Obi-Wan Kenobi Episode 6 Finale REACTION!!

Nikki & Steven React
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Obi Wan is drawn into a confrontation with Vader, as Luke's fate hangs in the balance but not really. Here's Nikki & Steven's reaction to the season 1 finale of Obi-Wan Kenobi.

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Nikki & Steven React
The force is stong in this pinned comment, give it a read all the way though...
Andrew Lenhart
darth's broken voice modulator allowing anakin's own voice to crack through at times then the metallic voice and hearing both at once was a really cool touch
goblin jr.
"You didn't kill Anakin Skywalker. I did" A great line that makes Obi Wan's line in IV about Vader killing Luke's father technically true. Really cool stuff.
Anakin under vaders mask, hearing his voice mixed with vaders, the light turning from blue to red, him saying “you didn’t kill anakin, I did.” Incredibly sad, they did it perfectly
Keegan Davey
Really loving Hayden back as Vader, his portrayal really humanizes Vader.
Captain Delta
When Vader says
Alfredo Baker
When Vaders mask is sliced open by Obi wan you can truly see how Vader really has destroyed Anakin just by looking at his eyes, it’s almost zombie like, Honestly the acting in that scene from both Hayden and Ewan is simply incredibly, I had tears in my eyes and I can’t usually cry because of the medication I’m on!
That scene between Vader and Obi-Wan was one of the best scenes in all of Star Wars. And the way Vader smirked as he said he was the one who killed Anakin? That was just brutal. Shows how evil Vader truly is. And also;
Alexis Gates
I’m happy Luke got to meet him briefly. It makes sense in a new hope when he sees Leia’s message and he says “obi wan kenobi? I wonder if she means old Ben kenobi”
Madeline Garber
This was definitely the best episode of the series. I was not ready for the emotional impact of it. My heart broke when Obi Wan tearfully apologized for everything and we got James Earl Jones’ voice layered with Haiden’s. It was perfect and very reminiscent of Rebels. And the duel itself was awesome! I personally loved Reva’s arc and how things worked out for her too. I got a little teary when she was crying and feeling so much remorse and guilt and Obi Wan comforted her. I think you’re right, he almost def wishes he had that kind of interaction with Anakin after the duel. And freaking Palps! That made me happy. Same with my man Qui Gon. I was starting to worry he wouldn’t appear, but I’m so so glad he did. I’m also glad a lot of the plot holes were filled in. I’m almost positive Luke didn’t see Reva’s light saber. Oh and he finally said the line! I laughed with delight at that.
Jeff L.
I always struggled with how PT Anakin and Darth Vader seemed like different people. I know that’s kind of the point, but they were so different that I wasn’t even feeling that one evolved from the other. This series - and in particular that fight - helped bridge that gap for me.
I loved seeing Anakin peak through when he said "I am not your failure Obi-Wan" before Vader took over again
The Curse One
The Duel between Vader and Obi-Wan was so fucking cool. The choreography was very on point. Wish this series could go on a bit longer, it was so fun
Louis Szuch
That look Nikki gives when he says "I'm not that hard to please." 😂😂
Rachel Picheo
"General Kenobi you served my father in the clone wars" was probably a way to talk to Obi-Wan without revealing he was also "Ben". If someone evil found the message the message would not 'out' Ben's secret. Also, it makes it seem like Leia did not know/ meet General Kenobi. So it separated him from her past.
Steven M.
I love that Ahsoka & Obi-wan
Ultimate Burrito
An awesome performance moment by Hayden. Super creepy and subtle having him smile at obi-wan when confessing to killing Anakin. Gives us a glimpse into what might be going on under the mask when Vader is completely covered. Glad Hayden could come back with a solid redemption.
Drifter316 Gaming
Leia could not lead on about her relationship to Obi Wan in the message because there was no guarantee who would get the droids and the message. Vader could have easily captured the droids and it would implicate her deeper than they felt she already was.
U Stampfli
I really liked how Anakin's voice kept fluctuating between Hayden and Jones. An excellent representation of how he still has this fight within himself between the good and the bad.
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