Norm Macdonald talks Trump, Trudeau and the secrets to political comedy

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Comedian Norm Macdonald discusses comedy in the Donald Trump era and if Prime Minister Justin Trudeau inherited the intellect and humour of his father.

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17 Mar 2018




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Sixten Blixten
Sixten Blixten 3 yıl önce
This is an underrated way to perform an interview, just let people flesh out their thoughts into something that makes sense, instead of stressing and interjecting every 10 seconds.
topher1004 2 aylar önce
Best interview ever
Peter Barber
Peter Barber 3 aylar önce
Not everyone can talk like Norm could, though. He was one of the best improvisers that ever lived.
Get on the cross and don’t look back
Repent to Jesus Christ!!!
TenPrintHello 3 aylar önce
You see more and more of this type of civility as you go back in time, and it really drops off sharply after 1987. I wonder what they changed in 1987.
I am Jaguar Paw! This is MY forest!
Omnicron 2 yıl önce
This is probably Norm at his most genuine & unironic state; it's probably because he's being interviewed by a family member.
demir g14
demir g14 9 gün önce
We gotta Sherlock Holmes over here
Chih Chang
Chih Chang 2 aylar önce
him as podcast guest is always genuine and personal especially his segment on religion
Framed Elvisguy
Framed Elvisguy 3 aylar önce
@Get on the cross and don’t look back are you serious?
Get on the cross and don’t look back
Repent to Jesus Christ!!!!!!
Nilbog 3 aylar önce
He was trying so hard to behave 😆
Rob M
Rob M 4 aylar önce
Sympathies to Joyce, Neil and all of Norm’s family. He was the best and will be missed very much!
sauce n flow
sauce n flow Aylar önce
@Get on the cross and don’t look back ur mkultra switch
Framed Elvisguy
Framed Elvisguy 2 aylar önce
@Johnny Flyy what's your issue?
Johnny Flyy
Johnny Flyy 2 aylar önce
@Framed Elvisguy WTF
ㅤㅤ 3 aylar önce
@Get on the cross and don’t look back Amen
ㅤㅤ 3 aylar önce
@Framed Elvisguy why do you have so many videos, and so few subs?
jakesnake66 3 yıl önce
What a guy. Norm is one of those people that is seeing twice as much looking half as often. He's the guy in the room watching and learning when nobody realizes it. He's of keen intellect and measured judgment. A real thinker. And a fine human being.
Myles 3 aylar önce
Framed Elvisguy
Framed Elvisguy 3 aylar önce
you are 100% correct.
Nostalg YEA
Nostalg YEA 3 aylar önce
@James Swentzel True. But, one must'nt throw off The Groove.
Joey Schulman
Joey Schulman 3 aylar önce
He was a fella who really thought!
James Swentzel
James Swentzel 4 aylar önce
@Vovin yeah it's called conversation
TheBitBlock 3 yıl önce
Man I love Norm, genuine dude. So nice to see a celebrity not just brainlessly trashing Trump.
Ellis Mckinney
Ellis Mckinney 3 aylar önce
James Copp
James Copp 3 aylar önce
He is truly embracing being apolitical and looking at Trump through a lens of celebrity and comedy. That is a rare take these days for sure
Daniel B Latzanich
Daniel B Latzanich 3 aylar önce
why do you say brainlessly?
O K 3 aylar önce
@termsofusepolice as if not commenting about Trump's presidency = brainless bootlicking.
DanimalD. 3 aylar önce
@Maarten van Rossem Lezingen hard for me to picture "celebrities" and "intelligent" in the same sentence.
ChuddmasterZero 3 aylar önce
Norm’s observation about doing impressions is superb: “You have to like the character” - and if you have contempt for the person you are portraying, it doesn’t work. He articulated something I always knew was off but couldn’t define.
alvareo92 Aylar önce
Trump is so easy to imitate, yet Baldwin tried too hard
Chih Chang
Chih Chang 2 aylar önce
Norm's jokes come from empathy, but idiots talking about trump comes from mockery. And as an audience, mockery for me is not funny, it's just another form of bullying
MorpheusΩne 2 aylar önce
@Drobot: No. But, you are talkin' trash. That's just sad. And ignorant. Poignant even!
Mr. Drobot
Mr. Drobot 2 aylar önce
MorpheusΩne 3 aylar önce
@Dave: ...in your opinion.
mortensen egbert
mortensen egbert 3 aylar önce
"Justin doesn't seem to have inherited his father's flinty intellect." So off-hand, but so precise and spot-on.
chris doe
chris doe 3 aylar önce
Dumb as a box of River rocks in other comedic intellect .
Dave Hoinka
Dave Hoinka 3 aylar önce
I love that he answered his phone on live TV while being interviewed by his sister-in-law, even after she asked him not to.
Kabir Kumar
Kabir Kumar 12 gün önce
Wonder if he set that up, it was pretty funny.
John Akin
John Akin 3 aylar önce
Jon Lovitz said that if Norm was told not to do something he would do it.
Ynoen El
Ynoen El 3 aylar önce
@giovanna You have to get used to Norms personality and humour, just an amazing guy truly a great guy.
giovanna 3 aylar önce
I love her big grin. Took it all in stride. She was used to him :)
UncleDoge 3 aylar önce
I bet he had that call planned 😄
Tim Braida
Tim Braida 4 aylar önce
His perspective on comedians saying “I hate Trump” needed to be said. Norm was fearless and exceptional.
MickyAvStickyHands 3 yıl önce
"More difficult for Good comedians and way easier for Bad comedians" That's is spectacularly accurate.
Damian Delafosse
Damian Delafosse 3 aylar önce
@Fentanyl Overdose Not sure about Jimmy but Trevor and Colbert are great comedians.
Framed Elvisguy
Framed Elvisguy 3 aylar önce
Dick Gregory said "they" killed Prince on plane owned by Warren Buffet and planted his body in his elevator at his home.
T S 3 aylar önce
Exactly what I was going to post till I saw you already did.
K Jack
K Jack 4 aylar önce
BRILLIANT. If they like you then you are funny. If they don't, then you aren't. Not very observant in my book.
Glen Holmgren
Glen Holmgren 4 aylar önce
Mike M
Mike M 4 aylar önce
The love you can see with Joyce and her brother-in-law Norm, is so heart warming. Well done Norm. You are one in a million.
Mike Dorsey
Mike Dorsey 4 aylar önce
I agree. I'm so happy that Norm told her he loved her and she did the same even though they both knew it wasn't "professional".
Dave G
Dave G 3 aylar önce
"Nothing looks dumber than parodying self parody. You really get caught not understanding" Brilliant.
Otto JK
Otto JK 2 aylar önce
@Get on the cross and don’t look back That reminds me of that tragedy... Of nine eleven
t16205 2 aylar önce
Nailed it!
Wayne Payne98
Wayne Payne98 3 yıl önce
Norm is an intellectual disguised as a comedian
Sue a
Sue a Aylar önce
Believe me, Norm was almost always the smartest guy in the room.
Kingpotato3 2 aylar önce
@John Baxter There's nothing more offensive than a random dude on the internet prating about intelligence as if his standards are the most high. You should read the book called "Notes from Underground" by Fyodor Dostoevsky and reflect on yourself a bit.
CaribooSawyer 3 aylar önce
All the best comedians are intellectuals. Perhaps not in the traditional university sense, but nevertheless...
fenjohrer 3 aylar önce
@Erik Dresen This guy is talking about intellect and can't spell the name of the person he's disparaging. Sad.
Ethan E
Ethan E 3 aylar önce
Sort of insulting to “modern day philosophers”
Forevernorthstars 4 aylar önce
So underrated, brilliant and already has aged like fine wine. McDonald was one of a kind and it sucks that he's gone.
Sir Mount
Sir Mount 3 aylar önce
@Eralen00 He was definitely a comedian’s comedian. Audiences didn’t always understand his humor but there was genius. & sadly sometimes genius isn’t always recognized in its own lifetime.
Rick T
Rick T 3 aylar önce
@Eralen00 He was fired from SNL for not being funny. I’d called that underrated.
Eralen00 3 aylar önce
Underrated when? Everyone has been calling him a genius and one of the funniest comedians of all time. Show me where he's underrated.
Adebisi 4 aylar önce
Macdonald, just fixing the spelling error. Somehow I only just heard of him after his death. Shame on me
Jann 4 aylar önce
Grumpy 4 aylar önce
This is the most candid, sincere, and intelligent interview I've seen Norm give.
Gregory Wilkinson
Gregory Wilkinson 3 aylar önce
Yeah he's being a sweetheart here since she's his relative
firsy 4 aylar önce
This is the most candid, sincere, and intelligent interview I've seen anyone give.
Paul Gregoriou
Paul Gregoriou 3 aylar önce
One of the most legendary comedians of all time. Still miss Chris Farley, just beginning to miss Norm.
Drew Martell
Drew Martell 3 aylar önce
I love how he answered his phone. This guy was so genuine.
Robin Holden
Robin Holden 3 aylar önce
"I'm on the TEEvee!"
Joel Peart
Joel Peart 3 yıl önce
"Nothing looks dumber than if you parody self-parody". So true. This guy has a science of comedy. I would like to take that class in university with Norm as lecturer.
PazzoLucas 4 aylar önce
that "I love you Joyce" has stuck with me ever since I saw this interview. So much so, I had to come back to it. I think every fan of Norm can feel it a little more now
Huskie Huskerson
Huskie Huskerson 20 gün önce
@Rod Gunn bleh
jomac841 3 aylar önce
That little hesitation, followed by that sweet “I love you Joyce”…what a beautiful soul.
Rod Gunn
Rod Gunn 3 aylar önce
It has so much more meaning now. Its hard to listen to.
I I Fguo
I I Fguo 3 aylar önce
Same :(
losethOS 3 aylar önce
patrick pilkington
patrick pilkington 4 aylar önce
He was so earnest and sincere but, with a wry smile to a crooked grin. Never once, an imposter. He will forever be appreciated for being his authentic self. ❤️
Aa I
Aa I 3 yıl önce
Norm, former lumberjack and now comedy legend, being interviewed on Canadian television by his sister-in-law while wearing a Habs cap and answering his cell phone and it's all good fun. THAT..is why I love this country!!!
Irish Wolfe
Irish Wolfe 3 aylar önce
@Seneca’s Adoptive Son I don't have a dog house...I guess I'm a homosexual
Sunndog57 3 aylar önce
I see what you did there. Clever! ✌🏻I award two points .
not likely
not likely 4 aylar önce
@Seneca’s Adoptive Son Well...he has more teeth than scars So that rules out professional hockey player
Seneca’s Adoptive Son
@SK19 yeah, I am. Do you have a doghouse?
SK19 Yıl önce
@Seneca’s Adoptive Son You must be one of those professors of logic.
Clark Goodrich
Clark Goodrich 3 aylar önce
This is treasure! What a gem of an interview! I'm so happy to have seen this side of Norm. Thank you. And my prayers are with you, Joyce.
TrueNorth2606 3 aylar önce
Norm gets it dead on right at the beginning: "he doesn't seem to have inherited his father's flinty intellect".
TrueNorth2606 3 aylar önce
@Michael Quaidme too.
Michael Quaid
Michael Quaid 3 aylar önce
I sincerely miss the guy
Alberto Mauiztic
Alberto Mauiztic 4 aylar önce
This is a gem of an interview, thanks. Rest in peace, Norm
Madj 1970
Madj 1970 2 yıl önce
Great interview and love norm. Seems like a humble guy and realistic about a lot of things in life.
Mr. Howard
Mr. Howard 3 aylar önce
His insight is what makes him such a great comedian.
Elijah T. Wreckingball
We're lucky to have access to so many great Norm Macdonald videos on TRvid.
Vinny Moore
Vinny Moore 4 aylar önce
Such a legend. We could all use his humour now.
Mike Tammaro
Mike Tammaro 4 aylar önce
Gotta love how norm being one of the few comedians that had no interest in hating on any person. He will be missed.
James McInnis
James McInnis 4 aylar önce
"hating on"
Jail 4 aylar önce
He definetly didnt care for that Barbara Walters I'd say
Dody Adkins
Dody Adkins 4 aylar önce
Get real. Hillary/Bill. OJ. Carrot Top. There were many he loathed.
ElisonJackson 4 aylar önce
@Paul Heywood or carrot top LOL
Paul Heywood
Paul Heywood 4 aylar önce
O J ?
Gamma Smash
Gamma Smash 3 yıl önce
Comedian/Roaster Jeff Ross said, "You only roast people you love." If you feel contempt or hate for the person you're roasting, it bleeds into the material and completely changes the tone of the act. Removes the all important sense of "all in good fun" Don Rickles could say anything to anyone and no one ever got mad, because there was no malice behind it.
zephodx 3 aylar önce
@*Jared X* Oh, the irony.
*Jared X*
*Jared X* 3 aylar önce
@Katherine Hamar Your condescension isn't hidden and your bias is noted.
Katherine Hamar
Katherine Hamar 3 aylar önce
@Daniel B Latzanich because they don't agree with you?
Daniel B Latzanich
Daniel B Latzanich 3 aylar önce
@David McArdle they have awful views and espouse them as loudly as possible with as much confidence as they can muster
Michael McAree
Michael McAree 3 aylar önce
@David McArdle I don't really know anything about them. "Fixed that for you" is a common joke.
Joe Simon
Joe Simon 3 yıl önce
"People hated Hillary so much that they voted for someone they hated more." That's Mark Twain quality genius
de Omnibus Dubitandum est
if mark twain got dropped on the floor as a baby, then yeah, mark-twain-dropped-on-the-ground-as-a-baby-alternate-reality-quality-genius
Dan Smoot
Dan Smoot 3 aylar önce
It is genius in the sense that it's an endless riddle. Another way of looking at it is as Western haiku.
theresemarie 3 aylar önce
@John Baxter I think that word needs to be retired. It has totally lost all meaning.
MrSTAYUP33 3 aylar önce
the irony in 2020
Gios Cervelo
Gios Cervelo 3 aylar önce
@John Baxter Thanks I've corrected it.
Junsinator 3 aylar önce
"It's way easier for bad comedians" - so spot on!
Baron Fyre Whine
Baron Fyre Whine 3 aylar önce
@Daniel MacNeil Dope.
Daniel MacNeil
Daniel MacNeil 3 aylar önce
Trump supporters are just sensitive lol
C M 3 aylar önce
I.e. Seth Myers
Ryan Peplinski
Ryan Peplinski 4 aylar önce
When he said, “I love you Joyce.” Lots of undertones of sincerity.
Sheeple Hunter
Sheeple Hunter 3 aylar önce
@Jeffrey Amster Especially knowing now that she likely knew that he was dying at the time of this interview.
Kuryan Thomas
Kuryan Thomas 3 aylar önce
@Jack Semenoff he loved his big bro and that affection definitely passed over to his wife as well.
Madrrrrrrrrrrr 3 aylar önce
I remember this interview like the day of yesterday. It's special all the way.
Jack Semenoff
Jack Semenoff 3 aylar önce
He never used I love you loosely ,when he said it he really meant it.
palsyddad 3 aylar önce
@Jeffrey Amster I think Norm might find some humor in it if he was still here. It wasn't a joke, but it's a bit funny to see news guests and hosts saying "I love you." And the way he takes humor into the conversational makes me think he would laugh at the idea of using a TV show to call a relative.
Vowel Sounds
Vowel Sounds 3 aylar önce
We’ve lost a number of comedians who would’ve helped everyone a lot these days. Norm, Phil H., Chris F would keep these politicians feet to the fire. Missing Norm bigly.
SomervilleBob 3 yıl önce
Norm is brilliant. One of my favorite comedians.
Adam Miller
Adam Miller 2 yıl önce
Behind this man's eyes he is always laughing. Inwardly he seems to be laughing even when he is not joking. I think it's a lovely quality. And it is not cynical. He's like the Buddha or the Hindu god of laughter, or something.
myname 3 aylar önce
Twinkly eyes and dimples. Always cute and charming!
Adam Miller
Adam Miller 3 aylar önce
@Mike Pondo Well we can at least agree that you’ve said enough.
Darwinism 2.0
Darwinism 2.0 4 aylar önce
Yes you always want to know what’s going on behind those eyes ❤️❤️❤️
Joanette Murch
Joanette Murch 4 aylar önce
Twinkly eyes👏👏👏
Jiggynomics 4 aylar önce
He was the absolute best, condolences to you and your family.
Douglas McIntyre
Douglas McIntyre 4 aylar önce
Rest in peace Norm. " Who needs a joke when you have the word crackwhore?"
Levi Gee
Levi Gee 3 aylar önce
All it took was him to smile and I start laughing he is such a comedic genius 😂
Milli Macro
Milli Macro Yıl önce
This guy has one mood: funny Norm is just a special guy, one of a kind
VaughnJogVlog 3 yıl önce
“Nobody wanted to have a beer with Hillary Clinton.” 😂🤣😂
Brian OSullivan
Brian OSullivan 4 aylar önce
Why would you want to have a beer with someone that could be President? When you have the most difficult job in the world, with a lot of responsibilities, I don’t care if you’re relatable or not, just do your job. That’s it. Watching this, for someone who is known to play on the edge with his comedy, I’m surprised how soft Norm was on Trump. I thought someone like Norm who was incredibly perceptive, would have seen right through him.
Harry Mathew
Harry Mathew 3 yıl önce
She's good to have around at a bbq. Always has hot sauce in her purse..
Scott William
Scott William 3 yıl önce
Who the hell would want to have a beer with you ?
Dan Field
Dan Field 3 yıl önce
VaughnJogVlog ....I would.
Jay Fisher
Jay Fisher 3 yıl önce
I love how he actually thinks and doesn't fall into the hysteria
Roberj Aylar önce
This was a great interview. I think his demeanor was very honest and real. You can tell they both had genuine affection for one and other. Lastly, Joyce looks like a natural beauty.
Jay Tea
Jay Tea 4 aylar önce
His dry wit and intelligence will be missed. He was fantastic in Update, and remains my favorite anchor on that segment, as much as I like Tina Fey.
BlueHooloovoo 3 yıl önce
This interview really shows how deceptively intelligent Norm is. He's no idiot at all, in fact he probably understands politics better than the news agencies that report on it. I especially love his objectivity in this interview with his outright refusal to pick sides. I wish more people in the world would be able to follow his example and be a little more diplomatic in responding to issues affecting the world.
Maarten van Rossem Lezingen
Are you saying you should never pick sides? Or that not picking sides is more intelligent than picking sides?
Oh yeah That’s right
A rare glimpse into a great man’s heart, so refreshing. The I love you was so genuine
Shayla Brightman
Shayla Brightman 3 aylar önce
I'm going to miss Norm. Witty, smart, funny, real, and adorable. I love him, always will. And that sweet boyish face... I just want to cup it in my hands and kiss it.
EoinFC 3 yıl önce
Lovely interview. Very smart. Not playing for laughs and yet nailing it. "You don't have a world view by just saying you don't like Trump".
ZENSIBLE 3 aylar önce
What a Brilliant interview And Norm, what can I say. He's the Best Period!
Olle Mattsson
Olle Mattsson Yıl önce
Honestly probably one of the best performances from Norm I've seen :-) Thank you for sharing!
Ludwig De Vera
Ludwig De Vera 4 aylar önce
Never appreciated how thoughtful and skilled he was in his craft when I was younger.
Bubbles 3 aylar önce
I’m guilty as well. I think in these days of attention deficit disorder, you want the punchlines coming fast, with him it was more a languid stroll on the beach instead of a sprint. But when you take the time, and know him, it’s more than worth it
Gios Cervelo
Gios Cervelo 4 aylar önce
Justin didn't inherit his fathers "Flinty intellect" . Nicely said.
Daniel MacNeil
Daniel MacNeil 3 aylar önce
@Ivan Zhao long game huh
Ivan Zhao
Ivan Zhao 3 aylar önce
his father created the immigration policies that will destroy the country
Mavro Syvannah
Mavro Syvannah 4 aylar önce
Another common 1920's expression.
EZ T 4 aylar önce
Actually in a somber way this was a very interesting and unique interview. All of Norm's answers were well thought out and reflective. "One cannot impersonate someone with whom they have contempt" ... you don't hear smart answers like that too often from the entertainment genre.
Jim Bohnenkamp
Jim Bohnenkamp 3 aylar önce
I loved Norm, and I'm so sorry and sad for his passing. He was so overlooked and misunderstood. He deserved better.
Lovelandmonkey 3 aylar önce
I'm just glad that I was able to appreciate him for his genius before his passing, but it's unfortunate I'll never be able to meet him one day.
I am Jaguar Paw! This is MY forest!
".....for idiots it's an easier time....." Truer words were never spoken.
tsuba14 3 aylar önce
it's like Monty Python, the episode where the guy pays for arguments but just gets a guy who contradicts. that's idiots who think they are smart.
natedoggrevolution 3 yıl önce
Awesome interview! I love me some Norm, and Joyce knowing him gave this interview a level of intimacy rarely seen in journalism.
truvelocity 3 aylar önce
He was smiling at someone he knew at the end about his phone going off. LOL. Very genuine person.
William Wagner
William Wagner 3 yıl önce
This is an extremely sharp man.
Donna Ann De Felice-Junk
Norm was so underrated! Brains & comedy! Norm will be missed!
Albert Castillo
Albert Castillo 3 aylar önce
I like this style of interview. Just a normal conversation with no interjecting.
Mister Pinchy
Mister Pinchy 3 yıl önce
Norm has been making me laugh since the 80's 🤜🏻💥🤛🏻
Mitch Swanson
Mitch Swanson 3 aylar önce
I never watched so much Norm ever, since his leaving the building. The more I listen I get to realize he was not always bad just sometimes. And I laugh hard sometimes. Well he was something special is all I can say now...
stranraerwal 4 aylar önce
the non-comedian Norm, sincere, wise, intellectual, and loveable.
TERRY OSINGA 3 aylar önce
Yes I was very surprised by his intelligence and dedication to answering honestly..His comedy was so low ball that I just assumed he wasn't that intelligent....I never understood the wide appeal for him....but i now find me watching a ton of clips about him....possibly because i'm trying to figure out why he was so loved.
Johnny Elizabethton
Johnny Elizabethton 3 aylar önce
And, apparently, uncomfortable.
Justin Henry
Justin Henry 4 aylar önce
This is an amazing interview.
joe56474 3 aylar önce
Norm MacDonald was an unassuming genius in many ways. I feel this interview demonstrates that well.
obnoxiouspriest 4 aylar önce
Love how serious and insightful we got Norm here.
t16205 2 aylar önce
Like a Yoda of comedy!
niko 4 aylar önce
Really loved him. Rest in peace, Norm.
Joseph Walker
Joseph Walker 3 yıl önce
"Flinty intellect"...Man Norm sure has a way with words.
Adam Johnson
Adam Johnson 3 yıl önce
Norm is a genius. I always knew it but hopefully others can start seeing that
nnnnnnnnnnnn 3 yıl önce
Norm is such a casual savage in this interview, I love it.
adam seth larrobis
adam seth larrobis 3 aylar önce
I love how when he was younger he had this senile mind trapped in a young body act. But you really see he's very sharp
Francisco Medina
Francisco Medina 3 yıl önce
Thanks Norm. You have always been a great comedian and human being.
U686ST 3 yıl önce
He and Dennis Miller were the two best "Weekend Update" anchors.
Paul Polpiboon
Paul Polpiboon 3 aylar önce
This was keen and candid, very interesting and rational. Yet still loveable
Edgar Guerra
Edgar Guerra 3 yıl önce
Norm Macdonald; always ahead of the curve!
Dan Ryan
Dan Ryan 3 yıl önce
I think its Norm's open-minded honest insight that makes him pure funny.
davidemmyg 2 gün önce
Intelligent and eloquent. His take was so unbiased and genuine. Miss him
I wanna have a beer with Norm.
HajimeNoJMo 3 aylar önce
I would want Canadian beer with him
John Branscombe
John Branscombe 3 aylar önce
Beer may not have been his choice, but to have a coffee with him would have been a treat!
Riley Cr055
Riley Cr055 3 aylar önce
@Michael Bruvolt You don't know the reference? You know...the one with genghis khan. It was a national tragedy.
Michael Bruvolt
Michael Bruvolt 3 aylar önce
@Vovin self-projecting? Don't worry about Norm, he's in a better place than you will be.
Vovin 4 aylar önce
@James Swentzel His brother is still in Canada
Mark Blubaugh
Mark Blubaugh 4 aylar önce
This was Norm MacDonald's best interview.
Lo Ca
Lo Ca 4 aylar önce
Now being where we are and understanding what Norm was living and undergoing cancer treatments puts a whole different lens to this interview. My he will be missed.
Brad 3 aylar önce
I was laughing so hard when he answered his phone.
tomatogoo 3 yıl önce
Norms the best. When his phone rang the second time I laughed so hard!
J 3 yıl önce
I really enjoyed this interview, he touched on some interesting points. Love listening to this intelligent, humble and funny guy
Cookie Girl
Cookie Girl 3 yıl önce
Expected equal time for Justin. He's idiotic.
bill Smyth
bill Smyth 3 yıl önce
@drew. The pic issue was this. Norm asks trump for a Pic. Trump says sure Norm. Whilst he said sure he was already being escorted by the secret service into an elevator. The Sure Norm remark was sarcasm but not meant to be humiliating because he knows who Norm is. That was his whole narrative about sarcasm and how people miss the sarcastic remarks and take a comment literally. Do you remember during one of his hall meetings a baby kept crying and instead of the parents taking the baby out of the room they continued to sit there. Trump remarked.. its ok all are welcomed and went on a little about the tot crying. That was sarcasm. Trump is a very sarcastic individual but not in a way to humiliate people. Some people get it some don't. I still support the man.
JameyB 3 yıl önce
Drew Cama don’t let Norms genius get you in a kerfuffle. Stick to the rivers and streams you’re used to stay out of the oceans.
Drew Cama
Drew Cama 3 yıl önce
WTF. I thought this was the stupidest interview ever. What interesting points? He rambled on and said nothing. totally incoherent. What was that story about asking donald for his picture even about? He says trump didn't want to be president. He says you got to be humble to be funny and donald is really funny but not humble more like a wwf wrestler. A total contradiction. You cant do a good impression if you don"t like some one etc etc. If you want to do smart comedy you got to stay away from trump. What is he even saying? I'ts like he was stoned or had never been on TV before. Trudeau the father was more funny than Trudea the sun? I was an adult though both and well maybe but his father wasn't known for his sence of humor so what is that comment about what relevance did it have to what ever pint he was trying to make?
Kessler 3 yıl önce
"Norm was pressured"- Doubt it. "Trump bashing"- I'd hardly call it that. "Wanted to roast Hillary Clinton more"- If he did, he would've, but I'm pretty sure it falls into that category of low hanging fruit which he _actually_ said something about. I really think you should re-watch the video while not trying to graft your biases onto the man.
Howard Luken
Howard Luken 3 aylar önce
Norm setting up the phone call to interrupt the interview is brilliant. Smartest guy in the room. And to think he was fighting cancer for nine years and this was basically towards the end 3 years ago.
Einzel Wolf
Einzel Wolf 3 aylar önce
He looks and sounds very tired in this interview
Steve Young
Steve Young 3 aylar önce
Gotta love this. Can sense he was trying to be on his best behaviour just for his sister in law…Lo and behold he gets a phone call and answers it on air. No matter the setting or situation Norm will be Norm and that’s why he’s the best. I’m sure his family and friends miss him dearly, as do we (his fans).
Control Freak
Control Freak 3 aylar önce
"Nothing looks dumber than parodying self parody." Let's say it again louder for those in the back.
Torriss Balsoff
Torriss Balsoff 3 aylar önce
Nice catch. This shows Norm's incredible awareness. I have not heard ANY OTHER performer provide this level of analysis
White Noise Relaxation
You are a legend, mate! Thank you for your gift to society and rest easy, brother!
Dave hwang
Dave hwang 3 yıl önce
Norm is a true comedian; SNL has really gone downhill without him.
Devin Klassen
Devin Klassen 4 aylar önce
Joyce certainly knew Norm was battling with cancer, that's something that has to be realized in the deep background. As the wife of Norm's brother there is no way she didn't. Norm was able to continue battling for 3 more years but was already under the spell of cancer for 6 at this point.
Baron Fyre Whine
Baron Fyre Whine 2 aylar önce
@t16205 No he wasn't right.
t16205 2 aylar önce
@Baron Fyre Whine No he was right. TF you talking about?
Baron Fyre Whine
Baron Fyre Whine 3 aylar önce
@John Branscombe Unfortunately, he was wrong about that.
David Bullen
David Bullen 3 aylar önce
I was thinking that, and I was thinking that it showed
John Branscombe
John Branscombe 3 aylar önce
A quote from Norm (paraphrased by me) was that when someone dies fighting a terminal disease it is a draw! The disease died too. One did not beat the other. The disease only wins if the person quits fighting.
Ray Klein
Ray Klein 4 aylar önce
Can you miss someone who you never really paid a lot of attention to? I wish that I could claim to have been a big Norm MacDonald fan, but I was not. But after his death, I have been watching clips and tributes to him and realize that we lost a giant. He was brilliant, hilarious, and unique. Both an old-fashioned comic along the lines of Rickles and Dangerfield as well as cutting edge and current. He has some amazingly intelligent things to say here about the nature of comedy and the juncture of politics, imitation, and humor.
Mdebacle 4 aylar önce
"Donald Trump is funny in the way that a WWE wrestler is." Exactly.
Murk Aylar önce
@Mike Doyle his wife knew English sentences? Sorry, that got me taken back, she makes Terminator sound like Shakespeare.
David DeMaria
David DeMaria 3 aylar önce
@Mdebacle if the drug was bath salts. All one would need to do is look around them for perspective.
Mdebacle 3 aylar önce
@David DeMaria Wonder how many Trumpians knew exactly that. As Cesar Sayoc described it, attending a Trump rally was "like a new found drug."
David DeMaria
David DeMaria 3 aylar önce
Wish more of his followers understood that's what he was - the WWE of politics, and not to be taken seriously.
David DeMaria
David DeMaria 3 aylar önce
@Mike Doyle he got every bit he had coming to him.
Mike Miller
Mike Miller 3 yıl önce
It's so calming to know that there are human beings out there who can actually have a rational and sane opinion of Donald Trump. God bless you Norm Macdonald!
wasdwasdedsf 3 aylar önce
@alecrosekrans when did he say tyhat
Chris Hadden
Chris Hadden 3 aylar önce
You definitely missed the point dude.
alecrosekrans 3 aylar önce
I hope you realize that Norm is on record saying that Trump is utterly despicable.
Niel2760 3 aylar önce
That we elected a pro wrestler as president?
Troy Wallace
Troy Wallace 3 yıl önce
I love the way she smiles. You can tell that she really finds him funny.
Vingul 4 aylar önce
@joey4track How does this contradict what OP was saying?
Jayanth Rajaram
Jayanth Rajaram 4 aylar önce
i mean they are related lol
Tsrenis Yıl önce
@eric 420 he barely is To be honest most Canadians dislike big boy agent orange el Trúmp
Bobby Vee
Bobby Vee 2 yıl önce
she was definitely trying to hold back the laughter and a few times seemed like she was seconds away from losing it lol
H Q 2 yıl önce
Rob Heine why would you think she’s uncomfortable? what did you project as her feelings?
Michael Pacini
Michael Pacini 4 aylar önce
Norm was so smart . A comedic genius . Miss you Norm Macdonald
Spike Brockelbank
Spike Brockelbank 2 aylar önce
that was awesome! Norm, I underappreciated you so much! You are missed. His ability to cut to the quick is undeniable and severe. I cannot think of anyone who does it better,
Gravity 3 yıl önce
I like to pretend that Norm is my dad. Just cause mines been gone. For a long time. Norms the best.
Josh Marden
Josh Marden Yıl önce
Yeah, I could have a beer with that guy. Shoe in for a father. I want him as my President tho, can you imagine him just endlessly crackin wise on the world stage, really getting to the meat of the issue of the day. We'd be in the bar watching the ol news on the boob tube and you'd be all "that's my dad!" Great fake memories 🍻
spyros savaides
spyros savaides 4 aylar önce
Rest in peace my friend ,I have watched every single performance ,long time fan ,I will miss you.
Muzakman37 4 aylar önce
Does exactly what you don't expect him to do hahaha, such a maverick.
DuaSymPara 4 aylar önce
Well said. He was consistently inconsistent; so much so that I doubt even his 'draw' in his battle against cancer will slow him down all that much.
Mike Dorsey
Mike Dorsey 3 yıl önce
I thought he was going to say, “Donald, I need to call you back”.
Markus Chelios
Markus Chelios Yıl önce
He was but caught himself.
connecting flight
connecting flight 3 yıl önce
absolutely perfect interview
JR 711
JR 711 4 aylar önce
Trump calling him during the interview, “don’t answer that question”
Mavro Syvannah
Mavro Syvannah 4 aylar önce
Norm just explained that sarcasm doesn't work in print. But I heard it in you, or is that in me.
Glen Holmgren
Glen Holmgren 4 aylar önce
NOPE - def would have answered it, then!
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