Oak Door made from Old Scaffold Boards

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The first job in our newly concreted workshop was to replace the rotten door. As per usual, we couldn't resist making it in oak... this proved to be a little problematic to get swinging but I think the result is worth it!


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13 Haz 2021




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carlrogers 7 aylar önce
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John Norris
John Norris Aylar önce
Didn’t get past the first advert that went on for too long . Bye
деф ендер
деф ендер Aylar önce
Whery good! You from England?
shimo dropulja
shimo dropulja Aylar önce
shimo dropulja
shimo dropulja Aylar önce
shimo dropulja
shimo dropulja Aylar önce
The Country Cottage Gardener
There wasn't a single thing about this video I didn't love. Your craftsmanship is fantastic, the editing is perfect and inserts of humour are on point.. new subscriber here and you've definitely inspired a few new ideas for my own channel. Good job 👌
Arfabiscuit 7 aylar önce
Please don't ever change the way you make videos and start jumping around playing pranks and cracking jokes . Perfect as they are thank you .
Ricky Ribs
Ricky Ribs 3 aylar önce
Also no dumb unnecessary music
BAdBrAd 5 aylar önce
@Saliya Lokeshwara The Kramer bit is just too much sometimes
Saliya Lokeshwara
Saliya Lokeshwara 6 aylar önce
You just took shots at bourbon moth
denty32 7 aylar önce
Beautiful work. I made similar doors with the same mould for the doors in my house, I used horse shoe nails to fix the rails and braces they turn out lovely but yours was perfection
Jesse Kahn
Jesse Kahn 7 aylar önce
What a remarkably well crafted door. I love how much care you all are putting in to the restoration and renovation of this farm. It will be going strong for another couple hundred years.
jan clodd Lafront
jan clodd Lafront Aylar önce
this is france and in that region there is a lot of humidity variation... there is make it look like and make it as it lasted so long.
BBQ With Randy
BBQ With Randy 7 aylar önce
WOW…that’s a beautiful door, well done Carl!
Richard 6 aylar önce
The Quality of your work is outstanding in all that you do - from the carpentry, mill work and to the Videography and the planing well well done thank you
Degsy Terry
Degsy Terry 7 aylar önce
As a joiner (for 36 yrs) and experience of making plenty of oak doors and gates, I've just got a few tips to make that door last a few years longer. 1. Leave expansion gaps between the boards. 2. Use stainless or brass fixings. The oak will rot steel screws quicker than you think. 3. Braces are too shallow. They should have gone bottom corner to centre of middle ledge and then centre of middle ledge to top corner in a line but at least you got them going the right way! Some so called joiners can't get that right. You might have been surfacing the best way as you sighted down the length but it did look like you were round side down on a couple of the boards? I was always taught to take a light few passes and push the board from the back, not press down over the cutter or you'll plane it bent. Also on the spindle moulder, when rebating I'd always have the cutter block at the bottom, that way if the board lifts you can run it through again. Your way it would have taken a big scallop out. Just tips, not trolling! 😊
jan clodd Lafront
jan clodd Lafront Aylar önce
@robert mitchell little scrape on the ciment...
S Roberts
S Roberts Aylar önce
I have to weigh in here! The braces are shallow, but they are still triangulating - the geometry can't go anywhere. I did wonder why the one door, not two? There could be many reasons, including following what was there, but two would have been easier for day to day access.
Paul Macaulay
Paul Macaulay 2 aylar önce
As a cabinet maker/luthier this guy has some very good advice, still a very nice door etc though well done
clive ramsbotty
clive ramsbotty 2 aylar önce
i don't get what you mean about bracing can you elaborate please
Michael Dryden
Michael Dryden 3 aylar önce
I agree with Degsy Terry if the wood expands it will bow and the braces are to shallow
Stan Kolodin
Stan Kolodin 7 aylar önce
It's been a year, feels like last week I was waiting for part two of the roof restoration.
Jeremy Bradshaw
Jeremy Bradshaw 3 aylar önce
Beautiful door guys, I wouldn't have put the plugs in personally as when I make things I sometimes have to take them apart afterwards, but you obviously have more confidence than me!. How does it cope with wood expanding & shrinking over the seasons? I want your multi-function saw table - what is that?
Danny Parker
Danny Parker 7 aylar önce
That was amazing to watch, nice to see the whole family also get involved. How long did it take to complete the whole door?
L B 3 aylar önce
Lovely looking door and a bonus on the oak. Costs for oak are up 30% this year alone. Not sure if you did this but the vertical boards need to be spaced apart by a couple of mm. Essentially pull the T&G back apart before fixing on the ledges. If you don't do this your door is likely to bow around the ledge. The vertical boards pick up moisture and expand widthways, but the ledge will not expand lengthways with them. This forces the door to bow around the ledge to allow for the increased width of the verticals. Think bimetallic strip.
MrRobertBatchelor 22 gün önce
I read this twice to understand, thanks for the info. Also indirectly answered my question of glueing T&G.
Phil Tucker
Phil Tucker 6 aylar önce
Carl if you have heavy or clay soil there, you can dig the sawdust in as an excellent soil conditioner. (This allows air into the soil for much healthier plant growth) 😊
Falfield Aylar önce
@Teena Pittman There are 2 reasons why it hasn't rotted, one a possibility and the other a certainty. The possibility is dryness - sawdust piles can often shed water very readily and be quite dry under the surface. Dryness is the reason the wood in your house doesn't rot. The certainty is the absence of nitrogen. Composting (an accelerated breakdown by natural mechanisms of organic matter, about which there's well-worked out theory & lots published) requires a balance of carbon-rich (woody/stemmy) material and nitrogen-rich (green leafy/sappy) material, together with air and water. Too much N and a slimy mess results (think a bag of grass clippings) and too much C and you get a dry, non-decomposing pile (your sawdust). Putting the sawdust direct into the ground causes the C to draw the N it needs to rot from the soil (so leaving less for plants to use for growth - the 'robbing' remark above). Were your sawdust pile to be mixed with sufficient grass clippings (much more than you'd think needed) or with fresh manure, it would make marvellous compost. In our food caddy (for kitchen vegetable waste, coffee-grounds and tea-leaves) we put a fistful of sawdust at the base. It soaks up moisture from the rotting tomatoes and similar and prevents it from sticking to the base so making for easier emptying. And this balances out a day's veg waste (2 vegetarians - several litres) and leads to a lovely rich wormy compost after being transferred to our bin outside and mixed in with garden waste.
Teena Pittman
Teena Pittman Aylar önce
@Falfield I used to work in a cabinet door shop that just pumped it into a huge pile out back, 3-4 ft tall. Mostly oak and birch sawdust. That was about 10 or so years ago, and it's mostly still there. The shop has been closed at least 8 yrs. I would have thought it would have long ago been rotted. Only the part that touches the dirt is rotted a little more at a time. It was curious to me, is the reason I checked every year or 2. It's been about 2 years now. Time for me to check it again.
youness ibn daouia
youness ibn daouia Aylar önce
@jan clodd Lafront like "eucalyptus" for example.
Falfield Aylar önce
@jan clodd Lafront It's oak - and it's in the title. The risk - if you are really wanting to find fault with the idea - is of nitrogen-robbing by the sawdust with its large surface area as it rots down. But even this will be a short-lived effect as with tiny particle size it will break down relatively quickly, and the following year all will be well again, especially for nitrogen-fixing legumes. I manage an allotments site and use much sawdust in this way & in composting. I think Phil's idea is a good one.
jan clodd Lafront
jan clodd Lafront Aylar önce
depends on the species of the wood... some are great vegetation killers.
manfred schmalbach
manfred schmalbach 7 aylar önce
Barn door, boat-building level. Quite an overkill, for sure, but a pleasure watching (and making, I'm sure ;-). Thanks for sharing.
Jon McNabb
Jon McNabb 7 aylar önce
Incredible workmanship, simply incredible and well done. I even like the inclusion of the mistakes.
gazza robo
gazza robo 2 aylar önce
WOW SUPER COOL PROJECT, I absolutely love watching you make items from scratch, I used to be an avid woodworker & really enjoyed it until I was diagnosed with MS (multiple sclerosis) 24 years ago, so now I cant work for more than 5 mins then my walking goes to pot. Anyways please keep doing what your doing & keep up the good work✌ PEACE✌
Phil Copeland
Phil Copeland 7 aylar önce
Beautiful joinery there, Carl. It compliments your centuries' old barn renovations so well. Nice to hear the birds in the background too ... mourning dove, cuckoo etc. Very soothing. BTW glad to see you wearing stronger shoes to hang the new door. Seeing you in sandals handling heavy oak boards made me cross my fingers for your tootsies.
printednest 7 aylar önce
This guy is simply a genius of detail, all things he created are unique
Botond Rak
Botond Rak 6 aylar önce
Hi, superb job. We're in the process of building a new solid wood house door with a local carpenter. However we couldn't decide the colour yet. I like how your barn door came out, can you please tell us what oil did you use for the finishing? Thanks.
Tony Hirst
Tony Hirst 7 aylar önce
Absolutely brilliant. I work for Stabila and we are actively encouraging young craftsmen and women through skills competitions. In a world of mass produced throw away products it’s amazing to see the skill, time and commitment required to build something as beautiful and durable as this door.
steinwaymodelb 7 aylar önce
I'm fascinated by your equipment! I was impressed when I saw the tablesaw doubled as a jointer, then again that it also functions as a thickness planer. I was sitting here thinking jokingly that all it needs is a router/shaper hidden in there somewhere and whaddyknow, it magically appears!
Micah 4 aylar önce
Lurem Optal 26
Stephen Hughes
Stephen Hughes 7 aylar önce
Inspiring work Carl (and team) - always nice and easy to watch (nice pace).... nice to know I'm not the only one who makes mistakes
DemonKnight 3 aylar önce
I'm loving your machine there. What else can it do? So far you have router, jointer (surfacer) planer (thicknesser) router and table saw all in one. I'm impressed
dennis carreno
dennis carreno Aylar önce
I love how you rebuild your roof and now , a stunning solid door….greetings from Australia…..you are a true craftsman!
Clive  Marsden
Clive Marsden 7 aylar önce
That is fine work. Really satisfying to see the preparation behind a beautiful door.
El Rayo X
El Rayo X 7 aylar önce
Really enjoy following the journey of your families home and seeing your craftsmanship. Nothing to suggest other than keep doing what you’re doing and I’ll keep watching. 👍😎
Tinkermouse - Scott Russell
Awesome, enjoyed watching this project all come together; thank you for taking the time to share it with us. Play safe from Elliot Lake Ontario Canada.
Metalhead of Norway
Metalhead of Norway 6 aylar önce
that was a beautiful barn door, great job. could you have used the latch from the old one?
Daniel Swanson
Daniel Swanson Aylar önce
Really splendid job! That's the kind of work I did and loved when I was your age back in the '70s. Wish I had had one of those combination table saw/planer/shapers, and those Festools! What fun!!
Martin Louden
Martin Louden 7 aylar önce
Beautiful. It almost looks as if it was made for the job!
Phil Copeland
Phil Copeland 16 gün önce
Beautiful recycling of that fine oak. I like the guide light on your chop-saw when cross-cutting the planks. What a fine work of art that oak workshop door is. Congratulations,
hanlukki 6 aylar önce
Hi! I love your videos. I noticed that you have a combination planer, router, thickness planer and table saw in your workshop. Would you mind telling me the model and manufacturer? It seems to be perfect for my little woodshop. Looking forward to your next video! Keep up the good work!
Paul one-off
Paul one-off 24 gün önce
That's an awesome piece of work there, nice to see someone using skills like this. I always admire good woodwork, probably because I can only do it to a very basic level, that said I feel the need to take it further.
Lea Barto
Lea Barto 7 aylar önce
Beautiful door! Amazing to watch the transformation!
Just for fun
Just for fun Aylar önce
New subscriber here, I love your work ethic and drive to create authentic and traditional projects. the roofs had me drawn in, I had no idea how intricate of work was required to create that style of roof. Thanks for sharing this journey. May I ask what you and your father do, what drew you to the French country side, or France in general. Greetings from NW Montana in the USA!
Jeff Kindron
Jeff Kindron 2 aylar önce
Just found your channel, great job on the door and repurposing the planks. I like the combination table saw, jointer/ planner and shaper.
michaelrck 7 aylar önce
Good to see you do make mistakes and honest of you to reveal them too us all. Makes me feel a bit better about my own limited ability. Thanks for the inspiration. Keep on Rockin!
Jimmi Wind
Jimmi Wind 15 gün önce
Love the work and the effort you bring into it
Jason Epstein
Jason Epstein 6 aylar önce
The Festool track saws make an excellent jointer. I line up the track, rip a nice straight line and use it to reference in the table saw.
Thomas LaMora
Thomas LaMora 4 aylar önce
awesome door, love the project. that oak was way too beautiful to be scaffold. i have a set of those plug cutters and love them. but, maybe i am a weirdo: I cut all the way through the piece and pry the plugs out. i have seen people use a bandsaw to cut them, but i do not have a bandsaw... yet. my method works, but is kind of a pain. maybe i will try yours next time.
Phil Brownsword
Phil Brownsword Aylar önce
My late Dad who was a time served carpenter with a great deal of skill & ingenuity would have absolutely loved this channel. He never really discovered the joys of TRvid but he would have absolutely loved this and your other videos. Great work.
TgWags 7 aylar önce
Great job! After being disappointed many times myself using the glue and sawdust filler, I would have glued in a sliver of wood to fill the saw cut. But it doesn't matter at all. Still looks great.
CodeBlue 3 aylar önce
TgWags:::true that, Wags ! That is one of the older woodcraft methods and is called a “DUTCHMAN”….that is, a ‘spline’ of the same species AND grain pattern was glued in where there was a ‘resin canal’ or blemish or saw cut. These old guys also call the sawdust “FINES” and I think preferred a glue called “Flexwood Cement” to produce a same~species wood filler……..exp: Alton McCoy, Portland, Oregon….now McCoy Millwork.
Alisalem Ati
Alisalem Ati 6 aylar önce
أنا عاوز أشوف اخبار
Alisalem Ati
Alisalem Ati 6 aylar önce
هو أنا قاعد فى وىشه
manfred schmalbach
manfred schmalbach 7 aylar önce
I was expecting that instead of the goo fixing method.
The Doc
The Doc 3 aylar önce
beautiful. I work in an office environment and would love to do this as a job. so satisfying
Double Dog Dare
Double Dog Dare 7 aylar önce
Marvelous, amazing how a simple door can become an heirloom . Wonderful craftsmanship and your design and execution was first rate.
Emsnews Supkis
Emsnews Supkis Aylar önce
The original door was much simpler and didn't take hours and hours using modern electrical tools to assemble. It probably took half a day or less to build the original.
axelgs11 7 aylar önce
Nice job👌I used the same method to make Farm House tables. Old scaffold boards are very underestimated. ..once plained and put through the thicknesser they come up perfect. Mind you oak ones are very expensive in the UK but pine ones stained and finished give a superb product.👍
Calamity Kim
Calamity Kim 7 aylar önce
Incredible attention to detail here. I am surprised you don’t have more track for your saw though. I have a makita plunge saw and I bought it with two 1.5m as a set and the joiners then bought a 1m length. So I have one 1.5m length to cut the width of a large timber sheet then connect the 1.5m and 1m length to cut the length of it.
thomas bee
thomas bee 7 aylar önce
Brilliant cinematography sound and editing......his carpentry skills are topnotch as well ! I could watch Carl Rogers build anything any day all day..... 😊😊😊😊
Graham Hodgson
Graham Hodgson 3 aylar önce
Love watching these videos. Your woodworking skills are outstanding. It certainly helps to have the right equipment ! I wish I had.
Dan Lund
Dan Lund 2 aylar önce
Looks great. I've never seen a combination table saw/planer. Seems like a cool tool.
Andrew Zanto
Andrew Zanto 7 aylar önce
Beautiful work! I’m curious what drove the decision to widen the grooves with the router, rather than resetting the fence on the table saw and doing the additional passes there? Balancing the router on the edge of a board can be tricky.
jan clodd Lafront
jan clodd Lafront Aylar önce
@Tom Bristowe the spindle molder is too small and no feeder. its just as well.
Tom Bristowe
Tom Bristowe 7 aylar önce
I wondered why they didn't do it on the spindle moulder. Maybe they didn't have the right tooling.
Salo Kin
Salo Kin 7 aylar önce
Great work! Really like the result, highly professional and beautiful craftsmanship. This is a fabulous channel. ( ps. sorry to quibble, but shirt tails hanging loose is not safe with machinery, especially if you are leaning over a planer).
Steven Macdonald
Steven Macdonald 5 aylar önce
Great workmanship, great video production, look forward to watching more.
Joannes Hellings
Joannes Hellings 7 aylar önce
Whaaaaauwww this is absolutely next level woodworking and so nice to be able to see you creating this marvelous piece of art. Like this big time and it motivates as well in pursuing my own little projects. Love it 😊!! Thank you.
Joannes Hellings
Joannes Hellings 7 aylar önce
Will you reuse the old latches maybe? They look awesome.
Vapapae 7 aylar önce
Always impressed by your attention to detail and careful planning. Little things like using some 3&1 oil on those hinge screws really shows your using your brain before you start building.
jan clodd Lafront
jan clodd Lafront Aylar önce
3&1 will poke through just waaaait. use mastic linseed oil base or wax but 3&1 or WD40 is silicone and thats bad for finishes.
Al Wallsgrove
Al Wallsgrove 3 aylar önce
I used to have a tobacco tin of grease. . 55 years on the tools.
Tel Saw
Tel Saw 7 aylar önce
Vaseline (petroleum jelly) works well too.
TheToolnut 7 aylar önce
Goose fat would be more traditional, 👍😁
Moira Goldsmith
Moira Goldsmith 7 aylar önce
@micikas Makes it easier to drive them into the wood. 👍🏽
Sue Powell
Sue Powell 6 gün önce
What a beautiful door I watched every minute of it and loved it ,as I did with the roof, keep up your work its stunning whatever you both touch.
Tzolkin Man
Tzolkin Man Aylar önce
Absolutely stunning door, yeah a few mishaps along the way but as they say, knowing how to do something is knowledge but actually doing it is wisdom, really awesome job, I absolutely love it, you and your dad are doing an amazing job with this place. really enjoy your channel and your skills. thank you for sharing
chardonian1 7 aylar önce
Really enjoy all of your videos. Hope it’s as enjoyable for you making them as it is for me watching !!! Love that door.
Patricia Bockenstette
Patricia Bockenstette 7 aylar önce
What an exquisite piece of art for a barn door. Your precision cutting, screwing, drilling with the top off of plugs made it perfectly suited for the project. Looking forward to the next project and thanks for sharing.
Steve Amiaga
Steve Amiaga Aylar önce
Beautiful build! I like the notched braces, I'm doing barn doors this winter and will definitely use that method. Very functional, and they look great, too.
Nena D
Nena D 7 aylar önce
Another fantastic build, only this one out of bent, warped and crooked oak planks. It reminded me of wooden boat building with the methods you used. The door is more like fine furniture than a barn door, unbelievable craftsmanship! Thanks for the great episode
Y. Lelivelt
Y. Lelivelt 7 aylar önce
Great work! And the door became very pretty.You have a nice space to work in for this kind of jobs.
Gabriel Delanne
Gabriel Delanne Aylar önce
Parabéns. Belíssimo trabalho realizado, eu pensei que você fosse colocar cola branca a mesma que foi colocada no acabamento dos parafusos, na união das tábuas. Acompanho o trabalho de vocês desde a recuperação do telhado da casa. Trabalho muito bem feito. Parabéns a você e a seu pai.
Timothy Sexton
Timothy Sexton Aylar önce
Just now seeing this video. You can combine those shavings with old paper, soaked in water and blended, then press into log shape to be used for fire logs once dried. Saw another video doing just that.
John 7 gün önce
Nothing short of perfect in everything you do! Your like an old timer tradesman at such a young age. You’re impressive as hell man!
Siôn Jones
Siôn Jones 25 gün önce
A joy to watch craftsmanship like this. Thank you for sharing it with us
Eric Layard
Eric Layard 3 aylar önce
Absolutely stunning. Loved going through you playlists. Can't wait for next content to be release. 👌
Mark Russell
Mark Russell 7 aylar önce
A gorgeous looking door. Great job my friend.
audrey04021 Aylar önce
I really appreciate that you sand EVERYTHING to make it finished, professional, and pleasing to the eye. Master craft. I'm learning a lot for my own projects, even though they are not even close to your level. But in every effort I see an "ah-ha" moment. Also: Thanks for the Nord VPN coupon! I wanted it, because another VPN service was terrible, and just as I was looking to make the change you gave me a coupon and it's Black Friday. I saved a ton. Woo-woo!
Anand KL
Anand KL Aylar önce
Lovely! What more can I say? I loved every minute of it. Thank you.
johnjpennington 7 aylar önce
I’ve watched an awful lot of woodworking videos in my time but this has been the most compelling video I’ve ever seen. I love your workshop. Simple but stunningly efficient. Your attention to detail is amazing and as I said. This has shot straight to the top of my fave woodworking videos. Do you mind me asking where you are in the country? When I saw the first shots I was thinking Italy but obviously listening to you speaking you’re somewhere in the south. Super impressed.
Nino Pavkovic
Nino Pavkovic 15 gün önce
@Emsnews Supkis You are the voice of reason
Emsnews Supkis
Emsnews Supkis Aylar önce
If you had to pay people to do this job, the door would have cost a fortune. How many man hours and tools were used to replace a very simple, easy to construct 300 year old door with this modern, totally different door? It would bankrupt most farmers! The old door was easy to make, I made doors like this in the past. The new one was built as if it were a fancy dinning room table or some such. Not a BARN DOOR!
Chris Cain
Chris Cain 7 aylar önce
Love seeing things being made thank you 🙏
Thomas Doré
Thomas Doré 7 aylar önce
Working oak is definitly not easy. You did it brilliantly. Fantastic job as usual :)
Chris Cain
Chris Cain 7 aylar önce
Wood is such a lovely medium to work with …. Love the wind chimes as well
LAB TESTED 3 aylar önce
just the most relaxing 30 minutes of joy to watch , just astounding skills thank you
Jason Smith
Jason Smith 7 aylar önce
I absolutely love these videos! Keep up the great work
bcmbdk 7 aylar önce
Excellent! Great storytelling and impressive editing. And your Landie looks great sitting under that incredible roof!
Star of David
Star of David Aylar önce
Oak scaffold boards!!, Beautiful door, secure and will last a lifetime.
Dejavu666 wampas
Dejavu666 wampas 4 aylar önce
Awesome project, awesome video, work steps nicely explained. May God bless you for not covering your work with annoying music, like so many people insist on doing. Tool sounds are the best music to my ears. Liked. Subscribed. I’m in America. I recently bought a few tape measures and rulers in centimeters, converted my shop to metric, and boy, I should have done that sooner. The math is SO much easier. I beg all my fellow American woodworkers, to convert to metric. You’ll never go back. Finding half of 24 cm is so much easier, than some numbers like 3 and 5/16 ths inches. Or whatever. And millimeters are accurate. Anyway, Americans, convert, it takes one day to switch your mind.
Michael Joerger
Michael Joerger 26 gün önce
Very nice work. I just found your channel and love it!! Nice job on that barn door, looks amazing!!
Dejavu666 wampas
Dejavu666 wampas 4 aylar önce
Obviously, your assistant needs her own woodworking channel. Or at least, her own project, with you being the lovely assistant. 😀
Frederick Chase
Frederick Chase Aylar önce
Brilliant work Carl. You have obviously been trained correctly.Also loved the video of you and your father replacing a roof.That was not learnt from a book! Again, a pleasure to watch. Are you/were you based in the Gers region of south-west France?
G Bruce
G Bruce 7 aylar önce
Thanks for another great video! That door should serve it's purpose for decades to come. Do the beads serve any purpose other than being decorative? I noticed the original door boards were beaded as well.
Colin Dean
Colin Dean 3 aylar önce
serve its purpose, not "it's"
David Edwards
David Edwards 7 aylar önce
Great video. Is there any purpose for the rounded bit in the joints beyond aesthetics ? How long did this take, there were so many processes involved even with all that gear.
Bobby Adejare
Bobby Adejare 2 aylar önce
Amazing build. Watched the whole video from start to finish. The craft and detail that went into this door is truly fantastic. Great job Carl & co.
Emsnews Supkis
Emsnews Supkis Aylar önce
This took many hours of work to make a door. What a waste of time. Restoring the old door would take far fewer hours and it would organically fit in with the age of the building. Now there is a totally new door that clashes with the building's veneer of 'age'. The old door was not savaged by either sun nor rain, it being 'inside' the structure and not exterior.
Peter Reynolds
Peter Reynolds 7 aylar önce
A beautiful piece of craftsmanship. Amazing attention to detail. Is the finish a oil or wax?
rebel1988us 18 gün önce
That Shaper, Planer, Tablesaw, and router machine you have so freaking cool!
john Pennington
john Pennington 14 gün önce
I accidentally came across the barn roof restoration video and was hooked within 60 seconds. What a great video. The attention to detail of the restoration was a complete joy. Have subscribed so I hope you keep on producing that sort of content.
Steve Pettifer
Steve Pettifer 3 aylar önce
May I ask what the treatment was you applied to the oak? Looked amazing, and it's a beautiful door.
bccochrane1 3 aylar önce
Just what I wanted to find out, Carl?
RCWorks 7 aylar önce
Will this be a B & B, vacation rental, a vacation home, your primary home, or? Fantastic project, fantastic work.
Micheal McConnell
Micheal McConnell 7 aylar önce
Really nice work ! You can use the same concept on the saw kerf as you do with the plugs
Francisco Acuña
Francisco Acuña 7 aylar önce
Carl, es un placer ver el modo en que trabajas, da la impresión de estar allí mirando , gracias por permitirnos aprender. It is an unbelievable work, thank you.
joed596 7 aylar önce
That door needed a little help alright, Carl . . . 😉 Excellent work and very satisfying to watch 😎 Great to see you utilizing the newly poured concrete areas in your workshop, too! Thanks and thumbs up from across the Pond as always, Joe 👍🇺🇸
jan clodd Lafront
jan clodd Lafront Aylar önce
not much reebars in that concrete, a gride closer to the top preferably. but if they mount gutter on that nice roof top soon it will keep the walls from sinking and that floor to buldge. how did you like the fake distortion cut 3/4" deep on a slab with no reebars? Cracks will run through them, particularly if you put heavier equipments. anyway at least they are doing something in style,
AnticSwazzy Aylar önce
Awe my goodness what a cracking handsome door! amazing team effort. Nice to watch real craftsmen at work. Thank you 👍
lancedaniels 7 aylar önce
Thanks for posting and sharing. Really beautiful door!
pghgeo816 2 aylar önce
great job! i wish you could have sourced bronze screws they dont react with the oak I hope you find somthing good to do with the old door maybe a cutting board or flower boxes.
Alistair Aldridge
Alistair Aldridge 7 aylar önce
Great job Carl, great to see you dad and sis working together on these projects. New Door Looks fab, lock on the inside I gather, if so it's a good call. Love these projects they are so satisfying to watch, Thank you Carl!
jan clodd Lafront
jan clodd Lafront Aylar önce
Dad should get bigger machines. It only goes so far and the kid is going to push it. get a feeder at least and a sliding table at least.
Chris Jones
Chris Jones 7 aylar önce
brilliant, and Inspirational, love watching you create super carpentry, like this, and the Videos are just right. Thanks for sharing!
Hanlet Pimentel
Hanlet Pimentel 3 aylar önce
a wonderful job, worthy of admiration, congratulations!
Kohl Hosein
Kohl Hosein 6 aylar önce
This guy is living on top of the hill of God. That aerial shot was so beautiful!
jan clodd Lafront
jan clodd Lafront Aylar önce
Winston Null
Winston Null 28 gün önce
I have been a carpenter/cabinetmaker for 38 years. I always love learning something new. Watching a couple videos of yours now I have picked up a couple things to steal from you.
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