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Nick Offerman is an actor and comedian best known his role as the revered Ron Swanson on Parks & Recreation. He's also a New York Times best-selling author, and you can catch him live on the All Rise Tour-visit www.OffermanWoodShop.com for more information. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as Offerman puts his silver tongue to the test against the wings of death, battling the sauces while he breaks down his love affair with white oak, explores modern masculinity, and responds to some of the internet's favorite Ron Swanson-isms.




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31 Eki 2019




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First We Feast
First We Feast Yıl önce
Make sure you wait until the end for the latest banger from OG Camera Guy Bill! What do you think about "Triple X Spooktacular"?
Tara Harrison
Tara Harrison 5 gün önce
@Elli Magden that's a great comment, I hope they read it
Tara Harrison
Tara Harrison 5 gün önce
@MrBubblez78 didnt he do the undertaker? Or maybe i requested that too
Amy Williams
Amy Williams 7 gün önce
weird right? lol
VelociraptorRick 22 gün önce
You guys need to get Andy Serkis on the Show that would be amazing
JustSomeGuy Aylar önce
Battalon 2 saatler önce
Teflon Ron of the Hollywood world 👌🏼 He is one of my absolute favorite celebrity (along side with Keanu Reeves and Bryan Cranston). Their success didn't change them a bit! I love it!
Aanand Krishnan
Aanand Krishnan 8 saatler önce
*When a Man's Man giggle* ...
Bobpeter100 16 saatler önce
This was a fantastic video and Nick seems like a very genuine cool guy. But those sound effects. Trying to add tension like that feels cheap.
amateurfun 18 saatler önce
Oh look. It’s the original Q anon piece of shit.
Johnny Black
Johnny Black Gün önce
can u imagine him as samwise in lord of the rings? Just picture him shit talking golum the whole trip to mordor
Matt Sully
Matt Sully Gün önce
This is the episode i watched first. Love it
Mannie Fresh
Mannie Fresh Gün önce
Nick looks like Andy Serkis' older brother here
LeoTehJester 2 gün önce
Prudence Walrus
Prudence Walrus 2 gün önce
weird alternate universe russel crowe
Professor Krieger
Professor Krieger 2 gün önce
The music sucks
Buddy wascish
Buddy wascish 3 gün önce
Christiaan Hart Nibbrig
Offerman murdered his role as Ron Swanson. I hope he was compensated commensurately. Bravissimo!
Yerkillinme 3 gün önce
You guys should sell a hot ones taster kit! A small box with taster sizes of all of the sauces in the episode so we can do the hot ones challenge at home! I've always wanted to try it.
Vishnu Santhosh
Vishnu Santhosh 4 gün önce
Nick offerman happens when u mix Ron Swanson and Ron Dunn
Tracy Campbell
Tracy Campbell 4 gün önce
He sounds like my dad. I had to make a fish hook out of barbed wire.
Noah Brown
Noah Brown 4 gün önce
Illinois grads
Mack Jones
Mack Jones 4 gün önce
I got super tired of this show. Quick. Haven’t watched one in a long time. But I saw Swanson/Silver on here and had to watch.
Ghastly_Grinner 4 gün önce
Thought this was Sargon
TheWorstAmy 4 gün önce
Ohh wee, respect to Nick Offerman. You always see those celebrities who take one bite or a little nibble and set the wing aside. He eats it, feels it, and still goes back for a second bite.
Angel 5 gün önce
"We're halfway, now bring out the hot ones." The most Ron Swanson thing he said lmao. Love him
Tara Harrison
Tara Harrison 5 gün önce
Mm the bratwurst sounded so good. Nice advice.
Eamon Brennan
Eamon Brennan 5 gün önce
I can't understand how everyone gives this bastard a pass after all the vibranium he's stolen.
happynewzealand 6 gün önce
Offerman has an excellent haircut here.
Jason Gallegos
Jason Gallegos 6 gün önce
yeah he's a nobody in my world
A Troubled Little Mouse
Impressed. Realizing and confirming actors are just actors. This show really puts people to their primal instinct. Drunk, about to die, taking a dump, sensory overload... Survival mode....
ryanfleming1000 6 gün önce
Quit saying minooka wrong god that’s annoying
Jacob 6 gün önce
24:13 "I dont really care about living anymore." April really rubbed off on Ron.
OnOez 6 gün önce
Imagine a world where Nick got the role of Samwise Gamgee
Jacob 6 gün önce
It's so heartwarming to realize Ron Swanson's laugh is in fact just Nick Offerman's actual laugh.
PhoenixSan 7 gün önce
Every time he talks, all I can hear is Varvatos Vex and I love it
Jason Phillips
Jason Phillips 7 gün önce
The mustache, it left, whyyyyyyyyy?!?!?!? Ron Swanson is my hero lol
Christa Fry
Christa Fry 7 gün önce
I totally respect any man that does ballet, that shit is hard and you gotta be ridiculously strong to be a male ballerina especially, no matter how light those girls are, you gotta lift them up over your head sometimes and that's just hard in general
lazy jones
lazy jones 7 gün önce
his laugh is hilarious^^
Chris Hype
Chris Hype 8 gün önce
That’s what I love about Nick Offerman. He compliments even the things that he doesn’t necessarily like.
Miðgarðsormr 8 gün önce
Nick Offerman laughing just makes me happy
coder49 9 gün önce
It's so weird seeing Nick Offerman not be Ron Swanson and I only just started/finished parks and rec recently
Hazok 9 gün önce
Holy shit I wasn’t able to define a single one of those SAT words lmao,
Brandon Sommer
Brandon Sommer 9 gün önce
The term “pussy” comes from the word “pusillanimous”, which means lacking courage and resolution. It doesn’t have anything to do with the female genitalia.
Shoxrux Aliyev
Shoxrux Aliyev 9 gün önce
The nondescript enquiry naturalistically appreciate because hamburger conceivably puncture athwart a stocking. exotic, wise mimosa
ProfessorFether 9 gün önce
nothing like ron, nick is a flaming globohomolibtard. he, espousing SOME traditional values, makes you slather your desirous slaver over anything resembling a piece of real, you overlook the chasm in your embrace. re pub lickin i suppose.
Wes Foster
Wes Foster 9 gün önce
I would have loved him in LOTR
Wes Foster
Wes Foster 9 gün önce
He should keep this haircut and beard forever!
Ian Schrock
Ian Schrock 10 gün önce
When he talks all I hear is Ron Swanson
Paul Hudd
Paul Hudd 11 gün önce
If a bear 🐻 could speak he'd sound just like nick offerman aka Ron swanson
satya shah
satya shah 11 gün önce
Why does he look a bit like Andy Serkis
Darth Giggity
Darth Giggity 12 gün önce
Please and thank you.
Станислав Бобков
Ron Swanson!!!
DeadlyHeroism 12 gün önce
Nick Offerman and Chili Klaus should stand next to each other. They might be twins.
Cider Fan
Cider Fan 12 gün önce
I didn't know he had his own scotch.
Tanner Maynard
Tanner Maynard 12 gün önce
"As a student of language...should we call people nut sacks rather than a pussy..." Dude, its shorthand for pusillanimous, which means to be cowardly, to quiver, or lack spirit and resolve . Its not a reference to genitalia. This is like asking if we should say amen or awomen, its not a real question. There is an actual reason people refer to vaginas as pussies, having to do with quivering, but you can look that up yourself.
Dylan Weber
Dylan Weber 13 gün önce
I've never seen more comparisons of Nick Offerman and Andy Serkis before than in this video
Margarita Aguilar
Margarita Aguilar 13 gün önce
Nick: I'm considered manly. It's how I was born. This is how I look, how I sound. Nick 2 minutes later: Hyuck hyuck!
Nomad 14 gün önce
I want to be Nick Offerman when I grow up
Marco Chumacero
Marco Chumacero 14 gün önce
What a national treasure!
Preach Wins
Preach Wins 14 gün önce
This dude is a legend.
Alan Jhonson
Alan Jhonson 15 gün önce
I'm on a wholesome hot ones run so far I've got Paul Rudd, Nick Offerman and David Harbour, anyone got any good suggestions? * + Russel Brand + Pete Holmes
Shiro ryuu
Shiro ryuu 5 gün önce
+Timothy Olyphant, if he was on the show
Carmen S
Carmen S 16 gün önce
I LOVE him. lol
Spencer Dunn
Spencer Dunn 16 gün önce
Yo his laugh though.
David Jones
David Jones 17 gün önce
Give a man a fish quote is hilarious
Tony Godinez
Tony Godinez 17 gün önce
Only Nick Offerman would giggle in the face of Da Bomb.
steven borgens
steven borgens 17 gün önce
OMG the apple picking with MR T was my favorite. i can't believe he mentioned that. "You can't eat that one!! That's a bad one! IT HAS A BEE IN IT!"
steven borgens
steven borgens 17 gün önce
pineapple habenero! i want that.
Justin C
Justin C 17 gün önce
He and Chili Klaus need to do an episode together
Lib R
Lib R 17 gün önce
He spoke so well about the masculinity- it’s not about being what’s called “masculine” it’s just about knowing how to take care of yourself and do things on your own. Everyone should know how to build a fire, fix a leaky sink, or be able to nail two pieces of wood together. It’s not about gender it’s about knowing how to do shit
Jesse Mcmullen
Jesse Mcmullen 18 gün önce
Can we have a Ron Swanson hot ones? Fully in characher? :D
blAckspot 19 gün önce
It's not sawdust, its man glitter. -Ron Swanson.
Elvis Elmer
Elvis Elmer 19 gün önce
The ill-informed surname lamentably suffer because poppy controversly guess an a military metal. parched, beneficial part
Dustin Rettig
Dustin Rettig 19 gün önce
I would love to spend an evening drinking scotch (I'm more of a bourbon guy, but I can enjoy quality scotch) with Nick Offerman. We don't totally see eye to eye, but he seems exactly like the person I would have a nice "night out" with and worst case, we get drunk and build something.
Avash Lohani
Avash Lohani 19 gün önce
Who are the 2 thousand people that disliked this video. This is gold
bob visscher
bob visscher 19 gün önce
Nick would be happy to know that though he never made it in the Lord of the Rings that he embodies the best qualities of the healthy masculinity that Aragorn portrays, of which will be the best example of manhood my sons will be taught.
IWantABritishAccent 20 gün önce
I love Nick. His personality is so approachable and laid back. Not to mention funny. He seems like a really authentic guy
Gypsy Danger
Gypsy Danger 21 gün önce
This man really said " i call it the money shot" *pause* "right across the thigh" ahaha legend
Ced Ed
Ced Ed 22 gün önce
The wide-eyed harbor microcephaly pinch because price ethnically heap unlike a available woolen. squeamish, oafish duckling
MarchofSaints Christianson
"Ya know, things break. And those of us who know how to fix things when they break just end up being better-"
Eunice Braga
Eunice Braga 23 gün önce
Nick Offerman: Throat is getting punched Sean: Why is white oak the most heroic of all woods?
bhargavmr1 23 gün önce
Money shot... right across the thigh
bhargavmr1 23 gün önce
Regaled by his silver tongue
Rafaela Silva
Rafaela Silva 23 gün önce
He looks like Chili Klaus
Jason Phillips
Jason Phillips 24 gün önce
i feel like he needs to be chasing this hot sauce with beef, not chicken, chicken is not a mans food lol, beef is!
Ray Preseau
Ray Preseau 24 gün önce
His real life demeanor is not much different than ron swanson. The way he speaks and holds himself is very close.
ruthbader 24 gün önce
Chris McCoy
Chris McCoy 24 gün önce
But hotdogs nun the lease
ConkyvsRicki 25 gün önce
i love his laugh
Autodidactic Artisan
Autodidactic Artisan 25 gün önce
6:15 love that he doesn't put carpentry into a gender role. Very cool
Toilet Sponge
Toilet Sponge 25 gün önce
that beard covers up his chin amazingly
Kurt Rhim
Kurt Rhim 26 gün önce
If Nick Offerman smoked a pipe and or cigar no one would ever be like
JacobFury 26 gün önce
I always thought that laugh was made up for Ron Swanson, I’m happy to hear that’s his normal laugh.
christo ryan
christo ryan 26 gün önce
The boring astronomy intraoperatively exist because gateway principally spill off a utopian musician. drab, unwritten flavor
K Ronut
K Ronut 27 gün önce
That laugh 💙
Gaygle McGoogle
Gaygle McGoogle 27 gün önce
Nick Offerman is a lesbian.
Sean Pyne
Sean Pyne 28 gün önce
I have a B0ner 🍖
Philosa Please
Philosa Please 28 gün önce
clicked this hoping I had not watched it yet. I was wrong. men in black memory wipe plz thx
Jon Ford
Jon Ford 29 gün önce
It's Me!
It's Me! 29 gün önce
I wish he was my husband
Richard Hall
Richard Hall 29 gün önce
Would’ve been awesome to see Sean Evan’s as Ron Swansons relative on parks & rec 🤣🤣
Kenny Martinez
Kenny Martinez 29 gün önce
i love how i got a whiskey add before watching this
J Master
J Master 29 gün önce
Deep Dish is NOT Chicago style! It's a toursit trap. People from Chicago eat tavern style thin crust. It's cut into squares because it's served as bar food.
Mike Fick
Mike Fick Aylar önce
Reginald Marcial
Reginald Marcial Aylar önce
I thought he was Chili Claus. 😂
Roxie Marquez
Roxie Marquez Aylar önce
Old Ironsides is also a bar here in Sacramento
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