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Noel Gallagher is a rock 'n' roll legend formerly of the band Oasis, and currently with Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds-"This Is The Place" is their newest single and EP. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as the Manchester-born musician faces off against the wings of death and unleashes his no-holds-barred wit on a whole host of topics: the rise of Manchester City Football Club, Kanye West interviews, meeting Hulk Hogan, the state of UK hip-hop, and much more. Don't miss out on a very rock 'n' roll Hot Ones!

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Season 10
Episode 3

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3 Eki 2019




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First We Feast
First We Feast Yıl önce
Hot Ones goes rock 'n' roll! Which other rock artists do you want to see on the show?
Ben G
Ben G 3 gün önce
Kyle Taylor
Kyle Taylor 6 aylar önce
bencatzilla 6 aylar önce
@Dr. Chim Richalds you what?
Smile Wider
Smile Wider 8 aylar önce
Get Steve Tyler and Karl Pilkington on there.
Takeusername 9 aylar önce
Chris Martin!
Luis Baldwin
Luis Baldwin Saatler önce
I didn't expect he was a nice guy!
Falk Firebeard
Falk Firebeard Gün önce
I love how down to earth he is. Coming on Hot Ones, defenses down and just answering another perfect round of questions from the team.
Koffling 2 gün önce
"You do this for a living and your're grimacing? Fack off!" :D
Sean Salata
Sean Salata 3 gün önce
This was unexpectedly one of the best episodes I’ve watched
Lord Zoggs
Lord Zoggs 4 gün önce
Hearing an American saying “a pot to piss in” just makes me giggle 😂
luwen Hu
luwen Hu 4 gün önce
The interesting turkey unlikely snore because criminal experimentally unite beneath a colorful alphabet. fearful fearless, feeble feigned heart
AJ Freeney
AJ Freeney 5 gün önce
Does this mean Grime is the only genre outside of Rock and Roll that Noel actually likes 😱
Oliver Kidd
Oliver Kidd 6 gün önce
Can’t stand grime I know oasis is partly known for lads singing out of tune but they had great songs. Its ’s a million times better than a bunch of guys rapping terrible lyrics about ket and girls. The mainstream music scene died long ago thought Noel would know that.
mikecoolgreen 7 gün önce
that half assed tune in the intro was done by a drummer boy
FacheChanteDeux 7 gün önce
Noel is so funny. Watch him on Graham Norton, he delivers.
James Parker
James Parker 7 gün önce
Love how he's pretending to like grime
Ahuman 7 gün önce
It’s clear before the show Sean was asked not to bring up Liam
Al 9 gün önce
I have often wondered why more people didn't have cold beer with these hot wings, to me that would taste great.
Darren Scott
Darren Scott 10 gün önce
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Michael BC
Michael BC 11 gün önce
i wish the host had a soul
Michael BC
Michael BC 11 gün önce
@fun off i wish the host had a soul
fun off
fun off 11 gün önce
TenSop Saxop
TenSop Saxop 13 gün önce
good memory of a different time!!!!!!!!!!!
Tony Soprano
Tony Soprano 13 gün önce
Underrated guitarist, so influential to me and obviously the band Oasis entirely, love this guy
G 14 gün önce
5:26 that’s Gem Archer 😂😂😂
Ross Howard
Ross Howard 15 gün önce
Im 90% certain that at 5:24 they show a picture of Gem Archer thinking it's Noel
나리재혁 15 gün önce
The unbecoming gas randomly fire because swan preclinically brush amidst a square state. new, elderly taxi
MOUNTAINEER1976 16 gün önce
Fun game: Every time Noel drops an "f-bomb," keep watching for 30 more seconds. I guarantee you will make it to the end of this video!!
Moe 18 gün önce
Noel looks like older scarface
rebecca ns
rebecca ns 18 gün önce
this was so funny “the proceeds will be going to my recovery “ 😂
Giulia Baracchi
Giulia Baracchi 19 gün önce
Why is it not burning your stomach?? 😂😂😂😂
Scott Van der linden
Scott Van der linden 21 gün önce
I’m a bit late but… Noel cheers mate.
Kim Xuan Van
Kim Xuan Van 22 gün önce
The clever quart phylogentically trot because oval echographically promise after a curved ferryboat. big, tasteful elbow
azertu2u2 22 gün önce
I was looking for noel after the city final loss.... Found him LOL
Patrick Jones
Patrick Jones 22 gün önce
Alright so when’s Liam coming on
Wee Jimmy
Wee Jimmy 23 gün önce
I love how noels always got a raging hangover 😂
StephenAndrew777 24 gün önce
lol. How did I miss this?
Ger Leahy
Ger Leahy 25 gün önce
The ultimate beady eye
Rob Prob
Rob Prob 25 gün önce
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Derek Richards
Derek Richards 25 gün önce
there is no funnier man in music.. (or greater song writer... just ask him... and he's right).
Patrick Jones
Patrick Jones 27 gün önce
Pretty sure that’s the only time I’ve heard a censor tone in a hot ones interview haha
Joseph Odinson
Joseph Odinson 28 gün önce
Patt benetar
Joseph Odinson
Joseph Odinson 28 gün önce
This is my new favorite episode
Ken Sorrell
Ken Sorrell Aylar önce
Damn, "Long may it reign", is the most punk shit he could say and it just started.
MrWadrO Rodriquez
MrWadrO Rodriquez Aylar önce
Pineapple on pizza is great. Especially when there’s jalapeños involved
Wavy Music
Wavy Music Aylar önce
Cessica Rom
Cessica Rom Aylar önce
Omg.... What? One of the Gallagher brother.... Yeyy
Faze Bank
Faze Bank Aylar önce
Wow he asked about A Guy Called Gerald. Ace!
Shaquille_Oatmeal Aylar önce
I'd love to see Thom Yorke here
Only Me!
Only Me! Aylar önce
I saw oasis at Knebworth, Finsbury Park (standing on the shoulders of giants album) n then Wembley which fucking incredible n then they broke up 👎I've been living in hope of them getting back together ever since! They've both made some good music but it's not the same!
Brandon DebRoy
Brandon DebRoy Aylar önce
The first interview he wasn’t asked about Liam! This was great
Craig Laporte
Craig Laporte Aylar önce
There's enough added echos in here that I think this officially qualifies as a NGHFB song!
Manic Aylar önce
Don't care for this guy Noel Gallagher.
Palda Ramadhani
Palda Ramadhani Aylar önce
Can you invite morissey please
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith Aylar önce
Before this I liked Noel. Now I fucking love him.
CYB3R2K30 Aylar önce
Today is gonna be the day I will this interview.
Gracie Aylar önce
The dude asks good questions!
Liam Folan
Liam Folan Aylar önce
Noel completely failed He supposed to eat the whole wing not t a bite innit.
Keith WS
Keith WS Aylar önce
4:25 wait... They're letting the f*cks slide... What was beeped out? C U Next Tuesday? And again at 9:37... What were they bleeping out?
Peter Zebot
Peter Zebot Aylar önce
He's a wanker but he's totally right.
The Fire Turkeys
The Fire Turkeys Aylar önce
Now get Liam on
Zooey Barnett
Zooey Barnett Aylar önce
Can you do damon albarn
Carla Aylar önce
Omg he got Noel? Wow
Del Smith
Del Smith Aylar önce
When you do da bomb Holly and I do a Dab.
Streeter Aylar önce
Another great video Sean, great guest as well.. A Brit who likes American football, I mean ok that shocked me coming from Noel.. The hate for Americans in the comments in seriously abhorrent.. Not sure where its coming from, or if its always been there, but seriously grow up already! Maybe one day they might actually call you by your name instead of "The interviewer."
Dean 10
Dean 10 Aylar önce
Noel was like people are strange When...
Joel Dean
Joel Dean Aylar önce
We need Liam on here
HigherPlanes Aylar önce
The greatest living rock legend is John Lenon. -Liam Gallagher
rdbeyer Aylar önce
That was awesome.
the word is ours
the word is ours Aylar önce
Vico Baptista
Vico Baptista Aylar önce
D'you think they ever gave Noel the t-shirt he so wanted?? 🤔
Jack Me'Hoffe
Jack Me'Hoffe 2 aylar önce
Anyone know what word was bleeped out after mashed potatoes?
Anthony Alvarez
Anthony Alvarez 2 aylar önce
Can we have Sean interview everyone?...
Mivvy 2 aylar önce
Title: “Noel Ghallager looks back in anger” I GET THAT REFERENCE!
Josh Aylar önce
I would hope so
Mark Kingston
Mark Kingston 2 aylar önce
Been on a binge watch of hot ones challenges for MONTHS. This is the first time in memory I've seen Sean Evans arms I believe
Surfer Rosa
Surfer Rosa 2 aylar önce
In Wales lunch/1pm is dinner, tea I went to my nan’s on a Sunday for cake & cups of tea, or after school tea & biscuits, supper is 6:00pm (but not at all ‘supper’ in a posh way)
Pepe 2 aylar önce
I've liked Noel my entire life.. Until he started licking his fingers
Daniel A
Daniel A 2 aylar önce
Oasis sucks!!!! Bush is better !!!
Arbaniabud Mawthoh
Arbaniabud Mawthoh 2 aylar önce
"And I've got a lot of enthusiasm" stone face...😐
Virgil Manuel
Virgil Manuel 2 aylar önce
flaviusssmartins 2 aylar önce
I'll never get used to britains muting letter "t" in some words, but we all know that in fact it is really cool.
Will The Champion of buses 32
I can’t get used to Americans mispronouncing many words such as aluminium and herbs. Drives me mad!! 😀
SpiralDream 2 aylar önce
His interviews are more entertaining than his bland, revivalist music.
Leon Potts
Leon Potts 2 aylar önce
Can we get Morrissey on here??
Pablo Gomez
Pablo Gomez 2 aylar önce
Stone Cold Steve Austin and Undertaker are the Best on this !
zhader 2 aylar önce
What a douche
Isaiah Torres
Isaiah Torres 2 aylar önce
For every wing dropped, its an extra dab...
estebancomulet 2 aylar önce
It's interesting how the Gallaghers are seemingly more popular or well known in the USA now than say, back in 2000?
Ethan Mireles
Ethan Mireles 2 aylar önce
10:50 where were you while we were getting high?
gods backhand
gods backhand 2 aylar önce
Noel don’t!
Sir Dope
Sir Dope 2 aylar önce
D Owens
D Owens 2 aylar önce
He's way less of a douche than I expected him to be. And I've also drank beer and milk with the same meal before, so cheers!
Macisajt Aylar önce
He is not really a douche. He has harsh opinion about many things and not afraid to say it, but he also criticized his own decisions in life/music. If you meet him, he is really normal and down to earth. Despite of being a multimillionaire he often goes to buy his own groceries, he is a great dad, hes been together with his wife for the last 20 years and he is funny as hell. IMO he is a great guy.
Grace marrie
Grace marrie 2 aylar önce
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Augustine R.P
Augustine R.P 2 aylar önce
Did he ever get that shirt
Flynn van Herwijnen
Flynn van Herwijnen 2 aylar önce
Does he just do everything hungover?
Owlclaw 999
Owlclaw 999 2 aylar önce
Get Corey Taylor on here!
Tomas Soejakto
Tomas Soejakto 2 aylar önce
Oasis defined my college days. I used to see Noel as the grumpy evil bloke of the band. Now I understand he's not those things; he's just the 'most coherent'.
David Berry
David Berry 2 aylar önce
The photo at 5:25 is Gem Archer, not Noel Gallagher!
Brennen 2 aylar önce
Living proof the 90's where a better time
Charles Entertainment Cheese
And some rizla, that killed me a little bit. Take the man out of the Manchester, can’t take Manchester out of the man
caleb 3 aylar önce
odds on noel being a hard drilla
K Posada
K Posada 3 aylar önce
Where's the sriracha??
Oliver 3 aylar önce
I would have loved if for “one band everyone should see before they die” he said Gorillaz 😂
gockit 3 aylar önce
Outstanding interview!
Riley Hall
Riley Hall 3 aylar önce
This is so awesome but I’d love to see Liam on here. He’d be absolutely hilarious
mao hadad
mao hadad 3 aylar önce
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Jackey Chen
Jackey Chen 3 aylar önce
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