Normani - Motivation (Official Video)

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"Motivation" Available Now: smarturl.it/xMotivation
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16 Aug 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Lubyleen Labador
Lubyleen Labador Gün önce
Their choreography is lit! 🔥 so creative😆 i love it
Amanda Wolfe
Amanda Wolfe Gün önce
Normani is gorgeous, with her dazzling smile and gorgeous figure; That’s a given. But are we all just going to ignore the fact that the young lady at the beginning of this video, the one playing Normani as a kid, is also beautiful? Because really, that young lady playing Normani as a kid, is already beautiful, and she’s not even reached adulthood yet. When I was that young lady’s age, I think I was still going through my ugly duckling stage, and I would’ve given my left arm to be half as pretty as this young lady is.
Geiah Lim
Geiah Lim Gün önce
I did not realize how great dancer she is until the 5H disbanded. Just WOW!
ashlee sawyer
ashlee sawyer Gün önce
the ending part of the dance is every thing especially the part when she started the walk and turn i love u normani .
Javi Ruiz
Javi Ruiz Gün önce
Wow she is sex!!
Eduardin Guzman
Eduardin Guzman Gün önce
Stream to "Motivation" Need to get 100M for Normani, She's amazing
Lele Geo
Lele Geo Gün önce
She dances like Janet Jackson still looks cute and feminine-all eyes on her
The Quintessential
Imma Jack you off Let me Be your Masturbation
Klissaura Rodriguez
Her body is goals
Klissaura Rodriguez
Why can’t i like this the dancing is lit but im not really finding this Bomb smh im dissapointed in myself lord lmao
Jinamo_ Gün önce
Cynthia Otieno
Cynthia Otieno Gün önce
This is the best choreography ever, period! Yaaass queen 👑😍🖤🖤🖤
Yasmin Barbosa
Yasmin Barbosa Gün önce
Reyna Ramirez
Reyna Ramirez Gün önce
The moves she does with the basketball 😶
Pacho 1581
Pacho 1581 Gün önce
No Way She's hot!
World Music
World Music Gün önce
trvid.com/video/video-CLcFy2aOPCY.html #Normani
Carlos Flores
Carlos Flores Gün önce
Didn't know Halsey was one of Normani's backup dancers hahaha.
Marija Navickaite
* Is it just me or does she look so much like Victoria Monet *😲
Rebecca Jutting
Rebecca Jutting Gün önce
Song on repeat
louisiana living
louisiana living Gün önce
she didnt talk about sex one time i salute her she is an amazing person
Aranza Heredia
Aranza Heredia Gün önce
she... went AWF
Carolyn Handford
Carolyn Handford Gün önce
2020 is gonna be normani’s year
Rebeca Costa
Rebeca Costa Gün önce
Danny Vell
Danny Vell Gün önce
I was looking at lizzo videos about people talking about her weight lol then I stumbled to this video wtf lol this girl doesnt have that problem
Destiney Noordzij
i love your songs
carlita sz
carlita sz Gün önce
DockingBay94 Gün önce
More like Normandy, with all them lifeless bodies in this video compared to hers.
BarcodeBoy 666
BarcodeBoy 666 Gün önce
Holy Shit, Normani is so sexy !
Isaacky Power
Isaacky Power Gün önce
The Good Lifestyle
Lovely video. Everyone needs a motivation.
Mandisa Buthelezi
Damn girl u got moves😜
Kpop Corner
Kpop Corner Gün önce
this song is so good i’m obsessed
Sam Gün önce
Her body is AMAZING
Lloyd Francis
Lloyd Francis 2 gün önce
Why cant White People dance like that? African blood is Blessings I'm sorry
karol souza
karol souza 2 gün önce
This video deserve more 🔥
Jessica Ortiz
Jessica Ortiz 2 gün önce
Love her Jordan’s
Brenda Camargo
Brenda Camargo 2 gün önce
Eu Amoooo😍💥👏🇧🇷❤️
Yorubie Holloway
Yorubie Holloway 2 gün önce
Camila can't compare
Kiera lxoxox
Kiera lxoxox 2 gün önce
She has such a nice body I'm jealous
stephanie thomas
stephanie thomas 2 gün önce
Family Cronkright
Family Cronkright 2 gün önce
This song is good 👌
•엘리아• 2 gün önce
yeah I just found out that all the fifty harmony are famous singer (solo) now
•엘리아• 2 gün önce
I’m sorry I didn’t remember 🥺
Deshawn Sain
Deshawn Sain 2 gün önce
•엘리아• *Fifth
Yah'Nai Thomas
Yah'Nai Thomas 2 gün önce
You are my favorite song ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Inanna A
Inanna A 2 gün önce
Goodness, Normani is so pretty and holds an amazing voice
Nicole Castiglia
Nicole Castiglia 2 gün önce
I love her so much. I want her to blow up to become the massive star she DESERVES to be
Lucas Barbosa
Lucas Barbosa 2 gün önce
if you look close you can see some dancers backstage
Aja Jusufovic
Aja Jusufovic 2 gün önce
1:56 If I tried that trick with my ass, i would end up falling and somehow breaking my neck. . . That's just how good Normani is
Beautiful Pink
Beautiful Pink 2 gün önce
African-American women will always be talented and confident. They will always be popular too. Most talented black women in media are African-American. ❤ Go Normani.
Damn s
Damn s 2 gün önce
Iconica godmani
Danielle Baskerville
Love it
Aaliyah Cuffee
Aaliyah Cuffee 2 gün önce
Who’s better Nikki manaj or cardi b is that a better compare because they both are similar
Raya's Voice Pudding
Shes amazing! 💕
Ps Baby
Ps Baby 2 gün önce
She’s a better dancer than Chris Brown. Just saying.
Lenavlogs dragon
Lenavlogs dragon 2 gün önce
Hit it gurl
Pika piii
Pika piii 2 gün önce
She's a killer: beautiful vocals and sexy moves.
ariana butera
ariana butera 2 gün önce
Normani deveria ter mais r conhecimento mulher maravilhosa
집이 최고지
집이 최고지 2 gün önce
언니 진짜 멋있어요😍
Lonely Banana
Lonely Banana 2 gün önce
I'm happy Normani is way more energetic. Unlike me, I just sit around with my Doritos crying while watching anime.
jokmachismo 2 gün önce
Beyonce's Check on it rip off
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