Nintendo CONFIRMED My Theory?! | MatPat Reacts to Mario Movie Trailer and Nintendo Direct

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6 Şub 2023




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Spencer Carlton
Spencer Carlton 4 aylar önce
Honestly, having Bowser make an entire kingdom fly to seem more intimidating is entirely within his character 😂
Frosted_Glaceon 16 gün önce
Grade-A 100% prime cut final boss who's going to take over the world any day now.
Silent Echo
Silent Echo 3 aylar önce
my theory is he did it to impress Bowser Jr. and potentially the rest of the Koopalings as well
Red Red
Red Red 3 aylar önce
@the one winged angel Yeah, but it would be fun to see the Bowser ships.
Red Red
Red Red 3 aylar önce
Yeah, but it would be fun to see the Bowser ships.
Spencer Carlton
Spencer Carlton 3 aylar önce
@the one winged angel or when he ripped peaches castle out of the ground in galaxy
Smoo 3 aylar önce
Ah but you see, Chris mentioned Koopas and not Goombas because he was specifically talking about starting out playing the original "Mario Bros.", which doesn't have Goombas. And, seeing as Koopas were technically called "Shellcreepers" in that game, he had to catch himself so as not to give the more obscure name, and he replaced it with the more widely recognized name "Koopa", hence the pause. Clearly, he's a more hardcore Mario fan than we give him credit for!
The Last Crow
The Last Crow 3 gün önce
Let's be honest here, he had no idea what he was talking about.
Smoo 3 aylar önce
@RomHackerPlus "Stomp" doesn't necessarily entail jumping. You can run in from the side and step on the downed enemy, and that's a stomp. Plus, you _can_ jump on them in that game if you want to. It just gives you the option of attacking them from the sides or from above.
Gerge 3 aylar önce
@RomHackerPlus but I'm glad you pointed that out lol
Gerge 3 aylar önce
@RomHackerPlus so isn't he wrong on all bases then. He said the original
RomHackerPlus 3 aylar önce
Ah but you also forget, you can’t stomp koopa’s in that game.
poopy pinkie pie
poopy pinkie pie 3 aylar önce
After this, they should do a Luigi's Mansion movie! But seriously though, I think this movie has a lot of potential. Also, I'd have liked to see Peach in the trailer. Can't wish for everything I guess!
Boltergeist 21 gün önce
I feel like that would be better as a show facing off against the bigger ghosts each episodes
Unamed8 2 aylar önce
It’s out go look at the new trailer.
HMS. Fortune
HMS. Fortune 2 aylar önce
I would absolutely love a luigis mansion movie PLEASE BE BASED ON 1 or 3
Red Red
Red Red 3 aylar önce
I’ve read on Wikipedia Charlie Day has expressed interest in doing a Luigi’s Mansion film.
Chiro_FightingSoul 3 aylar önce
Chris Pratt’s comment actually isn’t wrong, he said the original Mario arcade game, which in that game Mario had to stomp on koopas to clear them from the stage, once removing them all from the screen, the next level would commence
Super Mario Noobs
Super Mario Noobs 29 gün önce
Technically you don't stomp........ KOOPAS........ in that game.
GrapeSoda42 2 aylar önce
@Elsie 😂😂😂😂😂😂 marion
auric180 2 aylar önce
I like that they don’t just cut it out, shows him buffering (as may calls it) through he’s childhood memories. Correcting himself rather than someone else corrected him after saying something wrong. Some people will just blurt it out even though it’s wrong and act like nothing’s wrong.
Salza 3 aylar önce
@Thijs Martens I think that overtime, Bowser spreads his propaganda, grows and diverts his army
honk 3 aylar önce
if you stomp on koopas in the mario bros game, you die. you had to hit your head against the ground underneath them
NerdyCloud Productions
The fact Matpat was able to predict that Mario have a New York accent AND that the movie would be a musical is absolutely insane to me
Ace Faz
Ace Faz 2 aylar önce
@HunterIsBored it will have music tho
HunterIsBored 2 aylar önce
its not a musical?
Karu 4 aylar önce
2 ways Pratt's voice of Mario could go: Option 1: It grows on the audience with time Option 2: it sinks the whole movie from being good to being ok
Erika Pillon
Erika Pillon 2 aylar önce
I hope they just fire him and call Charles Martinet for the job. It might be cruel, but it’ll help the film. And for the singing parts, maybe he has a secret voice.
Plantain Same
Plantain Same 3 aylar önce
​@ImJustaGamer what are the plumber with an old school Boston accent is the Super Mario Super
IcyianCanehdian 3 aylar önce
Watch his performance end up actually being good lol
Nathan Jereb
Nathan Jereb 3 aylar önce
If option 1: it's going to be like Ryan Renalds as detective Pikachu If option 2: it going to be like THAT Pinocchio movie, you know the one with "father when can live on my owwwn?"
♫GRACE㋛ 3 aylar önce
Yeah it sunk the whole movie
Super Mario Noobs
Super Mario Noobs 2 aylar önce
You really should watch the second trailer if you haven't already, it leaves a much better first impression in my opinion.
Micah R. Maloney
Micah R. Maloney 3 aylar önce
The penguins, while different in design, were also in the Paper Mario series, so I liked their inclusion.
Red Red
Red Red 3 aylar önce
I’ve read on Super Mario Wiki those were actually Bumpties (a different but related species), called penguins in the English versions of the Paper Mario games.
MockiN6j4y 3 aylar önce
@Nobody they look a bit more like the penguins from Super Mario 64. The penguins from Galaxy are chubbier
Micah R. Maloney
Micah R. Maloney 3 aylar önce
@Nobody true, but the city design feels more Paper Mario.
Nobody 3 aylar önce
They are based off the Mario 64 and Galaxy penguins
SavageRat Entertainment
makes sense too since he said Bowsers fire isn't normally that powerful here he is at an ice castle, of course it's gonna demolish it like that and melt it down to the ground, it's to show some sort of power that he has. if he did that to any other castle it would only charred it and maybe break some things off. I believe them picking that castle specifically as you notice, fire and ice, is to show how powerful in a sense and intimidating bowser is for the younger audience getting into the series.
zach mayo
zach mayo 3 aylar önce
To be fair, Chris Pratt specifically said the original Mario Bros ARCADE Game. So him saying Koopas instead of Goombas is technically more accurate. My speculation for the pause was that he was gonna say Goombas but realized that in the Arcade game it’s koopas.
Ali Scripture
Ali Scripture 14 gün önce
I’m surprised that Matt didn’t catch that as a big Mario fan himself
Ash Ketchup
Ash Ketchup 3 aylar önce
He's still wrong. Not only do you not stomp on Koopas (you jump under the spot they're standing and then you kick 'em), they're not even Koopas. The turtles in Mario Bros. Arcade are called Shellcreepers.
Stormrunner1981 3 aylar önce
@Wkxeov you indicated it had to do with his age, and he's only 2 years older. He doesn't need you to give him excuses.
Wkxeov 3 aylar önce
@Stormrunner1981 did i say you couldnt? keyword easy to mix up.
Stormrunner1981 3 aylar önce
@Wkxeov I'm 41 , and even I remember you can't stomp them in the arcade version. He literally just said what was in the movie.
JJ McSquiggles
JJ McSquiggles 4 aylar önce
In the original Mario Bros Arcade game there were no goombas. Even koops briefly appear. Most of the enemies are spinies or crabs. Hence why he had to say koopa- that's the most recognizable enemy from the game
Mazrio 2 aylar önce
Koopas in the original arcade game, but they're called Shell Creepers, not Koopas
syweb2 3 aylar önce
Last I checked, Spinies weren't even in it. It was crabs, flies, Freezies, and Sheellcreepers/Koopas (depending on the version).
Some Raw Lime
Some Raw Lime 4 aylar önce
i feel like not enough people talked about how great of a voice they got for Kamek
THE JUDGE 3 aylar önce
@starchild199x_ and joker
THE JUDGE 3 aylar önce
You mean Kevin Richardson
MartinoMan 3 aylar önce
I honestly missed the classic menacing high-pitched and annoying kamek laugh
Insert name here
Insert name here 3 aylar önce
almost all the cast is good.. not just plane joe pratt
MageBurger 3 aylar önce
@Caldoric the wizard koopa who appears to announce Bowser’s existence.
Kathryn K
Kathryn K 2 aylar önce
Mario's animation style reminds me of a mix of the games and the awful live action movie that came out in the 90's.
I’m going to make a wild guess and say that I think that Luigi accidentally fell into the pipe while (maybe) arguing with Mario and Mario went in after him, but they still got separated. That’s why we don’t see them together in the trailer, and why we see Mario in the mushroom kingdom with toad and Luigi struggling to run away with no help.
eway 2 aylar önce
With the new trailer showing Mario with Peach, and Luigi captured by Bowser, you may be right
Salza 3 aylar önce
“Mario you have to pay your taxes” “Why should I Luigi?”
Ash Ketchup
Ash Ketchup 3 aylar önce
MatPat's shocked laughter and exclamation of "OH NYO! Ohhh nuuuu!!!! Ohhhh noooooo...." continues to make me laugh every time.
Melon Light
Melon Light 3 aylar önce
One of the concerning things for me, which is just a general concern for most big animated movies. The main cast is a bunch of famous actors not voice actors, the jobs are different. and some people can do both but you can’t just assume actors can voice act
Phoenix Valentina
Phoenix Valentina 3 aylar önce
Exactly! In everything I see Chris Pratt in his voice is the same. They are two different, very different, jobs with a diffierent skill set
Chikorita Fan
Chikorita Fan 4 aylar önce
To be honest, the penguins being there and having a kingdom immediately made me think of King Dedede.
Quibbee 3 aylar önce
HE’S coming soon
HE’S coming soon 4 aylar önce
Know that God exists. Know that He loves His creation. If you follow the Bible you will know that most all of the 1,800 prophecies has come to pass. Once the final few happen Jesus Christ will return. Jesus say, "But when the Son of man comes, will there be any faith on earth?" So, believe in our Lord
Nube-Gamer 4 aylar önce
RIGHT!!! Thank god I wasn’t the only one!!!
azure mew
azure mew 4 aylar önce
@[NAME REDACTED] I feel like that would turn out cursed
Chikorita Fan
Chikorita Fan 4 aylar önce
@Olivia It isn’t, I had just made a connection between blue penguins
Nathan Jereb
Nathan Jereb 3 aylar önce
"Why does everyone feel obigated to change away from the cartoony ascetic that works?" The Mario games have you play as a iltalian plummer saving a princess from a fire-breathing turtle dragon while stomping on smaller turtles in a world of sentient mushrooms, the cartoony-ness is very much inbeded into it
BluSkyJaay 4 aylar önce
I’m personally super excited for this movie. The graphics look amazing, I’m glad it’s going to be comical, and I was excited for most of the casting! That said: I will say that I agree that Chris Pratt maybe didn’t meet the fans’ expectations, but to his defense, we only heard like one full line in that trailer. Maybe that was a bum line and his others are actually really good! As far as the design of the characters, I thought they all looked great! I’m not upset they aren’t carbon copies of the games because Illumination obviously has their own artistic value to bring to the animation. I’m hoping the movie turns out great and that the gamers will be kind to all who are involved in bringing Mario to life! They didn’t have to do that in the first place ;3
Kiren DeRaj
Kiren DeRaj 3 aylar önce
I like MatPat’s theory because it allows Mario’s motivation for saving Peach to be “wants to be an hero,” and not them forcing a romance
Christian Cody
Christian Cody 3 aylar önce
I have some personal predictions: i think Mario's OG voice actor will likely cameo, potentially as "Jumper Man" or as Mario's father. I get the feeling more than likely, Luigi is gonna be probably sucked into the pipe before mario does, And mario is going to be trying to find him. Im sure everyone has their own theories though
Shadow Gaming
Shadow Gaming 4 aylar önce
The way matpats face turns every time he hears “Mushroom Kingdom here we come!” makes me laugh every time
RlKrav Aylar önce
I agree with MatPat that it should have been the iconic "here we go!". Could even add some comedy by making Mario slip off a mushroom while saying the line to give it the iconic high pitched "go!" With Mario doing the "I'm ok" afterwards
Luck Dragon Lair
Luck Dragon Lair 3 aylar önce
I don't really mind it mainly because I think they changed it to avoid accusations that it's a racist stereotype though i definitely would have preferred the old accent
CloudyCat113 3 aylar önce
I think he literally whimpered a little the first time he heard it! 😂
Kenshin H. Kaneyori Ch.
Heya kids, I'm Mario, and if you're not watching the Super Mario Brother's Super Show, you're gonna turn into a Goomba! Legit that is the voice, lmao. Fitting though, Mario does feel like he'd be from, idk, one of those New England states or NYC. I mean, the accent is meant to be an exaggerated Italian American Accent, I do believe.
Garrett B
Garrett B 4 aylar önce
in not a good way
The RedTreeMan
The RedTreeMan 3 aylar önce
I actually really like how Mario looks in the movie
Brendan J. Smith
Brendan J. Smith 2 aylar önce
Now I need an analysis of the second trailer!
Patasa 3 aylar önce
chris pratt is right on the "stomping koopas on the original arcade game" because in the original mario bros there wasn't goombas, the first enemie you saw were koopas
DaNinja 3 aylar önce
It looks great, and I was wondering as well if anyone happened to notice the odd scenario where Mario is supposed to scream but nothing, so this just tells me that yeah they just used audio of Chris probably practicing or just giving gentle read backs of the script. Mario's proportions seem to be off to me, like they need to adjust his eyes to be like luigi's like they could be a bit bigger or something, I'm not sure it's just Mario's proportions seem odd, and not to mention THEIR GLOVES, they are missing their iconic 2 bumps! It's super strange to just seeing their gloves not having the little numbs
Abigail Bishop
Abigail Bishop 4 aylar önce
The penguins were a perfect pull, both for humoring the kids and for hitting the older audience with 64 nostalgia. Also there were penguins in Mario Galaxy 2.
SavageRat Entertainment
not only that I like to think because it's an ice castle and matpat saying "his fire isn't normally that powerful" it would be on ice so it's to also show the newer generation of mario fans how powerful bowser can be. If he did that to any other castle maybe a tower would fall but just badly burnt. Not fall apart into pieces. And the lighting is stunning with it too showing the raw power he has
TheNachoThief 4 aylar önce
and mario kart wii
Boneless Cheese Flame / FIREFGHT
The penguins were also in Mario Bros. Wii and Wii U.
Jeff boy
Jeff boy 4 aylar önce
pretty sure they were from the 2d new super mario games because they throw snowballs
Onett Aviator
Onett Aviator 4 aylar önce
The Wii U ones, too
רפאל 3 aylar önce
I mean, I think an amazing fit for Mario would be Prozd, he's a great TRvidr and fantastic Voice Actor if you don't already know him Nintendo really missed with that one
- -Max- -
- -Max- - 3 aylar önce
MatPat talking about Jack Black makes my day
Mr_derp 3 aylar önce
M 3 aylar önce
For Mario's voice, I have always thought it would be like how it was in The Super Mario bros. Super show. It'll definitely take some getting used to. But we will see how it goes.
yqq 3 aylar önce
Matt’s oh no at the beginning after Pratt’s stomping Koopas was absolutely adorable. 😭
squarehead 4 aylar önce
I'm betting it right now. Jack Black as Bowser and Charlie Day as Luigi will be the best part of the movie
Beignet party :]
Beignet party :] 3 aylar önce
Couldn’t agree more
You 3 aylar önce
Don't forget Seth Rogen as Donkey Kong
Jesse Bayon
Jesse Bayon 3 aylar önce
@maxim 88 bowser doesn’t sound like that, neither does toad.
maxim 88
maxim 88 3 aylar önce
@devden07 bro what bowsers voice is PERFECT
devden07 3 aylar önce
I would like to peacefully decline I think bowsers voice is awful I think Mario’s could be better but I don’t think his voice is bad
Mr._Bukowski 3 aylar önce
When I heard Bowser was actually gonna sing I was like “I have to hear what Mat had to say about this!!” Also his reaction to the Chris Pratt stuff is hilarious
Green 3 aylar önce
Man the last line where Jack goes “you make me laugh” at comic con was amazing. It was deep, guttural and intense. Can’t wait to hear bowsers “serious” voice. 🎉 I am sure that bowser, donkey Kong, Luigi and toad are gonna be the best characters. Man, Jack always strives for 110% in every character he plays.
BatArtay 3 aylar önce
I think if they had someone similar to the voice actor from the old Mario shows, I could’ve gotten behind that too.
John Braddock
John Braddock 4 aylar önce
If they wanted Chris Pratt to do a high voice, they would have told him to!
Red Red
Red Red 3 aylar önce
To me it’s mostly the aimlessness of the voice, rather than it not being high.
Meatloafer27 3 aylar önce
@Enby Fabulosity It's Chris Pratt! :D
Enby Fabulosity
Enby Fabulosity 3 aylar önce
And he wouldn't have done it because he's Chris Pratt in literally every movie he's in. It isn't Emmet, it's Chris Pratt. It isn't Owen the velociraptor trainer, it's Chris Pratt. It's not Starlord, it's Chris Pratt. And it's disappointing.
johnlucas1 4 aylar önce
I know where they're going with the "Here We Come!" line of Chris Pratt's Mario. Mario will evolve more into the Mario we know as he travels throughout the movie. The trademark "Here We Go!" will be used as a PUNCHLINE at a key part of the movie. He will get it wrong consistently until he gets to the climax of the movie. The Mushroom Kingdom will change him.
Will Reese
Will Reese 11 gün önce
Yeah, I was totally thinking of how the old Mario series had him go from live action to animated, and that's kinda what I was expecting.
Just A Person
Just A Person 2 aylar önce
Ah, so the rise tmnt movie-
HMS. Fortune
HMS. Fortune 2 aylar önce
I really hope so
Erika Pillon
Erika Pillon 2 aylar önce
I think Charles Martinet is going to film that line lol.
auric180 2 aylar önce
Mario’s Character growth, he’s punch line 🙇🏻‍♂️
Cardinal Ham'N'Eggs
Cardinal Ham'N'Eggs 13 gün önce
11:05 I think Chris was _going_ to say “goombas” but then remembered that the _Mario Bros_ arcade game has no goombas, only Koopa Troopas (a.k.a. “Shellcreepers”), Sidesteppers, Fighter Flies, and Freezies (a.k.a. “Slipices”). Goombas first appeared in _Super Mario Bros_ for the Famicom/NES.
MatPat’s hair looks so good here, I keep expecting an eye piercing or an ear piercing to appear when he turns to the side
Dani McFadden
Dani McFadden 3 aylar önce
I'm so hype about this Bowser musical number!! Nailed it MatPat ! 🤙🏻
TabbyX 4 aylar önce
I actually like Chris Pratt as Mario, the voice acting is really good, and my entire family agrees with me.
James Bath
James Bath 3 aylar önce
maybe Chris paused because he was going to say Goombas until he remembered that the trailer only showcases Koopas and that Bowser showing up in the Mushroom Kingdom and turning the Toads into Goombas is supposed to be a shocking scene. So he didn't want to mention them before the movie came out? Plus, like everyone else is saying, only Koopas appeared in the arcade game he's referencing.
TruVarVa 3 aylar önce
Let me be clear when I say that this is the only channel that has gotten me to laugh out loud in a long time. Love u GTLive, keep up the amazing content!
Cory 4 aylar önce
while my first interpretation of the stomping, Koopas line was that he forgot the words, id like to believe that he was having a sort of PTSD moment there because of the trauma and hatred he has for Koopas.
Emjoy36 3 aylar önce
You totally nailed it! That casting spoke volumes
GOATqueen 4 aylar önce
Toads personality reminds me of how he use to act in the Mario show he was really snarky and just was an actual character in it that didn’t always stay to defend princess peach and got to use the power ups too and I just love it
GOATqueen 2 aylar önce
@Sir Pug yep 👍
Toku Too Much
Toku Too Much 3 aylar önce
@Jerry Loveless Fun fact: when the Mario theme kicks in during the cut between Bowser and Mario, it sounds like they sampled the Super Show version of the Mario Theme.
Sir Pug
Sir Pug 3 aylar önce
Super Mario Bros: Super Show! ?
c.d. marie 🍂
c.d. marie 🍂 3 aylar önce
Toad in the SMB:SS was iconic
MoongemVAforfun 3 aylar önce
Mario's face also looks more rounded, like in the Super Show.
Cameron Hermann
Cameron Hermann 3 aylar önce
So excited for the movie, also I think Chris will do fine voicing a realistic Mario
LOLProdutionStudios 4 aylar önce
Honestly I think the issue with the Chris Pratt version of the Mario voice is the fact that Mario's voice has essentially become his personality. Since we don't have much to latch onto for Mario's personality, most people have come to know him by his voice rather than who he is. And when you have a character that is really known by very few but specific things you should at least try and make sure you get those things correct if not very close (especially when they are the main character), because without those the character really doesn't feel like Mario.
Elsie 3 aylar önce
He sounds like a British kinda accent
eroi bior
eroi bior 3 aylar önce
When I heard Bowser was actually gonna sing I was like “I have to hear what Mat had to say about this!!” Also his reaction to the Chris Pratt stuff is hilarious
SomeFamousDude 3 aylar önce
I actually like Chris Pratt as Mario 🤷🏼 like you said he’s a blank slate.. not all characters have to sound the same in all forms of media 🤷🏼 maybe it’s a hot take but I’m gonna wait for the movie to come out before I judge 😂
Lethologica02 4 aylar önce
Goombas weren't in the original Mario Bros arcade game. It was just crabs and Koopas, so it makes sense for Chris to not say Goombas, though I agree it did feel like it took him a while to remember what the turtles were called.
ExSuPiO1 3 aylar önce
The comment I was looking for, thank you!
Ultraviolet04 4 aylar önce
Thing is, apparently in the original Mario Bros game you couldn't stomp the Koopas. If you tried to, you'd die. So I don't know where he got all that from, but it clearly wasn't his memory.
Christian G.
Christian G. 4 aylar önce
@Evan Humphreys / Icy Auron yeah, I love matpat, but like it only was awkward because he kept harping on it for several minutes. Give him a break, maybe he was caught off guard when they asked him to film it.
Evan Humphreys / Icy Auron
Agreed, however, MatPat really beat the joke to death in just 15 minutes.
Ete TGG 4 aylar önce
True, but you couldn't even stomp on the enemies, it kills you. That's what the POW block is for.
HunterCool22 3 aylar önce
When I first heard the people who created Teen Titans Go were directing this movie I was absolutely flabbergasted after watching the trailer.. like how the heck did they manage this?
Lizter 2 aylar önce
The Teen Titans Go movie was pretty good so I have high hopes it will be good
JDReC100 3 aylar önce
i dont know if youve heard but the show does have some standout episodes, along with the TTG movie which was actually well recieved. basically, if they have the incentive, they can make pretty good stuff.
Aidiam 3 aylar önce
Not me over here just wreathing over the line itself being "Here we come!" Instead of "Here we go!" Which is so iconic that Mat even reading it as 'go' when quoting the trailer line
Steven Craeynest
Steven Craeynest 3 aylar önce
19:30 Ok, having a lakitu with a camera visible in reflections would actually be awesome!
rahn45 4 aylar önce
Just think of Mario's voice like Mickey Mouse's voice. Mickey's voice has range, and he has versions toned down; the same is easily done for Mario. There's a lot of fan voices of Mario that's a more normal tone but it's still "Mario".
Kamina11 4 aylar önce
I feel Christ Pratt should sing the whole song "Do the Mario" from back in the day, as a punishement for such a bad interview...we were not ready for such a bad take.
Critter Bones
Critter Bones 3 aylar önce
You know what, I think, the more we listen to Chris' line, the more we'll begin to tolerate it LMAO It didn't sound as bad the second time, in all honesty.
Super MB
Super MB 3 aylar önce
Love the way Mario looks in the movie so far.
WideMouth 4 aylar önce
I think Mario’s new design looks really darn good.
pinkpeppers55 4 aylar önce
Mr Meme
Mr Meme 3 aylar önce
@Neo Merise ok ur wathing the video
Amanda Luiz
Amanda Luiz 3 aylar önce
HealingIzaiah 3 aylar önce
@Neo Merise why u watching this vid then
Cookiethrower 3 aylar önce
Luck Dragon Lair
Luck Dragon Lair 3 aylar önce
Only variation I might think could be this being the start and then on the journey with toad he talks about his past and there's flashbacks to his life before
aliss liou
aliss liou 3 aylar önce
I thought it was a good trailer , my family and I definitely got hyped to watch it .
American Nomad
American Nomad 3 aylar önce
I have faith that the movie will be good, and personally I think for the most part Chris did a good job with the voice acting. He could have been a little bit more enthusiastic but all in all I think it's good for now.
Fire-Heart the Wolf
Fire-Heart the Wolf 3 aylar önce
24:26 "He... he looks like Kirkland Brand Mario." LOL Bravo, Matpat. I think you nailed it, but it's not a bad design, IMO--however! Yes, I agree that there's no reason for movie devs to change him and "seem so scared to lean in to the cartoony nature" of the original 3D aesthetics.
Supersonic family
Supersonic family 3 aylar önce
i feel like not enough people talked about how great of a voice they got for Kamek
RJ 4 aylar önce
If Pratt was talking about the Mario Bros. arcade cabinet, it's possible that he was trying to recall the enemies from the Mario Bros. game rather than the Super Mario Bros. game.
JAX 4 aylar önce
@Bootleg Junk Mandela effect maybe?
HE’S coming soon
HE’S coming soon 4 aylar önce
Hey guys. Know that God exists. Know that He loves His creation. If you follow the Bible you will know that most all of the 1,800 prophecies has come to pass. Once the final few happen Jesus Christ will return. Jesus say, "But when the Son of man comes, will there be any faith on earth?"
Rightmost 4 aylar önce
@Sboink The Leg Day You had a point at first, but that last part of your comment just seems needlessly rude. This is all speculation from a a short clip, why get so heated over it man?
Bootleg Junk
Bootleg Junk 4 aylar önce
@Locseryu after you hit them from bellow you kick them, you still don’t jump on them
DarknightMC 4 aylar önce
I got the vibes that he was thinking in his head “God don’t say goomba… don’t mispronounce this… man I better not screw this up” and he ended up windows erroring
Minecraft world
Minecraft world 3 aylar önce
I’ve actually warmed up to Mario’s voice here. Sure it was very jarring at first, but after a few rewatches, I got used to it
Tyson Dennis
Tyson Dennis 3 aylar önce
Bowser's really been setting up his fire-breathing game, hasn't he?
Jack Felder
Jack Felder 3 aylar önce
I mean floating islands are basically a staple in 2d Platforming, so I’m happy to see them getting fair representation in the film.
Verdant Mistral
Verdant Mistral 4 aylar önce
Mario's personality is that he is mostly a no nonsense heroic kind of guy. You see this throughout all the media. Mario is usually written this way in various media including games. Luigi is mostly the funny sidekick and the reluctant hero. You see this best in the Mario & Luigi games and Luigi's Mansion 3 where he doesn't miss a beat when it comes to jumping into action.
IcyianCanehdian 4 aylar önce
I heard Charlie Day make a Luigi noise and I already know he's probably the best voice acting choice. I gotta hear Charlie just let out some hilarious screams for Luigi.
Kierra Leonard
Kierra Leonard 3 aylar önce
Remembering all the times he raised his voice and started borderline screaming in Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia, I just KNEW he was going to be perfect for Luigi. Not disappointed yet.
Hazakura Suyama
Hazakura Suyama 4 aylar önce
2nd best voice acting choice, Bowser is still the best
Hammy Trey
Hammy Trey 4 aylar önce
Charlie Day is so underated and I'm really excited to see him in the movie
Jackaval Masovnon
Jackaval Masovnon 4 aylar önce
I honestly love him for luigi in the teaser, it just works, my only issue is that at leazt in that short clip there was no hint of newyork/italian like with marios voice, which wouldn’t make sense being brothers and all, but even so stand alone the voice is just *so luigi*
Zach Yohama
Zach Yohama 3 aylar önce
In my own personal opinion, I actually really like Chris Pratt's Mario, as I've never imagined Mario to always have that "YIPEE!" voice, but more of a laid-back one, especially when you take into consideration that he most likely came from New York or a New York-inspired city.
Billy bad touch pirate
I remember seeing the live action in theaters. Never thought it was as bad as everyone said. I can't wait to take my kiddo to see this. Other than Pratt I think it will probably be pretty good.
Twas a Dream
Twas a Dream 4 aylar önce
“Mushroom Kingdom, here we come” Gives off the same vibes as “Father, when can I leave to be on my own?”
Yipper64 3 aylar önce
4:28 so was Emmet, that was the point of that character. Which makes Chris Prat perfect. He has a really good everyman voice.
Oxirius 4 aylar önce
Mario did an amazing job voicing Chris Pratt. 10/10 nearly spot on.
carot clan
carot clan 3 aylar önce
Absolutely a 5 star performance.
Silvery_bonus 3 aylar önce
Wait until you see Garfield voice act Chris Pratt
Rocky Reyes
Rocky Reyes 3 aylar önce
I get more Danny DeVito.
Color Wheel :D
Color Wheel :D 3 aylar önce
it glitched sorry :(
Color Wheel :D
Color Wheel :D 3 aylar önce
it glitched sorry :(
Sara 3 aylar önce
To be fair, I've played almost every Mario game out there and I still have to think about what Koopas were called lol I just thought they were turtle people lol
Ferreira Isabel
Ferreira Isabel 3 aylar önce
i'm curious to know what he could think of Mario's voice across the world 🤔
NightLight 3 aylar önce
I feel like if they do go for the city, then the voice is pretty good.
Ethan Carter
Ethan Carter 3 aylar önce
The way Chris Pratt says “Here we come” reminds me somewhat of the super Mario brothers super show
SmellTheL 4 aylar önce
We really need Danny Devito as Wario and this movie would be perfect
Ross Pit: Shark Hunter
@SmellTheL But get him to play it in live action in front of a green screen interacting with the CGI characters!
T Dog
T Dog 4 aylar önce
@Ethan Martinez Him and Waluigi would be fun to see
Ethan Martinez
Ethan Martinez 4 aylar önce
Wario would be a GREAT sequel antagonist
T Dog
T Dog 4 aylar önce
@SmellTheL Jim Carey as King Boo would be fun to see but as Waluigi is good but Adam Sandler would be as Waluigi
The Nacho
The Nacho 4 aylar önce
@SmellTheL Beautiful
Izzy Smith
Izzy Smith 3 aylar önce
I think Mario's voice is fine! We barely hear enough to judge it in the first lace, but I reckon they're going for a mix of his Italian origins with the New York/New Donk accent. Also yeah, bear in mind when you judge the accent that it is a fictional world, with fictional places, fictional languages and therefore fictional accents. Bowser is obviously amazing as is Luigi, and Toad. I personally don't really see the problem with Mario here, and I am now hyped for a movie when I've got at least 6 months to wait!
Justin Meyer
Justin Meyer 3 aylar önce
Everything looks beautiful. Mario has just two lines, for everyone on the internet that is upset with Mario, it is better than the live action Mario. It did some nods to the game, but it was a let down. So I'm ready to go see it
crazy FoxLady
crazy FoxLady 3 aylar önce
I love your Halloween decor. It's the right amount of spooky for your already existing decor.
ThePerceptivision 4 aylar önce
Matpat has the kind of laugh where you got caught doing something nobody should see
Make2wo 4 aylar önce
I feel like Chris wanted to say Goombas, but was told specifically not to say Goombas. And in the moment just brain farted through the whole video.😂
Lexie Luhrs
Lexie Luhrs 3 aylar önce
I think Matt's idea of what these characters should sound like might ruin the movie for him, its for enjoyment and to see our Mario gang on the big screen! Most (if not all) of these characters have never had voices or arcs before!! This movie is going to be give our beloved characters their voices in their playful worlds we know and love. None of these characters should have set voices or accents like we have here in real life. Theyre not from NYC, Italy, Scotland, ect. The most Mario's really ever said was his name, grunts, yells, laughs, and other small expressions. Giving him a set accent wouldnt do him justice, it would contain his character and the artist approach on finding Mario his voice. It would be like if we all decided what Hylians should sound like and immediately assuming that Link would speak that way, too. I think this movie with this superstar cast and production team is going to ace this one
Xiro Chamber
Xiro Chamber 4 aylar önce
if they made mario less wide, made his accent slightly heavier like a New York Italian accent with a slightly higher pitched voice, I'd have no issues with him
Mr. Seemingly Expected
I'm not sure I need a higher pitched voice, but I definitely need to hear a voice that's less like Chris Pratt. Not saying recasting Chris Pratt, but less just him doing quarter of an accent.
BloxWatch 3 aylar önce
28:22 The realization on toads face that he almost touched it 🤣🤣🤣
Sniper Kirby
Sniper Kirby 4 aylar önce
To be fair, to my knowledge there were no Goombas in the original Mario Bros. arcade game. The Koopas in it WERE called turtles back then I think but after decades of calling them koopas that's a mistake that's excusable.
Erudius 3 aylar önce
@Yami 🖤 pause could just as well have been to pre edit what he wanted to say so he didn't violate NDA. I've done that kind of self editing on the fly...
Yami 🖤
Yami 🖤 4 aylar önce
What he said isn't a thing, he's correct... the thing is that painfully awkward pause. Because of it, everything he says sounds scripted and false.
Arthur Wietzorek
Arthur Wietzorek 4 aylar önce
This ^
i_love_rat_race 4 aylar önce
@thumthak™ no his japanese name is just koopa no king in sight
thumthak™ 4 aylar önce
@Angel Mass koopa king or king koopa not just koopa
Tristan Vliet
Tristan Vliet 3 aylar önce
They may need to be cast Mario. However I personally think the design is OK even though I do definitely want it changed to be more traditional
Ruben Caceres
Ruben Caceres 3 aylar önce
Love the idea of lakitu being on the reflections while filming!
JakeHutch09 3 aylar önce
I think the voice of mario on this is quite similar to the show they made seeing its a lot less Its-A Me A-Mario and a lot more of a new york/Brooklyn sound
Steven Craeynest
Steven Craeynest 3 aylar önce
I think the fact we hear Chris Prat say the "Here we come" line without seeing mario's face doesn't help. If we had seen his face I think it would seem to work a bit better. I also think (/hope) that line was just a poor chose for the trailer, and his voice is better fitting in the rest of the movie
BHS Ranked
BHS Ranked 4 aylar önce
If I’m not mistaken, bowsers personality seems to be mostly based on Mario & Luigi’s Bowsers Inside Story and I love it because he was this menacing and joking type of king
Pixer Pinecone
Pixer Pinecone 4 aylar önce
Just seeing people say this kind of stuff has my hopes up!
Drakus Luthos
Drakus Luthos 4 aylar önce
Yeah, the first three Mario & Luigi games did a great job characterising Bowser.
Cardinal Ham'N'Eggs
Cardinal Ham'N'Eggs 13 gün önce
I think it’s quite fitting that all the non-interactive _Mario_ releases (the 1989 _Super Show,_ the other two TV series, the questionable live-action movie from 1993, and now this) give the Brothers a NY accent while the games (excepting _Hotel Mario_ for the Philips CD-I) give them an Italian Accent with Charles Martinet as the VA.
Marx Rhett
Marx Rhett 3 aylar önce
You know that feeling where you see something good, but it also looks like it might be painful, but it might just end up being PAINFULLY average, to the point you might not talk about it more then once? That's the kind of vibe this movie is giving me based on this trailer. Excited for bowser, in pain listening to mario.
BlutzWave 4 aylar önce
Is nobody going to mention the gurgling that mic is picking up from his esophagus? This trailer must be giving his MASSIVE heart burn ❤ 🔥
Chamberlain Miller
Chamberlain Miller 4 aylar önce
I actually like Mario’s voice better, Bowser’s feels more weird to me. Neither seem like the right casting option though, but I feel its passable. The animation looked great to me, didn’t notice the changes to Mario’s design that much. Also felt very similarly about Chris’s interview.
Chamberlain Miller
Chamberlain Miller 4 aylar önce
Also I saw the Mario cartoon show and the voice was somewhat similar
Jake Simp
Jake Simp 3 aylar önce
Mario really does know how to imitate chris Pratt 😳
TransVee 3 aylar önce
This is more of a breakdown than all the other breakdowns on channel that literally breakdown trailers and movies
Le grand chandonnet
Le grand chandonnet 3 aylar önce
“Mushroom kingdom here we come”…. Chris Pratt doesn’t have bad voice. It just doesn’t fit. Mario is supposed to be energic. 😞 I do like every other voice yet. Bowser is insane. Toad sounds great. Mario just need a bit more energy in his voice and I think it could be great.
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