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Nick Offerman is an actor and comedian best known his role as the revered Ron Swanson on Parks & Recreation. He's also a New York Times best-selling author, and you can catch him live on the All Rise Tour-visit www.OffermanWoodShop.com for more information. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as Offerman puts his silver tongue to the test against the wings of death, battling the sauces while he breaks down his love affair with white oak, explores modern masculinity, and responds to some of the internet's favorite Ron Swanson-isms.




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31 Eki 2019




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First We Feast
First We Feast 2 yıl önce
Make sure you wait until the end for the latest banger from OG Camera Guy Bill! What do you think about "Triple X Spooktacular"?
Nick Kehrlein
Nick Kehrlein 2 aylar önce
no good
digital subliminal messages
S R B I was with carpet bombing / fuck it / .... So, ....? No kill count / not a big one at least / // / but we'll see you Monday / / it is too / you weren't gulibe Eno to hear ✌🏾"license to kill// / no you're straight , I am looking in 2001-2007 / / but how did you beat the crazy ?/ / The / ahhh, the 5th / catch ya later / ... Ish / but /later /oh yeah, no they really shouldn't bother you /.... But a guy just jizzed in my hair 🧴 lotion
Jesse Jennings
Jesse Jennings 2 aylar önce
Thought that was sargon for sec. Nvm, moving on.
aaa aaaowski
aaa aaaowski 2 aylar önce
nice. i learned what unctuous means besides the texture
Tara Harrison
Tara Harrison 2 aylar önce
@Elli Magden that's a great comment, I hope they read it
Abhishek Sharma
Abhishek Sharma Gün önce
After hearing Nick speak in real life, it feels like the Ron Swanson character was really based on his personality. It's like he was THE FIT for that role. What a guy!
Shane Macey
Shane Macey Gün önce
he definitely had vodka water in there
Matthew Tunstill
Matthew Tunstill 2 gün önce
I didn't know how much I needed to hear Ron Swanson say "later bro"
PlayPod 5 gün önce
Holy shit! Wasnt expecting him to be from my town!
Flipping nic
Flipping nic 5 gün önce
Really enjoyed him. His dry humor had me waiting for more. Nice!
mister smith
mister smith 5 gün önce
Nick Offerman is a REAL MAN, and being actually married to Tammy 2 in real life proves it!
Jonah Markovetz
Jonah Markovetz 6 gün önce
The term "pussy" comes from the word "Pusillanimous" which means to lack courage. It has nothing to do with genitals, so you can call someone a pussy and a nutsack!
D. Vuijk
D. Vuijk 7 gün önce
On the IKEA argument: Most IKEA products are made of fibre boards. These boards don't last as long as pure wooden planks and boards, but are made in a very sustainable way. Leftover pieces of wood or wood that doesn't have the visual quality to be sold are cut into particles and pressed and glued into a board, sometimes even without using glue and only using the natural resin that resides into the wood. Boards like these are essentially made out of leftovers, which is pretty sustainable in and of itself.
Misha 7 gün önce
I would have loved him as Samwise. I wouldn't classify that as Peter Jackson's biggest mistake in the cliche pile of lowest common denominator crap he ended up concocting, but this was a minor mistake among the many.
Garrett Green
Garrett Green 7 gün önce
Turns out he's super fucking annoying in real life never would've guessed it
Kelsey Giddings
Kelsey Giddings 7 gün önce
Sooooo this isn’t Andy Serkis? Awkward 🙏🏾
Ty Leyden
Ty Leyden 8 gün önce
Nick is such a straight shooter badass
William Rowley
William Rowley 9 gün önce
Best thing about Hot Ones is the humanizing of celebrities that makes them relatable to the viewer. They don’t have a lot of opportunities to humanize themselves and set the tone that they are regular people with spirit and drive to be successful.
Dilber Gonzalez
Dilber Gonzalez 9 gün önce
"I can't see you Sean, where are you?" Ha ha ha
Dread_wolf 10 gün önce
When everyone has self driving cars there will be less to no accidents and traffic CPG gray has a video on it
Tabula Rasa
Tabula Rasa 11 gün önce
Wow this guy is as Ron Swanson it can gets.
some cunning linguist
some cunning linguist 12 gün önce
I mostly agree with his view on ikea furniture but what I *have* gotten from there is still in excellent shape and there’s simply no way I could have made anything comparable or as long lasting. Sometimes you gotta get a kalax
Steven Jennings
Steven Jennings 12 gün önce
A mans MAN...
Scott Carpenter
Scott Carpenter 12 gün önce
This guy looks like Ron Swanson!
Frank Castle
Frank Castle 14 gün önce
This is the type of person I would definitely invite over to drink with me and bbq with and enjoy life with..
James Brown
James Brown 15 gün önce
Live Oak, not White Oak. Although White Oak and Live Oak have many similar qualities, they are not the same wood. The USS Constitution, AKA Ol' Ironsides, was constructed of both White Oak and Live Oak the differences are staggering. The shipbuilders of the Constitution had to bend the Live Oak into place in order to make the hull. That strength fortified the White Oak filler made the ship what She is today. She was and will always be the greatest and most impregnable age of sail ship ever created. So although I commend you on your knowledge of wood Mr. Offerman, you've got that part wrong about my favorite Frigate.
Shady 16 gün önce
He is so wholesome.
Vinnie Syarif
Vinnie Syarif 16 gün önce
I love that I can finally hear Ron saying the word "memes"
george v
george v 17 gün önce
This man is surprisingly insightful. Well spoken. 👍🏼
Johnny Mcpherson
Johnny Mcpherson 17 gün önce
That laugh🤣😂😜
PJ E Davy
PJ E Davy 19 gün önce
I don't think he even broke a sweat. Barely flinched. He's a beautiful beast.
Latane Zimbardo
Latane Zimbardo 19 gün önce
Try to drink the entire bottle on an empty stomach
geezyX 333
geezyX 333 19 gün önce
sarlacc's tapeworm
sarlacc's tapeworm 19 gün önce
Is it just me,, or does Nick Offerman look JUST LIKE "Ron Swanson"?!?
RussianzFight 20 gün önce
the second nick started talking i started laughing my A$$ off.
Abigor Anathema
Abigor Anathema 22 gün önce
Fuck, Nick describing that Bratwurst recipe had my mouth watering!
Justice Griffith
Justice Griffith 22 gün önce
His voice and his laugh are so different.
Mister LOB
Mister LOB 23 gün önce
Nick Offerman is the only Nick that doesn't look like a Nick
Thomas Hammons
Thomas Hammons 23 gün önce
I feel like Nick Offerman would be a fantastic news caster.
Rob Lazaro
Rob Lazaro 24 gün önce
Don’t suppose you could do compilation videos? Would like to see ‘great question’ compilations & ‘good research’ compilations, watchatink :)?
Dankman9 25 gün önce
I have a white oak tree but it's tiny.
Joel Govender
Joel Govender 25 gün önce
He actually looks cool with a beard,
poornima krishnan
poornima krishnan 25 gün önce
Tara Ray
Tara Ray 26 gün önce
I can’t unsee this guy as Ron Swanson
S A 27 gün önce
I love this man
Omar Salinas
Omar Salinas 27 gün önce
19:40 where did they pull this picture from??
Thejournalist2007 27 gün önce
Just want to give another shout out to the research. Almost every guest says "Wow! Great question. Much love
Mariah Walker
Mariah Walker 27 gün önce
When u realize Ron Swanson is actually just Ron Dunn in real life
The Voice From Within
The Voice From Within 28 gün önce
AttilatheThrilla Aylar önce
You know you’re a Man when the fucking internet is kind to you..
Ruby Mcmullen
Ruby Mcmullen Aylar önce
Never thought u would hear Ron Swanson say 'thicker is better' 😅
Yourven Parianen
Yourven Parianen Aylar önce
I cant tell where Nick Offerman starts and where Ron Swanson ends.
Victoria Gray
Victoria Gray Aylar önce
Wow he looks like Timothy Omundson. Cain on Supernatural.
robert garza
robert garza Aylar önce
The flowery search markedly miss because scorpion quantitatively last anenst a spiritual waitress. cynical, reminiscent grade
Jack Cotter
Jack Cotter Aylar önce
Ron swanson isnt a person , hes a lifestyle, a legend, a god of sorts
Jack Cotter
Jack Cotter Aylar önce
Wow, what a legend, souns like he could kill you or give u a hand moving depending on his mood
The Good Doktor44
The Good Doktor44 Aylar önce
I could listen to nick talk about America for hours.
The Good Doktor44
The Good Doktor44 Aylar önce
Nick grows an amazing beard.
Caffinna's Creations
Deep dish is a delicious pie, BUT IT AIN'T PIZZA!
Jaxon Skeen
Jaxon Skeen Aylar önce
Lost a little respect for him when he mentioned the "gender spectrum". Less of a man now.
John Doe
John Doe Aylar önce
WTF he is just like in parks and recreation, this is so mind boggling haha
Nathaniel Carrillo
Nathaniel Carrillo Aylar önce
do you see what a beard can do to a man 😍
Mobutu Obama
Mobutu Obama Aylar önce
Was a great video but the end with the fat bad rapper joke really ruined the vibe
baker. Aylar önce
Primal Eater
Primal Eater Aylar önce
His wife megan mullaly taught him to laugh and giggle
Kevin McCabe
Kevin McCabe Aylar önce
I think Nick Offerman is the first guest I've seen that has gone on this show because he genuinely wants to try hot wings and not just tolerating them for publicity
TheNIX001 Aylar önce
I dont know about you guys, but when i call some one "pussy", i dont have female genitals in my head...
Nate u
Nate u Aylar önce
That was the best episode ever!
Mike Aylar önce
Being a disabled vet from oif 1, who has deployed with 1st CAV and 1st ad (also known as first armor division) also, known as old iron sides. im here to tell you that Nick is full of shit and the actual ship that is in reference had iron cladded sides hence the name look it up it's not hard to figure out. but even though I thoroughly enjoy the show I will not let misinformation fly when I can do something about it, you're welcome.
Michael Mitchell
Michael Mitchell Aylar önce
There has not been a single episode that I have seen that the guest hasn't commented on how good research or question was presented
I like Ron better than Nick. Sorry....
Danger Noodle
Danger Noodle Aylar önce
I’ve always liked nick, but seeing that franck muller…even more class than i gave him credit for
J Gee
J Gee Aylar önce
Who's Ron Swanson?
You never really understand how much daytime talk shows or other basic interviewers phone in their questions until you’ve watched a few of these vids. Sean may be the preeminent host and their research team puts everyone else to shame. By a wide margin.
John Wrocenski
John Wrocenski Aylar önce
He kinda looks like the guy from the movie avengers age of ultron who got his arm cut off.
sinivalkoinen Aylar önce
Actually ate most of the meat. Didnt just nibble a bite like most of guests. Impressed.
Birdman PB
Birdman PB Aylar önce
Man that is a fantastic haircut
James Buchanan
James Buchanan Aylar önce
It's crazy how similar he actually is to Ron. Especially when he speaks of pizza and brats. Sounds like some Ron shit to me.......
KM123 M
KM123 M Aylar önce
Late to the game, I know, but so many of these great episodes have a comment from the guest stating that the questions are so much better than expected.Total agreement. Loving the content.
WireyCoyoté Aylar önce
I havent eaten meat in a year but goodness a beer boiled and grilled brat sounds friggin great.
Captain Coffee Cake
Love offerman , BUT..... Chicago " Pizza" is not pizza , is marinara sauce soup served in a bread bowl... its for savages and barbarians
Mango Dango
Mango Dango Aylar önce
The fact I know about ironsides because of fallout four
Penni Sauer
Penni Sauer Aylar önce
I had no idea Nick was an Illini! I couldn't love him any more than right now.
mrthoms0n1 Aylar önce
Gay Ron Swanson.
Rejected Gamer Sam (personal account)
The more I see about Nick Offerman the more I can relate to some of his world views and all.
Tony Fry
Tony Fry Aylar önce
I wish this episode had 20 wings for Nick... Great episode!
Sabrina ibas
Sabrina ibas Aylar önce
yea just fell in love with Nick Offerman I guess...
Jo Save
Jo Save Aylar önce
As a Canadian I've said it before, and I'll say it again...Nick Offerman should run for public office down there!!
Jacob Smith
Jacob Smith Aylar önce
Does anyone happen to know the song that plays at 12:48? I like the sound.
Nahksius Redford
Nahksius Redford Aylar önce
Nobody's talking about the rap at the end of this video and i just want to point it out. That was hilarious and unexpected.
Andrew Mclean
Andrew Mclean Aylar önce
Never before in the history of humanity has a persons voice and laugh be such polar opposites 😂
damattice23 Aylar önce
What you learned in the locker room as a kid was dumbed down patriarchy.
Uncommon Sense
Uncommon Sense Aylar önce
They say, "never meet your heros," I hope I never meet Nick Offerman.
Nicholas Biddle
Nicholas Biddle Aylar önce
"I'm actually a very talented ballet dancer" who calls themselves "very talented"? 😂
j Mezz
j Mezz Aylar önce
I wish it was Nick doing the rap after the show.
James Foland
James Foland Aylar önce
fuck these capital one commercials
Hattori Hanzo
Hattori Hanzo Aylar önce
If Nick builds up some muscle he will look like a real King. What a handsome face!
no one
no one Aylar önce
Nick Offerman talking about white oak made me realize that he should do every audiobook that there is.
Jordan Glynn
Jordan Glynn Aylar önce
Hey Sean Evans what is your strategy for dealing with the heat after the shows?
Robert Baindourov
Robert Baindourov Aylar önce
Ron Swanson!
Paul Aylar önce
Ron Swanson would be proud of nicks performance
cody claxton
cody claxton Aylar önce
His laugh is the greatest, it's not what you think it would be
Tom Aylar önce
The frowning eyebrow thing he does after he’s done answering a question makes me question whether or not Ron is just messing with us, Duke Silver style.
eric lahey
eric lahey 2 aylar önce
Yo this guy would be great for last of us movie or show as Joel
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