin voice crack outside the helmet, and I was in tears and cheering from there
Catswithlasers Aylar önce
When he lifted the rocks around him and started to fling them, I was reminded of Yoda's quote: "My ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is."
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh Aylar önce
few surprises at the end too! All round Amazing show! Easily one of my favorite Star Wars series.
Mounir Saada
Mounir Saada Aylar önce
The last two episodes were a masterpiece. I love the original trilogy but the prequels era is just the best in my opinion. This show really gave it justice!
hamhockbeans Aylar önce
@BlairLSK The bridge from the prequels to the trilogy.
BlairLSK Aylar önce
Because I grew up with the originals, my preference is always for Ep 4-6 over 1-3, but this series has made the prequels better movies and underlined what a fundamentally good story those movies were built around.
jmhaces Aylar önce
This made me feel for Vader a lot. He basically had the same conversation with his master, his apprentice and his son, where all of them told him that they had failed him or wanted him to come back to the light and he refused them, and then all of them ended up agreeing with him that in that case Anakin was truly dead. For a boy who grew up as a slave and lost his mother, his only father figure, and then his wife, that shit must be brutal even if by now Vader's matured enough to at least acknowledge that he was completely responsible for his fall to the Dark Side instead of blaming everybody else for everything like he did in Episodes II and III, and he told Obi-Wan as much.
Dave Parsec
Dave Parsec Aylar önce
"Anakin is gone. I am what remains". Loved that. With the music, the voice change, the payoff. So good and so tragic!
KR Aylar önce
The show had some rough patches, especially part IV, but overall this show has been an epic win for Star Wars.
Saltire Aylar önce
Yes. I had my doubts about it after the fourth episode, but they nailed it. It hasn't been perfect, but aside from Empire, no Star Wars is. It has its flaws, but also moments of true greatness that far outweigh the negatives. Going to rewatch the series over the weekend.
Carl Zerris
Carl Zerris Aylar önce
Heartily agree.
Jeffrey Iliffe
Jeffrey Iliffe Aylar önce
Holy crap. The moment between Vader and Obi Wan killed me. I'm still an emotional wreck dancing between absolute excitement and heartbreak
Over Driver
Over Driver Aylar önce
Why didnt Obi tell Anikan about his kids here.... he could have prevented a lot of deaths and misery, they would have killed the emperor together...
Jeffrey Iliffe
Jeffrey Iliffe Aylar önce
I'm still crying at "I'm sorry... I'm sorry Anakin, for all of it." 😢😢😢
Joseph Carr
Joseph Carr Aylar önce
That's Star Wars for ya. This show got me amped for SW again. Good Job guys lol.
Thomas Harfst
Thomas Harfst Aylar önce
There seemed to be a tinge of sorrow in Anakin's voice. Like, he knows he is doomed and sees no way out of it. He is Palpatine's slave.
Andrew Reil
Andrew Reil Aylar önce
Vader coming off the ship to find Obi Wan already there, mirrors the start of the Mustafar duel but in the inverse.
Joseph Coates
Joseph Coates Aylar önce
The whole Obiwan vs Vader gave me massive twilight of the Apprentice vibes. Especially with “Then you will die” and Vader getting his mask sliced open.
Joseph Coates
Joseph Coates Aylar önce
I hate the Star Wars fan base. So very toxic.
Leon Russell
Leon Russell Aylar önce
@Nick F. grogu is pure nostalgia bait because its just a worse yoda Ashoka, boba and luke show up, complete fanservice Din isnt dead because he has plot armour, his armour has so many gaps yet he can run down a corridor and take hundreds of blaster shots and they all just so happen to hit the beskar, he also gets his head punched through a wall by the darktrooper and somehow survives When he's on top of the transport dressed in imperial armour, the pirates only have sticks for some reason You clearly weren't paying attention, you were probably too busy clapping at a reference 👏
Nick F.
Nick F. Aylar önce
@Leon Russell what fan service? And plot armor? You mean beskar lol
Joshua Valentine
Joshua Valentine Aylar önce
@Leon Russell lmao absolutely wrong.
Leon Russell
Leon Russell Aylar önce
@Joshua Valentine fallen order was pretty good, so good that kenobi had to rip it off Just because Disney keeps making star wars stuff, doesn't mean its well written Its a licence to print money because people will clap at every little reference to better films
Calin M
Calin M Aylar önce
I love how in part 3, on Mustafar, Vader says ‘Kenobi is all that matters now’ and he is being filmed from the right side, in this one he say ‘Kenobi means nothing’, same shot, but from the left.
Tim van Slooten
Tim van Slooten Aylar önce
I absolutely LOVED Hayden's performance. it was everything i hoped for and more
The Obscura Toy Files
When Vader says, "You didn't kill Anakin. I did." really ties back into that scene from New Hope when Obi Wan tells Luke that "Vader betrayed and murdered your father.". Good end to the series. If they make a Season 2, I'm down for it.
Over Driver
Over Driver Aylar önce
i hope they wont this series was utterly crap.
The Obscura Toy Files
As for what I thought about the series as a whole, I feel that Reva's introduction was rocky in the beginning and could have been handled a bit better, as it took until episode 5 for us to see WHY she was the way she was. I think if that scene in Episode 1 of the younglings running from the Clone Troopers, had ended with Reva remembering it, the audience would have understood why she was the way she was right out the gate. Just my 2 cents.
Chris Carchrie
Chris Carchrie Aylar önce
One comment I didn’t hear you cover which struck a chord with me: “Then my friend is truly dead.” Now, after Luke says almost the same thing on Endor and Vader stares off for a minute, I believe that he was flashing back on what Obi-Wan said so many years ago
Les Paul
Les Paul Aylar önce
Nice catch! That makes that scene in ROTJ even more meaningful
override83 Aylar önce
This channel and Blind Wave are great places to be to totally nerd out about Star Wars. I love the knowledge you guys have and openly bring it up in references that give us glimpses into legends and comics for those who didn't know anything or much about those stories. I really hope for a season 2, but if we don't get it, I feel this finale tied everything up almost perfectly, with the exception of Reva. I'll admit, I didn't care for her, always thought she was annoying with all her screaming and yelling. However, once her past was opened up, and she got to show emotion, it made it easier to connect with her character, making her very human and relatable. Couple things that totally stood out for me was that 1) Leia's final outfit really made her look like a solid mix of older Princess Leia and Padme 2) when Obi was pelting Anakin with the rocks, it really reminded me of the Jedi Sage's ability in The Old Republic. 3) At the end, Obi-Wan was using his garmet he used in Episode 3 4) this was the reference Vader made when he said "When I left you, I was but a learner, now I am the Master." Thanks again for all your uploads and knowledge drops. This quickly became one of my favorite channels, especially for Star Wars content. Blind Wave as well.
Liam Phibian
Liam Phibian 29 gün önce
A comment from the wise.🙂
Amir Ardalan
Amir Ardalan Aylar önce
I loved the lighting on Vader's face after Obi-Wan cuts the mask and how it switches between blue and red signifying the conflict within him.
The Faceless Story Maker
I honestly love the line of "I am not your failure, Obi-Wan". Anakin meant it as a way to ease the guilt his former master held for Anakin's fall. Vader meant it as a way to distance himself more from Anakin. To him Anakin is long dead and only Vader remains. But we all know that isn't true.
Kat Del
Kat Del Aylar önce
Another comment pointed out too. That it actually shows growth for Anakin/Vader because how much did he wine in Episodes II and III about everything being other people's fault. Here he is accepting no I did this
Kirk Hassett
Kirk Hassett Aylar önce
Wonderful episode! EPIC battle, Luke did NOT see Reva’s light saber, Obi-Wan swore Leia to secrecy about their friendship, Palpatine forced Vader off Obi-Wan’s trail, Owen and (especially Beru!) proved themselves capable of guarding Luke, for now… And Qui-Gon’s appearance was the chef’s kiss! 🙂❤️
Niranjan Aylar önce
God this was incredible. Seeing Qui-gon made me tear up.
Niranjan Aylar önce
@That1Guy129 Yeah looool. I was just waiting for him to show up.
That1Guy129 Aylar önce
And Liam lying all this time saying that he wasn't gonna be in it. SHUT UP🤣 we all knew he was lying 🤣
Ulises Ortega
Ulises Ortega Aylar önce
A great finale to this season. All the references from Revenge Of The Sith and Rebels hit perfectly, and that last conversation between Obi-Wan and Vader? Chills. Also Obi using his classic Form III stance, his iconic “Hello There” and Qui-Gon finally appearing as a force ghost was the cherry on top
Over Driver
Over Driver Aylar önce
Why didnt Obi tell Anikan about his kids here.... he could have prevented a lot of deaths and misery, they would have killed the emperor together...
Paintball4life Aylar önce
Not going to lie, I was crying with the Vader and kenobi dialogue. You can see and feel their emotion and the fight scene was insanely good. I hope we get another season!
InDaZone Aylar önce
I like Kyle's theory that there was a hint of good in Vader when he told Obiwan "I am not your failure". I think that could connect with their first encounter when Vader stands by the fire and lets them take Obiwan away. Vader seemed to stand there pondering something. Almost like he was surprised by how broken Obiwan was. Maybe thinking, this man has already been torturing himself.
Over Driver
Over Driver Aylar önce
duh there was, his face even turns blue, he was a very twisted person even from when he was little.
Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson Aylar önce
For so many years now I've been waiting for someone to realize that if you get into a duel with Vader, go for that control panel on his damn chest!
Walter Dayrit
Walter Dayrit Aylar önce
And if you have force abilities, you can probably screw Vader up by force pushing all the buttons of his control panel! 😂😂😂
hamhockbeans Aylar önce
If Vader is distracted because he would know your moves.
M A Aylar önce
@Zachary Jackson Vader usually keeps that pretty well protected, this duel added so much to their understated fight in New Hope. This series enhanced both trilogies.
Zachary Jackson
Zachary Jackson Aylar önce
going for center mass like that isnt easy. a person's chest is the easiest spot on their bodies to protect. That's why in most cases melee fights usually involve going for the limbs, head, and other outer extremities
AIvaro Aylar önce
This episode had everything we wanted and more. I really like what they did with Reva and turning her into a new Ventress type.
PhotoKelly1232 Aylar önce
I've watched a bunch of reactions to the series and I really appreciate how truly happy you were just to be watching new Star Wars content. The pure joy of it, without having to pick it apart. Plus, you had great insight into all aspects of Star Wars - games, extended universe, legends and animated series - which made the commentary interesting. Yours is my favorite reaction to this series that I've seen. Thank you.
wolfman571 Aylar önce
I laughed, I cried, I pumped my fist in the air...This is the best Star Wars experience I've had in a long time, and there's been some really impactful stuff. This was like Twilight of the Apprentice and The Phantom Apprentice combined x5. After that post-fight scene, Hayden could play Hannibal Lector. Terrifyingly psychotic.
Bengraven Aylar önce
There’s a very subtle forgiveness from the ghost of Anakin towards Obi Wan when he says “I am not your failure”. That got me.
Zachary Jackson
Zachary Jackson Aylar önce
notice his face was covered with Obi's blue saber light when he said that, almost like he was returning to his former self when he said it, but his red saber light took back over when he went back to the vader persona
Jackie Carson
Jackie Carson 25 gün önce
I had held back any critique until the end of the final episode, and glad that I did. This show was so good, leaving a few doors open for (hopefully) another season...or not. I'm very pleased with what I saw.
Christopher Charette
That rematch went hard! The Obi Wan vs Darth Vader we needed! a great pace and hard hitting even that half Mask Anakin connection with Obi-Wan made me Cry 🥺 I loved those few surprises at the end too! All round Amazing show! Easily one of my favorite Star Wars series.
SeltrixBL Aylar önce
only thing that was missing is battle of heroes
dpchmdnn Aylar önce
The "hello there" made my eyes wet but seeing Qui Gon got me crying like a baby.
KiNG ZiGMASTER Aylar önce
The most logical explanation I can think of would be that was the shimmer of Anakin still inside Vader coming out again to comfort Obi-Wan one last time because they never really got to say goodbye. No matter how many times Vader tried to suppress Anakin, he could never "kill" him. That explains why his voiced shifted in Rebels towards Ahsoka and also why Luke could see the good(Anakin) in him to the very end. Very poetic. Edit: Made this comment before watching the last few minutes of your reaction my bad it seems you already got what I meant.
Ramon Cunningham
Ramon Cunningham Aylar önce
The fight scene was so awesome. I don't think I have ever scene Obi-Wan look so powerful before. It was like he was showing how strong of a jedi he is and being very aggressive but still in control not to go to far.
Scott Jenkins
Scott Jenkins Aylar önce
The little smirk Vader gives as he says “I did” is amazing.
Tremellia Steele
Tremellia Steele Aylar önce
I fucking-- Love this episode so much. Made me cry. "Well, took you long enough!" so flippantly. /weeps
Brandon Dimick
Brandon Dimick Aylar önce
What I really like is when you hear Hayden's voice, you hear the voice of a shell of a man. He sounds like his lungs have taken DAMAGE. Like how a burn victim should sound. And yet it's STILL menacing as hell! Bravo Hayden! You are the definitive Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader (along with James Earl Jones).
Patrick M
Patrick M Aylar önce
20:29 Found it funny how vader talked so enthusiastic/desperate about finding Obi wan like if it was everyones problem, the emperor was like "uhm okay?"
Dass Jennir
Dass Jennir Aylar önce
Amazing series and one amazing finale! Freaking good fighting, from the lightsaber sequence to the use fo the Force. Vader screaming Obi Wan's name. Reva's character arc and being redeemed. Sidious and Qui Gon Jin appearences. Obi Wan meeting Luke. SO MANY GOOD THINGS!!! 10 out of 10.
Newspaper-Senpai Aylar önce
I'm sorry but Kyles reaction at 24:01 is killing my heart. It just shows the passion you guys have so much more and i love ya'll for that
IHaveAFettFetish Aylar önce
The dialogue between Obi-Wan and Vader/Anakin and Qui-Gon showing up as a force ghost hit me right in my Prequel loving feels. I loved this finale!
That perfect mix of the lighting, Hayden and James's voices and Haydens facial expressions during that chat was perfect.
Oscar Engelmark
Oscar Engelmark Aylar önce
Obi-Wan in this episode: "Then my friend is truly dead." Luke in Episode VI: "Then my father is truly dead."
scarlett World
scarlett World Aylar önce
Your reaction is my absolute favourite. Love your passion for Star Wars ❤️ thanks for sharing it with us
Nick Hendricks
Nick Hendricks Aylar önce
What made the ending of Kenobi and Vaders fight so wholesome was in Rebels it was Matt and Ashley speaking and now it Ewan and Hayden
Acdragonrider Aylar önce
33:05: I am glad you loved the show, same here. Watching this in conjunction with celebration makes me love it even more. This is the golden age of my Star Wars fan experience too. It’s funny, I also thought of Satele blasting Malgus with rocks when Obi wan did that. 😆
Matthias Schmidt
Matthias Schmidt Aylar önce
Thank you guys for this video. Its wonderful watching you. Through your eyes with all the emotions are coming with - awesome. I am crying like a baby watching this part 6. This was a epic Star Wars moment. Greetings from Berlin!
Yearlonggiant Aylar önce
That was the best finale I’ve ever since in a Star Wars live action series. All the emotions hit just right, and the fan service was done very well. Especially Qui Gon at the end, even though S6 of Clone Wars had stated he never completed his training, I am glad they retconned that and we actually see him in the flesh and not just a disembodied voice.
Tony Randall
Tony Randall Aylar önce
The shots, the music, this series finale had it all. Vader Vs Obi Wan lived up to the hype. Chilling dialogue from Vader how he killed Anakin. Knew Qui Gon would show up when they accounced him for Tales Of The Jedi. Might have season 2 but okay if they don't.
Rita 25 y.o - check my vidéó
The delivery on 'You didn't kill Anakin Skywalker.... I did.' Was delivered PERFECTLY. Chilling, sad and I wonder if Anakin was trying to absolve Obi Wan's guilt.
Maria de-flower me now
The delivery on 'You didn't kill Anakin Skywalker.... I did.' Was delivered PERFECTLY. Chilling, sad and I wonder if Anakin was trying to absolve Obi Wan's guilt.
CPT Picklez
CPT Picklez Aylar önce
The way they mixed Hayden and James' voices was amazing. The shots in this episode were so sick.
James Forcum
James Forcum Aylar önce
I love when you see Vaders face that his eyes switch from blue back to yellow. Just tells you that he was still fighting the conflict the entire time.
Guillermo Gimenez
Guillermo Gimenez Aylar önce
Seeing these reactions, it's been a blast! I love seeing lore+data+passion, and you guys love star Wars that much it's amazing. - Greetings from South America, Argentina
FoSsiL924 Aylar önce
What an awesome final episode ! Man I hope they have a season 2 and btw another great job!
Gray Jedi Drew
Gray Jedi Drew Aylar önce
I loved it too, but I think it’s best to leave it where it is. Trying to do too much will just ruin it. How about a spinoff about the path so that way we can either see some other Jedi like Quinlan Vos or former Jedi?
Storm Darkclaw
Storm Darkclaw Aylar önce
Am really glad this episode is literally the best out of all. True Finale of the season.
Over Driver
Over Driver Aylar önce
that does not say much the writing is still crap> Why didnt Obi tell Anikan about his kids here.... he could have prevented a lot of deaths and misery, they would have killed the emperor together...
Goyan Tanuki
Goyan Tanuki Aylar önce
This series is beautiful... I'm so glad it exists!
Shibashiba a
Shibashiba a Aylar önce
The show as a whole is far from perfect but the scences that are great are really really great and make everything worth it. I think this episode really shows how much difference music makes and its a shame that we didnt get any of the classic Star Wars music earlier.
Joseph Carr
Joseph Carr Aylar önce
@sh0cktim3 True.. I hate to say it but.. for ONCE Disney knew what they were doing in this show... I think they finally listened to the fans BUT DIDNT do FAN service.. They did a happy medium.. enough to make the hardcore fans happy.. but also enough to invite a new audience in.. AND to leave it open... I think the coolest thing.. is if they did a season 2 and Darth MAUL was in it! That's ANOTHER battle that needs to happen IN LIVE ACTION ! lol.
sh0cktim3 Aylar önce
The classic music was best saved for the end. Made it more epic and worth the wait.
Colin Nugent
Colin Nugent Aylar önce
One thing that I think everyone is missing is that when he’s standing over Obi wan after he breaks the ground beneath him he calls him master which shows that he still thinks of him as a master and is conflicted between obi and palpatine.
Benjamin Sager
Benjamin Sager Aylar önce
This series was amazing! I went in with no expectations, only hopes .. and it blew everything away! Beast mode Vader, Ewan rockin' it as Kenobi as always, & tons of epic visuals & gorgeous cinematography!!
Tone Loke
Tone Loke Aylar önce
I can still remember seeing A New Hope, when I was 13 years old and it's awesome to see the new generation of Starwars fans enjoying Starwars even more now than ever, it's timeless and never gets old, thanks for sharing!!👍👍
Cizics XO
Cizics XO Aylar önce
I humbly thank you guys for the positivity, and seeing the star wars in this show even if there were some flaws in the plot and directing…this ep had me in tears honestly it was nostalgic.
Tyler Brown
Tyler Brown Aylar önce
Hearing Leia's theme ALWAYS guts me now that we lost Carrie. I loved Obi-Wan thinking of the twins to center himself. And then he does it again in ANH when he sees them together.
Natasha Salgado
Natasha Salgado Aylar önce
This show was a hell of a journey. I loved watching you both reacting to it. Now we have to wait for Andor.
A.D. Medina
A.D. Medina Aylar önce
I love this so much. I am sad it's over. This eposide had me in tears when Obi Wan teared up. The voice distortion was amazing. I agree , Anakin had a moment of himself in that moment. Love the reactions ❤️
nelstalgic Aylar önce
watched your reaction 3 times ✨👍🏼✨ you guys are legit starwars fan and knowledgeable ✨
Acdragonrider Aylar önce
21:36: That scene made me so emotional. Like for real. Leia I love you so much. ❤️
Antonio Roman
Antonio Roman Aylar önce
23:43 dude on the right side, man I feel you bro. I can’t hold the tears back myself. Too good.
Christian Thorpe
Christian Thorpe Aylar önce
Love the "you didn't kill me" interpretation. Very plausible.
Cassie Aylar önce
I love that Ahsoka & Obi-wan only broke parts of the mask through combat, but Luke removed it through mercy at Anakin's request
That1Guy129 Aylar önce
I loved seeing more force usage in the fights here. Reminds me of the cinematics of The Old Republic. Also when fighting a Jedi.....NEVER allow them to re focus. And I feel like the will do another season. They do have 10years of open time for Obi Wan to do adventures and stuff.
hawkins347 Aylar önce
Obi-wan said: lemme respec to telekinesis sage real quick
ONEwithUniverse Aylar önce
I love the symbolism that made it seem like it was Anakin telling Obi wan that he was not his failure and kind of accepting the apology, and then the light switches to red and he is then Vader.
Jensus Aylar önce
ngl i was way more emotionel through this episode than i was when i saw luke in the mandalorian. the prequels will always have a special place in my heart
T0mN7 Aylar önce
I think this is the first time in my entire life that I felt scared of Vader. Like, yeah he's terrible, but he always seemed more cool or even tragic to me. But seeing that unhinged creepy almost smiling look under the helmet... *Shudders*
briobrandon911 Aylar önce
The whole series was such a delight to watch. This finale really cemented the Ani/Obi saga. I would be ok if it ends here. This felt like such a closer for both of them.
Over Driver
Over Driver Aylar önce
was it? haha it was fucking boring, the focus should not have been on Reva, this show should have been OBI WAN trying to bring Anikan back to the light.
N01H3r3 Aylar önce
"Obi-Wan once thought as you do." Obi-Wan spends the series believing that Vader is still fundamentally Anakin Skywalker, and wracked with guilt and regret over Anakin's fall. Vader, to an extent, is still held back by the same flaws that characterised Anakin, and is obsessed with eliminating Kenobi as a connection to his old life. The end of their fight here, Vader distances himself from his old identity, taking credit for killing Anakin. In doing so, he convinces Obi-Wan that his old student and friend is gone. So, when Luke surrenders on Endor, and tries to convince Vader to turn, he believes as Obi-Wan once did: that inside Darth Vader, Anakin Skywalker still exists.
Jay Albert Castigador
@Over Driver and that's the whole point of the story. A good story needs conflict. To have conflict, you need imperfect characters making arguably bad choices. The whole Injustice arc with Batman came out because of the very question you asked. The whole Obi Wan being too much of a pacifist is why Ahsoka no longer claims to be a Jedi. The Jedi are hypocritical, and that's a recurring theme in Star Wars. That's why I don't mind Obi Wan not killong Darth Vader so much because it ties in with the main story theme. The Jedi are hypocritical, and the Sith are too cruel
Over Driver
Over Driver Aylar önce
@Jay Albert Castigador hahaha but the Batman never killing Joker is not protecting life, by letting someone like JOker or DV go, how are you protecting lives that way? hahahaha okay.
Jay Albert Castigador
@Over Driver Obi Wan is the symbol of the old Jedi ways. "A Jedi is supposed to protect life, not take it". Very similar to Batman and Joker. Batmam refuses to kill Joker because it's against his principles. Are all the Batman comics poorly written then because he refuses to kill evil villains? Obi Wan doesn't strike me as someone who takes life, even for heinous villains unless absolutely necessary (like Maul finding out about Luke). He is a man of principles, and one of that is not being the judge, jury, and executioner to every evil doer out there. He was willing to have a nice, calm chat with Maul and even to let him go, until Maul threatened Luke. Killing Vader doesn't change the grand scheme of things: Bringing balance to the force and defeating the Emperor. You kill the Emperor's main enforcer and he'll just find another one. He is already frustrated with Vader since he didn't even give him the best cybernetics money has to offer. Telling Vader about his kids is a risky play. What if Vader doesn't turn? Then what? I already discussed why Obi Wan doesn't wanna kill Vader. Vader is highly likely to tell Palpatine, or worse yet, Palpatine finds out by reading Vader's emotions. Obi Wan can't protect Luke and Leia from the Emperor. All hope would be extinguished. This fight wasn't about killing. It was a symbolic "burying the hatchet" for Obi Wan. A lot of the scenes in the series are of Obi Wan being racked with guilt, wondering what he could have done to prevent Anakin from turning. Vader saying that he killed Anakin gave Obi Wan closure. He is no longer bound to the past. He can look forward to the future now. Being a pacifict by principle, he lets Vader live. His main task now is to train and protect Anakin's children. Obi Wan isn't the type to lead a rebellion on a large scale fighting against the Empire either, otherwise he would have had plenty of contacts in Episode IV A New Hope. He is only guided by his principles and the will of the Force, which tells him that Luke and Leia are the key to the future. It ties in perfectly with the story beats of the original trilogy. Obi Wan is a flawed being bound by his principles. That to me is a more compelling story than someone who makes the absolute best logical choice in every given situation. You want a character like that? Go and read about Admiral Thrawn
amelia craiig
amelia craiig Aylar önce
Loved watching your reactions to this epic finale.😊
chrisyancey89 Aylar önce
Such an awesome end to the series( if it is over). What a fantastic series it was.
ATM 2004
ATM 2004 Aylar önce
“You didn’t kill Anakin Skywalker…I did” - my new favorite Darth Vader line. Also further reinforces what Obi-Wan told Luke in RotJ (from a certain point of view)
Joanna Aylar önce
I cheered when "hello there" happened, and nearly cried when Qui-Gon appeared.
Dan Stoughton
Dan Stoughton Aylar önce
17:18 The total callout to the scene on the Death Star where Kenobi said the line "Only a master of evil Darth"
Din Djarin
Din Djarin Aylar önce
Man I cried 3 times so hard. Despite so many weak points the last episode delivered so much emotion. Wow.
Mark Griffiths
Mark Griffiths Aylar önce
Thanks for these reaction vids, chaps. I always really enjoy them.
John Morales
John Morales Aylar önce
I agree that this series was absolutely incredible and the finale was like fitting the last puzzle piece with triumph and satisfaction!!! There is a lot to dive into and chew on for years to come from this amazing 5 hour movie (and I hope they take out the credit scenes and present it as a whole in the future because as you said it is a movie not a tv series), but for now I just want to pick up on the point about Vader killing Anakin. Not only is this the turning point for Obi-Wan in letting go of his guilt, but it is also Anakin/Vader taking full responsibility for who he is and the choice he made. Up until that moment at the end of the duel, he has blamed everyone else, especially Kenobi, for his fall to the Dark side. Finally, in that moment he realizes, or acknowledges, that no matter what anyone else may or may not have done in his life, he chose this path HIMSELF. This is nicely paralleled and underscored by Reva's choice NOT to do the same thing. And so with this scene and then the Palpatine scene afterward this leaves Vader, emotionally and character-wise, where we see him in ANH and especially in ROTJ...he has fully accepted his fate, he is resigned to it (perhaps a bit too much as Luke points out). The line "Now I am the Master" can now be seen to reflect that he has become the master of himself and the decisions he has made, he has moved beyond blaming Obi-Wan as he did up until the end of the duel in this episode. It perfectly explains why the hate-filled Vader bent on revenge for his master is absent going forward, why the duel in ANH is subdued and less about them, more about getting the kids away safe, and sets up his arc to return to the light in ROTJ incredibly well!!! I suspect that this story, told by the Kenobi series, will just get better and grow more profound on rewatch. Thanks for your hard work on this series and now on to the next chapter in the SW saga! :D
Jaaol1 Aylar önce
"I'm like a little teary-eyed" - Dude I profusely cried And laughed like a maniac 70% of the episode lol
Mayra Geek
Mayra Geek Aylar önce
This is Obi-Wan's hero's journey learning to trust in the force again. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 I loved it so much!
Tyler Aylar önce
during that moment where we still see anakin and that glimmer of good, I love the use of color and light, as he helps rid obi wan of his guilt “you didnt kill anakin” the blue lighting grows and as soon as Vader settles on “I will destroy you” he is overtaken by the red light with his sith eyes on display… beautiful and heartbreaking thanks for the awesome reactions guys :)
Jane H
Jane H Aylar önce
Love you guys! Thank you for the reactions. Especially towards Star Wars content.
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