Norm Macdonald Met Larry Flynt At Correspondents' Dinner | Late Night with Conan O’Brien

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(Original airdate: 5/15/97) Norm Macdonald talks about following the President at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner and meeting Larry Flynt.

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18 Eyl 2021




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William Mandel
William Mandel 9 saatler önce
More Norm is better
HVACJAY 19 saatler önce
I don't understand why people say they are feeling under the weather when they are sick. Because technically aren't we always under the weather 24 hours a day ?
Pauline Muthena
Pauline Muthena 2 gün önce
Never saw him drinking any fluid on Conan
walter kersting
walter kersting 2 gün önce
Fa-luids? You mean outta my ass?
blue 2 gün önce
Laslen Maida
Laslen Maida 3 gün önce
"Most people like you, you're the President!" I remember those days... when becoming President didn't necessarily mean you became instantly hated.
interstellar618 4 gün önce
Oh man!! That was unreal!!
Steve Harris
Steve Harris 5 gün önce
Politically correct...NOT ,0)
aintgonnahappen 6 gün önce
Even when he bombs he's hysterical somehow.
Mark Estes
Mark Estes 6 gün önce
Coked up Coman is in Norms way.
Joseph Kelley
Joseph Kelley 6 gün önce
Playing this in honor of the show's greatness around Norm. i.e. Andy and Conan saving-their-very-best. At times like a Lob-athon. Norm not just getting hitting but lobbing Scuds of Norm's own. trvid.com/video/video-DLB5_79WI4g.html Thanks Andy, Conan, Team Coco and Norm.
Oprahs FatAss
Oprahs FatAss 6 gün önce
I wish Conan would talk less.
Dean Clark
Dean Clark 8 gün önce
Conan needs a sense of humour.
RedPat 9 gün önce
Tim Trainor
Tim Trainor 10 gün önce
nobodyt can hold a candle to Norm MCDONALD, nobody!@!
Captain Scentsible
Captain Scentsible 11 gün önce
He'll come in on his wheel chair hhaaa
crazyfvck 12 gün önce
"I thought you meant fluids out of my ass!" :D
Favorite Mustard
Favorite Mustard 13 gün önce
Time flies... ...so do bullets! Eh Norm!
F100 FE390
F100 FE390 13 gün önce
It would be good if the guest was allowed to speak.
Michael Chan
Michael Chan 13 gün önce
Norm MacDonald was the the sharpest guy in the room. Every person was trying to keep up with him.
Luca 14 gün önce
“I was one of the people that was versussing him” 😂😂😂 genius..
greenspringvalley 15 gün önce
Most people stop a joke when they are interrupted.. but some of Norm's jokes get a dozen or more interruptions and he is never phased in the slightest.
Propaganda Critic
Propaganda Critic 15 gün önce
Norm is my favorite kind of genius.
Maury Rosenberg's Music Channel
I propose a new addition to the English language as follows: NORM (Adjective)- Definition: A singular iconoclastic consummate comedian for the ages
Gary Lake
Gary Lake 15 gün önce
I do not think that I would be phased by having to follow Joe Bden.
Dido Milan
Dido Milan 15 gün önce
He’s adorable.
PJ B 16 gün önce
Miss you so much Norm.
Mark Estes
Mark Estes 16 gün önce
This is 1 of his best appearances. He is kinda goofy, maybe from being sick or medicine. Very loose but driving the interview as always. Just the on the fly handicap prez parking joke is worth the watch.
Robert J. duPreez
Robert J. duPreez 17 gün önce
Best line that churns Conan into laughing putty. OMG "Someone shot a gun"
thedexterbros 17 gün önce
I don't think anyone else ever made Conan laugh so heartily and genuinely. He must miss Norm even more than most of us
Hank 18 gün önce
It's the only time I see Conan a little nervous due to the genetic funny-ness of a guest.
moonboogie N8
moonboogie N8 19 gün önce
It's not Larry Flynt's fault.....
Dan Waldis
Dan Waldis 20 gün önce
Norm McDonald had a genius for comedy, and he is truly missed!
Two Cents
Two Cents 21 gün önce
Man, he was funny. He and Conan totally fed off each other.
Mike W
Mike W 21 gün önce
Here is the amazing thing about this. This is this first part of the same appearance many people know Norm MacDonald for. I’ve never seen anyone with the ability to warm up the audience like this guy. Dangerfield was like this with Carson. He’d target jokes at the host just to see what his tolerance level was. And to both Carson and Conan’s credit they were willing enablers. If you break the host everyone gets comfortable. And when they realize it’s okay to laugh in public, they become your best friend.
Roddy MIllard
Roddy MIllard 22 gün önce
Norm could sit and read a phone book. And folks would pay to see him do it.
Ty Jones
Ty Jones 20 gün önce
Like watching Henry Fonda pick blueberries.
Sanja Ivković
Sanja Ivković 22 gün önce
joe diamond
joe diamond 22 gün önce
Fluids out of my ass 😏😊😁😄😆😂🤣
jallalalla 22 gün önce
comedic slide of hand.....
Ernesto Pimentel
Ernesto Pimentel 22 gün önce
Mi God... i will miss this guy... R.I.P. Norm, you did well!!!
chad 22 gün önce
You know what a good name for a movie about Elephant Man would be? Box office poison.
Jay El
Jay El 23 gün önce
Norm goes from The Fly to The Dinosaur (Jurassic Park), then starts laughing. Let's keep going.😆😂😂
Craig Collins
Craig Collins 23 gün önce
When they never got him
Gerry M
Gerry M 25 gün önce
very quiet now..........
s7rugg1es 25 gün önce
Dude this is the same ep where he finesses Courtney Thorne-Smith
Lhak_sam 26 gün önce
I genuinely miss this old chunk of a coal
Wigit 28 gün önce
+1 for using 'barfing' in a sentence
Rath Grams
Rath Grams 28 gün önce
Courtney Thorne Smith was the next guest and then comedy history was made
odd Ozzi
odd Ozzi 28 gün önce
What a quick mind. Rip
GUS KRINGEN 29 gün önce
I love Conan but unlike Letterman or Carson or Leno, he competes with the act, and with a comedic genius like Norm his interruptions weaken the performance. I think it stems from his being a writer and not a comedian. A comedian would get this, Conan just doesn’t.
Geoffrey Logsdon
Geoffrey Logsdon 29 gün önce
Oh my God, l am not a "laugher" by nature but this whole bit made me laugh so hard l was almost crying by the end. What a loss. There will never be another comic mind like Norm's. That, and his timing, makes him a genius. And the fact that when his timing is off, he makes it even more hilarious.
Robbie Farrington
Robbie Farrington Aylar önce
The incompetent garage considerably start because bestseller progressively preach aboard a hysterical ox. uncovered, rapid lotion
Sir Honk
Sir Honk Aylar önce
Norm was robbed. He was practicing to be a old man all his life. Comedy has changed buy Norm stayed true to his art.
Ollie Aylar önce
"He's disabled and the president of the united states. Imagine that parking spot."
Kit Richardson
Kit Richardson Aylar önce
“ Because the guy doesn’t even really look like an elephant” 😂
Anon Aylar önce
Patrik Đivić
Patrik Đivić Aylar önce
Has anyone noticed how he said "and he kills" when talking about president. I don't think he just ment it as in being great at telling jokes. He knew what he was doing saying it like that. He has said that Clinton is a murderer a few times before.
Scott 21 gün önce
Yeah you’re definitely reading into it way too much.
liquidxan Aylar önce
Norm = Funny
newtpondskipper Aylar önce
Two of the funniest men IMO.
Joe Morrow
Joe Morrow Aylar önce
In Columbus Ohio there was a place called Max&Erma's East Larry Flint lived in Bexly Ohio,,1974,75 he would send girls down to M&Es and the party was on,,,Monday nights a dime a mixed drink for women,,,,it was a fun place
David Porter
David Porter Aylar önce
“Y’all know about this woman from Denmark that left her baby out on the street? How do you feel about that folks?” BOOOOOOOOO.
FireWalkWithMe25 Aylar önce
Nothing better than Conan and Norm. Absolutely tv gold.
qclod Aylar önce
can't believe i just found out about Norm. one of the funniest people i've ever seen.
Ally W
Ally W Aylar önce
There’s chaotic energy and there”s chaotic🤣
𝙺.𝙿. Aylar önce
Can anyone help me find the "Youthful Porpoise" bit?
SubjectZero Aylar önce
You know who's famously known to not be risible? Ol' Stone-Face Fallon.
David Aylar önce
11:12 "I was one of the people that was 'versusING' him" this just shows how spontaneously funny he was.
B. Bird
B. Bird Aylar önce
"Someone shot a gun" 😂
Marcia Baker
Marcia Baker Aylar önce
RIP Norm thanks Team Coco
Nowhere Man
Nowhere Man Aylar önce
Norm seemed like he was feeling good that night.I love to hear him ramble about anything.He voice and inflections keep me in the ride.Then he drops funny stuff.Norm seemed like a great guy.
Aris YellowRaven
Aris YellowRaven Aylar önce
God bless Normie 💫 A genuine naturally hilarious man.
Stan Carpenter
Stan Carpenter Aylar önce
When you see a friend comedian laughing his ass off in such an honest fashion, you know Norm was the king :-). Compare that to that weird and creepy constant giggle of Jimmy Fallon…
Francisco Smirsley
Francisco Smirsley Aylar önce
Genius, sheer genius, unbelievable. How I love this man and I'm not one of them gays.
Ronni Mm
Ronni Mm Aylar önce
Norm is the best!!
J B Aylar önce
Blessed be, Conan did his best to cover but Norm was as drunk as I've ever seen a man.
Nathan Doden
Nathan Doden Aylar önce
In JESUS NAME please pray for my family and me Nathan in JESUS NAME Amen.
Dirty Pixels
Dirty Pixels Aylar önce
Why was a pornographer at Bill Cli... wait never mind.
an old chunk of coal
3:44 - was about to call her bitch 🤣🤣
Ikken Hisatsu
Ikken Hisatsu Aylar önce
Funniest ever. I put him ahead of Pryor and Williams and everyone else. His childlike delivery and brutal honesty were incomparable.
SuperThesaurusRex Aylar önce
@5:40 Norm steals a base...
Mike DePue
Mike DePue Aylar önce
This is the funniest goddamn thing I've watched in months. God bless you Norm. R.I.P.
Paul Rone-Clarke
Paul Rone-Clarke Aylar önce
Or put it another way "I was in the film" at least that's how I like to put it.
owaingum Aylar önce
im so not used to these old ones being so crisp
Mitch Cornacchia
Mitch Cornacchia Aylar önce
Me too norm binge since he died he was great and very underrated. RIP
Delbert Hagan
Delbert Hagan Aylar önce
Trump keeps talking about running again in 2024. Now, not even half of all Republicans want to see him enter the Race. Further, some prominent Pols have said Publicly they don"t think he can win. He is simply a LOSER. And trump will ASK his Followers to NOT VOTE. So, IF THAT happens the DEMS WIN AGAIN!! Just think how badly the old man will feel then.!!! Serves him right. AFTER all, when you assume a JOB that you aren't qualified for, WHAT CAN GO WRONG?? ASK DONALD, he knows.
rex colon
rex colon Aylar önce
kamuelalee Aylar önce
Among many other things, Norm was a master impressionist...especially of Larry Flynt. LOL
I've been using the phrase "hot, dirty broads" ever since I saw this. People don't take too kindly to it, but it makes me laugh.
Jusbert Meza
Jusbert Meza Aylar önce
Conan O Brian wasn’t funny at all during this time. His jokes are so bad lol 😂.
Thomas Santiago
Thomas Santiago Aylar önce
Matt Williams
Matt Williams Aylar önce
He was on his comedy toes that day
T Vdb
T Vdb Aylar önce
Man....he was epic on this one.
Tyler Spears
Tyler Spears Aylar önce
I feel like he misses the entire time but it’s still somehow funny
Frequency Pan X12
Frequency Pan X12 Aylar önce
Elton John !
Belen M
Belen M Aylar önce
I lost it at 7:58 HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA
Omar Rivera
Omar Rivera Aylar önce
Norm was incredible
Angel Rodriguez
Angel Rodriguez Aylar önce
RIP Norm - a true legend
mg 7
mg 7 Aylar önce
Until he passed I had forgotten about Norm. He is hilarious.
toOnybrain Aylar önce
Chemistry. Norm and Conan have/had chemistry. This was enormously fun. 🤣😂
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