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Our careers are evolving all the time, whether we know it or not. This has become much more true in my lifetime and I've recently had some realizations about how I feel about my life as a producer and how that's led to my career as a TRvidr...and where I'm going to next.

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Henry Hazlitt
Henry Hazlitt Aylar önce
I can't sing, I don't play any instruments, and have no idea how to read/write music, but I do love to listen to music. Rick, you give me a deeper appreciation for the music I love, and you introduced me to music I never listened to before and enjoy now. You make the music world a better place.
Coach Rob Wille
Coach Rob Wille 9 gün önce
yeah same here
Rhonda Crosswhite
Rhonda Crosswhite 10 gün önce
I’m in my ‘60’s and the same as you. BUT I’m seriously considering taking music lessons. Why? Um, well I really want a ‘57 Stratocaster and can’t justify buying one if I can’t play it.
Tea Eff
Tea Eff 19 gün önce
Well I work in an auto factory making muscle cars. Challenger Charger. Got 25 years in. Now they’re going to electric? Lol not so fast but my line of work is ending.
Gandalf Shakur
Gandalf Shakur 22 gün önce
When superficial accolades fail, it's best to fire straight.
GenerationXpletive! 28 gün önce
What a wonderful thing to take the time and write for this amazing man I just recently got hooked on! You made my day with random kindness!
Si Fi
Si Fi 28 gün önce
Maybe 5-7 years if it's a gimmicky channel, but you're the real deal Rick. The joy for music that you radiate is still like that of a little kid..it's infectious! Never change mate, and thank you x
SW1976 11 gün önce
Exactly this. Rick's content isn't something people are going to get bored of and his videos will continue to get views for many years to come even if he chooses to stop creating content. Real deal, 100%
Hunter Aylar önce
It’s been an honor going through this journey with you for the past 6 years! As a 27 year old audio engineer, does this mean I can have your compressor? :)
Rob F'n Varney
Rob F'n Varney Aylar önce
You missed one point here. The internet doesn't forget, and while you may quit in the future, there still will be other generations stumbling onto your wholesome videos. Thank you for the music lessons, and leaving a legacy for many others to enjoy!
Stephen Hale
Stephen Hale Aylar önce
Hoigwai Aylar önce
The big thing that makes me watch you is your joy for music. Even in songs you don't like so much you can find elements that are interesting or give an opinion of how it could be better. I appreciate that a lot.
James Slick
James Slick Aylar önce
Guitar Lessons BobbyCrispy
I've been making TRvid videos for 16 years. Yeh you're so right about the 'TRvid career' thing being 5-7 years. I was lucky when I first started making videos back in 2006. It was so easy to upload a guitar video and get 100,000+ views without even trying. Now TRvid has changed so much that now I'm lucky to get 3,000 views on a guitar video, even though the quality is way better. So frustrating. I've 'quit' a few times on TRvid, to eventually to come back with new ideas. I'm sure you'll be back as well! Always enjoy your music videos man.
Frodojack Aylar önce
Bobby, I've used so many of your videos to learn songs that I lost count. So I can say from experience that you've helped out a lot of people. As for TRvid screwing creators, I feel you. Best think I can suggest is to get a sponsor if you can.
robdotcom71 Aylar önce
I'm glad you popped up here... I was an early subscriber but a few years later I cracked the shits and took a break and unsubbed from all the youtubers I had been following before... anyway I'm back playing and I've just ressubbed you again.... It's a shame your videos don't have that big number of views it did before....
gb fusion
gb fusion Aylar önce
It's really interesting to hear how the platform has changed for you as a TRvid guitarist. I checked out your channel. 360k is an awesome number to have. You now have one more subscriber and, eventually, a few more video views. You had me with Summer Breeze!
Guitar Lessons BobbyCrispy
@Robin Tiba That's awesome! Wow that's a long time ago, back when I recorded with a webcam, lol.
Robin Tiba
Robin Tiba Aylar önce
Hey BobbyCrispy!! When I started playing guitar as a kid I learned a lot from watching your videos back in like 2006-2007! I still have fond memories from that time of my life, coming home from school and learning by watching your videos. Thank you for everything!
The Loyal Order of Classic TV
Rick - you are more than a youtuber - you've brought your show on the road, so you can do what you do best here, but live and unrestricted - it's like you're part showman, part teacher - and I don't think there's anything better than that.
James Slick
James Slick Aylar önce
Gary Schiltz
Gary Schiltz Aylar önce
Rick's greatest gift is the ability to sit there and do monologues that make it seem that he's your best buddy just shooting the breeze with you. All the while teaching, challenging, playing, reacting to other music. It's a rare gift.
Sanjeev Raman
Sanjeev Raman Aylar önce
Excellent introspection Rick. I was an amateur “musician” like every kid growing up in the 80s and 90s in India who wanted to be a rock guitarist. My “calling” was of course, medicine, so I went through the long and arduous educational path of becoming a physician and in that process, migrated to the US about 20 years ago. I’m now in my mid 40s, faculty at a prestigious medical school, and a transplant physician who loves what he does for work. However through the travails of the pandemic, and life, I have enjoyed your channel greatly, for all the reasons you mention in this video. I’ve come to the realization over these past years that music has always been my first love, and medicine my love and sustenance. When colleagues are surprised that I play guitar reasonably well and joke that I could’ve had an alternate career if I wanted, I always laugh it off by saying that “it’s better that I am a good physician than a mediocre musician”, but sometimes I wonder…
Ann Marie Knapp
Ann Marie Knapp 24 gün önce
College professor here a bit older than you, but a Gen Xer. Thank you for all that you do to save lives. I love writing and have written a novel and nearly finished my sequel. I know the publishing industry for novelists is like the music industry. I know how hard it is. Keep playing your music, you never know. But, you have done so much good in your life and career. For me it's educating thousands over last 20+ years. I get it. Just know you've done so much good. And it's never too late. Thank you so much for all you've done!
Pat Methingy
Pat Methingy 25 gün önce
How do you get a guitarist off your front porch? Pay him for the pizza…
rahul Aylar önce
As a final year med student in India wanting to move to the US for residency, a lover of rock music and an enthusiast of this channel as well , it is so cool to hear this from you sir. Trust me one major reason I wanted to move to the States was to be close to the "music", I so admire. I've been fairly passionate about music myself throughout my life and really wish I could explore it on the side in the future, but truly believe medicine is my calling. I really really relate to what you described. It was lovely seeing this comment. :')
Andy Santandreu
Andy Santandreu Aylar önce
I'm 45 (picture was taken 10 years ago) and I can totally relate. Success and talent don't go hand in hand. You chose the best path for you at the time and a relatively secure way to make a living. Music isn't a career unless you earn a college degree in it and still isn't a viable, secure livelyhood. And we all have music within us, everybody can make a killer song knowing very little theory and harmony. Just keep working and playing knowing you won't have to suffer the uncertainty of a struggling musician's life. You've got the best of both worlds. There are plenty of extremely talented musicians busking, and very mediocre performers in mansions.
Miss you Norm
Miss you Norm Aylar önce
Hey Rick I’m sorry to say that I had two tickets for your show in Seattle but I had promised my wife we would attend Amos Lee (same night) One of the lessons I have learned from watching you over the last 5 years is that music is appreciated when it’s understood, when it’s taught with passion and knowledge. I wanted to give this gift you have to someone who could never afford to see you live. I gave my two tickets to a young woman who attends a music academy here in town. I think you would have too.
screwyootube1 Aylar önce
@homestead I think everyone who needs to see this, will see it.
homestead Aylar önce
@gioyu comi wrong place to comment this
gioyu comi
gioyu comi Aylar önce
you scared me man!!! thought this was it! what I would do without this channel, I do not know, but what I do know is that WE APPRECIATE all you do here!!!! THANK YOU!!!!
viperkeeper Aylar önce
I love your channel, glad you're continuing. I've been creating YT content since 2005, still at it but I don't need to do it for a living.
Miguel Afonso
Miguel Afonso Aylar önce
Rick, your channel is truly a music appreciation channel, and you are an amazing teacher! Your career has been one that most people can only dream of, and now you are teaching people with your videos. You sir, are amazing, and my hat is off to you!!
Douglas Carducci
Douglas Carducci Aylar önce
Please don't ever quit.. I'm living vicariously through what you're actually doing. I've accomplished a lot musically in my life and wouldn't change anything that came with it . I met my late wife, played hundreds of paying gigs ,taught people and still discover new things through your "music appreciation" channel. Music has indeed changed in the world and you've managed to stay ahead of the curve. ...keep it up ..you are sorely needed my friend and thanx
Music Lover
Music Lover Aylar önce
I’m not a person with musical talent, but I love music and music history. Through your videos I’ve learned so much about classic and new music. I appreciate a song so much more when you break it down piece by piece and I come an understanding, even on songs I’ve heard time and again over the years. Thank you for your videos and excellent teaching. Rick, you are much appreciated and always a fan of your channel! ❤️🙂
ministryinsong Aylar önce
Glad to hear you’re not quitting, you have a real gift for communicating and it’s obvious you love everything music. It really comes across when you interview people. Love the channel, thank you for all your work we appreciate it.
Table-Top Aylar önce
You're not just a music teacher, or creating music appreciation, you're a good *storyteller and a good orator* . Thats a big reason for your success.
Donu Duty
Donu Duty Aylar önce
I agree....The same with Uncle Tony's Garage, some guys can make anything sound interesting!
katana Aylar önce
Correct and i think he is a good grandpa too
Eric Simon
Eric Simon Aylar önce
@johndelta00 78ç8
Dave Christian
Dave Christian Aylar önce
@RAF Church Lawford I interpreted the title to be that Rick was officially quitting considering his career as a music producer.
emgee44 Aylar önce
Justin Crain
Justin Crain Aylar önce
Man you had me for a minute. I thought you were announcing retirement Rick! You’re a hell of a guy all the way around the block bud, and I hope you still enjoy doing this for years to come. From another guitar player that grew up pre-Internet, the access and availability of your knowledge via your Channel is never unappreciated. Who remembers being at the mercy of the magazine editors for that 1 song tablature per issue, hoping and praying it would be Black Hole Sun or another one of Chris’ tuning puzzles?! Tic toc tic toc Now we get to hear Rick break the song broke down into instrument tracks!!! 🤯 …and…. impulse response?? WTF man the life is good.
Laodamas Dimopoulos
This channel feels like home for musicians. I feel like I know you personally, while I am 5000 km far. It feels so warm to know that someone out there has this unlimited love for music and spreads it to the world.
GurneyEagle500 Aylar önce
I’m another “zero musical skill” person who loves this channel. I learn something, and appreciate the time you spend for our benefit. Wherever the journey leads you, always know there is a large group of us who are grateful for what you have taught us. Godspeed!
John J. Flanagan - Songs of Faith
Look, Rick, I am 77 years old, pushing toward 78. I have loved music all of my life, and it seems to be your passion as well. Just go with it, dude! I understand about phases in life, and how we change, how we move on, try something else, but there is something about music that draws us to it. I sing and play only Christian hymns and Gospel, and write my own music as well as do covers, but I appreciate other genres too. If you are burning out, just slow it down, lower the pressure to produce, and maybe take a vacation. God bless.
Jackson Davies
Jackson Davies Aylar önce
Hey Rick, don’t know if you’ll see this but I have something awesome to share. I wanted to go into music theory because of your videos, so I did. Now I’m in college in music theory. I was talking to my professor about your videos and he said that you were his professor when he went into college. What are the odds of that?
The Page Collective
I started writing and recording music about five years ago, and Beato taught me how music works, how Jazz works. I had been in bands all my life but never knew this stuff.
thesun collective147
Well done man that's inspirational. I was a musician but beyond the basics I don't know much. I feel a spiritual connection to Rick and he introduces me to great music I never knew about. He has such diverse tastes he's great. He done an interview with my hero John Scofield ..freakin' awesome channel!
bfitnessjoe Aylar önce
This channel has no right to ever end ! Rick has a following that he himself doesn’t understand ! We need this channel !
ApocalypseOfSpoons 7 gün önce
Whew! Glad you're not retiring from TRvid, Rick. You've opened my eyes (well, ears) to what makes certain songs great - and to appreciate a wider range of genres. May you continue to enlighten and enliven the masses through your eleventy first birthday!
Elise M
Elise M Aylar önce
I was a high school jazz music educator for 15 years. I love your focus on music appreciation, Rick -- it's a beautiful description of what you do. You're an educator at heart! It's wonderful to hear you break down the process of how you landed where you are now.
Randy Stocker
Randy Stocker 2 gün önce
We are all the beneficiaries of your current career choice - and we are all “richer” because of it. Thank you for your dedication to and willingness to share your knowledge and love of music.
Luis Garcia
Luis Garcia Aylar önce
you scared me man!!! thought this was it! what I would do without this channel, I do not know, but what I do know is that WE APPRECIATE all you do here!!!! THANK YOU!!!!
mano a mano
mano a mano Aylar önce
@Phil Hirschi His titles are actually pretty cappy, unless you like cheap click-bait.
gus4u2c Aylar önce
Same here!
bara Aylar önce
@Mumby Hits Drums Nah, most the time it's just click bait
bara Aylar önce
@Matt McConaha it's called c;ick bait
Phil Hirschi
Phil Hirschi Aylar önce
Among his many skills is writing Great Titles!!
The Jawshop - Adventure Recording
In my 50's and as a musician with young kids, I quit the road and have started a new path as a TRvid creator. It is hard getting that going today so kudos to Rick for getting there early and doing a stellar job.
Scott Joyce
Scott Joyce Aylar önce
This sounds like me! Good luck to us both.
Dallas Reese
Dallas Reese Aylar önce
Rick--as a full time musician I have gleaned so much knowledge from you. Know that you are so appreciated. I love the fact that you have been so selfless in sharing your incredible knowledge. Thank you from all of us who so appreciate you! Much success and keep on keeping on!!
I can't even describe how much you inspired us, it's priceless what you've been doing all those years
Payterman Aylar önce
man there’s really something to having a genuine appreciation for music. being flexible on how and where to express your appreciation for music is the reason you’re going to stay successful Rick
Shred Aylar önce
May Lord Rick make videos for 69 more years
Jacob White
Jacob White Aylar önce
Hey shred
rabukan 58
rabukan 58 Aylar önce
Yes Rick, at 63, like you, I've been lucky enough "to have a number of careers," including in music. Back in high school, I read Robert Frost's, "The Road Not Taken," and it hit me the way The Beatle's originality hit me. I played music early on (my father was an orchestral percussionist) but I eventually became a writer and poet after having played in jazz clubs in NY and had an Off Broadway musical produced in the early 90s. This short video that you just made is an important one as it is an inspiration to young aspiring human beings who might love the arts but don't know if a life in the arts is still possible. You demonstrate in every video that it's not only possible, but essential. Love and passion for the arts is what propels us into higher levels of thinking, with a greater understanding of the human condition. And most important is the idea that when one door closes another one opens. That is the path of a good life, which we were not blessed to live, but are compelled to create. Well done.
BACzero 29 gün önce
I'm a musician. Spent several decades playing guitar and singing in local bands with my drummer/best friend. Music is very important to me, so I don't have a lot of tolerance for music channels that don't strike my fancy. For some reason, your What Makes This Song Great series just sings to me. I love hearing a song I'm familiar with or may have even played before, taken apart and highlighted. Really loved your breakdown of Duality by Slipknot. Oy! One of my all time favorites. (Side note: I'd love to see you do a KISS song, even though I'm aware of the simplistic nature of their music. God of Thunder, perhaps?) ;) Anyway... I, for one, am glad you started your channel, and I'm glad you're continuing. Keep up the good work, Rick. Peace!
Valarien777 Aylar önce
"Music Appreciation!" - That's exactly what we did and what me and my musician friends called it in our mis-spent youth, spent mostly in my car with a custom car stereo, with the seats laid back, toking out behind tinted windows around the corner somewhere and blasting the music we love! It's exactly why your approach to music and music education is so accessible; and it was your "What Make This Song Great?" series that brought me to your channel (and being a guitar player). We're all music lovers here! ;-) \m/
Geraint Davies
Geraint Davies Aylar önce
What you've said really resonated with me. I'm not a musician (the rest of my family are) but we are here for music appreciation. I've dabbled in the media industry but come back to restoration stonemasonry, and now I'm about to retire. Try things out, if you enjoy it chances are you're going to be pretty good, and don't listen to people when they say you're too old or whatever (apart from the athlete bit!).
Dan Bailey
Dan Bailey Aylar önce
Rick, what you are doing is increasing the musical IQ of everyone who takes your content seriously. Thank you. If music could write, it should write you a 'thank you' note!
John Scott
John Scott Aylar önce
@David T62 Sus England too. That food is sus (odd) E sus 4th too 🤣 Thank you for the music.
G-Shack Aylar önce
@robert akerman. Very cool! Doesn't take much to change someone's life. Discover a band that is phenomenal, give them a little shou
G-Shack Aylar önce
@David T62. Lol. Like "This fish looks a little sus" as in Suspect.
David T62
David T62 Aylar önce
@G-Shack you should come to Australia, we use the word sus all the time and it has nothing to do with music. Eg, “look at that creepy guy, he looks a bit sus”
Dan Bailey
Dan Bailey Aylar önce
@OB I am into recording and production, but not at his level. I love that he makes so clear and understandable what the great musicians and writers have been doing. I try to remember that stuff as I create. Ironically, he and I grew up about 30 miles apart from each other and I probably saw bands he played in way back in the 70's.
Jocelyn Amado
Jocelyn Amado Aylar önce
you give me hope rick, thank you.. I´m a musician, a drummer and a teacher and at this point in my life I´m so confused, I don´t know what I should be doing next.. I´m 35.. this video made me feel good..I´m glad to see that people go through stuff like this too..
Scott Smith
Scott Smith Aylar önce
Yeah. I can't believe all the different things I've been: Truck driver. Technical writer. Programmer. Manager. It has been a progression. We're the same age, Rick. And we see it the same way. Although I certainly will never say never. If something else comes along, I'll take it. I might start working from home a little more some day after this Management gig is over. Take care. Hope you keep posting on TRvid. Namaste.
Jean-Pierre Garau
Jean-Pierre Garau 24 gün önce
Music Appreciation… Yes, exactly! In the beginning, I was a musician. But being exposed to good music is what caused me to love good music, and to develop, then as now, my pallet. Thank you, Rick!
hoggie6884 Aylar önce
“Music Appreciation” is exactly right. I don’t play or sing but I’ve learned a lot from your videos. I like the lists, what makes this song great, all of it. Thank you for loving your work
DezzyDayy Aylar önce
That moment of panic when you read the title... surely Rick isn't quitting just yet!!?? Phew, relief. I love watching everything Rick puts out, so much variation and just the best content. What makes this song great has to be my favourite though, I have heard things in songs that I have listened to a thousand times and never put my finger on what the artist was doing to get that effect, or just been oblivious. Definitely my most watched TRvidr. Please don't give us anymore heart attacks Rick!! 😅
Stephen Coquet
Stephen Coquet Aylar önce
Yeah, that's probably it took me till today to watch it.
Buddhism 4 Happiness
I hope he quits. . . . And gets a gig as a producer for a mega all star band consisting of rockers that won't ever quit but might do better coming together. My dream lineup would be: Sting, Frampton, Knopfler, Clapton, Starr, Hynde, Raitt, Nicks, Plant, Dylan, Simon, Nelson, Parton, Kristofferson, Jagger, Richards, McCartney, plus their favorite studio session musicians and their bandmates, gotta keep them working, you know. Gotta think big. And turn it into a reality show where everyday they get together to create songs for an album like the Get Back sessions were with the Beatles, and the following day, Rick Beato goes over the previous day's creative work and breaks it down for us in a what makes this session great. They get three months to produce the album, then they get three months to rehearse, then three months tour around USA, then three months tour in Europe, then three months tour around the world, then three years as a Las Vegas act, because by then they are tired of touring. Do you think that this kind of show might be picked up by Sony or by Apple or by Netflix? Don't you think it would be hilarious to have this rock royalty (with a little bit of country) be on a reality show? Well maybe not daily, but once a week showing the highlights and drama of the week. What do you think?
nobody smith
nobody smith Aylar önce
Quitting with 3 million subscribers would be positively Beatlesque.
Bearded Angler TV
Bearded Angler TV Aylar önce
Haha was reacting the same way when I saw the title! 😅
Attilio Pellegrini
Attilio Pellegrini Aylar önce
Ya done got clickbaited
LCC 10 gün önce
I’m so glad you said you’re not done with this channel-I just discovered you and I’m totally loving your work! Please keep it coming! I was a music minor in college and all my old knowledge of music theory is dusty and rusty. But I still LOVE learning and training my ear, and you have an absolutely fantastic teaching style. I’m so glad I discovered you! I hope you’ll be around for many more years. 💖
micky Jt
micky Jt Aylar önce
Yes, I watch because of my general appreciation and love of music, that’s it. I don’t play, I don’t read (music), but I love the process and the “science” of it all. You’ve kind of endorsed my “guilty pleasure” and I applaud you for that Rick. Keep doing what you do. Thank you.
Johnson Brian
Johnson Brian Aylar önce
Glad you’re staying around. You’re love of music - the passion - really comes across in spades. I love when you “get into the weeds” of songs, as well as the music theory, artist interviews, and music/song history. Such a wonderful channel. Educational AND thoroughly enjoyable. A fan.
Hic Nuntio
Hic Nuntio Aylar önce
Rick, Thank you soooo much for all you do to keep us all interested and providing us with an amazing source of information to enjoy the music that we all love. I don't know what else to say man, just that seeing you on the screen of my computer, talking about no matter what, makes me happy. There is something in that beautiful brain of yours that just keep pulling attention from all of us who are hungry for music knowledge. Thank you again, Rick Beato!!
Gregster C
Gregster C Aylar önce
Hey Rick, Thank you so much for everything you have done! Keep it up, you are an amazing guitarist, and quite a genius! I really enjoy your videos and your shorts. I am a guitarist, and I am also 60 years old, and I’ve learned so much from you. Keep up the great work! Thank you again for everything you do!
RadioRangoon Aylar önce
I was in Seattle on holiday from Manchester UK and was lucky enough to get to see you live, love your passion and honesty. Keep making people smile it’s a precious gift 💝
Hansang Bae
Hansang Bae Aylar önce
Every successful YT channel regardless of topic/profession/interest have these in common. They are: passionate, genuine, informative, entertaining/funny, and convey expertise/knowledge. You're a natural story teller. There's nothing forced about this channel and I hope you never quit!
MCOLE 442 2 gün önce
Question: Rick, do you LOVE music? As long as the love of music is in you, keep doing what you do.....😏 We LOVE what you do, the way you break down what makes a great song great, so I see NOOOOO reason to stop what you're doing. None at all. Keep on Rockin'....🤣
Steve Roe
Steve Roe Aylar önce
Here's a man with encyclopedic knowledge, tremendous talent and that has interviewed, played with and worked with music industry legends - yet speaks with absolute candor on self-doubt over his career evolution. This channel doesn't just teach you about music, it teaches you about life.
Justin Case
Justin Case Aylar önce
@Noah Fischel There is nobody without bias
Jerry Cordato
Jerry Cordato Aylar önce
@C Maxwell Music Amen!
C Maxwell Music
C Maxwell Music Aylar önce
Perhaps music is life!
simonsmatthew Aylar önce
Musical awareness and life experience really go together. The latter is really the key to mastering the former.
DandK Productions
DandK Productions Aylar önce
So beautifully said HERE HERE
Edge of Breakup - Guitar, Amp & Pedal Demos
Great video Rick, I’m on my second career as a designer/art director - but meanwhile I grew a side affinity for filmmaking / video and sound production! Wise words!
mmcleod06 Aylar önce
Nothing lasts forever, but some good things last longer than a person's lifetime. As long as people enjoy music enough to ask "why is this good?" you'll have reasons to continue. Keep the lessons coming!
StratMan101 Aylar önce
Bless You Rick, I appreciate your appreciation of all the great music you share with us . It's awesome to be able to make a living doing something that you love , so as we say in Scotland , Lang mae yer lum reek !
Kyle Huber
Kyle Huber Aylar önce
As an extremely amateur musician, I come for Interviews(Tosin, And Sting are my Favorites),Music appreciation( you've showed me how to be more open minded musically), and lastly I like the teaching aspects, you are easy to gleam someone from.
Michael Saindon
Michael Saindon Aylar önce
6 years later and you have the best music channel on the tube!!!
Hello Dumplings
Hello Dumplings Aylar önce
valebliz Aylar önce
@thefactorypilot145 doubt
thefactorypilot145 Aylar önce
That sadly earns no money for him and loads for others.
Richard McNally
Richard McNally Aylar önce
Like many I did feel some agitation when I saw the title of your post. Your videos are among my favorites from any source. Your product is unique, and your love of music is positively infectious. I have no doubt you have profoundly impacted many millions of people. I am very grateful for your work.
Chris Tyrpak
Chris Tyrpak Aylar önce
Rick- I've been a viewer for a long time, and while your expertise is on a level all its own, that wasn't what pulled me into your channel. What pulled me in was your authenticity, honesty, and vulnerability. That, combined with the fact that you and Tim Pierce both have the most contagious laugh on TRvid, is what keeps me watching. I can't help but laugh along. Keep up the good work!
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Aylar önce
“Music Appreciation” is exactly right. I don’t play or sing but I’ve learned a lot from your videos. I like the lists, what makes this song great, all of it. Thank you for loving your wor
MusicFillsTheQuiet Aylar önce
Thank you for this video, Rick. Recently I've also been in the middle of a career change in my den/ music room is now literally filled with objects that career that I no longer have and they are physically getting in the way of making music in the way that I can in my current career. One of those objects is What to Listen for in Music, a book by Aaron Copland on music appreciation. I think what you said in the video is correct, what that book is for classical and art music, your What Makes This Song Great videos are for pop and rock. Keep doing what you're doing! Helping people listen more closely and deeply and with greater understanding to music that is widely beloved, it's certainly a worthwhile project.
ehhhhhhhhhh Aylar önce
This isn't just a music appreciation channel. It's a Rick appreciation channel! Most of the time, I'm tuning in just because I like listening to your stories, your wisdom, and your opinions. You're just a super, super likeable guy, and your positivity and intelligence make every video a safe click.
homestead Aylar önce
bingo. couldn't have said it better. rick is just one of those people!
mrsocal09 Aylar önce
Exactly. Even if I'm not a huge fan of the band I'm going to watch his video because I'll learn something about the artist or something interesting about the production.
Jim Creson
Jim Creson Aylar önce
love the videos you do! I'm a 69 year old & playing since five. Two additional careers along the way (Police Officer & Consultant) so I totally agree with you!
chris clermont
chris clermont Aylar önce
I always love your well thought out, heartfelt videos. You tend to say things that are on my mind frequently. Continued success to you. I also had a similar epiphany about doing recording sessions this week after a "bedroom producer" engaged me to do a session for him and then stiffed me which has happened only like twice in my career (the other guy was quite famous). I went way beyond the call for him (as I always do anyway). Oh well!! It's all good though. I too find myself moving in a different direction as I approach 60 (Good God!!). Please keep it going. I still going visit your studio, introduce myself, and buy you that beer the next time I hit the ATL!! Cheers!!
Mick Aylar önce
This is one of those great channels that I was never originally looking for. Enjoyed every minute. Rick has an endearing voice and manner.
Buddhism 4 Happiness
Wonder, professor Beato. You're a Music Appreciation teacher! How cool. And it's wonderful to look back and think what one has been. I've been a puppet, a pauper, a pirate, a poet A pawn and a king I've been up and down and over and out And I know one thing Each time I find myself Flat on my face I pick myself up and get Back in the race
David Wayne
David Wayne Aylar önce
Rick, if you happen to see this lost in the sea of comments, I just want to tell you how much I appreciate you as a TRvidr. Watching your “what makes this song great” has really helped me develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for the music I listen to. I hope your TRvid career continues for many more years to come.
dreamscuba Aylar önce
Yes, spot on...well said indeed.
Nick Patten
Nick Patten Aylar önce
Spot on David. Well said.
Steve Robertson
Steve Robertson Aylar önce
Oddly one of my absolute favorite videos, Rick. You are such a great communicator.
mikoy huio
mikoy huio Aylar önce
I have learned more from you in the last few years than I learned in a lifetime of playing music in bands. You simply cannot quit just yet. And, THANK YOU for doing your chann
denveraspen Aylar önce
I watched you for several years now and always appreciate your thoughtfulness as a professional musician deconstructing and appreciating music as you do.
Claude Davy
Claude Davy Aylar önce
Rick Beato , I have so grown to appreciate all you do and how much you give back and open our hearts and minds to so many brilliant artist that I was scared to death!!! Stopping everything I was doing when I read the title. I hope you never!!! Quit! Because we shall always be here! We will always Be: Be running up that road, Be running up that hill, Be running up that building with you.
Tony Batt
Tony Batt Aylar önce
'What Makes this Song Great" is the best music "appreciation" on TRvid. You make the thousands of music "reaction" channels look like ignorant clowns looking to just make money on clicks for doing nothing. Your enthusiasm, honesty, knowledge and sincere love of music comes thru every time. Keep up the good work...real music fans across America love you!
Bilbo Dabbins
Bilbo Dabbins Aylar önce
“Real music fans” really gives away to everyone how you operate on an us-vs-them philosophy as opposed to us-and-them. Just because you don’t like a certain kind of music, it doesn’t imply that music outside your preferred listening isn’t “real,” somehow. Awfully aggressive a comment you’ve made here, Tony.
Nature Sleep Serenity
@Tin can I do a lot of ambient recording, just curious as to why you have the mikes on the roof of your house and why they are so far apart?
Cheryl Williams
Cheryl Williams Aylar önce
Wow-well said!!
Kaj Haggman
Kaj Haggman Aylar önce
Music lovers around the world loves this channel!
Valdemar Aylar önce
I agree only a true musician could truly appreciate music what a song is about, how it's great and explain it to non-musicians and musicians alike. the level of depth he's able to go into to explain theory and dramatics and production techniques is because he's all those things wrapped into one. 👍
Kazinsal Aylar önce
I feel this a lot. I'm seven years now into my "first career" as a network and datacenter engineer. I'd love to make rock/metal music a career. My current career is something I really like, but if I could be a musician for a living for ten, fifteen years, I'd do it for sure. And I'd love to have you, Rick, as a producer, because you care. Godspeed, brother. Keep on keeping on.
Joseph Slinker
Joseph Slinker Aylar önce
Great career advice. As someone that is 36 and staring the move to a second career in the face, I really appreciate the perspective of someone that's been there and done it.
Hey Rick, big fan of your channel and love your deep analysis. I’ve learned so much and so glad you’re keeping on rocking. It’s a shame you’ve stopped mixing, there’s this new band out of Pennsylvania you should check out called “August is Falling”. Their front man put out a call to see if anyone could mix their debut album and I think you’d be the perfect man for the job. Keep up the great work!
Ronald Logan
Ronald Logan Aylar önce
Love all You do Rick. Keep on trucking
Angela Hytry
Angela Hytry 27 gün önce
You’re also a story teller! Love your videos, Rick!
Jerry Carriveau
Jerry Carriveau Aylar önce
Hey Rick, The day I turned 60 was like being hit by a ton of bricks, I'm now an "old guy". In Feb. I turned 80. It was about that time I found you on youtube. Your videos have had an enormous impact on the way I now listen to music. I believe you have a gifted talent for sharing experiential insight. Please, do not let an "auto tuned" analysis of TRvidrs have a negative impact on your efforts. All I can say is THANK YOU RICK ! From a real "old guy".
Patrick Doyle
Patrick Doyle Aylar önce
@Like Bot then you'll get to say "man, those hit me like Jerry Carriveau"
Like Bot
Like Bot Aylar önce
I ordered a ton of bricks. They're due to arrive in the first week of October.
Michael B
Michael B Aylar önce
I think what makes your channel so great is that you have all this past knowledge in several different careers but make it so accessible and understandable to us. We see how much passion you have for music and it keeps us coming back👍🏽
i Weasel
i Weasel Aylar önce
I, too, am 60 and I am just about to embark on my 6th career. Each one so far has lasted between 5 and 9 years. I enjoyed every one of them but the desire to move on to new things, new stimulation, is for me what drives the change. Life is for living and it does not need to be in a straight line. Love your TRvid work, Rick. A few more years, please.
Kayo K
Kayo K Aylar önce
The Rick Beato TRvid channel is something of a landmark, and I wish you the best as you carry on doing the fantastic job that has delighted many of us with music and entertained, educated, and inspired us. Rick, keep going and don't stop.👍
Lee Valasek
Lee Valasek Aylar önce
Thank you for all that you do. I would love to see you analyze any DCI show for its composition, structure, effect and musicianship. Definitely one of the current musical activities to be appreciated. If you ever experience a top rated DCI show live in person, you will never forget it. Once again, thank you for all that you do. M U S I C
mikmop Aylar önce
The average lifespan of a half-decent TRvid channel may well be 5 to 7 years, but absolutely brilliant channels can go on forever. If Paul McCartney and Mick Jagger are still popular at their age, I'm sure so will you Rick. Because you're at the same level as they are, when it comes to music education. You're not only the heart & soul of TRvid music ed, you're the brains as well.
Stuart Klein
Stuart Klein Aylar önce
@Sara C. I always considered Steve Winwood a musical genius.
Sara C.
Sara C. Aylar önce
Yes - I like that. Look at Steve Winwood - still writing, singing, playing and sounding as good as ever.
JKentF Aylar önce
Big words, but entirely true.
John Hepburn
John Hepburn Aylar önce
Hey Rick I’m also 60. And Music has been part of my life for over 50 years it’s weird sometimes I feel out of tune with the times and between Covid and our big political unrest I’ve had a hard time finding my groove I can’t seem to be able to get out and play
GenerationXpletive! 28 gün önce
At 57 I'm trusting we'll find a way! GENERATION Y might be too stubborn but we genXers always find a way.... to help GENERATION Z etc.... now that we know a bit more of what lessons we can teach, likely through music, definitely not schools... we'll get there!
Lesmu82 28 gün önce
Hey John, I wish all the best. Just get out and play for yourself for a start. There are so many people out there, and some of them will listen. Make yourself happy with anything you appreciate and you will find your groove. It is not that bad outside. Time isn't up yet.
Weapons Education
Weapons Education Aylar önce
I'm in my 12th year of producing videos. It is not my career, my hobby.
jimmy slapaho
jimmy slapaho Aylar önce
Thank you for all of your wonderful shares Rick. You have made my experience on TRvid better because of who you are!
Stacey Knights
Stacey Knights Aylar önce
I was just sharing the same sentiment about doors closing in one's life to a friend. My take is that no matter what chapter in life one is engaged in one should find joy and purpose in it. Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm for music. I've learned a lot from your videos. You have brought appreciation and enthusism into my musical world. God Bless
Erik Bosman
Erik Bosman Aylar önce
Rick, your channel is the most important reason to open up TRvid from time to time. You made me listen to music in a different way. Don't underestimate the value you deliver through your channel with your insights and expertise. Keep it up! 3M subs is not because you are doing allright. It's because you're doing exceptional.
Charles McCormick
Charles McCormick Aylar önce
Life changes for people & this discussion reflects such change! Young 20’s don’t get it, but 50+, or end of life illness changes perspective. Luv ur work Mr. Beato-
Russell Jackman
Russell Jackman Aylar önce
I am grateful for ALL of your videos, Rick! There hasn't been a single one that I haven't enjoyed. I consider you a friend that I just haven't personally met yet. Thank you for all you do! God bless you and yours. Sincerely, ~Russ
Scott A
Scott A Aylar önce
Rick you the man, I'm so glad I discovered your videos and get to watch you break down many of my favorite songs. Your ability to play music and dissect every instrument note for note/beat for beat, including vocals is nothing short of amazing, the same goes for your knowledge. The background info you put into your videos as well as your own personal stories make them that more magical, especially because I wasn't alive during some of music's greatest years. I hope your videos inspire younger musicians and producers to keep great music alive. Peace and Love🤙
perihelion54 Aylar önce
Love your channel; especially the breakdowns on what makes a song great!
cflowers69 Aylar önce
Have to admit, my heart absolutely dropped when I read the title of this video. I enjoy your videos so damn much. It always feels like a club for the music faithful. A safe haven or port. I am very glad that you will be around a while longer with it.
Benjamin Brady
Benjamin Brady Aylar önce
Exactly what I thought.
M Cantu
M Cantu Aylar önce
When I saw it, I thought, great, what else can go wrong?!? I'm so glad things are okay 👍🏼
Ester Hudson
Ester Hudson Aylar önce
Me too!
squeakeththewheel Aylar önce
It was kind of click-bait-y, but hey we love him anyway.
Dwight Donnelly
Dwight Donnelly Aylar önce
I found your channel two years ago, and you have unlocked an appreciation for music I've had my entire life but didn't know how to really listen. Thank you Sir!
Cyberjace Aylar önce
I love the channel its great. Someone that has a deep appreciation and knowledge of music is inspiring and cool.
karen inker
karen inker Aylar önce
Rick just wanted to express my sincere appreciation for your great talent ! I'm SO GLAD to have discovered you ! I very much enjoy hearing you deconstruct a song explaining so eloquently just why you feel a certain way. I listen to lots of different kinds of music, watch videos & I found you by just fooling around on TRvid one day . About me : I'm 56 & a lot of the music of the 60s 70s & 80s is still resonating in my head. I have a very sensitive ear & regularly annoy my husband by picking apart songs we listen to on the car radio ( some of which dont seem to me to be mixed correctly ; when I can hear the rhythm section or the strings or the backing vocals more prominantly than the lead vocals, we have a problem ). I'm super critical of production...ots bc I am a frustrated musician: I started taking piano lessons at age 5 when after I rejected my toy piano as too " plinky", my mother convinced my grandfather to buy me a real piano. I can remember going shopping for this piano.. & the enormous THRILL I felt upon stepping into the piano showroom ! The piano teacher was a dignified man who had doubts ; he'd never taught anyone so young . After a few weeks he told my mother I want to show you something : he had me turn my back to the piano while he played different notes , flats & sharps . I was right every time . He said "Madam your daughter has perfect pitch. This is very rare " 2 years later a family circumstance led to me having to quit my piano lessons . He called my mother once a week for the next year asking if we were ready to resume .. he told her I was Carnegie Hall material. Sadly we never did ... he was so disappointed. I also had a pretty great singing voice which could do fair imitations of Streisand , Ronstadt & Newton - John (RIP dear Olivia😪). I took part in several school musical productions of My Fair Lady (Eliza) Godspell & others . Its been the central tragedy of my life thst I never got back to music.. got sidetracked by Real Estate . Anyway just wanted to thank you so much for bringing music alive for me again . I've rediscovered it & I'm hoping to start taking up the piano again . Thank you Rick ❤ please dont ever stop youtubing! Karen Dowden
Cefshah Aylar önce
You are amazing, Mr. Beato!! Great stuff comes from you and your associates. Glad I found you on TRvid!! 🧡
LarryUK Aylar önce
I’m 63 and my back has gone. I suffer with bad anxiety and depression. I live on my own and see no future. I’ve been self employed since I was 30 and can barely work now. Perhaps it’s time for me to change. I don’t know what I will do, but perhaps I can? You’re such an inspiration to people Rick.
Margaret McGlynn
Margaret McGlynn Aylar önce
Mental health stuff is hard, Larry. Sending you lots of love and support. It will get better. Stick around so you can enjoy it. We feel you!
Bim Scutney
Bim Scutney Aylar önce
I have a lot of experience like yourself. I was on disability for several years due to mental health. I had a super hard time choosing which direction to go next. My head spiraled with choices and I would freeze up and have anxiety attacks. I think a good way is to just choose a direction and start. Even if it’s not your optimal choice. You’ll meet new people and have experiences on the way that’ll start to open up options for you. Maybe things you never even thought of. And if it isn’t working out it’s not permanent. Start looking again and just go. Keeping moving has been key for me. Literally the thing that got me going again was just applying for a job near me and they called me the same day to come in. I was hired that day. Not a big job, just part time, and not where I want to be but it keeps me moving and engaged and really helps with self esteem. I didn’t think I’d like the job much but I ended up liking it but I’m not staying for any significant amount of time. A lot of businesses will and in most cases must accommodate you if you have physical disabilities. That’s just my two cents and might not work for everybody. Good luck sir.
Paul Hoffman
Paul Hoffman Aylar önce
So glad you aren’t quitting TRvid. I’m one of those people that discovered you via the viral video of Dylan. I can relate to your multiple careers scenario, particularly as a musician. I appreciated the validation and reassurance it gave me.
John Musgrave
John Musgrave Aylar önce
I love your appreciation for music--and deep knowledge of what's going on in it. Thank you for doing what you do! It's fun to do what we love, and to examine and talk about the stuff we love. I agree with you so much, and feel that way in my role as a pastor, examining and talking about God, and what He's saying in the Bible. By the way, fellow Rochester child: Cobbs Hill area near Twelve Corners, then Pittsford, next to Mendon High School. So glad you're not quitting and that you love what you do!
Walter Núñez-Sol
Walter Núñez-Sol Aylar önce
You're a music guru, and whether it be your stories or your technical explanations, it's a pleasure to hear you.
David Bartch
David Bartch Aylar önce
Rick you have been pretty good at sharing wisdom about life completely unrelated to music and it's so appreciated I could call you a friend I probably will never get to meet but I'm out there !
Tony Joc
Tony Joc Aylar önce
just the fact that I'm a 27 years old Chilean guitarrist who's been watching you channel for at least 3 years should tell you something about the masive impact your channel has had on musical education worldwide. Love your channel Rick, I hope you get to 4M soon!
Phil Brown C
Phil Brown C Aylar önce
El mejor profe acá mismo, el dios mismo profe Rick
Juan Rojas
Juan Rojas Aylar önce
Rick sabe caleta.
fernando diaz
fernando diaz Aylar önce
Aguante cabros, larga vida al maestro Rick
Moonchild Aylar önce
weeena wnnn
cat Aylar önce
awante los músicos chilenos
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