Non-Uniform Days, In British Schools Versus American Schools!

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29 Kas 2021




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NasikaSakura Aylar önce
Actually, my American high school banned costumes. We still had dress codes, like skirts had to go at least to fingertip length when arms are held straight against the sides and no spaghetti straps or flip flops/thongs. For that matter, my public American elementary school had a "dress code" which was really "you can pick among 4 uniforms we're selected from this pamphlet." 🙃 That was, unless you were too poor to afford the uniform and the school agreed it wasn't worth the fuss to provide you with a used one that was donated by way of a waiver. Thankfully, the other kids thought it was cool- not that you're poor. XD
DesiredCodes 4 saatler önce
No one asked
Nimeesha Sharma
Nimeesha Sharma 6 gün önce
@Lydia Rosalie Hill that would be fun to see lol. Teacher trying to scold you for a short skirt when it's actually not breaking any rules lol
thorn lilyn
thorn lilyn 6 gün önce
I went to a uniform school and I had to wear black and red every day I hated it mostly because the school was always melting during the summer so bouble melt but at least it was okay during winter.
The infamous lemon
The infamous lemon 18 gün önce
Bro it just aint ever gonna be the same. Ur never gonna understand
S!mplyXr0bl0x 23 gün önce
OMG 5 gün önce
Welp...most casual American schools really don't care. And yeah wearing pajamas to school with a blanket is pretty nice 😂
Creator Productions
Creator Productions 10 saatler önce
@Jaxson and copied a comment
Jaxson 20 saatler önce
bot account
Anthony Coccia
Anthony Coccia Gün önce
I was pro uniform until I taught in a country that had a strict uniform policy. It was a nightmare. No teacher has time to deal with uniform infraction paperwork.
Diamond Paint
Diamond Paint 3 gün önce
As someone who has worn multiple cosplay/costume outfits to school for no reason other than "fuck it, why not?" I can say this is spot on for many American schools lol. No one really cared that much and I never got dress coded for it. Good times
TikTok Gaming
TikTok Gaming Aylar önce
My middle school is we have to pay a dollar to every Friday just to wear non uniform, but we just hurry and walk past the teachers so we don’t get dress coded😂
FaTiiLiZeD PuPPeT Aylar önce
Welp...most casual American schools really don't care. And yeah wearing pajamas to school with a blanket is pretty nice 😂
POP Culture
POP Culture 15 saatler önce
Void Istrash
Void Istrash Aylar önce
Bruh a couple weeks ago I got into my school some kid was wearing some pajamas with a sweater lol
Aiden Aylar önce
Never done that except for on pajama days.
Kin Aylar önce
My school is American public so we don’t have uniforms and tbh I’m in the fence about the idea. On one hand I like how uniforms look and it would make getting dresses easier. On the other hand if I had to wear a skirt every day I feel like gender dysmorphia would a finally catch up to me.
Afton Breaux
Afton Breaux Aylar önce
Not me they made me take my hoodie off that I tucked in bc it was 10 degrees outside. It didn't even have pockets. I had to sit outside for an hour an a half in the cold without my hoodie.
HPLovinMama6 Gün önce
It's sad what my oldest daughters high school allows compared to what they don't allow. Sure teenagers bring a blanket , but don't you dare wear a tanktop or bring a purse to school. 🙄
XxCrazyTinkxX Aylar önce
I remember in year 8 I paid my £1 for Non School Uniform Day's in 1p coins. my teacher made me collect the rest of class, Count it all & then I had to take it to the main school reception. At least I got to miss the 1st half of lesson 😀
Kiwwi Are people
Kiwwi Are people 11 saatler önce
I feel like this guy has never been in an “American school” before 😐
XxZeroYTxX Aylar önce
My school bans things like costumes and we do have a uniform. I've never known that a non-uniform day existed because my district doesn't do that. It does do a few things similar, but never the actual thing. The most memorable thing I've done that was close to non-uniform day would be pajama day. So I really don't get the complete concept of it but I do have a bit of a idea.
Olivia Stratton
Olivia Stratton Aylar önce
My school definitely lived up to the American stereotype. There was a guy who wore a pink fluffy coat to school everyday. There were a couple of people who wore trenchcoats. One guy wore a three-piece suit everyday. One of my friends wore sheer tights with short-shorts regularly. It was all over the place. And the week leading up to Halloween was always super fun.
evekat _moonlight
evekat _moonlight 10 gün önce
@Kat simps for Leviathan oh HELL YESSS
Kat simps for Leviathan
@evekat _moonlight hmm I'd say start smaller. Just parts of cosplay. Like a survey corps jacket or a replica Sailor moon skirt. Then work your way up
evekat _moonlight
evekat _moonlight 10 gün önce
@Kat simps for Leviathan what should I wear first?
evekat _moonlight
evekat _moonlight 10 gün önce
@Kat simps for Leviathan I live in the US, i must try this
Kat simps for Leviathan
I wish I could have gone to an American school. I would have found every ridiculous way to not quite break the dress code and it'd involve a lot of cosplay (or really whatever I could be bothered to make)
Zero Yeets
Zero Yeets Aylar önce
100% accurate for the British school. My secondary school charges you £1 just to wear your own clothes. And they removed it, so everyone has to wait until the end of the year. Instead, we have funky footwear and still have to pay a pound for something no one will pay attention to unless you're a teacher or you have a foot fetish.
grboski Aylar önce
at my school in Brazil we were never required to wear uniforms, at least when I was at school. Once they gave out mandatory new uniforms but within a few months no one wore them anymore.
Micah Seiler
Micah Seiler 24 gün önce
Honestly, the schools (American) I've been to have been so strict with no tank tops, not short skirts, etc, on dress down days, I've never stopped to consider what the teachers would say if I just walked in with a Disney princess costume or something that didn't break the no shoulders and whatnot rule. I mean, nothing says I can't, technically
Tøkyo Aylar önce
Mostly, I agree with you on your videos. American schools usually have the upper hand, but when it comes to dress code, I don’t know why, but they are sooo strict, way worse than British schools. Just saying
OliveAnimates Aylar önce
That’s semi accurate, but he would immediately be sent to the principals office for wearing a hat :)
zemblxnxty 25 gün önce
in my school we can hear hats
The Artists Journey
The Artists Journey 26 gün önce
We don’t have a dress code at my art high school
Emma Smith
Emma Smith 26 gün önce
Josiah Miller
Josiah Miller 28 gün önce
So true
Josh Aylar önce
In my country School hats are aloud just you can't where them in some classes
Noriaki Kakyoin
Noriaki Kakyoin Aylar önce
In my school, (I'm from Puerto Rico) its more like the british schools according to this video. At one point ot wasn't allowed to wear hoodies. And we're only allowed to wear jeans with closed shoes (sneakers/boots ig). So skirts aren't allowed, off the shoulder shirts either... Short sleeves aren't allowed... Yeah... Now that I think about it our dress codes in Puerto Rico are pretty strict compared to a lot of American schools.
Meep 6 gün önce
Got yelled at for wearing printed leggings. They thought it was my underwear, and after close investigations they determined it was not my underwear. I was still forced to wear one of the uniform shirts over it and then all leggings were banned the next day.
Jivgirl Aylar önce
In my school, we have around 5+ civvies days where there's a theme, for example, wearing Zulu clothes for a Zulu theme. Some of them are fund-raisers so we have to pay Or we bring 5 good eco-bricks and get a civvies day. We're not allowed to wear non-uniform on Fridays because it's uniform check.
Ethan Gerstein
Ethan Gerstein 26 gün önce
Can confirm, I wore a maid outfit to school twice and didn’t get questioned beyond them asking why I was wearing it
yujins Aylar önce
This is so accurate 😭 like why does it hurt to wear a coat or hoodie or trainers on A NON UNIFORM DAY??
I... 6 gün önce
@Arindam Adhikary how?
I... 7 gün önce
@Arindam Adhikary continue ..
Arindam Adhikary
Arindam Adhikary 7 gün önce
@I... yeh
I... 7 gün önce
@Arindam Adhikary really?!
Arindam Adhikary
Arindam Adhikary 7 gün önce
@I... i know you are
AikoChan Aylar önce
I'm having a non-uniform day this Friday and it's literally the first time this year high schools are so strict also they were originally going to not allow ripped jeans but now you are allowed to with tights or fish nets which I think is cool
I like how he always stereotypes Britain and America 😃
StarTheNarrator *
StarTheNarrator * Aylar önce
I go to a very small art centered school where pretty much everyone has at least one day of the week where they decide to look like it’s Halloween (me included) but I feel this is pretty accurate
Dynasaur#2 2 gün önce
Literally every non-uniform day I wear a hoodie.
Mu$!r0°m Aylar önce
I go to an American school, which is also a private Catholic school, in which means we have uniforms and that is exactly how my teachers talk to us on non-uniform days. Its also $1 most of the time.
Kayla Perkins
Kayla Perkins Aylar önce
@Mu$!r0°m Damn that's a scam It's wild to me that stuff like this is allowed I honestly think that uniformed schools are worse about showing who has money and who doesn't Like in not uniform schools I went to if you get dress coded you would have to wear your PE clothes for the rest of the day. If you didn't have a change of clothes you got the old ones from storage I know my boyfriend had a teacher who charged kids 25 cents for a notebook but she claimed it was for next year's notebook His mom went to the school and told the principal about it and the teacher got in trouble but not fired, but she held a grudge against my boyfriend (who was like 7 at the time)
Mu$!r0°m Aylar önce
@Kayla Perkins My school literally buys there uniforms from Target and Old Navy, and some kids can't afford uniforms cause they sell stuff at a horrible price, so they have to take stuff from the storage for free. It's so stupid cause some kids are getting polos for 30$ and there only 10$ in stores. Same with skirts there like 40$ for ONE!
Mu$!r0°m Aylar önce
@Haley T I know right! For me school was $3000 and times that by three for me and my siblings. It's the most ridiculous thing ever.
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki Aylar önce
IK ITS SO ACCURATE today I were a crop top to class and I didn’t get in trouble ( I go to a catholic school)
M Bready
M Bready Aylar önce
Super Idol
Super Idol Aylar önce
“What’s the occasion” and he’s dressed head to toe in guns
JELLY Giraffe
JELLY Giraffe Aylar önce
The whole group chat was talking about what they were going to wear on non uniform day, I swear it happens like 1 in a million years
zozoey_05 Aylar önce
my school’s student council managed to change the dress code so it’s super basic- cover where a swimsuit would at least, nothing that will hinder your movement, nothing sharp/dangerous, no profanity, and close toed shoes. it’s honestly fine we don’t get anyone showing up in outrageous outfits most people just wear sweatpants and tshirts and hoodies to school
Callie Masters
Callie Masters Aylar önce
I went to an American school in Britain, and we still had to pay 50p for the privilege of non-uniform days. (This was decades ago.) I always wondered who got all the money.
TimeBucks Aylar önce
The British version is most accurate
Lucas Britt
Lucas Britt Aylar önce
Nah no we don’t we actually grew up and put on decent clothes
JELLYepix Aylar önce
@Skye Sewell the paying money part is true
luvxstitch Aylar önce
It’s not true at all bc you can wear ur pjs to non uniform day if u wanted and no one would care
blaze burner
blaze burner Aylar önce
No not true
ryk 365
ryk 365 Aylar önce
Bro it's not at All
daddy gamer johnny
daddy gamer johnny Aylar önce
As a swedish guy, the thought of uniforms actually scares me
Isla Goldstein
Isla Goldstein 22 saatler önce
well i go to a private school and for wearing leggings it "distracting" so u get dress coded, you can't even wear words on ur shirt, so my school acts like the british school lol
Team Gaming
Team Gaming Aylar önce
The British one HIT me hard!! It’s so true!!! XD
JellyJester 26 gün önce
Nah, in America it would be more like: "Hey why do you have on a costume" "It's non-uniform day and I forgot to switch the clothes" "And why did you forget" "Because I was playing some games, and realized it was already 10:00, and my mom was yelling at me, it was a whole ordeal" "So next time don't get distracted, I'm giving you a pass to the nurse's office so you can change your clothes to something less...distracting" "But this is the only thing I have" "Then you'll have to borrow some clothes" "But all of them are too small for me" "Too bad, seeya"
JuriAmari Aylar önce
My dress down days have been more like the UK schools than the US ones (and I’m in the US). We paid $5 for charity in exchange for a dress down day/jeans day but even with that, our outfit selection was very limited. Does that mean I’ve been abroad the whole time I was in school? 🤔
Levi Aylar önce
This is very accurate actually. Today is our last day of school for the year, so we got to wear what we wanted, and 2 people came in cosplay. I mean kudos for them for having the confidence to even come wearing them
BoostAddict 21 gün önce
Lol my school didn't even have uniforms to begin with. Another high school nearby did, and their casual dress days even had regulations like this. Most days you had to wear a uniform, on casual days you had a choice between like 2 other things that were still the same colours and branding as the uniform. There were a lot of reasons I didn't go there.
Thenonkiller Aylar önce
My school calls them “dress-down days” and you have to pay $1 for every piece of clothing: 1 for short, 1 for pants, and maybe 1 for jacket/hoodie, and 1 for hat. You don’t have to pay for jackets/hoodies if they’re embroidered.
Shavansky 27 gün önce
That’s crazy! My school was a dollar for the day for everything. Granted, I grew up in a low income area and many didn’t participate because they couldn’t afford even an extra dollar. Teachers used to give extra credit to the food drives, but it was banned because students would donate food their families recieved from the food pantry to receive better grades and compete with their classmates. The school banned paying for better grades after that. Needless to say, I can’t picture asking families to pay that much. Many can’t even spare a can of corn.
JellyAya Aylar önce
Yeah that's accurate for American schools, I've seen goths, cosplayers, even a few kids wearing the same shirt for a week (I was deciding between the reasons of if they were lazy, did laundry every day, or something was up at home). It's pretty much going to a comicon and seeing who does what for how long.
Scripted 26 gün önce
Oh yeah this happens all the time in my american school, i get tired of walking in the halls and seeing someone with a halloween costume on in winter 🤦‍♂️
J-dope Aylar önce
As a British, I can relate this, so heavenly
*sunny-bel* Aylar önce
At the school, on non-uniform days you could literally where whatever route wanted but now they have a dress code for the non-uniform days as some of the teachers have admitted to feeling uncomfortable near students with too much makeup on or when they wear heels!
jlizfriz12 Gün önce
And they make teachers pay $5 to wear jeans….. 😞
ARMYNCTzenStay Kpop
Most of my teachers are pretty chill with non uniform days.(some of the girls wear crop tops, thin straps, short skirts/shorts etc so they do get a bit iffy sometimes) Last year we had 2 in row, one for only students and the other for students and teachers but the first day we had a teacher dome in wearing this brightly coloured top and whenever he got told he wasn't supposed to be in his own clothes he'd just say "I know, but I don't care" it was probably cuz it was his last week of teaching at my school but I loved him. (I'm from Britain)
VioletLion Aylar önce
Same, to the top bit
Scar Scar Taco Cat
Scar Scar Taco Cat Aylar önce
For me it is the opposite, my school is like the video’s British schools
PatheticTV Aylar önce
@Gingerbrave and then mr beast came and gave everyone a million dollars, yeah sure
Ben Creech
Ben Creech Aylar önce
Gingerbrave Aylar önce
As a person from America, a kid literally had to pay for her non uniform then 2 minutes later got called a swear by a teacher and got sent home, and no she didn’t get back money
Esme Aylar önce
Lmao the last non-uniform day we had, some random girl starting a petition and a protest because some gurl who was not respecting the dress code had been WARNED by a teacher. Bc of that, the school decided to cancel the rest of the non uniform days of the year 💀
Tyler Breeze
Tyler Breeze Aylar önce
I’m British and that’s exactly what happens when we don’t have to wear uniforms
Sherry Goodwin
Sherry Goodwin Aylar önce
I can't disagree with this one. I live in America & my son wore an inflatable dinosaur costume to school on the last day of the 11th grade. The teachers thought it was hilarious. 😂😂
Actually, in my America school we had to pay and still then there were limits, we couldn't wear hoodies and only wore one outfit. Skirt or pants was the only difference in the outfit.
Blue Aylar önce
These shorts are so entertaining they always make my day better😇
Inner Frenzy
Inner Frenzy Aylar önce
P*ss off
Gingerfacted Aylar önce
Yeah, they are entertaining and they always make my day better. But sometimes when I look in the comments and I see SOMEONE say the same thing over and over again in different shorts, I'd be pissed. Can you guess who I am reffering to?
Mati vs Rosie
Mati vs Rosie Aylar önce
Just stop. ur getting annoying.
M1CH1NA Aylar önce
Verified channel with MrBeast pfp saying the same shit on every video :/
MMGblueleigh 2 gün önce
I'm so confused I had to pay a dollar or more to where jeans instead of kakis...... 🤣
Maddie Mae
Maddie Mae 8 gün önce
Outfits I’ve seen at my school: 1. A black cape and a giant black hat that was like 2 feet wide 2. A giant sombrero 3. Santa 4. A banana 5. A businessman And the second quarter isn’t even over yet 😂
Necrobach Aylar önce
Yeah I remember a non uniform day at my secondary school. “Non-uniform day. No hoodies Skirts must be appropriate in length No ripped jeans No jogging bottoms No tracksuits No band tees No skull tees No items that may be deemed offensive Like at that point why bother paying a quid?
Trashy Trash
Trashy Trash 16 saatler önce
As an american- not accurate- we still have dress codes
DrFox Aylar önce
In Britain, the money is to raise funds for charity, and, at least in my school, we are not allowed to wear the hoods up in school, but we can still wear hoodies. (Edit) I just remembered my school does do a charity walk every year, and we can dress up as whatever we like with absolutely no rules at all as far as I know and, believe me, someone came in in an inflated shrek costume once.
DrFox 25 gün önce
@Gemma Louise yep :)
Gemma Louise
Gemma Louise 26 gün önce
Are you from england
famous puppy7
famous puppy7 29 gün önce
Raymond Swingle
Raymond Swingle Aylar önce
@_txcamimi_. I now
Raymond Swingle
Raymond Swingle Aylar önce
Ruka Star
Ruka Star 23 gün önce
Lol, we don't even have uniforms in America unless You're in a very high-end private school. 😂
Taya Taya
Taya Taya Aylar önce
Honestly in my school in Britain they don’t care what you wear unless it doesn’t break the dress code
anshi ❤️
anshi ❤️ Aylar önce
In my old primary school, they banned football shirts because of the arguments they caused with what team u support and they banned high heels cuz of safety. but like half the class showed up in football shirts and shorts and some girls showed up in massive high heels 🤣🤣 the teacher didn’t care as long as u brought ur pound for charity
smudger Productions CZE
As a Czech guy I can confirm that we don't have uniforms at all
Lucyla99 Aylar önce
I'm in an American High school and literally the only special days when it came to clothes were Halloween where they allowed you to wear a costume (as long as it didn't have any weapons or Blood or anything), and school spirit days where you are supposed to wear something to match with the theme for example "Blue and Green Day" aka wear as much Blue and Green as physically possible (those are my school colors that's why they were chosen), all of the rest of the day were pretty much just wear what you like as long as it isn't exposing or makes it difficult to find out who you are.
Lucyla99 7 gün önce
@✧.* bakubitch *.✧ they exist in some parts of the US
✧.* bakubitch *.✧
to be honest, i didn’t even think spirit weeks were real
Lucyla99 28 gün önce
@Furret Nation ah okay now I know, yeah it's just the school colors.
Furret Nation
Furret Nation 28 gün önce
I wasn’t going to say it before because controversy but
Furret Nation
Furret Nation 28 gün önce
@Lucyla99 *heatwaves intensifies*
discount Satan
discount Satan 4 gün önce
Meanwhile my Australian school doesn't allow you to Show shoulder Wear croptops No short pants(even when it's really outskirts have to be up to your knees at least same with dresses A dress has to cover shoulders You cannot wear a costume less that's the reason for a non uniform day Basically has to be a more casual version of the school sport uniform but you can wear long pants or long sleeves
Angel p
Angel p Aylar önce
here in london on mufti days (non uniform days we call them mufti) it’s true we have to pay a pound to wear something and like as long as it’s appropriate shouldn’t be a problem doesnt matter the gender
LachSimo 3 gün önce
Our school calls it a FREE DRESS DAY when it's more like a GOLD COIN DRESS DAY because it is not free.
Aurelia Abiri-osei
Aurelia Abiri-osei 27 gün önce
Being a British person, I can confirm that this is really not true. Quite insulting, actually.
As an American student, the British version is most accurate. It’s like why even bother giving us a non uniform day if we still have 5000 rules
Not-So_8 Aylar önce
The way that I normally had non-uniform days it was either it was an end of year/term or it was something where you could donate £1 for a charity or that. That was when I was in Primary school though.
Not-So_8 Aylar önce
@Genesis Haven’t dealt with any of what?
no no
no no Aylar önce
Yea, and we even have to pay them
kjeremiah keydale
kjeremiah keydale Aylar önce
Bro this is fax
AstralAbyss Aylar önce
Same i have no problem
error Aylar önce
In my school, this is soooooooo accurate lol
Haggi Aylar önce
Fun fact: me, 16, living in Germany, can wear what I want 24/7
Lewis Donnison
Lewis Donnison 26 gün önce
I'm from the UK and was about 15 I think and its was non uniform day, I had a cap on and went into math class and the teacher told me to take it off because it was ' rude to wear a hat in her class' 🤣🤣 so I got referred to another class because I refused to take it off 😅
ChildofGod144 2 gün önce
American here, my sister's hs makes them pay $5 on non uniform day🙄
Leo Askham
Leo Askham Aylar önce
At my school there's also: No jeans No holes No bare shoulders Must wear tights If you wear shorts they must go below knees *but this only counts for women* No hoodies No overwear like gloves or coat It's £3 not £1 Must be subdued colours No non-medical glasses No chains Absolutely no jewellery, you'll be sent to isolation and they'll be confiscated or taped up And finally no brands or logos
Why that many- may aswell wear a uniform, it’s the only thing that counts i guess-
SomeCow Aylar önce
So i see many wrong things in this. 1. The womens shorts thing is prob bc they think boys are some sex predators, so that marks 1 big thing that the school is not right about. 2. 3 pounds for a normal day bc you cant wear anything else is scamming people. 3. They steal jewelry
GalexiaGirl Aylar önce
You go to a prison what the hecc
GalexiaGirl Aylar önce
@CINNIMXNN tbh I'd love to show up to school in a blanket. That would be SO comfy.
that theatre kid
that theatre kid Aylar önce
Mr Drift
Mr Drift Aylar önce
This guy is changing peoples perception of the Uk 🇬🇧
Masha diggory
Masha diggory 6 gün önce
*Me laughing as quiet as possible at 3 am after i saw his outfit*
lpp360 Aylar önce
Actually in the US that got more strict codes and they do with their actual students.
ronaldmcdonald 18 gün önce
It isn't a mistake, it's a ✨ MASTERPIECE ✨
TheInkyFriends XxNiamhDoesCraftxX
In Britain I've never had to wear a uniform in my entire life and I'm 23 now
Lesbian Pride!
Lesbian Pride! Aylar önce
In my school, we are actually allowed to wear hoodies but you can only have the hood up outside.
Dragon Aylar önce
My school always had uniforms. Occasionally you could wear jeans and a spirit shirt for a dollar.
Reaking 7 gün önce
Very relatable 😂
jennidoyle Aylar önce
As an American student, the British version is most accurate. It’s like why even bother giving us a non uniform day if we still have 5000 rules
en9d - LL Tutorials
@Akniy he also said hes a student from america who is most likely in the uk to study or something
Akniy Aylar önce
@I take pearl cave npikr? Like how can you know something is true if you've never experienced.
I take pearl cave np
How r u gunna be american but agree with the british even though u never been 2 a british school smh
Mimi’s World
Mimi’s World Aylar önce
Gacha Alien
Gacha Alien 25 gün önce
My 'American' highschool does the same thing! Random people in cosplays and stuff it's hilarious 😂
IsaEllie 22 saatler önce
I'm in my last year of Junior high (America) we don't have any uniforms but we have a dress code. But one day my friend's boyfriend came to school with an astronaut costume stained with fake blood and the teachers didn't even care.
JJ Aylar önce
I feel nice seeing the comments saying that in some places you aren’t aloud to wear hats, in my last school I wasn’t but now I only have to take off my hoodie and hat in gym lol
VirtualBeelzebubTV 24 gün önce
Mandatory school uniforms??? "I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free..."
No Jimmy Protested ×͜×
My school actually has a really strict dress code, they were going to give us uniforms but a lot of families couldn’t afford it.
praneeti sah
praneeti sah Aylar önce
Wil Avanzado
Wil Avanzado 18 gün önce
This is funny because this is exactly what we think of you guys lol
RoTheLowBudgetVampire 23 gün önce
That does happen in my American middle school though… I wear costumes a lot and nobody said anything when I wore pajamas when it wasn’t pajama day:)))
ゾーイ✨I'm sO RaRe
The first one could also be American because that how my 1st elementary school was.
Głíțćhŕąţ Aylar önce
I'm in a British and this is so true 🤣🤣
Flower Girl
Flower Girl Aylar önce
Nah. We still have strict dress codes when we have free dress. When I was in middle school we had a jean day and if they thought your jeans were to tight or skinny they either sent you home, your parents had to bring you new pants, or you got detention. It was so stupid and I actually asked what was the point of a free jean day if no one could wear jeans that made them comfortable? And they said I was having attitude when I was genuinely asking. Our schools literally suck. And we get coded for hoodies also.
I Stand For Heroes And Villains Unless It's Thanos
In elementary non-uniform day could only be enjoyed by those who brought 25 cents. In middle school there are no non-uniform days and whoever didn't put it on had to bring a note written by their parent on the why they weren't wearing their uniform. If not to the office you went. Highschool was pretty much the same but when they sent you to the office it was so you could borrow a uniform from the ones they had stacked there. If you damaged it you had to pay for it and you had to bring it the next day washed.
Diamond Davey
Diamond Davey Aylar önce
Funny, I've never had that problem (I go to a non-uniform school)
MiszS 23 gün önce
Im SO happy that we dont need to wear a uniform in poland
Swirlypop Lover
Swirlypop Lover 15 gün önce
The British one is spot on I went to school In a hoodie and got detention 💛😅🖤
Ashe Jarvis
Ashe Jarvis Aylar önce
Yesss!! It was so exciting when we had non uniform day! My school didn't have a dress code so people would seize the opportunity to wear pyjamas and crop tops in winter. Gotta make the use of that pound! 😂😂
Blake Combe
Blake Combe Aylar önce
Fun fact a lot of schools, especially my old grade school, no costumes aloud, kinda dumb but we weren’t even aloud to wear them on Halloween so 😭
Ruby Holt
Ruby Holt 20 gün önce
I'm British and my teachers let me wear what I want, so this British one is kind of a lie
bobayla6008 25 gün önce
My school dress code is quite literally "don't wear somthing intimidating and be modest" I'm not complaining
‡ Angy _ Goblin ‡
I have these finger claw thingys that i got from Spirit Halloween and i wore them to school bc me and my friend were matching- I passed by a teacher and they asked what they were so i said they are my claws The teacher just said “well i would call them finger accessory’s because claws sounds like a weapon and there are no weapons allowed at school” Had a good laugh about it when i got to my friend
lovelysunnies Aylar önce
my school doesnt have uniforms but occasionally i would see someone cosplaying as someone walking in the halls. its so cool and funny sometimes
Carpet_rug18 Aylar önce
Lmao around Halloween my school did a costume day and there were people walking around in blow up costumes
Chevy At Levee
Chevy At Levee Aylar önce
That's so cool
Thanksgiving In America, Versus England!