NVIDIA's RTX 4080 Problem: They're Not Selling & MSRP Doesn't Exist

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The NVIDIA RTX 4080 has a problem: No one is buying it -- or at least, not enough people that board partners are feeling relief from their investment. They're on the hook for millions upon millions of dollars in inventory, and it's because NVIDIA's pricing structure is so egregiously bad that sales have finally slowed. NVIDIA got comfortable with a market where literally anything would sell, no exaggeration, and just existing would guarantee a sale. But that market is over, and now NVIDIA has an RTX 4080 problem. The other issue is that MSRP cards don't exist -- partners launched some, then stopped stocking them.

Watch our tour of EVGA's GPU lab as it nears end of life: • EVGA's Final GPU ...
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00:00 - NVIDIA Can't Sell the RTX 4080
02:14 - Reality Check
07:00 - Real Retailers Comment on 4080 Sales
08:02 - RTX 30 vs. RTX 40 Pricing
09:24 - Discussion on "Arbitrary" Naming & Semantics
11:31 - People Aren't Buying 4080s
15:36 - Who Makes the Money
18:57 - What Partners Do & Why They're Hindered
22:31 - The Simple Message to NVIDIA

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26 Mar 2023




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Gamers Nexus
Gamers Nexus 3 aylar önce
The other issue is that MSRP cards don't exist -- partners launched some, then stopped stocking them in favor of more expensive cards (see: repeat of 2020, discussed in the video!) Watch our tour of EVGA's GPU lab as it nears end of life: trvid.com/video/video-cr3lsU718Lg.html Grab a GN 3D 'Debug' Coaster pack! This unique, high-quality pack of computer part-themed, soft rubber coasters makes for an excellent gift for a friend or just for yourself: store.gamersnexus.net/products/gn-drink-debug-coaster-pack-4-custom-3d-coasters-100x100mm-4x4 - it helps fund our reporting and trips in the process! Help fund our reporting, including our field reporting, by becoming a Patron to support us: www.patreon.com/gamersnexus
I'll take the trash out.
OI Miu
OI Miu 2 aylar önce
No they haven't. No one is discussing this but no one is seeing their end game agenda: Geforce Now. They are raising the price in order to push customers to rent their computers or graphic cards. Why? It is much much more profitable and you control the customers in every single way.
Ravi Verma
Ravi Verma 2 aylar önce
@Ted Antares yes buy what you want according to your need and liking. 4080 is very powerful, very cool and completely silent. This is my first PC and love 4080
Ted Antares
Ted Antares 2 aylar önce
@Ravi Verma I will definitely get either 4080 or 4090 for GPGPU/CUDA - they are much better value than the RTX A6000 and RTX 6000 Ada
Ravi Verma
Ravi Verma 2 aylar önce
@Ted Antares buy what you love bro. Listen to everyone but do whatever you like. I bought rtx 4080 as i think it is excellent gpu. I also got excellent deal for almost 1k dollars or ₹105000
Alfaaz Sama
Alfaaz Sama 3 aylar önce
Sony and Microsoft must love this move by Nvidia because they're keeping consoles VERY relevant to the budget conscious gamer.
Elli Aylar önce
@TGS u acting like PC dont have new full priced releases and in game purchases lmao. Literally most of steam top 10 games is microtransaction/season pass operated lol. Consoles got game discounts too either digital or physical and with pricing just as competitive as steam. The bad thing about consoles is the online sub but console users probably ok cause they get monthly games compared to buying new games on PC. Both sides got their pros.
TGS Aylar önce
Console is cheaper if you only play 1 game. If you only play CoD every year then it's much cheaper to play on Xbox/PS5. But paying for the online subscription, the cost of games, and the in-game store purchases over years generally add up to the price of a PC with the exception of very high end PCs. A console will never be as expensive as someone running a brand new I9 with a RTX 4090 lol.
Michael Jamieson
Michael Jamieson 2 aylar önce
As soon as an Xbox console can do VR for sim racing I’m out, I fucking hate paying for pc hardware it’s ridiculously expensive.
Elli 3 aylar önce
@BluewaterBoof how is it irrelevant when the whole topic by first poster is about "Sony and MS love Nvidia because they keeping console VERY relevant to budget conscious gamer"??
Surannhealz 3 aylar önce
When EVERYTHING costs 50-100% more in my life, a ultra high cost video card is absolutely last on my priorities.
willl 77
willl 77 3 gün önce
TheRowdyRue 25 gün önce
@Racks On The Way Its not ok to talk about yourself like that.
The Helghast did nothing wrong
I speced a computer with all the latest components, nothing extreme but on the high end of what was available capable of VR with acceptable performance. The price flawed me, it was about $10,000 AUD, to put that in perspective I could get a used BMW X5, Mitsubishi Lancer, or D-Max Ute for that price. NVIDIA is going to get a hard awakening when they realise that crypto is on it's way out, inflation gets worse and worse by the month, and people have still not recovered from "The crisis" especially here in Australia where the reaction to the coof was totalitarian to say the least, alot of people lost their jobs, lost hours at work, money is tighter than ever and of all the things to go first, a $2200 graphics card is it. At this point I am just going to stick to my 1080 and play older games until it dies, then take a break from gaming entirely, it was fun while it lasted but if it's the choice between pay rent and eat vs play some video games the choice is obvious.
Eplugplay Aylar önce
@CarlBraun LMAO, you truly believe prices will normalize? With the national US debt at 33 Trillion, interest just on the debt will be a trillion soon. Inflation will be the new normal where prices will increase to double end of this year.
CarlBraun Aylar önce
no one care about it, russian gas hoho, no care, its a today's experience, not future, prices will be back to normal soon.
тнε ρυηιsнεя
Thank you for keeping companies in check, or at least trying to, this is a clear example on how to actually use a platform for good. After watching GN for a few years I actually do believe they advocate for consumers. Thank you for the hard work and happy holidays from Romania!
Fireballun 25 gün önce
@v o r bro why lie like that
Mystic Voyager
Mystic Voyager Aylar önce
@v o r it seems to be more like about $15 USD
v o r
v o r Aylar önce
bro donated 1 usd in romanian money
Robert NES816
Robert NES816 3 aylar önce
So basically Nvidia fixed the scalping problem by becoming the problem 🙄
willl 77
willl 77 3 gün önce
smart lol
Kalashnicon B
Kalashnicon B Aylar önce
@jacob nebel congratulations on passing freshmen economics! 😂😂
S L 2 aylar önce
jacob nebel
jacob nebel 2 aylar önce
"Scalping" is what the economically illiterate call the obvious outcome of the market price of a good or service exceeding the sale price. The 4080 is a case of the opposite, where a good or service is not purchased en masse because the sale price exceeds the market price.
Robert NES816
Robert NES816 2 aylar önce
@Sad Mariners Fan Big companies like Nvidia that are basically toxic to an industry should just go out of business.
M L 3 aylar önce
$1600 for a graphics card is insane.
Dillon101 4 gün önce
@ChunChunMaru True. I personally use a 3060ti and its been good.
ChunChunMaru 5 gün önce
@Dillon101 1660s to a 4090. Realistically a 3080 is prob all you need for 1440p gaming anything above is just if you care enough. But a 4090 with a 4K ultrawide just looks too good to go back
Dillon101 6 gün önce
​@Nico Melia according to steam, the most common gpu in use are the 1650 and 1060. Getting a 4090 is overkill for gaming.
ChunChunMaru 7 gün önce
@Daddys Savage 1080p 6 years ago was like the 4K today. I’m sure once the 6000 series come out 4k will be the norm and 1440p will be the budget option. So yea I think the 4090 is a safe card for the next 5 years; but as for all pc parts the value depreciates every year as more tech gets introduced in the market. I assume with how nvidia is approaching with the increased prices the 4090 will prob sell for 500-800 in 5 years time as it’ll still serve as a card that can bring 90-110 fps at 4k ultra
Daddys Savage
Daddys Savage 7 gün önce
@ChunChunMaru it’s a good card for 1080p gaming but not everyone wants to play in 1080p
shredman59 3 aylar önce
Seeing that 4080 go in the trash hit me hard bro. LOL. Nice to see and hear that GPU prices are finally coming back to reality! Another thing that I think a lot of consumers realized during the ridiculous high prices is that you don't "need" a new GPU every couple of years. Hopefully prices tank and pc building has a resurgence.
David Kearns
David Kearns 3 aylar önce
Nvidia is trying to fix the scalping problem by scalping the cards themselves.
MickyMouseLimited 2 aylar önce
Nvidia is running with a 100 miles an hour in to a concrete law.
Darkking 2 aylar önce
1000iq move
Mark Jones
Mark Jones 2 aylar önce
@s c For sure. I can't help but wonder if we're not also trapped in the cycle of the law of diminishing returns. Everyone is looking for photo realism in graphics, but that is a moveable feast, and an incredibly high computational overhead. Until energy is free, anyhow. I realised looking at some older games I played, and loved, they now look terrible. But all that has changed is my subjective assessment. Until graphics are literally indistinguishable from real life, someone won't be happy. Perhaps an entirely new tech is needed. Like AI manipulating actual models. Who knows, it's going to take a lot of silicon.
Ferc Polo
Ferc Polo 2 aylar önce
This is the true heart of the issue.
lexwaldez 2 aylar önce
Which really translates to... Nvidia saw people paying stupid amounts of money for cards that were difficult to get so Nvidia made cards harder to get and jacked up prices to take all that profit for themselves. Or, in other words, screw Nvidia products. No idea why people support this type of behavior by actually purchasing this crap. "But I gotz to have most fasterest!!!" or possibly, " but the driverz."
WCGwkf 3 aylar önce
the entire consumer marketplace needs to come off the 2020 pricing schedule too. there's really people out there asking double of what their old cards are worth today because they still think it's going to sell for that
Last First
Last First 4 gün önce
It works to your advantage if you want to sell a card, if you set the price honestly you’ll look like a bargain just for being fair.
Accuser/Opposer 17 gün önce
€ 300 for my 1070 plz :)
TikkaQrow 3 aylar önce
Still glad i got a 3080 for msrp last year. I feel like i'm going to have this card for some years
McHonkler 2 aylar önce
@Kni It's why I go to the used market. Picked up a display model 3080 from a Japanese shop for $450. I imagine that will be what I'll be doing from now on with the prices of these new cards the last 2 generations.
J 2 aylar önce
@Mangotunde, The Mangonian Prince Casual miners are trying to dump them slowly saying "never mined". Basically everyone with a card atleast tried to mine for a little. Facebook marketplace or whatever your country uses regularly
Mangotunde, The Mangonian Prince
@J where can I find em?
James Van Asdale
James Van Asdale 2 aylar önce
In mid 2021 I had a friend sell me a MSI Suprim X 3080 that he bought from Microcenter, for the same price he paid. Was $1200 but still felt like a huge score when at the time ANY 3080 was scalping for double that. It runs everything I throw at it, and at this point I agree with everyone here. Hoping to keep this for a long time and that by the time I need to upgrade nVidia will have come to terms with reality.
My Name
My Name 2 aylar önce
@Juan Z Suddenly my FE 4080 feels like a steal at $1200. You are a very good therapist.
Ryan Mueller
Ryan Mueller 3 aylar önce
I’ve been a 70 line user since the 970, as it has always fit the right balance of price to performance for me within my budget. The XX70 was supposed to be the affordable midrange sitting around the price of a console, but based on this trend, the 4070 will likely launch at 700 USD, which is unreasonable and prices me out of the 70 line I’ve been using for almost a decade.
Trenton Bennett
Trenton Bennett 2 aylar önce
Walking through the real benefits of a market with partners was fantastic to hear. It really helped me with some additional perspective around the current awful market that nVidia seems to be creating.
ctt88 3 aylar önce
Steve, the table at 6:22 should add a column to indicate the manufacturer process node. Cost per area increases as node shrinks. You can even find out some numbers on the internet how much TSMC charges per wafer for each node. As you said in the video, hard to tell how Nvidia pay for each wafer, but the discount is comparable among different process nodes.
SHF // ShadowHunterFi
SHF // ShadowHunterFi 3 aylar önce
Massively raising prices when people have much less money to spend generally isn't a very good idea if you want to actually sell your products
SHF // ShadowHunterFi
SHF // ShadowHunterFi 10 gün önce
@QuackSouls you having to boost your ego by calling others broke when they actually care about the money they spend instead of wasting it says a lot about you
QuackSouls 10 gün önce
Broke boy
David 13 gün önce
@Stefan L bro by no means can I afford the next bleeding edge tech, I'm into more affordable budget friendly mid-tier to upper-mid-tier tech, and thats only because I'm tech savvy enough to understand the differences between a PC and a Console. the reality is the average consumer doesn't give a shit about the differences between a 4090 vs a fuarking 1080ti dude. This is why people buy consoles still, people just want to hop in a place games at a reasonable price. It's not about being on the edge of tech, it's about the general population, which is what? 80% of the planet? maybe even 90%? People are still using 10 series cards, me included. I COULD buy a 3060, but why would I? when my 1070 is doing everything I need/want. EVEN THEN, the 1070 (a fucking 7 year old card) is still going for OVER 250 dollars on the market. That's absolutely ridiculous man, the issue isn't poor people, the issue is the market is fucked
Just Joe
Just Joe 2 aylar önce
@ghostlyone2 Where I live people have been living with parents for decades upon decades now, the wages that don't follow the costs are the primary issue. So I don't see any problems with people living with their families instead of wasting huge amounts of money on separate rent and bills, wasting time cooking, cleaning, doing chores separate from their families
Sqwr 3 aylar önce
@Terry Mike People just gonna buy AMD cards and nVidia will end up in the dust.
Mike Q
Mike Q 3 aylar önce
I like how this is non-conspiracy style planned obsolescence because you can literally look up the physical limits the product is approaching and see how much potential it has for improvement vs profit over time but it’s unlikely to be taught in school because people are so used to syndicate style planned obsolescence (just inflation and price fixing) it would seem like a tech oriented vocabulary word; Which it is just one necessary to understand the cost of modern products with microchips.
Joachim Rufatt
Joachim Rufatt Aylar önce
I recently upgraded to a 3080 10gb from a 3060 12gb and it was a very good upgrade. I got it for $575 used and it wasn’t used for mining either which was a plus. I also game at 1080p and the 3080 is way more than enough for that resolution. I know it might sound like an overkill but I’m considering buying a 1440p 240hz monitor soon. Loving my 3080 right now !
BList 3 aylar önce
So what I'm hearing is they got super greedy as opposed to a little bit greedy
Wes Kirkland
Wes Kirkland Aylar önce
They're a corporation. it's what they do.
BList 2 aylar önce
@Lion did you skip the part of the video where he goes into detail about how many are in stock this year compared to last generation at the same time
Lion 2 aylar önce
Don't know... 4090 is hard to resist
polla2256 3 aylar önce
Another reason other than GPU cost is that many will also require a new PSU and case.
ChunChunMaru 7 gün önce
@Warren Postma it’s been proven that the 4090 fire issue was user error.
Ghola Tleilaxu
Ghola Tleilaxu 2 aylar önce
@Fyn Kozari Let's say the GTX 1080 Ti (especially some models like the EVGA GTX 1080 Ti SC2 or the MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Gaming) were worth their asking price. Do you think the RTX 4080 is worth $1200 (that is closer to $1500 with VAT in Europe) and if so why?
Fyn Kozari
Fyn Kozari 2 aylar önce
@Ghola Tleilaxu Yes, just dont buy anything on their first year. Or first gen, only 2nd gen.
Ghola Tleilaxu
Ghola Tleilaxu 2 aylar önce
@Fyn Kozari What if I save $300 a month? Will that suffice for buying gaming gadgets at their rip-off prices?
James Van Asdale
James Van Asdale 2 aylar önce
@Just Joe It's most popular because it's affordable. Only reason to be buying a higher end graphics card and still gaming at 1080P, is if you are a pro gamer who cares more about getting every last frame they can rather than how the game looks. As soon as I could afford to jump up to a 1440p monitor at a larger size than the 1080 Samsung screen I used while on a budget, I grabbed one. Same reason I haven't jumped to 4k yet, the monitors are more expensive (especially for one that is good for gaming) and you need to spend even more on a graphics card or turn down graphics settings to run many games at 4k which I feel defeats the purpose of jumping up to 4k in the first place.
Kwon 3 aylar önce
There's no channel more objective and thorough than GN. Keep up the good work !
Tomcat115 3 aylar önce
I miss it when flagship GPUs topped out around $500-600, anything higher was considered super high-end like the Titan series or was a dual GPU card.
ChunChunMaru 7 gün önce
@Avapa 2 gpus in todays modern cards sounds like a nightmare. Imagine the heat and power draw from two 4090s in a case 😬. Prob need a 1500w psu
pandemicNEETbux 2 aylar önce
@Bussy In fairness, for same/similar reeason as to why I have TWO optical drives. Because directly burning a backup of one's two decade old vidyas is just the shiz, as it were. 90s kids understand why I want SLI and dual optical drives.
zee 3 aylar önce
@Skiddywinks they are making about the same %. The profit margins have stayed relatively the same (20%-40%) they've just gotten bigger
Jered Coffield
Jered Coffield 3 aylar önce
So I can buy a PS5 for myself, my brother, and my friend for the same price as ONE RTX 4080. NVIDIA is out of their damn minds.
DrumYogi Aylar önce
@cmdrfunk Maybe it's an artificially limited supply to keep prices up.
cmdrfunk 3 aylar önce
Meanwhile Best Buy tells me none are available within 250 miles while people act like the card isn't selling.
Sterling LaPratt
Sterling LaPratt 2 aylar önce
Will be interesting to see what the 4070 is, and if the Ti will just be a 4080 12GB rebranded.
ZweiMark3d 3 aylar önce
I'm very glad I didn't wait for the 40 series and went ahead with 30 series cards during lockdown. EVGA was my usual goto for GPUs and with all the issues with the power cable meltdowns, EVGA bailing, now new nVidia pricing/nomenclature, issues.... I think I'll stick with my 30 series cards for a bit longer than I initially expected.
AlmostMissedIt 3 aylar önce
The analysis is cool, thank you for the in depth presentation! You might augment the price / mm^2 table with the fab cost per mm^2 (if that's possible). So like price / (mm^2 * fab_cost_per_sq_mm). Of course it's probably hard or impossible to get that number...but would give you a unit-less measure that works even between cards.
pablo rages
pablo rages 3 aylar önce
The prices have been getting ridiculous in the past few years ... but times are getting tougher and there's not that much advantage to the 40 series ... it was gouging
Great Cait
Great Cait 3 aylar önce
I remember when the Titan being a $1000 card was mind blowing.
Parkapenguin 3 aylar önce
Bah the real mind blower was Titan Z, dafuq was that lol. Was always hilarious hearing everybody saying (who is this geared for lol)
ben weston
ben weston 3 aylar önce
@Sam Miller what connectors do nVidia make?
The Holy Pope Chode II
@Captain_Morgan And way smaller than the 3080
Captain_Morgan 3 aylar önce
@The Holy Pope Chode II still bigger than the GTX1080 which was 4 times cheaper /mm^2
The Holy Pope Chode II
@Captain_Morgan But the die sizes have gone down, the 4080 has a really small die.
Faisal Amir
Faisal Amir 2 aylar önce
That dustbin stunt was brutal, but this is why I love GN. They don't give af and speak their mind on the consumers behalf.
bbgunwb1 3 aylar önce
Glad I upgraded my 1080ti to the last of the EVGA 3080s at their MSRP as the 4090 came out. Now I'm set for another couple generations and can wait to see what shakes out. These prices are unreal.
willl 77
willl 77 3 gün önce
ya buying the latest is crazy...i buy 1 gen back and im happy
Steen Schütt
Steen Schütt 2 aylar önce
When considering the various AIB models, I actually think the 4080 served the role as a decoy product quite well. The price difference from a mid tier 4080 to a cheap 4090 was more like 15-20%,and considering the performance difference, it did make the 4090 look like a good deal (relatively speaking) in my opinion. I don't know if it's the same in the US though.
Purgatorysrath Aylar önce
I agree. I was just browsing the 4080's and thought, if I'm going to buy one, I might as well get the 4090 that's a few hundred bucks more. If I'm going to buy stupid, then buy stupid right. 🥴
Perposterown 3 aylar önce
With how Nvidia has been recently, I honestly feel bad for the board partners having to deal with them. EVGA made the right decision in regards to Nvidia. Definitely agree with waiting on buying a card if you're going cheaper than 4090. If Nvidia drops the price of the 4080, you can get a cheaper 4080. If they don't, you can wait for the 7900XTX to come back in stock.
Tom R
Tom R Aylar önce
Amd will be announcing new 3D CPUs with 144mb cache that should be seriously fast in a couple days.
Syche PsK
Syche PsK 3 aylar önce
Yeah, what you said about wanting people not to care, that's spot on. Gaming grew, and when something achieves a certain reach, they can just try to sell literal overpriced trash and it'd sell
almeisam 3 aylar önce
They've priced themselves out of the marked.
lgolem09l Aylar önce
Hard to do, if they ARE the market.
someonesomewhere 2 aylar önce
Sadly no m8 lot of professionals and gamers from western civilizations need those card or want to have them.
OI Miu
OI Miu 2 aylar önce
No they haven't. No one is discussing this but no one is seeing their end game agenda: Geforce Now. They are raising the price in order to push customers to rent their computers or graphic cards. Why? It is much much more profitable and you control the customers in every single way.
Jack Walton
Jack Walton 2 aylar önce
Agreed. Greed is ugly.
Oscar Colindres
Oscar Colindres 3 aylar önce
Rooting for AMD, hoping they drop some good drivers for the XTX. Also Intel, maybe next gen they drop something that humbles Nvidia.
Atlas 3 aylar önce
“Note: At the time of this review, the GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 were still exceptionally hard to find. Price-gouging runs rampant in such times, and so MSRP is often unrealistic until time is provided for the market to cool down. The Pascal chips should become more available in July.” -Steve B 2016. I’m out here still waiting for the market to cool 😂
DerTrueForce 3 aylar önce
I remember hearing (I think from GN) that NVidia wants to become the Apple of GPUs. They want to set up so that you don't get a ROG Strix NVidia GeForce 3080 OC, you get an NVidia GeForce 3080. I'm seriously thinking about going AMD for my next card, but I'll have to understand how that naming convention works, first...
John Galactus
John Galactus 3 aylar önce
$1200 MSRP. Yes, MSRP. For an xx80 GPU. Before the official pricing, I was like "Nah... Nvidia would never price xx80 GPU above $999". I thought the 4080 12G would prove my point, but that turned out to be a 4070 Ti. Bummer. The more expensive 4090 has a better value.
maaax 2 aylar önce
It turned out they named it a 4070 Ti, with it's core count compared to the 4090 it's barely a 4060 Ti
Dodgy Dodgson
Dodgy Dodgson 3 aylar önce
Has no value whatsoever, honestly.
Mykey McK
Mykey McK 3 aylar önce
I really appreciate the effort ya'll put into editing with the stat/graph timing bars down the sides and such. Also I am totally making one of those ram stick screwdriver holders XD. Great vid.
sourkrause 3 aylar önce
The further this goes on, the smarter EVGA looks for jumping ship while they could.
Aryna Sabalenka
Aryna Sabalenka 3 aylar önce
@icy1007 revenue means nothing. Profit is what's important. You can have huge revenue but huge expenses leaving you with little profit.
Matthew Stark
Matthew Stark 3 aylar önce
@icy1007 They were not making a profit though. Was basically a charity at that point.
icy1007 3 aylar önce
@AllFanboiZmustDie - Unless the board is direct from Nvidia then the BIOS is from a board partner. So any fan curve issues would be on them.
AllFanboiZmustDie 3 aylar önce
​@icy1007 my gt 1030 also does it. and its not evga. be hard to convince me board partners are to blame when they follow nvidia guidelines or get supply pulled. nvidia could also have software and it dont. as if they want anyone having unlocked voltage. does anyone remember fan speed from like 2001 lol
icy1007 3 aylar önce
@AllFanboiZmustDie - That is EVGA's bios telling it to do that... Not Nvidia.
Michael 3 aylar önce
You should have mentioned the node processes of each gen. I know it’s not a linear comparison but 5nm on half the die size of an 8 nm 3080 is worth mentioning.
nevermindthebollocks 3 aylar önce
I simply thought the power supply requirements were stupid. I do have a 2080 non special card, seems decent for everything I do at the moment. I would like a 30 series, but not for any real reason other than want.
ForWhomTheBellsTolls 2 aylar önce
@Mister Pink And Yellow The term fine is vague, as an owner of a 2080 and a 1440p monitor playing some older games it's fine but 4k is another level, you will see 20 and even close to 50% less frames compared to 1440p, it's fine for me because i have a monitor with G-sync module that makes 50-60fps feel "smooth" but far from everyone.
Mister Pink And Yellow
@ForWhomTheBellsTolls Many older games will run fine on 4k and even some recent ones will as well. There are some that it will struggle on.
ForWhomTheBellsTolls 2 aylar önce
@Mister Pink And Yellow What is "fine"? I have 2080 and 1440p monitor and it works for most games but 4k? not sure about that.
Mister Pink And Yellow
@ForWhomTheBellsTolls most people do not play a 4k. I use 4k but I consider 1440p the sweet spot. Also lots of older games run fine on 4k on older cards. Many will run fine on a 2080.
Mister Pink And Yellow
@Dee Rocc I got a high end system and I say you do not need eye candy. RTX is barely noticeable
Indy Rock
Indy Rock 3 aylar önce
In Australia 4080 is around $2500 and 4090 $3000. At local PC shop on Monday they had dozens of them on display on shelves on every wall in the foyer where you pickup your parts, maybe $50,000 worth? There were a few coolers and other parts but most stock was 4080's and 4090, some 3070 TI's and 3090's. All the expensive GPU' s. Now I know why.
Jamie Knight
Jamie Knight 18 gün önce
I’m glad I went to a 3070 Ti. I snagged one in a heavily discounted Lenovo prebuild and with a small overclock it’s giving me more or less 3080 levels of performance. I’m going to sit tight for a few years and see how this all plays out.
object to this
object to this 3 aylar önce
I'm glad Steve is still doing his own stunts. The GPU in the garbage had me on the edge of my seat.
Daniel Grace
Daniel Grace 2 aylar önce
After watching the video you did with kingpen. I'm glad you are bringing this to light. The rtx 4080 should cost $600 dollars and the 4090 should be around $850. Before the pandemic the 3090 was a sure best bet. The prices were not that bad.The scalpers ruined it all then made Nvidia feel like they have the upper hand. The quality to price ratio is not good at all.
OrignalRECIPE92 3 aylar önce
Makes me feel awesome they are sitting on card supplies without people buying. It’s almost as if people are tired of over paying for components that shouldn’t be expensive to begin with..
RaymanFX 3 aylar önce
I live in Germany and just bought a 4080 at mindfactory for 1350€ so the Prices went down below original asking Price here.The 4090 goes for a min of 2000€ so it went up. And the 7900 XTX has the same Price with a min of 1350€ and is quite rare so ... I bought a 4080 because i had bad experiences with my old Amd setup.
Earl P
Earl P 3 aylar önce
The real problem here is both major gpu companies expected the mining prices and scalper volumes to continue.
ThePastaManCan 2 aylar önce
So many scalpers on marketplace were screwed by this and I love it.
FaZe PoZeR
FaZe PoZeR 3 aylar önce
You know I personally would love to buy a 4080 At $600
Akabe Animations
Akabe Animations 2 aylar önce
@J E i would buy the 4090 for that price if it had way better performance and double the vram... You know, insane specs way beyond reason , like a titan card should have, unlike this 4080ti+ we got there... Like everyone calling the 4090 a titna class gpu but then it's value being better then the 4080 and also too close jn terms of specs just doesn't make any sense to me...
BrandoRando 2 aylar önce
@DoritoPope003 the $1600 gpu slams games at 4k max everything i have seen that card hit the fps cap on some games AT 4k which is insane but also your forgetting its not just gamers who need/want gpus.
BrandoRando 2 aylar önce
@DawnJTard people play higher then 1080p thats why
anthosm 3 aylar önce
@DoritoPope003 people buying a 1600 gpu don't give a shit on whether it's outdated or not in 3 years time because by then they would have already upgraded to the next one
DoritoPope003 3 aylar önce
@Anon For same. I literally just bought a 6700xt after holding on to my EVGA 1070 SC I got near launch and I only got it because it was on sale for $360 and seemed like it was just finally time. I remember the original crypto craze and how it drove 8 gig 480s up from $280 to almost $400. I've been wary of the market ever since.
Noah Shelton
Noah Shelton 3 aylar önce
The 40xx series is DOA for me. Honestly I should have stuck with my 2080ti but I wanted one last EVGA card and grabbed a 3080ti from b-stock. Hopefully the 50xx series delivers more value.
Coxy_Wrecked 2 aylar önce
Looking back the RTX 3080 had a pretty good MSRP(£670) not that anyone other than scalpers and a fortunate few got them at that price. £900-1000 seemed to be the average price for a 3080,even from retail stores.
Evilsdemise 2 aylar önce
I'm sooo glad I got my EVGA FTW 3080 just before they announced that they wouldn't be making anymore cards because that looks to be one of the best price to performance values. So many people passed on the 3000 series last year because they thought better was just around the corner with the new gen GPUs, I'm glad I wasn't one of them.
Jake Knight
Jake Knight 2 aylar önce
1:52 - Love the Fractal Pop Air because it accommodates a 5.25" external drive. I know I'm a fringe oldschool user that needs optical drives in my computers but this case is amazing. It also has a hidden tray under the 5.25" drive.
Branden Lesko
Branden Lesko 2 aylar önce
I bought the 3080 for the MSRP of $699 a year after launch due to unavailability. Good to see I got the most bang for my buck. Honestly, I don't see myself ever paying more for the higher priced cards.
Some body
Some body 3 aylar önce
Watching Steve throw a 4080 in the garbage warmed my heart and nourished my soul.
batmanonabike 3 aylar önce
@Ravell i see the trash as a symbolic reaction to the company’s greed and policies. Yes, the card itself is good. Just not good value.
Nick Wallette
Nick Wallette 3 aylar önce
@Dawie Nel I have an ultrawide - 3840x1600. I think(?) it does 120Hz, but I don't remember for sure. It's not something I'm really interested in, so I never paid much attention to the refresh rate specs. I'm OK with 24fps film, 30fps RPGs, and 60fps action games. I'm not even that hung up on resolution. If it's 1080p or equivalent (depending on aspect ratio) then I'm fine. I mainly got the high-res UW screen for productivity stuff. WFH, coding, PCB/schematic design .. the stuff where the more space, the better. I enjoy gaming, but I'm not that fussy about chasing performance, usually. I have consoles going back to the Famicom, and retro PCs back to the IBM PC (like, 4.77MHz), and enjoy them for what they are. The desire for RT is a bit different. IMO, it's the most groundbreaking evolution of graphics technology since real-time 3D. I've been chasing it since the mid 90s, when it took a whole 24-hour day to render a ray-traced 640x480 TGA file. We're at the early days, where it's juuuust starting to be feasible. Like the equivalent to the Voodoo 1, where ... technically ... it's better than software 3D, but the performance might actually be better without. Same for RT now. It looks really nice, and you're going to sacrifice performance for it. If you wanted the highest frame rate, you should turn it off. But I'm here for it for the sake of it, and just want the best experience I can get without going _too_ overboard with the cost. (Understanding it's an early-adopter period where going overboard with cost is sort of just the way it goes.)
Dawie Nel
Dawie Nel 3 aylar önce
@Nick Wallette Do you by any chance have a high refresh rate screen? Also what GPU are you currently using? If you want an all round best in class experience I can only recommend the RTX 4090, still for my personal FPS and resolution needs not even the 4090 is good enough w.r.t RT performance, (far from it) So I play 4k 130+ FPS using DLDSR. On the latest games I have to turn down quite a bit of quality settings to get to my target FPS of 120+ (100+ FPS minimum or I generally tend to skip the game all together) on my RTX3080Ti/5800X3D PC. Its quite sad to see the 4090 hit 40 FPS with RT at 4k. yes you can use DLSS, but I've personally found that it doesn't quite remove the hit of RT especially on 1% low performance. So if you have not experienced 4k 130FPS before on a 144Hz+ screen then I would seriously argue that its much better than a 60-90 FPS with RT and DLSS.
AvengingN00b 3 aylar önce
@Ravell I really wouldn't call pricing a feature....ESPECIALLY on this card, still, people are paying stupid prices for 4090s so that means it's ok
Aven 3 aylar önce
@Ravell So do you already work for nvidia, or are you trying to get their attention? Either way, I don’t think they read these comments, so going to bat for them like this just gets you a lot of negative attention for absolutely no gain.
dwrabauke 2 aylar önce
Thanks for this super informative deep dive into the market. I never knew and I am glad I found your channel before I bought a new GPU. I think I will wait a bit more before deciding what to buy. hopefully the prices will drop. I still run an MSI 8GB 1080 that is pretty decent.
mpauls85 3 aylar önce
It's always easier to adjust a price from top to bottom than the other way around. Nvidia saw that people are buying these cards for these prices and did not want to leave the revenue for retailers (and scalpers). I understand that and they managend that and now can dial in the pricing.
ShouriSeifuku 2 aylar önce
It's so obvious, but people don't realize this because they don't look at it from a sales perspective. This gives Nvidia more room to play with the price in the future, but it also has forced people to reconsider previous gen inventory. And this is all strategic. Force them to buy old stock to deplete it, once that goes down, bring the price of the new gen down. People are so shortsighted. They don't realize plays happen strategically with a long term goal. Also, the days of sub 1k xx80 series are over. Nvidia has a lot of room between previous gen and this gen to create new product lines to fill price gaps. xx70s will reign under the $1k price point. At the end of the day all of these people bitching and whining will ultimately buy a new gen card, whatever company it is. This is the MO for every new product. Everyone complains, but then silently goes and buys the product behind closed doors. Just do whatever the fuck you want with your money, that's what I say.
Shinobi 272
Shinobi 272 3 aylar önce
Im on the Geforce advisory panel and the last survey of the year they asked if I was planning on upgrading my video card and I told them no because unlike the 30 series card where I was getting price gouged by scalpers on ebay to get a card so I stuck with my 2080 (non-ti) but now Im getting price gouged by the manufacturer instead! It had zero effect on their mentality... sorry I did all I could. (edit) I just checked... you can get a 3090 on newegg for $1400 new. $1000 for a refurbished one.
Trail Fork
Trail Fork 3 aylar önce
things like this will keep happening as long as there are people stupid enough to overpay for something they don't actually need giving greedy brands a reason to keep pushing the price ceiling
F H 2 aylar önce
eVGA stepped out at the right time, this is killing board partners
PatEncy 3 aylar önce
It's good to see people not wasting their money on these overpriced cards.
gkelley 2 aylar önce
But they are...
Lion 2 aylar önce
"it's good to see people not wasting their money on these overpriced (insert anything)"...... What are you even talking about... Gas, food, mortgage, building materials, everything's going up in price... Sucks that video cards are also, but I don't see how this is different... It's not like amd didn't price hyke
Alex Schneider
Alex Schneider 3 aylar önce
I would buy a 40 series card, but I literally can’t afford it. These are obnoxiously priced. I have a 2080 and wanted to get the 3080 when it came out, but they never were available so I waited. Then the 40 series was announced and I feel like it doesn’t make sense to buy a 30 series card now.
Ajay P.
Ajay P. 3 aylar önce
Yeah its better to get it for free and umm throw a perfectly good card away? 😬😑
Penguy 3 aylar önce
Man, and do what with them? If you're gaming on a desk, monitors can only be that big before it becomes annoying, so 4K is largely overpriced for what it offers. 24"-27" monitors are perfectly fine for a desk, and therefore so are FHD and 2K. Chilling with a 3060-3070 for years, no need for no 4080, pc gaming was never cheaper.
Cesar 3 aylar önce
Evga probably one of the best brand I’ve ever purchased and lowest cost , is crazy how Nvidia getting away with this .
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo 3 aylar önce
Excellent analysis. I will have to unfortunately skip this generation. Hopefully the situation improves next year.
Steven Alvarez
Steven Alvarez 3 aylar önce
Aaron Jessome
Aaron Jessome 3 aylar önce
Awesome Steve. Keep up the excellent work. I chose to sit out this generation and to not support nvidia.
Elementalism 3 aylar önce
I find it interesting they are using different masks for the 4070,4080, and 4090. In the 3000 series it was the same mask for 3080\3090. The 2000 series was somewhat similar except the 2080Ti What is the AD103? What was it supposed to be? Why would they feel the need to build it instead of harvesting AD102 chips? One thing I would also like to mention is die size is part of the cost. But there is also engineering, testing, and the complexity of the design and yield. There is a fixed cost of the platter but the cost per die varies depending on how many pass test. Over time engineering will fix manufacturing issues to increase yield and reduce cost per die. But it isnt always as simple as looking at the die size to determine the cost of the chip.
Daniel Oberhofer
Daniel Oberhofer 2 aylar önce
NVidias segmentation actually makes sense, if you accept the premise that they will do everything possible to make the most money they can per mm² of silicon produced. And that shouldn't come as a surprise, either - they're practically legally obliged to do so, lest they really want trouble with their shareholders. AD102 is the most expensive die they're having made - and it's cut down quite agressively for the 4090. Why? Because it doesn't need to be better, there's no competing product, anyway. So, the 4090's die is already salvage to some extend, and everything that's better can go into RTX 6000 accelerators, earning them *way more* money. Had Navi31 turned out better, they could've responded with a 4090ti with faster memory and more enabled SMs - or even cut prices - but they just don't need to. AD103 is just cost control - less area means better yields, but at this level it's not working out as well, because customers aren't willing to get scalped... who woulda thunk. AD104 is just more of the same - and luckily it seems that the 4070ti's launch went even worse than the 4080's. Whether nVidia learns from this - rather: Even has to learn from this - depends on the mobile and datacenter market in H1/2023. If they can just dump the massive supply they pre-ordered from TSMC into these channels, they won't even have to react to having these cards sitting on shelves, collecting dust. That's the AIB's and retailer's problem. It will only become nVidia's problem, when they themselves begin to ramp up inventory of smaller Lovelace dies (everything below AD102), but can't shift production to AD102 for whatever reason (fab restrictions / demand / inventory / whatever). That's when they *really* need to adjust pricing to get units moving. Until then - we've seen with EVGA that they don't give a flying f*ck about their board partners.
gurdev 2 aylar önce
gurdev 2 aylar önce
This should have been a joke
misa bito
misa bito 3 aylar önce
If Nvidia sells chips to partners with all the profit already taken, the partners can then do all the effort of retail and returns, and lose money. What a great deal!
Dallas, salad.
Dallas, salad. 3 aylar önce
Feel bad for partners who are going to eat the NRE costs to develop coolers for an overpriced card. These things are going to take a massive loss when they have to offload them. Good on EVGA for seeing the writing on the wall.
Just Some Dinosaur
Just Some Dinosaur 3 aylar önce
@cat -.- Hopefully Intel swoops in and offers EVGA a swan song of a deal that favors EVGA in exchange for their key insights in board manufacturing and cooling solutions. There is so much that Intel could learn from EVGA that it is MIND BOGGLING to think they are not actively pursuing partnership offers and negotiation. This whole situation is the best possible scenario intel could have hoped for to slingshot themselves into the GPU market and they are wasting it.
jerryt87 3 aylar önce
That was my thought to. If Nvidia drops the price on the 4080, the partners who paid top dollar for the GPU's are going to take a huge hit.
cat -.-
cat -.- 3 aylar önce
@Adam A Nvidia will not work with evga out of spite. Can only hope AMD works with them on RDNA3 or later cards
J A 3 aylar önce
@Gamers Nexus Any thoughts on if 3rd party board partners will break up with Nvidia over this or use there current position to demand a change in the nature of their relationship with Nvidia and by extension AMD and Intel?
Adam A
Adam A 3 aylar önce
EVGA could just skip a few generations, then get back end after the pending bankruptcies.
C 137
C 137 3 aylar önce
I went from a GTX 760 to 2080 FE to now 7900 XTX. Nvidia cares more about creators and scalpers to offer brand loyalty invites. I would have bought a 4090 FE if I was sent an invite.
Rick Simon
Rick Simon 3 aylar önce
Nvidia has just gotten more and more greedy, it is nice to see them take a hit so maybe they will come back to reality! The last Nvidia card I bought was the 1080 Ti and ever since them the flagship cards have been way overpriced. The video card industry has been bad enough between miners and scalpers, now Nvidia is doing their own scalping. Happy with my 6900XT until I can get a 7900XTX at a reasonable price. I refuse to buy Nvidia until they come back to reality! They are part of the problem instead of helping!
Frank Schuler
Frank Schuler 3 aylar önce
I literally just bought a 3060 Ti at MSRP. It is easily twice as much card as I really need. I’ve never gone for the top of the line or the newest generation cards. They have ALWAYS been overpriced, and I’ve been building my own PCs for decades. I consider my 3060 a splurge too. I looked at older cards, but the one I got was really about the best value I saw. Resale on older cards is still stupidly high. I expect my card will last me a long time too…my GTX 460 lasted forever. I don’t play at 4k, and anything over 40fps (for me) is overkill. And the gameplay experience is still beautiful and smooth. I’ve never cared if I had the fastest card or system out there. That’s irrelevant to me. I just want to be able to happily play the games I enjoy. Bragging rights are overpriced.
ShouriSeifuku 2 aylar önce
Good for you, Frank.
Woody 25 gün önce
The price does suck compared to past pricing. But you have to admit, if you put the price to the side, this card is a beast.
Xavier C.
Xavier C. 28 gün önce
I remember the HD 5970 being an eye watering $600 which was outrageous. Man, how times have changed. Buy second hand from a trust platform people.
Mike Morrison
Mike Morrison 3 aylar önce
Lets face reality. The Bots, Scalpers, and inability to meet demand have created this monster. Nvidia has moved high End GPUs from a Consumer Tech item, to a niche botique item.
BrandoRando 2 aylar önce
I absolutely blame the scalpers for this all it did was show nvidia that people were willing to purchase these cards for insane prices now nvidia wants a pice of the Pie.
dcard228 2 aylar önce
Because they controlled the market almost unopposed for a very long time
A Gamer's Insanity
A Gamer's Insanity 2 aylar önce
@metallboy25 i feel ya man xD i have to dump Nvidia completely for AMD.
speedus98 2 aylar önce
@kracken hehe i ionly have a 1060 3gb lol i am way behind, ill keep dreaming
Rashad 2 aylar önce
Really debating on getting a 4080/90. I really want to game at 4K, my 3070 is good but man I want more performance but I’m not sure if it’s worth it?
PanarchyTheater 3 aylar önce
Half a decade later my 1080ti is still doing literally everything I need it for. Single 1440p monitor on a Linux workstation doing light gaming and video editing. Exceeds my needs usually.
Fordance100 3 aylar önce
The problem is they can sell H100 at around $20k with chip die size slightly bigger than 4090. They really don't prioritize gaming GPUs anymore. Until they saturate that market, they just sell enough to keep GPU market alive.
RedBull10812 3 aylar önce
I got a RTX 3080 as the seller says in the video too. I don't care if it's considered low end, high end, old gen or whatever. All I care is price-performance and stability. Labeling them as low tier or high tier doesn't change how they run.
Alexander Ramirez
Alexander Ramirez 3 aylar önce
i got a 4090 when it launched because i wanted to take advantage of my samsung neo g9 while turning on ray-tracing at 120-240fps. my last gpu was a 1070 so i needed to upgrade anyway. TO ANYONE looking to upgrade: id say wait for the 5000 series cards for sure. while frame generation is actually awesome to behold - there arent enough games that support it yet and even RT has yet to be widely implemented.
The23rdGamer 2 aylar önce
Thank you for your advice. :) It's getting tempting to invest into a graphics card because I'm on integrated graphics and that's a little rough for gaming outside of things like League of Legends.
thatspsychotic 3 aylar önce
Man you guys are such an important stabilizing force in the PC hardware space. Mega kudos to your hard work, we appreciate you!
Isc*4 3 aylar önce
pandemicNEETbux 3 aylar önce
Absolutely, GN is the golden standard for scientific accuracy, objective factuality, and overall highest calibre tech journalism. It's really absurd how much scams and bull&%$# these companies think they can get away with on a routine basis, then I see how many people sadly didn't see reviews and bought it anyway. Then they keep scamming next time because they think no one will notice. Dell's Aurora crap is a perfect example, I have never seen a more outrageous ripoff than that thing and you have guys all over youtube recommending them "how much of a great 'alienware' gaming PC this is!" And it's like, you're literally paying more for less. I think some people just can't help it. If they're not getting conned into NFTs they'll be losing their money at a used car lot or a casino or some lying political campaign or a multilevel marketing scam or some cult. Those people are beyond saving. For everyone else, there's GN.
Travis Bewley
Travis Bewley 3 aylar önce
I think Nvidia also doesn't realize this cycle isn't as "Needed" where as the class of graphics cards that launches around console launch will always be more desirable because if you want to be able to play the newest games you need to keep up with console generations. Not buying the 40 series is easy because you still have options for playing nearly every game at good quality from previous generations
protekyerneck 2 aylar önce
2 major factors that play into the effect is I like most couldn’t get a 3090ti when we wanted, so bought later. And since I can run games at unbelievable fps often higher than my monster monitor why upgrade for a fraction of the performance I’ll never notice
Kinjiru731 2 aylar önce
I'm so sick of companies taking advantage of consumers like we're just big bags of money to be drained dry.
Terminusaquo 3 aylar önce
Great, the 4080 is staying exactly where it needs to be. The best part is the scalpers that bought them by the pallet load are stuck with them as well 🤣
kidfusion3000 3 aylar önce
sounds like someone at EVGA got wind of these prices and did this analysis ahead of time. well played EVGA. it would be easy to guess that NVIDIA would hold the bulk of the 4090s for their own and given their partners primarily 4080s which would not sell. EVGA gave NVIDIA the finger rather than eating that loss for them.
ZandeR_416 3 aylar önce
its 100 dollars less here in Canada than the 4090, so 1800$ cad after tax, and the 4090 is 2100+ cad after tax, its actually insane. you can buy a whole beast of a computer for the price of 1 videocard, what a world.
Kd 3 aylar önce
@kubasniak 4090 FE is never in stock though. So the price comparison is only in theory, not in reality.
J E 3 aylar önce
@mjc0961 If Ray Tracing is a concern you're not shopping AMD. However if "Driver support" is your concern I'm unsure why nVidia would be your wheelhouse considering that the features that pop out for nVidia graphics cards kind of... Yeah just work in the current gen with 0 features/driver support for the later (example: want DLSS 3.0 on 30 series? Lol...)
mjc0961 3 aylar önce
@J E Where does it stop though? Because if I'm in for $1000, why not just spend the extra $200 for the 4080 and get better drivers and raytracing performance? But then do I go up to $1600? $600 over where I was is a lot, but $200 isn't.
EngineeringVision 3 aylar önce
UK price of cheapest 4080 is £1250. But at our electricity prices that's probably only half of the cost ownership
GigaChard 2 aylar önce
As a casual onlooker of the GPU market, and someone who has only ever bought one card--not knowing the difference between the partner cards and how the price difference is justified--I would say it's easy for Nvidea to hide behind the price and obfuscate the value one gets for their lower tier cards. I feel your coverage is very critical here and though I follow I would say a person like me gets value but could easily fall short on value given all the variables. Also though I've never followed this partner stuff or extreme over-clocking the Evga coverage was awesome too see (a now) outsider talking about how engineering drives product performance in a somewhat obscure area that semi-casual users can participate in even if not to the enthusiast level.
brendan krems
brendan krems 3 aylar önce
although the 1200 variant is hard to find theres endless stock of the 1299.99 ones overloading the shelves at microcenters all over. Still pricey but close to that original 1200
RocZi 2 aylar önce
I am really glad i bought the RTX 3080 back in Nov 2020, although a +32% markup from MSRP. I had to get it because - I was building a new PC that time (bad timing I know), and - because I was offered a chance to buy a standalone card (because the RTX 2070 Super that I wanted had no stock), - every RTX 2000s and 3000s standalone cards were sold out everywhere and - the RTX 3000s can only be bought together with a bundle PC system. and 3 years later, it is still the most price to performance efficient card.
Ninerow 3 aylar önce
Great report Steve and your Team! I hope it will change soon, otherwise "PC Gaming" is going to become a rich privilege and dies out
FastRedPonyCar 3 aylar önce
I got a 3080 earlier this year for a great price and after seeing the price of the 4000 series cards, I'm not even remotely interested. The 3080 is such a capable card, able to run just about everything at a smooth 4K 60fps.
Juan Z
Juan Z 2 aylar önce
Most people dont even have monitors that can support the new 4080s anyways less the PSUs to handle all that wattage
Sgt Moose
Sgt Moose 3 aylar önce
$1400 for the 2nd tier card? That's seriously insane.
Nico Melia
Nico Melia 27 gün önce
@devour1985 So will the 5080 and then the 5090... So a a 6rh tier. What's your point? That tech advances over time?
icy1007 3 aylar önce
@canaconn23 - So you found a lone driver for a single, old Titan card. They still can and did use the standard gaming drivers.
Human1165 3 aylar önce
@Soultec 3080ti is $1000 where I’m at. 4080 was $300 more, for a next generation card that’s a deal.
Human1165 3 aylar önce
@BlueAura 4090 uses way more power then I would like, even getting this 4080 was a little over my power budget. Overall I’m happy with what I got. I used to get 40 FPS with Minecraft RTX in my world, now I’m getting 120 FPS with RTX and high res texture packs installed. This is absolutely mind blowing for someone like me . I don’t care for having the best of the best. This PC will work for years. Speaking of power budget, I also got a Ryzen 9 7950x with my build and I saw a video that you can under volt it by 100w of power and only lose 5% of your FPS in games. Now my power usage is barely more than my 2070 super build but I’m getting double the FPS… talk about efficiency!
canaconn23 3 aylar önce
@icy1007 look up "The NVIDIA Titan Xp receives special drivers to improve its performance in the professional segment"
Dewalt 1209
Dewalt 1209 3 aylar önce
I wanted to get RTX4060 when it released but i think i might sadly just wait until the RTX5000 series
John DoDo Doe
John DoDo Doe 2 aylar önce
For comparison, die sizes should be corrected by node size to get potential transistor counts. Actual transistor counts would be a better measure if published, but otherwise use die area divided by node size squared. For example a 10nm production line fits 10 billion potential transistors per square mm, while a 100nm fits only 100 million per square mm. Every 10nm by 10nm spot cannot hold a transistor, just like every pixel on the screen can show our host's face, but it's still a useful way to correct for fabrication technology improvements.
William Shreckengost
William Shreckengost 3 aylar önce
The 40-series is just interesting to me. Not because it's better (it is, price aside,) but because it totally overlooks how the used market is still flooded with cheap high 30-series cards. Would I feel a difference between a 3090 and a 4090? I could contrive a scenario for that, but none of it would involve gaming, we're well past giving a damn about video playback, and honestly a lot of the stuff I'd throw a 4090 at are things I'd rather throw _someone else's_ hardware at. And VR? Yeah, 3080's great at that. I'd like VR if the games I wanted were there, but I can't say amazeballs VR performance is a big selling point either.
O J 3 aylar önce
I got myself a 2080ti back when they were new and selling for a thousand. Then they dropped when the 30 series came out and I refused to buy one for the same as the 2080ti's. So, I over clocked mine for a huge boost in power to keep it going. Now the 40 series are out, I've got another 2080ti in nvlink, and I've gained probably 15 - 20% increase in gaming etc. And it only cost me £400.
John Turner
John Turner 3 aylar önce
They must have had a very high on-wafer defect rate on the GPU chip, in excess of 40%.
Jupu 3 aylar önce
RTX 4080 costs 1599€ in Finland, 4090 is mindblowing 2500€. Who is gonna buy that? They are all stocked.
jebes909090 3 aylar önce
@Geländemann from ONE month.
Thercon Jair
Thercon Jair 3 aylar önce
@zee the median monthly average in the US is $3181. You're mostly poor with a few VERY high earners. ;)
fdjw88 3 aylar önce
@Rosiello only if someone can make a American salary and live in Portugal. That would be ideal.
Rosiello 3 aylar önce
@fdjw88 it is, and usually the cost of life is much lower in Portugal, Italy, Spain and Greece. Services, food and healthcare are dirty cheap; and usually quality consumer technology (like smartphones, appliances or TVs) is affordable as well, but there are some kinds of products that are basically out of reach for the average consumer: GPUs are the most glaring example.
Shendue 3 aylar önce
@Rex Yup. It's a great concept in theory, but crumbles when it comes to products that are pretty much NONEXISTANT in your own country. No italian company makes graphic cards, therefore the whole thing doesn't protect anything, it just makes things more expensive.
Henning Klaveness
Henning Klaveness 2 aylar önce
Regarding the discussion on cost per die area, I know nothing about GPU die manufacture, but I do know a couple of things about CCD sensors. In that case the cost rises roughly with size squared, because the reject rate (number of flawed etchings that fail QC) goes up as well as the portion of the wafer that is consumed. This is why 4x5" digital backs are only just coming on the market in the last couple of years, after decades of trying to make them a viable product. I imagine the same scaling cost mechanisms apply to computing cores, although the reject rates may be so low that it doesn't matter in the same way. After all, there are ways to market flawed GPU dies (by locking off the bad sectors and selling them as lower-spec units), but no market for high-end photographic sensors with dead pixels.
Hlspwns World
Hlspwns World 3 aylar önce
I think it’s great that the bigger tech tubers are calling this out. It’s really frustrating that a company makes a product that has absolutely smashed the performance of the previous generation. The only thing stopping you from adopting is the price.
diverhose 3 aylar önce
Thanks for the video, I was one of the people who ordered a RTX 2080 for $1200 but then cancelled because I saw the reviews and came to my senses. I bought a refurbished 1080ti for $350 and still working today. I was thinking of a new card but I will wait no rush. Nvidia is such a greedy company.
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