Nothing Lasts Forever 

Rick Beato
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Our careers are evolving all the time, whether we know it or not. This has become much more true in my lifetime and I've recently had some realizations about how I feel about my life as a producer and how that's led to my career as a TRvidr...and where I'm going to next.
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10 Ağu 2022




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Sheet Music Boss
Sheet Music Boss Yıl önce
TRvid is pretty good as far as careers go! It definitely beats accounting, which I did a postgraduate certificate in. I don't expect it (or this level of success) to last forever, but I'll be dammed if I'm not going to make the most of it! -Andrew
Alan Watts
Alan Watts Yıl önce
Plus your videos are really good.
EvilSapphireR Yıl önce
Honest question, is the TRvid policy safe enough to invest significant time in? Demonetisation can happen pretty drastically and unreasonably I hear.
Andrew Martin
Andrew Martin Yıl önce
@EvilSapphireR I think (but I don't know, so take this for what it's worth) that the way around that is sponsorships, so you're not dependent on TRvid monetization...
Bucket List Basslines
Maybe 5-7 years if it's a gimmicky channel, but you're the real deal Rick. The joy for music that you radiate is still like that of a little kid..it's infectious! Never change mate, and thank you x
SW1976 Yıl önce
Exactly this. Rick's content isn't something people are going to get bored of and his videos will continue to get views for many years to come even if he chooses to stop creating content. Real deal, 100%
Rob F'n Varney
Rob F'n Varney Yıl önce
You missed one point here. The internet doesn't forget, and while you may quit in the future, there still will be other generations stumbling onto your wholesome videos. Thank you for the music lessons, and leaving a legacy for many others to enjoy!
Stephen Hale
Stephen Hale Yıl önce
Gabriel Paiva
Gabriel Paiva 10 aylar önce
With no doubt!!
Henry Hazlitt
Henry Hazlitt Yıl önce
I can't sing, I don't play any instruments, and have no idea how to read/write music, but I do love to listen to music. Rick, you give me a deeper appreciation for the music I love, and you introduced me to music I never listened to before and enjoy now. You make the music world a better place.
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez Yıl önce
As a musician I have appreciation for people like you that they cant play an instrument but have the ear and ability to enjoy a good musical piece.
Grant Leighton
Grant Leighton Yıl önce
^What Henry says...all day long!^
Terry Smith
Terry Smith Yıl önce
Good heavens! I was just about to post a comment when I saw yours which just about word-for-word reflects my opinion too. Sometimes I have no idea what Rick is talking about when he is deep into musical theory. But the musical doors he has opened for me as a listener are more than work it. Don't quit Rick!
K C Yıl önce
Same here! Love this channel. I try to play guitar occasionally but I’m hopeless.
Karlo Lottersberger
Same words, Henry! I even learn and improve my english with Rick. I hope he knows how much he's giving to everyone.
Gary Schiltz
Gary Schiltz Yıl önce
Rick's greatest gift is the ability to sit there and do monologues that make it seem that he's your best buddy just shooting the breeze with you. All the while teaching, challenging, playing, reacting to other music. It's a rare gift.
Table-Top Yıl önce
You're not just a music teacher, or creating music appreciation, you're a good *storyteller and a good orator* . Thats a big reason for your success.
Dave Nicholls  Music Life Experience
Yep, wot he sed yeah!!! 😊😘
C L Yıl önce
Exactly, you need charisma too
johndelta00 Yıl önce
@C L Subject matter is nearly irrelevant when it comes to youtube success. Charisma, charm, energy, the ability to (genuinely) convey excitement to the audience is what a content creators success hangs on.
melodicdreamer72 Yıl önce
Scotty Kilmer is a good example too...his information and message is pretty much the same, but he's fun to watch with his delivery and hands flailing :). Rick can keep his content interesting for years to come.
ProdByMono Yıl önce
Lol Rick's the cool uncle I never had 😂
Gabriel Paiva
Gabriel Paiva 11 aylar önce
Rick you are more than just a TRvidr you are very smart you know a lot about music and how to play it you think about other people and you like to share other things about your life worldwide. That makes your channel much more than what a regular TRvid channel would be. 😁
greg charles
greg charles Yıl önce
Rick, your great at what you do, and you never run out of ideas and new twists to analyzing music across the spectrum. what you bring to your fans is without question so informative and motivational. just like the late BB King, he never gave up most great don’t. As long as teaching and exploring musical styles and nuances still interests you, as well as your public, including our youth who have limited access to this kind of knowledge, don’t even consider the end, we all are learning and enjoying your bottomless wealth of music exploration. That said, there’s no sense in calling a day anytime soon! Keep on truckin”
Dan Bailey
Dan Bailey Yıl önce
Rick, what you are doing is increasing the musical IQ of everyone who takes your content seriously. Thank you. If music could write, it should write you a 'thank you' note!
OB Yıl önce
True. I love music but totally ignorant about the process of creation. When Rick breaks apart all the process and details, it's pretty cool and gives me a profound respect to musicians that create great stuff.
G-Shack Yıl önce
So well spoken. I never heard the word "Sus" until I watch one of Rick's videos. Lol. How he keeps track of all those notes and idiosyncrasies is astonishing.
Water Sun and Love
There is indeed a ‘thank you’ button you can use to support this content creator!
robert akerman
robert akerman Yıl önce
@G-Shack G- One thing I didn't kno; Rick sometimes is a talent scout. He's sent Me to research artists that never seen the light of day.
Travis Norman
Travis Norman Yıl önce
Well said, Dan! 😉
Ian Mair
Ian Mair Yıl önce
Rick. Love you man. I'm 56, I started back in the day in the biggest record store in the city, played a few instruments from high school to really basic acoustic guitar now. Your efforts here, have so enriched further, my root appreciation for music itself. We have all learned so much. Even the good rants against the business itself, such as TRvid nonsense. Heck I found Mary Spender through you and adore her. Keep on brother, in what ever form you welcome next. Sending some Canadian love your way! 🖖
Jean-Pierre Garau
Music Appreciation… Yes, exactly! In the beginning, I was a musician. But being exposed to good music is what caused me to love good music, and to develop, then as now, my pallet. Thank you, Rick!
Steve Roe
Steve Roe Yıl önce
Here's a man with encyclopedic knowledge, tremendous talent and that has interviewed, played with and worked with music industry legends - yet speaks with absolute candor on self-doubt over his career evolution. This channel doesn't just teach you about music, it teaches you about life.
Max payne
Max payne Yıl önce
Well said 👍
Just Havi
Just Havi Yıl önce
Wholeheartedly agree.
Adam Kozakiewicz
Adam Kozakiewicz Yıl önce
How can you grow if you lose all self-doubt? Self-doubt is good as long as it doesn't overwhelm you. It enables you to spot and fix your weak points.
Noah Fischel
Noah Fischel Yıl önce
There is only one source of media that I trust 100%. That I know has no bias, is educational, emotional, honest, and just genuinely entertaining. It’s hard to find a source of media that hits all those boxes, but this channel does it. Rick is every bit of a super star as the people he’s worked with.
skeet Yıl önce
any conversation with a 60 year old teaches you about life 😄
Darren Maine
Darren Maine Yıl önce
I have tried to explain to musical associates about what Rick does. Music appreciation but that explanation into two succinct words. Hope you keep at it Rick because of the way we appreciate your efforts to make music live.
Jackson Davies
Jackson Davies Yıl önce
Hey Rick, don’t know if you’ll see this but I have something awesome to share. I wanted to go into music theory because of your videos, so I did. Now I’m in college in music theory. I was talking to my professor about your videos and he said that you were his professor when he went into college. What are the odds of that?
thesun collective147
Well done man that's inspirational. I was a musician but beyond the basics I don't know much. I feel a spiritual connection to Rick and he introduces me to great music I never knew about. He has such diverse tastes he's great. He done an interview with my hero John Scofield ..freakin' awesome channel!
The Page Collective
I started writing and recording music about five years ago, and Beato taught me how music works, how Jazz works. I had been in bands all my life but never knew this stuff.
David Pollner
David Pollner Yıl önce
I love music. I played bass in a garage band in high school and had a lot of fun. I played by ear, never learned to read music and I don't understand most of the stuff you talk about, but I still love watching you explain "what makes this song great." It has not only given me a greater appreciation for the music, but it's made me seek out more from the artists you cover. I'm so glad I found your channel and I hope you keep it up. Looking forward to more.
Ged Cowburn
Ged Cowburn Yıl önce
Rick, you are a one man encyclopedia of music and many many people have benefited from you sharing your knowledge on TRvid. I wish you succes in whatever you do in the future and I hope you are able to continue sharing your knowledge and insights with us.
Justin McGinty
Justin McGinty Yıl önce
Love you Rick. I'm 60 too. I'm not a musician, I can only play the dash board in the car, but you inspire my appreciation of music. You have deepened my understanding of music. I love your interviews with famous musicians. Thankyou from Australia.
Erik Bosman
Erik Bosman Yıl önce
Rick, your channel is the most important reason to open up TRvid from time to time. You made me listen to music in a different way. Don't underestimate the value you deliver through your channel with your insights and expertise. Keep it up! 3M subs is not because you are doing allright. It's because you're doing exceptional.
Craig Wallace
Craig Wallace Yıl önce
Frankly, I hope that you never quit teaching on your channel, Rick. I have always enjoyed it, and always learned something.
M Adams
M Adams Yıl önce
I retired from touring and performing and went IATSE for 10 years doing electrics, backline, LED walls and outta nowhere came a gig that got me involved with IAAF (Now World Athletics) and I'm doing things I would have never considered before. I love the line from "Closing Time". "Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end." Love your channel Rick
HNX Media
HNX Media Yıl önce
Staring down the barrel of 2.5 years until I retire from my "career." People have no idea how fast that time will fly since it is the only thing I have ever known. I needed this. Thank you, Rick!
ehhhhhhhhhh Yıl önce
This isn't just a music appreciation channel. It's a Rick appreciation channel! Most of the time, I'm tuning in just because I like listening to your stories, your wisdom, and your opinions. You're just a super, super likeable guy, and your positivity and intelligence make every video a safe click.
mrsocal09 Yıl önce
Exactly. Even if I'm not a huge fan of the band I'm going to watch his video because I'll learn something about the artist or something interesting about the production.
homestead Yıl önce
bingo. couldn't have said it better. rick is just one of those people!
Eric Myers
Eric Myers Yıl önce
The first video of yours I saw was What Makes This Song Great, on Boston's More Than A Feeling. I remember thinking (and telling my son) "why would I ever listen to a critic again when I could learn from a fan?" Seriously, your videos made me look for other music videos from people who LOVE what they are talking about, are very experienced in it, and can share it so well. I have learned so much from your channel, thank you!
rucknrugger Yıl önce
That’s what got me to the channel originally. Rick helped me look at music in a different way; a greater appreciation. Things when I originally heard them and thought ‘cool’, became more like ‘wow, so THAT’S how they did it’. Good on ya, Rick!
Steve Hackenberg
Steve Hackenberg Yıl önce
Keep churning at it buddy. You have influenced me so much through the years. I have played music all my life and was an IT guy for 30 + years. Gave it all up and now I have decided to pursue writing while I work at a grocery store as my third career. Love you man!
S. Kay
S. Kay Yıl önce
We love your 4th career, Rick Let's take you far past 7 years. You don't have a shelf life, you have shelf stability. We'll be here for whatever you want to do. Much love, Rick.
Alexander Khodos
Alexander Khodos Yıl önce
> You don't have a shelf life, you have shelf stability Dude, that's just gold!
Leon Ambrose Jr.
Leon Ambrose Jr. Yıl önce
Your content is timeless! It does not matter what you chose to do. It is never too late to do what you want to do at any age! I found myself in a similair situation. I still keep a day job, my dreams of being a rockstar are almost Completely gone, but l have some talent and equipment and I just started seriously (guitar) began again, I have found that if there is no hope and we do not follow our dreams we do not feel complete! Self doubt, self pity, has taken my youth and I have dealt with everything to the best of my knowledge. Music has always been a passion, I was born with it in my soul! I will not stop, until that day! I just want to Thank you for giving your time and effort to music! Keep it up your doing a fantastic ungreatful to the masses job, people say that rock is dead! But in reality it ia not, as long as people want to learn and play music! Thank you for giving me hope!!!
Angela Hytry
Angela Hytry Yıl önce
You’re also a story teller! Love your videos, Rick!
Luis Garcia
Luis Garcia Yıl önce
you scared me man!!! thought this was it! what I would do without this channel, I do not know, but what I do know is that WE APPRECIATE all you do here!!!! THANK YOU!!!!
Mumby Hits Drums
Mumby Hits Drums Yıl önce
I thought the same thing man. I was bracing myself, lol.
Brandi M
Brandi M Yıl önce
Anthony Anzer
Anthony Anzer Yıl önce
Andrew Ward
Andrew Ward Yıl önce
Exactly, I was pretty nervous to open the video...
msreesebarrett Yıl önce
Sounds like a clickbait title. I mean I’m a fan and all but the title was misleading.
Jonathan Adkins
Jonathan Adkins Yıl önce
Hey Rick, this is an absolutely FIRST RATE channel, I've thoroughly enjoyed your videos and have learned so much. I'm an organist from Gloucestershire UK, and listen to BBC Radio 3 a lot, which Iove, but it's been so refreshing to hear someone who really knows what they're talking about from a slightly different perspective. The Pat Metheny and Brian May interviews in particular were wonderful. All the best
Hugh Ruthven
Hugh Ruthven Yıl önce
Rick - there is so much crap on all social channels. Your work is simply outstanding. Real, thoughtful, honest, trustworthy, knowledgable and modest. I have marketed brands for 40 years - big and small. I have your ear-training course and watch everything you put out. Great brands measured by many global studies have equal parts Quality, Leadership, Energy and Uniqueness. Put another way - Differentiation, relevance, esteem and knowledge. These are the four drivers that connect people with a brand. A brand from the inside out is a promise of value. From the outside in, from the consumer's perspective a brand is a collection of expectations. The stretch and scope of your interviews - from Ron Carter, to really the first great interview of Pat Metheny represent this and NOBODY else globally that I'm aware of has the insight and knowledge to create the level of content you provide. Stay at it. You are a fountain of knowledge, humor, lovely candidness and chops.
Jerry Carriveau
Jerry Carriveau Yıl önce
Hey Rick, The day I turned 60 was like being hit by a ton of bricks, I'm now an "old guy". In Feb. I turned 80. It was about that time I found you on youtube. Your videos have had an enormous impact on the way I now listen to music. I believe you have a gifted talent for sharing experiential insight. Please, do not let an "auto tuned" analysis of TRvidrs have a negative impact on your efforts. All I can say is THANK YOU RICK ! From a real "old guy".
Like Bot
Like Bot Yıl önce
I ordered a ton of bricks. They're due to arrive in the first week of October.
Patrick Doyle
Patrick Doyle Yıl önce
@Like Bot then you'll get to say "man, those hit me like Jerry Carriveau"
Bruno Selva
Bruno Selva Yıl önce
That is how life is, started as a teacher and now you are teaching again! I love it!
Rob Miller
Rob Miller Yıl önce
Dude! I thought you were around 48 to 50 years old! Your holding up very well, my friend. Just so you know, it’s always been a big dream of mine to be produced by you… (several of my friends have been produced by you) And though it’s sad to know that will probably never happen, I’m very happy for you finding your way, and what makes you happy with your retirement! And I must admit, your TRvid content is some of the best I’ve ever seen! I’ve learned so much from your channel. As for me, I’ve almost made it big a few times… Guess not everyone can make it, even if they are very talented…. I know I am lucky to be so gifted, but I’ve also learned to accept that we can’t always control the outcome. Acceptance is where I’ve been able to find my own peace, and not go insane. Kind regards, Rick.
Ordinary G33K
Ordinary G33K Yıl önce
You had me scared for a second, there, Rick! I'd have hated to see your TRvid channel go! Happy to see you'll still be here! (and props to you for being able to recognize natural patterns in your life, and acting on them objectively & dispassionately)
Tony Joc
Tony Joc Yıl önce
just the fact that I'm a 27 years old Chilean guitarrist who's been watching you channel for at least 3 years should tell you something about the masive impact your channel has had on musical education worldwide. Love your channel Rick, I hope you get to 4M soon!
Rodrigo Rebolledo
Somos el mejor país de Chile
Gabriel Sánchez
Gabriel Sánchez Yıl önce
awante chilitooo
Nicolás Aldunate
Weena los cabros, quien vende algunos pedales baratos? 👀
Vicente Cortese
Vicente Cortese Yıl önce
Qué buena ver que un colega chileno ve a este maestro! Viva Chile mrd! 🇨🇱
Les Jones
Les Jones Yıl önce
Rick, I've shared your channel and always say, "It's music theory, but it's really a music appreciation channel that PEOPLE LOVE. It's awesome, your awesome. I'm going to buy some of your stuff and really get into your classes before I retire ...and start a 2nd career having FUN. All the best, Les
Nick Bates
Nick Bates Yıl önce
Rick in is age has managed to become a master of music production and appreciation, and apparently a master of clickbait cause I almost had a heart attack! Keep up the good work Mr. Beato, I'm always watching
ddnte Yıl önce
Thank you for everything Rick. You are a real inspiration for a lot of people. Greetings from a Greek guy living in Luxembourg.
Jim Cavanagh
Jim Cavanagh Yıl önce
Drummer who watches. We all, know it or not,need a voice that is in the biz, steeped in it's performance history, that can tell stories in our language. Music is what we do. Performance is the main thing for many of us. Your videos put things into perspective and remind us of what is possible. Kudos, and keep it up!
David Wayne
David Wayne Yıl önce
Rick, if you happen to see this lost in the sea of comments, I just want to tell you how much I appreciate you as a TRvidr. Watching your “what makes this song great” has really helped me develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for the music I listen to. I hope your TRvid career continues for many more years to come.
Nick Patten
Nick Patten Yıl önce
Spot on David. Well said.
dreamscuba Yıl önce
Yes, spot on...well said indeed.
Satish Krishnan
Satish Krishnan Yıl önce
I hope you read this comment mate! Yup nothing does ...saw your videos 6 years back & subscribed lazily after you say that at the end ! Ok you're extremely addictive as you narrate you thing...you fu..in..draw us in! Musicians or otherwise! Immensely talented & you have the gift that embraces us! Your vocal tone...the way you handle yourself & knowledge! God bless 🙏
josh davis
josh davis Yıl önce
It's nice to hear the way he described changing careers. I'm 36 and have made my living threw residential construction until 5 years ago when I started transitioning to the music buissness as a guitar repair tech. I'm originally from gwinnett County very close to where Rick lives And have now relocated to the charlotte area for family reasons. I'm still a full time tech and no lie it's hard but I keep aiming for the end goal and this really helps to inspire me to keep pushing.
joshboydmusic Yıl önce
Nice! So glad to hear that you are nor quitting your TRvid channel. This channel is so interesting and positive and your appreciation of music is so inspiring for me as a musician!
CannonKnight Yıl önce
Rick is one of the few grown-ups on TRvid who's actually incredibly talented with a wealth of music knowledge, and who knows how to string words together without saying "to be honest" every other sentence. I swear, that drives me insane. I hope this channel beats the trend and continues to grow.
Cats to the moon
Cats to the moon Yıl önce
"I'm not gonna lie" drives me crazy as well! 🤣
Arthur Love
Arthur Love Yıl önce
Wars drive me insane,to be honest.
Maltry Yıl önce
I feel like...
Francisco Pereira
What about introductions that end with "without further ado" 🙄
Rob H
Rob H Yıl önce
To be honest, I agree with you.
John Mitchell
John Mitchell Yıl önce
All I can add is you are a teacher. My wife was a great teacher so I know the value of a great teacher. You can be proud of what you are doing. You are living a valuable life. Thank you.
jimmy slapaho
jimmy slapaho Yıl önce
Thank you for all of your wonderful shares Rick. You have made my experience on TRvid better because of who you are!
Matthew Chandik
Matthew Chandik Yıl önce
I am 63 years old and have played drums most of my life with church worship bands and other musicians, but nothing on a professional level. While I can read basic charts, I have no understanding of music theory. I discovered your channel about two years ago and have thoroughly enjoyed your content, both "What makes this song great", "Top 20" as well as other topics. I think you really nailed it with the characterization that your channel is not so much about theory but more about appreciating music. You have a relaxed delivery style that makes the content very accessible and understandable. I just wanted to share how much I thoroughly enjoy your channel and wish you many more years as a You Tuber; you're one of the best!
J Chis
J Chis Yıl önce
I'm 60 also Rick. I'm a trucker and appreciate all that you're doing for aspiring musicians. Keep 'em coming dude! 👍🏻😎
jhac21 Yıl önce
Dear Rick, thank you for your work! And your inspiring videos. Several months ago I discovered your channel. And it did something to me. In the meantime I started to write a book about the 80s, our growing-up and coming-of-age with and through pop and rock music, and the progress/explosion of pop music in this period (concerning styles, technical possibilities et. al.). And I am going to give my guitar another chance (with your book at hand). To say it with Christine MacVie: Don't stop! I am 60, too! And in my fourth career as well. Greetings from Berlin, Germany!
Time Travelin' Texan
You're an awesome teacher, I was one those unfortunates trying to write metel in the 90's still. It was a fun time, learned from other musicians. I was heavier into theory, than most, all but one. "What makes this song great." teaches me, and expresses the passion of music I feel. Intellectually, the emotions music, and song explore. I hope you keep teaching for years to come.
Marcel van der Biezen
Please don’t stop making videos. I love your work. Every video I learn something new. Since your videos I appreciate good music even more.
DezzyDayy Yıl önce
That moment of panic when you read the title... surely Rick isn't quitting just yet!!?? Phew, relief. I love watching everything Rick puts out, so much variation and just the best content. What makes this song great has to be my favourite though, I have heard things in songs that I have listened to a thousand times and never put my finger on what the artist was doing to get that effect, or just been oblivious. Definitely my most watched TRvidr. Please don't give us anymore heart attacks Rick!! 😅
Glen Erickson
Glen Erickson Yıl önce
He's taking cues from Scotty Kilmer
Gary Foss
Gary Foss Yıl önce
That's exactly what I thought!! I'm sure glad he's not! I think he'll be on for many more years, just because he's sooo loved by all of us, and he knows it would break our hearts :-)
jasmenter Yıl önce
@Glen Erickson amen
The GNC Show
The GNC Show Yıl önce
That’s the point. It’s clickbait for when the videos don’t have any real content.
mrduud Yıl önce
But he also said that if he ever did quit TRvid that he wouldn't make a video about it. What does that mean? Would he just stop suddenly?
Anthony Saunders
Anthony Saunders Yıl önce
I don't sing or play any instruments. I don't have the time. But, I watch your videos Rick, and it is a tribute to you that they still have hold something for me anyway. Keep 'em flying Rick!
bfitnessjoe Yıl önce
This channel has no right to ever end ! Rick has a following that he himself doesn’t understand ! We need this channel !
Ron Labhart
Ron Labhart Yıl önce
You're not just a TRvidr, Rick, you're an ambassador from the Empire of Rock! 😁
Jim Young
Jim Young Yıl önce
Like that
Dwight Donnelly
Dwight Donnelly Yıl önce
I found your channel two years ago, and you have unlocked an appreciation for music I've had my entire life but didn't know how to really listen. Thank you Sir!
The Loyal Order of Classic TV
Rick - you are more than a youtuber - you've brought your show on the road, so you can do what you do best here, but live and unrestricted - it's like you're part showman, part teacher - and I don't think there's anything better than that.
James Slick
James Slick Yıl önce
Gabriel Paiva
Gabriel Paiva 11 aylar önce
Yeah, Rick to me you're more than just a TRvidr you're like an accompanying buddy sometimes.
0013619511 Yıl önce
Rick I think that your Original producing is still so important . Please show us more of the music that you produced that you think should have hit the charts . Your music is Awesome beyond words God has Bless You with such a great talent ! I live in Alabama on the lake you rock !!
Steve Robertson
Steve Robertson Yıl önce
Oddly one of my absolute favorite videos, Rick. You are such a great communicator.
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