Nicole Murphy Apologizes for Kissing a Married Man

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Nicole Murphy, was spotted kissing a married man in Italy last weekend. It was director, Antoine Fuqua.
Nicole apologized and said she does not condone women kissing or interacting inappropriately with a married man.
Then, Mo'Nique is slamming Whoopi...again.
Sirius XM's Michael Yo gives us the inside scoop.
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29 Jul 2019




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Hector Garcia
Hector Garcia 10 gün önce
Hos come nicole gets the whole blame? Yess she made a mistake but how about the ugly and disgusting black dude? Why nobody shame that dude, cos he's nobody?
Rebella De
Rebella De 10 gün önce
Wendy, you are so beautiful 🤩🤩🥰🌹
José Portaels
José Portaels 13 gün önce
The silence, waaaaoouw !!! She always give others a piece of her mind and tell us what she thinks and will do. But does her church deliver ?
D J Koenig
D J Koenig 19 gün önce
Why is an unmarried woman in trouble & nothing is said about the cheating man here? HELLO... The cheating jusband IS the vow-breaking homewrecker, not his unmarried lover! Wives love to demonize/blame & take their anger out on the "other woman" & then keep the unworthy, cheating husband. Exactly how is that going to heal the broken trust & repair a marriage bond? Will attaking his lover(s) make him change into a respectful, loving & caring husband/family man? A husband "who won't walk away from a sexual escapade" after saying: " NO thanks, I'm married!" Is "the problem" that should concern any wife.
Karen Hampton
Karen Hampton 23 gün önce
I think viewers that have jumped on Mo's bandwagon, have responded constantly telling her about having integrity and that's what she decided to go with (which seems to be the wrong choice of word to use when it comes to her) Mo's integrity has been lost a long time ago. However, Fighting with "Integrity" in today's era is very challenging and can leave you hanging dry by yourself (this wether in that industry or not in the industry).
Karen Hampton
Karen Hampton 23 gün önce
I can see both sides of Mo and Whoopi BUT.....Mo is not marketable. Plus She knew what she was signing up for because just like they just said, theres not too much integrity in that industry....and to add to it, it did not become that overnight.
Rayssa Barroso
Rayssa Barroso Aylar önce
YES WENDY you tell them to other point of view
A Collins
A Collins Aylar önce
I can't wait for the phrase "your truth" to go out of style.
Jamae Nealy
Jamae Nealy Aylar önce
I feel like it’s 100% okay to believe NICOLE is wrong because women can be so hypocritical!!! They will mess with peoples men when they’re lonely and don’t have a man but as SOON as a woman has a man they expect their man to be faithful .... so yea women need to be held accountable for Their blatant disrespect!!!!
Vanessa David
Vanessa David Aylar önce
My ex told me he was getting a divorce with the girl he cheated on me with. I replied back good for you and took a screenshot of the text and sent it to the girl. And guess what? The poor girl didn’t even know she was getting a divorce. Some men lied for no reason 🙄
Ibikari1 Aylar önce
He has known to be a cheater, not the first time
Annette Scroggins
Annette Scroggins Aylar önce
Go Lisa R...
Annette Scroggins
Annette Scroggins Aylar önce
Yeah right Nicole...that's a relationship
Annette Scroggins
Annette Scroggins Aylar önce
Wendy is avoiding saying the wrong thing...so obvious
Antione Berry
Antione Berry Aylar önce
mr antoine fuqua was asking for it.
Sheretta Moss
Sheretta Moss Aylar önce
Wow! Wendy speechless 🤔
Madalyne Aylar önce
Turquoise and cookoos 😂
Omesha Aylar önce
No one ever tells you the exact pay. You never know the agreement.
Omesha Aylar önce
Oh shes looking for another eddie Murphy...naw them dudes just gone have they fun.not marry her.shes looks good but washed up
Omesha Aylar önce
She knew that he wasnt aprt from lela. And that praying mantis knows better
Omesha Aylar önce
She is more than kissing him..
Esther Thomas
Esther Thomas Aylar önce
The shade Wendy through to her ex husband
Sandra KKB S
Sandra KKB S Aylar önce
LOL... 'a kiss of hello' ... 'family friend' ...
Regina Craig
Regina Craig Aylar önce
They weren't kissing, they were sucking face!
DateYourselfGirl Tracey Bonner
Monique talks too much! Sometimes it’s best to be quiet & move in silence. But because she’s so hurt she doesn’t care who she brings down or throws under the bus. It’s sad that we are watching her continue to kill her career.
RisingPhoenix Aylar önce
That was everybody’s truth!
RisingPhoenix Aylar önce
Monique was right!!! Come on Wendy!!!
Robin Light
Robin Light Aylar önce
Well Whoopie thinks she's White so....
2:40 Wendy is not a girls girl, She is shady n THIS confirms it 2:57 NO WENDY U WERE JUST TELLING ON YASELF bc women lie too- (then realized what she said too late…) #backpeddle
PaulGreen11 Aylar önce
Shiiidt... She ain't gotta apologize for nothing! Nicole is made of Kryptonite, ain't no man gonna resist that.
Sarah Angel
Sarah Angel Aylar önce
They both are WRONG.And why APOLOGIZE for something you set out to do INTENTIONALLY. Either way you cut it..... It's BS.
Issy Issy
Issy Issy Aylar önce
Sorry I’m with mo! We need to stand by her! She’s not speaking her truth she’s speaking THE TRUTH! Whoopi ain’t never been for blacks she married a white man.
wholetthegateopen Aylar önce
Nicole looks like a man in the face why are people saying she is beautiful hell no
jabril jon
jabril jon Aylar önce
Kissing isn't all they did
Daniel Gabriel
Daniel Gabriel Aylar önce
If it was before wendy would go after the woman well have she learned.
Rosemary Green
Rosemary Green Aylar önce
there is a huge difference in being sorry and then being sorry that you got caught. When Nicole Murphy was originally approached the first time before the pictures surfaced she denied it and then when the pictures surfaced she apologized.And Nicole had been involved with Lisa Raye's now ex-husband and she went on a date with Shannon Sharpe who was and is involved with another woman. So in a nutshell Nicole is a full fledged whore
Ellis La Borde
Ellis La Borde Aylar önce
Nicole kiss me baby.....kiss me like a porn star baby, you so fine let me taste those lips spit in my mouth
Richelle Aylar önce
Having spent a lot of time around the powerful shot callers of this country, I have learned that they win gradually and quietly from within the system even when they are beyond corrupt. People like Mo can be 100% correct but her strategy is to be nasty and publicly blast people all the time. You can see how her attitude has prematurely aged her. I agree with pretty much most of what she says generally and yet dislike her so much. She should learn how to maneuver and politic within Hollyweird from Whoopi, and work on how to dismantle the system from within, because you wont shout it down from the outside. And Mo can just discard the parts of Whoopi's advice she doesnt agree with. Instead she does yet another blast video smh. You cant fight everybody geesh!
Ezra Von Hindenburg
Wendy WILL get back with Kelvin. MARK MY WORDS!!!
Dav0n LlOyd
Dav0n LlOyd Aylar önce
Try not to NUT on yourself when you see my ig @dav0nll0yd
angelique giusino
angelique giusino Aylar önce
Hahaha Hollywood is a business and they don't care about Monique's American brat demands, Hollywood just goes an gets people from Uk and Africa to play black roles. They are done with the fake victimhood of American actors
Erica F
Erica F Aylar önce
Wendy's face is a little pinched
Omesha Aylar önce
Well she did more then just kiss him. What abt having sex with no protection..blow jobs no protection.. And whatever else...
Dee Young
Dee Young Aylar önce
Even if they were separated, if you are a family friend, why would you do that period?
mychildjordan Aylar önce
Industry people need to stand by Monique in this situation that is the only way to make change. Imagine where we as a people would be without Harriett Tubman, Dr. Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Marcus Garvey..... DO I NEED TO GO ON???
773Mr.Chicago Illinois60653
4:25 if you can't own it, don't do it.
Zawadi Omzigtig
Zawadi Omzigtig Aylar önce
This video turned completely bias when they started talking about Mo'nique. One thing that is becoming undeniable is that Hollywood is without morals and people choose to be stupid just to fit in. It's a crazy world smh But the Almighty lives in all of us. We need to find ourselfs through the bullshit and find clarity. Have a blessed day people.
SaraLilly Aylar önce
Kristena Richardson
But he kissed her too!!
Audie Murphy
Audie Murphy Aylar önce
Mo' needs to be smart before she runs out of money. Do like Tyler P did when nobody gave him a chance. He produced his OWN everything and made millions. Katt Williams does it all himself so he doesn't have to beg or kiss butt. She better do like Courtney Cox and flip million dollar homes and be well worth her weight in gold. Lisa Rae said it best , "I showed up sipping champagne in private planes, so I ALREADY had it when I got here." If not she's gonna be a riches to rags story. She can make her own everything and do it her way. And hit underserved markets. Bounce TV is amazing but it needs John Legend to put Underground on there. Her show Charm School was great. Do another season! Classic sketch like In Living Color?!? She'd be amazing! C'mon now! Think outside the box.
Cherry Blossom
Cherry Blossom Aylar önce
Ladies and gentlemen introducing the first 50+ side chick !! This woman is ridiculous no morals
Don J
Don J Aylar önce
Bullshit! Women lie more than men.
charityragin Aylar önce
Monique is messy. She is always arguing with someone and it makes you think she's just trying to be relevant. She's only putting it out there because she's been blacklisted.
Jayson Shawn Paul
Jayson Shawn Paul Aylar önce
Monique has a point, a lot of NJ other hosts make at least 15 mil. But most people in the world don't make 5 mil a year, and they let her take a day off, and the show has several hosts. Still, after 10 years, there's usually a significant near doubling of salary. I know as a teacher in Boston, one could almost double their salary after years of hard work, advanced education and such. Ah well.
Tanica Herbert
Tanica Herbert Aylar önce
Wrecking It lmao love you Lisa Raye
Tanica Herbert
Tanica Herbert Aylar önce
Hoe wrecker Nicole Murphy
Kathleen Woods
Kathleen Woods Aylar önce
She apologized I guess she didn’t mean to
ne lol
ne lol Aylar önce
Wendy, last talk about your husband and your drug addiction
Lise Agnant
Lise Agnant Aylar önce
Please Mo check that thyroid gland....not kidding
lisa Aylar önce
Michael Yo is a comedian? but he's never funny
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